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tv   Local 10 News 5AM  ABC  March 21, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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express lanes right there in the distance. i don't see it. it doesn't mean it's not there, probably not an came angle. if you're headed south this morning, looks like our regular lanes are looking good so you don't have to take those express lanes anyway. those speeds 65 to 67 miles per hour. traveling west-bound at kendall drive. we do have a crash report there had but the story is the same. we're not going to see much a delay at all because it is early. those speedsetween 38 and 36 miles per hour. broward county we're accident-free but you better believe we have construction crews out there at sunrise boulevard on the approach to u.s.-1. we're following breaking news coming out of ft. lauderdale. that's where police say a man is hospitalized following an attempted robbery at a bank of america. >> ben kennedy is live in ft. lauderdale with all the details. what do we know. >> police say a man did get hurt and was in the hospital after a man armed with a knife tried
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that is his car right there behind me still parked at that atm. yellow tape surrounds a bank of america in ft. lauderdale. this happened just before 3:30 monday morning off of davie boulevard and southwest 31st avenue. it's there officers were called out for an attempted robbery. the victim tried fighting off their attacker who was armed with a knife and they did get hurt. they were rushed to the e.r. where they do remain at th hour. the chevron next door is also surround bid yellow tape. our lieutenant on the scene says the two sces are connected but they would not go into detail. policeay the victim does have non-life-threatening injuries and will be all right. at this point no one has been arrested as they continue t look for the crook. reporting live in ft. lauderdale, ben kennedy, local 10 news. and now to breakingnews out of key west. police say a person is in custody after a shooting took place in duval street. this is a look from ourur
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you can see the scene there. none of those injuries arar critical. this happened around 2:00 this morning. duval a a charles street are closed as the investigation is under way. we'll bring youou updates as we send a reporter to this scene. touchdown in havana. look at the site right here. air force one landing at the airport yesterday afternoon. it was carrying president obama and his family. this an historiri visit this morning, president obama waking up in cuba. >> it is the first timein 88 years that an american president has stepped foot on the island and you watched it happen live right here on local 10 news. ter they landed, the first family was greeted by several dignitaries including foreign minister bruno rodriguez and they were given flowers. three members of the senana. now soon after landing the president and first lady made their way near the u.s. embassy and eventually met withstaff members at a hotel. >> i'm glad you had a chance to bring your families here because i
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picturur with kids. that's the future that we hoped for, young american children, young cuban children by the time they are adults, our hope is we think it is natural and a u.s. president should be visiting cuba. >> the first family did not let the rainy conditions get in the way of their tour. they toured the city right before going to the hotel. during the tour the president got to see a portrait of abrahamam lincoln that was put up just for him. the president will lay a wreath at the ceremony at the jose martin memorial. soon after the two president wills give joint statements. this afternoon he has an entrepreneurship event focusing on the private sector businesses and tonight the president will attend a state dinner.
