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tv   Local 10 News 4PM  ABC  March 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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information but to loosen the control of the mocks here and human rights -- politics here and human rights. i thinknk t tt's what we'll see ten, 15, 20 years from now. you see the president walking with president castro, walkinghim back to air force one along with the obama girls, sasha and malia right behind him, and a number of cuban dignitaries as well as security walking with president t rack obama. they were at that baseball game today. it was an combination game with the tampa bay rays and the cuban national baseball team, the first time the two teams have come together since 1999 when the baltimore orioles played here, and at that time the baltimore o ooles won that game 3-2. the game is still going on right now, laurie, janine and michael. >> laurie: it's fascinating that raul castro did not greet the president as he arrived but he is there as he is departing. we w we told it was not against protocol for him n n to be there
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>> c cvin: and, laurie, we had that discussion earlier today along with my producer michelle. we asked if president castro actually greeted the french president when he came here, francois hollande in may have last year, and the answewe was no. we were told by another jououist that castro did not meet french presididt francois honda hat jose marti international airport. so i think it's us mayor, it's a formality nott to greet another head of state there, but as you know they did mt on monday, yesterday, at the palace of the revenues you have revolution. >> janine: and the president right now the leaving from the stadium where there was that big baseball game sti going on, and that is where our own hatzel vela is. we'd like to check in with him. hatzel. >> hatzel: janine, you can tell you the game is still going oh. we're at the top of the fifth. usa with the tampa bay rays are winning 3-0 last check, and the
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we can also tell there's a lot of folks leaving the saddam this point but when we were inside, you could not believe the type of energy and excitement inside this stadium. the stadio latino americao, especially when the president walked in with the first family a condo companied by the president of cubaba raul castro. you can tell yout one point the president gets up from his seat after sitting down and greets jackie robinsos widow and her daughter who are sitting not too far from where the president was sitting. what an amazing time her@e at estadio latino mentiona. the game 3-0 top of the fifth. but talk about baseball diplomacy bought for the first time you see both countri coming together. we saw et in the game with the baltimore orioles but ts is definitely a different setting and the people are justoing crazy inside right now. >> laurie: hatzel, we now have the game on the right side your screen but at this moment the
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standing side by side as they have been since they walked out on on to the tarmac auction translators to say their final words. he j jt shook hands with the foreign minister bruno rodriguez. and jeffrey delauren tis. and now they are saga their final thoughts to each other. >> michael: i've got to say this is a very animated conversation. it's been going on all as they walked along on the tarmac to the plane. they spoke a lot, it seemed to me, while they w we at the baseball stadium. i think that developed some kind of a personal relationship, and if you want to be on good termswith a country, that's a good thing. >> laurie: and it certainly follows along. >> calvin: michael, if i can add to that. >> laurie: pleasas do, calvin. >> laurie: michael, if i can add to that, i was speaking with a cuban diplomat, a longtime diplomat carlos. he told me earlier today that raul casaso is very fond of
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he is fond of pope francis. so it's not by -- it's not out of character by fact that president castroas reached out to president obama in the way that he has and tried to raise his hand. there it is. the president and michelle obama the first lady waving goodbye, enteringir force one, about to leave jose marti international airport after a two-day trip ha has been nothing sort of historic. the last time a sitting american president has come cuba sips 1928. since 1928. >> the friendship hb has developed or at least extend understanding between them, tha is what so many have focused on, and this is a strong visual as michael pointed out, the two leaders talking with smiles, and now raul castro standing there speaking to the, technically, the ambassador of our u.s. embassy shaking hands.
