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tv   Local 10 News 5AM  ABC  March 23, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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maxing out today around 85 degrees. thanks so much. traveling on t i this morning, we're looking great. i-95 at 155th street. no issues here. a really bad crash off the turnpike affecting both northbound and southbound lanes near pembroke road and hollywood boulevard. a semi truck crashed into a median there. we know two southbobod lanes and one northbound lane is closed.d. northbound lanes, those speeds are really slow, at about 16 miles per hour. our southbound lanes also at a crawl with 15 miles per hour and it's early. so for those speeds tobe coming in at 5:01, you know this is going to be a problem spot. i would take 441 instead. that's near the turnpike extension. if you're t traveling in miami-dade county another crash to get to. this one offf tamiami
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now to our top storyry of the morning. the terror attacks in dead. we now know the identities of thoho suicide bombers. >> those two were standing right with the suspected attacker who for. >>reporter: belgium authorities have identified these twowo they are brothers. they were apparently known to police for past crimes but nothing related to terrorism. we've been showing you this image of them right here from surveillance cameras at the brussels innocent airport. the brothers are the two in black on the left. they are belelved to have blown themselves up in these attacks. we alsls know k kalid had represented the car in brussels. he has not yet been officially identified. police have been
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brussels yesterday for that person. they call him the top suspect in the country's deadliest attack in decades. several raids about been carried out while investigators look for this person. one of the houses searched yesterday led to the discovery of an explosive device containing nails and other objects. so far they've found chemicals and an islamic state flag. it was 24 hours ago now, we showed you the chaos erupting. two bombs exploded around 8:00 a.m. the blast brought down the ceiling, shattered glass, filled the building with smoke, people running for their@ lives. hundreds were injured. among them were nine americans. they are seriously injured today. and the nighthtre didn't end there. 9:11 a.m., seven miles away another suicide bomb detonates, this
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the european union. the aftermath there, a twisted mass of metal. right now it's unclear ho many people were injured but at the last count it was nearly 190 and the death toll up to 34. people continued to gather at a plaza in ussels in memory of these victims. flowers and candles have been left in tribute to those who have died. the airport ends several metro stations in brussels remains clod today. people who live there are starting to go back to work and school hesitantly and understandably so. isis claimed responsibility for the attacks just days after the arrests. he was arrested in brussels. i'll be checking b bk in at least every half hour. we areonitoring every developing detail as the man huntor the third suspect continues right now. miami international rport sure stepped up the security presence
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officials say while there's no direct threat to mia, they increased the presence of uniformed officers and canine units among the terminal. breaking overnight, police saying they were forced to shoot and kill a man holding a pick axe. how many officers involved. ben kennedy is at the scene following this breaking story for us now. >>reporter: good morning, jacey and eric. miami-dade police say they were forced to shoot this man who they say was violent and armed with a pick axe. detectives are still here at the scene, a very active investigation off of southwest 88th place and 183rd's there officers got a call about 9:30 tuesday night of a man breaking car windows and tires with a pick axe. neighbors say 25-year-old man had already damaged six cars.
