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tv   Local 10 News 6PM  ABC  March 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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today in a speech broadcast live throughout the island nation. >> i must speak honestly about the thingngthat i believe, the things that we as americans believe. as marti said, liberty is the right of every man to be ones, to think and to speak without hypocrisy. >> calvin: while acknowledging cuba's many resources, obama called on castro to open the nation to the internet and to american business. >> there's no limitation from the united states on the ability of cuba to take these steps. it's up to you. >> calvin: he also spoke of the& dreams and desires of cuban americans, saying reconciliation is fundamemeal to cuba's future. >> my time here in cuba r rews my hope and my confidence in what the cuban people will do. te can make this journ's friends and as neighbors and as family
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si se puedee. >> calvin: obama met with cuban dissidents to discuss their concerns about americaca policy following his speech. >> it requires oftentimes great courage to be active in sick of life here in cuba.. as i indicated in my speech -- sick of life here in cuba. this is an area where we continue to have deep differences with the cuban government, and my hope is, i i that by listening and hearing from them that we can continue to refine our policy in such a way that ultimately the cuban people are able to live frerey and prosperously. >> calvin: now, today the president did something that th last two popes who have visited cuba were asked to do butut did not, and that is meeee with dissidents. pope benedict xvi did that in 2012. he was asked and did not. then last year pope francis was asked to meet with dissidents and he did not. today the president met with those dissident at the american
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catch up with the leaders of the lady in white bettered a soler and antonia roddilez. >> i'm not satisfied but i feel good because i was able to express how i feel. >> calvin: now, the president told them that he did watch that video of that chaotic scene in front of that church in a section of havana. the ladies in white and other protestete who were arrested. we'll have a lot more coming up on at 11:00. let's talk baseball now, and let's to go my colleague who was standing outside of stadium where thaha game took place between the tampa bay ray examines the cuban national team. i will not steal your thunder by giving the final score.i will let you to do that. >> meteorologist: calvin, we won. the tampa bay rays. on the neither inning cuba was able to sorey e. score a run. i know a lot of people are going
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who cares, this is history. 50,000 strong. the energy, what you would expect from a crowd, a country where baseball is everything. >> there was a crush people. there was a crush of humanity but nobody was ill-tempered and really and truthfully they're just happy. >> meteoeologist: have hedge a love story that starts when you're young. 11 years old, he tells me tampa is a good teaea but so is cuba. baseball is in my blood, he says. it's the sport he and mlions of other cubans love. the game starts. the crowd goes wild. this fan convinced cuba would win. looking at baseballiplomacy here, two countries, two longtime enemies together again enjoying good o americaa. >> long overdue.
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of cuban heritage have been here before,,ut nothing compares to this. and bright stars through the perilous fight >> hatzel: so president visit check. baseball game check. an now we can move on to the rolling stones, right, the big, big concert that's happening on frid. everybody looking forward to it in cuba. and the stones just eleased this. hola cuba! >> hatzel: the stones saying that they have performed in many, many incredible places, but this concert in havana is going to b an historic event. they hope, they say, that this is historic for the cubans, too. they think thankhe cubans for welcoming us, they say, to this beautiful country. what a day it has been, calvin,
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of the presidential visit, because of his speech, but also because of that basasall diplomacy happening right before our eyes. calvin, back to you. >> calvin: it's not the end but only the beginning. our hatzel vela live from outside the stadium where the game was playe between the cuban national baseball team and the tampa bay raises. in the president's speech today he talald about cuban ingenuity and he talked about when cuban americans able to come together, they can build, and when they do come together, they build things like miami. i wananto go now to my colleague. glenn who is live in little havana were reaction to thatstatement and the speech. what a shutout today a aut the magic city, glenna. >> glenna: absolutely, calvin. in south florida knows how much the cubans built miami, and right here in little havana this is for the last 50 years the heart and soul o cuban exile.