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watching from home as the president landed. disdents and castro supporters were clearly split. one 75-year-old woman was brought to tears. >> i'm almost breaking into tears. it's moving really. it's an improvement for our country, and, if god wants, because we have a family out there, we can reunite with the family. we have been separated for so many years. that's what i can say. >> she went on to say the moment needed to be seen and she has hope for the future. >> our local 10 news team is in havana covering president obama's historic visit to the island. victor oquendo will have live reports from plaza de la revolution. 31-year-old paul flowers and another man jumped into the wat of their boat got stuck. wind and current picked up. flowers was not able
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now to a developingstory in ft. lauderdale, one man dead after deputies are calling acase of road rage that escalated to a case of gunfire.e. happened to the moments shooting. a man was shot, taken to the hospital. that is where he died. the search is on for the gunman who shot and killed a 28-year-old man and injured four others in plantation. that shooting happened during a house party at this home on northwest fourth courtnd 118th avenen on saturday night. three women and a man were taken to the spital. an aspiring hip hot artist and father died at the scene. >> he was about uplifting everyone around him. >> are you a man? stand up for what you did. unless you did on purpose, then you know
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you. the university of miami mourning the loss of one of i i stsdents at the ultra music festival. >> whenever anyone dies, everyone has amazing things to say about them, but this is a kid, you can't overste the positive influence he had on people. >> students who plan to hold a vigil later on this week. now to the latest on the syrian migrant crisis. the new agreement went into affect over the weekend that aimed to send migrants back to turkey. despite that hundreds continue to arrive in greece. the plan aims to discourage migrants from making the trip across the sea in dangerous boats. the pope criticized what
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indifference to the refugees and says europe has been mishandling migrants. a deadly plane crash that killed 62 people in southern russia. it was trying to land whether it went down. strong winds may have played a role. listen to a part of the conversation held between the pilot and air traffic control. >> when you look up with those -- >> officials do believe the pilot circled the airport several times for two hours before attempting to land again. the first family are in cuba as we just told you a few moments ago and they are making history on the communist island. >> just before they arrived, there were arrests on the island. we talked to dissidents on the street. you'll hear when they had to say coming up. officers say they were forced to shoot an
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what was found after her
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family outraged.tt2wmrst@! po j# , d tt2wmrst@! p!!*n \ , tt2wmrst@! p4!j# *6x tt2w2wst@! px#*&`:-8, tt2wmrst@! pt#j'`:98h tt2wmrst@! pt#j)`:2x, tt2wmrst@! pp#j*`:%c0 tt2wmrst@! pp#j,`:`:p tt2wmrst@! pl#*.`:m0\ tt2wmrst@! pl#*0`:v&4 retired pennsylvania state trooper dead after he shot and killed two people all while trying toob an armored vehicle. police s he killed the toll worker and an armed guard in the van. briggs was shot down by police shortly after when he was loading money into his car. two officers shot
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woman but it turns out her gun was fake. it happened in norfolk on saturday morning. police were responding to a fight when she saw her threatening a man with what appeared to be a real gun. she fired two shots after several attempts to get her to drop the gun. >> my daughter was not a bad person. so many people. she was a good person. >> the two officers involved in the shooting have been putut on administrative duty during the investigation. yeyeerday might have marked the first official day of spring but the nororeast didn't get the memo. the entire regegn expecting for a winter storm. in b bton salt trucks being filled. they hit the streets ass soon as the snow starts falling. the big joke they lovee to play. mother nature loves to crack jokes in new
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>> it's that time of year where these storms can bring very war temperatures out ahead it and allf a sudden they cold. it's a huge swing. it's a roller-coaster de as we start to level out as we head into the later half of spring and summer. dark and early ft. lauderdale. it's a breezy one and it's a cool one. 65 degrees in ft. lauderdale. 68 in miami. let's head down to the could think -- conk republic, key w%st. check out the wind speeds. the winds coming out of the northwest at 13 miles per hour miami, you head down towards the keys, it's a lot breezier. the winds will pick up even more and we're already getting reports of wind gusts up to 26 miles per hour currently in key west and marathon, ft. lauderdale. it's a windy gust of 18 miles per hour. 22 in naples. so the whole front itself hasn't completely
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we still are leading with the back edge of the front wherehowers have developed. slowly drifting towards the south. so broward, you will get the first impact for coral springs. take a light sweater with you but also take the umbrellas. you'll only need it to the early morning hours. ere's still plenty of cloud cover. by later this afternoon you'll see a lot more sunshine. you'll see a lot clearer skies up towards the southeast as high pressure develops all across the southeastern region of the u.s. temperatures over the panhandle definitely cooling down. in the past 24 hours cooling down 1 degrees and you just saw tallahassee in the 40s. for our temperature here we c cool down and eventually will hit a high of 70 degrees. boaters, small craft advisory is in effect. the bays are rough today.
