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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 23, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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in brussels and across belgium. amy robach is there and will report in a moment. here's what we know right now. at least 31 killed in the three attacks, at least 250 hurt including nine americans and this morning the state department issued that blanket alert for all americans planning travel to europe. also happening overnight police conducting raids, this is new video where police say they found more explosive devices. >> and we want to go right to abc's alex marquardt at the brussels airport with the latest on the arrest of the third suspect. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, george. that's right. this airport still shut down. you can see the belgian military and politician are guarding this area. what we learned two of the suspects seen on surveillance video, the suicide bomomrs are believed to be brothers and just a short time a european officials confirming to abc news that the third man seen on that surveillance tape has been arrested. this morning belgian police out in force.
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level scanning an upper floor apartment, drones and helicopters hovering above. overnight the raids stepped up focusing o the neighborhood of schaerbeek after shorts released this photo showing the men they believe was responsible for yesterday's attacks. the three pictured shortly before the first explosion at the brussels airport around 8 a.m. s sning wheeling luggage on according to belgian state tv the two on the left wearing all black with gloves on are believed to be the suicide bombers, brothers khalid and el bakraoui and a few minines later they blew themselves up. thee el bakraoui brothers were known to police for criminal actity but nothing related to terrorism. according to belgian state tv moments ago the third man confirmed arrested. najim laachraoui seen here wearing white with a hat pulled down over his face pushing a large bag which is believed to
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>> the two blasts here killed at least 15 and left about 100 injured including nine americans. about an hour later, another explosion seven miles away at a metro station. killing at least 20, also wounding m me than 100. and just after 4:00 p., isis claimed responsibility and speculation is mounting this morning that that third man arrested is the alleged bombmaker. he's thought to have made the explosives used in the paris attacks that killed 130 people. his dna had been found in t safe houses here in belgium used by the paris attackers. robin. >> all right, alex. thank you. the latest on isis claiming that responsibility for the attacks and now a dramatic new terror alert for american tourists on further attacks as millions prepare to travel overseas. brian ross is here with those details. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning. with that state department
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be at risk across europe and isis promising dark days ahead. officials are bracing for what they are calling near-term terror attacks by isis cells like the one that operated out of brussels. for more than a year isis central command in syria has been carefully planning for this moment. these three suspected bombers arriving at the airport prepared to kill. part of what now appears to have been a major terror cell o at least 17 people involved in the attas in both brussels and paris. in fact, authorities say one of the brothers here actually rented the apartment for the abdeslam. officials believe the capture last friday of abdeslam triggered other cell members to brussels. >> if the plotters were concerned he was talking, that authorities were close to tracking them down they may have moved up the timetable. >> reporter: the aftermath of the explosions in brussels
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bos of the kind seen in other isis attacks. >> they can make the mixture in the bathtub and have it completed within a day or so. >> reporter: but bomb experts say the blast in the metro stop was much more powerful than the explosives used in paris. this x-ray of one of the victims shows the bombmaker used three-inch metal bolts to create devastating shrapnel. >> no other reason but to kill and maimn >> reporter: athe tacks come at the beginning of the spring and summer tourist sports cycle. the state department warning for american tourists says terror groups are targeting sporting events, tourist sites, restaurants and transportation. and isis in its claim of responsibility said what is coming is worse and more bitter. >> just what you referred to about those sporting events and that, a lot of americans are planning their summer vacations, they have easter holidays coming up. >> indeed, in fact the warning says american tourists shoulu avoid crowded places and be
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major religious holidays, large festivals and events, precisely the reason so many go to europe in the first place. >> thank you for that. now to an american who survived those blasts. sheerine naraghi was preparing to head back home to the u.s. when two deadly bombs exploded. we spoke to her shortly after the attacks yesterday and she joined us again just moments ago from brussels. >> i got up to the counter. checking my bags. she handed me over my luggage tickets and they were still in my hand when i went to turn to jeffnd that's when the first explosion hit. and then debris instantaneously was like everywhere. dust, it was kind of like a whirlwind almost like a tornado had gone off inside the building as the second explosion went off he was pretty much on top of me, threw me to the ground. he stayed on top of me for awhile and then -- since i was near the check-in counter he shovov me up on the conveyer
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airlines attendant grabbed my hand and pulled me with her underneath her counter so jeff was sitting on like the luggage conveyer belt. >> jeff is your boyfriend and how you said how he came running towards you and he, youknow, acted so quickly and you wish that you knew the ticket counter woman, that there was somebody there you were huddled with and hoping you would be able to get in touch with her. >> she was good to me when she didn't have to be. she was very sweet because i wouldn't let go of jeff's hand. he was trying to do the right thing to go see if it was safe for us to move because the one thing i know about safety, just stay in place i guess until you know it's okay and i wouldn't let go of his hand and she kept holding on to me, it's okay, he knew what he was doing. >> the humanity in moments like that we hear about those stories over and over again. you said you saw things as you put it you can't unsee seesee but you
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memories are flooding back already. >> seeing that little girl latch on to her mom and having like dust all over her coat and hair and that was -- i mean -- >> the things that nobody should ever have to see. i'm sure your loved ones were so relieved when you got in touch with them. what did you tell them. >> i told them loved then. i can't tell them that enough. i get to go home and give them hugs again and some are not as fortunate. i feel blessed and lucky. >> we see all the people around you right now and people just really coming together. everyone is so quiet, just what is it that you want to tell people back in the states about these times that we're living in? >> i've always realized there was threats and you see horrible things on the news and you know this world has a lot of evil people, but it just makes it so much more real and pressing and i just want everyone to be aware and like inform yourself about
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airport to come home and this happened and it can happen anywhere and i just want to make sure everyone is safe and just lives in the now i guess and is aware of their surroundings i think is the most important thing. >> good words there, sheerine, thank you. we're glad you're safe and wish you a safe journey home. thank you so much. take care. >> thank you so much. thank you. >> bye. >> she can't wait to get home and get those hugs from her family? she said she was one of the lucky ones, one of many survival stories. tales of courage and selflessness. we go to amy for more. >> we just witness an incredible moment here at the plaza here and the entire crowd here, hundreds have gathered broke into a large applause, all in honor of those who fell yesterday. people have been lighting candle, leaving flowers, writing
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and just a few moments ago i spoke with three young american college students who are studying abroad and they were on their spring break here yesterday. they are among the hundreds who narrowly escaped yesterday's deadly terror attacks. what was your immediate reaction? what did you do? >> at first i didn't know what to do. kind of running arod trying to figure out the best route to get out. the bomb was jus like a huge ball of fire and then we got out the door and sprinted as far as we could as fast as we could. >> you kept running. >> we kept running. >> reporter: this morning tales of survival emergin from the rubble. >> the debris was falling on us from the roof. we thought the roof was going to collapse. >> reporter: american physician laura bea triaged people with her friend. >> pair of scissors i found i cut off so many hairs to find, you know, just massive shrapnel wounds underneath them. >> reporter: nine americans
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three mormon missionaries, joseph empey's family grateful he's alive. >> we love him and are excited to see him again. >> reporter: this couple feared missing calling their family from the airport but the phone line went dead after an explosion. this morning, former marist college university player, sebastian belon going into surgery for his left leg after the blast threw him 65 feet. >> his first word, dad and then he paused and he said, you have no idea what i saw around me. th carnage. >> reporter: di chem bemutombo was asleep in the passenger lounge when the first bomb went off and fled to safety mosting this, "god is good." after the airport attack another explosion seven miles away on a crowded subway car. brian carol from washington, d.c. on that train.
