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tv   Local 10 News 6AM  ABC  March 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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bringing with us mildconditions. ft. lauderdale 71 degrees, key west 67. pembroke pines you're checking in at 69 degrees. as we go throughout the day, we'll max out right around 80 degrees this afternoon. temperatures will fall in the mid to upper 70s by 6:00, as itshould be a fairly nice afternoon. we'll talk more about the warm temperatutes coming up in a few minutes. thanks, present. people from all over the worldoming together to honor the victims of yesterday's deadly attacks. >nd we brought it to you as breaking news as it was happening. isis now claiming responsibility for those attack and this morning 34 people are dead, close to 200 have been hurt. >> show you live pictures out of belgium. security is stepped up not only across the country but really across europe and the world. two of those terrorists have bn identified as brothers. the search still on to find the man youou see right here behind me. this is the third suspected terrorists.
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news room monitoring the terror in brussels. >> just this morning belgium authorities identified two of these attackers. they are brothers, as you mentioned. they were known to police for other crimes in the pt but nothing related to terrorism. we've been showing you the image of them from surveillance cameras at the bruels international airport. they are the two in black. they are believed to have blown themselves up. but the guy wearing the hat and jacket right here is at the center of a massive man hunt still happening this morning. he has not officially been identified yet. police have been seching homes in suburbs of brussels since yesterday for that person. they say he is their top suspect. several raids have been carried out. authorities have not found him but they have found nail bombs. this is at the airport which remains closed this morning.
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also sll shut down. it was 24 hours ago now that we were showing you all of the chaos unfold during the morning rush hour there. the first target the departure area of the terminal at the brussels international airport. o bombs exploding there about 8:00. the blast brought down the ceiling and shattered glass. it filled that area with smoke. people went running for their lives. hundreds injured including nine americans.the nightmare, it did not end there. seven miles away ather suicide bo goes off. this time near the fices the european union. it's up clear exactly how manan were injured. we know it's almost 200. people haveeen gathering at a plaza in brussels in memory of all of these victims, flowers and candles you see there left in tribute of them. keep in mind these attacks come days after they were arrested.
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and it was a raid of the apartment of one of yesterday's suicide bombersast week that led authorities to that person. noww isis claiming responsibility for these attacks. we're on top of these developments. we'll check back in in about a half hour. updates. international airport stepping up its security presence after those attacks. they did increase the press hence uniformed officers and canine units in aund around random inspections at the entrances to the airport. also breaking overnight, a police-involved shooting rocking a neighborhood. a man is deadd after officers say they were forced to fire and in his hands allegedly a pick axe. >> ben kennedy live in palmetto bay. >>reporter: miami-dade police say this 25-year-old was breaking car windows with a pick axe aing violently and even
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forced to shoot. it's there that officers got a call at about 9:30 tuesday y ght of a man breaking car windows and tires with a pick axe. when police pulled up, neighbors say 25-year-old ethan rincon was there. once in police say rincon lunged at an officer who was forced to shoot and kill him. back live to the scene here in palmetto bay, the officers who pulled the trigger did not get hurt. they have more than 18years on the force so we're talking about veterans with the department as this investigation does continue. reporting live in palmetto bay, ben kennedy, local 10 news. w to the historic visit of president obama landing in havana on
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argentina right before midnight. >> the president kept to his schedule, reinforcing people that change willome. >> the first family along with cuban leader raul castro. you see right here they attended that big baseball game. >> victor oquendo joining us live to talk about the president's final day on the island. good morning, victor. >>reporter: eric and jacey, good morning to both of you. the president took off for argentina late yesterday capping off what was an historic trip full of big moment after big moment. yesterday he spoke directly to the cuban pepele. the speech was broadcast. he spoke of wanting to repair the damaged relationship after the cold w w. he tried to relay the message that despite many differences the two countries do share values. >> for all of our difference, the cubanand american people share common values in their own lives.