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gentleman on the right with the sunglasses. jeffrey delauren tis. he has spent a good deal of time in miami. i have interviewed him a couple of times, very planet, well-like by the cubans. >> janine: what a contrast, the sort of comfort level, at least what appears to be a comfort level as opposed to that impromptu news conference yesterday after the bilateral talks when the two were standing at their podiums with their headphones on so they could listen to the translation of each other's statementssnd they could listen to the questions, what a difference at least when ititomments to, as we are calling it, optics. >> laurie: a v vy different raul castro right here and seeing him at the game and now seeing him with president obama. calvin, you say from all indications raul castro is veryfond of president obama, and those stories today that the president shared, he really tried to foster that feeling to the cuban people that he is a
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friend of the country and a friend of the people. >> calvin: and, laurie, as the story goes, it is by design i think that the president brought up the meeting between raulcastro and the president and south africa during the memorial service for nelson mandela. that is where the president shook castro's hand, and it certainly was a big deal back in south florida, but for those two men, it was not so much of a big deal, and i will tell you why, because president obama extended his hand to castro at that time, and then castro apparently turned to one of his aides and says, "oh, they respect us. the u.s. respects us." and then it was shortrt after that that t sequence of negotiations began that lasted some 18 months and before the major announcements back on december 17th of 2014. so there you see president castro about to enter jose marti international airport. to his right side you have bruno rodriguez, the chief negotiator
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government and the president of cuba surrounded by security, and a look at air force one befefe the president heads to argentina i under with laurie, michael and janine, it's a nine-hour flight to get to argentina from cuba. >> laurie: yes, the president will not be there until tomorrow mide day. he actuallyrrives there tomorrow about just about noontime to meet with president mauricio macri who is trying to make tremendous change in his latin-american country as well, and the two men will b meeting behind closed dodos but it is a long flight. >> michael: and we should poin out, if anyone cares, that most of the members of congress, nearly 40 members of congress, accompanied the president to cuba, most of them will be flying back to washington because not everyone wanted to be away for five days or so. the president left sunday afternoon from andrews, joint base andrews outside of
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sunday afternoon, and here we are on tuesday, and so it has been about 72 hours in all that the president and his party have been in cuba. >> janine: he arrived on a cloudy d d with a little bit of rain and he's leaving on a cloudy day, althoughhe weather is similar in cuba as it is here. so no rain, it doesn't look like, in the forecast, just a cloudy day, a cool day, so not a bad day for baseball really. >> laurie: calvin hughes is going to stand by for us. we'll be joining him again nay in a few minutes. we also have hatzel vela in cuba for us. we have our crewthere to brings live team coverage throughout our afternoon newscast as we shared this picture live with you from the jose marti international airport. people mustust be buzzing with the speech and about all the visuals they have seen on cubannational television. we saw it during the president's speech this morning from cuban
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half a second delayed. the people heard from the president of the united states on their soil for the first time, michael, and they really heard him speak directly to them. >> michael: we have heard ever since this trip was announced several weeksgo that the expectations of the cuban peoplee have beeee raised, i mean, sky high. people were looking forward to this because they are ready for chanan, and i would say that maybe the only downside to this visit is that when change does not occur quickly, and nothing in cuba really occurs very quickly, there may be a kind of postpartum depression that goes on after president obama leaves with people saying, hey, you know, where's my new job? why am i still living in a cheap aparent? i want something better in my life. >> janine: we should also mention that there are cuban americans here in south florida o do not want change.
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they did not like the news conference yesterday. in fact, some people say it looked like president obama was being lectured by a dictator, and then there are others who are of the opinion that when you started having american journalists asking castro questions, it made him look weak and, michael, i believe you used the term crotchety old man. >> michael: i did. i thought he looked rattltl. i thought he looked uncomfortable. he looked defiant. and the reason is, if you've been in charge for over five decades, he and his brother, of a country, you are not used to impertinent reporters pestering you with all these questions like "why do you have political prisonere and why don't you release them?" that was the question that really got raul castro rattled and crotchety, as i said. >> laurie: we just saw a glimpse of him waving goodbye plane, air force one. fascinating`that he is waiting
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new friend, his new ally, if you will, in this changing relationship. >> janine: i think you could say that they maybe respect each other as people. the president said he likes the cubabapeople. don't have to like each other's politics, and i think that was the point that the president made. he has the freedom to say his opinions, and that's what freedom and democracy is all about. >> laurie: the way he defend freedom was really butiful with his own story and basically saying how else could i, with my background, ever become president of the united states. >> michael: extly. and to sort of corroborate a point that janine just made, in the past several hours, since this trip began, i have received many emails from friends, acquaintances and people i don't know in south florida who are cuban american who think that this is a disgrace, that president obama is there, that he is legitimizing a corrupt
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oppressive and totalitarian, authoritarian, so there are plenty of people who are maybe watching even now and thinking to themselves, yeah, g g the heck out of there. i mean, the president shouldn't be there. >> laurie: when you talked about the need for change there quickly in order to keep thecuban people feeling that there is a pathway ahead, the president did announce a lot of changes just yesterday and he's banking on several major companies bringing about change very quickly. >> miciael: well, he hopes that they will move quickly, but, as has been reported widely in media, a lot of american ceos, including from this community, have gone to florida, have tried speak with cuban bureaucrats, and basically have gotten nowhere, and so it is not easy, i am told, to do business in cuba. you need lots of permissions. you need licenses. and generally if you want to do business there, you need a joint venture with the cuban
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the business but you provide all the capital, and then they tell you who to hire. that's another big sticking point here. the president said in his speech, in his remarks that companies, foreign companies have to be able to hire their own workers. right now and for a long time they cannot. >> janine: and a single concerns would be helpful as well. >> michael: yeah. >> laurie: there have been so many changes with the mail service, with ease of travel, ternal with some concerns at least no, the exchange rate, the actual fee has been dropped. so there are incremental changes, but, yes, the president calling for so many more if there is really to be change. >> michael: and by some time this fall, if things go along the way they hope they do, there will be direct flights of, what, 110 flights a day from united states cities to i think -- what is it? -- eight or nine cities that have international airpos in cuba.