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explosion. the lights went out. the power went out on the train. >> reporter: fearing the attacker mig on on the train he helped pry the doors open. >> we decided to go for it and get off the train and try to find safety. >> reporter: those three young american college students told me that yesterday ironically was supposed to be the greatest day of their life. they were headed to london to see adelen concert when the unthinkable happened and this morning, they say, they are just grateful and thankful to be alive, a sentiment shared by so many. i want to show you the cover of the paper here in brussels today it says "tenir bon" which is hold on. it's what so many are doing here. just after noon in brussels and people are coming out in masses now and the restaurants are starting to open. we've seen families pushing strollers, people are getting back to living their life. they say they are united against hatred. robin and george, back to you. >> so encouraging to hear that, amy. and describe for us, again, the
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moments ago with the crowd applauding? >> reporter: there was a moment of silence here right at noon and so many gathered they just filled this entire plaza here and then when the moment was over, they broke into applause and it lasted for several minutes and you could just feel the strength in that unity here and, you know, the sign right here says united against hatred and there are messages in chalk all around me. the ra washed some of them away but i love brussels, just messages of hope and love and peace and that's what this community is gathering together to send to the world and they're feeling the love from everyone. >> all right, amy, thank you. >> so much spirit there this morning. >> we'll get back to you later, amy. thanks so much. the brussels attacks have also triggered more security here at home. more police and military and airports, the subways in new york and key locations all
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an eye out for terror cells in the u.s. pierre thomas is tracking that side of the story from washington. >> reporter: today the fbi continues hundreds of terror investigations in all 50 states. many involving suspected isis sympathizers dozens are receiving around the clock surveillance. the fbi concerned that there could be copycat attackers who might respond to the brussels assault. there is good reason for concern. the past 2 1/2 years at least 103 americans have been charged with trying to join isis or suspected of tryryg to support the group in some way. 82 men, 16 women, mostly young, half between the ages of 15 and 25. ten teenagers from virtually every part of the country. >> isis has done a very good job in attracting them in, radicalizing them and then getting them to think on their own. >> reporter: initially manyere arrested for attempting to get to syria for jihad but increasingly suspects have been accused of attempting to carry
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garland, texas, suspects gunned down by police and tried to attack a conference featuring cartoons of the prophet muhammad and one in brooklyn modeled after the boston marathon attacks and deadly attack carried out in san bernardino where that killer couple allegedly swore allegiance to isis before gunning down 14 innocent victims. with americans among those injured in brussels, the fbi will be sending agent there is to investigate. they'll be joined by members of the nypd as u.s. law enforcement attempts to find out as much as they can about those horrific attacks. robin. so much. david muir will be live in brussels tonight for a special edition of "world news." presidential candidates responding to those terror attacks this morning aer a big night. donald trump and ted cruz both land big victories, hillary clinton and bernie sanders swap wins too and abc's tom llamas is here with the latest. good morning, tom. >> reporter: george, good morning to you.
7:15 am
night shows this race is far from over and senator ted cruz getting a boost this morning receiving an endorsement from former rival jeb bush. this morning, a split victory in the gop race for president. donald trump taking arizona, but senator ted cruz winning in utah. their battles spilling over to twitter. trump alleginin cruz's campaign ran negative ads featuring his wife melania trump tweeting, be careful, lying ted or i will spill the beans on your wife. cruz firing back, calling trump a coward. >> he is way out of his league. in he wants to get in a character fight he should stick with me. >> reporter: senator bernie sanders winning in utah and idaho and hillary clinton winning on the border. >> i'm also very proud to have won arizona tonight. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: but the voting on tuesday taking a backseat to the
7:16 am
gop front-runner donald trump saying he'd be open to torture to get information out of recently captured paris attacker salah abdeslam. >> he may be talking but he'll talk a lot faster with the torture. >> reporter: overnight clinton blasting trump saying torture puts our military and civilians in danger. >> what donald trump, ted cruz and others are suggesting is not only wrong, it's dangerous. >> reporter: senator cruz with his own solution. calling for patrols of muslim neighborhoods in the u.s. >> and so it is standard good policing to direct your resources to where the threat is coming from, we should do the exact same thing with radical islamic terrorism. >> reporter: and now there is a bit of a break in the race. the next big primary, april 5th which is the wisconsin primary. also an important state when it comes to the general election as you know, guys, a battleground
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hard there. >> quickly to ginger. >> straight to your stormy
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and your local weather forecast. >> we'll have much more from brussels cing up. the heroes that helped rescue people from tt train and what we can all learn from them. hulk hogan one-on-one, his first interview on camera with linznz janis since a jury awarded him $140 million. >> i knew we were doing what was right and even if we would have lost, even if we would have lost, only good things happen to me and if we would have lost it would have been good. >> that exclusive interview with hulk hogan coming right up. that's not fair, he should give you your rollerblades back. anddddd, she's back. storm coming? a very dangerous cheese storm. so you have 20 more bags. mhm. my yoga instructor calls it the death spiral. i call it living the dream.
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>> morning southth florida i'm eric. i am jacey bur 7:25. let's check in with trent, he's here with at forecast. right now this morning good thing radar quiet a we go throughout day only ten percent chance of a quick moving shower. right now around ten miles per hour. and we will bic up later today around 15. could gust as high a 20. our current temperatures in upper 60s out west. a little beth warmer along the coastline. later on today, thanks to area of high pressure, we'll see a breezy day, with a high right around 80 degrees. all right trent thanks. so much back to our traffic troue on turnpike. we still have major problems in southbound lanes. one lane blocked in both directions. we will are seeing travel speeds between 5 and ten miles per hour, again 441 and i-95, your best alternate routes this morning. still delays in place.