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and a sense o pride. >>reporter: later that afternoon he attended the tampa bay rays game that started off with a moment of silence for brussels. castro and president obama sat together for the game along with the first lady and their two daughters. it's a break from a schedule getting to enjoy cuba. >> if you have more americans traveling, have you more commerce, you have more interaction. if our ideas and culture is penetrating this society, over time that gives us more leverage to advocate for the values we care about. >>reporter: and the big week still isn't over here in friday. the rolling stones will
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ever in cuba. we'll share that message with you coming up at 6:30. i'll send it to you. >> thank you. how is the president's speech received in cuba. >> president obama was very popular before his trip to the island. now it's just on another level i'd say. i bounced around from home to home and watched the speech with the cuban people here. there's one woman. she's 84 years old. she says what haven't i seen in my lifetime. she never thought she would see a u.s. president giving a speech live on her television. >> saw it all right here live on local 10, victor oquendo live this morning in havana. our coverage continues throughout the day. stay with local 10 news and for this historic visit. voters in arizona are still in line at polling stations in phoenix when the winners were announced. some say they waited
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cast their ballot. >> let's take a look at the numbers we got overnight. >> for republicans, donald trump takes the win with 47%. that earns him 58 delegates. ted cruz comes in second with 25% and john kasich comes in third. >> the results on the democratic side of arizona. bernie sanders earned 40%, that nets him 27 delegates. >> sanders claim his cond victory of last night's elections with 78%, clinton 27% of the vote. bernie sanders wins 18 delegates with 80% of the vote. in the utah republican primary, ted cruz takes all of the state's 40 delegates. kasich comes in second with 17%. trump third with 14%. breaking news right now, jewish has endorsed
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in a statement the former governor said cruz is consistent, principled and demonstrated the ability to appl to voters. he said for the sake of thearty, the vulgarity of donald trump must be overcome. a woman attacked, police hoping this sketchch lands him right behind bars. supplies for astronauau on the way but the rocket won't come back to earth. find out why next. this morning we're in the upper 60s to near 70. big question is how warm will it get today. nothing like what's in store for the weekend. we continue to stay on topopf the terror in brussels. a major man hunt under way right now for the third suspected terrorist. these are live pictur out of belgium as officials ramp up search efforts. a traffic alert this morning. we've been talking about it all morning long. turnpike northbound and southbound, closures in
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boulevard and pembroke road. it's this accident involving a semi truck. i'll have details about
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in a few minutes. >>reporter: good morning. topping america's money. >> asian markets were mostly down this morning but europe's we mostly in positive territory. >> one analyst says affect on the market because of attacks like this do not last. >> airlines around the world are waiving rebooking fees. >> they are allowing one change to itineraries without paying penalty fees. >> starbucks will donate all of its leftover perishable food to charititeach night.
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been donating extra pastries for years but now the food that needs refrigeration will go to food banks as well. >> that's america's money. >> have a good day. our big, big traffic story of the morning, turn pike northbound and southbound, we have closures in place after this accident involving a semi truck affecting northbound and southbound lanes. we're told there are going to be closures in place for quite some time. we have a little bit of a crawl happening out here. let me show you the traffic data we're collecting all morning long. we're the only station in south florida that gets this real time data that shows us the delays in place. those delays from pembroke road to hollywood boulevard, six miles per hour. traveling southbound same issue here. seven miles per hour. avoid this spot this morning. take 441, take i-95. quickly showing you here
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these lanes southbound we've got two miles of delays, traveling northbound two miles. so in all we've got some major problems in place. there are some lanes getting by but it's going toe stop and go traffic.trent? all right. let's get you a check of that forecast. the radar is quiet here across south florida. we expect it to be that way for a majority of this afternoon. only about a 10% chance to pick up a shower in your backyard. the next day or two the rain chance will jump dramatically. we're off to a wet start so far in 2016. look at some of these numbers, miami international so far approaching 11 inches. we should be right around six. ft. lauderdale picked up 11.7. normally we should be just shy of nine. as you step outside this morning, it's dry. it's a little warmer. keep in mind that was our high on monday afternoon. other locations a little bit cooler.
