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tv   Local 10 News 5PM  ABC  March 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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and today, as we talked about, the president had that hurricane speech at the grand theater in old havana, and there he talked about extending a hand of friendship to the cuban people, and he also called for the stro government to loosen its economy. let's take a look at the highlights from that speech. >> the president of the united states of america, barack obama. >> calvin: it was a warm welcome for president obama at el grand teatro havana. >> havana is only 90 miles from florida. but tow g g here we had to travel a great distance. over barriers of history and ideology, barriers of pain and celebration. >> calvin: obama underscored the importance of sem democrat si in bringing that gap and the dignitaries weren't the only ones who heard the message. speech was broadcast live. >> i've always believed in what martin luther king auld called the fears urgency of now. we should not fear change.
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>> calvin: a a the president underscored change must begin the in hearts and minds of the cuban people and called on raul castro to allow that change. >> to president castro who i appreciate being here today i want to will it know i believe my visit here demonstrates you do not need to fear a threat from the united states, and given your commitment for cuba's sovereignty and self-determination i am also confident that you need not fear the different voices of the cuban people and their capacity to speak andssemble and vote for their leaders. >> calvin: following his speech, obama met with cuban dissidents to discuss cuban americacan policy. >> there are people here who have been detained, some in the past, some very recently, and as i have said consistently, part of our policy with respect to engagement with cuba is not simply me meeting with president castro or government-to-government relation
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being able to hear dirtly from the cuban people and making sure that they have a voice and making sure that their conces and their ideas are helping to shape u.s. policy. >> calvin: now, for the most part people had praise for the president's speech today, even cuban diplomats had nothing but good thing to say about the president's speech, but miami congressman carlos curbelo had this to say about the president's speech. absent from his remarks were any demands to benefit american pints. castro regime, she says, continues to harbor american criminals. following the president's speech he did have a chance to meet with dissidents, an invited list of them sent to the american embassy to meet with the president, and we had a chance to catch up with bunch them, ab i don't know oh 0
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>> we give to himhe release of the political prisoners -- the one to give at the him, and they say they a a going to. [ not audible ] let's they will be released. let us see what is going to happen >> calvin: we were told also that the president was able to see some of that video from this past weekend on sunday, that chaotic video and that chaotic moment with the protestors were in front of the crch in havana where those protestors, the anti-government protestors were arrested, and they spent a few hours behind bars on sunday. we'll have a lot more on that story coming up at 6:00. well, there was a baseball game today, too, as i talked about the cuban national baseball team taking on the the tampa bay ray and is my colleague hatzel vela is standing out in front of the stadium where that game took place. castro and obama sitting side by side for that game of diplomacy, and i believe the game is still going object, hatzel p. >> hatzel: that's right calvin.
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eighth inning. tampa bay rays winning 4-0. so still little game of twiplomacy. when we went inside, you could hear, you could feel the energy, 50,000 people in the stadium. the energy was there the minute you walked inside. it didn't take much to get the crowd g gng except, of course, the president of the united states. president barack obama with the first family and president raul castro. walked out to a thunderous roar. at one point the president gets up from his seat, walks over and greets the widow and daughter of american baseball great jackie robinson. and then on to the game. a little competition, a lot of
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something you rarely see. all right. we got a little bit of a criticism here. we hear that one of the espn copt taters was making fun of the president. listen, the president ishe president of its united states, he implication mistakes, but this commentator w talking about his lack of sports ability. here's what he said. >> i've seen youhrow out the first pitch. you didn't play much baseball, did you? >> you know what? eduardo, can i just make a point? my dad wasn't a haul famer, so you had a slight benefit in the whole pitching thing. sail this, and i've talked to president bush 2 this, i've talked to other folks, we do a lot of tough stuff as president, and by definition you do not end up being president if you don't handle stress well. nothing is more stressful than throwing out a first pitch. >> hatzel: eduardo is likely