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same voice here. this is not had a monolithic block at all. but i will tell you today even the hardliners were very impress wednesday the tone and the content of the president's speech. a click clack of domino tiles and dancing shoes where so many decade in exile exile say today they watched their president do good. >> he spoke well to the people. >> they need to be open to the world. >> more food. >> glenna: among those watching at cuban american national foundation headquarters, the chairman who helped frame the content of the president's extraordinary speech direct to cuban citizens. >> when the cuban people hear directly fm the president of the united states that we are not your obstacle, that we are your friend, that we are your ally, that we're here to trade wiwi you, support you, help you build businesses, it breaks a mindset. >> glenna: a shrewd and subtle
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whose father was executed by castro operatives. >> now it is up to you, but we know that you got the tools. you know that good people can do it. but you are not going going to be able to do it until there is a democracy here. >> glenna: the foundation has compiled this list of political prisoners in cuba. its members will tell you history has not played out like they imagined. >> we allave our tragic stories because what the regime did was family separation, and i think that we need to take comfort in that it's hopefully a new day in cuba and we need to support the cuban people and their aspirations for freedom and democracy. >> glenna: if there is a criticism we heard today, it's that the president really should haha taken a tougher stance in repudiating human rights violations and demanding that there be none. and that was really the big critique today. but everyone really understands the political calculations of the way the president presented his speech today right to the
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so from little havana, i will take you back to the original havana, calvin. >> and all right. glenna, thanks a lot. it was pretty much all around praise for the president's speech today but i did talk about a cuban diplomat in havana who had a unique take on what the president had to say. i'll have that coming up at 11:00. for now that's a look back at an extraordinary day and a groundbreaking trip by president barack obama and the first family here to havana. laurie and janine, i'll send it back tyou. i'll have much more coming up at 11:00. >> laurie: we'll look foror you then. it makes all the difference having and you your team right there i cuba. calvin hughes, thank you. now to o other taupe story tonight the terror in brussels. here is the surveillance picture captured of the suspect, at least one of this considered a wanted man tonight. >> janine: what happened to him is still urn clear e. but we do know these coordinate attack killed at least 31 people. our morning anchor eric yutzy
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since it broke overnight. >> eric: i've been covering this story since 3:30 this morning and tonight muchch brussels being described a eerily ququtly. that is expected in neighbor where right now there is a manhunt for a man city center of the attack that isis is claiming responsibility for. police on r/of topps rooftops and soldiers on the ground hunting for a suspected terrorist. these images on twitter showing brussels atts highest state of alert. with officiaia now revealing they discovered a third bomb at the airport which did noto off and police confirming they are now searching for t t man on the right in this picture identifying him as a suspect from the brussels airport attack. >> so many people panicked. so many people cried. >> is scared, so ever run. >> eric: hundreds of terrified passenenrs ran for their lives after two explosions first ripped through the airport, then inside a suby staying in the heart of the city, these attacks
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major suspect in november's terrorist attacks. >> we all stand wetting teg with our ally belgi on this dark day. >> eric: in a show of solidarity and defines streets of brussels fillededith messages of hope and prayers for theel very including threes three americans recovering from their injuries. president obama letters vowing support, condemning the attacks from havana with cuba. >> we will do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally belelum in bringing to adjust those who are responsible. eric: in all are, therer are at least nine american victims. look a what's happening at the thousands. president obama ordering flags to half-staff through saturday. and this image from the eifl tower lit in the colors of the belgium flag. france and belgium sharing a border and now grief over recent terror attacks. that's the latest from the news woolen i'm eric yutzy. >> janine: and these attacks put airports across the world edge, including right here in south florida. lunch there are no-no known threats but security, of course,
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beatat let's get to reporter derby shore who continues our team confirming from miami international airport. >> derek: right now we are waiting for a flight that is coming in from brussels by if way l. way of orlando.. it stopped in orlando and will be here. it is delayed.. we're also waiting for a flight to take off for brussels. that is delayed as well, but both are expected to finally get to where they're trying to go. tonight. town security is tight at this airport and others in the area. >> to listen this information is very crazy. >> derek: david is from just outside brussels p he and dozens of others at miami international airport trying fofoget to the wounded capital city flying non-stop on a flight. this man from brussels didn't want to show his face but he says theews is devastating. >> it's really horrible to just hear and it at the end of your holiday and it's horrible for
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>> derek: she is on her way home to italy via brussels. >> i was sure that the flight was cancelled so i waste even trying to book another night in the who is tell but then like the company like called for me and thep said like we're going to have another flight, so no worries. >> derek: she admits she is nervous. >> i have to do it. i don't have any other chance. >> derek: the flight, however, will not be going to brussels directly instead a smaller airplane in belgium and the passengers will be bussed in. meanwhile stuart tight here at. ev into a and over at fort lauderdale international airport. >> we have increased patrols. we have seen our k-9 out here working. you have seen officers patrolling with long rifles which we don't normally deploy. >> derek: bill franklin is from pompano beach. his first trip to europe is scheduled for today to visit friends in brussels. >> we don't gator fears we're going because we like the people in brussels that we know. >> derek: so that passengertrying to get there. others trying to get back here to miami.
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speak to them about their ordeal, if they knew about anything that happened before they took off this morning or yesterday morning, actually. we taupe hear from them at 11:00. if you have any plans to come to the airport cn have any flights, you'll want to come here with plenty of time err was live at mia, derek shore. >> laurie: and also t tight a safety alert coming out of coral gables. a sketch has been released a man wanted for sexual battery and robbery robber. he's described as a in an in his 30 between 5'7", 5'9", 150 pounds. police say he grabbed a woman as she walked on granada boulevard south of eighth street. anyone with information is urged to call 3054 von tips. meanwhile the fbi said this man was responsible for a bank robbery today in fort lauderdale. he allegedly robbed a suntrust branch on south federal highway near the 17th street causewa_. no one was injured.
