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tv   Local 10 News 6AM  ABC  March 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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from abc news in new york,, breaking news right now at 6:00 a.m., brussels is under attack. multiple explosisis killing more than a dozen people, raising the terror alerto the highest level. meanwhile president obama making hisiory as he begins his final day in cuba. we are live on what's happening today before he takes off. good morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. we're going to get straight to all that breaking news taking place in brussels but first let's start off with checking out the weather heren south florida because it certainly is cool outside. >> jen correa in this morning. much cooler start,
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>> yes, much cooler. good morning to you. good morning,. so temperatures dropping into the mid to upper 50s. 58 degrees right now in miami. 56 in ft. lauderdale. 60 degrees in key west. now the winds have lightened up a bit just at this houror miami-dade and broward. but those wind speeds expected to i irease once again. we'll have wind gusts up to 25 to 3miles per hour by this afternoon. on the radar no rain. we have high pressure controlling. nice and dry out there but still with a few high clouds. it will remain windy but warmer later on this afternoon and even warmer by the middle part of the week. for the next few hours you'll still neeee those sweater as temperatures stick to the 50s and 60s. accident-free in both counties but we do have a broken down car that could slow you down. good morning, south florida. here's a look at i-95 and ives dairy road. no major issues to report here.
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car is. at this point we're not sure if it's affecting our northbound or southbound lanes but the speeds between 66 and 67 miles an houour, it's not slowing down traffic at all this morning. we still have reports of construction here off the dolphin expressway west-bound at the palmetto expressway. some slight delays reported there. also speaking with the dolphin, secondary construction concern at northwest 42nd avenue. constance, our top story this morning, at least 1 people dead right now, explosions rocking brussels this morning. >> we're talking about multipie explosions in different locations beginning at the airport and a metro staying. we're hearing about at least four possible explosions. >> there is a lot of information coming in all throughout the morning. erica rakow is monitoring the story. erica, what's the latest with flights there?
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is shut down, two explosions there, flights going out canceled, planes that were on their way in all being diverted to different places. the metro stations all shut down at explosions at different stations. you're looking at live pictures of the airport. it's where brussels authorities have raised the terror level to four, the highest it can be. imagine a major city here shutting down the airport and subway system, imagine the mass chaos. that's what's happening in brussels right now. brussels itself, not a very large city. brussels referred to often as the capital of europe. so by paralyzing the airports and metro system, of course theree is going to be chaotic. i wanted to showou inside the airport terminal.the explosions happening near the american airlines check-in counter. there were a lot of
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in, getting their luggage checked in. passengers telling media it brought down ceilings, erupting pipes, mixing water with victims. some let out on to the tarmac. there were thousands of people already in the area. you can only imagine everyone scattering, running, security trying to keep everyone isolated from the terminal where the explosions occurred. keep in mind there is around 8:00 a.m. there, rush hour. everyone inside the terminal building led outside on to the tarmac too. crisis center urged people not to come to the airport. the expsions happened only days after the prime suspectn the terror attack was arrested in brussels. keep in mind the time it go of all of this. the airports they immediately took to twitter. this is the first tweet, don't come to the airport, a aid the
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flights have been canceled. authorities there continue to use twitter to uate people all morning long. just a few minutes ago they tweeteded out our thoughts go to the victims of the horrible events that happened here at brussels airport this morning, their families and friends. we've been told that more than a dozen people have been killed, several dozen people have been injured. there is still n confirmation that this has been a terror attack but the threat levels being increased to the highest that it goes by. authorities give you some indication they believe this was terror-related. the blasts in last year's terror attacks. keep in mind an area still getting over that and now this, they are getting over this it. we're going to stay on top of this. we've yet to hear from the white house or president oma. we'll be bringing you the very latest information. this is developing by the minute. >> thank you, erica..