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officers in. once inside police say are inririn con lunged at the officers forced to shoot and kill him. they each haveore than 18 years with the department so they are veterans on the force. their names have not been release as you can see behind me, detectives continue their investigation.. reporting live in palmetto expressway, ben kennedy, local 10 news. after making an historic trip to cuba, president barack obama is now in argentina. day his schedule includes a meeting with the country's president, the embmbsy staff and a state dinner. >> meeting with raul castro for an historic visit. yesterday president obama speaking to the cuban people. during a speech the commander-in-chief making it clele why he was there saying he had come to bury the last
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with the americans. yesterday the president spoke to the cuban people. he tried to relay the messages that despite many differences, the two countries have shared values. >> hajana is only 90 miles from florida. but to get here we had to travel a great distance, over barriers of history and ideology, barriers of pain and separation. >> mr. obama went on to say cubans and americans shared the common values patriotism and pride. the chairman who helped frame the content of the president's speech. >> from th president of the united states that we are not your obstacle, that we're not your -- we're your ally. it breaks a mind scattered showers set --
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>> they sat down in a private meeting and praised them for their courage. now president obama also went to that tampa bay rays game and he is now for argentina. our local 10 team is still in cuba. look for their live reports. victor oquendo will be right here on the local 10 morning news ahead at 6:00. the results are in from tuesday's primaries, several delegates up for grabs with what some call western tuesday. for reublicans, donald trump takes the win, he earned the 5 delegates in arizona. ted cruz 22%, john kasich, 10% of the votes in arizona. the results from the democratic side, heck taking arizona with 60% of the votes, earning 43 delegates. bernie sanders earned 37% netting him 27 delegates. idaho, democratic caucuses. sanders claims his
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night's elections. hillary clinton earning 21% of the vote there. just overnight results fromhe utah cocks. for the democrats, intraryndz with 87% of the vote. finally in utah the republican primary, jacey, tell us about that. >> ted cruz wins with 70% and takes all of the state's 40 delegates. kasich comes in second with 17%. trump is in third place with 14% and that is all the updates for vote 2016. now we have to go to two silver alerts. police need your help finding a woman last seep yesterday walking near her home. this is in lauderhill. she was also seen wearing a light blue shirt with blue pants. police say she does suffer from dementia. police need help finding this man, last seen driving to a doctor's appointment in ft. lauderdale.
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about these two missing people is asked to call police. still ahead this morning at 5:30, local 10 there as a flight landed in brussels. >> the emotional reunions who say they missed the attack by just minutes. >> the latest on his case and his plea coming up. a rare album of one of the most popular bands in the world was sold at auction. how much one collector dropped just to get their hands on that record. after a nice start to this workweek, change are coming and they are coming fast. we'll talk about your wednesday forecast and what we can expect as we
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tt2watu#@m@m bt@qu)d tt2watu#@m4 "a@qe% tt2watu#@m4 bm@qn., tt4watu#@m4 " dztq ]:h tt4watu#@m4 " entq ->->tt4watu#@m4 " gzt& 49p tt4watu#@m4 " hnt& $7< tt4watu#@m4 " iztq n^d tt4watu#@m4 " jntq \.$ tt4watu#@m4 " lzt& dcx nine months after sandra bland's death in texas, the former trooper appeared in court. a grand jury indicted him back in jury. they said he lied about what lead bland to exit her car during that traffic stop. jailers found bland dead in her cell three days after that arrest. her death was ruled a suicide. terrifying accident in the sky. two experienced sky divers smashed right into each other during the free-fall. one sky diver was able to deploy his parachute and land. he's still in the hospital with injuries. the other sin critical condition. we're right about 5:15 and temperatures are going to falll a degree or two before we start to climb here on this wednesday and today
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start to the workweek and what's going to end up being a very warm and wet week here across south florida. the good news is this morning as you headut, it is dry. the radar will remain quiet here this morning frob key west all the way through dade and broward with the highest rain chance today around 10%. if you do see a shower, it will be small and moving quickly along an easterly breeze. key west you're at coolest spot at 67. kendall check can in at 68. you can see thatt easterly flow across dade, broward and the keys, so right now we're at 71. we should fall to around 68 d drees before sunrise right around 7:20. temperatures start to climb. we'll see mostly cloudy skies early. some sun mixed in this afternoon. as we go through thursday and easter weekend, we'll see a decent chance of showers and thunderstorms each and every afternoon. big area of high pressure locked between the coast of the carolinas andermuda.