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if aou recognized this map call police. >> janine: merck's favorite past tillie on police say in malaysian as the raise took the on cuban national team. >> laurie: and tonight we're hearing 9 to a marlins ace who defected from havana up next. florida. it was a beautiful tuesday, waking up to temperatures in the mid-60s, highs in the 70s. that will be a phing of the pats. when i tell to you get out and enjoy the next few hours, yoyo better to e. studio because when you know the seven-day forecast you're going to know why. it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer.
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>> laurie: more histsty made in carbon as president obama sat with cuba's leader to enjoy some baseball. tampa bay ray going up against cuba's national team, the rays winning 4-1. tonight the perspective from the star jose. >> janine: the ate of pitcher defected from cuba a couple o years ago. >> jenise: he's known as the miami marlins eats. 23-year-old hernandez is a ehehe
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best in the league, aboututhe his journey to majors hasn't been an ease easy one. it was a dream to come play in america, you know, and some of us would do whatever it takes. >> jenise: he was born in santa clara, cuba with dreams of one day playing in the majors. when he was just 15 years old, he what is able to cephal successfully defect from the island nation. after three failed attempts that resulted in him being labeled a traitor. >> i went through so many things, you know, trying to get here. my family went through so many things. >> jenise: thank forhe opportunity here fernandez became a u.s. citizen last year but the memories are still there and fernandez has mixed emomoons about who had todd's game in havana. politics aside, hs happy the people get to experience a major league gam. baseball is a waive life in cuba. >> i think for the people to see a change, i think that that's e main goal here, and on the baseball side, i think that this
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talent over there, so hopefully they can see how the big league >> jenise: bututernandez says he's unsure if we could go back and play on cuban soil. it would be a special moment for his family, particularly his grandmother who still lives there, but he says he would changes. >> i will get into it but we could spend h he all day and i have to pitch. there are stome things that have to change. i think we all know about it. >> jenise: jenise fernandez, local10 news. >> laurie: jose fernandez in his own words.
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lower 80s, lows in 60s.we'll further warm up, highs upper 80. that heat and humidity will help destilize the at fear hurst into friday. we could be you can -- atmosphere. we could be talking strong to storms. >> janine: so as soon as i changes, the weather changes again. >> laurie: tre you go, and that's just rain in florida. thanks for being with us. we will look for you again tonight at 11:00. >> janine: remember you can get up to the point minute information on our website local10 news. "world news" will be updating you on the latestnformation on those attacks in brussels. >> laurie: and we ll haves latest from our crews live in havana, cuba after the
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tonight, special edition of "world news tonight." the deadly terror attacks in brussels. at the airport. >> stay dodo. >> and in the subway. the americans caught in the middle of it all. three deadly explosions rocketing the city. tonight, isis reportedly claiming responsibility. dozens killed. more than 200 hurt. this image leading to anrgent manhunt at this hour.
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the surveillance photo. passengers escaping the subway in the dark and smoke. i talk with the american man who priethe door open. >> it was a nightmare. >> and the virginia woman who hid behind the counter at the airport with the ticketing agent. while here at h he tonight, images from the subway in new york city. amid questions about our own security. the tense moment at an american airport, the passenger jet met by authorities. and the fbi tonight. we ask, how will lone wolves are they tracking right now in the u.s.? we have team coverage. "world news tonight" guns now. from abc news, this is a special edition of "world news tonight" with david muir. brussels under attack. good evening on this tuesday night, as this country and the world now reacts t to another series of deadly terror attacks. tonight, the urgent manhunt right now, after the city of brussels is rocked with multiple explosions, at the airport and then in the subway.
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among those trapped, and you'll hear froro them tonight. authorities now putting out this image. three suspects at theairport, two of them believed to be the suicidbombers. the third man on the right they believe is on the run at this hour. will analyze what else is in that photo. the first blasts at the airport, afterwards, smoke and dust, the injured crying for help. and then, on the subway, in the center of the city, the next explosion. you can hear the cries, passengers running in the dark. tonight, at least 31 killed, more than 200 injured. we have team coverage here, and we begin with abc's alex marquardt on the scene, taking us through the terrifying moments and the investigation now. >> reporter: tonight, terror striking in the heart of europe. beium's main airport, a smoky warzone. the city paralyzed. the attackers hit at the height of rush hour. those three men, police believe, walking into the busy airport. around 8:00 a.m., two blasts.


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