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house for a state dinner, i can tell you that much, but let me tell you the folks here were so excited, calvin, not just to see the president but to see the first family. we saw at one point before the game started doves flying out, sort of a sign of peace between two countries, two old foes now friends. at 6:00 you're going hear from the people, from cubans and americans alike, about what it was like to sit in the stands for this game. calvin. >> calvin: baseball such a key component of cuban culture here, anddhe president talked about how both countries have that in common. their favorite pass times. i thought one of the great moments from that game, too, was the name when jackiki robinson, number 42, the first blalk barrier. coming up at 6:00 we'll have a lot more from theissidents who have been meeting with president barack obama at the american embassy. we're going to hear from the
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now reporting from havana, i'm calvin hughehe after an extraordinary day here in havana. >> laurie: great to have you both there for us. and now we want to get back to today's top story, the deadly terrorist attacks in brussels. >> janine: belgian national police have released a photo of the suspects and officers found another unexploded bomb during they are investigation. local10's eric yutzy has the latest from the newsroom. >> eric: raids uncovering an isis flack with chemical products and an explosive device that had nails in it. meanwhile at the airport where there were no explosions a third bomb found. that bomb did not detate all this as the hunt continues and we get an image of hoeoe authorities looking for right now. take a look at the man at the center of manhunt. authorities in belgian saying the man in white is on the run. the top suspect in this morning's attacks. the other two believed to be suicide bombers. two blasts this morning ten
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the explosions shattering windows and bringing g rts of the ceiling crashing down p. througu the stick enthusiastic smoke police urging travelers to leave. video outside showing a frantic am scrayable to safety as smoke billows from the airport. victims seen lying in the street waiting to medical aention and witnesses describing the horror. >> we heard the explosion, the ceiling went down,o i dropped down on top of my girl. >> eric: an hour later another devastating explosion shied inside a metro metro station. in the darkness underground survivors scramble off of a crowded train car walk be down the tracks looking to escape. on the streets the military keeping volley of rescue crews treating thend wounded. >> this is not sign that the world must unite. we must beogether regardless of nationality or race or faith
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of terrorism. >> eric: french president francois hollande calling it an attack on all ofurope coming us could because gist aer salah abdeslam a terror suspect in the paris bombing was captured. ththisle of tower lit in the belgian flag colors. al tonight, president obama ordering flags to fly at half-stafe for the remainder of the week as mark of respect for those victims in brussels. that is the latest from the newsroom, i'm eric yutzy, local10 news. >> janine: eric, theres anxiety over the terror attacks in brussels leading to increased security at mass transit everywhere. there was a scare this afternoon at new york's grand central station when fire broke out in a restaurant. was not terror related and no one s hurt. meanwhile there is extra security in place at penn
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cops are stationed at and it is and all entrances. >> laurie: there is plenty of extra scooter at miami international. a night from brussels that took off just before the bombings is scheduled to arrive in just about an hour. let's get to local10's derek shore live at mia withh the latest. derek. >> derek: i just spoke to some passengers trying to get to brussels it sounds like they're actually going to be able to get ooh another location in belgium before moving on to the capital city, some telling us they are nervous to make the trip and to move to that area of world right now. others saying they're simply devastated by these attacks. and worrisome, especially for those on their way to that city under attack. >> i havee to. yofe any other chance. >> derek: onof dozens waiting for the nonestop flight from miami to brussels scheduled for this afternoon. she admits she's nervous. >> i was sure that the flight
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like trying to book another night in the hotel but then the company called for me and they said like we're going to have another flight s no worries definitely that flight hasactually been diverted, however. these passengers will be headed to another belgium city as the brussels airport remains shut down, then they'll be bussed in. those who live there say thehe can't believe it. >> thik information is very crazy. >> derek: meanwhile at miami international and over at fort lauderdale-hollywood security tight, dogs sniffingor trouble as passengers waiting to see when they'll get home. so that flight headed to brussels has now been delayed. it's actually not going to will likely go to another city in the country. that's set to t te off at 8:00. there is also a flight coming in from bruels that took off just before the attacks took place.