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most locations will fall a degree or two here around sunrise which happens around 7:20. onshore flow out of the east around 10 miles per hour. that will pick up this afternoon around 10 and 15. big picture here, area of high pressure giving us this onshore flow this afternoon. heavy snowfall here as we've got some very cold air for springtimee from denver through rapid city. some locations are picking up between a half and foot of snow in the next day are so. breezy and warm conditions. as this cold front moves to the southeast, it will be spapaing severe weather. we're going to watch a surge of weather coming in from our south. you can see the computer model indicating those showers and thunderstorms. then a cold front will move through it the florida panhandle to keep the rain chance high through easter weekend. severe weather outbreak
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through arkansas and missouri as that cold front continues to move. severe thunderstorms, isolated tornadoes and hail possible. as we go through the next several days we'll seeeavy rains at times through south florita. five, four, three, two, one, ignition and lift offend. >> new overnight a rocket blast off from cape canaveral to the international space station. the rocket will not come back to earth. instead it will be set on fire. nasa actuay wants to see, get this, what happens when a fire starts inside a space capsule in zero gravity. yes, this is our most intelligent minds in the world, they want to see what happens. this is our scienceplaying out. >> i love it. i want to see what happens too. >> i know you do.
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able to get pictures of that later. >> i hope we do. if we do, we'll get them to you. a flight attendant on the run. >> she's accused of carryingocaine. a police-involved shooting. he shot and killed a man
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lunged at off welcome back to local 10. it's 6:21 right now. former canadian mayor rob ford has died from cancer. a video surfaced showing him using crack cocaine.
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of toronto from 2010 to 2014. a toronto city councilor wrote o on ford' memorial, you may be gone but your voice has been heard and you will be with us forever. a terrifying accident in the sky. two experienced sky drivers smashed into each other during a free-fall. this happened i zephyr hills. one of the sky divers able toll deploy his parachute and land. the other man may have been knocked unconscious and is in critical condition. officials searching for a flight attendant who allegedly tried to use herjob to smuggle drugs. the woman took a phone call, and ran after being collected for a random screening. cocaine was found inside of her carry-on bag. you see the dog sitting next to the cocaine because he was the one who sniffed it out. the historic visit may be over because
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in on president obama's trip to cuba. we're hearing fro a miami marlins star who defected from cuba.
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degrees have to say more history made in cuba as president barack obama sat with cuba's leader to enjoy some baseball. the tampa bay rays going up against cuba's national team and jose fernandez is miami marlins' elite pipper. >> he was born in santa clara, cuba and when he was 15 years old he was able to successfully defect from the island nation. >> i will spend here all day. i have to pitch. but there's so many reasons.
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if he would go back and play on cuban sole. it would be a special momont for his family, particularly his grandmother, who does ill live there. a live look this morning. this is the floda turn pike in northbound and southbound lanes at pembroke road. broward county pay attention. as you can see tre's a serious accident here, an injury accident and significan delays. constance, she's been watching this all morning long. she will have the very late he have details. it does impact your commute.
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minutes away. breaking news news overnigh a police-involved shooting. a man now dea why police say they were forced to fire.
