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tv   Local 10 News 6AM  ABC  March 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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dolphin expressway. let's start he off the dolphin eastbound and red road. we are s sing obviously a slowdown. those speeds at 27 miles per hour. this all happening just south of mia and a secondary crash, this time affecting our west-bound lane. those folks heading towards the turnpike this morning. this one not as bad as the earlier crash i just mentioned. those speeds not looking bad at 65 miles per hour. this one off the exit ramp at 107th avenue. we are following breaking news for you right now out of the keys. police tell us they do have a suspect in custody after a shooting took place near a row of nightclubs. we're told three membership were injured just after 2:00 a.m. on duval and charles street but all are expected to survive. we're bringing you more information as we have a crew headed to that scene. back in 1928 president coolidge came on a battleship.
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see get here. it only took me three hours. >> president obama and the first family, they are now in cuba for a jam-packed two and a half day trip. this is the first time a sitting u.s. presidede had visited the island nation in nearly 90& years. >> local 10 has been in havana the whole time. victor oquendo is live to show us how the president wrapped up his sunday and what's ahead for the commander-in-chief. >>reporter: jacey and eric, good morning to both of you. it is very cool in havana this morning. hopefully the president has much better wther today than he did when he arrived yesterday. he wililbe laying the wreath at the memorial. let's show youou his full schedule for the day. again, it starts right here at that memorial. from there we were head to a welcoming ceremony where the president will take an official photo with raul castro.
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expanded bilateral meeting. they will deliver joint statements after that and then the president will@hold an enter principal you're -- entrepreneurial meeting. let's take you back to sunday evening. air force one touching down at the airport. this historic moment, somethg that so many people thought that they would never see, and then moment later in the pouring rain -- it felt like it rained for hours on end -- the president and his family make their way to the car, e beast, and flen there he was off. e plan was to go to the u.s. embassy, but because of the rain they moved the location to the malia motel. he discucued the importance of the embassy. >> i know your work loa
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was, but i want you to know everything we've accomplish sod far, more americans coming to cuba, more endamagement with the people, entrepreneurs, students, young people, more students for the cuban people that improve their lives. it's all happening because of you. every single day u're bringing the cuban people p and the american people closer together. >>reporter: and right after that stop the president made his way to old havana. he toured the charming and historic area under a lot of rain. it started at the plaza. he also went to the cathedral where he met with the cardinal who he node played a pivotal role. as you see right there, big crowds were on him to enter that cathedral. we're expecting him here at the plaza right around 10:00 this morning to lay the wreath at the memorial which is right over my shoulder here. we will be here to
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moment for you. jacey and eric, back you. >> our complete coverage of president obama's historic trip here on local 10. many people here in south florida's cuban-american community very unhappy with the president' trip. several people showing up it the versailles restaurant in little havana. they were holding signs. we also heard from younger cuban-americans. >> it's over and done with. let's reunite. open the embargo. lift the embargo. that's it. >> lovely change in what we've seen in the last decades but also it's kind of worrisome. >> protestors say they their back again today for a larger demonstration. stay with us here on local 10. our coverage of this historic event continues all throughout the day and we will bring you the very special wreath-laying ceremony right here at 100 a.m.