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happen. >> janine: keep in mind under the current rules and regulations, an american tourist can't just get on a plane and to go cuba. you still have toe under one of those categories munch 12 licensed categories. they just announced in this past week that individual travelers would be able to go without going in a group. now, that's a big change. >> janine: people to people. you're right, absolutely. our colleagag calvin hughes actually is there and he is on the phone. calvin, tata to us about what you're seeing. >> calvin: well, i am looking at air force one right now as it is getting ready to take off, and. [ not audible ] as we have a life picture of jose m marti, aiforce one looks like it's making its way down the runway is taking off around
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sunday with just after 4:00. and the president, after two days of several events, including the speech today t tt most are praising, especially the locals that we have spoken with, as well as even some cuban diplomats, they have praised his speech, and one calling it a fath forward finally b between the two nations after a half century, and another saying that "i was quite surprised of the president's speech and quite happy to hear what the president had to say because he did not have a preachy tone." but this particular cuban diplomat said he wanted to make sure that the president knew that it's the cuban people who will have to decide their future and not an american president. >> michael: indeed, calvin, that is exactly what mr. obama said in his speech. he said, "the future of cuba is in your hand," not in the hands
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i thought that was a big moment in that speech. >> calvin: and the president began his speech think by saying the obvious, and that is, look, i am extending a hand of friendship to the cuban people, and he wanted to make he was not talking about to the invited diplomats who were in the room. the cuban dignitaries in the am, some of whom did not applaud when the president began to talk about american democracy and amereran values and principles of fair and free elections. you almost felt there was a lot of hesitation in the room when the president began to speak about american democracy and how cuba should think about opening up its economy and not miss an opportunity with its future byp being so reprev with its people on -- repressive with human rights, but the president made it clear, too, that he wanted to bury the remnants of the cold war, and thought it that really
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what he had to say that followed that seemed to be again not so preachy but it s seemed to spell out exactly what the president's vision was going forward for thenext next of cubans. >> michael: calvin, as we can see, air force one is doing its final role there. it is going to take off here momentarily from havana, a historic trip. there it is lifting off from jose marti airport. what a sight. >> calvin: and the president even quoting jose marti earlier. go ahead. >> laurie: you're so right, calvin. he quotetejose marti throughout this trip. >> calvin: and then laying the wreath. there he is, president castro looking at air force one take off. the last time a sitting american president has come here was 1928. calvin coolidge speaking at the
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where president obama spoke earlier today. president castro stepping out to see air force one take off, delighted by that sight like so many americans are, and cubans here on the island were not only excited to see the beast, the transportation for the president, the limousinene but air force one flying into havana was an incredible sight and a spectacular one for so many. and for some of the older cubans on the island, something that th thought they would never live to see. >> laurie: an american psident whose approval ratings are through the roof in cuba, with the cuban people and now, calvin, those ratingsp would no doubt be even higher after this 48-hour whirlwind visit. >> janine: and wouldn't it be interesting to know what those final parting words were between president obama and raul castro when they were speaking on the tarmac. >> laurie: hopefully we will learn those from o o pool reports from the white house
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trip and we willy hopefully g@t a sense of what these two leaders shared in thing moment. president castro staying in thevery end to waif to president obama. with that, this trip has come to and end p. as michael points without it will be the change in cuba, the incremental slow change that everyone can help for. >> janine: our colleague, calvin hughes, he did file a report about this trip. let's take a listen. >> i have come here to bury the lastemnant of the cold war in the americas. >> janine: as he took the states for a 30-minute speech broadcast live to the island nation with president obama called to the cuban people to set the course for their own future. >> many suggested that i come here andsk the people of cuba to tear something down. but i'm appealing to the young people of cuba who will lift something up, build something new. [ speaking in spanish ]
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president raul castro about the importance of democracy. >> i believe my visit here demonstrates you do not need to fear a threat from the united states. and given your commitment to cuba's sovereignty and self-determination, i am also confident that you need not fear the different voices of cuban people and their capacity to speak and assemble and vote for their leaders. >> calvin: along with differences, the president spoke of similarities between the u.s. and cuba, countries built with the ingenuity immigrants amidst the shadow of slavery. >> in cuba we wt our engagement to help lift you have the cubans who are of african descent who have proven there is nothihg they cannot achieve when given the chance. >> calvin: following his speech the president held a private meeting with cuban dissidents to discuss their concerns about the future. >> all of the individuals around this table have shown extraordinary courage. they have spoken out on behalf
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deeply about, some of them represent specific constituencies inside of cuba, some of them have broader concerns regarding democracy, the ability to speak freely or worship freely or assemble or advocating on behalf of democratic practices here in cuba. >> laurie: that was calvin hughes reporting for us. heas been there for the last week to cover this historicvisit. and do stay with local10 news on air and online forur continuing coverage of president obama's historic visit to cuba. air force one has safely taken off. look for more live reports from havana coming up today at 5:00. >> janine: also right now, terror in brussels. deadly explosions wrong belgium at brussels airport and at a subway station. at least 31 people were killed, nearly 190 injured. >> laurie: there is video from inside the airport terminal right after those blasts. you can shear the screaming and the panic..