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delayed but is expececd to come here to miami international somewhere aund ception. we'll be here to try to talk to those suspensions see what they know about all of this coming up at probably legs of. live atia, derek shore, local0 news. >> janine: weave more breaking news today. troubled iv toronto rob ford has died. the friction-year-old has been battling cancer for the past two years but it was no longer responding to chemotherapy. ford's tenure of mauer's of larminges city was marred by his shocking stoic of drinking and illegal drug use. hisamily saying any in a statement that he, quote, spend september his life serving the citizens of toronto. rob ford dead at age 46. >> laurie: the next reports in our team coverage president obama's historic trip to cuba come your way at 6:00. we are hearing from marlins star jose fernandez about the size of the changes happening in his home country. >> janine: also ahead, a land lord speaking out after making
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to rent to anyone who supports donald trump for president. >> laurie: but first, most ople count on a good resume and torturous help them land that job but one brief teenager, it was a matter of being in the
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we'll explain up next.tt2w`t3n laurie: meteorologist julie durda, she decided to come to the dark side, tech evening. >> janine: we like it! i. stay with us. hang out. you and betty can both hang out. >> meteorologist: it's been fun i've got toll you, very nice to sleep in even though we d leaf in the dark hours. we are going to see sunshine for a f f more hours.
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this because thing are going to change tonight and tomorrow. if i tell to you go out outside, mistake you can go out and take a walk, enjoy a barbecue, do so. this morning we ek would up to temperatures in the upper 50s, well below nororfor this time of year 1 something you don't normally end of march. a life look outside our mount sinai medical center nyleel shaquille o'neal carly, a little bit of cloud cover you of sunny fort lauderdale. the winds the culprit. yesterday we talked about a north wind direction. that kept cool, kept comfortable, less humid and with temperatures in the 50s this morning. by the afternoon our temperatures warmed up because of that east breeze. now that the winds are moving off the ocean, that will continue to pump in the heat and humidity. wind gusts in the 20 down by the keys and we'll continue that
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afternoon, again etvating the rip of rips current for boaters. each though we do have cloud cover linger over the keys and miami-dade and broward, the atmosphere is dry at the surface all thank to high pressure. but you notice high pressure has ifted toward the east and that will continue going into the next few days allowing for the jet stream to take a dip to the south, and for this frontal boundary we're watching with an area of low pressure that's bringing snow over portions of rockies and in toward nevada to head towards theheouth. for now all the quiet across the south. it's warmed. it's humid. temperatures in the 60s and the 70s. the cold air staying well to the north. pay attention because by tomorrow we see a slight chance of rain the in forecast but rain chances reall start to bump up by thursday as an area of disturbed weather willltart to move in from the western atlantic being drawn in because of our wind throw. on friday we'll keep rain chances at 40, 50% because a lot of the models are showing more
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going to head toward the northern portions of florida. we will be situated betweween two areas of unsettled weather keeping us the bull's-eye 4 those showers and storms. it's going to be a big change in our forecast. we do have a high risk of rip currents for you beachgoers. better chance of storms thursday. more than anything going into the weekend. but we'll keep that slightt chance going into easter sunday. >> janine: we continue to follow late breaking developments in terror attacks in brussels. belgian police of released this photo of the suspects taken just before the first blast at the airport. more details coming up at 6:00. >> laurie: and you'll hear from sportscaster dan le batard whose been pretty vocal of president
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in his own words at 6:00. >> janine: a teenager looking for a job made the right impression during his interview at a pop eyes restaurant in new orleans. he stopped a robber from getting away and was hired rightthere on the spot.
