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tv   Local 10 News Sunday 6PM  ABC  March 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> former miami columnist said this should not be happening. major league baseball shouldot be doing this because of the human rights abuses. >> it's baseball game of diplomacy but it's a rubber match between the cuban national baseball team and any american pro baseball tm back in 1999 the baltimore orioles came and won the game barely. the cuban national team went to baltimore and the cuban national team crushed the baltimore orioles 12 to six. so this game will decide who is maybe the better baseball team in baseball. >> aside from competition i think they know the historic natureref the game. a lot of of them in tampa bay will maybe get a glimpmp of the president and shake his hand. >> so it's going to be quite a week.
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baseball game and friday the rolling stones. big big show. we were at the setup area. it is massive stage. we can't wait to be there. >> you will be covering that story for local 10. >> yes. >> away from that let's talk about the headline today. let's unpack it. we know the ladies in white the protesters were out there and all of them were arrested. let's take a short clip so we can look at chaos in havana. >> we're looking at exactly what happened out there. with cuban police basically clamping down and crushing what was a protest that isp typically a silent march for the ladies in white. >> yeah. it takes place every sunday typically slme people to get arrested. they march from the catholic church after maks and they march up and down that road but it is
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and maybe block traffic you start seeing trouble. something that we've seen in the past. those dissidents argue and more arrests and they're being harassed. a lot of them were told not leave their homes so a lot of stuff happening right as the president is arriving. human rights is a very issue that the president wants to address. >> you heard from a prominent dissident here who talks about how there's been campaign of intimidation prior to the president's trip. >> yes. and we saw in this conflict alsls is the counter protest which we haven't seen a lot back in south florida but we're told it happens every sunday that it is an or straight efforty a group of people they say they argue that it is the cuban government right behind it that counter protests and try to silence them if you will.
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that if you date back to pan that last year where the president was in panama -- the issue of selma and civil rights came up during that conference and the president hado address it was the 50 year anniversary of bloody sunday and many of the dissidents here have compared -- lost audio. >> they are part of the civil rights movement on the island. >> part of that movement we all march i've seen it on social media. they keep using the reference of selma toheir struggle here in cuba however the cuban govevement turns it around and talks about selma to talk about civil rights in america and how we haven't come too far. >> and how their is repress shin going back to the 60s -- jim crow laws and number of other issues in america.
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we're doing nothing differently in the u.s. and this government has been very repressive and the arrests have ramped up as a result of the president coming here. a lot have taken place over the last month a last year. >> 2015 they say over 8,500 arrests. this is a number provided to us by the human rights commission in havana. >> what do you think that the dissidents will talk to the president about besides the human rights issues? they have a chance to meet because they have different issues. i think the basic message is going to be about human rights the freedom of expression and the freedom to be able to organize and disagree with the government. something they say is not the case for them at this point in time in histo in cubaba >> not mention free and fair elections as well. >> very portant. but when you talk about this you talk about a whole array of
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some folks kind of agree with the cuban government. some folks on the extreme opposite. >> right now we're looking at video. we understand the president in half sflan. we know that the president is walking in old half sflan -- which is right on cue -- havana. he's also supposed to go to the cathedral over there the church in old havana. the church is playing a very key role in the countries coming together and normalizing relations. >> that area in old havana is very picturesque very tourist city and -- what he's going to see is maybe not necessarily what the cube baps see every day and what we as -- cubans see and we see oncnc you go beyond the very pretty lovelyy picturesque european style architecture. >>ut let's point out too the folks back in miami we understand that if you only go
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old havana it's a very different cuba and some miami exiles back at home that's real cuba. what do we see when we go two or three blocks away? >> you see buildings in decay and you see people struggling to put food on their table every day. >> i think what we're seeing right now is the president. >> that's the first lady. >> and the first lady and the children have their umbrellas as it is a very rainy day i started to rain around 4:30 to 5:00 o'clock and it has really picked up. i'm sure the rain has damp penned their plans and made them detour as to what they would like to do -- i heard lauri and janeen say they were supposed to go to the the american embassy and they're in old havana. they'll take a tour before making a trip to havana hotel. >> they're being told what