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move off to the southeast, ourinds will shift a little more out of the southeast and eventually south. we'll see a surge of moisture come in from the caribbean for south florida. that will bump our rain chance up for thursday. and then we'll watch the storm system as moving through the central plains right now bringing heavy snow through denver, central parts of wyoming. as that front moves to the southeast, a big severe weather outbreak along the tennessee river valley. watch the bull's eye across town, showers and storms likely as we go through tomorrow afternoon. as this cold front getscloser for easter weekend, that will agitate the atmosphere enough to keep the rain chances fairly high. as we go through good friday, 50% chance of showers and thunderstorms on thursday, and notice those afternoon highs come up to 87 degrees,not only for the start of the weekend but right
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tuesday of next week. >> trent, thanks so much. hey, you guys, traveling on the i about 15 minutesgo it was nice and clear. now we have reports of a broken down carrlocking one of our express lanes on i-95 northbound and 19th street. that's right over here to the distance. not in camera view. doesn't mean it's not there but it's early soyou can stick with the regular lanes this morning. the big traffic story is ing to be the turnpike. both northbound and southboundnlanes between hollywood boulevard and pembroke road e@fected here after a semi truck collided with the median there. let's zoom on in quickly to see what our northbound lanes are lookinin like. you're staying obviously between 13 and 28 miles per hour. our southbound lanes also not looking good, 19 miles per hour. the story here, since you may want to avoid the turn pike, take 441 or i-95 if you're heading northbound or southbound in miami-dade county. another crash off of
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at southwest 87th avenue. those delays are off of 87th avenue southbound with those speeds at 18 miles per hour. going, going, gone. a re hidden album away for decades just sold at ction. a hefty price to pay to take thisne home. it's 5:17 and 71 degrees. of course trent will be here all morning long with your weather forecast. don't go anywhere.
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just getting started. a rar beatles album hidden away for decades sold at action for, get this, $110,000. >> whoa. >> that ten-inch vinyl record which has been called the holy grail for beatles collectors was sold to an anonymous british collector. it was the first disc released under the beatles name and includes the first song john lennon ever wrote called "hello little girl." >> anyone ever listen to it? special. >> old victrtrola. >>rererter: facebook activated its safety check feature which lets people check on the status of their loved ones after a disaster. verizon and at&t are all
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texts to brussels. >> consumer reports says the best smart phone its ever test saudi a samsung galaxy s-7. >> it delivers on its promises of great battery life, a great camera and water resist especially. there's bad news for fans of the wii-u. >> a nintendo will stop manufacturing the popular game console later this year and instead focus its attention on a new device as well as mobile gaming. >> those are your tech bytes. a high school star is not letting cancer get in the way of having some fun. the heart warming prom-posal from his hospital bed. constance is here, she has everything you need to know. we'll be back in a
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can find out. a football star in orlando did not let his battle with cancer stop him from planning a surprise for his girlfriend. >> he has been fighting leukemia since last november and he spent a lot of time in the hospital getting chemotherapy so that's where he planned the surprise. with his girlfriend walked in his hospital room, he was dressed in doctor scrubs and holding a sign asking her to be his prom date. of course she saidd yes. >> very nicely done, man. got to keep on living. >> live for every day, every moment. we appreciate as much time as we have on this planet, right? a deadly police-involved shooting in palmetto bay. police say he damaged six of h neighbor's cars before that shooting.
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terror in brussels. police have identified two of the suspects believed to be responsisie for the attacks. the death toll has now risen to 34 people and almost 200 injured. and the results for the western tuesday's caucus and primaries, they have come in overnight. senator ted cruz won the utah caucus. senate bernie sanders won idaho. they both won arizona. 5:25 right now. that means local 10 news at 5:30 is next on this >> trent is in the house this morning.
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big the e nference call. the ultimate arena for business. hour after hour of diving deep, touching base, and putting ducks in rows. the only problem with conference calls: eventually they have to end. unless you have the comcast business voice mobile app. it lets yoy switch seamlessly from your desk phone to your mobile with no interruptions. i've never felt so alive. make your business phone mobile with voice mobility. comcast business. built for business. breaking overnig. police say they were forced to fire when a man with a pix axe lunged right at them. >> t t of the suicide bombers have been identified in the brussels attacks as police continue their man hunt.
