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tv   Local 10 News 6PM  ABC  March 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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see, cuban americans certainly. take a listen. [ band playing the national anthem ] >> calvin: the national anthem as the president stood at atteion with his hand on his heart. that marked the beginning of a very long day for the president, what will be an 11-hour day that will conclude with a state dinner with raul castro and his wife and president barack obama and michelle obama at the palace have revolution. hears a look back at the highlights of the president's first full day in omaha, cuba. in havana, cuba. president barack obama was greeted with flags and fanfare as the national anthems of both nations echoed through the& palace of the revolution the president began the day by taking part in a memorial
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revelation jose marti with imafaf vice president salvador vavaes. from there it was on to an historic bilateral meeting with cuban president raul castro. the two leaders greeted the u.s. and cuban delegations. then sat down for an historic meeting, offering critical clues about whether the shampoos u-turn in policy -- whether the sharp u-turn in policy. this was when castro was asked about releasing political prisoners. >> give me a lists applicable prisoners and i will release them immediately. just give me a list. what political prisoners? give me a name or names. >> calvin: at the same time, president obama was equally adamant about individual freedoms. >> and the goal of the human
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united states to dictate to cuba how they should govern thselves but to make sure that we are having a frank and candid conversation around this issue, and hopefully that we can learn fromach other. >> calvin: the pomp and pleasant riri could not hide the underigs lieu tensions, even in castro's final words. >> it's like talking about, and i'm going to endere because there is a commitment that we should end in time, and i think with this is enough. we have concluded. thank you for your participation. >> calvin: to give you an ideaof - -- okay. and we know that the president was also very busy as well. once again heading back to the
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also he came here with thehe secretary john kerry. you can see hum meeting with cuba's top foreign minister bruno rodriguez. this is not their first time meeting. they med in august when the american embassy officially opened, and that was the first time that a u.s. secretary of state had traveled to cuba in some 70 years if president also has the first lady here and the first family as well, malia and sasha and the president's american is mother-in-law. they were a cuban factory where they met with selected teenagers, some cubub girls to talk about michelle obama's let girls learn initiative, and she talked with them brieflyill about how to empower the family, and the best way to do that she said was to educate young girls. we were told by the white house that those cuban girls were told in spanini to remain quiet and not to cross their legs. it was a very controversial
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lady michelle obama with those selected teenage girls who were invited to the old cuban factory. wy colleague here hatzel vela has joined me now. there was a lot of reaction frompeople who saw the motorcade, not to mention that historical moment at the wreath-laying ceremony at the plaza de revolution ruvell. >> hatzel: we saw folks who was trickled in and straiter trying get a glimpse of president, something that we haven't seen much at least in the first day, right? now we're seeing more of that. for the first time our photo journist was able to capture crowds waiting as the president drove by we're just beginning to see how cubans react when the president of the united states roll by. cuban security allowing crowds to get a glimpse of the
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local private business owners. earlier the president laying a wreath at the jose marti memorial, and a handful of people got to see him from afar. he said he watched some of the morning's events at home on tv. both marti, a national hero, he says this. [ speaking in spanish ] describes himim as an intellectual. of president obama he says the cuban people are happy with obama. american flag watching in the wind with danielle miranda wears a shirt with hisuban flag. i'm cuban, he says, and i came to see oba. by this point the president had already left the memorial and was within the walls of the revolutionary palace. miranda says obama has demonstrated that he keeps his word. he came to see the people of cuba, he says. but the cuban people have not
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even from far, he says. too much police always keeping us away. and, calvin, as you know, the cuban people are resourceful, so this guy, she says he's going to continue to try until he gets a glim of the president of the united states. >> calvin: tomorrow is a big day. we know there's a pivotal speech but we know after he gives his speech there's going to be a baseball game with the tampa bay praise the cuban national baseball team, and there's a certain player who is going to be coming back home. take a look. >> hatzel: these are the moments, calvin, when ver own e. a for the first time sees his family after being gone since 2003. this is a player, an outfielder for the tampa bay rays who left back in 2003 when his mother. her twenty to haiti. eventually made to it united states and was recruited for the tampa bay rays.