7:25 am
i-95 express lanes right here miami gardens drive a crash. so instead stick with those regular lanes. breaking overnight a police involved shooting happening in palmetto bay leaving a 25-year-old man dead. this happened along southwest one 83rd terrace and 88th mra is. police ethan breakg his neighbors cars and windows some the damaged cars we saw there at the scene. when police arrived they lunged a them with pick axe and they fired. he was killed there at the scene. miami international airport has stepped up security presence after deadly terror attacks in brussels. officials say while there i is no direct threat to m oovment savment they increase at presence o uniformed officers and canine units as well a random inspections president obama leaving for argentina arriving around midnight reinforcing idea change will come. our live coverage continues today a stay with local 10 and for more live
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from calvin, and a victor. welcome back to "gma." you're looking live at that ussels plaza where so many are gathering to honor the victims of the terror attacks yesterday. tributes all across the world are pouring in as we remember the dozens killed, hundreds injuredh in the blasts. >> also right now we are learning more about the terror suspect now reportedly in custody. european sources telling abc news this man that you see here
7:29 am
the airport has been arrested. and right now presidential candidates speaking out about the attacac after bigotes overnight, donald trump and ted cruz both landing major victories and hillary clinton winning arizona while bernie sanders knocks two victories in ah and idaho. >> michael, you're here with an incredible story. this young man who's come up against terror three types. >> three times he's survived all three time, george. he survived attacks in boston, paris and brussels and we were with his parents when they heard from him for the first time. >> thank you. we have a lot to get to as you know, baca to amy there in brussels traveled there overnight. she has the latest on the attacks at a park where people are paying tribute and leaving memorials to the victims. good morning again, amy. >> reporter: that's right, good morning to you, robin. we have a bit of news to tell you at the top. salah abdeslam,he man believed
7:30 am
and suspectcd of having ties to yesterday's attack here in belgium is due in court here in this city tomorrow. all eyes will be on that courtroom tomorrow here in brussels, but in the meantime, yes, i am in the heart of this city, this sis a plaza and it's pretty remarkable. since we arrived we drove in from amsterdam and when we first came to the plaza, mostly journalists and police, a few onlookers and youn hear people are continuing to erupt in applause as there are a huge show of solidarity and support. they just erupt spontaneously throughout the morning. we've seen it happen several times. the applause continues here, but we have just seen hundredss of people gather and this crowd continues to grow as the memorial grows. it's so large people are
7:31 am
teddy bears, signs, messagesp of hope, in fact, it's so large there is a second one that's now begun and people are starting to fill that upup, as well so this will only grow but this is about showin love, showing support and letting people know that fear will not, will not dictate what these peoplee here in belgium will do and they are getting out in full force today. back to you, george and robin. >> to see everybody unified like that, so good to see you there. we will have more from you coming up and more on the attacks aup ahead. hulk hogan is on camera for the first time since being awarded $140 million in his case against gawker and could send ripples throughout the media world and linzie janis brings us that exclusive interview. od morning, linzie. >> reporter: good morning, george. i sat down with the former wrestler in his hometown of clearwater. he spopone diddley about his
7:32 am
could have settled this out of court but taking a tan was more important. >> well, they picked the wrong guy this time. >> reporter: fighting talk from a pro, hulk hogan whose real name is terry bollea, sitting down with abc news after his crushing courtroom victory telling us he was willing to do whatever it took to take down gawker. >> i knew we were doing what was right and even if we would have lost, even if we would have lost, it would have beenen good because everybody would have known what gawker was all abou because i exposed them and what they do and how they look at the world, which to me is very, very scary. >> reporter: hogan describing what it was like to face his foes in court. gawker's former editor in chief a.j. daulerio. >> his arrogance in his answers babaed up his beliefs. it scared me, you know, but n as much as nick denton because he's the puppet master. >> reporter: and gawker media founder nick denton. >> about the middle of the trial
7:33 am
's me and nick denton by ourselves in the rest room with nobody and my first thought was what if he just falls down and holds his neck or someing. the second thought was, if this was wrestlemania and he was in the ring with me and just me and him, wouldn't i be fun? >> reporter: gawker didn't go down without a fight showing the jury interviews hogan did in october 2012. >ou come off like a stud. honest to god, are you kidding me? do you think you come off bad in >> reporter: just days after they posted this sex tape involving him and the wife of his best friend at the time bubba clem. >> their point is if you're talking about that tape you can't be that embarrassed. >> wellll, talking about it is a lot different than having somebody illegally post the tape when you're seen naked in front of 7 million people. i will be naked forever, you know. until my children's children's
7:34 am
>> reporter: hogan says he till hasn't watched the tape himself. you haven't seen the tape that gawker pted to this day. >> right, i was in a situation where i had to look and identify myself on a plalar and i walked away from it. i would never watch the tape >> reporter: despite suggestions he knew he was being filmed. do you maintain you did not know. >> oh, i did not know. no. >> you feel like you were set up by your friends. >> yes. yes, i do. >> reporter: he says the hardest part of the whole ordeal. >> i had to tell my kids and that was tough. >> reporter: how about brooke and nick take it? >> ooh, they've been through a lot and they were very understanding. they love their dad and i kind of like gave them the "reader's digest j.t. version of what ppened. gracefully they let me live. >> reporter: what about your critics out there who say you're not a very sympathetic victim here, you slept with another man's wife, you were still
7:35 am
>> i don't agree with any of the stuff i did. i mean, like i said, i can make a million excuses for it, i'm accountable. i did that. it's not fun to talk about. it's very embarrassing. it's not who i am. the only thing i can say is i pray to god that people can learn from my mistake because i sure did. i sure learned. >> reporter: for him he says the case was never about money. and his longtime attorney david houston telling us it was never about the first amendment. >> this had nothing to do with political speech, freedom of ideas, freedom of words. it had to do with invading terry bollea's privacy for the most base of reasons which was greed. >> did plaintiff prove that the video was posted in sh a manner as to outright cause mental suffering, shame or hugh mill indication to a person of ordinary sensibilities? yes.
7:36 am
was overcome with emotion when he realized they won. >> when i knew they -- yes, i just did this crazy invololtary senator like a 900-pound pig and as i tried to not senator again juststater just came pouring out of my highs, i just started shaking. >> reporter: you we emotional because you felt that people finally believed you. >> whe the verdict came in and the people, the jury of my peers says we believe you, it just -- it just, you know, the world was round, i told you. it was just really great. >> reporter: gawker says it is confident it will win this case on appeal, pointing out that jurors were not allowed to know that other courts had sided with it before this trial even began and alsoo pointing out they didn't get to hear from a key witness that former friend bubba clem. robin and george. >> okay, thanks. a ways to go. what a stunning award from that jury. >> it sure was. we'll go back to brussels
7:37 am
so many amazing stories of survival. look what the heroes did right that may have saved lives. >> we'll talk about that man, michael is, lucky to be alive after surviving three terror attacks. we're with his parents when they hear from their sin. that's coming up.ality. with our heads in the clouds. like a bunch of space cadets. huh? what? i've drawn a blank. what's my line? [director]: reset! maybe we do live in a fantasy... our own little bubble. just hangin' out! as if we're not completely down to earth. but just a bunch of dreamers? no way! we're just like everyone else. you know, average joes. start dreaming big at these outdoor furnishings from lowe's are so stylish it almost feels like were inside the house. not that i've been in there... or have i? now get this char-broil 4-burner gas grill
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cc1 test message we are back with the survivors of that terrorist attack andndhat they did right to get out alive. here you see many so of them climbing out tf a metro train after the blast. experts say that staying calm and moving quiuickly are keys to survival. david kerley here with more. >> reporter: it's a question we all ask ourselves. how woulul you survive a bomb blast and attack on an airport like this or a takentationy there are lessons from brussels, dramatic lessons. in the dark, silence of arain tunnel after a bomb blast, these are the dramatic images of survival in brussels and a story
7:42 am
carol told abc's david muir. >> the lights went out. everyone fell to the group. people were crying holding each other in fear. it was a nightmare. >> reporter: and they were on thr own. >> we all manually forced open the door, we just decided to go for it and get off the train. >> at some popot you have to take matters into your own hands. >>right, somebody had enough wherewithal to know how to get out that have t tin to follow the instructions, to open the door. you want to be calm but youlso want to move quickly to an exit because you don't know what's going to happen next. >> reporter: as matt olsen says this is a lesson in what to do. how to survive. >> they're all going away from where they came from. >> it's the right thing to do to all go the same direction. >> why do you think ty were all orderly in getting out. >> it's really quiet. youon't hear shouting. you have one person helping them -- someone that was a model of the right type of behavior. one person can make all the difference.
7:43 am
this woman in a vest who took a leadership role. >> it appears to me this woman is really helping to make sure that one person leaves at a time. that they don't jump on top of each other. >> she seed to be talking to the people crying to calm them. >> as you look back in the train there are a lot of people still on the train waiting and they're not panicking. i think this is actually quite remarkable. >> reporter: very remarkable the way they all acted. very calmly getting off the train. now, what about preventing an attack? it is the advice we have heard from u.s. officials all the time. if you see something, say something very good advice if you're out in a crowded place. robin. >> that is. we even have thaha sign here. if you go out the hall you see something, say something. >> so much composure there. >> so much. >> that woman who was guiding them off the train like that. >> a lot of great advice and, you know, coming up we'll hear from that american teen lucky to be alive. he survived the attack at the airport and two other terror attacks.