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police tell us the driver is in the hospital after being attacked by an atm. kennedy extend live on scene with what we know so far. this driver got into some sort off scuffle with the robber holding a knife. you can see there are several detectives here at the scene trying to peace this one together in ft. lauderdale. it happened just before 3:30 monday morning off of davieoulevard in southwest 31st avenue. it's there that officers were called out for an attempted robbery. the victim tried fighting off their attacker who was armed with a knife and they did get hurt. that driver was rushed to the e.r. where they do remain at thi hour. the cheon next door is surrounded by yellow tape. the e o scenes are connected but he could just not go into details. back live to the active investigation here in ft. lauderdale.they just towed away the car in the past five minutes. detectivesre still here at the scene looking for fingerprints, any signs
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police say the victim will be all right. he had non-life-threatening injuries as they continue to look for this robber. reporting live in ft. lauderdale, be kennedy, local 10 news. breaking overnight, a deadly end to the search for a missing boater. the body of a 31-year-old man has now been recovered. we're told he disappeared in the watete off keyiscayne while boating with friends on sunday. he andnd another man jumped in the water to lift anchor. now to a developing story here ft. lauderdale, one man dead after what deputies are calling a case of road rage that escalated to gunfire. it's up clear what happened to the moments right leading up to that shooting. a man was shot, taken to the hospital. that is where he died. no arrests@ have been made. right now the university of miami mourninghe loss of one of its students who died
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music festival. it apppprs 21-year-old levine died of a seizure. staffers noticed he was in need of medical attention. >> whenever anyone dies, everyone has amazing things to say about them. you can't overstate the positive effect he had on so many people. his infectious personality did enhanceeveryone's life. >> students plan to hold a vigil on campus later this week. his funeral set for tuesday in his home state of virginia. $115 million to hulk hogan in a lawsuit over the former professional wrestler's sex te. jurors will be back today in order to consider the puppy& active damages. gawker has already said it plans to appeal that decision. still to come on local 10, a night of fun
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what we'reearning about the victim and a search for a shooter. money move, how the musical hamilton could keep one of the nation's founding fathers on our $10 bill. spring has sprung but our attempt this morning are dipping in the 60s. it's pretty cloudy out there and we could still have one or two showers left over from that frontut it will become windy throughout the day
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sunshine later >>reporter: good morning. toppingmerica's money. are you ready for $2 gas again. >> analyst agree it's our own fault. we're driving up demand. 27 cents higher than a
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the country's largest paint retailer is getting even bigger. it's buying rival valspar for a aut $ million. >> and it was more utopia for zootopia this weekend. it was number one for the third straight week. >> it picked up another $38 million. the die ger justice department series opened at second with $29 million and miracle from heaven answered praise wi 15. >> and that's america's money. >> have a great day, everybody. new for you this morning, hamilton the musical has captivated audiences all across i country and even madee a trip to the white house. >> the $10 founded father without a father. >> big push with the decision to remove alexander hamilton from the $10 bill in favor of a woman but then came the popular musical and now many people want to
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10. treasury secretary jack lew said he is committed to keeping him on that $10 bill. stupid. nasa is expecting two comets it pass by the earth today and tomorrow. it might have broken off from the bigger one. the larger comment will pass by earth today. the smaller one tomorrow. it will be a safe distance from earth but it will be the third closest a comet has everflown by in recorded history. >> amazing. i love science and i love this cool weather. good morning, south florida. happy monday. happy spring break and grab the sweaters. youould think it would be warming up now that we're heading into spring but spring has welcomed us a cold front. now we're still dealing with the cloud cover out therer this morning as temperatures are dropping and, by the way, ft. lauderdale is a cool spot at 65 degrees.
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60s. 78 degrees in marathon but temperatures can still drop this morning. however, yes, there's a lot of cloud cover so it's been hard for these temperatures to really get down into those low 60s. however, it does feel cool, especially with these winds out of the northwest. wind speeds are picking up. 13 miami, 20 miles per hour in marathon. now let's talk about the wind gusts. here are the wind gusts currently anywhere between 22 miles per hour and up to 30 key west has those winds blowing and gusting for sure. that is stirring up the keep. what to expect this morning. we can still have a shower or two on the back edge of the front. we'll stay windy through the afternoons. we're talking about wind speeds anywhere between 20 to 25 miles per hour with more sunshine. so sunshine expected to break between those clouds and high pressure's building in also across the southeast.