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to rebound by tomorrow. waking up with a cool one in the upper 50s. >> jennifer, thanks so much. i was really looking hard to see if i could find any delays in those express lanes this morning. southbound lanes nice and open despite reports of that accident scene, affecting traffic at 103rd street. at this point you guys, you can stick with those regular lanes, avoid those express lanes. the speeds are looking good, about 75 miles per hour. another crash to get to, this one off of kendall drive west-bound. quickly checking to see if that's affecting traffic as you're approaching the turnpike, we're seeing the speeds between 36 to 38 miles per hour. this weekend if you live in downtown like miami like i do, i heard the music. of course we still have closures in place because of ultra music fest between northeast fourth street and southeast first street. the alternate second avenue but they should be clearing everything
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>> thank you, constance. after thealexander hamilton could be getting a second chance at staying on the $10 bill. how the broadway musical is responsible for thehe change of heart. 5:16, 68 degrees. this is a nice morning to wake up to even though it's a monday.
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for two comets to pass by earth tomorrow. the larger comet will pass b b earth today with a smaller one following on tuesday. both comets will be a safe distance of two million miles away from either, but that still makes it the third clest comet fly-by in history. >>reporter: in today' te bytes, apple's big event and new product unveiling. >> as usually there's no official word about what ceo tim cook will unveil but most experts expect to see a smaller version of the iphone as well as new ipad and apple watch models. starting later this month, shoppers will be able to strap on a hollow lens reality headset so they can see how their newly-remodeled kitch will look like. and twitter is celebrating its tenth birthday this week. >> the minin social network h h three million active users.
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bytes. >> happy birthday, twitter. have a great day. now to the weekend box offic coming in at number one. zootopia brings its earnings to just over $200 million. coming in at second place the divergent series allegiant. miracles came in third place making 15 million bucks. alexander hamilton was on the verge of landing his st on the $10 bill until his story hit broadway. thanks to "hamilton" a and miranda who plays him in the play, he met with lew, he told him you're going to be very happy but no formal decision has been announced. >> success of the play shifted their mind, that's interesting. >> why chain technolog anyway. >> i don't know. i like change every once
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>> i like history. i know i 's supposed to be a woman. >> i like $10 bills. the president and the first lady, they have babies. >> not so fast though. we're not talking about the obamas but a pair of eagles. we have the adorable video of the second hatch lightning just yesterday. did i see dents taken to the streets in protest of theheuba government. their message to president obama. this is a live look at i-95 at sheridan streetet roads are clear so far
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a second babyald eagle has hatched at the nation arboretum in washington. the first one was born friday and officials say it was the first time in nearly 70 years a bald eagle nested in that location. >> that's so cool. we've watched eagle cams before. dad came by. he dropped off a big fish. jazz in the gardens came to a close last night outside of sun life stadium. the festival featured some of the biggest names in music. usher came to the show last night with a great finale. we were there. shyann malone and i, layron livingston out there as well. a lot of people came by to say hello. thank you for stopping in.
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last night when usherer turned it up. president obama's historic visit to cuba. he has a packed schedule for his second day on the island. among today's events will be a meeting with nner. a shooter deputies say started as a case of@ road rage. and the officials confirmed overnight a man who disappeared off of key biscayne has been discovered. 31-year-old paul flowers and another man jumped ininhe water when their boat got s sck. his body was found last night. we're just getting going on a monday morning. local 10 news at 5:30 coming your way next. >> we have everything you need including a check on your forecast and traffic.
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at 5:30, a person in the hospital after a kne-wielding man tries to mob them. a major meeting for raul castro and what else the president has planned. but just hours before president obama arrived, unrest in t t streets of cuba. the message dissidents say they have for the president. and president obama is not the only one making a visit to cuba. the tampa bay ray as arrived on sunday ahead of their big game letting the players have an emotional reunion. good monday morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. hope you guys had a great weekend. we certainly had the weather cooperating most of the weekend. >> overall it was a pretty nice weekend and felt much cooler this morning. >> yes, it was nap time on sunday with those showers we had, jen. >> it was. saturday was actually active, especially inbroward.