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freedoms president obama stressed to the island nation. a woman is attackedand now police need your help tracking this man in this sketch down. good morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacac birch. welcome to your wednesday. feeling good. warming up dramatically. >> we've been all over the place. it was freezing cold yesterda morning. >> for spring. >> toss those blankets off overnight. >> look whose here. >> you're not out-numbed today. that's the best part. it's two versus two. i like it. 71 degrees outside right now. just keep in mind o o high monday was 70. as we go through the next couple of days our high will be 87 degrees tomorrow. today kind of the transition day in between. that morning commute looks dry. that will not be your affic concerns but i'm sure constance will have all your hot spots. temperatures will be warm. we'll see those
5:28 am
around 80 later on this afternrnn. 12 miles per hour ft. lauderdale and 14 in miami. so with attempts in the upper 60s right before sun rise around 7:20rbgs they will continue to climb near that 80 degree mark later on this afternoon and then they will fall to the low 70s later on tomorrow. >> thank you so much. if you guys are traveling off of miami gardens drive, we have a really bad crash to talk about this morning affecting our west-bound lanes for thoaks trying to get on i-95. this is an injury crash. that's why we have all of the flashing lights in place. the good news with this, it's not on the i, so if you're traveling on i-95 northbound you should be ableo get by without any issues. those speeds between 68 and 62 miles per hour. back to our big traffic story of the morning, the turn pike. this bad crash involving a semi truck closing down some of the lanes northbound and southbound between hollywood boulevard and pembro road.
5:29 am
us where the slowdowns are in place. zooming on in our southbound lanes, those speeds are pretty slow at about nine miles per hour. northbound lanes also slow at 23 miles per hour this morning. this is on the approach to the turn pike extension. instead you can take 441 or i-95. breaking overnight, a man shot and killed by police in palmetto bay. police say ty were forced to fire. they say he lunged at them with some kind of unusual w weep, some kind of a pickxe. >> what happened in that case. >>reporter: good morning. police say this guy was violent and armed with a pick axe, actually lunged at an officer. they say they were forced to shoot. this morning off of southwest 88th place and 183rderrace. it's there officers got a call about 9:30 tuesday night of a man breaking car windows and
5:30 am
police say 25-year-old ethan ricon already maged six cars. once inside police say ricon who was still holding that pick axexe lunged at an officer who was forced to shoot and kill him. back live to the keep here in palmetto bay, a very active investigation. the officers who pulled thetrigger did not get hurt. they each have 18 years on the force so veterans with the department as this investigation continues. reporting live in palmetto bay, ben kennedy, local 10 news. now turning to the terror in brussels, the death toll with 34 after almost 23 others injured. >> just this morning we're learning identities of two of those suspected attackers and a third attacker remains on the run this morning. >> erica rakow joins us now frfr the news room. she has all the latest information. >>reporter: those two suspects
5:31 am
they were apparently known to police for past crimes but nothing related to terrorism. they are the two dressed in black. investigators believe they were suicide bombers. black gloves on their left hands may have concealed the detonators. this morning an international manunt for that man right there. he has not yet been officially identified. meanwhile checkpoints are are set up all around brussels. right here a live picture of one of them at the airport which is still shut down today, this while investigators raid homes and properties looking for thatat top suspect they call him. they haven't found him yet but they have found a mail bomb, chemical product and an isis flag. st 24 hours ago chaos here erupting right in the hea of the morning rush. the first target the departure area at the terminal of brussels international airport. outside a security check point two bombs
5:32 am
tuesy morning, the terminal filled with smoke. >> after the second explosion, so many people panicked, so many people cried. >>reporter: the explosions arere so powerful glass shattering, ceilings collapsing, hundreds of injuries. among them nine americans, including these three mormon missionaries from utah seriously hurt and the nightmare didn't end there. 9:11 a.m. just and hour after the airport explosion, another suicide bomb detonates near the offices of the european union. the aftermath here, a twisted mass of metal. >> when i was outside, i just saw two people with hands like covered, really covered in blood. >>reporter: this morning bomb experts are intently studying the aftermath of the devices set off in the airport. the state department has issued a travel alert
5:33 am
americans traveling all over there. authorities fear more attacks could occur with the holiest days upon erica rakow, local 10 news. families are relieved after a flight from brussels landed safely in south florida. families were worried no knowing if their loved ones made it out safely before it all happened. people on board the flight had no idea the atcks had even taken place. spread out throughout the plane. thereere about 20 cops outside. >> now the passengers had to stop in sanford to be cleared by security. they were able too call their loved ones from there. just yesterday president obama delivers an historic speech in cuba. his message clearly directed right to the cuban p pple. >> before leaving the island the president got to go to a friend rei baseball game between
5:34 am
cuba national team.the president spoke to the cuban p pple in havana. he tried to relay the message that despite many differences, the two countries share values. >> for all of our differences, the cuban and american people share common values in their own lives. a sense of patriotism and a sense of pride. >> after a busy schedule for three days the president did finally get to have a little bit of fun. he attended a tampa bay rays game against the cuban national game. he sat right next to raul castro and spoke to espn. >> our belief is if you have more americans traveling, if you have more commerce, if you have more interaction, if your ideas and our culture is penetrating
5:35 am
time this gives us more leverage to advocate for the values we know about. >> the men are part of the oppition and they are asking for the freedom of political& prisoners. >> lindsey, this was about more than just, more than just, more than just -- we have a moment here with a political demonstration. >> cuban police came in and we know six people were arrested. and yesterday just days before their concert, the rolling stones sent a message to cuba. >> hola, cuba. >> yup, hola, cuba. the legendary rock band played a free concert on friday. don't you worry, local 10 will be there and we'll bring it to you. we have a safety alert this morning from coral gables. a sketch of a man wanted for sexual battery and robbery. take a look.