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from brussels has been cancelled. >> janine: another deadly explosion wrong a subway explosion. here is the aftermath. those who survived shaken up, rushed to safety. the president addressing the terror attack today. >> and this is yet another reminder that the world must unite. we must be together regardless of nationality or racer on faith -- race or faithn fighting against the urge scourge of teller. >> reporter: policic releasing this picture of several men as past their investigation. the two m on the left believed to be suicide bombers, both wearing these believe gloves on their left hands, and this man, investigators intensifying for this man. >> janine: we also want`to take you to live pictures for the isle of tower lit up in the colors of belgium flag.pairs paris suffering its own terror attack in november. >> laurie: back here in south
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international airport are but santeramo heightened alert. >> janine: we have team coverage on those blasts and brussels. >> laurie: let's begin with local10 news reporter eric yutzy. he is newsroom live for us. yeah we know several americans have been hurt in these attacks, the u.s. military saying a service member and his family caught up in this tragedy. three mormon missionaries from utah were seriously injured as well. a fourth missionary with them fortunateliest escaped unharmed. alllf this happening this mention in brussels, three bombs exploding at two separate locations at the airport and the subway station expo and now transportation is paralyzed. again, look at the men authorities in brussels believe are behind the attacks, in fact, authorities say the men wearing black were the suicide bombers. you can see each of them wearing black glolos on their left hand. officials say those gloves are hiding detonator are on triggers for sue sued bombs. however, this man on the right
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the center of a manhunt. authorities say he is on t run. here are some of the latest details. 31 people quibbled nearly 190 injured. authorities say there were twohey explosions brussels airport, also a nearby plas at a subway station. the islamic state has claimed responsibility for these a aacks sparks an islamic state flag also discovered in a home during a search just a short time ago. the state department vikings all americans in belgium sy in place tonight. the terror alert at i4s very highest level. here's president obama. we saw h'm league of cuba but earlier today in havana a photo of him receiving an update on the attacks sitting next tonational security adviser susan rice, and one more look at a photot we showed you of a live picture. here's areeze frame of the eiffel tower lit up in the colors of the bellian flag. tonight belgians still reeling, sometimes photos tell a story that video just can't encapsulate. here are some of the images from
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moments as people duck foror cover, scramble to safety in any effort they could to get away. tonight belgian and brussels still reeling from a horrific attack. in belgian first fears realized. >> we were fearing terrorist attacks, and that has now happened. >> eric: morning attacks on a subway space station the brussels airport. >>here was an explosion, yes. so after that one there was a second one. >> eric: isis has claimed responsibility it. started with two explosions in the quart sures call of the airport outside the of airport security economic point at arnt 8:00 a.m. brussels time. about an hour later a showings city maalbeek metro station close to a number of european offices, both attacks at peak morning hours. >> i can't explain. it looked like war. it's unbelievable. it's unbelievable. it's really hard. >> eric: belgian's federal prosecutor say the two men in black were responsible for a
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man in white as a suspect. terror just four days after t arrest of salah abdeslam, the last susct sought in november's paris attacks. while noting it is stul very early, belgian security forces telling cnn it's their working assumption that the network that carried out the brussels attacks is the same as the one that carried out the attacks in paris. president obama dressed it at the top of the remarks in havana. >> we will do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally belgium in bringing to justice those who areresponsible. >> eric: in the u.s. no specific threats but heightened security the in major cities look washington, chicago and los angeles. and a stung image from military hospital in brussels. that is an x-ray of a nail or a screw lodgdg in chest of someone who was injured in today's bombings andndunctured the lung of this person. we don't know much more about this person'condition. but as we talk about the wind here, a graphic reminder of just
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be. public traffics maples many remains closed in brussels. the airport is not expected to open until tomorrow as the terror threat remains very high all acrossssurope. that is the very ley from the newsroom. the details will continue to come in and we will bring them live to you on local10.