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morning, firefighters called out to an abdoned home that went up in flames. you're looking at it right now. this is at 135th street and north miami avenue. crews on scene tackling those flames. it is now under control and they are still watching for all of the hot spots. >> we turn now to the historic visit, a memorable moment when president obama and cuban leader raul castro shook hands in tt island nation. >> the president met in havana and the meeting shows slow signs of progress. >> the tough topic of the day, human rights. we do have local 10 news reportererictor oquendo live in havana with more details and also a look at what's ahead for today. good morning, vicicr. >>reporter: jacey and eric, good morning to you. yes, it is the president's final day here on the island. he will bedepression the cuban people here in vana. yesterday was the first
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obama and cuban president raul castro after they sat down for a bilateral meeting. they discsssed their economies, recent agreements and the most contentious topics, human rights. after making their statements reporters were allowed to ask their questions. castro cutting that news conference short. it was something the president addressed in an exclusive interview with abc's david muir. >> it's not correct to ask me about political president in general.. please give me the name of a political president. i think which this is enough. we have concluded. thank you for your participation. >> we have responded termittently to our engagement.
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meeting between the two ended awkwardly. after taking a break, meeting with entrepreneurs with the island, the two met again, they shook hands again. they posed for pictures, this time with the first lady. secretary of state john kerry was also present at the meetings. so starting today at around 10:00 this morning, will he arrive at the grand theater to deliver the address to the cuban people. he's planning on sitting down with members of the civil society wit dissidents. and then from there he will head to the baseball game at the latin american stadium between the tampa rays and the national team. preparations have been under way for weeks now. people spoken to here say that place has needed a face lift for a while now, getting buffed and shine ahead of the big game between the rays and cuban national game.
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one play. you'll hearr his story after he left cuba three years ago by boat. >> victor thank you so much, live in havana right now. we'll hear back from you at 6: 30. 4>> stay with us right here all day long for our c#ntinuing coverage on this historic visit. our colleagues calvin hughes, victor oquendo, hatzel vela will be live all day from cuba. stick with us. a night of fun in cuba's duval street for innocent bystanders. surveillance video showing the moments leading up to that shooting in key west on duval street that left three people injured. you'll see a man dragging a woman on the ground before people rush in to help out. that man is derek michael david. that's when david allegedly pulls out a gun but his shots missed his targets and instead hit three innocont bystanders. we spoke with one of the men hit who had to be air-lifted to jackson memorial hospital.
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were going on, a little celebration. i ended up seeing a guy run past me and i heard a pop. you got to deal with everything that comes at you andnd the bullet came at me. >> david is in custody and is facing charges now. their injuries are not fe-threatening. police have identified the victim of a deadly shooting in ft. lauderdale. police say the suspected shooter was followed by alvarez after he nearly swerved into his lane. shots were fired after an altercation. momoino remained at the scene. we're staying on top of breaking news thismorning, an airport attack in brussels. two blasts ripped through the departure hall. other explosions being reported in the area as well. people are being told to stay away from public
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stay with local 10 and we are gathering all of the information for you. this is the scene in brussels, belgium where the city is paralyzed and on lockdown. multiple attacks. we're covering this allmorning long. the updates keep coming in. we'll take a quick bre (vo) you can check on them.
