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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 23, 2016 2:33am-3:00am EDT

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>> how did that happen? her rally driver sticks the landing but not for long. the amazing angle of what it's like to stop, drop, roll. a man spots something from -- >> up above a 250-foot cliff. >> the risky move to save a helpless creature. >> be careful. plus -- >> would you be interested in march madness? >> a pickup girl to take a girl from -- and a construction worker with something stuck in his finger. see if his crew can nail the solution. >> start to take your finger out as fast as you can. >> ah! if i could show you a scene, it would be drop it like it's
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>> no, no, no! how does that happen? >> i'll tl you how it happens, sis. this is a dance competition. and it's after hours dance i orlando. this woman lit her crotch on fire. >> no! she lit it. she was trying to win. >> not by lighting your crotch on fire >> she only suffered minor burns. she won the crown. and she was back in the dance studio the next day. she didn't miss one beat. also in florida, this is domenick and jessica. they are doing a little number to kesha's "we are we are." here are two more cheerleaders
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e takes the situation. she's accustomed to doing stuff, but she normally has -- she normally has -- she lowers herself in the sunroof when - - you hear it, she's okay. but the laughter at this t tle proves why this is going ral. >> i'm so glad they were doing this when the car was stopped. doesn't that look pretty? 100-acre woods. guy standing out in the field there gettiti pictures. another guy over there -- >> gorgeous. >> not for long! this is the middle of a rally race. an american rally race called the 100-acre wood. >> oh!
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>> whoa, whoa, whoa! >> that's peter fatella coming over thihi huge air. the sub subaru gets some air, clips one of the f fce posts maybe and that just sends the car tumbling. we have plenty of angles of this incident. watch. oh! oh! now i@ know you're wondering, the guy did end up okay. they were bruised and sore from their bodies getting tossed about inside the car. but no serious injuries. here's yet another angle of this jump. if you love rally, this is why you watch, you love seeing these big jumps. sometimes they don't always stick the landing. [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ].
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>> that's karenen lamar, he's 36 years old and lives in engla. the thing he went to pick up is a puppy. and it's not his puppy. >> is he in a sewage drain? >> he's up above the 2505foot cliff. he called the fire brigade but they probably wouldn't get there in time. so he decided t t climb down and take care of himself. >> that's a big risk to take, especially when you see the camera pans back you realize. >> when you do something like that, you have to be confident. because in the past, he's been a window cleaner. he says if you get the shakes and nervous, you shouldn't do it. but if you have confidence, you should be okay. so he was confident, he could just climb down there and get the puppy and then realized, it was kind of risky. >> well, now his daughter is like, my dad is a puppy hero! yay, dad! can we keep him? can we keep him? >> well, the puppy's openwner was one of the people looking down
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everybody is happy. thisideo is two fox cubs. they were found at a turkey farm in england. and wildlife aid was called and they said -- >> what about the buffet. >> if yououon't come and get theme we'll have them destroyed, so the wildlife rescue came in to rescue them. after this they'll have limited contactith humans because that's what wildlife aid does they rehabilitate animals to put them back out in the wild. >> i clearly couldn't work there. >> wildlife aid gets it done. what you are going to see in this videos a match. quite literally, 6,000 matches all lined up one next to each other. this is basically t he domino effect. >> i'm going to love this. >> me, too. go! >> doing this inside? >> i know. and on a wooden table. >> and it jusus spread.
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one after the other. and it gets warmer and hotterr and slowly the fire consumed it all. the really interesting part was, though, when i saw the later video, it's 14 minutes. i figured it would happen a lot quicker, a lot more explosive. but it turns out no. >> and it burns the wholed time? >> that is until the very last bit of fire goes out. you can see right there in the middle, the matches are lying left, right and center. it looks like some sort of spaghetti dish gone wrong. >> i would just like to point out that the person who lit thtse matches lit it and ran. we would have a very differe video if not. she's crossing the street, minding her own business when -- >> oh. >> see the amazing rescue. and this dog is obsessed with disneyland. so they decided to put all of his wife's mini ears on honey.