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right back. >> janine: right now terror in brussels, deadly explosions rocking belgium at a airport and a subway station. 31 people killed, nearly 190 injured. >> laurie: this is video from inside the terminal capturing the aftermath of the blast. all air travel has been closed through tomorw. >> janine: another deadly explosion range subway station. this is the awful aftermath, those who survived shaken up, shing to safety. >> laurie: police releeds this issuing, of several men.
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bombers and investigagars are intensifying their hunt for this man seen in the light jacket. >> janine: and these are live pictures from paris where the isle of tower is resist up in the -- eiffel tower. lit up inhe colors of belgium flag. >> laurie: miami international airport is running normally. they are at hghtened alert, though. if you do plan to traveling today, give yourself what time. >> janine: and security is also at holiday international airport. >> laurie: that's where we begin our team coverage. our local10 news reporter michael seiden is right there for us. >> michael: good afternoon. although there are no direct flights from here to belgium, fll is under a heightened security alert. don't expect delays but you may see additional armed officers walking around the airport with staying vigilant, just making sure there's no suspicious act of.. now, not far from this airport
4:32 pm
he started the belgian clutch fra. his name is marklieger. he knifed us into his home where he has been glued to the tv since early this morning watching little news in belgian. the former belgian journalist told me he's heartbroken and is stunned by what happened. fortunataty, all of his loved ones are okay who still live there. still, he decide light a candle to ohrnthe dozens killed and hundreds injured. >> i called my father, my other. my oldest brother son-in-law was on his way to the airport to catch a flight so he was 20 nutes away from the airport when it happened. >> michael: now, mark says he and his club which defendants consists of 350 belgian families living in south florida plan on holding a memorial this saturday in miami at. late this afternoon we weree
4:33 pm
fi students who are studying brood in belgium are safe -- road. we are working trying get in contact with them and hope to bring their story to you much later today. right now oulside fll, i'm michael inside of. >> janine: and security isn't beefed up just here. airports across the united states, they have stepped of security following the attack. this is video from chicago's o'hare airport, and despite the extra security, authorities do say there is no credible threat of an attack at o'hare. >> laurie: the nipd has added security throughout the city including at jfk international. the new york police department saying this is also dungy outafter a abundance of caution and there is no known threat to new york city. >> janine: it was for the worth took similar steps with officers rifles. >> laurie: and you may have noticed facebook activated its safety system to help people
4:34 pm
in the afterma of the takes on brussels. there is also plenty of reaction this afternoon fm the cons last belgium right here in miami. let's get to lonely's erica rake oh with that side of the story. >> erica: there are thousands of people in belgium who live in florida florida florida, 26100 of them who are registered. the group is tight-knit. they keep in touch. they're all part of a club today and today they are just shocked. man well molina lives in miami. he's here representing rell belgium, his job appointed by the king of belgium and foreign minister. >> it can't believe it happens in my country. >> erica: surprise came in the way of dozens of wake-up texts and emails that alerted him to what was happening back home. >> i'm trying to's reigh schuring the people who are going out to belgium, people who are expecting people from belgiumm or foreign citizens coming from brussels. >> erica: molina was expecting
4:35 pm
they're safe but their trip here now in jeopardy. >> am guessing there are probably a lot of families also leaving today or this week for everywhere. >> for easter? >> yeah, for easter, yeah. >> erica: molina already in a visitor in miami from rome. he was supposed to fly back yesterday with a layover in brussels landing right at the time the explosions happened in morning. >> life is a destiny that maybe if they had not cancelled my flight today, i would be there, and so it's incredible. >> erica: news that. they know is safe but the peace and security are what belgians everywhere are long for. >> tether we are much more strong and i think it's now more than ever i think we should follow that. >> erica: we also avenue chapter of the bellian club of florida down here. the president said in south
4:36 pm
families who live here. he says in coming days they're hoping to all getting and told hold a prayer vigil for all of their family and friends back home p in miami, erica quake racko. >> janine: also here in the united states presidential candidates are weighing in on the attacks. here is democratic frontrunner hillary clinton. >> as focused as i can be, to make sure that we keep america safe and that we work with friends and allies to help keep them safe because together we will defeat the terrorist threat. >> janine: and donald trump took to twitter tweeting "do you all remember how beautiful and safe a place brussels was? not anymore. it is from a different world. the u.s. must be vigilant and smart smart. kos san anannio interview the gop frontrunner went on to say the u.s. needs to, quote, shut the borders. again we are looking live at pictures from paris, france. the world coming together to support the victims and the families of theory terror attacks.