7:44 am
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7:47 am
. all right. backnow with mason wells who is lucky to be alive after he was
7:48 am
amazingly this wasn't his first brush with terror. during the boston marathon bombing he was just a block away. last november he and his father were in france during that terrorist attack. we were there when mason spoke with his parents for the first time after t t blast. take a look. >> mason, i'm going to catch a flight over to pis. >> do you think that would be a good idea. >> i'm just worried about your recovery. >> i don't feel like you need to come to europe but i'm not gonna stop you if you want to. the burns aren't too bad at all so t ty're pretty sure they're not gonna scar. >> where are the burns. >> on the rig side of my head and by my eaea the left side of my eye. >> but your eyes are okay. >> yeah and then my right hand is also kindf badly burned. >> how long will you be in the hospital? >> couple weeks. >> oh. >> it's a miracle he is alive. it's a blessing from god he's alale. he's just grateful to be alive to have survived this.
7:49 am
such a horrible thing because being right there at ground zero and right next to the attack is and to survive is nothing short of a huge miracle. >> it certainly is. >> to see that young man to go through that and remain -- he's an eagle scout and they teach you -- >> more than that. >> in a dangerous situation, you see that has trancesferredtransferred. dad, i'm not going to stop you but -- >> the investigation into the terror attacks.
7:50 am
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7:53 am
back here on "gma." severe storms from dallas up to st. louis, possibility of tornadoes and, of course, large hail. the back side or the cold side of this system will wrap a lot
7:54 am
blizzard warning that includes local 10 news starts right now. almost:00 a.m. good morning. i'm jacey burch it's wednesday. we need to look at the forecast and trent is here. a right now 70 degrees and sun is up around town. as we do that the conditions will war up. we'll continue to see east elementary wind here across town. good news is radar is quiet for today. rain chance 10 percent or lower. but tomorrow, could see 60 percentn enjoy a nice dry day here across town. 13 mile per hoururn shore flow. that will push our temperatures
7:55 am
right now outside 72 pompano beach and fort lauderdale. enjoy this beautiful wednesday. all right trent thanks so much. hey you guys head to beach julia tuttle causeway delays reported here our eastbound lanes you see although a lot of congestion this morning also another issue here a crash a this time affects westboundlanes. if you're traveling westbound mccar they are causeway an of oh to exit ramp i-95 finally we still ve delay from an earlier crash northbound and hollywood boulevard. >> notice it a safety abetter in coral gables. a sketch has been released a man wanted for a sexually battery and robbery. he is described man in his 30s, between 5 foot 7 and 5 foot 9. weighing about 175 pounds. police say he attked a woman last sunday. and they say he grabbed her righ along the granada boulevard south of 8th street anyoyo with any information should called miami-dade crime stoppers form around florida governor and presidential candidate jeb bush endorsed ted cruz for a president. in statement issued early this
7:56 am
is consistent in principle he went on to say cruz h h would win forsake of the party. that "vulgarity of donald trump must be overcome." families relieved after a flight from brussels landed safely right here in south florida on tuesday. that flight took off roughly nini minutes before blasts took place at the airport. families were worried not knowing if their loved ones made it out safely before the blast took place.& people on board the flight had no idea that those attacks had happened. we'll keep working stories for you through day right here on local 10. "good morning americic is next.
7:57 am
hope you have a great wednesday. today, let's get to the heart of the matter we now have even better access to world-class heart care than ever before. right here, at home. that's why cleveland clinic florida is here. call us today if it's urgent, walk in to our emergency dedertment, 24/7. we're here to care for you anytime, anywhere.
7:58 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. breaking new details out of brussels. the third terror suspect arrested this morning as emotional scenes play out all over the city. now big, new warnings for millions of americans preparing to travel to europe. amy robach is right there live with the latest. also this morning, fighting for their family.
7:59 am
6-year-old girl takes a dramatic turn. authorities rip little lexi out of her foster family's arms. forcing them to say good-bye to the daughter they've raised for years, the latest on their battle to bring her back home. got a feeling we're headed into the galaxy. the star lord himself direct from set. >> let's go. >> chris pratt reveals how you can join him to be a guardian of the galaxy. i'm so fancy >> and iggy azalea, the no holds bar interview after the emotional year she is speaking out and nothing is off-limits as we say -- >> all: good morning, america. and good morning, america. you know it's spring break. all those kids out here in times square this wednesday morning, great crowd. >> made them get up early.
8:00 am
spring break spring it on. what we're calling it and revamp your breakfast, all your meals. rachel beller is he. not just my nutritionist but she'll change the way you think about the way you eat. instead of juicing, sounding, works for breakfast and desserts. >> soup dessert. >> uh. >> if it makes you look good. whatever. >> thank you. let's go to the plaza in brussels, as well. so many are honoring the victims of those terror attack, dozens killed. hundreds injured and the tributes are pouring in right now. amy is there. >> she traveled there overnit in that plaza with the latest on the investigation into the attacks. good mororng again, amy. >> reporter: that's right, good morning again to you, robin and george and made our way over to one of several memorials that are growing here in the middle of bourse plaza and touching to see children here with their chalk and writing messages,
8:01 am
solidarity that you can truly fefe here among the people here in the heart of brussels at this hour but in the meantime, we do have developments to tell you. authorities have identified the three suspects seen in that aiort surveillance video as the terrorists responsible for killing at least 31 people and injuring hundreds of others a at those three coordinated attacks. two of the men on the left are wearing all black with gloves over their left hands. they are brothers and it is reported that under those black gloves there were detonator devices. the brothers were reportedly known to police for criminal activity but not for terrorism. there have been at least three police raids overnight, so far one person is arrested. we are expecting to learn the identity of that person who was arrested overnight. very shortly a we are going to be taking a press conference here in brussels with hopefully much more information about what went on overnight and where this
8:02 am
brussels at this hour. but in the meantime, as we await for word of that, people here who i have spoken to s s that they will not let the terrorists troy their spirit, their heart and it is truly obvious and present here in bourse scarequare at this hour. >> we see letters, cards and flowers. you traveled overnighgh to amsterdam and drove in. give us a sense of the mood during your traveling and the people that you were encountering. >> reporter: i mean, it really was remarkable, the transformation over the past few hours when we drove in earlier this morning, after drivingn from amsterdam, the shops were all closed. the r rtaurants were boarded up. there weren't many people on the streets at all and in just thehe past few hours that incredibly powerful moment of silence, youou saw everyone come out of their homes with their children, with
8:03 am
here to bourse plaza to share in this moment of solidarity, united against terrorism, united againsterror and they continue to come here. we've seen the shops start to open a a the restaurants start to open. put out their cafe tables, they want to get back to normal life and in the meantime, just let everyone know that we're in this together. that's what a lot of these messages say here, we're all in this together. back to you guys. >> unified. unification we're seeing. amy, thank you so very much and we'll have all the latest on "world news tonight," david muir is anchoring a special edition from brussels this evening. let's turn to tom llamas with the morning rundown. >> good morning. we begin with bigews in the race for president. jeb bush announcing he will endorse senator ted cruz and overnight more good news for cruz, he easily won the utah caucuses taking all 40 of the state's delegates because of his margin of victory but donald trump won arizona so trump gets all 58 of that state's
8:04 am
as for the democrats, hillary clinton also won arizona where some voters waited in line for up to five hours to cast ballots. that was clinton's only win of the night. senator bernie sanders scored a decisive victory in the utah caucuses also prevailing in idaho and says it gives him confidence more victories are ahead. back to senator ted cruz. he's facing harsh criticism for calllng on police to patrol muslim neighborhoodsdsere in the u.s. in the wake of the brussels attacks. earlier this morning george asked him about it. >> senator, your proposal to have police patrol muslim neighborhoods is drawing a lot of fire from john kasich, bernie sanders calls it unconstitutional, hillary clinton offenenve and dangerous. >> yesterday reminded everyone that we are facing a war from radical islamic terrorism. president obama, hillary clinton, they refuse to acknowledge, they refuse even to say the words radical islamic terrorism. >> how is targeting those neighborhoods constitutional.