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you see her with her hands over her eyes.. >> she's about to see a cute little fry. >> all right, openthem. >> aww! >> and they call it. puppy love no! >> yes. >> do you love her? >> aww. is this mine? >> yeah. >> you see grandma tear up here instantly when they introduce her to her new fur baby. because she lost her fur baby on christmas eve. while they can never replace the one she had, there's so mu love to give for the new one. >> that one is going to be spoiled rotten. >> you think? >> all of this was posted on our facebook page. and i'm glad they shared. this lady walking across that very well marked crosswalk
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everybody following the rules of the road. look at this. >> oh, come on. >> wait! he's still driving! >> yeah. somehow that distracted driver inside that van does not see her. >> it's the level of did @raction. there's an impact, he still doesn't stop. run over to her, he still doesn't stop. >> now she's pinned under that van. formallytune forortunately the people are able to lift the van and pull her out. as bad as it looks, she walked away with minor scrapes and bruises. >> these things weigh about 20 pounds. >> formally they do weigh 20 pounds because they are saving people's lives. this also in china. this man right here j jt got out of that taxi. apparently t ty're referred to as black taxis. they are not allowed to operate. the vehicle in front of the car is a police car that's blocking the imfrom being able to
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the passenger is trying to grab his bag from the trunk of the car but the taxi driver decides that's the perfect time to take off. >> no! >> oh, man. you just -- oh, come on. >> right over him. >> drags him under the car. and once he starts driving forward, finally the passenger is able to release from under e car. >> and the guy gets up and walks away holding the back of his head. >> but before he can get to his gs, the driver takes off. >> no, he does not. >> come on, man. >> the officer's reaction is almost nonexistent. >> eventually after a few hours, they did get their man and the passenger also walked away with minor scrapes and bruises. >= a few hours, what did they do, go to lunch? the ownererf this dog says his wife is obsessed with disneyland and decided to put
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honey, the dog. >> not mini small, minnie mouse. >> that's cute. >> that's a well-behaved dog. >> but look at this dog. almost looks like an ewok. please give me the treat you're holding over the camera becau it's delicious. look. >> i thought that was a stuffed dog. the dog doesn't move, blink, breathe or anything. yep, yep, yep, awesome. be nice. good puppy. >> t tt little dog is stella. and stella really wants what domino that big black dog has. but let me just warn you,ll things are not as they appear. because they really love each other. >> good thing the bigger dog is there just in case. >> this was posted to our "right this minute" facebook page. and what i love about this story
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>> nice move, stella. >> we were playing. i trusted you. stella! stella! >> stella got you, boy. dudes give the pregnancy diet a shot. >> what's the pregnancy diet? eating everything in sight, pickles and ice cream? >> no. >> see how long they can hang. >> totally failing his test. plus, a situation we can't quite put our finger on. >> he's got a nail in his fifger. >> oh, he's got a finger nail. >> learn how to extract a nail aussie style.
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just clean through. there's a world of flavor in every jelly bell y promotional considerations provided by --
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you can save over 500 bucks when y@u switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... standing by for fun. we have had several videos on this show before as guys try to experience what women go through in pregnancies. the guys try a pregnancy diet. >> oh, i was like, whave to be pregnant? >> no. >> is this guy eating everything in sight with pickles and ice cream. >> i got these guys to start the pregnancy diet. no alcohol. no deli meat. no lunch meat, hot dogs, smoked seafood, sauce, cheeses, no.. >> you can't have sliced turkey? >> no. because there's a risk of listeria associated with it, including unpasteurized milk or
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no raw meat, no raw eggs, no raw sea food or shellfish. there's risk of listeria, salmonella or otherinfections. >> now it makes sense why women are eating pickles and ice cream because i don't see any of that on the list. i'm hungry. >> this is the one i struggled with, no caffeine. but there is a risk of dehydration or even miscarriage. so you can't play around with this stuff. the guys have to try this diet for two weeks. how are they going to do? lest let's find out. >> i'm at a drive-through. i have never done a diet where i can't eat things so i just don't know what to eat. >> this is driving me crazy. >> do you have any idea how it feels? >> well, i'm on month seven. so it's only like 50 times -- >> deal with it. >> it doesn't take long for himim to start drinking. >> i had a couple drinks with
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>> totally failing his test. >> it's easier for them to cheat. >> bause there's no consequence. >> exactly. >> they ateast get some sensitivity or some way to stand their woman. >> i am dramatically changing the way in which i order sandwiches. >> there's a big lesson he learned. puppy's first lemon. [ dog barkrkg ] this guy hits a two-by-four at a construction because he has a nail in his finger. >> he has a finger nail.
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now he's getting a lot of attention because there's a nail through his finger and they don't go to the hospital. there's a clamp being applied to a 2 by 4. the hand being held in place. just listen to the highly technical medical advice he's giving. >> ah. why w wld you allow them to do this? >> poor guy. there are thingsou have to get done today, too. you can't shut down the whole construction site because you have a finger nail. >> oh, dude. >> just clean through. >> his fingers already super swollen and purple. i wouldn't mess with it. >> i would want to go to the doctor just to get a tetanus shot. >> are you [ bleep ] serious? >> they are just going to grab it. >> this is amazing. >> that guy's got a pair of pliers and a about to pull -- we'll see how quickly it goes. >> do it.