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down for a job interview with two managers at this pop eyes when a cashier started screaming. >> he said we're being robbed and i questions he reached his hand in the trough and was trying to run to the doo one of the managers did this, and he ran into her, and i just got up. >> janine: washington says the restaurant broke outnto chaos. >> the only thing i remember is him putting his hand behind his back. that's all. i wasn't scared or nervous. i just got up and did it. >> janine: all he saw was someone in need of help. >> i was thinking it could be my mom, could be anyone. you got to protect somebody. >> janine: the gentle giant held the robber in an arm lock until police arrived. >> he was like trying to get loose. he was, you know, trying to fight, put u fight with me and is because just holding him. >> i just rushed out of house and i got here just to supporter him. >> janine: but devin's football coach michael frank lynch sd he was not surprised to hear what the defensive lineman did because a number of times
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stop fights a school. >> most of the fights he interceded in they thought he wasell the one involved in fight because he's so massive. he's 6'4" . >> janine: at the end of the interview washington walked away with a job. >> yeah, i got to job at pop eyes. >> janine: and the thief was arrested and charged with simple robbery. >> i could be hurt or anything. i'm just happy that nothing bad happened to me. >> janine: okay. washington will be working at the restaurant after school. he says he'll use the money to support his three-month-old daughter, and he's also going to be saving up for a car monday with his first official day on the job. >> laurie: how fast can you start? >> janine: right. hire that guy. >> laurie: fantastic. they have built insecurity. now they do. it's a very busy day in the local10 newsroom. here are some of the stories we're working for you at 5:30. as belgian national police continue the search for a suspect after this morning's deadly terror attacks we're
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students who are studying in brussels. >> janine: president obama meeting with cuban dissidents. >> laurie: and at 6:00 we're hearing from jose martinez about
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his right now 5:30 anoth look at the suspects in the deadly bombings that shut down brussels this morning-l. morning-l.(.ecl) we committee least 14 people were killed at the anticipa alolo. passengers could be seen republican away from the airport after the explosion. >> janine: another explosion at a subway station killed 20 people. isis is now claiming responsibility for the attacks that also injured nearly 190 people. president obama spoke about the terror in brussels from havana this morning. >> and this is jet another reminder that the world must unite. we must be together regardlessof nationality or race faith in fighting against the scourge of teller. >> janine: a jet air flight plane that left for pell jum about 30 minutes before the
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and surfed a orlando sanford morning. the passengers aboard aboard flight 218 were taken after, searched in a secure area. no explosives were found. we're told that flute is now scheduled to right of miami internatatnal airport later this evening. >> janine: local10 news has learned that at least two sou florida college students are stinged abroad in belgium. >> laurie: thankfully, though, they not injured in today's attacks. local10's michael seiden is live for us at rt lauderdale-hollywood international airport with the latest there. >> michael: good evening.minutes ago i walked through fl l and i've got to tellou it's business as usual, obviously a lot of passengers upset, shaken by what happened, but haven't really seen anything out of the normal. now, not far from here we met a belgian man who tells me that there are about 300 belgian families living throughout south florida, and as you can imagine they are saddened and angry by what happened. >>e just went through a victory capturing one of the
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and two days later you're facing this, coward, coward act. >> michael: he's called south florida his home since the late '70s but tonight mark devlieger a belgium native and president of the bell club of florida is glued to his television watching live broadcasts from his home hundred of brussels where most of his family is still living today. >> i called my father, my brother. high. holed brother's son-in-law was on his way to the airport to catch a flight, so he was 20 minds away from the airport when it happened. >> michael: mark, who is also a former belgian journalist, said tuesday's terrorist attack which killed more than 30 people and injured hundreds more, has shaken the small but close-knit community of 300 belgian family living throughout south florida. the attack by isis targeted a subway station and airport. mark was just there in gash, telling us most of the country
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he also described the security at the airport. >> it's easier to walk in and out still because they havenen faced what we face here 9/11. michael: thousands of miles away from this horrific scene a candle continues to burn,n, a entry bout to the hundreds of innocent victims. >> today's total jock. not just for belgium but i think for all of europe and america. >> michael: and mark says he is planning a huge memorial for this weekend in miami. we have more on that on our website right now,, and i one quick update to those two fiu students studying abroad. we are told they are you safe, and only one of them was studying in brussels with the other o o outside, but obviously for their parents and friends scary such we ar trying to get ahead of them. as soon as we do we will bring you their story. for now in fort lauderdale with i'm michael seiden. >> laurie: we do have breaking news right now coming out of colorado.