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very cool and dry. here are those showers i i was mentioning. they are just gracing that northern edge o broward county so coral springs you have a few showers j jt to the north and west of you. you'll be getting some rain in just a b)t. but i do want to point out thik is not a huge impact because we will quickly dry out. clear skies as high pressure c ces an cross the southeast. only in the 40s for the panhandle. is is a drastic temperature change the past 24 hours. temperatures have dropped 20 degrees in gainesville. for us temperatures will stay in the upper as and through the early afternoon and then we hit a high of 70 degrees. that is keeping u up well below the after ram for the start of this new week, cooler today, cooler tomorrow and breezy as well but then we hit highs back in the 70s tuesday afternono and then the 80s by midweek. constance? >> all right, jennifer, thanks so much. broward county we are still accident-free
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i'm giving you permission to do so or go ahead and have a big breakfast. i-95 looking great too. they are adjusting the tolls on i-95 to ives dairy road. so you'll see the flashes of lights. you wonon be charged as of yet but just a traveling north of the glades. traveleng eastbound this at red road. we're ptill seeing some delays in place there right off to that exit ramp. those speeds at 28 miles per hour and a secondary crash affecting our west-bound lanes. those folks may be heading towards the airport this morning. this one not seeing any dedeys with this. those speeds at about 65 miles per hour at that exit ramp to northwest 107th avenue. quickly i want to get to some drive times on u.s.-1. starting at lejeune road. it's going to take about you 14 minutes to head downtown.
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moves on, a whole lot more cars on the roadways. between 25 to 26 minutes tween 8 and 8:30 this morning. jazz in the gardenscoming to a close. the annual event wrapped up i 11th year on sunday night with bignames and huge crowds. the festival capped off its run with a final act by usher. >> it was a lot ofun. we were all out there hanging out. it was a good time. >> i wish i got to see it with you guys but your favavite local 10 talent was there includin this guy. >> yes, hanging out by the stage with shyann malone and layron livingston. a lot of people came by to say hi. they were enjoying themselves. everybody had the umbrellas and rain gear ready but it didn't make a huge impact. >> we warned you all week long.
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prepared. a touching moment for one tampa rays player. >> that's still to come this morning. also a woman' fakeweapon may have led to her death.
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forced to fire. we have new information for you this morning about a police-involved shooting in virginia. it turned out the gun she hadad was fake. police were responding to a fight when they saw india beady threatening a man with wt appeared to be a gun. >> she would not do it. she was afraid of the police. chance. my daughter was not a
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we have so many people, so many people. she was a good person. >> the two officers involved in the shooting were put on administrative duty pending the investigation. a deadly plane crash that killed 62 people. that happened in southern russia. the flight was trying t land of it went down. bz say strong winds may have played a role. investigators did recover t black boxes. >> officials believe the pilot circled the airport for several hours before attemptg to land again. you'll see more. touch moments between the tampa rays player. things get hairy between the easter bunny
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say what? the bunny brawl is at 6:30. hey, we want to say good morning to our facebook friend of the day, olivia. stick with us all
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on local 10. welcome back. it's 6:24 right now. it's a big day tomorrow for the tampa bay rays. >> a sweet reunion for one cuban-born player. he wasn't sure if he would be able to make the trim with the team but the c cuban government did sign off on it. good morning, south florida. a windy start. a live look from our miami tower cam. pe you had a nice weekend.
