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tv   Local 10 News Sunday 430PM  ABC  March 20, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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our government, the u.s. government has given way too much. as we seeee the door open, there for the president to come out and the first family to come out off of air force o one. >> some say, let's talk about repression. as you said, it's increased. the numbers do not lie. if you talk to the human rights commission, it's more than 85 arrests in 2015. so compare that to the president$ coming. he himself said i want to see a change when it comes to human rights. and here we have the president of the united states about to step off air force one. and some say those changes have been taking place. >> reporter: or some say clearly the president likes to say that cuba will not change
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and the embargo remains in place and that's something the government has stated they would like to come to an end. and that would take an act of congress. and not an e ecutive order. -- >> anchor: hold on. >> reporter: meeting with the chief admissions here for the united states. ambassador. but rodriguez there to meet president obama. as we see, president castro is not among the lists. michael, youou wanted to chime in and add more to what we're eing live on television at jose' marti' international airport. >> i just wanted to point out we saw their foreign minister who is there. and frank, did you see miguel? >> i don't see him there in that committee. there's foreign mininistry officials.
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and of course, a u.s. eassy personnel. >> anchor: here's an inresting image on the left-hand side of the screen. that is the head of the motorcade, the black car. you can't see it right now. but there was an american flag and there was a cuban flag waving side by side on n e hood of the car. an image that is interesting to see,o doubt. >> we are going to see the president in the door there. the doorway ofir force one. and frank, i never thought frankly in all the years i've been covering cuba and cuban-americs that we would see this while the castro brothers were alive, did you? >> and there he is. >> andhere he is. >> reporter: yes, there he is. the first lady, michelle obama, and president barack obama.
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united states, after secret negotiationsnsf 18 months taking place, there he is, being the gentleman that he is, holding the umbrella for the first lady. and sasha and malia right behind him as he waves to the cuban people who are there to greet him at jose' marti' international airport. making his way down air force one. about to take foot on cuban soil. this is truly a r remarkable sight. greeting bruno rodriguez, the equivalent to john kerry in the u.s. shaking hands with the first family. and the president of the united states covering them all with his umbrella. >> anchor: there youp go, white
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these roses being handed not only to the first lady, but it looks like to the daughters as well. . >> do you find it interesting, michael and frank, that president castro is not here at the airport to greet president barack obama? we know that on monday, that they will in fact have a state dinner. but in the morning, on monday, the president will go to the palace and take an official photo with president raul @ castro. but do you find it interesting he's not here at the a aport right now? >> no, not at all, calvin. usually protocol is for the host presididt not to be present at the airport receiving the incoming president. it's usually the foreign minister and/or the vice esident of the hosting country. so there's nothing unusual here that i see so far in terms of this arrival. >> and the handsha that you see here between the president,
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second gentleman on the far left there, is the head of the american mission in havana and well liked and respected there. >> this is his third tour in cuba, so he knows cuba well. >> anchor: it's a 40-minute drive to the embassy. do you think the cuban people will be lining t streets like we saw when the embassy opened? or is it too quiet? >> let's hope. because when you talk to these people, all over the city, they'll tell you they're so excited about the possibility of not just seeing the president of the united states, but also seeing the beast. right? there's a f fcination here in cuba with the way that the president travels. and hopefully, they'll be able to get a glimpse of the president. i don't think there's a way that the cuban government can coal these people leaving their
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and getting a a glimpse of the president. >> reporter: in spite of the rain, i think they'll make their way down there. i want to bring up something, the issue of race. the fact that this is the first black president coming to cuba. often times we think of cuba and cuba is 65% afro-cuban. so they're proud that the president is coming to a place where he sort of looks like much of the population. is that fair to say? >> yes, they can identify with him. they can see the similarities and be pud of it. they've talked about the pride and saidhis is an african american president. >> reporter: when you travel to the eastern part, as we have, you see the cultural differences. you even see the changes in the way they speak.