5:36 am
in his 30s, five foot seven to five foot nine feet tall. police say he grabbed a woman on sunday. neighbors say this man may have visited their neighborhood before. >> i sawomeone that ordinarily i wouldn't see down our block. at first it startled me because i thought of the news of what we had seen the day before, and he seemed to somewhat resemble that description. >> once again this is a sketch of the man police are looking for. anyone with information, if you recognize who he may be, call miami-dade crimestoppers at 305-471-tips. police are on the hunt for a man that robbed a subway restaurant. on saturday police say the suspect going up to the counter, implied he had a gun and demanded all the money from the rem sister. he is 22 to 30 years old, five foot eight inches tall and was last seen wearing a green hat
5:37 am
several people calling people toeport a shooting on duval street but were apparently forced to wait a long time before getting through. >> he have someone shot here, man. and it's ringing. it's 911. answer the phone. >> police say derer michael david was involved in a domestic dispute. all three are expected to recover there their injuries. david was arrested and is now facing charges. a successful lift-off from cape naveral yesterday. that's what it's bringing to the international space station. by now most of you know about the politits. what about the actual game? we've got the highlights coming up for you in our morning sports wrap. good morning, south florora. we had some traffic trouble to report right
5:38 am
drive just east of i-95. an injury crash. at this point i was is nice and clear. also a secondary crash on the turnpike.
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5:40 am
after the b bak. fire crews in arizona battling a huge blaze at a recycling plant. look at this. 150 firefighters had to be called out to the scene but they scaled back to allow the flames to burn out, especially those hot spots. there were noeports of any injuries. the cause of that fire is under investigation. a rocket blasting off from cape canaveral last night. it is headed for the international space station. it will not come back to either. instea it will be set on fire. nasa wants to see what
5:41 am
starts inside of a space capsule in zero gravity. i hopee they have cameras on board because that is cool. >> let's see what happens when we start a fire in a space capsule. that has perfection and no problem writtenall over it. >> watch it burn. >> that's what you guys did when you were a kid. >> doesn't it sound interesting? >> we light everything on fire. get a lighter, magnifying glass,whatever you can get your hands on. i'm with eric on this. bottom line here is cross south f frida, we're going to turn the heat on. today kind of a ansition between the cool stuff early in the week and warm stuff thursday and friday. as you wake up this morning, making the commute around town, it is dry from ke west. as we start your day right now, we're at 68 kendall, 71 for pembroke pines, hialeah all the way through miami.
5:42 am
temperatures will fall another couple of degrees before sunrise which happens around 7:20 this morning. we've all got the easterly wind between 10 and 20 miles perr hour. less than 10 for marathon through key west. the wind is going to pick up. as it does so, it may kick up a shower or so. they are going to be very fast movers. today that e eterly wind will keep us breezy at times. by thursday winin a little more out of the southeast. we'll see a surge of moisture come in from the caribbean and that's going to allow the rain chance to shoot up to 50 or 60%. we're watching the storm system across the northern part of the midwest and central plains and it's dunking heavy snow right now from rapid city all the way down towards denver. as we go through the next couple of days, some rather impressive snowfall totals as we're now officially in spring. up to a foot or more in green bay. seven in minneapolis.