4:37 pm
their own attacks in november. november 13th. also in other news today a sketch just released of the man responsible for a robbery and a sexual battery in coral gables. police say he's between 5 such, 59 it's, 170 to 180 pounds and in his 30s. the attack happened march threatened p h h the man grabbed a woman walking on granada street and sexual battered hernd stole several items from her. if you have information call police. also today we are learning new adults about a deadly party shooting in plantation. a man died. four others were injured. >aurie: and now we're learning about another death mudslide that home that happened not too long ago. death inside that tome. terrell forney has more. >> terrell: this is in the quiet community of plantation acres on one neighbor describes this place as the house from hell, and wewere beginning to learn why.
4:38 pm
running water and has been the source of multiple rode code violations. still, over the weekend someone threw a big party here that got out of hand when mostly 400 teenagers showed up. things turned violent, five people were shot, and a 28-year-old serge pierre dumas was killed. >> this is the second incident. terrell: months before this fatal shooting ren ren gina shaw's cousin was found dead in that home. mccray hadn't been heard from in months so his family went looking. >> on that day he just said he smelled an odd ord and he kicked the door down. when he went in there,, he was dead. >> terrell: a police record set mccray was lying a bed in the fetal position and his body was in the advance dollars stages of decomposition. >> heas living there because he didn't have nowhere to go. thqt's the reason. they were helping him.
4:39 pm
>> mr. simonet, ferrell from channel 10. >> terrell: that's m mrice simonet who runs boss group min entrie the company that owns the dilapidated home. the 56-year-old is known for throwing big parties himself. today we tracked down simonet at this two-worry waterfront home in north miami beach. >> your name is tied to the ministries as being the own there. did you rent out the property? >> no. trench and mccray, who died here previously, his death has been ruled a natural death because of some health complications. still, his family is perplexed as to how that body can go undiscovered in this home for so long. as for the investigation surrounding the shooting, detectives have hit a brick wall because out of the 400 people who were here, not a single person has identified the shooter or given them any credible information on who pulled the trigger. that investigation is still underway. we are live in plantation, i'm
4:40 pm
the 9/11 calls from yesterday's shooting on duval released. several people calling it is anoint to report shooting but apparently they were forced to through. >> i'm 28 for [bleep] >> you've got so much shock here, man. summon was shot. and it's ringing. it's 911. answer the [bleep] phone! laurie: those calls were frustrated. police say derek michael david was involved in a domestic dispute. when people tried to intervene david allegedlyulled out a gun and fired but missed and instead hit three innocent bystanders. all are expected to recoverage meantime an abandoned home caught fire. it's now being called suspicious. sky 10 over this home now missing a huge portion of its roof the house is in northwest miami-dade right along north miami avenue and northwest 135th street. about 30 fights were called out to make sure the flames didn't spread to any of the homes nearby. an investigator will now
4:41 pm
>> janine: a crash snt car straight nigh pole. sky 10 oaf the scene earlier this morning along northwest 1 seventh street and 27th avenue in miami gardens. hepatitis not clear how this crash happened. thankfullyo injuries were reported. >> laurie: it is coming up on a quarter of five so it's a good time to check the rush hour on this tuesday. >> janine: so let's check in withenise fernandez with a look a at how the roads are doing. >> jenise: we did have a bad wreck on i-95 southbound blocking all lanes. that last cleared up. first i want to show you the delays on the macarthur causeway league of miami beach right around biscayne, we are where we are getting reports of an accident there. that accident is actually belong ramp, and as we look our maps we are seeing those delays with speeds clocking in at just 8 miles per hour. i-95 mound there is a broken-down car right around northwest 151st street with speeds athrob miles per hour and your southbound lanes i mentioned there was an earlier crash, things are looking great
4:42 pm
broward county we are watching an consentlso on i-95 northbound around sunrise boulevard. speeds at 38-mile-per-hour. but as you pass that crash y should be in the clear with speeds pick ping up to 57 miles per hour. >> laurie: we are working every new detail that'soming in in the breaking news of the day, the terrorist attacks inbrussels. these are some of the first pieces of video that came out of& those morning attacks during the morning rush. at this point at least 31 people are confirmed dead, nearly 190 others injured. >> janine: and so right now authorities are really working to figure out who is responsible. isis has taken responsibility, but right now police are looking for these men. you see the two monty left police believe are suicide bombers. you can seehey're wearing those black gloves.s. but police aree really focusing in on this ran on the right-hand side of your screen with the light-colored jacket on. they believe that this person does have some involvement. they're working.