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we've got you covered. jen correa in this morning getting you ready for your forecast. traveling on i-75 this morning. we've got a crash. i-75 has been a problem spot for a lot of folk. two lanes blocked. if you look closely, you can see there are quite a few delays in place. i'll have details on the crash right after the break. we're staying on top of breaking news for you out of ft. lauderdale, a robbie and attempted attack at an atm.. we'll give you the latest on the
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after thihi break. breaking news. an attack on an atm sends arier to the hospital. who police are trying to
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in havana, cuba. the president has a full day ahead of him memorial. a live report is coming up. tragedy. an aspiring wrapper and father loses his life in a shooting. caught onamera, fists and fur fly as someone dressed the easter bunny get in a figh with shoppers. where did all this mall madness take place? good morning, southflorida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. easter's right around the corner. >> a few days away. >> now we haveaster coming up. this year is flying by. here's the good news, it is cooler outside. it is nice. >> jen correa in this among for julie. how are you? >> this is a nice break if those warm tempererures we had all week and all that high humidity we had this weekend, that is leaving
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live look out of mount sinai medical center tower cam saying good morning, miami. good morning to all o you. grab those light sweaters this morning, why? because temperatures are dropping into the mid to upper 60s. very brey out there with a northwest wind up to 17 miles per hour. higher than that in key west. there's a few showers. now they are starting to dissipate as they get a little bit closer to those western cities and broward counties. that's good news i was talking about these earlier. for us what the impact is, the wind and then also another impact the cool weather this morning. it might be a surprise though. we've been forecasting it. i promise you, grab the sweaters, you'll need it today. we'll stay well above the average. the exit ramp is where this crashs located at mere a. march parkway. we just spoke with fhp. we know this is a single vehicle crash. two people were hurt
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can you see right off to that exit ramp, that's where the delays really are. just miramar parkway that's going to cause some trouble for you this morning. let's check to see if there are any delays rererted there. those speeds 66 to 69 miles per hour. but those folks traveling on miramar parkway, expect somom stop and go traffic. let's get to the dolphin expresswsw. we still have delays with this one. this is happening just south of meie and red road. those speeds clocking in at 37 miles per hour. major roadways looking really good. make sure following us at wplg local 10. the president and the first family are waki up on the island for the first day of appearances and meetings. air force one landed in havana. the first family right there greeted by cuban delegates who presented
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flowers on the tarmac. this morning he will lay a wreath at the memorial and make a tour there. afterwards the president goes into exclusive access meetings and them president obama off to an entrepreneurship event for cuban businins leaders. this evening he and the fifit lady will attend a state dinner. a very busy day. >> let's gettraight over to victor oquendo at the plaza right now. good morning to you, vicar. >> good morning to you, jacey and eric. absolutely the president has a full day ahead of m here. he will be l lin a wreath at the memorial. the rain has been on and off. because of all that rain yesterday, the president had to change his locate of the first planned stop. instead he decided to go
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where they met. the president spoke about the importance of their work and he was clearly happy to meet with the team. >> i'm glad you had a chance to bring your families here because i always like taking pictures with kids. that's the future t tt we opened for, young american children, young cuban children by the time they are adults, they think it's natural that a u.s. president should be visiting cuba. they thi it's natural to the two are working together. >>reporter: and from there the president's motorcade went to old havana under the pouring rain.itit there that the first family started their tour of the historic area. they been to the museum courtyard and that's where the museum place aid portrait of president lincoln.
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we can tell you that dozens of dissidents were arrested right in the street and our crews were there for it all. take a look at this video again. it shows what h hpened. thenti-government protestors were plucked right from the street and arrested. it was absolutely a chaotic scene that we witnessed there, and it all started with the ladies in white march. they are the wives of dissidents who have been jailed or killed, and they march every sunday at saint rita's church. we can tell you when the pope was here they planned to march just like that one. many were arrested before that one even got off the ground. will president obama address this? we'll have to@ wait and see again. i'll send it back to you. >> busy schedule. victor, i know you're going to be covering every move for us, so thank you. we'll check in with you later. g.o.p. front runner
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opinion with one no-show in havana. >> mr. trump made his thoughts on the matter perfectly clear as he spoke to supporters in palm beach last night. >> we are amateur hour, folks, amateur hour. and honestly obama should have turned the plane around and left. no, he should have. he should have turned it around. he should have said bye-bye. >> white house officials say they are not offended that president castro did not greet president obama at the airport. the deputy national security adviser said thatetail of the trip was never discussed. stay with us here at local 10. our coverage of this historic visit continues all throughout the day. we'll be sure to show you the special wreath
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here on local 10. local 10's ben kennedy is live on the scene with the late of the here. ben? >>reporter: jacey, eric, i just spoke to a clerk w@ho said the victim walked into his gas station, had cuts on his hands, his neck and was b bleeding after a man with a knife tried to rob him. detectives are piecing this one together in ft. laudererle. it happened just before 3:30 monday morning at a bank of america off of davie boulevard and southwest 31st avenue. officers were called out for an attempted robbery. the victim tried fight off the attacker who was armed with a knife. that victim, the driver, did get hurt and was rushed to the e.r. where they do remain at this hour. the chevron was with yellow tape.