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the search is on to find a suspected terrorist involved in the deadly blast. right now security stepping up in light of those terror attacks in brussels. how officials are working to keep people safe as flights come in and out of europe. >>reporter: i'm victor oquendo in cuba. t`e president's trip has come to and end. the rolling stes have a concert coming up on friday and they have a message for the cuban people ahead of that show. good wednesday morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. a very busy wednesday morning. first things first, constance jones has a really important traffic alert this morning. a bad accident on theurnpike affecting both northbound and southbound lanes at pembroke lane. the semi truck that was there, looks like we're clearing it out which is
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we had delays for about two hours here. if you're traveling on the turnpike you're going to start that stop and go traffic. let me show you what that means for our traffic this morning. we're the only station in south florida with this real time data. you see the orange and red. that shows us the delays in place. so traveling northbound our speeds are pretty slow at five miles an hour. southbound the stories are the same. not looking good at all. overall those delays stretching for roughly two miles both northbound and southbound lanes so you know what that means. i would take 441 or i-95 and if you do have to get to the turnpike extension take i-95. wewe do have reports of a broken down car on the it up pike at commercial boulevard. there's quite a bit of congestion there for our northbound drivers. trent? >> constance, outside
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affecting traffic. live look at the miami tower cam shows you not just a few clouds overhead. it is mild. it is warm but the radar is quiet from the overseas highway, key west through broward and palm beach counties. the wind is on s sre from ft. lauderdale to pompano beach.. our temperatures will continue to climb. they will fall a degree or two right before sunrise and they will come up as we've got a warmereray on the way and that's going to allow us to go to the low 80s today and eventually upper 80 is. we're looking at a high around 80, 81 degrees this afternoon right around 4:00 we'll have more on the increasing rain chance in just a few minutes this all happened late last night i palmetto bay and now an investigation is under way. ben kennedy live at the scene watching this all morning long.
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>>reporter: good morning. miami-daded police say this 25-year-old was breaking car windows, slashing tires with a pick axe. u cannee behind me police just broke down the scenebout ten minutes ago but we got a closer look at the damage. we'll show you that video in just a bit. we're live on the southwest 88th place and 183rd terrace it. id officers get a call at about 9:30 tuesday night of aan breaking car windows and tires with a pick axe. neighbors say 25-year-old ethan rincon had alreada damaged six cars. he r into his home and locked the front door but his family did let the officers in. rincon who was still holding the pick axe lunged at an officer who was forced to shoot and kill him. back here live this morning, the officers who pulled the trigger did not get hurt. they each have more than
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we're talking about veterans with the department as police continue to investigate this case. reporting live in palmetto bay, ben kennedy, local 10 news. > now to the terror in brussels, touching tributes across the world following the deadly attacks. from the eifel tower and world trade center lighting up inlack, yellow and red honoring the belgium victims. >> we brought this to you as breaeang news all morning yesterday. >> a massive man hunt i is under way for one of the suspected terrorists that managed to get away. this morning we're learning more about t t other two suicide attackers. >> t ty have been identified as brothers and they apparently are no strangers to the law out there. >> investigators bieve they were suicide bombers who blew themselves up at the airport yesterday morning. they are the two dressed in black.
6:32 am
their left hands may detonators. in morning an intetnational man hunt for the third man right here seen walking with them in the airport. it's the guy in the hat and light-colored jacket. he's not been officially identified. checkpoints are set up all around brussels right now. this is a live picture of one of them again at the airport which is still shut down today, this while investigators raid homes and properties looking for that top suspect. they've not found him yet but they have found a mail bomb, more chemical products and an isislag. 24 hours ago chaos here erupting right in the heart of the morning rush. the first target, the departure area of the terminal of brussels international airport. two bombs exploding around 8:00 tuesday morning. the terminal filled with smoke. >> after the second
6:33 am