8:05 am
radical islamic terrorism and they refuse to acknowledge that we are facing a global jihad from radical islamic terrorism, indeed just about after every one of these attack, whether paris or san bernardino president obama goes on tv and lectures americans onslam phobia. enough is enough. >> cruz called donald trump classless for threatening on twitter to, quote, spill the beanan on cruz's wife. trump upset over a super%pac attack ad that showed his wife didn't elaborate. a massive air strike has destroyed an al qaeda training camp killing more than 70 fighters in a sign the u.s. military is stepping up the fight against militants in the middle east and africa. earlier this month an air strike on a training camp in somalia killed as many as 150 militants. investigators are looking into the cause o oa fiery small plane crash that killed a former
8:06 am
the single engine plane went down shortly after takeoff at a small airport in los angeles. 41-year-old pilot erin storm died after b bng pulled from the wreckage. a new role for sarah palin. she could be the next judge judy. palin has agreed to star in a courtroom-based reality star although she isn't a lawyer. the show's producer said she did appoint judges when she was governor of alaska. okay. finally a dramatic rescue in a backyard in texas. take a look at this surveillance video, a little girl sees her mom at the bottom of the pool unconscious after suffering a seizure. so the 5-year-old girl, yes, she's only 5, allison dives, grabs her mom, pulls her t the shallow end of the pool and gets her head above water before running to get help. mom is now okay. she calls allison her little hero and, guys, doctors say if @ she had been underwater for one minute longer she would not have survived. that girl is only 5 years old. >> 5 years old.
8:07 am
>> angel. >> did everything right. >> amazing. >> thank you, tom. let's go to michael with the "morning menu." >> that gave me the chills. here's a look at what's comin up on the "gma morning menu." this family is fighting to keep their foster child, there's a battle under way right now after she was taken from their home and iggy azalea is here. we can't wait to hear from her, plus we've got the exclusive world premiere of her new video coming up and it's called "teen" by the way and peter krause is one of the stars of "the catch." we'll catch up with him this morning. i already caught him. wasn't that hard. all right. all that coming up live on "gma" here in times square with the people. "gma's morning menu" brought to you by new centrum vitamint.
8:08 am
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get 30% off every guest every ship in the caribbean aut hurry, this offer won't last long come seek the royal caribbean
8:12 am
when the rain iss in your face. >> the powerful tribute from adele honoringh the victims of the brussels terror attacks in london last night. she did this with her song "make you feel my love." we'll have much more coming up. that is beautiful right there from adele. thank yououor that. we move on to a different story, dramatic custody case from california where a 6-year-old girl has been taken from the foster parents raising her because of a law about her native american heritage. foster parents are fighting back and abc's kayna whitworth has the story. >> reporter: overnight a california family is living out their worst nightmare. >> don't let them take me, i'm scared. i'm scared. don't let me go. reporter: rusty and summer page are losing lexi, the
8:13 am
own for the last four years. >> please. for the sake of everyone else in the hoe. >> reporter: this dramatic scene playing out as the pages were forced to say good-bye to lexi. >> what was the last thing you said to her as you put herer in the car. >> whatever her father sayso her daughter, i love you. >> they're fighting, lexi. >> how do you feel now. >> reporter: it began four years ago after relatives of the girl's biological father who is native american petitioned his indian tribe and the l.a. department of children and family challenging the pages' temporary custody by invoking a law meant to protect the rights of indian families. the. >> intent behind the icwa is to make sure that native amemecan children are kept not only within the family but within the tribe and within the culture.
8:14 am
choctaw indian on her father's side. she was 17 months old when she was removed from her birth parents' custody. her mother had substance abuse sroblems and her father had extensive criminal history. >> the origil decision to send her to utah was made almost three years ago. >> reporter: the choctaw nation desires the best for this choctaw child saying in a statement all children, not just native children, do better with caring relatives. lexi's safety and well-being are the choctaw nation's paramount concern. the courts have decided that lexi will live with nonnative relatives of her birth father's through marriage and the pages have filed an appeal in the california sreme court. for "good morning america." kayna whitworth, abc news, los angeles. >> thanks to kayna for that. here's more of that statement they released and said as kayna juju reported that lexi's safety and well-being is of paramount concern and maintaine a relationship with her for almost five years. >> hope it works out for her.
8:15 am
>> all right, actually we have big news happening in weather this morning too, george. denver public schools are closed, a blizzard warning in colorado, let's get trait to the video coming out of colorado this morning thelready the snow falling but now the wind is going to kick up and that's where you get that blizzard warning. some places could get up to 9 ches of snow. obviously higher in some of the higher elevationsing loo at locally up to a foot in northern iowa. southeastern minnesota and southwestern wisconsin. we'll go from east to west and leav you with a look across the nation >> thanks. across south florida, no snow here. sun is up, temperature are climbing, temperatures are low 70's across south florida. the radar is quiet. rain chances increase dramatically tomorro today is the tradition between cooler weather early in the week and warm tomorrow. today's high, 80. east wind 15 to 20 miles per
8:16 am
enjoy, gorgeous wednesday. >> this little one is telling me i'm from pittsburgh and i'm like, all right. i love pennsylvania. pittsburgh, texas. we got it now, robin. >> you better get on in here, ginger. we're going to talk aut you. your big dancing debut, amy and i hadront row seats as she blew away the ballroom. can't wait toalk to her all about it in just a moment but first here's a look at our road trip to "dancing with the stars." dazzling sequins and heart-ttopping performances, "dancing with the stars" is back. and bigger than ever.@ >pectacular star to our season premiere. >> reporter: our very own ginger zee wowing the crowd and sparkling in the ballroom. i want to breathe for awhile >> reporter:r:e were right there for all the action flying straight from "gogo morning america" to "dancing with the stars."
8:17 am
we're in the car seven minute as way. >> is your heart pounding? >> i'm so nervous right now. >> she's'soing to be great. >> i saw the dress rehearsal pictures. she looks beautiful. >> okay, ginger, on our way. >> we mad sure to check in on our ginger before the curtain call. >> hello! >> comom here. >> look at you. >> thank you. >> i've got a little extra on. >> come in, come in. come in. >> your official wow girls. >> how do you feel. >> i feel good. >> how nervous are you. >> right now i feel good because you guys are here, honestly. >> i'm a lot more nervous now that you're here. after 2,000 miles traveled, 70 hours of rehearsals, practicing day and night, it was finally time to dance live in front of america. i said move you're tearing it apart
8:18 am
>> all i have to say is, let's see al roker do that. >> my dear, the weather forecast is looking pretty good. >> oh, thank you. are you familiar with a woman named bindi irwin? >> yes. >> okay, watching you dance brought me right back to like bindi irwin's week one. you have something phenomenal. you are infectious. you lit up the joint. everybody went crazy. there's something about your attack and commit many to every single move. just pure joy. >> that's a compliment. >> i tell you, you're a great dancer, well danced. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: just one week down but so far all her hard work paying off. >> 8. >> 7. >> 8. >> whoa! >> i got emotional just now because it's worth i. i want to make my son proud and this is now worth it being here. this is good.