5:43 am
totals around democrat 80 and chicago have come down an inch or two as forecast 12 hours ago. what we're watching here as that snow moves off to the north, we'll see stormy conditions roll through the southeast, a couple of severe weather outbreaks through the mississippi river valley and then that cold front will stall out in the northern part of the state. notice our rain c cnce stays here between 50 and 40% all the way through good friday and the start of easter weekend. our afternoon highs, they shoot up to 87 degrees each and every day. some locations could be flirting with that 90 degree mark here later through thursday and friday. taking the boat out, small craft advisory. seas are four toeven keys. the rain chance shoots up. forecast doesn't change much as we go through easter weekend. >> thanks so much. back to our traffic alert thls morning. we had some majaj trouble because we had an injury crash there
5:44 am
or leaving i-95. the big trouble spot there is miami gardens drive. if you're traveling in this spot, expect some police activity. this happening just east of the i. back to our big, big traffic story of the morning. our helicopters are launching to head to this spot. this is the turn pike between pembroke road and hollywood boulevard. a crash involving a semi truck has lanes closed in both northbound and southbound d)rections. let's quickly check. three miles per hour and that's not correct, 59 miles per hour. three miles. there we go. both northbound and southbound looking really bad this morning. instead of taking the turn pike. even if you're trying to get to the turn pike extension, i would sake 441 and truck it a little further west on miami gardens drive. these closures will be in place for most of the morning. >>reporter: good morning, i'm clay ferraro with your local 10 morning sports wrap. it was vital for the
5:45 am
the pelicans are bad enough. the heat just had to get this one in new orleans. dwayne wade and company trying to take caree of business in the big easy. heat taking control of this one early. goran dragic getting a thrilling alley-oop. second quarter now, josh richardson driving inside and throwing down two of his six points. got a little tight in the fourth quarter but wade puts it away. he goes for 25 to lead miami. now it's on to san antonio. >> everybody know about their crowd and their home record, you know, and just try to go in there and get a tough road win and do what done. to baseball and that historic game between the raysnd the cuban national team yesterday. the fourth inning and that is out of here. makes it 3-0 tampa bay. ys would hold the
5:46 am
scoreless until rudy reyes changes that with a home run. tampa bay 4-1 over the cuban national team. i'm clay ferraro and that is your local 10 morning orts wrap lolol 10 morning sports wrap. yesterday's baseball game in havana not just anototr game. for one south florida sports personality, it's personal. >> seeing president obama hugely comfortable at a cuban baseball stadium, waving, smiling, photo ops, it just hurts. >> marlins pitcher jose fernandez says he has mixed emotitis about a major league team taking the field in cuba. >> for the people to see a change, i think that's the main goal here. >> hope of fernandez is that change will come. he says the president's trip was not the best way to do it. you mayemember
5:47 am
those two men but what really caused this furry fistight. >> we'll hear from the girlfriends this those involved. a live look from our ft. lauderdale tower cam. it is dark and early. ten minutes almost until 6:00 a.m. we have you covered, south florida, on this
5:48 am
5:49 am
coming up here >>reporter: it's a fairy tale adopt a pet showed. this is shreck. are you no monster. you're just stunning. i have your princess fiona right here. hello, everyone. i'm jacey birch. we are having a blast with these hot dogs, dachshund rescue of south florida. they are a bonded pair. brother and sister. they were abandoned. it's easier to have two dogs than one dog, don't
5:50 am
they always do better in pairs. a single a a home will just get restless. having a companion, somebody to play with, it's always a great thing. >> you can take care of your brother, you can take care of your sister or you can just sit there while i find you a new home. you guys, please, check out fiona and shreck and all the weeper dogs with dachshund rescue of south florida. go to and click on adopt a pet. how about i make sure you get you a pet parent and you can give them kisss? please check out shreck and fiona today. they might be your perfect new pet. a 12-year-old girl facing charges this morning after she pinched a boy's bottom at school. she says she didn't know the boy but it's a game they play. the boy's mother says
5:51 am