4:43 pm
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4:46 pm
local10 news will be right back. >> janine: unwanted residents of a gated community in lakeland. these honey bees must know how to pick their real estate making this tree in the grasslands gated community in lakeland their home. >> one of the workers is mowing the yard and came across it, and this one's a big, you. it's big. >> janine: causing commotion in this neighborhood. >> we found out about it last week, and we told everybody that came through to be careful because well were told they were hornets. >> janine: they were actually honeybees. expert i think more than n ,000 of them. >> it's more than we thought. it's cold and t tre were probably almost an inch and a half of bees on the outside of that cone, so it -- yeah, quite a few in there. >> janine: did you and you don't believe how long they've been there. >> i would say a year, year and a half. ere those beers there's people
4:47 pm
it's a health issue. >> janine: justin hooper with all creatures wildlife control knew the bees needed to go but he also wanted to make sure they didn't die. >> we themed for the environment. we have to have bees. they pollen innate all kinds of thing and without bees we got trouble. >> janine: so he called in local beekeepers to do the job well slowly voluming the bees into a box and piece by piece taking apart the hive. soon they will have a newome. >> it saves the bees. away carry them to an aviatory and let them live out their life and do what they're supposed to do. >> janine: suddenly want the bee movie. >> laurie: i that remind me of the bee weather. you could never step on a bee again after seeing that. look at this postcard. >> janine: meteorologist julie durda is hererwith us today. it started off being chill chilly but it's just a gorgeous afternoon. >> meteorologist: as i promised, that sunshine returned and it
4:48 pm
temperatures in mid-70s for highs today but, boy, it started off nice and cool. you liked wearing those sweaters and jacket in march, right? i think you enjoyed it because that'll be a thing of the past as early as tonight. the temperatures are going to climb. a live look outside everybody enjoying the broadwalk. lots of sunshine, a beautiful day. our spring settling in and it feels oh, so nice. our official high today 76 degrees. we woke up to temperatures in the upper 50s. we should member the mid-60 for our overnight explodes a high of 81 degrees. we will rurn to that by tomorrow. that's how fast this cool air is moving out and the warm air is moving in, all thanks to theh wind direction now moving in off the ocean. down right breezy conditions will continue throughout the evening. we are expecting mild, comfortable conditions as deference will be in the low 70s. 75 degrees currently in high plea. 72 in homestead. 73 mild degrees in pembroke pines. now, look at that breeze.
4:49 pm
17 to even 18 miles per hour winds moving in off the ocean. that shi in the wind direction plays a huge part in our forecast. yesterday we were greeted with the north breeze. that was the cool air connection. now that our wund are moving in off the direction it depends where our high pressure is located. yesterday he had the lowpressure system in texas and louisiana. it pushed toward the east, and we always avenue clockwise pattern around high pressure. with an ocean breezez that's going to start this warming trend as we go into the middle and end of the warm week. so the cool comfortable conditions are a thing of the past. it's definitely going to feel more like spring and summer. this shy moving into a cold front from the rockies that will eventually be the next rainmaker that is going to be in south florida by the end of the week. we're not the only ones warming up. low 70s in texas. upper 60 across the south. that dome of high pressure keeping things mild throughout the afternoon and into tevan the
4:50 pm
we'll stay breeze. going into tomorrow morning we could see a slight chance of a shower in the forecast. but rain chances don't really increase untnt thursday. yes, my friends, look at all that moisture. and with t heat and the humidity we could see the possibility of some strong thunderstorms. i'll be greeting you through the day thursday afternoon and thursday evening to get you through it because some of these storms could become very strong. the hires expected to rch the upper 80 before the rain comes. in. otherwise that storm system that we're watching, that warm and that front will move in toward the southeast and that's going to enhance our rain chances going through the weekend. we could have the rip current risk if you're headed to the beach. the winds will be from the east-southeast tomorrow 10, 20, even 25 miles an hour. our temperatures will start off in the 60, not nearly as cool as what we saw yesterday, and the slight chance of a shower as the ocean breeze moves in tomorrow. but the chance of storms doesn't
4:51 pm
unfortunately good friday for all the servicesshis weekend you are going to need your abrahams it's going to be a wet one. i'll have a lot more coming up. >> janine: you know that music. season2 of "dancing with the stars" got off on the rightoot last night with a two-hour premiere that showed off this season's new crop of talent. finishing at the top of the field with 23 point were boyz 2 men morris. america's top model winner nyle demarco and abc meteorologist ginger zee. down at the bottom was broadcasr geraldo riverra. you can only watch "dancing with the stars" right here on local10. tune in every monday starting at 8:00 p.m. >> laurie: and now we want to recap for you the latest on the breaking news that happened this morng. it has been a whirlwind day in brussels. isis claiming responsibility for three bombing, two at the brussels airport, one at a local subway station, trying for the maximum impact right during the morning rush hour.
