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tv   Local 10 News 430AM  ABC  March 21, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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on throughou the day. so far this morning, it's a cloudy one, breezy and cooler as well. your forecast coming up. breaking news out of key west. police say a person is in custody after a shooting from duval street. three men injured in the shooting, none of the injuries are critical. this all happened around 2:00 this morning. as of right now, duval and charles street, they are closed for this investigation. we'll bring you updates throughout the morning as soon as we get them. and an historic visit nearly 90 years in the making is finally under way right now. president obama and his family finally arrived in cuba with a full day ahead. >> local 10 news anchor calvin hughes leads our team coverage and has a recap of the busy first day for the commander-in-chief. >> president coolidge came on a battleship. it took him three days to get here. it only took me three hours.
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in 88 years, a american president a aives in cuba. air force one touching down at the airport as president obama begins his journey in cuba. the president arrived to cloudy conditions and pouring rain, walking off the plane holding an umbrella for himself and the first lady michelle, joined by his first lady sasha and malia and his mother-in-law. joined by other dignitaries and bringing flowers. the president bringing along a delegation including house speaker nancy pelosi and three members of the u.s. senate. the president shaking hands before getting into his limo that has been called the beast. the president was planning to go to t t u.s. embassy to talk with staff members and there s a crowd of supporters waiting to greet him. >> it's an amazing experience to have the
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states%one look away. >> i'm glad you had your chance to briri your families here because i always like taking pictures with kids. that's the future that we hoped for, young american children, young cuban children by the time they are adults. they think it's natural that a u.s. president should be visiting cuba. >>reporter: the president talked with embassy workers at the hotel. the president not letting the rain put a damper on his trip. crowds cheer f@r president obama as he walked into a cathedral in old havana. the reaction a vast difference to decades of frosty relations between the two nations. the president waving several times before making his way into the white stone cathedral where he met with president ortega.
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presidential motorcade on the move. the first family had dinner before heading to the chief of residence missions for the night. >> we have a lot of proud cubans here. >> and our president's visit did not come without this, controversy. hours purchase his arrival, dozens of protestors took to the stres, many of them arrested. hatzel vela has those details. >>reporter: hours purchase president obama arrives in cuba, women are dragged, others screaming at each other in what some argue was all carefully orchestrated.. >>reporter: castro supporters out of nowhere show up.
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are mercenaries paid by the imperialist government meaning america. anti-protestors get rowdy in the miramar neighborhood,,but it didn't start this way. this is what they do every sday, a peaceful march byy ladies in white and other dissidents after attending mass on lm sunday. the leader sending a message to the world that they are women who fight for liberty. we asksk president obama she says that he demand the cuban govovnment stop the police violence and that they free political prisoners. activists walk to the protests pointing to the park where heays cuban military dressed in plain clothing wait and meet for them. he says it's been 45 violent sunays.
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today for day two of the president's historic visit. we'll have le reports for you from havana starting at 6:00 and of course lasting throughout the day. >> many peopleight here in south florida's cuban-american community are very unhappy with the president's visit, holding signs and pro testing. we also heard from a younger generation of cuban americans. they are open to change. >> it's over and done with. let's reunite. lift the embarrasso, that's it. >> lovely changegehan what we've seen there in the last decades but alsot's kind of worrisome. >> protestors say they will back today for larger protests. one of the first american companies to take advantage was
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bnb. the prez recently lifted that limit so now they are expanding anymore. the number of people using air a air bnb. local 10 news anchor shyann malone has more from the site of the search. >>reporter: a group of 16 friends set out for some fun on the water. but things took a turn for the unthinkable when one of the boats got stuck. >> they were inexperienced so they panicked and decided to go ahead and start pulling anchor. the other vessel was stuck and can't move. >> that's when two men jumped in the water to help dislodge the other boat only to find themselves in distress. >> the winds started getting worse and the current got worse.
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one of the persons back on the vessel. >>reporter: the other never made it. >> shyann malone reporting this morning. authorities were able to identify that missing man as 31-year-old paul city. a house party leads to gunfire in plantation and police say hundreds of people were packed into the home w when gunfire broke out leaving one person dead, four others injured. liane morejon has more from broward health where one of the persons is recovering. >> he was a great artist, uplifting everyone around him. >>reporter: lifelong friends are outraged tonight. the 28-year-old aspiring hip hop artist was shot and killed during a house party that went out of control. these fellow musicians arehocked by the news. police say it happened at this home on northwest fourth court and 118th avenue in plantation. on-line flyers went out
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people to the house. plantation police arrived around 11:30 p.m. as a result hamilton a noise complaint and were still outside when shots were fired inside of the house. cell phone video shows a girl walking out cover in someone else's blood. in the end five people were h h by bullets, three females and one male were rushedo broward general but one died at the scene. he leaves behind a one-year-old son. >> he was a musician. he was a good guy, a father, the least who deserved this it. last night i was in the bed. they said there s a shooting at the party. >>reporter: our cameras caught parties coming by to pick up vehicles left behinl including the father of two of the victims. he was i a rush to go see them but did say his dauahters would be okay. sadly they can't say the same about him.