8:19 am
hear them say that means everything. >> anything for ink ginger even no sleep. >> george will be making espresso for you two in the morning. >> reporter: a night ginger and amy and i will never forget. >> i was so floored. i was so happy with it. >> you were like yay. >> my whoo girls. >> whoo. >> i've never been a whoo girl before. you didn't see her dance in from soughtoutside. >> constantly dancing of many where. >> i've been practicing my next moves behind the weather wall. when i'm not on you know i'm rehearsing. >> 70 hours. >> the first -- because to even get my back into position like a dancer it takes time. you really -- he has had to tart from scratch with me. i've never done ballroom before and this guy is a magician. >> i don't know how you're working. 70 hours. >> how to figure out what to do with your face. >> that's easiest part. the energy. being in that room you know it's like, whoa. you can't not feel that way. the next one i'll have to be a little more susuued.
8:20 am
down a notch. val says let's watch the labrador retriever face. so i'm going to have to take that down a little bit. >> but three-way tie for the le. you're in. you were not nervous. how could you not have been nervous. >> i thought going in i would be heart pumping. it helped having you there. my mom was there and it was like i was dancing at home, i told myself. >> you didn' have to be nervous because we were nervous for you. >> i'm so grateful to have the opportunity. i think that's part of it too. if you dance that way i'm so happy toe here it can't go bad. >> ow emotionalwhen you talked about adrian. >> the balance of figuring this out. i'll get there but got a little mommy guilt. >> i was so amazed watching you. and thinking to myself there is no way this girl just had aaby three months ago. you look fantastic. your moves -- thank you. >> your move, incredible. incredible. >> thank you so much. >> he's going to be great and watch those tapes forever.
8:21 am
>> enjoy the moment. >> okay. >> sofun. >> and so you and val rehearse here. >> today, tomorrow, the next day. four hours or so. >> you're not busy. >> no, what i'moing is strahan made me feel lazy, i got to pick up a job or rwo. >> oh, and thanks for the great seats. love that. and don't miss ginger's next big number. when is it going to be? >> the samba. >> on "dancing th the stars" monday night 8:00, 7:00 central right here on abc. got a little "pop news" for us. >> we'll start off with something very, very touching. memorable that happened last night in london. adele hit a touching tribute to all those affected by the attacks of brussels at her concert in lon@ndon last night. want you guys to take a listen. >> incredible. this is for brussels. when the rain is blowing in
8:22 am
and the whole world is on your case i could use a warm embrace to make you feel my love >> hmm. so amazing and the singers, you can hear stunning the crowd with that rendition of "make you feel my love." her fans sparkled shining their cell phones as a sign of solidarity and after the moving performance, adeleaid to the audience, i don't think i've ever actually been so moved before in my life at one of my shows, that was just so beautiful, thank you very much for doinin that. and i think they heard us. >> i think they did. >> nis something. >> pretty amazing all these people around the world certainly in londonnd here at "gma," our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected. next up if you're ready to get hooked on a a feeling, well, chris pratt has a "guardians of
8:23 am
big it's out of the world. >> chris pratt here. i want to make you the newest guardian of the galaxy. what! i'm being serious. ieamed up with omaze for a chance for you to be my comrade on "guardians of the galaxy 2." >> yeah. i design costumes too. >> you'll be able to see how they film me and seamlessly transport me to another universe. what! the pyramids. am i in egypt now? what, another of the world's wonders, look out. wait. what. ah! so far in this video it's cost $100 million. >> there's so much going on. you get to's a lot. pratt will give you your own door a a director's chair and he said you can put on his star lord helmet and punch him in the face. >> wow. >> he actually said that but he also says he can't make any promises, so probably should not
8:24 am
the campaign helps support the boys and girls town in his hometown. enter to win online right now. >> you cannot enter. you have enough going on. >> punch him in the face. >> you got enough. >> finally, guy, there's some troubling news in the southern hemisphere. a real-life cat burglar stealing from locals in new zealand. here's the culprit. 6-year-old kleptomaniac bridget. she has socked away 11 pairs of underwear and more than 50 socks in just two months. the owner of the cat put flyer an the neighborhood apologizing to the neighbors for what's happened. the bridget and her owner are moving to the countryside. >> not discuss in her house. >> the neighbors. 50 pairs of matching socks, by the way. >> only men's underwear. >> that's where all my singles come from. i'm always losing them. >> sadistic cat. people there can sleep.
8:25 am
coming up next.tt2watu#@m4 bt`n,:$ tt2watu#@m4 "a`n
8:26 am
good news, no chance of rain today, 10%. tomorrow, completely different story. get out there and enjoy a beautiful wednesday. >> speaking of the beach, the causeway east at 95, earlier crash blocking part of the entrance ramp, that is clearing, we are still seeing congestion in place, speeds 10 miles per hour. don shula expressway, northbound at kendall, anothth crash. >> a man dead after police involved shooting. police say he was breaking into his neighbor's car windows with a pick axe. police say the 25-year-old lunged at them with the ax, he was shot and died at the scene. > miami international airport has stepped up security after attacks in brussels. officials say while there'so direct threat, the increased
8:27 am
units, random inspections the terminals and entrance is taking
8:28 am
>> "good morning america" next. baby watch me do my thing ohh baby no way are you messing with the team >> welcome back to "gma." the exclusive world premiere of her new music video for her song "team." michael will talk to her in a minute but let's go inside to robin. >> a few little moves over here. time now to spring it on.
8:29 am
it on, the newest trend, move on, juicing. we got power sounding and can work for any meal. my good friend and best-selling author rachel beller is here to tell us all about it. a brand-new book out. the boys were not belieieng me what? it is replacing juicing. >> absolutely. sounding is the new juicing because you can get the entire nutrients you need for one meal in one bowl and you know there's research suggestingg that you actually feel fuller. most satiated than eating a plated meal even with a glass of water. >> even with that. what do you have, a demo here. this woman loves fiber. >> i love fiber. fiber does so many wonderful things for your body. i want to show you h h it works. pretend this is your colon, a pvc and foods rich in fiber scrubs your insides clean and think about those brushing capabilities with your food and what it could do for you. >> a natural way to do it.
8:30 am
>> so we've got the plan has a three-day detox which is all sounding and then there's a three-week trance pore nation where you don't have to soup. you have to soup once a day but it really teaches you the basic concept of how to build meals. it should beeasy. you need to lose weight but in a way that's easy. >> easy and healthy and you are all about breakfast. what is aour key? >> this is my beller basic and it's basic because it's so easy. you know you've got your fiber. you've got your produce, caloric control from clean foods, i mean, think about the nutritional oprtunity. who wakes up and says, hey, i'm going to eat a handful of spin every morning. >> when you put it in the blender like this. >> a blender and you got it all and tastes great so the beller it up. >> okay. >> then you power it up with toppings and you got raspberries, cacao.