she wants this girl prosecuted. the girl's father believes the whole situation is blown out of proposition. >> too over-protective. >> i'm sorry for touching the kid. i regret it because i didn't know it would lead to this. >>reporter: if she does community service and passes drug tests, them that charge will be dismissed and her record will be clean. do you remember this bunny brawl? we showed you the fight that happened raght there in new jersey earlier this week. it all happened as customers were waiting to get their pictures taken with the easter bunny. he says the man then got physical after a girl fell. >> grabbed her, snapped pictures a d the baby just fell. he at that moment had any type of sympathy
5:52 am
never reached for her. >> he is not what everyone iss making him out to be. >> both men are behind bars right now. they will be back in court a month after easter. we'd like to remind you kids that that man is not the real easterbunny. testifies just dressed as him. >hose mall lines are crazy. >> if you're representing the easter bunny, act like it. not okay. still to come this morning a big surprise for a family when their loved one unexpectly comes home. >> the adorable reunion you don't want to miss it right there. it's next. >> i-95 at miami gardens drive. things appear to be moving smoothly butut there is a traffic situation that constance is all over this morning. that's coming up next. we continue to follow new developments on the terror in brussels. we knew know the identities who are the
5:53 am
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you're going to love this because i hate being wasteful, don't you? >> yes. >> starbucks is going to aim to contribute 100% of its leftover food to feeding america. the idea came from the baristas,, the guys and gals serving you coffee behind the counter. they plan to give out 5 million meals just this year. >> goofor them. navy chief petty officer returning to orida after spending the next seven months deployed in japan. he surprised his boys by sending them to school first and then it's off to h h daughter's high school. he says he's looking forwararto taking the entire family to disney world. welcome home and enjoy your trip.
5:56 am
you come home from all that work and where do you go, the happiest place on emergency. coming up at 6:00 what police found after they arrived at a palmetto bay home.
5:57 am
had. > right now at 6:00 a.m., terror in brussels. two of the bombers
5:58 am
the search is still on to find the third attacker who got away. how officials making sure they are keeping major transit hubs safe this morning. also breaking jefferson night, a police-involved shooting leaving a man dead. why officers say they were forced to fire. >>reporter: i'm vivior oquendo in historic health half. coming up we'll rececap when i memory to the cuban people. good wednesday morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. we have so much to get to this morning but first we' going to start with constance jones because she's here th a traffic alert. >> good morning, everyone. we don't have the pictctes yet but we hahave the data here that shows us the turnpike northbound and southbound. heavy, heavy delays showing us the crash reported about an hour and a half ago. northbound-southbound between pembroke road and hollywood boulevard.
5:59 am
in place. if you're traveling northbound here we have two to three lanes of traffic blocked. the story's the same for our southbound lanes as well. six miles per hour there as well. instead of taking the turnpike this morning, affecting northbound and southbound lanes you're going to want to stick with 441 or maybe even take i-95. if you're trying to travel on the turnpike extension take miami gardens drive. folks here trying to get on the i that has since cleared up. the i nice and clear as you can see. >>reporter: right now looking across the magic city, itt is warm. we're waiting for sunrise which is coming in about an hour and 20 minutes. once the sun comes up, so will the temperatures. radar is quiet from key west all the way up through palm beach county. rain chance today only around 10%. as you lookutside, wind is out of the east around 10 miles an hour. that will pick up between 15 and 20 later
6:00 am
bringing with us mildconditions. ft. lauderdale 71 degrees, key west 67. pembroke pines you're checking in at 69 degrees. as we go throughout the day, we'll max out right around 80 degrees this afternoon. temperatures will fall in the mid to upper 70s by 6:00, as itshould be a fairly nice afternoon. we'll talk more about the warm temperatutes coming up in a few minutes. thanks, present. people from all over the worldoming together to honor the victims of yesterday's deadly attacks. >nd we brought it to you as breaking news as it was happening. isis now claiming responsibility for those attack and this morning 34 people are dead, close to 200 have been hurt. >> show you live pictures out of belgium. security is stepped up not only across the country but really across europe and the world. two of those terrorists have bn identified as brothers. the search still on to find the man youou see right here behind me. this is the third suspected terrorists.


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