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in his limousine, as the beast, as they call it here on the island. he's going to make his wayo the american embassy, that officially reopened as an american embassy. it was an intererction in 1977, reopened under president jimmy carter, in that fashion. but then it officially became an american embassy august of last year. local 10 news was there for the flag raising ceremony. it was a remarkable event. more so, because the people who live in the high rises behind the embassy, were singing the "national anthem". >> reporter: what do you think they're doing now? they're probably on their balconies waiting to see the sight of the president. >> reporter: we know the american embassy serves as a place to give 2000 visas for
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back to the u.s. and visit their families. that's the most visas that the government gives out to any other people. you'veeen that firsthand. >> i've been there to see the visas being distributed. that was some years ago. i have to remark again: here is the presidential limousine. actually, there's always two of them, sort of to throw off anybody who would want to do harm to the president. but frank, with the united states and the cuban flags on the front of t tse cars, it's one of those historic moments you just can't remark enough about it, i think. >> i think the next few days, there's going to be historic visuals, historic optics that will be framed in people's minds for yearto come. having the president of the united states in the beast with the cuban and american flag. >> ahor: it was shorter than what it might have been because
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that was the moment. >> we s suld point out that in addition to 20,000 visas issued to cubans every year since 1996, 44,000 cuban internationals arrived to theu.s. border with mexico in 2015. people fleeing from this country. and just i believe yestery, nine cubans lost their lives on a raft, a boat trying to reach freedom in the united states. so the exodus of cubans is just -- it's nonstop. and o ocourse, the president and secretary of state kerer has said, we are not going to end the cuban adjustment act. because to en hint that it would, would probably begin even a bigger stampede. >> that's right. this is a dictatorship, where
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social presses and scarcities. the biggest problem and challenge is expectations. the huge expectations about the relationship with the president. expectations. overnight. how do the expectations play out? leaving the island or creating greater tensions. >> anchor: this is a tweet from president obama. [foreign language] what's up, cuba? look f fward to meeting with the cuban people. so the president of the united states tweeting. already more thun 300 retweets. >> the key is about the cuban people. the president is talking about engagingngnd enhancing the american people and cuban people. it's important to remember in this discussion about concessions, this is not something we're doing with the cuban government. this is something we're doing do the cuban government.
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a quick break. we're here all afternoon for this hisisric momomt as the
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steps on cuban soil in . >> anchor: welcome back. there is air force one. such an ima as it landed on bann soil half an hour early, bringing the u.s. president, president obama and his family, the first sitting u.s. president to visit the island nations in 88 years. >> such an amazing sight. >> anchor: we watched a a air force one landed. president ama is there with a delegation of dignitaries, nancy pelosisi dick durbin. and there they are on this rainy day in havana. arriving at jose' marti' airport. >> anchor: hohefully, they have an extra half hour and maybe
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reets of old havana, where our own victor is standing by live in the rain drops we face. but victor, do you think a lot of people, oh, dear it's really coming down, is that going to change the crowds? >> r%porter: well, i can tell you both, since we've been up here reporting live, the streets were packed when we started. once the rain relevant staeed coming down, we watched the streets empty. but no doubt, the people will still be up whatting the president's motorcade, the beast as it's known. one thing you guys mentioned before we took the break, that younger people and engaging the cuban people. i can tell you right now, they are -- while connecting to the internet, all of that is still a big issue. they are engaged right now in what's happening. before i was able to bring anything up with speaking with people, they were updating me on
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they wanted to talk about the recent pns for 110 flights to and from the united states daily. they know what it is that's going on. they are interested. they are paying attention to all of this. another way that president obama will be connecting to the cuban people ontuesday, he'll be speaking at the national theater. it's over my shoulder here. you probably can't see it under my he will brilumbrella. the plan is to carry the speech live on cuban-run state television. that is a huge he will do. the president of the united states, a speech on cuban soil carried live on television. one more thing, very important, thth optics of this whole trip will be definitely critiques and scrutinized, how the president is going to be handling all the meet and greets. i'll send it back to you.
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john kerry was able to reach out and shake hands. it seemed like the secret service had an off approach. do you have any sense if people will get close to the president? >> reporter: well, security can get tight at times around here. it depending on what andkind of scene they'reoing for. i don't see much of a police presence in old havana just yet. however, as the president approaches and gets closer as he leaves the u.s. embassy and take a very wet tour of old havana, the security will tighten up. they'll probably shut down the streets more. we'll have to wait and see exactly how it is that the security here in cuba and the president's team handles all these opportunities to just interact with the locals here. >> anchor: victor, we appreciate you being there, bringing us live coverage. >> anchor: from old havana to
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we are going to check in -- no, we're going to take a quick break. we want to get a sense of the
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>> anchor: we are witnessing here history here. what an amazing sight that we've been seeing. >> anchor: it is an image that is just -- hitshe heart of so many cuban-americans in our south florida community. you know there are a lot of families at h home watching this with tears and a lot of emotions. d a lot of young people looking at this as great sign of progress. >> ahor: the cuban-american community, you hear opinions on