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typically this is done by the conservation folks who have been able to restore these old buildings. they can point out what they're seeing and what the building history is. i saw that when secretary came to havana they did the same thing. >> i would like an opinion from lauri and jeanine on this one too the fact that we rarely get to see the children teenagers in the whwhe house -- do you think it's coincidence they were own this trip or do you think it's something that the president is trtrng to do in terms of reaching out to the younger generation of cuban americans by having his daughters here in communist cuba? >> absolutely i think that they want the daughters to connect with the young people you know just the image of these teenage girls w!lking around who are daughters of the united states president i think that will definitely resonate with the
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the younger cuban people and just so our viewers know what you're watching and calvin you're watching live video from state run television so this is what the cuban people are watching; is that correct? >> live on the island here and that is really remarkable -- and we cannot stress how as stop initial shipping it is -- lost audio. this is what exactly the people cuban people were looking forward to seeing live pictures of an american president here on their soil. >> and not the first time that we're going to see the first family and hear from the president. it will happen tuesday when he addresses the cuban people from the theater in downtown havana. we're going to send it back to you on that note. >> calvin thanks i don't man's job and tying into the children -- i don't man's job. the president says to the embassy staff "i'm so glad you
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because i always like taking pictures with kids -- future is what we work so hard for and i'm grateful for all of you for making it happen. they talked to three cuban workers that word at the embassy so a lot of family issues going on as he tries to bring hope and family to cuba. a sense of intimacy. he's opening up his family his mother-in-law as well to the cuban people. so that will wrap it up for now from cuba but we want to take you to little havana because no doubt some people are reacting to that visit. >> glenna, you've been out there several hours now getting so many mixed reactions i'm susu. >> absolutely mixed reactions and lauri, jeanine you can split it down the generations in a general sense. this community arguably has the deepest ties to what's going on
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the people there are hundreds of thousands of people in our community who literally lost everything in the revolution and are in exile and have been living in exile. if you remember what exile means to them 50 years ago might have been a temporary state that turned into something permanent. here at verse sigh we have come here today as we have done throughout the decades -- verse sigh. this is a popular restaurant and always a good spot to find a packed house and people debating anything and today they are debating among themselves about what's going on largely not paying attention to television. themselves. very few protesting. we do have a few people with signs but very small. you can listen to them talk about generationally what now.
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the passion president obama's landing stocks it. >> for others the president's renewed relations and relaxed rules signal progress though the shape of that progress is hard to predict. >> lovely change in what we've seen in the last decades but also it's kind of worrisome to see how vulnerable community kind of on the brink of that possible kind of abuse. >> there is never a shortage of opinion at the southwest eighth street restaurant de facto center of political coffee talk though the generations have softened thehe talk and the younger folks are changing. >> it's time to stop this. that's it. it's over and done w let's unite. -- done with. lift the embargo. that's it. >> i would like to see relations
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countries although i know a lot of people my cuban friends aren't happy to see it because of the cubans that live there are treated. >> right there that about brings the argument and everyone has a different story and very personal story. the loudest voices are those of the protesters and they plan to continue protesting. in fact they'll be a bit more organized tomorrow morning. they'll bring in steam llers. i'm not sure what they're planning to destroy with steam rollers but they want to be symbolic and visual because four, five decades now they have opposed the people who favor dialogue. they consider people like that traitors and today they very frankly consider president obama one of those traitors as well.
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>> glenna thank you for thatat. let's take you back to video we just got in momen ago from half sflan where president obama and his family each with their own umbrella are touring old havana -- havana. >> and as he said he said i know it's been a busy seven months but thank you to all of you for what you've accomplished so far. every day you're bringing u.s. and cuba closer together.
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we want to take you back to victor oh kenned do in havana. what are you seeing out there -- >> the rain has not let up at all but we know the president is in old havana and before we show you him walking around with his to daughters it sounds like the president has brushed up. we know his first tweet said what's up? and when he spoke to his staffers he said how are you? how are you doing? >> now let's get to the video of the president in old havana touring the streets with his ughters. old havana is a very charming area here in cuba. it is a bit run down as well.