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>> yeah! and australia, ladads and gentlemen. >> looked a them all wearing their safety gear. >> tank tops -- the you go. that is how you extract a nail. i wish you would date me. >> wow, good line. >> he's got plen fity of pickup lines. >>. he's got plenty of pickup lines and pranks taking their shot with march madness pickup lines.
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>> she you guys don't wear prescription glasses but there are a lot of people do. i have hats for you from the guys at buzzfeed. if your glasses fall off all the ti, take one and wrap it around each temple. walla! run this under some hot water until it softens up and just mold the frames to fit you. if you r lose a screw, and i think we have in our sunglasses, just push a toothpick through it, break it off and it's a great fixer-upper until you get a real screw in it. now, if your glasses are too
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regular oil-free soap and wash it in water. if you have a heavy precipitation and at night need to figure out where your glasses are, buy some glow-in-the-dark paint and paint the case that you keep your glasses in at night. if you want to see t t entire thing, head over to and click on tv show or our mobile app. spring may have sprung but for a lot of the world winter is coming. we are all excited becausese everyone is super excited. now it's a good thing winr is coming or in this case already arrived at this place. simon beck is out there taking one step at a time to create something truly spectacular. now, as he faces this stark landscape, the situation that he faces with the challenge in frt of him is dire. i'm not sure i can put anyore pun/clues into this as far as what it's going to be. anybody want to guess?
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>> star dire, a dire -- wolf, anybody. there you go. the camera guy's got it. [ applause ] many people are going to recognize this. in fact, simon walked 20 miles to create this inkreblincredible dire wolf. in fact, winter is coming. it's epic! >> it's fafaastic. can you help me out with something really fast rht around this corner? >> stranger danger! >> that has warning, stop right here, written all over it. stay away. >> it is march madness. so the guy is defining pranks and taking their best shot with march madness pickup lines. >> how would i help you if i have no idea? >> because you're a woman and i'm a man and women are smarter than men.
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>> she immediately was like, hmm. >> she wanted to use the phantom word. >> look at the face on her friend. >> she's not going with you and i'm not going to let her make any bad decisions. >> and she's like, good luck. >> oh, hi, oh -- >> i'm curious. are you -- will you go all the way? >> funny. >> it is like a 16 seed playing a 1 seed. i was wanting if you guys wanted to march madness and chill. >> i don't want to march madness with you, honey. thank you. >> hey. she got too the point. >> girl, you're a 16 seed in my eyes. there's nothing you can do to upset me. >> okay. what is a 16 seed? >> most of the ladies entertained his march madness pickup lines because they are
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vegas, so why not? >> we are in vegas with a guy so sorry. >> you are in vegas with a guy? more videos you ask? check us out on this mororng on "world news now," the search in brussels for an isis bomber. >> from the manhunt to the human toll to the travellers who feel vulnerable worldwide. live coverage coming up. terror investigation. who were the men responsible for the brusssss bombs? new details about their isis network. and which targets could be next. paying tribute showing strength in brussels with heartfelt memorials to the
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the city in grief trying to heal. and our other major story, long lines at polling places in three states. the candidates talk terrorism while donald trump and hillary clinton have an eye on the delegate counts. it's wednesday, march 23rd. from abc news, this is "world news now." . >> good morning, everybody. on this wednesday, i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm reena ninan. >> the world is really grieving all that took place just about 24 hours ago. want to show you a live picture right now of the empire state building. you'll note it is noticeay dark. they turned the lights off overnight in memory of the victims in belgium. >> and the president has announced that the white house, federal buildings, even military posts will all fly the flag at half-staff until saturday night to honor the victims. >> so many people remembering the victims over there. we want to get to the latest comi out right now because the
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the city is on edge as authors hunt for those responsible for the chaos. the dea toll from the attacks now up to at least 31. at least 250 people injured. >> brussels airportemains closed. the city's transit system has limited service today. molly hunter is in the belgian capital this morning. >> reporter: on going raids continue across the european country. the m!nhunt for this man who authorities have identified as a suspect in the airport attacks. investigators say it all started around 8:00 a.m. tuesday morning. two bombs exploding. the terminal filled with smoke, chaos, people frantically running for safety. >> big bang. everybody cried and came along here. we saw kind of moek smoke. >> reporter: theorce so great, ceilings collapsed, people lying on top of one another and the horror continues. 9:11 a.m. an hour after the


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