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welcome back to local 10. we're following breaking news for you right here. an airport in brussels has been attacked. you're looking atpictures as we know two explosions rocked the departure hall. we do know 13 people have been killed. we're pa assuming dozens of others have been injured. they have cleared out the airport asking everybody to leave, asking people to stay home because there's not just an explosion at the
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the metro system. >> they've shut down the entire transport system. we know airportes have been shut down in britain. we know french president francois hollande, the chief suspect in the paris terror attacks was arrested in belgium. and so now what is ening, we'll give you the very latest. we'll be watching the story all morning long right here on local 10. good tuesday morning, south florida. grab the sweaters before you head out the door. temperatures are in the upper 50s. still dark and early out there. miami 58 degrees. 56 in ft. lauderdale and down innhe keys in the 60s. still cool. could cool down a bit. butinds are higher than elsewhere where you see the cooler temperatures so that high wind speed at 12 miles per hour is enougho stir the air a little bit and cause a little bit of heating. but either way in the
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a cool start for key west and marathon as well. now winds will pick up later on today. no rain on the radar as we have dry air in store. it is provingngo be a gorgeous day today. still dealing with a couple clouds over us but a lot more sunshine today once the sun rises. high pressure is in control and this has taken over acrcss the south and southeast. not so much out on the west. the rockies are going to see some snow in the higher elevations and this system will push out over central u.s. and that's when it's going to strengthen but at the same time ahead of it, that surge of warm air is already kicking off. so milder temperatures where you see the 50s already at this morning. stillold air s sping through the northeast and making those temperatures go down in the 30s this morning. as far as the cold front, once it squeezes across the central plains, we're expecting some stormy weather for
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u.s. this is going to cause some travel delays. this is tomorrow. we're talking about from houston, dallas, memphis and st. louis.. back here at home if you want to head out to the beach, you'll see more sunshine. stay out of the water. high rip current risk is in effect startingg this morning. small craft advisory in effect for miami-dade and broward but also for the keys as the winds are still pretty high out boaters just keep that in mind and stay safe out there. enjoy your day. it is nice and sunny. the warm upis back starting tomorrow. >> jennifer, thank you. the macarthur causeway looking great this morning. here's a live look here. our cameras facing towards mimii beach. you can see a little bit of activity here. some folks leaving the beach, maybe heading to work this morning. no accidents. looking great for anyone ed heeding to the beach or leaving the peach.
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the ion the northbound lanes but no major issues at all. speaking of the i, let's talk about our drive times this morning, traveling starting in broward county right at hollywood boulevard ading towards the glades, no accidents. if you're already at the glades and headed into downtown miami, looking pretty good. your commute at nine minutes. back to that breaking news, constance. we have confirmed at least 13 are dead, 35 hurt after two explosions at the brussels airport. we also know another explosion at the metro subway system and we're hearing from officials that the explosions are a suicide attack a there were shouts of allah right before the attacks. it has shut down travel in brussels, the airport closed. the subway closed as well. the network there and so
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operating in that area, it is shut down. we're going to take a quick break, bring you the very latest on the
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morning next. you're nogonna watch it! no, you're not gonna watch it!
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you'll just have to miss it! yeah, you'll just have to miss it! uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download yoururhows from anywhere. used to like that song. welcome back to local 10 and back to that breaking news out of belgium. everyone being toldo stay home after we know and have been confirmed multiple explosions have gone off across the city. two at the airport, one at a subway station. at least 13 people are dead. three dozen more have been injured. let's go back to the video from earlier because it was absolute chaos as all of this happened. we're trying to confirm this was a terrorist attack. we do know the
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departure hall are from a suicide bomber. at is the latest information. even is really shut down across the city because of this. >> there may have been shots fired at the airport as well. this happened about 3:30 our time. as you can imagine that time of day the airport is very busy. it is packed with travelers trying to get to their location for the day. the subway system is shut down a as well. erica rakow has been watching and monitoring the very latest updates. what do you know? >>reporter: this is developing by the minute but, yes, according to a local prosecutor there in brussels, at least one of the airport explosions was a suicide attack. they are confirming that information for us. cnn as well coming out with some new numbebe. they say 23 people have died. that includes ten people at subway stations. we know three different metro stations came under fire and at least 13 people at the
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all flights in and out of brussels for theest of the day have been canceled. imagine a major city here such as new york city, guys, shutting dodo the airport and the subway system. just imagine the mass chaos. that's exactly has going on. brussels is really not a large city at all. all of these separate explosions, five of them happening near each other. by paralyzing the airports and the metro system, this is undoubtedly going to be chaotic. i want to show you inside the airport terminal moments after this happened, said tohave happened near the american airlines check-in counter. there were a lot of people inside, checking in, getting their luggage checked in. passengers telling social media the second explosion was louder and it brought down ceilings, erupted pipes mixing water with blood from victims. this is around 8:00,