panicked, so many people cried. >>reporter: the explosions areso powerful glass shattering, ceilings collapsing. hundreds of injuries. among them nine americans including these three mormon missionaries from utah seriously hurt and the nightmare didn't end there. 9:11 a.m. just an hour after the airport explosion seven miles away, another suicide bomb detonates near the office of the european union. the aftermath here, a twisted ms of metal. >> when i was outside, i just saw two people with heads covered, really covered with blood. >>reporter: ght now there are bomb experts closely looking over the aftermath of the devices that went off in the airport. the state department has issued a travel alert for all of europe for americans who plan to go over there and are
6:34 am
keep in mind the holiest days are upon us. live in the news room, erica rakow, local 10 news. families relieved after a flight from brussels landed safely right here in south florida. that flight took off nine minutes before the blast took place at the airport. people on board the flight had nodea those attacks had taken place. >> it just started to spread out and them we saw these, there were about 20 cops outside. >> the passengerer had to stop in sanford in order to be cleared by security. they were age to call their loved ones from there. >> the historic visit has come to an end shortly after midnight. >> and the president ended the trip wath
6:35 am
e game a symbol of the common pass time between@ the two countries. he also addressed the cuban people. >> he was on schedule, this despite the terror attacks in brussels. victor oquendo, he joins us right now live from havana with more on the president's last day on the island and also now what lies ahead now that he's gone. >>reporter: good morning to both of you. the president's historic trip came to an end yesterday. safe to say h h made his most of his time here onthe island. >> thank you so much. >>reporter: the speech was broadcast throughout the island. he spopoke of wanting to repair the damaged relationship after t t cold war but was frank about the conflicting issues of human rights, a very contentious product that even cut short a news conference on monday. >> i believe stipulations should be free to speak their mind without fear, to
6:36 am
government and to protest peafully. and that the rule of law should not include arbitrary detentions of people who exercise those rights. >>repoer: shortly after the speech the president got to meet with many of the people who protests and got to have their calls@ for freedom heard. afterwards he praised them for their courage saying they've spoken out on things they care about, the ability to speak, worship and assemble freely. the president did get to enjoy himself a bit. also we should mention there was a moment o silence for the attack in brussels. afterwards he got too watch a few innnngs while sitting next to raul castro. the cuban people were very excited for president obama's visit. in just two days from now she have something else they are lking forward to.
6:37 am
playing their first ever concert on the island released a messase to the cuban people. >> hola, cuba. >>reporter: this will no doubt be the biggest rock band to play on the island since the revolution in 1959. they have been setting up the stage for weeks at this point. it is a very impressive setup out there. they are expecting somewhere around a million people to attend this concert. >> that justccurred to me, victor, why them? >>reporter: it's such a well-known b bd and they've been wanting to perform on the island for a l lg time here. the generation that grew up listening to them, they say they cannot wait to hear that again. they are very excited about that it. for the younger generations here, they are saying we're going
6:38 am
well, i'll go with my mom, i'll go wh my dad. they are very excited to see this show.thth stage, it is massive. it's going to be massive and we'll have a crew covering that for you. >> it will quite literally be music to their ears. i know you watched the address from homes in ighborhoods nearby. how did they is take what president obama said? >>reporter: they soaked in every word. it was such an impressive speech. the president knew hewas speaking not only to the cubes here but the exil community back home. he stepped up to it and he hit ery single point that he wanted to. he definitely had a while to prepare for that speech and quite frankly there isn't too much to criticize about what it is he said there.
6:39 am
castro sat there and listened to a lot of points there that he disagrees with. >> we're looking forward to the coverage of the rolling stones. let's remind you now, live coverage continues today. stay with local 10 and we put all of our reports there as well on this historic v visit. >> representative i ileana ros-lehtinen e expressing. >> it's appalling for those freedom who love freedom. it's appalling for those who have been political prisoners. it's appalling for those families who have lost their loved ones because of this communist regime. today is a sad day indeed and this poster
6:40 am
front of sheachcha. guevara. here it is. he was described as a man i his 30s between five-seven and five feet nine. police say he attacked a woman last sunday. police saw he grabbed her along grenada boulevard. still to come on local 10, two boys catch fire. what were they doing when those flames ignited. sitting at 70 degrees, on the way to the 80s today but it's going to get even warmer tomorrow. we're staying on top of the terror in brussels.