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as this young man comes back to cuba. >> calvin: that game tomorrow is going to carry special significance for him. hatzel: no doubt. also special significance for another gentleman we met. his father had not been in cuba since 1945. it is his first time here on the island. what an amazing time that both can share this special moment at a baseball game. >> calvin: not everybody i i happy about that game of baseball diplomacy. we'lllave a lot more about that tomorrow. but tonight the president is once again going to be with raul castro at the palace of revolution. that's going to take place at 7:00 where they will have their state dinner along with their wives. michelle obama will be there. we'll have those picture for you and a comprehensive look back at all of the day's events with the president coming up at 11:00. from my colleague here, hatzel vela, i'm calvin hughes. laurie and janine, i'll send it back to you. >> laurie: we'll be joining you for those special toror state dinner. we'll see you shortly. >> janine: and this picture and one ruke like it is getting a lot of attention on social
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president should never have allowed himself to be photographed in front of a che guevara mural. is was snapped when he was standing with several officials a today's wreath-laying ceremony. guevara who was a major figure of the cuban revolution considered the u.s. his worst enemy. presidt obama also brought his entire family, including his daughters, with him to cuba. >> laurie: here's on the candid shot taken when the first family enjoyed a cuban meal at a simple home restaurants in havana last night. >> janine: and on tap for tonight, we'll bring you life coverage as the president arriveto the palace of the revolution for a state dinner. you can stay updated by going to our website, >> laurie: also a one and only exclusive, a huge drugeal caught on camera. investigators are sharing this compelling videoeo that claims it shows a former city worker selling thousands of dollars of cocaine to a undercover agent. >> janine: michael seiden is in northwest miami-dade with the exclusive video and how
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>> michael: as you can imagine, this entire neighborhood stunned. we're talking about an accused drug dealer who worked for for the city of miami for more than two decades, but tonight we've got that exclusive video. investigators tell us it shows that man selling nearly $70,000 worth of cocaine. tonight we're taking you inside the home of pedro torres. in facac it was here in this living room where the former city of miami worker suspected of dealing drugs to undercover agents for six months. this video showing you two kilos of cocaine worths how the dollars. on this night in -- $70,000. on this night in 2015 tore ses caught on camera measuring and weighing the cocaine, even putting it in the little baggies so it can be sold on the street. minutes later thendercover agent who is posing as a on poteteial buyer walks outside to get the cash. the 56-year-old follows where he is surrounded by multiplee agents.
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father of two appeared in court facing multiple felony charges. torres' attorney begging the judge to release him to his family. >> he's a citizen. he has no criminal record. he list of with his wife. he has two children, and he's been working for 20 years for the city of miami. >> michael: the judge denied that request, and prosecutors released exclusive photos showing the cocaine and guns found in the house and inside torres' truck. this video expected to be a key piece of evidence if this case goes to trial. and last week torres was in court, in fact, he was supposed to go to trial but according to court documents his legal team was needed to go forward so the judge said they could have some more time before going to trial. now, according to the affidavit we learned that torres, he had nearly $70,000 worth of cocaine, but he only planned on profiting $1,000. we are live in northeast miami-dade i'm michael seiden,
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supervise under arrest accused of sexually assaulting a woman at a station utility room while on duty. that woman came to south florida from brazil for the ultra music festival. >> laurie: and local10's layron livingston is live in miami with how the supervisor's bosses are reacting. layron. >> layron: this mromover maintenance supervisor no longer has a set of keys because he's been rieved of duty without pay, and the county says that th disciplinary process has started. police tell us the woman was too drunk to ride the mover and police pell telll us she was too sex. >> i knocked on the door. took him about five minutes to open the dorp once he came, he still had his pants undone or his zipper undone. >> layron: and exor that 40-year-old carl lee wilt face aid judge this morning, a judiciously candid judge who tacked on a $10,0,0 bond for sexual brate and no bond for kidnapping.
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wilt, a father four and county employee since november 2003, reportedly confess today having sex with the 22-year-old woman in a utility room at the park west station. >> this is a tourist. we have a responsibility to protect our tourists. >> layron: miami-dade police say the woman was undnd the influence of an unknown substance so intoxicate she doesn't even remember meeting wilt. >> if in fact they wouldn't said something god knows if this individual would have gotten away with this. >> layron. police say the alleged victim was so intoxicated she was not allowed to ride the metromover. they say wilt acknowledged she did not make rationales decisions. >> if you're going to drink, drink responsibly. >> layron: a witness found a a miami-dade officer after seeing wilt carry this unconscious woman into the utility room. >> that obviously did not look right. something was wrong. the other thing is we're grateful for that citizen. >> and the director ofdepartment of transportation and
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are expected to tat accidents and visits are with professionalism and respect, and folks we talked to here at the metro station say they hope this doesn't tarnish visitors' image of miami or miami-dade county. >> laurie: in the aftermath of ultra dozens of people are behind bars after the music festival this past weekend. 67 people were arrested in all. the charges include 29 felonies, 38 misdemeanors. an official cause of death has who the been released for a um student who died after going to ultra. an obituary it had appears adam lien died of complications due tie seizure. he was there on friday night. his funeral is set for tomorrow in his home state of virginia. >> janine: now to breaking news. miami police need your help in endangered teenager. she is 13-year-old jasmine ravel se here. her family says she has the mental capacity of a six-year-old child. police are looking for her right now.