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people there. we continue to get new informatn. our attorney general i just saw loretta lynch has been notified. you're going to have much more for you right
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you're looking at live pictures of brussels, belgium where we know several people have been killed. the latest reports, at least 23 dead in brussels in the attack in both the subway but it began with suicide bombings. that has been confirmed at the airport there and dozens have been hurt as well. >> the airport is shut down, the metroro subway system is shut down, trains are shut down. people are being told to head home. we're waiting to confirm that this is a terrorist attack but we do know the terror level is at
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right now and of course we have everyone on this working for you. there's so much more to report. we need to take a quick
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we'll be back with liv breaking right off the top, brussels terror alert at the highest they have. several explosions this morning have killed a number of people. >> we're hearing the latest numbers from cnn, 23 people k kled, 80 injured. we're trying to hear about how many people were killed in two locations. we're talking about the airport whertwo locations went off. one at least a suicide bomber and oe at the metro subway system where possibly 10 people were killed there. the airport is shut
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down. people tolol go home and be safe as we try to gure out if this is a attack. >> also security levels raised in great britain and expand ago cross europe. if you're headed international travel today, keep that in mind. look at the scene sent to social media. this was outside the airport in brussels after the explosions went off. people running, scrambling for their lives. >> witnesses described it as an apocalypse with bloo everywhere. we're going t t keep you up to date on everything happening overseas but we do have to get back to our weather. i'm sure you noticed a cool change. >> jen correa in this morning. how does todayook? >> it is cool out there, that's for sure. how is it looking? we didn't get as much sun yesterday. today we will get more sun. here's a live look out of ft. lauderdalals tower cam it. winds are still up.
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light for ft. lauderdale and miami. but breezy in keyest with a north east wind at 12 miles per hour. check out these temperatures, dropping into the mid to upper 50s and low 60s down to the keys. now no rain on the radar. satellite, yes, we do have a few clouds but those will move to the south o us as high pressure is taking control all across the southeast and that will provide for lots of sunshine, dry weather as we continue on through the morning hours and into the afternoon. this afternoon will be warmer than yesterday. i'll have more on your seven-day coming up. constance? >> jennifer, thank you. > ami-dade county we are accident-free but i wanted to show you how traffic is looking on the i this morning. here's aive look at 151st street. i can tell you it's costing about $1 for right now. i'd stick with the regular lanes. no accidents, no consnsuction concerns, but if you're traveling in broward county far north delray beach, we do have reports of a crash affecting our
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does look like it's just off to the shoulder though. our speeds at 68 miles per hour. that's the only crash we're watching for you this morning. everytytng else has been pretty quiet out there but as soon as there's an accident, i'm updating twitter. maybe sure you're following us at wplg local 10. we do need to talk about what's happening, the very latest this morning. as you can see, brussels shut down, we have confirmed at least at the airport it was a suicide explosi. >> we have all the details from erica rakow. she's in the news room. i know you're getting all of the new information right now. >>reporter: just listening to a witness, a man actually in the airport, describe what it was like. he said the explosions happened two floors below him and peoe around him were injured. he said the second one was much louder and much more intense. we know according to a local prosecutor there, they say the two explosions happened at
6:32 am
they were explosions by a suicide attacker. this is as updated as it gets. these live pictures coming from the airport. it's where brussels authorities have raised the terror level to four. it's the highest it goes to. imagine a major city like new york city or boston stting down. i want to show you inside the airport terminal. these explosion said to ve happened near the american airlines ticket counter. lot of people inside checking in, getting their baggage ready to go. passengers telling local media the second explosion brought down ceilings, erupted pipes, mixing water with blood. just a total mess in that airport. it was around 8:00 a.m. there. it is rush hour. a lot of people in the area trying to fly out. the airport immediately
6:33 am
thing this morning, don't come to the airport. the airport is being evacuated. avoid the airport area. flights have been canceled. airport authorities have continued to use twit tore update all morning long. their last tweet going out to the victims saying our thoughts are with those people. their families and their friends. so again we have authorities in brussels coming out and saying that this was at the has of a suicide attacker. we're still trying to confirm how many people have been kled. we know for sure 13 people have lost their lives. cnn has come out and said 23. that presumably include the people killed at the subway stations. conflicting reports there and we want to make sure we get it right before we tell you it was anymore than 13. that is what abc news is reporting. our attorney general loretta lynch has been notified. the fbi is looking into
6:34 am
we know how this goes. back here at home already a thens heightened security. new york police have been notified. we have yet to hear from the white house and presidentbama. you know exactly where he is right now in cuba. if you've been watchinin our coverage, we will be staying on top of this, letting you know the very latest information. >> erica, we'll watch, stay with you. i know you're watching for updates. we'll check in with you throughout the morning here. and now to the historic visit, president barack obama making history walking side by side with cuban leader raul castro in the communist country. >> but it wasn't all smooth sailing. tensions rising between the leaders w en they addressed reporters after holding a private meeting. the president and first lady attending a state dinner.