6:35 am
the victim does have none life-threatening injuries and will be all right. no one has been arrested as they continue to look for that robber. reporting live in ft. lauderdale, ben kennedy, local 10 news. just into our lal 10 news room, north korea has reportedly fire a missile and several other short range projectiles. this is the second time ib less than a week that the country has launched missiles into the ocean. a case of road rage that escalated into gunfire. it's unclear what happened in the moments shooting. the man shot was taken to the hospital where he later died. so far no arrests. a search on the florida gunman who shot and killed a 28-year-old man, injured four others in plantation. the shooting happening at a housearty at a home on saturday night. three women and a map
6:36 am
an aspiring hip hot artist and father died at the scene. >> he wanted to be known as a newsition first andnd foremost. >> are you a man? stand up for what you did, unless you did tonight purpose, thenyou know you have karma coming to you. >> they were outsisi when shots were fired inside of that home. turning now to vote 2016. violence continues to erupt across the country at donald trump events. trump is standing by his campaign manager. meanwhile ted cruz made a surprise appearanco in arizona on sunday. cruz returned to arizona on sunday after a f%ll day of campaigning there on sunday.
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bill clinton appeared flr his wife. and senator bernie sanders was in washington state on sunday after spending the past week in arizona. thousands turned out to two rallies. the vermont senator is making stops along thewest coast in an effort to close the gap between him and hillary clinton. the normal east getting slammed by spring snow. how much of that white stuff they may have to dig out by the time it's all over. and bald eagle buzz. people all over the world watching its debut. find out why millions can't get enough of this feathered pair. good morning, south florida. we're waking down mostly cloudy skies out there as that cold front still is passing through south florida. but it's already cooling down. high pressure building behind the front providing for a little more sunshine later on today.
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yesterday might have marked the first day of spring but the northeast didn't get the memo. as many as ten inches of snow in new england and new york. officials say it was the first time in 70 years a bald eagle nested in that location. >> that's what sprung's about. spring has sprung but temperatures are not owing that, especially for the start of this new week. current temperatures out there, south florida, upper 60s for the rest husband. marathon still hanging
6:41 am
let's talk about the wind speeds because the winds have been picking up as well due to the cold front and we expect even higher winds later this afternoon but currently we're talking about windd speeds at 20 miles per hour marathon as well asas homestead. 17 mile per hour wind speed for ft. lauderdale. notice that the winds are coming straight out of the nororwest. now i do want to put everything into perspective, and as far as temperatures today, the forecast high is 70 degrees. forecasted low 65. we still could drop to that, miami. but miami's average high is 81 degrees and average low for this time of year is actually on point. we could get lower than that. by the way, t torrow morning will get even colder. as far as the rest of the next few hours, we'll see a lot more sunshine. it will be windy and
6:42 am
now as far as radar, those showers i noticed before that are trailing behind the front a a actually starting to dissipate. so that is some good news. you see how they are pushing out towards the east and breaking apart as well. very light showers. impacting northern broward but that's not the hijack impact again. the cool story is the attempts. wear the sweaters today. i promise you, you will need them, especially with such windy conditions. high pressure is building in. that high is sticking around through the middle part of the week. windsre increasing. three to six foot waves out there for atlantic waters and the keys, we're talkingng about six to nine feet beyond the reef so small craft advisories in effect. upper 60s now but wee can fall through the morning as that cold front pushes to the south husband. highs today, once again 70 degrees. that is putting us well
6:43 am