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stand up for what you did if it was an accident. unless you did it on purpose, then you have karma coming to you. >>reporter: the conditions of those still at broward health, that has not been released. we reached out to the group that according to records owns the home where this party was thrown, we have not heard back from them either. police are still looking for witnesses, anyone who may kno who pulled the trigger during this party. ififou have any information, give plantation police a call. reporting in ft. lauderdaleliane morejon, local 10 news. one of the students who died going to the ultra music festival from complications of a seizure. he was there on friday night and staffers noticed he was inneed of medical attention. >> whenever anyone dies, everyone has amazing things to say about them, but this is a kid, you can't overstate the
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on people. his infectious personality really did enhance everyone's life. >> his funeral is set for tuesday in his home state of vrm. a man is facing charges after police say he recklessly sped ahead of some friends on a roadway to record them with a gopro camera. 32-year-old julio mendoza was going 72 miles per hourn a 45 miles an hour zone and also legally passing several cars. sheriff ramsey said he sped off when he was lled offend but eventually stopped. two music festivals. >> one of those coming to a close last night
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jazz in the garden coming to a close. th event wrapped up last night. the festival capped off its run with a final act by usher. >> celebrate history, music all at the same time. >> charles wilson and kool and the gang just some of the acts that take the stage over the weekend. if you missed it this time, there's always next year. also, south florida, a first full day of spring and temperatures are expected to cool down this morning. the cold front is currently just passing over us. the winds already turning out of the northwest. dark and early ft. lauderdale. you'll notice the roadways are a bit wet because we still had some rain overnight and also a little bit of shower activity is popping up behind the front. we'll get to the radar in just a second. check out these temperatures falling
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that cold air is filtering in first in broward and now into northern miami-dade. 69 both in hialeah, miami, 78 kendall and key west down to 68 degrees. even key west feeling the chill and i call itthe chill because we're in spring already and we're feeling t tse cool temperatures. it's going to be nice for today. also windy conditions expected today. winds up at 17 miles per hour in the lower keys. now as far as those showers i was mentntning, it's right here. they are just starting to line up a bit. so this is the back edge of the front. evenally that's going to press towards the south and east so we can still have a little bit of rain. it's not a huge concern for us. take the umbrella with you early this morning just in case. otherwise you will need a light sweater. highs today aren't getting that warm. behind this front high pressure building in and cross the southeast. check out the temperatures for the panhandle. in the 40s this
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dropping if we check out th past 24 hours. this is the temperature change. it's been minus 1 degrees, a temperature change in theast 24 hours for tallahassee. so a significant change ght over north florida and the panhandle including into georgia. but again that cold air is slowly but surely coming into south florida. today's highs in the upper 60s for much of the area. 70 degrees will be the high for tomorrow including down in homestead, so it is definitely a cool day for us- we haven't had these temperatures in quite a while. so today we're below average and for boaters out there, pretty rough out there. small craft advisory is in effect. the bays will be rough today. the winds picking up 20 to 25 knots. now as far as beach-goers, not reallya beach day. it will remain cloudy. eventually we'll see nor
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highs tomorrow will wbd back into the mid 70s but waking up in the upper 50s. tuesday will be cool and breezy to start. then we're back into the 80s, especially by the end of the week, and that's when the rain chances start to return on thursday, friday and into easter weekend. well, donald trump was in the sunshine state over the weekend giving his thoughts on the new relationship with cuba. >> plus the g.o.p. front runner on the offensive after a controversy involving his campaign manager. rooms come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. ere are big rooms, tiny rooms, rooms that are - whoa. with eight times more fragrance control, the new air wick scented oil warmer lets you dial up or down to fill massive minimalist rooms. small secret rooms. and tall rooms you climb to. a treehouse is totally a room. you get t e perfect amount of fragrance.
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4:50 the time right now. donald trump right here in florida. the g.o.p. front runner weighing in on the newly reestablished diplomatic relation was cuba. >> they should be making a good deal.l.