6:35 am
you live coverage since theestoring relations was first announced and this morning we continue our coverage now. >> victor oquendo joins us live in havana, cuba with what's in for for the president today. good morning, victor. >>reporter: good morning. this is where the president's trip started and today this is where it comes to an end. so many big moments there, one we have been waiting for, president obama and cuban president raul castro. that's the topic they really do not see eye to eye on and it caused some tension during that news conference. castro doesn't typically allow for questions but yesterday the reporters were able to address the two and this that is when raul was asked about cuban prisoners and it was that topic that cut the news conference short.
6:36 am
ask me about political prisoners in general.. please give me the name a political prisoner, and i think with this is eneugh. we thank you for your participatio. >>reporter: definitely some tense moments as well as some awkward moments in that news conference asell. after that things went a little more smoothly, they hadheir state dinner. president barack obama and president michelle attend ang with secretary of state john kerry. let's get you caught up on his schedule for today. first president obama will make an address to the people of cuba this morning from the grand theaterr here. afterwards he's planning on meeting with dissidents and civil leaders and then at 2:00 he will be attending the tampa bay rays team. he's taking off to visit argentina. this city was prepped with the final touch
6:37 am
i can tell you espn is all over cuba getting ready for this game as woman. the stadium, it got a lot of touch-ups weeks ahead of this. very, very excited. people are to attend the game or wch the game on television. this is the first game back for cuban player. today he will get to play in his home country. he spoke with cnn and said it is amazing to be back. he left cuba with his mom and four others. he told cnn it was a decision he made and now he's making his dreams come true. this game is set for 2:00 this afternoon. again, president obama will be there for a few innings. we'll is live team coverage from the stadium as well as live coverage of all the president's moves coming up this morning. back to you. >ou touched on it briefly but for raul castro to have had to stand there and answer questions, he clearly didn't like it.
6:38 am
how are people reacting in havana when they saw the president stand there and take questions about political isoners? >> it's certainly something they have never seen before, president raul castro having to respond to a question there and you saw how he did respond. he did not -- he basically shut it down as quickly as he possssly could. from there, from that tense moment, we saw the awkward moment where he kind of lifted president obama' arm pretty awkwardly and the two kind of shuffled out, kind of switching positions. that was one of the most pointed moments of the ole trip. it was tough to watch at times. other times you really couldn't look away. we'll be hearing more from president obama as he addresses the cuban nation from the grand theater her >> we are in unprecedented territory with the normalizing of relations. i'm sure there will be
6:39 am
gets used to the media. victor, i know you're going to stay busy all morning long. we'll talk to you soon. thank you. now let's go to first lady michelle obama. she had a busy day in havana as well along with soledad o'brien. several young cuban girls were on hand for the discussion. the program works to ensure adolescent girls around the world get the education they need. our colleagues hatzel vela and calvin hughes will be live all day long from cuba. another round of primaries today. three states weigh in on the race for the white house with president obama and cuba. many white house hopefuls weighing in on the legalization of diplomatic ties. >> i want to see usove forwararas quickly as possibleo normalize relation was cuba. >> bernie sanders and
6:40 am
battle for 131 total delegates in today's primaries, in utah and idaho. for the republicans ted cruz has a different opinion on the president's historic visit. >> as president obama's sitting there sipping mojitos with brutal communist dictators, he can't be bothered to visit with the ladies in white, he can't be bothered to hear the screams of oressions. >> the g.o.p. candidates battling for 98 delegates in arizona and utah today. the search is on for an armed robber that attacked and man using an atm. police say the man was attacked as he took money out of the atm. happened at the bank of america at davie boulevard. we brought it to you asbreaking news on local 10. the victim was taken thought hospital with non-life-threatening
6:41 am
we continue to watch this breaking news out of brussels. you see people scrambling from the airpt there where two explosions rocked this morning. at least 13 peoplpl are dead. also an explosion, at least one on the subway system all happening during a busy morning cocommute. the death toll may rise here. we'll bring you the updates as they come into the news room. let's show you live pictures right now out of belgium. you can see plenty of people in the streets, they are leaving thehe subway system, the trains, railway system, even trying to make their way to safety as the authorities are on high alert. this is possiy a multiple terror attack. we're waiting to confirm at for you. brussels and over to most locations in the eu. automatically 'll
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welcome back to local 10.