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the main terminal at denver international airport because of a threat in a suspicious package. that package is at a ticket counter at curbside check-in on the west side of the main terminal coping to abc news. right now they are dealing with this security threat thereat devin international airport two hours before we are, 3:30 afternoon there. part of that main terminal evacuated. plus be causing quite a scare in light of the terrorist attacks in brussels today but there certainly is no word of anyconnection, just the fact that k-9 officers dected something suspicious in a package. it is at curbside check your honor. sass we learn more we'll get it right to you. >> janine: our other big story today, president obama wrapping up his hibbert visit to cuba. ceremony part of a final day delivering a speech. the president called for a trade embargo against cuba to be lifted saying he wanted to bury the last remnant of the cold wart in americas. the cuban leader raul castro was
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castro's expected successor was oles hand as well. they listened a president obama appealed to cuba's youth, laying out the goals of his trip. >> many suggested i come here and ask the people of cuba to tear something down, but i'm appealing to the young people of cuba who will lift something up, build something new. [ eaking in spanish ] >> janine: following the speech president obama met wit13 cuban dissidents at the u.s. embassy p if president praised the group forhowing, "extraordinary courage." encouraged them all to remain actively engaged in civic life. anan today was another historic first for cuban citizens who got to watch president obama speaking live on cuban state-run television. >> janine: local10's victor spoke with some of them about when a thrill it actually was. >> victor: amid the his and will bustle of old havana, you could
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on state-run tv everywhere. >> what i liked most about the speech was about forgetting, forgiving and starting new. it's the most difficult thing we have to do. it'sot easy for us to forgive each other since both sides have hurt each other. >> victor: she was just one of so many cubans watching the speech on their outdated tvs. >> enough, like the from the said. what's been in place for 50 years hasn't worked. let's see if things can improve in cuba for the people and for the world. [ speaking in spanish ] >> i believe in the cuban people. >> victor: eager to reach the cuban people on the island and the cuban americansack home, he made sure to include a littlest pan yellow. >> people in both of our countries haveung along with sellia cruru or gloria estefan and now listen to pit bull. >> i'm 5284 years old. what haven't i seen?
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cuba like this, happy to see this. we never thought this could have happened. >> victor: it looks like pit bull liked president barack obama speech today. he posted a clip of it on his instagram. he's saying that is no lie. in havana, victor oquendo, local10 news. >> janine: and closer do home there is new information today about a hours in plantation where a man was shot and killed during a house party. that is, we are learning with the second time a person has died in that house recently. local10's terrell forney is live to explain this. >> terrell: and, janine, we're talking about au pair of deaths in this home on different days under two totally different circumstances. that prior death involved a man who was renting a room here and his house mates apparently had no idea that he had died and was decomposing in his room for weeks. a string of code violations and
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wild party that was thrown here over the weekend. but as 400 people showed up, mostly teens, things got out of control. five people were shot and -year-old serge pierre dumas was killed. >> this is the second incident. >> terrell: months before the fatal shooting regina shaw's cousin mccray was also found dead in that same home. the 51-year-old hadn't been heard from in months so his family bent looking. >> on that day he just said that he smelled the odor and he kicked the door down. when he went in there, he was dead. >> terrell: a police report said mccray was lying on the bed in the fetal position and his void body was in the advance dollars stages of decomposition. >> he was living there because he didn't have nowhere to go. that's the reason. they were helping him. they gave h'm a place to live. >> mr. simonet, terrell from channel 10. >> terrell: that's maurice simonet who runs boss group companies, the company that owns
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the 56-year-old is known for throwing big parties himself. today we tracked down simonet atthis two-worry waterfront home in north miami beach. >> your name is tied to boss street min entries as being the owner there. did you rent out the property? >> no. >>the second dead body body has been found in the house in a year. >> with his illness, ohould of at least called and checked on him. >> terrell: and mccray as death here mods ago was ruled a natural death by the medical examiner abuse because of health complications. still, his family ip disturbed by the fact that no one living in this home bothered to check on him despite that odor. as for the investigation surround can the shooting, we understand that it is still underway, they are still looking for the person who pulled the trigger, and none of the 400 people who were here have provided police with any credible information as to the identity of the person who shot and killed that man.