4:52 pm
conducting raids and right now they have released a phototoaph of surveillance still of men who they believe are involved. the man men on the left may be the suicide bombe. the one on the right, they are hoping to find out who that is. >> laurie: also coming up at at at 5:00 look for our live team coverage from cuba as the
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
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4:55 pm
right now again we are updating you on the latest on these awful deadly attacks in brussels, belgian that happened this morning, blasts killing more than two dozen people. the blasts not only happening at the airport where people hurt heard at least one explosion around 8:00 a.m. local time. there there was another blast at the metro and that really is
4:56 pm
isis right now we understand claiming responsibility. >> laurie: another 190 people injured in all the chaos this morning, and police releasing a available photo that shows two men on the left of your screen in black, two likely suicide bombers with each wearing a black glove on their left hand and then on the right the man in the light colored jacket they say a wanted suspect, a m m known to authorities, and they want information about this man. we're going to get you the very let's and more updates at 5:00. >> janine: to california now, a special project has been created to allow blind children to participate in easter egg hunts the children can't use their eyes, so they use their ears. each egg is implanted with a device that emits a beeping noise. you just heard it. money for those beepipi eggs came from local businesses, but the idea actually came from a police officer. >> it was an idea that was brought forward from one of our bomb squad officers.
4:57 pm
for eggs filled with candy and treats and other snacks. >> janine: in total, 26 children participated in the event, and it look like they had a good time. and that's going doubt for local10 news a 4:30. >> laurie: right off the top at 5:00, we are now seeing a picture of the suspects in the terror attacks that rocked brussels today. >> janine: airports around the world and right here in south florida adding extra security in the wake of the terror attacks. >> laurie: president obama and cuban leader raul castro wrapping up their historic visit today with some baseball diplomacy. good evening witeveryone. i'm laurie jennings. >> janine: and i'm janine stanwood in for calvin hughes on assignment in cuba. local10 news starts right now. >> laurie: right off the tonight fitchet brussels police releasing this petition of the suspects in the bombings that shut down brilz this morning. >> janine: and here's a picture of president obama finding out that awful news this morning in havana. that's national security adviser susan rice on his right. also receiving that news. >> laurie: we kw at least 31
4:58 pm
haveeen between 31 and 34. this cell phone video shows passengers running away from the airport after those blasts earlier today. >> janine: and this is video from inside the terminal where it happened- you'll be able to see the damage from the explosions, and wear now hearing that police actually found another explosive device packed with nails. >> laurie: another explosion, the third of the morning, exploded inside a subway station, and that killed 20 people alone. isis is nowowlaiming point for these attacks that also injured about 190 people. we will get back to the terror in brussels shortly. >> janine: those terror attacks overshadowing events inavana today. president obama speaking about the attacks in morning before delivering remarks on historic change. >> laurie: our local10eam is in cuba covering every aspect of the president's last day on the land. it's been a big day. calvin hughes joins us live from haan now to kick off our live team coverage. calvin. >> calvin: what an extraordinary
4:59 pm
groundbreaking trip for him, two days in havana but wrapping up after giving a speech in old haan and meeting with dissidents at the american embassy and attending that baseball game between the tampa bay rays and the cuban national baseball team. wheels up for the president as we take to you jose marti airport. the president arriving in the beast as they call the it here on the abled with the firs family and first mother-in-law, and president castro and bruno rodriguez and a delegation from the cuban government greeting the president and walking him to air force one, and then you can see president castro seemto be quite fond of president barack obama, and, boy, did it show today before air force one took ofof at 4:18. it was wheels up for the president. it seems almost choreographed because on sunday air force one landed at 4. 19. but now the president is on his way to argentina.
5:00 pm
and today, as we talked about, the president had that hurricane speech at the grand theater in old havana, and there he talked about extending a hand of friendship to the cuban people, and he also called for the stro government to loosen its economy. let's take a look at the highlights from that speech. >> the president of the united states of america, barack obama. >> calvin: it was a warm welcome for president obama at el grand teatro havana. >> havana is only 90 miles from florida. but tow g g here we had to travel a great distance. over barriers of history and ideology, barriers of pain and celebration. >> calvin: obama underscored the importance of sem democrat si in bringing that gap and the dignitaries weren't the only ones who heard the message. speech was broadcast live. >> i've always believed in what martin luther king auld called the fears urgency of now. we should not fear change.


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