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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  March 21, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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a thaw, decades after the cold war ended. but there were tense moments today. the two leaders did not always see eye to eye. there was the hand shake between the american president and the president of cuba,nd then a private meeting between the two. and then, a very rare, true sign of the shift here, news conference. raul castro taking questions along with president obama. and castro did not hide his criticism of the united states. and, in another unexpected moment at the end of the news conference, rauau castro reaches for president obama's arm there. it made for an awkward moment, with much of the world watching. a short time aer arriving here in cuba, our exclusive walk with president bama, through old havana. and, tonight, right here, our new intervie with him. we sat down with him just a shorttime ago, after his meeting with raul castro. and we begin tonight with what it was like in that room. you have sai that you would speak candidly with president castro about t serious differences you have with the cuban government, particularly on human rights and on democracy. so, take us inside that room
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what did you tell president castro that needs to change here in cuba? >> well, what i indicated to him was that, for 50 years, they have used american aggressionon or interests in regime change, as the excuse for why they had to guard against dissent inside of cuba. an as normalization occurs, that excuse is takak away. what i indicated to him is that we can't force changes on cuba, but what we can do and will continue to do is to stand up for the rights that we consider totoe universal. >> president castro late today said, give me a list of political prisoners and i'll release him. >> we've given him lists in the past. and they have responded intermitt endly to our engagement. >> you were in that room.
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wants change here? >> i b%lieve that president castro truly wants change. i do not believe that president party or the system that they have. >> president castro seemed to be defending himself, his recd on human rights today, and he went further, saying, i find it inconceivable that the gogornment does not find. what did you make of that? >> well, look, this is an argument that i think the cubans make whener they hear criticism from the united states. their argument is that, okay, we may be in your view short on some democratic practices, on the other hand, you guys still engage in the death penalty, or racial discrimination, and they'll tick off a list. >> but when he says health care, does he have a point?
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we should not use our shortcomings as a way of deflecting the kinds of repression that happens here. >> but two making history, standing side by side. raul castro, taking questions. and taking hold of president obama's arm unexpectedly. >> if you think about today's press conference, as far as i can tell, that may be the first time that raul castro's ever stood in front of not just u.s. press, but also cuban press and answered questions. and that could not have happened unless we had changed this policy. >> you pla to meet with dissidents here. >> yeah. >> did you choose the list? absolutely. >> did cuba have a hand in it? >> no. we were very clear we're going to meet with who it is we want to meet. >> by some estimates, 1,400 people arrested in january alone, setting a new high. 500 of them, women.
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since you announced normalizing relations with cuba. >> right. >> even arrests as you were arriving here. does that concern you?? >> well, it does concern me, and, you know, my view is that people have a right to express their differences. now, one of the things i said t to president castro, and i truly believe in this, is that if they were less fearful of dissent, that not only might they be able to improve governance here, but i suspect that they could enhance their legitimacy in t eyes of the cuban people. >> will you meet with fidel castro? >> you know, if he -- his health was good enough that i could meet with him, i'd be happy to meet with him. juststs a symbol of the end of,
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chapter in our mu watchll histories. it's not clear to me what the state of his health is. >> so, it could happen. >> i have no idea. >> so many americans back home are asking us, what's the bottom line here on tourism in cuba. a lot of families want to come visit, not as a one to one exchange, but to smoke a cigar, go to the beach. when do you see that happening? >> i think it's going to be happening very soon. the changes we made allow individuals now to come here for educational purposes. we now have an agreement where cruise lines can travel from the united states directly to havana. we have now direct u.s. flights to cuba. which will make it much easier to travel. but inevitably, it's going to happen, and when you think about the proximity, it took me no longer tooat havana than it does for me to get to miami, have from washington, d.c. >> calvin coolidge took a battleship to get here. back home, it is spring break season. a lot of children are back he with their parents. you brought the first daughters with you.