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it's a very wet area right now. the weather has been perfect but the rain has opened up right before he l lded at the airport. let's show you that big moment as well. it's a moment we've been waiting for the for quite some time. the first president to visit in 90 years now. and instead of the scheduled stop which is supposed to be at the u.s. embassy a big crowd was waiting for him and he detoured at a hotel where he met up with embassy staffers and he appreciated their work. he saiai now that the embassy is open we can work with the cuban people and to understand cuban people much better. >> something else he's going to learn very well in his time here the struggles that some of the people go rough. for example our cameras were rolling as the ladies in white during their planned march and other members of the political activist group were detained and arrested touring this march they do every single sunday something
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whether or not that police and officials enforcement would detained these people as they've done so many times in the past. sometimes they hold them a few hours. sometimes it could be a a few days but it really got chaotic in the streets. it's a nice area. we have some more video of president obama here now. as he continues his time in havana he will be here until tuesday. he has a packed schedule. once he goes through thehe area here -- lost audio. ortega. he's traveling with quite a big entourage representatives from all over the country. when he meets with ortega it will be a monumental meeting. we know such an important pivotal ortega played in renewing the relations between united states and cuba and now
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3w078 may and -- obama and a portraitf abraham link con. so much has happened -- abraham lincoln. we're going to watch all the president's movements. it's just the beginning of the president's trip. hopefully te rain let's up soon. >> and hopefully cuban national television will bring us more images. >> victor we're at the mercy of cubann television. doctor tell us what the is most important thing the president can do. >> i think he's trying to end games the cuban people. he's tweeting and saying the cuban people and unfortunately the weather is not cooperating. it would be great for him to engage the cuban people but hopefully the weather will cooperate and he'll have opportunities to engage the community.
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the president has made too many concessions and got nothing in return -- the president. >> his premise is we're going to reach out and what we will get in return is a better life for the cuban people and eventually it's going to be more political freedom as well which will follow economic. >> that's right. the idea is to create space and opportunities for dialogue -- commercial and that will create the conditions and potential change. he understands that the communication they're not going to give up power in the cuban government but the united states will listen to the cuban people. >> the opening up of commerce can open up. >> economic freedom spills over to politics andnd i think the cuban government understand that. i think is much more difficult.
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huge -- cubans are making changes. >> as a cuban-american someone who grew up as a cuban-american i understand. glenna was saying the last poll we did the younger you are the more you favor what the president does including lifting the embargo. if you're above 55 years of age not so much. >> we should point out that the video we are seeing is from the cathedral in old havana and the president is there with his entourage. >> the national museum. that's what we have just been told right now and i don't know if this is a tape feed or really live. that is what it says but actually this is a tape turn around. so we're assuming that at some point it had been live.
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has his tie off with his daughters at the national museum. >> the president is end gaming and waiving. we're at the mercy of cuban television but this is what we
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we'll be back with trent. >> more gloomy totonight. once the sun sets we'll keep cloudy skies a front will m me through south florida and that will replace the gloomy conditions with sunshine for tomorrow. you can see the dk skies in key west. right now is one of the coolest spots at 72.
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florida will continue as we could through the next couple hours. i want to get to the seven day forecast. cooler monday up to 70. seventy-five tuesday. eighty wednesday. and then here comes the summer like temperatures once again as we get closer to the weekend. we're going to be back up to 87. >2 trent thank you so much. >> let's take you to live pictures of video we just got in from the havana cathedral. look at that gorgeous site tonight. doctor a final thought? >> i think the highlight will be the speech the message he'll send to 11 million cubans. that would have been unthinkable three years ago and i think everyone is waiting to see what will happen tuesday morning. >> tuesday morning a speech that we understand will be broadcast on state television. so what an amazinin thing to directly. >> do yoknow that world news tonight our partners are are there live in half r n that.
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news with david mur live in
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here for local 10 text1 italics cc1 test message tonight, a special edition of "world news tonight." making history in cuba. president obama just t tching down here. the first time in nearly 90 years an american president has set foot in havana. but the visit not without controversy. will there be new opportunity
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be allowed in? the famous hotel chain announcing new plans tonight. as we take you into havana. the young families. the vintage american cars. as we get set for our exclusive interview with the president. also breaking this sunday night, the eruption of protests against donald trump from new york to arizona. a trump supporter arrested for assaulting a protester. trump's campaign manager caught on camera. and tonight, trump fires back. images coming in from the scene tonight. a police officer shot and killed. a young father, less than three years on the job. a second officer wounded under fire while serving a wrant. and as spring arrives, the winter storm warnings for millionm as we come on the air tonight. up to eight inches of snow in some places. good evening tonight from
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jusy been made. president obama touching down, landing in havana, the first president to visit cuba since calvin coolidge in 1928. while we're here, we will have an exclusive interview with president obama, and he will meet privately with the cuban president, and speak directly to the cuban people first. in a televised speech. the first family is here. the cuban people are welcoming them with open arms. as many ask back home, how far will be president go with what he says, about a communist government and human rights? and about the freedoms of ordinary cubans? president obama landing here in cuba late today making history. just 90 miles from the u.s. he is the first president to visit cuba in 88 years. it comes a little more than a year after the president announced the u.s. would begin normalizing relations with cuba, a thaw decades after the cold war ended.


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