by tomorrow waking up to the upper 50s and a high of 76 rebounding to the on wednesday. miramar people listen up. we havav heavy delays on miramar parkway. thaten resistance ramp to i-75 due to an accident scene. folks trying to get to i-75, that's where you're going to face the issues this morning. cleerm it's there off to the entrance ramp. you can seeeehe flashing lights there. this is a single car crcrh. one car involved with this one but two people were hurtt pretty badly. police will likely be out here investigating. so what this means for you this morning, i-75 is nice and clear. that's thumbs up. let'suickly check our drive speeds there. i-75 is not the issue. it's right here off of miramar parkway. our west-bound lanes, those speeds at 23 miles per hour and right hereeastbound lanes really
6:44 am
i don't say it void it completely. just add another ten minutete or so to your commute.this is the dolphin expressway eastbound, that exit ramp at red road, that's when we're seeing delays. those speeds at 35 miles per hour. back to that breaking news out of key west. >> three people shot overnight right outside of the clubs on duval street and erica rakow joins us live from key west with the latest on this investigation. >>reporter: good morning, jays' and eric. we just got to key west. we're here on duval street where the shooting happened just before 1:30 this morning. we are off of duval just a few doors down. if you look over here down the small side street called carolinas street. that's the video we got from some viewers. we have some breaking information that i'm going to repeato you from the key west police
6:45 am
we now know thth the gunman has been identified a derek michael david. he's 34 years old. he's from sugarloaf. he's havin a domestic issue. three people tried to stick up for the woman involved and that's when popoce say he produced a gun and started shooting. it hit innocent people in the area, had nothing to do with the entire situation. the person, derek michael david, is now in custody. he's been charged with three counts of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. the three people shot here on duval street are all going to be okay. one person has been identified as scott mcbride. he's 54 years old. he's been treated and released. another person, 35 years old, was air-lifted to ryder trauma and the third person, 37 years old, that person also
6:46 am
keep in mind this is spring break time, this is key west, thiss duval street. a lot of people out here. i'm told police raced here, they were here in a matter of minutes to bring this situation under control and get that person into custody. it's key west, how often do you hear of a shooting happening here. as we mentioned, we just got here just a couple weeks ago. we're going to to continue to gather some information and bring you the latest information on this developing situation. we're live in key west. erica rakow, local 10 news. >> okay. a lot of new information there, erica, thank you. now to the canes, they finally know who they will play m in the sweet 16. it's going t be some matchup on thursday. the third seed um versus the second seed villanova on sunday. after scoring a career high 28 points on
6:47 am
share the spotlight with his teammates. >> i feel like a lot of the media is getting caught up on me but there was a lot of big time plays other guys made that are probably going to go unnotice because of my performance. they should rename dunkin' donuts center angel rodriguez park. he just owned the place. he was so focused, so confident. >> the new comer getting the nod over hernandez. grapefruit league game against the cardinals. tied at two atop of the eighth, johnson at the plate gives the marlins a 3-2 lead with a double down the line. 5-2 the final score. danger at a struck
6:48 am
>> smoke and flames filling the air. a look at what it's taking to get this big fife under control. and it's something parents didn't expect at picture time. >> shoppers coming to blows.
6:49 am
6:50 am
straight ahead. new this morning a bus stop goes up in flames in indiana causing $2 million in damages. look at this, it happened in indianapolis. 100 firefighters had to respond to the scene. investigators believe the flames began outside a denny's restaurant that's attached to the truck stop. smoke could be seen for miles away and no one was injured. an unbelievable brawl caught on camera. a man dressed up like the easter bunny. he's got the gloves on still fighting with the guy in the milled.