6:41 am
wa for one of the suspected terrorists who got away. the two other alleged suicide attackers are under way and they are brothers. a number of people coming together mrning those victims. stay with us here on local 10 news,
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latest breaking updates. we have breaking news. pembroke road andnd 208th avenue. this is just east of i-75.. sky 10 flying over a big fire tha is raging right now just east of i-75. we'll bring you all the updates on this story and the very latest details as we get them. a vital win for the miami heat last night. heat took control early on. goran dragic after a little celebrating with his buddies right here is dwayne wade. josh richardson, he
6:44 am
six points. he's a high-flyer. we all know that. everybody know about their crowd and their home record, you know, and justry to go on there and get a tough road win. the miami heat take on the san antonio spurs in texas tonight at: 30. back to our big traffic story of the morning for independent traveling on the turnpike in miami-dade county. we have closures in place after a semi truck collided with the median there. although you see traffic moving, it is at a crawl. let me show you what this means for you. if you're traveling northbound or southbound, this is what you're going to face.we're seeing those delays past the turn pike eension at five miles per hour. also the same thing here uthbound nine miles per hour there. our delays stretching for roughly two mil or
6:45 am
so instead take 441 or i-95 and truck it west to miami gardens drive. a crash reported on i-95 southbound and ives dairy road. another crash to get to, this one reported on the i at the exit to 95th street. there we go. we see some police activity as well. this is i-955 at northwest 95th street. trent? >> all right. thanks, constance. your radar sweeping around quiet on this wednesday morning. as you're heading out and about around south florida, rain will not impact that morning commute, dade, broward or the florida keys. stepping outside to around 70 degrees to all locates around kendall. 67 in key west. later on today we'll climb up near 80 and today is kind of in between. remember monday we only made it up to 70. tomorrow afternoon will be to 87 with about a 50 60% chance of showers and storms. also about a 10% chance a very, very light and
6:46 am
today, especially along the coastline. so today that warmth will shoot up to about 80 later on this afternoon. it's all thanks to an area of high pressure that will stay locked between the carolinas and bermuda. we're watching a couple areas of low pressure. one of those bring heavy snow from denverr to rapid city. anywhere from six to 12 inches of snow. green bay getting a foot of snow. that same cold front there spark severe weather across the& southeast. for us our timing for the best chance of rain will be thursday afternoon. we'll see a 50 to 60% chance of showers andnd thunderstorms. right through good fully and easter weekend and it is going to be warm. you can see those high temperatures right there around 87. if you're heading out on the boat today, small craft caution. small craft advisory out sideof the reef in the florida keys.
6:47 am
over the next three days. so do the temperatures. it is going to be warm. every night we'll stay there in the mid 70s. what are you doing? >> nothing. >> nhing? >> dude, how much have you been drinking? >> the man you saw getting out of the truck an offduty iowa state patrol officer. police found him drunk in front of a woman's home. they say he refused to co-plate with the officer and struggled with a sobriety text. coming up we hav major news about a suspect arrested in the terror attack in brussels. this is something you have to hear about in two minutes. >> also two boys recovering after they were badly b bned. the moment they were engulfeded in flames caught on camera. we'll tell what you they were doing next. following breaking news oveveight, a man shot and killed by police. we'll let you know why authorities say they
6:48 am
after they say he lunged at them with a pick axe. and good morning to our facebook friend of the day, joe anna from miami. good morning. hope you have a nice week.
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6:50 am
day with us here breaking news right now as promised. belgium media rorting the third attack suspect has been arrested. those news outlets say there has been an arrest made. they are wting for confirmation from police. the man you're seeing here and other man in black are both suicide bombers when died. the man hunt was for this man right here and reports are that man in white with the hat busy pen arrested. he was the chief suspect and the subject of a man huntll through belgium since those attacks and these photos were released. we'll bring you the very latest throughout the morning and of course our partners at "good morning america" with the latest updates on the terror attacks in
6:51 am
just scary, a teen engulfed in flames rigig here after playing with a gas can in pititburgh. what looks like a ball of fire is actually a 1-year-old boy running across the street. neighbors say the teen was trying to make a molotov cocktail. both boys are now recovering this morning in a hospital. a man's plan to ship drugs in a child's toy foiled. they were tipped off about the bear by a shipping clerk who thought something was off when a man came in asking to send a toy to tennessee. it sure has been a busy wednesday morning overnight. a man shot and killed by police. we're also getting reports that a third suspected terrorist has been arrested. everything you need to know before you head out the door.