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terrell forney, local10 news. >> laurie: terrell, thank you. what i mystery. and there is breaking traffic news out of pembroke pines to getting to. so let's get to traffic reporter jenise fernandez with the details. >> jenise: we're talking about a bad rollover crash. like you mentioned, , is is in pembroke pines so this is northwest 196th avenue northbound right at taft street suspect you can see that car looks like a mess. crows are out there, they are redirecting traffic in the northbound lanes, andnde are being told that there are two right lapse blocked as a result. this is northwest 1 nicked avenue. have in mbroke pines. crews redirecting traffic oh be aware of that if you are heading that direction. we're hoping to take a look at all of this onur track of data to give you a better idea exactly what's going on. we'l bring it to you once we get that. >> laurie: and turning to politics, a homeowner in colorado is taking a lot of flack for his new ads seeking a
5:39 pm
other for rent ad except that it specifies no trump supporters will be considered. >> i don'think he should be a landlord. end of story. >> laurie: marm mark homes have, a grand junction landlord, put out an ad. he wants a renter for thinks downtown apartment but not if you support donald trump. holmes told a denver tv station that he doesn't want to live with someone that's going to vote for trump, saying, "i guess i did it because you want america to wake up, and i know that i can't change people's vote but any vote foronald trump is in the way wrong direction." >> this is kind of where my quiet space is in this house. anybody that ascribes to his philosophy and to the kind of information that he's spewing and the way he spewst, i don't want around me. >> the landlord is wrong in not -- i'm not a trump supportive but i feel like trump supporters should have the same rights a non-trump supporters. >> when it comes to renting a
5:40 pm
discrimite against a person who is willing to take care of it. >> laurie: others sayho they choose politically is their own business. >> even though i do not subscribe to donald trump, i feel it's wrong to discriminate against anybody. we live in a free country and it's his right to vote for whomm every had he wants. >> laurie: while some folks disagree with the opinionated landlord. >> i think if his point is that he doesn't like donald trump's discrimination toward other peop, seems like he's very much so doing the same exact thing to other people who may have a different opinion from him. >> laurie: others say he's in the right. >> they need to get a tissue and stop crying but look at what trump says about any number of people and tngs. he is the discriminations aspect in this. >> better yetet why don't you give it to some refugees from syria? >> i checked with hud.
5:41 pm
political beliefs. >> laurie: there you go. despite all of the nasty messages he keeps getting on his voice mail with holmes says he's already receive several trump. >> janine: we cononnue to follow late breaking developments in terror attac against brussels. belgian police of found another investigation. we have more live team coverage ahead at 6:00. >> laurie: let's take you outside before w head tow break. our mount sinai medical center tower cam in n ami beach. if you haven't been out there this evening head on out. julie durda said our weather is magnitude and it may be
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we'll check in >> janine: a woman was caught on surveillance video in detroit pulling a gun on a driver at a gas station. you can see a gup of people argue can before the woman pulls out the gun. a man is knocked to the ground and is almost run over by a car at just tries to speed off. you'll see it right there. police say she actually fired veral shots at the driver of the car who was hit. but is expected to survive his injuries. the surveillance cameras at that gas stationary connected to the police department, so officers were connect tips within two hours of the soting. so far, though, no arrests. take a look at this burning car from harris tony county, texas, it burst into flames after that driver lost control
5:46 pm
two good samaritans rushed in and savav the 26-year-old driver who was unconscious after that crash. the driver's side door was jammed shut but they managed to pry it open enough to pull him out. >> laurie: meteorologist julie durda is here with us all week. you say get on out and e eoy this weather. >> janine:ecause change, you say, is happening. we believe you. >> meteorologist: i don't want to be saying it because by thursday you guys are going to tell mee to get back to the morning shift because you're going to want to kick me out of here with the showers and storms that are expecting to increase by thursday into friday. enjoy. we've got lots of sunshine still breaking through, beautiful from the broadwalk as well. everybody enjoying the less humid, dry, comfortable conditions. temperatures today well below normal. we started off in the upper 50s. we topped out at 7 7degrees. normally we do see temperatures in the mid-60s for overnight lows with highs in the lower 80s. we'll get to that and above t tt going into the next few days.