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>> i'm curious what you have told them about the history their witnesses. their generation will not see cuba in the same way the rest of us do. >> it's really interesting. you know, last night at dinner, we talked about why it is that cuba occupied such a special place in the imagination of america, and trying to describe for them theuban missile crisis and how close we came to a nuclear kacatastrophe. >> we saw the image of malia helping you with spanish. >> her spanish is much better than mine. and i'm hoping that she has a chce to get entirely fluent. one of my big regrets, that i was too much of a goofoff in school to really perfect my spanish. >> t president and his daughter doing the translating in old havana. but back to that tense moment here today, two leaders forging a newpartnership, but clearly not agreeing on everything. presidencastro denying that cuba holding political
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say, he said, give me a list. these images showing the government here tillstill right toly controlling dissent. arrests just as president obama was arriving here tonight. tomorrow, the presisent meeting with dissidents. abc's jonathan karl melt with some of the dissidents who will get their moment with president obama. jon with us in cuba tonight. jon, you heard castro say, give me the list, i'll release him. >> reporter: david, the simple fact is, cuba does hold political prisoners, in fact, just yesterday, only a few miles from this spot, 50 people, most of them women, were arrested as they tried to hold a silent protest. the three dissidents who i met with earlier today on the outskirts of havana know something about this. the three of them have spent a combined 27 years in cuban jails. and david, they told me today that the human rights situation here in cuba has gotten worse over the past year.
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jon, thank you. and much more from cuba later in the broadcast, including, when will americans be able to come here simply as tourists, not as partf an exchange. and the american hotels tonight, already announcing their new plans. we take you on a tour of havana tonight. but from the political headlines here to the race for the white house back home. tomorrow, voters head to the polls in three more key states, and tonight, donald tmp in washington, defending his supporters, and the fights, the violence breaking out at some of his rallies. trump turning the blameor this incident in tucson back on the otesters. totoght here, i ask president obama who he makeses of trump's prediction, possible riots in the party tries t stop him in a contested convention. how the president responds in a moment. but first, abc's tom llamas on the campaign from washington. >> reporter: today, mr. trump goes to washington, working the city he hopes to call home. his motorcade pulling in for a meeting with influential republicans. some, including newt gingrich,
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>> we hadad lunch. >> reporter: ducking reporters on the way out. >> we had a great meeting. we had a really good meeting. >> reporter: the businessman today presenting himself as trump the statesman. but forced to answer questions about his violent rallies. this supporter arrested after punching and stomping a protestor in arizona. trump fending the man's behavior, saying he was infuriated by another a presters dressed in a shake shift kkk outfit. >> this is an african-american man who is a supporter, who has a great family and he has had enough. and i'll be hont with you, in this country, on a larger scale, the people of this country have had enough. >> reporter: ever the showman, trump holding his news conference at his new hotel >> nobody asked about the hotel. >>eporter: even offering a job to an out of work veteran in the crowd. >> if we can make a good deal in the salary, she's going to probably have a job, okay? >> reporter: tonight, trump has to close a much tougher deal. appearing before the pro-israel apac conference.
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on trump's previous stament that he would be, quote, neutral when negotiating mideast peace. >> we need steady hands. not a president who says he's neutral on`monday, pro-israel on tuesday and who knows what on wednesday, because everything's negotiable. >> reporter: tonight, , ump clarifying his position. >> i would love to be neutral if it's possible. it's probably not possible. because there's so much hatred, ththe's so much going on. i am very pro-israel. >> reporter: david, like trump, governor john kasich and senator ted cruz will also speak tonight here at aipac. they both want to take this race all the way to a contested convention in july. trump tells me today that he's ready for that. he has a professional team in place, and a plan, if itas to come down to that. david? >> tom llamas with us from washington tonight. tom, thank you. i did ask president obama about donald trump, and talk of possible riots.
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i wanted to ask you about t political climate back home, because it is back in the news again today. you're aware that donald trump has predicted riots if the republican party tries to stop him, if there's a contested convention, saying, i think you'd have riots. i'm representing many millions of people. predicting riots. i'm curious what you make of that. >> well, this is an issue that the repububcan party's going to have to work through. i've made very clear my view that there are boundaries to our politics that make our democracy work. >> did he cross that boundary? >> i won't comment on any specific thing that mr. trump or ybody else said. there's an, expectation that our leaders will not trumpet violence violence, or justify . there's an expectation that those who run for the highest office seek to represent
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appeal to an us versus a them, that there is an importance for us to be able to disagree without being disagreeable. >> psident 0obama weighing in home. to belgium now, and chilling new clues from the interrogation of that suspect in the terror attacks in paris. new images tonight of the raid that took him down. several suspects fleeing the police,hots fired. the suspect believed to be salah abdeslam taken into custody. authorities already learning there may have been other terror attacks in the pipeline. we turn to the weaer tonight, and to the nasty blast of winter, kicking offsprin snow from new jersey to maine, and a chill across the east coast. heavy, wet snow sparking a power line on new york's long island. a messy morning commuten massachusetts. a school bus sliding into a snowy ditch in maine. rob marciano with the forecast, the track of this, from boston tonight. rob? >> reporter: hey, david.