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spouts and now we're dealing with cooler temperatures. it's a cooldown, a spring cooldown that is and temperature are still falling. 65 degrees in ft. lauderdale. it i 68 in miami. 70 degrees in marathon and 68 in ke west. so all of south florida feeling this cool weather on this spring monday and, by the way, wind speeds are picking up anywhere between 10 to up to 17 miles per hour currently. winds will get even higher through the afternoon. we're talking about 20 to 25 miles per hour during the middle of the day with nd gusts as high as 30. now the back edge of the front is still producing a few showers, a these are going to impact broward county so far. coral springs you're probably getting a little bit of rainfall but it looks like they are dissipating as they continue to track towards the south. more on your forecast coming up. constance? >> thank you so much. hey, you guys, traveling north on the i. guess what, the tolling will start.
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you're going to ride those express lanes northbound this morning and throughout the week. don't worry, they are test it go out but that's goingo come. you're not going to be able to ride it for three anymore. this one i've been talking about all morning long traveling west-bound off of kendalllrive on the approach to the turnpike. the speeds clocking back up to 60 miles an hour. now in broward county we're accident-free so let's get to 55 and see how our drive times are looking this morning. if y're traveling eastbound from i-75 traveling to u.s.-1. at this point it's going to take you about 14 minutes. your average speed about 58 miles per hour. we are following breaking news this morning out of ft. lauderdale. police say man in the hospital after an attempted armed robbery at an atm. >> ben kennedy is live for us in ft. lauderdale with this news. >>reporter: good morning, jacey
5:30 am
police say this guy got into some sort of scuffle with a robber who had a knife. it happened at this atm behind me. detectives are using flashlights to get a closer look. he was allegedly robbed at this bank of america in ft. lauderdale. it happened just before 3:30 monday morning off of davie boulevard in southwest 31st avenue. it's there that officers were called out for an attempted robbery. the victim tried fighting off their attacker who was armed wiwh a knife and did get hurt. they were rushed to the e.r. where they do remain at this hour. the chevron is also surrounded by yellow tape. the two scenes are connected but he could not gonto detail. back live here in ft. lauderdale. police say thatt victim has non-life-threatening injuries and will be all right. no one has been arrested as they continue to look for that bad guy. at last check one of the
5:31 am
have run behind that chevron but they are still looking for them. that's the latest here live in ft. lauderdale. bebe kennedy, local 10 news. now to the historic sit with president obama arriving. a sitting american presidenensteps foot. >> we brought you his arrival live right here on local 10. the president will lay a wreath during the ceremony. afterwards there will be an official welcoming ceremony. soon after the two presidents will give joint statements and this afternoon he has an entrepreneurship event focusing on the private sector businesses. tonight the president will also attend a state dinner. president raul castro was not there when president obama landed. the first family was greeted by seral people. the president was joined by a delegation that included house minority leader nancy pelosi and three members of the senate. soon after president obama and the first lady
5:32 am
with staffers at the u.s. embassy which reopened less than a year ago. back in 1928 president coolidge came on a took him three days to get here. it only took me three hours. >> the first family did not let those rainy conditions get in the way of their tour through old havana. the couple and their three daughters looked at popular tourist spots near their hotel near the u.s. embassy. hours before the president arrived in cuba,rotests breaking out in the streets of havana. anti-government and pro government protestors clashing leading to several arrests. the sunday march isn't anything unusual though, the well-known ladies in white, they do this every sunday. they were among those arrested. cuban community back here veryy unhappy with the president's visit.
5:33 am
this was sunday. we also heard from ayounger generation of cuban americans who are open for thishange. >> it's time to stop this. it's over and done wlet's reunite. lift the embargo, that's it. >> lovely change than what we've seen thereren the last decades b b also it's kind of worrisome. >> p ptestors say they will be back again today for a larger demonstration. more also planned for the rest of the president's trip to havana. up next a ceremony and state dinner and ourteam is in havana covering it all. local 10 news reporter victor oquendo live reports from cuba. that's coming upp at 6:00 a.m. police say a person is in custody after a shooting in duval street. none of those injuries are critical. all of this happening around:00 this morning and as of now, duval and charles streets, they are closed for this investigation.