5:47 pm
of 72 in kendall, 74 comfortable degrees in pembroke pines. a shift in the wind direction already warming us up this afternoon. we've noticed that the winds are moving in off the ocean anywherewhere between 14 and 17 miles per hour. the evening lookiki fantastic, mild, nice, comfortable. temperatures will start to drop down to the lower 70s by 9:00 tonight. weapon keel if it had clow in place but these clouds are not producing precipitation. the rain is well to the west of us and starting to develop to the south. think high pressure today and into tonight for a nice weather-party but where high pressure is located it's going be pumping in the heat and humidity not just for us but across the nation south-southeast up toward the northeast. look a the temperatures. the 70s in kansas city, the 60s across the northeast. so tomorrow we will be breezy. we will be warm because the winds will move in off the ocean. that will pump in the heat and humidity. possibility of a stray shower starting as early as tomorrow morning. slight chance. the better chance of stoppers comes thursday, my friends.
5:48 pm
really in the mid to upper 80s which will help fuel the instability in the forecast by thursday and that's going to bring us a big distance of shower and thunderstorm activity for us here in south florida. not tomorrow. that wilil stay the severe weather threat over parts of the nation's midsection, but by thursday we could be talking about some strong to severe storms as well, and we'll keep that chance of storms in the& forecast for the holiday >> laurie: thanks for the tataing with. you may have steen this picture on your social media feeds. now there's a heap ending. weigh talking about the oklahoma grandfather@in a photo salad eating a burger alone. he's now slowing -- sadly eating a burger alone. kelsey tweeted of this her sad papa. turns out he had knifed all six of h grandkids for dinner but she's the only one who showed up. now papa is inviting everyone over for another burger cookout this cominged saturday.
5:49 pm
will be 2-dollar and the family is the selling a thirt that actually says "i had a burger with papa for" for $25. then all the proceeds are going to help papa who is not so sad any more, he says. >> janine: kids have have burgers with your paw paw. you know what i mean? >> laurie: something tellings me he's going to have at the most popular cookout in town now. >> janine: the saying goes you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but a black lab in new york picked up painting all on his own. mostly. his name is the dagger. he was originally trained tech eye service dog for people with disabilities but his fear of stairs disqualified him for that. then his owner, who is also an artist, discovered his love of painting. >> he always lays down next to me, and one day he was nudging me, and i said, do you want too paint, dagger? and he his tail started to wag. he was so excited to see the
5:50 pm
it was almost as if his whole world had opened up. >> janine: there you go. dagger paint with a brush that is been duct-taped to a a paper towel tube that he holds in his mouth. his paintings sell between 50th and $100 apiece. all the proceeds go to animal-related charities. >> laurie: and we have new information on today's top stories ahead at 6:00. here's what we're working for you. wear hearing from worried passengers with the terror atatcks in brussels. >> janine: president obama and cuban leader raul castro wrapping up the historic visit with a little baseball diplomacy today. >> laurie: but one very well-known sportscaster is not happy president president's trip
5:51 pm
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5:54 pm
ferrero up next. >> janine: president obama wrapping up his historic visit to cuba today attending an exhibition game between the tampa bay ray and is the company national team. cuban leader raul castro was with him in the stands. >> laurie: but many cuban exiles are angry with president obama's visit and so is dan le batard whose parents fled the communist island. >> clay: dan le batard hats written for the miami herald more than five years but around the country he's known tas hoist own sports talk radio show, and he's using that ptform for a voice for cuban americans who i. they say are hurting as they're watching in coverage. this is how the rest of the couny is used to seeing dan le batard.