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led to a sunny snow-melting afternoon,nd the outfield showing again here at fenway. temperatures going to drop again below freezing tonight, not just here, but across the deep south. frost and freeze advisories into florida. rebounding on wednesday near 70 in new york, 84 degrees this dallas, in advance of our next system that will get to the middle of the country by midweek midweek. by the way, home opeper here, thee weeks away, david, they are hohong for less white and more green. >> rob marciano withs from boston tonight. rob, thank u. and there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this monday. apple's new reveal toninit. the new iphone, they say, with even better security. the major changes. and the important tip for families at home tonight. the one simple step you should take right now to make money off of your old iphone. also tonight, the new warning abo drowsy truck drivers all around you. the common medical condition blamed for so many crashes on the road. and the emotional reunion here in cuba. the professional ball player,
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tum, tum, tum, tum smoothies! only from tums next tonight, the real momoy team is back. apple revealing its new iphone today, and the simple step tonight to make money right away off your old iphone. here's abc's neal karlinsky. >> reporter: apple's tim coo began with what is perhaps his famous company's biggest product, its image, in the midst of a battle with the u.s. government. >> we need to decide as a nation how much power the government should have over our data, over our privacy. >> reporter: it is an uncomfortable position for america's most valuable company, which today launched its latest new phone, dubbed the iphone se. this is the newest iphone, the se. the first thing you'll notice, it looks like the old iphone 5s. look at it compared to my iphone 6. the new phone is a lot like older iphones in look and feel,
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speeds and, again, better security. and all those old phones are worth serious cash. a site called flipsy claims to look at all of the offers for your used phone and find the best option. our iphone 6 in decent shape fetched anywhere from $40 to all the way up to $330. but you better do it fast. the price drops as soon as a new phone comes out, so, the clock is ticking. neal karlinsky, abc news, cupertino, california. when we come back here tonight, backlash on the tennis court, and while the world's top female player is now speaking out, aft what was said about female tennis players. also, the new warning tonight about draw si truck drivers on the highway. and then, the family reunion here in cuba. the professional ball player, the relatives at the airport, ready to welcome him home. the detail on this surface book is amazing. with the tiger imama,
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(laughs) to the index of other news tonight, and the bash lash this evening after the head of a tennis tournament said this about sport's female stars. raymond moore apologizing after saying the women should get on their knees and thank men. serena williams firing back tonight, saying women shouldn't have to drop to their knees at any point. and a new study showing the potential risk of truck drivers with sleep apnea. the university of minnesota study monitored more than 1,600 truck drivers diagnosed. the finding? truckers who don't follow a trapper treatment programrom a five-times higher rate of serious and preventable crashes. and a tearful homecoming right here in cuba for a cuban-born big leaguer. tampa bay rays prospect day ron verona, who defected two years
6:52 pm
members here. the rays in havana to take on the cuban national team tuesday. presidentt obama and raul castro both expected to attend, and, of course, we'll be there, too. when we come back here tonighth from cuba, the streets of havana are alive. the gold rush is on. opportunity knocks, and the american hotel chains, their big announcement, as we take you on a tour of havana. there are two billion people who don't have access to basic banking, but that is changing. temenos, with the microsoft cloud, we can enable a banker to travel to the most remo locations with nothing but a phone and a tablet. everywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank. now a person is able to start a business, and employ somebody for the first time. the microsoft cloud helped us to bring banking to4ten million people in just two years.
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this city, captured in time, there a plenty of changes in havana, too. the biggest? a surge in american tourism. >> we wanted to be here before too many big changes happen. >> reporter: hotels are near capacity. cubans like denzel renting rooms through airbnb and pocketing, in his case, $46 a night. airbnb now offering more than 4,000 rental properties across the island. a windfall for people who average $20 a month. in this town, two and a half hours outside havana, today, airbnb going door to door, recruiting rooms for rent. both marriott and starward getting approval just this week to run several landmark havana hotels. >> it's going to be a luxury collection and it's going to happen hopefully sometime th year. >> reporter: u.s. airlines competing to bring americans here. and wuchb of the new things is
6:57 pm
the internet has come to havana. it's as s sw as the cars, but it's here. jim avila, abc news, havana. >> jim avila tonight. jim, thank you. athank you for watching here on a monday night. more of our coverage of president obama's historic trip here. the big name tomorrow, the tampa bay rays are here in havana, and we'll take you to t our gardens have evolved. we can run them from anywhere. make them greener fasterer drop them and watch them bloom. they're 5-star worthy, grown regionally... and keep their color... a iot, lot longer. these gardens are the next generation of blooming.
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