5:34 am
missing boater who disappeared on saturday afternoon has now been recovered. paul flowers and another man had jumped in the water when their boat got stuck. the wind and current picked up and flowers was not able to get back on b brd. >> they panicked and decided totart pulling anchor. one came off with no problem as that vessel was backing up. the other vessel was stuck and couldn't move. >> officials confirmed his body had been found. now to a developing story near ft. lauderdale, one man dead after what deputies were rage. this happened last night outside of a home on southwest 48th avenue. it's unclear what happened in the moments leading down that shootingment deputies now questioning one man made. turning now to vote 2016, donald trump back in florida last night for the first time since winning the state's primary last week and with the president
5:35 am
in cuba, the president criticized him for not making a trip to cuba. >> we are amateur hour, folks, amateur hour. and honestly, obama should have turned the plane around and left. he should have. he should have turned it around, should have said bye-bye. >> meanwhile ted cruise made a trip to arizona. cruz returned to arizona after a full day of campaigning there on friday. here's bill clinton, he was also in arizona campaigning for his life. senator bernie sanders meanwhile was in washington state on sunday after spending the past week in arizona. thousands turned out to twoo rallies. the vermont senator is making stops along the west coast in an effort
5:36 am
himself.. the vice president defending president obama's policy towards israel while also taking a swipe at donald trump schedulele to speak at the very same conference yesterday. thth agreement is good for the world. >> we're watching tran like a hawk. under this agreement iran will never be allowed to pursue nuclear weapons, never, never, never. let m m assure you that what we s sd all along still holds. if iran violates the deal, the united states will act. >> vice president biden added that iran is considerably further away from obtaining a nuclear weapon than they were a year ago. one of the suspects in the deadly paris attacks was planning a
5:37 am
he was taken into custody after a raid in brussels. he talked about a new attack and how he passibly had access to new weapons. syrian military officials releasing this footage right here. they claim the video shows their advancement in the rural area further east. syrian troops say they are w rking to capture back a town under control by isisast may. north korea has reportedly fired a missile and other several short-range projectiles. this is the second time in less than a week the country has launched missiles into an ocean. more news this morning, a yacht club going up in flames. now this morning the officials are estimatingthe damage to be in the millions of dollars. you've got to see the damage coming up next. some surprising news from the marlins about their ace jose
5:38 am
a sweet reunion
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players and his family. welcome bafnlgt it's 5:41 right now. a cleanup is under way after this. this happened in washington state. inin all six boats destroyed, others damaged. offials estimate the fire caused about $2 million worth of damage. the cause under investigation. hundreds left without a home this morning. flood waters deaf tasting a town in eastern texas. a few famimies can only access their property using boats. they are feeding 600 people a day. >> what a devastating situation. now that spring is
5:41 am
beautiful yellow dress, jen. >> thank you. i wanted to wear a little bit of spring today even though we're coolong down. you see me with a sleeveless dress but wear a sweater. this is a live look out of ft. lauderdale's tower cam. dark and early out there. the sununse will be close to 7:30. wear a light sweater because temperatures dropping into those mid 60s. 65 degrees. 68 in miami. remember the past couple of days we've been going down to about the mid 70s which has been above the avege for this time of year. so now we're below average and it's a start of spring. this has been the story almost all week, winter long and now into spring. also by the way, it will be a breezy one this morning and even windier by this afternoon. it's an 18 mile an hour wind speed for key west northwest. wind gusts up to 18 in ft. lauderdale with wind gusts up to 31 in key
5:42 am
all due to the cold ont that's passing through this morning with a bit of cloud cover, even a few showers. now some of these shows are on the back edge of the front. i'm going to zoom in a little closer to northern broward because it looks like coral springss is just missing out on these showers and they are trailing right just on the edge. coral springs you're missinout currently but u.s.-27 out over the everglades seeing rain out on i-75 but this rain won't be a huge impact. this is not the story today. the story is that it is cooler and also windy. now the wind are starting off the -- stirring up the seeds as well. we do expect a small craft advisory to remain in effect all day today for boaters from broward down to the keys. there's still some training clouds behind it across central florida and behind that clear skies. hihi pressure bringing
5:43 am
the past 24 hours it's been a temperature change of between 9 to up to 1 degrees and temperatures will continue to drop even for us. we can still drop even though the sun will eventually rise. highs today 70 degrees. that is about close to ten degrees below the average. and we stay breezy rough tomorrow. lots of sunshine later this afternoon buttons tomorrow, waking up to the upper 50s tomorrow and then we rebound to the 80s by the middle part of the week. you know the music for ultra. we still have clopures in place off of byes bane blevard. the crews there are beginning to open up the roads but they are still shut down. they are supposed to open up by 6:00 this morning but if you live in downtown miami still expect those delays. we're talkiki about northeast fourth street. traffic being rerouted off to second avenue. the saw the flashing lights.