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she was seen home along northwest fifth avenue and 15th street in miami last night. here's another look at jasmine ravel. she was w%aring a pink t-shirt with striped bottoms. if you think you have seen her or if you have any information, you are urged to call miami police or miami-dade crimestoppers, miami temps. >> laurie: coming up for our world news tonight at 6:30 continuing coverage of the president's historic visit to cuba. >> janine: abc anchor david muir and jonathan carl will be there from the island. again that's ahead on "world news tonight."
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referral now a story you saw first on local10, surveillance video showed moments leaping up a shooting on duel street that led up to fleam being shot. the suspect pulled out a gun but his shots missed his targets and hit three innocenttanders instead. >> i thought fireworks were going off or something, a little celebration, and i ended up seeing a guy r r past me and then i heard another pop, and that's when my forearm went numb.
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that comes at you and a bullet came out me. >> laurie: the suspect derrick michael david is in custody facing charges. the victim's injuries are not life-threatening. >> janine: police have identified the man killed in a shshting at a plantation house rty. they si serge pierre testimonyumas was found dead. cell phone video shows a girl walking out covered in someone else's blood. four others were injured at that party on saturday night. they werer all taken to the hospital but their conditions have not yet been released. laurie: first on 10 the search continue for an armed robber. the surveillance video those the for hem. the man was attacked as he took money out of at m at bank of america in fort lauderdaleearlier today. the many very was taken to the hospital with >> meteorologist: gavin, south florida. if you thought today was nice
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temperatures will be like. by tomorrow morning we be flirting with the 50s on your tuesday.
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we woke up in the low 60s. normally we are in the 80s. we struggled to reach the mid-70s thanks to very cool air filtering into south florida in the wake of the cold front. no records. but we are expecting even cooler conditions tonight into tom. i know it looks a little overcast. look at everybody enjoying the broadwalkness definitely one of the nights you've got to wear a light sweater or jacket. take the kids out. maybe they of football or baseball practice. they're going to be enjoying it. if you are headed out for spring break we've got temperatures in mid-60s in pembroke pines, lower 60s in kendall. dropping down to the 65-degree mark in marathon. check out they're temperatures, anywhere between and the 16 degrees cooler than what we w yesterday evening, all thank to that northwest breeze, and that will continue to filter in that cooler, drier weather. wiwi speeds between 9 and 13 miles per hour but the gusts are in the 20s. that's elvating the risk for yoy
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advisories for boaters. notice the clouds are not producing precipitation all thanks to high pressure. this our fair wednesday friend. it's at the surface and provide can for that breeze but also drying out the atmosphere. we need to watch a couple of fronts because eventually moisture will move back into our forecast by the end of the week. so enjoy topped going into tomorrow high pressure pushes to the east, windy and mild. lows in 50, highs in 70s. we'll gradually warm up. once thathift in the indian direction occurs heist in the mid-80s.we'll increase that chance of showers by the end of the week. >> janine: thank you for joining as you we've been covering day two of president obama as historic visit to cuba. >> laurie: remember you can get up to the minute information on our website, and our coverage
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tonight, a special edition of "world news tonight" from cuba. the president making history here, proclaiming the united states and cuba are no longer enemies. standing side by side with raul castro. the extraordinary moment. castro taking questions from reporters. pressed on human rights. and the uncomfortable moment
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and right after, my exclusive interview with the president. we asked, what was said inside that room wit raul castro. you were in that room, do you trt president castro? do you believe that he truly wants change here? we also asked the president about criticism back home and the arrest of disdepartments right here in cuba, even as he arrived, as he now prepares for his historic speech to the people of cuba. tonight, donald trump with. defending his supporters. what he's now saying tonight, and we ask president obama about trump's prediction of riots, if the republican party tries to op him. good evening tonight from havana, where we witnessed and historic moment today. president obama standing side by side with cubub president raul castro. saying, the united states and
6:30 pm
a thaw, decades after the cold war ended. but there were tense moments today. the two leaders did not always see eye to eye. there was the hand shake between the american president and the president of cuba,nd then a private meeting between the two. and then, a very rare, true sign of the shift here, news conference. raul castro taking questions along with president obama. and castro did not hide his criticism of the united states. and, in another unexpected moment at the end of the news conference, rauau castro reaches for president obama's arm there. it made for an awkward moment, with much of the world watching. a short time aer arriving here in cuba, our exclusive walk with president bama, through old havana. and, tonight, right here, our new intervie with him. we sat down with him just a shorttime ago, after his meeting with raul castro. and we begin tonight with what it was like in that room. you have sai that you would speak candidly with president castro about t serious differences you have with the cuban government, particularly on human rights and on democracy. so, take us inside that room


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