8:31 am
cereal that feels very satisfying. >> it's not just chick when it comes to protein. >> absolutely not. so then w come to lunch and dinner. so your base, the first rule is produce. and you've got your veg base, low starch and we've got spanish red pepper. >> looks good. >> men proneinestroneminestrone and zucchini and all so easy to make then we'll add protein so we've got chickpea pasta which is actually a protein and something new. try these. watermelon seeds. a quarter of a cup, ten grams of protein. >> i haven't seen these. >> it's so good. we can just top it off. >> so you put it in. >> yeah. >> yeah, let's do some more. protein in there. all right. so you see what you've got here is your veg base, your protein
8:32 am
pasta in your minestrone in lieu of your chicken breastst >> breakfast, lunch and dinner. >> then you fatten it up. you need the fats to absorb the nutrient nutrients. this is cashew cream. so easy, take a blender and put cashews, a little lemon juice, wawar, spices, you've got it -- >> a lot of the sounding you canan do just like this with the blender. not on the stove. >> so easy, you can put avocado. >> but you do have to be care dpul about putting too many toppings on. sometimes people do that with juicing and put all this other stuff in it and adds calories. >> a ton. you could start a breakfast bowl with a thousand calories if you look on instagram. it's all over the place, looks pretty but your waistline will expand. >> the things you offered -- >> all so easy and power it up of the these are bargain super foods. celery leaves, five times the calcium, broccoli stalk, people throw it away. this is so inixpensive, more
8:33 am
got parsley, ise that for debloating capabilities and carrot top, vitamin c. >> dessert. >> you have to have dessert so this is a chocolate bliss. we've got, again, we blendd up banana, some date, almond milk, top it off with berries and a retch, decadent dessert. >> and put it on the go. >> on the go. my favavite to go lunch is this one. especially during summertime. this is the spanish red pepper. just blend it upp and take it to go. >> all right. we have lots -- look, they're not lining up. you u ys, all right, you're missing out. you're missing out. >> all about having fun. >> mm-mm. >> tasty. >> i love the red pepper. very tasty. very good for you. >> itake this to go. a whole family can enjoy this. >> thank you, rachel. we're good to go. >> the book "power sounding"
8:34 am
you guys are missing out. come on in here. for these recipes and more go to on yahoo! more for us. outside to ginger. >> all right. robin. i've got my new friends from ft. smith, arkansas. your names. >> emily. >> jill. >> all rightht emily and jill. let's check the severe weather forecast. parts of arkansas, tes, louisiana, going to be in the severe weather including your friends and family so you want to let them know, possibility of tornadoes today and hail, then severe weather threat moves to the east and you look for parts of alabamam northern alabama, montgomery to birmingham, northwestern georgia, atlanta, not in it but close with those >> thanks. outside our radar is quiet. it is a gorgeous start to your wednesday. temperatures this afternoon, near 80. we will keep thehe east wind. tomorrow, 87. >> and all that weather brought
8:35 am
>> thank you, ginger. now we'll meet the wonder woman gal godot from "batman v superman: dawn of justice" and sat down with nick watt and her breakout role and this is just the beginning for female superheroes. >> reporter: yes the movie is called "batman v superman" but did you know that wonder woman nearly steals the show? >> she with you? >> i thought shehe was with you. >> i love everything about her. everything that she stands for and everything she symbolizes is things that i love and believe in. truth and love and compassion and justice. i want to be her. >> reporter: you are. >> yeah, but in real life i want -- no, i am, you're right. i need to get used to the fact. >> reporter: gal godot is actor, model and one-time israeli soldier. >> you were in the idf, right? >> i was. >> doing what. i was a combat trainer. >> training to play wonder woman she says reminded her of boot camp.
8:36 am
>> we're shooting "wonder woman" as we speak. >> reporter: she became wonder woman landing at l.a.x. after a long flight from home. >> i saw 30 missed calls from my agent so i call them. while still sitting in the airplane and then said, gal, you can't say anything to anyone yet but you got the part! and then i starteded yelling and screaming and i melted and became one big puddle of myself. >> reporter: her life never will be the same. >> as mother of a 4-year-old girl, my daughter is very much into the princesses. she always falls asleep and the prince is the one to wake her up so for me -- it made me feel really, really good about the fact tha we're bringing wonder woman to life. whatn amazing great role model she is. >> i don't think you've ever known a woman like me. >> i think that everyone are going to be very surprised when
8:37 am
don't you think? you signed the papers? >> reporter: yep, they made blabber mouth promise to keep my mouth shutut for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> nick was good there. "batman v superman: wn of justice" opens everywhere on friday. and coming up here, iggy azalea
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
cc1 test messagett2w`t+o mt; bt@qyrl l tt2w`t+o mt; "a@qi^( tt2w`t+o mt; bm@qbu$ tt4w`t+o mt;" dztq (o4 tt4w`t+o mt;" entq xkt tt4w`t+o mt;" gzt& al, tt4w`t+o mt;" hnt& qb@ tt4w`t+o mt;" iztq ;+8 tt4w`t+o mt;" jntq )[x tt4w`t+o mt;" lzt& 16$ so excited i'm here now with iggy azalea, the rapper is back with that big new single "team" on top of the world in 2014. the only artist s since the beatles to hold the number one and number two spots on the billboard's hot 100 simultaneously in a matter of months everything changed. she faced criticism online and from fellow rappers, as well. now she's here to talk about the troubles she has faced in her past. so excited about this new music vivio because you just put out a big hit your last music video, already has 7 million views. >> i know, i'm so excited -- it's only been out four days. >> what's it like to put out great music so soon. >> i is been so long since i put anything out.
8:41 am
that fans can look at strarahtaway and now i think i might wait a couple more days to put out my real music video video so mu. >> obviously this past year, it's been very tough for you but do you s this song "team," a way to move beyond that. >> yeah, definitely. i think it's important for me haveing taken so much time off to really figure out what i wanted to say when i came b bk and have people's attention. and i think "team" is the right message so excited for this to be the song that people hr from me. >> we're talking about new music, "digital distortion" is your new album so what's behind that name? >> you know, "digital distortion" is kind of touching on i guess the social media era we live in, this world of technology where we can distort our own reities, it's a world of misinformation, good and bad and it's just kind of navigating that throughout the album. >> you've been through a lot and
8:42 am
people have gotten on you about body shaming and had detractors in the hip-hop industry, as well. how are you able to handle all that gativity. >> it's tough sometimes but you got to think about the people that support you, as well. you know, i grew up loving missy elliott and lil' kim or trina and so i'm lucky that i have those women that i r reallyize dollized support me and so i get a little bit of confident in that knowing the people i look up to kind of like a`preciate what i'm doing so that helps >> that's the truth too. that's who you are. you grew up in australia and you loved hip-hop. you were trying to emulate people like tupac and mentioned missy elliott so how is it fair when you get criricized for rapping with an english accent? or an american accent, whatever that is. >> you got -- everybody gets -- no matter what, i think rapper or if you're an actress or no matter what youo if you're in
8:43 am
criticized and picked upon. for me that's what they like to pick on me with. >> it's a lot you had to go through. you wish you could memory erase some of the things that happened. >> i wish i had a "men in black" stick. >> with the glasses. >> that would be lovely. >> what positive things have come out of last year that have helped you get through? >> you know what, i had such a good time making this album and i think that the thing called the sophomore curse where you have so much pressure after your succccs of your first album that you don't know what to wte about and the second album falls apart and can be a bit shambly so i think me having a rough year last yearnd taking a step away gave me the ability to have the space to just quietly create my little masterpiece and i feel like that gave me the ability to have something really strong and i hope i don't have the sophomore curse this time. >> you mentioned the "men in
8:44 am
wearing those. i don't know if you noticed the rock on amy's finger. something good that happened this year. you got engaged to l.a. laker nick young. >> that is a good thing. >> that is a very good thing. can you talk to us about how he proposed. >> he was very swee i organized a big birthday party, his birthday and mine are a few days apart and so we had a big carnival themed party and we had ferris wheels and all this crazy stuff and he came to the party really late and he was acting very strange, wasn't acting right and we went on the ferris wheel and he kept saying if i asked you to marry me would you say yes. you wouldn't say no, would you? oh, my god. is he going -- i better you not be playing around. ifou ask me to marry you tonight don't get me hyped up and huh-uh. he a box this big. i thought he was going to give me a pair of shoes. i thought it was sneakers. >> something a giant hat comes in. >> this is much better than highh heels in a box so it was a good
8:45 am
>> how is the wedding planning going? >> oh, wedding is planning is a lot. anybody who's been married out there like i empathize with u, it's so much more than what you think it's going to be, planning a giant event and wanting to appease your family, make sure all the municipals are happy. my family are all australian, i have to fly everyone out but we're enjoying it and try to make our wedding cool and young and hip so trying to figure out what to do. >> youe till going on your honeymoon, a little break time away with your future husband. thank you so much for being with us. congratulations on your success and iggy azalea's new single "team." coming up, peter krause here
8:46 am
took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you.