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we w wt to check in with our friend and reporter, who is inn little havana. she's been speaking to people. glenna, what are you hearing out ere? >> reporter: you know, what strikes me the most is that there's been little protest today. but the crowds you see here are largely here too drink coffee and to eat an early dinner. and it's n n anything like you might have expected based on experience. we've been here so often when things happen between the united states and cuba. and people come and vent and very passionate and there are protests. today. that said, there were a few protesters. it's just a sign, a couple o of people have an organization you might know. thth've been around for decades. and very anti-castro organization. and there was earlier today a couple of blocks from here,
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this was a group of people rah actually marched from down 8th street from the bay of pigs monument. to the head of the organization, called cuban political prisoners house. this w w a protest more in support of civil society in cuba. these are people who are just desperately wanting to support the people i i cuba in feeling like the president's visit and what he has done to open relations and to further business there, really won't trickle down to the people on the streets. here in front of the restaurant, there was groups of people who were really more in heated debate with each other. and you could tell by the generations, which way the debate goes. you see a lot of the people who were maybe i would guess 55, 60 and older, talking about --
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that they feel like the president isetraying them before there's democracy. before the castros deal with hqman rights. and then, you see the younger people, even people who have feel much differently. i want to let you listen to one woman whose grandmother escaped cuba, whose mother was sent here in the operation air lift to get the children out. and here she is talking like listen. >> when you see president obama, when you see -- i think he's doing the right thing. >> when you see air force one landing, what you'll be thinking. >> it's time already. make peace. there's no threat between cuba and the united states. never has been. >> reporter: everyone here has a story to tell. some stories of -- horror stories really of what happened
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some people have stories of having travelled to cuba, even legally this year with groups, talking about the change to come. and i want to tell you everyone back there, really interesting, very nuanced perspective from one young woman from an exid family who was talking about really loving the fact that there might be changes that may benefit the cuban people. what she said was, they really have no idea how to handle the commerce that's about to come their way. this might bee a very fragile community dealing with hoards of tourists, pollution from tour buses. for the first time i listen to somebody talking about favoring and opening but understanding that capitalism comes with some results that if you're not prepared, could be very
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she's wondering if the cuban government is really to handle what is coming their way. >> anchor: thank you. a very mature thought from a young person, who realizes the magnitude of democracy and having freedom and having open lines of business. >> anchor: freedom comes with a price. and there are changes and they're happening slowly.
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we will be right back. >> anchor: let's bring you a live lock at the miami tower cam. we want to give you an update on weather. trent is here to fill us in on weather. >> anchor: after a hot couple of days south florida, the stretch is all the way down in havana and cuba. we're going to see big time changes by tomorrow morning. ride now, the hollywood beach
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this is key west, you can see the rain drops as rain is beginning to move in. it's 72 degrees in key west. the story is the showers and storms off to the south. broward dry. the bulk of the rain fall has bebe on the west coast and the florida keys over the past couple of hours. it's just a matter of time before we see some of the light rain begin to work through miami. we saw on nnd off showers earlier today, same thing up towards broward and palm beach line. heavy rain to the west of the seven-mile bridge and approaching key largo. you can see showers getting ready to cross the over seas highway. to the south, more rain and showers moving through key west. rther to the south, these are the showers and thunderstorms that rolled through havana, just
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this will continue to bring wet continues for another hour and a half. tonight, 83 degrees. tomorrow, we'll only be up to 70 degrees. we'll send it back to you for now. . >> anchor:r:and it is history in the making today. in cuba, air force one touching down safely in havana about 4:20. what a sight this was over the skies of cuba. >> anchor: it really was. the entire first family you can see walking off the plane in rainy cube at jose' marti' international airport. >> anchor: the cuban government cracking down on dissidents. several members of the well known ladies in white, were arrested. >> anchor: there were small protests in south florida. this was the seen today in little havana. >> anchor: it's a day of building excitement. a lot of unknownwn and questions going on in the presidential visit. but it is history no doubt about it. >> anchor: it really is. the president has a packed
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we have live team coverage. total ten news anchors are live in a rainy havana. tell us what do you see? >> anchor: is it a rainy havana. >> anchor: we're hoping it's like south florida where it comes and goes. >> reporter: history in the making here in havava, cuba. of course the president arriving ahead of schedule, about a half hour ahead of schedule at the jose' marti' international airport. the first american sitting president to come to cuba and step foot on cuban soil in 88 years. the last president to do that, calvin coolidge in 1928. what a sight it was. >> reporter: what's sad about this is because of the weather, we don't think there's going to be a lot of people waiting for him as he and his motorcade make their way through havana.
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can't tell what's going on. he's making his way to the embassy. >> reporter: that's the first thought theeresident and first family are making their first stop at the american embassy. which officially reopened in august of last year, after being shut down for several decades. it had operated as an international in 1977, opened by president jimmy carter at that time. but from '77 until 2015, it was only an intersection, but now embassy. >> reporter: you were there. >> repter: not very staff members there to greet the president, since it wasn't operating as an american embassy, that embassy is in need of a lot of funding. >> reporter: there's confederate with that. we know that folks in ngress, republicans want it pulled that if you hadding, -- funding. >> reporter: the president is


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