5:44 am
this morning. kendall drive west-bound at southwest 122nd avenue. this one was effecting our west-bound lanes. those folks heading towards the turnpike. we were seeing those delays there. speeds at 38 miles per hour. so not much to worry about. broward county we are still accident-free. >>reporter: good mop morning. i'm will manso with your local 10 morning sports wrap. the canes now know who they will be playing in the sweet 16 and when the time. it's gng to be a matchup on thursday night. the number three seed um will take on second seed villanova. it's a 7:00 p.m. tip time. angel rodriguez and the canes, they advanced on saturday. they are going to have their hands full with the wild cats. angel though, 28 points on saturday. angel wanted to share the spotlight with his teammates though. >> i feel lime a lot of me is getting caught up on me.
5:45 am
>> they should rename dunkin' donuts center the angel rodriguez& park. he just owned the place. he was so focused,o confident. >> angel's right about that. off until tomorrow giving dwayne wade plenty of time to enjoy beating the cats. wade relishedd the moment saturday night. wade says the big three tra in miami once dashed his dreams of actuall scoring 20,000. >> i left there behind for a while. >> to be on the same floor with my brother when he gets 20,000 points in his career. congratulations to him. it's big time. it's big time for the brotherhood. >> big marlins news, that is your opening day starter. the new-comer getting the in order over jose fernandede jose will start second game of the season. it's really all about just the plan to limit
5:46 am
180, 190 to protect his surgically repaired arm. he spent time chatting with barry bonds, one of his coaches. chris johnson's smooth ing here giving the marlins the lead. 5-2 the final. canes baseball team d already won their series but they were looking for a sweep against 4th-ranked louisville. zack collins going to hit a solo home run. not enough though and no sweep. canes dropped the rubber match 4-3. i'm will manso and that's your local 10 morning sports wrap. >> will, thank you. a big day tomorrow for the tampa bay rays. before all that, yesterday a sweet reunion for one cuban born player.
5:47 am
after nearly three yrs apart. he wasn't sure if he would be allowed to make this team but the cuban government signed off on it over the weekend. remember those two boys, they were playing outside a fast food restaurant but it turned very dangerousus. >> how the boy managed to fall in a 30 foot hole. quick look outside with our ft. lauderdale tower camera. looks like it's moving around a little bit. tpat makes sense because jen says it's going to be a breezy day. 5:48 at 68 degrees on
5:48 am
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two young boys, they were trapped off falling in a 30 foot hole. they told their families, hey, we found a bouncy spot on the ground and they were jumping up and down on it. that bouncy spot, mulch, covering a hole. eventually those boys fell in. >> i heard somebody screaming up to me help. i realized there was somebody down in there, jumped on the phone to get as many people down here as possible to save this kid. >> a rescuer had to be lowered down into the hole to save the other boy. the hole has since been covered with a steel plate. >> that's better than mulch, for sure. a disturbing angeles. the hikers found part of soon after police officers, search dogs and a forensic team body parts.