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back now with actor peter krause, he stars in s onda rhimes' new abc drama, "the catch," a high stakes show that pits an elite con man against l.a.'s top private investigator who just happens to be his fiancee. take a look.
8:48 am
well i know why i lost control o@ my heart and soul >> i think you should take it off. >> i had a chance to see the first episode. peter krause with us live. thank you so much for joining us. >> executive proroced by shonda rhimes and you said it reminds you of a roger moore james bond film. >> he's a thief instead of a special agent but, yeah, it kind of like. it as a little bit of a wink to it. it's meant to be a lot of fun so it's pure entertainment. >> you're playing a con man who fleeces his fiancee for literally millions of dollars, define fleece and then you completely disappear. so what drew you to this role?? >> well, it was very different from "parenthood."
8:49 am
entertainmt to watch with your kids. it's a lot racier than i thought it would be. i spend a little more time with my clothes off than i shout i would. >> a lot of women happy with that. >> i wanted to do something different from "parenthood" and this is that. >> your fiancee is one of l.a.'s top private investigators. it's a sexy tango back and forth. shshwill stop at nothing to bring you down. >> i don't know about bring me down but maybe stop at nothing to get me back hopefully bause it's sort of an epic romance in the center of the show then two shows smashed together, the investigative unit and the group of con artists and they overlap because of the relationship between alice and ben. >> ten years since the end of "six feet under". we have a clip of that. >> i'm going in. >> i'm going to miss you so much. >> nate, don't be stupid. >> stupid? >> stupid. this is what we came here eo do. come on, bro.
8:50 am
>> there could b sharks. >> you've been taking your shirt off a long time. >> that scene, they wanted me to do that nude and i said i'm not going to run -- i don't no he if you saw that clip like that's a long way. i'm like i i not going to be running out there with no clothes on jumping in the ocean. >> some people have said that's one of the most epic finales o all time. what was it like working on that show? >> i loved it. it was five great years and when i read the pilot i thought this would be something special and it was amazing. >> you've had a lot of success on camera but off, laura graham longtime girlfriend. what is the secret to having success in a relationship in hollywood?d? >> she is great. you know, we keep things pretty private. i will say that o on my flight here from l.a., i was happy to see on directv they were playing "gilmore girls" so i sat on the plane watching "gilmore girls" on my way. >> you're getting a lot of ahs in the background?0 but people are crazy for that
8:51 am
movies of "gilmore girls." >> dad of the year candidate. 14-year-old son and you play a father f fure in a lot of other roles. you coached him. >> baseball team. he recently decided he was home alone and, haircut not unlike yours, bryce harper. similar. but he decided he would go for it himself and took a big gouge out of -- not h head but his hair and i got a phone call. dad, you got to fix it when you get up here. i'm not a barber. but i took out some clippers and shaped it. we got him to l.a. and weird filming the tango promo and had the guy at w wk who does my hair cut my kid's hair. >> peter krause, "the catch" premiering tomorrow night 10:00/9:00 central on abc. we'll be right back. >> i love you, peter. >> hey, robin. how are you. >> tgit on "gma" is brought to
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8:54 am
zyrtec, muddle no mo don't kw if you heard when i shouted out i love you, peter. i love himn oh, and thank you for joining us and thanks for watching. >> have a great wednesday, everybody. we're going to leave you with a little bititore of adele's tribute.
8:55 am
yoururace just before 9:00 a.m. vment hi, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. happy wednesday to you. it's warmer out there. let's talk to trent about that. >> warmer today, even warmer tomorrow. live lk through the miami tower cam showing just a few clouds overhead and the beach is going to be a popular place later on today. right now that onshore flow is coming in tween 10 and 15 miles per hour. radar is quiet. later on today we'll hit 80 later on this afternoon. tomorrow 87. >> trent, good news we're looking better on the i. an earlierier crash on i-95 and oakland park boulevard. slight delays reported in this location. quickly checking your
8:56 am
about 39 miles per hour to 40. not too bad. another crash to get to. if you're traveling west-bound at the dolphin expressway a crash reported right off of 12th avenue. safety later in coral gables a sketch has been released for a n wanted for sexual battery and robbery. he's described as a man in his 30s, five foot seven to five fought nine. police say he attacked a woman last sunday. if you think you recognize the man in that sketch, give police a call. former republican candidate jewish -- jeb bush has endorsed ted cruz for president. he dropped out of the race in february and met with each candidate individually before jeb bush made that discussion. we have everythi you mood to know here on local 10. >> "ve with kelly & michael," they take over now.
8:57 am
8:58 am
very soon. >> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the new film "demolition," jake gyllenhaal. and performing her new hit, "broken," trisha yearwood. plus, check out the hottest new sedans as we continue "new york auto show week." plus, "dancing with the stars" host erin andrews takes a seat
8:59 am
[captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] >> and now, here are michael strahan and erin andrews! [cheers and applause] michael:l: like that. erin: hi, guys! thank you. hi! michael: hi! hey. erin: i always forget if there's like a little cover right here. am i crossing my legs? am i not crossing my legs? what's happening? michael: well, good morning, good people. good morningngo you. [applause] erin: hi! michael: today is wednesday, march 23, 2016. and filling in for kelly today is erin andrews, everybody.
9:00 am
erin: how are you? michael: i'm doing good. i l le your little shimmy. "dancing with the stars." erini love that song. that's jason derulo, right? that pumps me up. i love it. michael: he's really good. for one of our -- karaoke contest -- erin: which i know you're good at. michael: with shaq, i did jason derulo. it was wiggle, wiggle, wittle what you gonna do with that big fat butt erin: yes, that was very "dancing with the stars" which we started up this past monday. it was awesome. it was fun to be back. i miss the spanx and the lady bears gaga eyelashs and lisa ashley, she did my makeup. and everybody's covering your armpits and covering this. a lot of self-tanner that go into that show and i'm not even dancing, which is bizarre.


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