6:52 am
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"good morning america" is taking over at 7:00 a.m. >>reporter: good morning. coming up on gma, the latest on the brussels terror attack that left at least 35 killed and 230 injured. new details about the attackers, two of whom were brothers and the third being dubbed man and wife. we'll have full team coverage this morning. amy is live on the scene in belgium and it's all coming up on gma. back to traffic trouble on the turnpike. we have closures northbound and southbound at pembroke road and hollywood boulevard. again, we're seeing heavy delays for anyone traveling in the spot. i recommend taking 441 or i-95. those speeds clocking in atat2 miles per hour. also a crash on the i southbound and ives dairy road and the exit ramp at 95th street and i-95. radar is quiet. that's good news for your cmute around town. as we go throughout the
6:55 am
see is a strong easterly wind that will provide us with a little more warmth today. we'll go up around 80. should be a fantastic wednesday. breaking overnight, a police-involved shooting in palmetto bay.police say 25-year-old ethanincon was breaking his neighbors' car windows using a pick axe. police say he lunged at them so they fired. he was killed there at the scene. officials have confirmed they have made an arrest in the deadly terror attacks in brussel. this is the belgium media reporting a third suspect and the focus of the man hunt haseen captured. we're waiting for official confirmation from police so we can bring that to you. officials say at least 34 to 35 people have died and nearly 190 to 230 peoplee have been huhu in the attacks. miam international airport stepping up its security presence after& the attacks.
6:56 am
threat to mia, they did increase presence of uniformed officers. president barack obama left cuba on tuesday headed for argentina. he arrived around midnight. he addressed the cuban pell and reinforced the idea that change will come to the island. the firstfamily along with cuban leader raul castro also attended the babe game between the tampa bay rays and the cuban national team. stay with local 10 news tomorrow for all of the live reports on historic visit. >> we've got you covered here on local 10. "good morning america" takes over next with the very lest from brussels.
6:57 am
6:58 am
minute good morning, america. breaking news in the brussels bombing. reports the third suspect seen in this hat arrested overnight. these two others identified as brothers and new clues in this surveillance photo. what the single gloves two of them wearing tell us. >> stay down. stay down. >> and the dramatic moments of survival from inside that airport and on the metro train.
6:59 am
the injured. >> cut off so many to find just massive shrapnel wounds. >> and the miraculous teen surviving the third terror attack in his life. we'll hear f fm him. >> all of europe on high alert. the dramatic warning for americans right now. the attacks taking center stage on the campaign trail. donald trump winning big in arizona. and ted cruz takes all in utah. as the gop rivals get into a nasty war of words overnight over their wives. and hillary clinton and bernie sanders split victories in three states. the results coming in right now. we say good morning, america. new headlines on the brussels terror attack coming in. european sources telling abc news the third suspect has been arrested. reportedly this man seen here with the other two many boers in the airport.
7:00 am
in brussels and across belgium. amy robach is there and will report in a moment. here's what we know right now. at least 31 killed in the three attacks, at least 250 hurt including nine americans and this morning the state department issued that blanket alert for all americans planning travel to europe. also happening overnight police conducting raids, this is new video where police say they found more explosive devices. >> and we want to go right to abc's alex marquardt at the brussels airport with the latest on the arrest of the third suspect. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, george. that's right. this airport still shut down. you can see the belgian military and politician are guarding this area. what we learned two of the suspects seen on surveillance video, the suicide bomomrs are believed to be brothers and just a short time a european officials confirming to abc news that the third man seen on that surveillance tape has been arrested. this morning belgian police out in force.


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