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morning you need to hear about. we havav had several explosions that have been confirmed in brussels, belgium. the city is a mess. people just filling the streets everywhere as you have had the entire city shut down, paralyzed because of these attacks. we know 13 people are dead, possibly more. two attacks that we know of at the airport. one of them at least a suicide bomber. thth has been confirmed. we know one at a metro subway system, possibly two more at the subway system. this city is up recognizable. >> french president fran swar how old has convened an emergency meeting. they are telling all stipulations to stay off all public transportation systems. we knoit is about 6:46 and you want to get your
6:45 am
jen correa in this morng. what do things look like today, jennifer? >> definitely y lot more sunshine than yesterday. that definitely helped to warm attempt up. this morning it is cool. grab thehe sweater before you head out the door. temperatures are in the mid to upper 50s for miami-dade and broward. the keys in the low 60s and winds are still out of the normal northwest. more out of the northeast for key west and marathon. both are reporting a wind speed of 12 miles per hour. so, yes, the win are breezier in that spot but all across soh florida it will become windier by this afternoon. but also it will become sunnier once that sun rises at 7:33 in the morning and on the radar no rain. high pressure is in control, keeping us nice and dry. it will be a beautiful tuesday but we have to talk about what's going on elsewhere throughout
6:46 am
a passing over utah and eastern portions of wyoming heading over into the rockies later on today and then into the central plains where it will strengthen and pick up. a lot of that moisture from the gulf and heat into the south. already milr temperature for dallas up to kansas city. 51 degree currently. you head out towards the normal east and east coast, about 30. so the cold air is still there for our friends seaaoard. this is going to help produce some severe weather by tomorrow. we'll haveo keep an eye out for this but this is also what's going to help pinch up the moisture back up to us by he second half of the week here in south florida. you want to let out to the beach today, do so. high rip current risk is in effecttoday. beach-goers, it's best it stay out of the water. small craft advisory will remain in effect today. highs today 76 degrees
6:47 am
for today. tomorrow even warmer, highs 81. rain chances go way up starting on thursday. cocod stay pretty active as we head into easter weekend. >> thank you i-95 southbound and ives dairy roadway, reports of a bken down car well off to the shoulder. if you take a look at those cars, they are zooming by without any issues. no majaj concerns despite these flashing lights you see on the streets. don't slow down when you see somethinglike that. i-95 southboundd at ives dairy road. we still have the pretty serious crash off i-95 southbound and atlantic avenue. this is happening near del ray beach. use caution if you're traveling in this location. if you're traveling on 595 eastbound starting at i-75 cruising over to u.s.-1, we're looking really good on 595. your drive time thisp morning about 15 minutes and your average speed traveling eastbound
6:48 am
>> thank you, constance. multiple blasts have rockedhe city of brussels. right now they are on the highest levelf terror alert possible. we are hearing at least 13 people are dead but now reports are coming in every minute. we may have to increase that number ver soon. erica rakow is monitoring this and all the breaking details.