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us for hundreds of billions of dollars f f all the harm we've caused them. that's okay. they are going to sue us for guantanamohich, by the way, they want back very badly. i'm going to keep it open and put more in there. >> meanwhile trump continues to defend the recent spike of violence at his rallies across the country. in arizona it shows trump's campaign manager grabbing a protestor's collar has security escocos him out. this is not the first time he's gotten physical. a reporter also accusedhim of yanking her by the arm. in that case the report rgeon pressing charges. unindiana sheriff's deputy is dead, another injured after a trailer park shoot-out. ththother rushed to the hospital and in stable condition.n. after an hour's long standoff with the
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suspspt was also found dead inside. >> i'm pulling into my lot and the cop says get out now, so i followed suit.. it's scary, it is. you never know, and here i am talking to this guy two weeks ago waving at him. >> it's unclear if he died as a result of the gunfire or he took his own life. the largest male python ever documented in south florida has been captured, the largest snake 16 feet long weighing 140 pounds . some are being tagged with trackers so they can lead others to where they are living. that's huge. >> that's one way to
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>> double-check your door this morning before you walk out. >> that's for sure. what the coach said about the team and their upcoming showdown with villanova. >> who gets the ball?
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>>reporter: good monday morning. i'm will manso with your local 10 morning sports wrap. the canes now know who they will be playing in the sweet 16. on thursday night the number three seed um will take on second seed villanova. angel rodriguez and the canes, they advanced@on saturday. they are going to have their hands full with the wild cats. angel thougp, 28 points on saturday. angel wanted to share
4:54 am
>> i feel like a lot of me is getting caught up on me but there was a lot of big time plays that other guys made that are probably going to be renamed. >> they should r@name dunkin' donuts center angel rodriguez park. he was so focused, to confident. >> relished the moment saturday night but listen to this, he said the big three era once dashed his dreams of scaring 20,000. >> i left there behind for a while. >> to bon the same floor of my brother when he gets 20,000 points, you know, in his career. congratulations to him. it's big time. brotherhood. big marlins news,
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starter, wayland chen. jose will start the second game in the seasonon he says it's all about a plan to limit the acece innings to protect hissurgically repaired arm. grapapruit league game against the cardinals. he spent time talking to barry bonds. a smooth swing here giving the marlins the lead. double down the line. i'll get it right. comeme all the way around first to score. 5-2 the final. canes baseball team had already won their series but they were looking for their sweep. the bottom of the six, zack collili is going to hit a solo home run. nono enough though and no sweep. again, they do take two out of three. i'm will manso and that's your local 10 morning sports wrap. a road rage dispute, it turns violent, happening in ft. lauderdale.
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a man pronounced dead at
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right now at 5:00 president obama touching down in cuba for an historic visit what lies ahead for them today. deputies are questionina man who they say killed another after a case of road rage. university of miami mourning the loss of a student. where he was before he died. a look outside with our miami tower cam on this monday morning. it's spring break week for many of you. good monday morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. i feel like the temps have already dipped. in the 60s. >> much cooler than it was over the weekend. >> i like it it. weather authoriri meteorologist jen correa
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>> i like it too. you already feel it and temperatures will continue to drop. now we are dealing with a bit of cloud cover out there. ththe's still the back edge of that front. a few showers are actually developing now. these showers not a huge impact but i will say this, broward, you want to keep t t umbrellas with you early this morning. we'll see how well they hold together once they track over miami-dade but one thing to note is not really the umbrellas that you need earlier this morning, it's the sweaters. yes, it's the full firir day of spring. the good news behind all those clouds, plenty of clear skies. so eventually we'll see the sunshine later on today. let's take a look at these temperatures later on today. key west in the upper 60s and also in miami. i'll have more on the rest of your monday forecast coming up. good morning, jennifer. good morning, south florida. if you're traveling southbound at the i and 10rd street, we have reports of a broken down
5:00 am
express lanes right there in the distance. i don't see it. it doesn't mean it's not there, probably not an came angle. if you're headed south this morning, looks like our regular lanes are looking good so you don't have to take those express lanes anyway. those speeds 65 to 67 miles per hour. traveling west-bound at kendall drive. we do have a crash report there had but the story is the same. we're not going to see much a delay at all because it is early. those speedsetween 38 and 36 miles per hour. broward county we're accident-free but you better believe we have construction crews out there at sunrise boulevard on the approach to u.s.-1. we're following breaking news coming out of ft. lauderdale. that's where police say a man is hospitalized following an attempted robbery at a bank of america. >> ben kennedy is live in ft. lauderdale with all the details. what do we know. >> police say a man did get hurt and was in the hospital after a man armed with a knife tried


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