6:51 am
off. security did eventually separate these two. no word yetp on what caused the fight or if there were any injuries. police reminding the kids this was not the easter bunny, it was an imposter. >> yikes. be nice. sunday night a big night. the stars @ut on the red carpet for the new york premier of the highly-anticipated batman versus superman movie. the super hero cross-over movie is set to release everywhere this friday. and get ready for another big premier, "dancing with the stars" returns tonight for its 22nd season. >> wow. >> the famous dance competition will be back with a two-hour show. tonight a new batch of celebs will hit the dance floor. amg those anticipated mischa barton and abc's ginger zee.
6:52 am
premier kicks off at 8:00 p.m. on local 10. >> you have the music going in your head. we continue to follow our big story this morning, president obama's historic trip t cuba. >> a look at what's on
6:53 am
6:54 am
as soon as we c good moan morning, south florida. it's cooling down to the mid to upper 60s out there. windy conditions for the rest of today. wind gusts as high as 30 miles an hour currently and it will stay like this for much of today. we still have a few showers left over behind this front but not a huge impact for us today. what is a huge impact are the winds and the cooler temperatures and it will be cooler tomorrow morning. staying breezy and dry. >> jennifer, thanks so much. i-75 at miramarparkway at entrance ramp, a pretty bad crash for those folks trying
6:55 am
we do know i-75 is clear. on the ground as well, you see the flashing lights. done schula expressway, southwest 104th street, those speeds at around 21 miles per hour. we begin with breaking news, a driver in theospital after a man tried to rob him at knife point at a bank of america atm in ft. lauderdale. this happened early this morning off davie boulevard. victims suffered non-life-threatening injuries and no one has been arrested. >> also breaking new video@ out of key west where three people were shot. one man is now in custody. derek michael david was involved in a domestic dispute and three men tried to defend a woman when those shots were fired. three men were not hit but three other innocent bystanders were. tw others had to be air-lifted to ryder trauma center. all others are stable.
6:56 am
escalated to gunfire. this happened yesterday. temperatures questioning one man@but right now no arrests have been made in this case. prident barack obama's historic visit to cuba continues into datwo today. the president and the first family touched down on sunday afternoon. the president has another busy schedule ahead of him and local 10 will have live full coverage of the day throughout all the morning, the afternoon, the evening right here on local 10. >> lay a wreath about 10:00 a.m. david muir doing an exclusive interview with the president. >> we'll all be back just about 7:30 with a live, local news update. >> stick with us. a little chillier this morning. >> just enough to wear a
6:57 am
6:58 am
>> happy spring, see cc1 test message ood morning, america. spring snowstorm. as much as half a foot in the east. schools closed in bostonon severe weather causing this massive waterspout.
6:59 am
dadad muir goes one-on-one with president obama. his historymaking trip to cuba this morning. ththfirst u.s. president on the island in nearly 09 years. >> change is going to happen and i think raul castro understands that. >> preparing for a meeting with the cuban leader. donald trump announces he'll beef up security at more violent incidents at his rallies over the weekend. one supporter slugging a protester, stomping him on the ground. now trump turning blame on the so-called agititors. the tennis tournament ceo taking aim at female athletes. saying they owe it all to the men. >> they ride on the coattails of the men. they don't make any decisions, and they are lucky. very, very lucky. >> now, serena williams slamming back. and good morning, america.
7:00 am
welcome back to sam champion. >> i'm representing spring. i'm sam. i realize spring has a lot to apologize for. day of history in cuba. president obama is there right now. he'll meet with cuban leader raul castro today. downpour last night. look at that low-landing for air forc one. people gathering on the streets of havanaeeing the president land. >> president obama sending this tweet as soon as he landed - translated, that means, what's up, cuba? 's looking for forward to meeting and hearing directly from the cuban leader. >> we'll begin with that nasty spring storm. more than a dozen states facing freezing temperatures. as far south as florida. snow is falling from new jersey to maine. rob marciano is in boston where many are facing a messy commut >> reporter: good morning, george. welcome to spring. how about this?


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