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you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. back to our breaking news out of belgium. five explosions going out to the airport and subway station in brbrsels. >> the death toll has just increased again according to breaking news. let's go back in the news room and check in with erica rakow. >>reporter: at least one of the explosion was a suicide attack. there were reports of gunshots and shots of allah. just days after the
6:51 am
suspect in last year's paris attacks. i want to show you some live pictures right now as we go over new numbers of the deaths and injuries that we just got in. we have confirmed 13 people were killed at the airport and we just got confirmation from transportation officials that in the three blasts that happened at subway stations, 15 people were killed, 55 injured and of those 55 pple, ten of them are in critical cocoition. the first explosion this morning was at the airport. it was about 8:00 their time, 3:00 a.m. here. 're told it happened near the americanairlines counter which had a flight taking off shortly after. so imagine the amount of people checking in, gettin their bags ready to go. passengers telling localmedia that the second of the two explosions were louder. it brought down ceilings and erupted pipes, mixing water with the
6:52 am
just imagine all of this. people immediately evacuated. some let out on to the tarmac. people scattering, security trying to get everything in order. we've been updatingpeople on there. bottom line is they have shut down the airport. there are no more flights leaving today, flights thatere already in the air have been diverted. the subway system there shut down. the city just paralyzed. we know security has already been increased in in london they say they increased their patrols and in france, 1600 extra officers have been deployed. we me here at home that the new york police department says expect some heightened security in the city. our attorney general lore loretta lynch has been notified, fbi, department of homeland security. everyone is on top of this it. we are as well. we have developing
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and bring you the good tuesday morning, south florida. it is a cool one so grab the sweaters before you head out the door. in the upper 50s right now. low 60s for the keys. more sunshine than sterday with a high of 76 and then dry weather lasts until wednesday. rain returns thursday. >> new accident reported off of u.s.-1 and southwest 145th avenue. no delays with this one. you see the speeds about 40 miles per hour. all the way up north in del ray beach, a crash reported on i-95 southbound and atlantic avenue. we start with our top stories this morning, breaking news. at least 28 people dead after five explosions rock brussels, three blasts happening at a subway station, two at the airport. security measures have be increased in france, belgium and britain. the finana day of
6:56 am
historic visit to cuba. the commander-in-chiefis set to address the cuban people later on this morning. from there he will attend a private meeting with dissidents. from there he will head to a baseball game between the tampa rays and cuban national team. with have hatzel vela, calvin hughes and victor oquendo on the island and they will be live all day long with their reports. the news continues with "good morning america," abc news very much on the story of what's happening in brussels. we'll be back in about 30 minutes with an update. >> a aeady expecting things in new york city as they are on alert as well. stay with us. you don't want to miss anything. you can take and our local app with you. we hope you have a great
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to be a busy cc1 testessage good morning, america. at least three explosions rocked the capital of brussels this morning. a suicide bomber reportedly targets the crowded airport. >> there were explosions in the
6:59 am
>> ceilings collapsing. running for their lives. another blast rocks a metro station. just days after a major suspect the paris terror attacks is arrested. americans in europe told to shelter in place. nypd set to ramp up security here in new york. the hunt is on right now for who's behind these blasts. >> announcer: live in times square, this is "good morning america." >> good morning, we are live all across the country and all time zones for the latest on those terror attacks unfolded in brussels, blgium, at 3:00 a.m. eastern time during their morning rush hour. this is the scene as it unfolded, terrified passengers running for their lives at the airport. an this photo here shows the damage. at least two different attacks across the city this morning. >> here's what we know right now. it is changing. at least two explosions hit that airport.
7:00 am
at least 28eople now killed. dozens injured. all airport and public transportation in brussels now shut down and the terror level there raised to maximum. the u.s. embassy advising americans in brussels to shelter there in `lace. >> alert levels raised here in new york as well and other american cities, we have full coverage right now. we'll begin with alex marquardt, he is on the scene at the brussels airport with the oatest. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, george. dramatic scenes here at the brussels zaventem airport. the edge of the police perimeter told to stop here, passengers talking about scenes of utter pandemonium inside. these two explosions now one of which we understand was from a suicide bomber coming just after 8:00 at the peak of travel time. you can see here there have been thousands of people streaming out from this airport just now a new wave of people with their


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