5:51 am
figure out the cause o death. and a family in connecticut with demanding jtice this morning after their family dog was attacked and killed by an unleashed pitbull. two dogs that belong to a neighbor forced open her front gate and began attacking jacob. neither of the dog was on a leash. >> there's something wrong with the picture. and this had to happen. this is just like a nightmare. >> that family is now rculating a petition demanding that police impound the pitbull responsible for jacob's death. animal control is investigating but they have yet to make contact with the animal's owner. in order to record them with a gopro camera. monroe county sheriff said the 32-year-old of miami was on his motorcycle going 72 miles per hour in a 45 miles per hour zone and he was legally passing
5:52 am
the sheriff s ss mendoza sped off when he tried to pull him over but he was eventually stopped. a wisconsin couple got the wedding of their dreams. it doesn't cost them a dime either. >> free is good. how a group of wedding vendors banded together to make it all happen. seems like everything is smooth sailing but constance has the authority on that. we'll bring you the latest on your morning
5:53 am
5:54 am
next here on local 10. with spring officially upon us, it's cherry blossom season in the nation's capital. certainly does not feel like springtime there. those who came out forced to bundle up. and in japan too because that's where
5:55 am
my brother says it's beautiful there. gorgeous. all right. this is pretty special too. a wisconsin couple finally got their dream wedding after being together for 12 years. >> the very best part, they did not have to spend a dime. matt and kim have been gether for more than a decade but could never afford their dream wedding. that changed when a group of wedding vendors announced they were looking for a couple to gift a wedding to. >> it really feels like we're all super excited. i'll never forget it. can't thank them enough. everything has been fantastic. >> the bride's mother nominated the couple. this they were picked. all of it from rings and flowersovered. >> that's s ally beautiful. we all know how expensive weddings can be. >> yes, we do. all right. we're following breakakg news for you this morning. this is out of ft. lauderdale. it's an attemempted robbery that sent a man
5:56 am
>> still ahead at 6:00 what we know about the man police are looking for this morning. >>reporter: we will preview the president's first full day on the island. what does fresh epcot mean? maybe it's sampling season dishes... ...enjoying hand-picked music or seeing locally grown topiaries. whatever you pick here, the epcot international flower and garden festival... certified fresh epcot. visit for fresh ticket options
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we have breaking news this morning. a robbie attempt at a south florida hospital. who police really want
5:58 am
morning. >>reporter: coming up on local 10 news at 6:00 we'll preview the president's first full day on the island. plus the search in the water for a missing boater turns into a heart breaking find. goodonday morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzyth i'm jacey birch. hope you guys had a great weekend. so much going on in south florida. >> it was packed. >> and now it's springtime. can't you feel how it's warmer. >> meteorologist jen correa in for julie. >> i know, right. spring started and now cooling things down. wow, it's been quite a ride with this forecast. we had active weather through the weekend. some of us stayed away from the rain which was good but it was very humid yesterday and finally this morning we're feeling tha cooldown. live view out of mount sinai medical center tower cam. probably a lot of people
5:59 am
was ultra weekend. yesterday was the last day. very busy across south florida. it continues on. spring break starting for us here in south florida. temperatures 67 degrees. 65 ft. lauderdale. 60 key west. i do want to mention a few showers are gracing the edge of broward county at least where the cities are. there are a few shohors to the north of us. these showers are impacting pa beach county. this will continue to press towards the south and the eastlong with the cold front that's bringing us this cool weather for today. temperatures can still cool down in the next few hours but the point is you need the sweaters this morning and possibly all day. >> all right, jennifer, thanks so much. going to start with the good news this morning. broward unty we are accident-free. here's a live look at i-95 where it meets at 595. no reports of congestions or slowdowns. i'm talking about i-9 the sawgrass expressway. no issues to report. in miami-dade county we
6:00 am
dolphin expressway. let's start he off the dolphin eastbound and red road. we are s sing obviously a slowdown. those speeds at 27 miles per hour. this all happening just south of mia and a secondary crash, this time affecting our west-bound lane. those folks heading towards the turnpike this morning. this one not as bad as the earlier crash i just mentioned. those speeds not looking bad at 65 miles per hour. this one off the exit ramp at 107th avenue. we are following breaking news for you right now out of the keys. police tell us they do have a suspect in custody after a shooting took place near a row of nightclubs. we're told three membership were injured just after 2:00 a.m. on duval and charles street but all are expected to survive. we're bringing you more information as we have a crew headed to that scene. back in 1928 president coolidge came on a battleship.


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