5:55 pm
le batard show one espn radio. but when le batard sees the president on cuban soil, even attending a baseball game with raul castro, you see and hear a much different reaction. >> it hurts to see, and i hope it results in change, but i don't trust that it actually will. >> clay: epp will be tard's parent cuban exiles, and his family like many around south florida beaea deep emotional scars from what they endured. >> when i talk about not trusting t`e cuban government, the reasons for that is because my mother's phones were tap, there were government spies in the neighborhood who would come into her house whenever they wanted to, she was chased in the streets by militia dragging chchns because hes was going into the service of seone who had been killed pie the government. >> clay: raul castro's answers about political prisoners monday is all too familiar. >> it's not correct to ask me
5:56 pm
please give me if name of a political prisoner. >> i mean, they turned night a clown show and it's not surprising. it's not surprising that he would deny having political prisoners. that's why they y n talk. i mean, fidel castro was a wonderful talker. they can talk. the talk doesn't mean anything. >> clay: now, le batard want to make it clear he knows there has to be change in cuba, but he said the way this is all being done, allowing cuba to have this biggert party on their soil and the u.s. essentially helping them do it isn't right without getting some sort of return think it's going to help the cuban people. in video port clay f frero. >> laurie: breaking off the top at 6:00 terror in brussels. dozens killed when bombs go off at the airport and a subway station. >> janine: the alleged suicide attacker seen on surveillance night. one wanted man may still be alive. >> laurie: and a historic trip wraps. you air force one safely taking off of a president obama's two-day trip.
5:57 pm
match-up of america's favorite pastime. a florida team taking the field dependency a cuban national team. >> laurie: and new tonight a miami star weighing in about that trip and the country he affected from. the news a sixties starts right now. realtime closed captioning performed by u.s. captioning company >> janine: first tonight the brbrking news from brussels, the city's airport and metro system remained closed after coordinated terror attacks killed 31 people and injured nearly 190. >> laurie: video from moments after a second plas at the airport this morning showing the panic among passengers. and a silar seen in a dark subway station a few miles from where where at least 20 people were killed and 106 hurt. >> janine: the islamic state is claiming responsibility, and in just a few minutes we'll bring you much more on theuspected
5:58 pm
>> laurie: a historic visit marked with a historic speech? i'm appealing to the young people of cuba who will lift something up, build something new. [ speaking in spanish ] >> laurie: president obama saying goodbye to cuba but leaving an important message behind. [ speaking in spanish ] i believe in the cuban people. >> janine: we have bringing you continues now. we have teams on the ground in >> laurie: our colleague calvin hughes starts off our coverage live in havana. calvin. >> calvin: lauriand janine, today was all about the cuban people for president barack obama. first delivering a speech that was run on state-run television here over the island and then his day ended with a baseball
5:59 pm
and the cuban national baseball tedm, but it was wheelsp for the president atose marti international airport just after 4:00 today. he's now on his way to argentina. it's about an eight-hour flight, and there the president and first family were met by the cuban president raul castro and a delegation of cuban dignitaries, including bruno rodrigz, castro and obama looked like they had a very lively conversation and the president shaking the hands of the obama girls and the first lady michelle obama and then with president barack obama before the president boarded air force one, leaving at exactly 4:18. but earlier today in a speech that was historic and extraordinary, president barack obama talked directly to president castro, telling him that he should consider more change on the island and also more democratic reforms. let's take a listen to the highlights. democracy, freedom, human rights, some of the key concerns
6:00 pm
today in a speech broadcast live throughout the island nation. >> i must speak honestly about the thingngthat i believe, the things that we as americans believe. as marti said, liberty is the right of every man to be ones, to think and to speak without hypocrisy. >> calvin: while acknowledging cuba's many resources, obama called on castro to open the nation to the internet and to american business. >> there's no limitation from the united states on the ability of cuba to take these steps. it's up to you. >> calvin: he also spoke of the& dreams and desires of cuban americans, saying reconciliation is fundamemeal to cuba's future. >> my time here in cuba r rews my hope and my confidence in what the cuban people will do. te can make this journ's friends and as neighbors and as family


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