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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  September 4, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm EDT

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center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> right now at 10 o'clock remembering a comedic legend. joan rivers has died leaving a legacy of laughs that spanned decades. thanks for being with us tonight. i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. tonight as many shared their favorite joan rivers equips we learn into an investigation into the clinic where joan rivers went into cardiac arrest. >> rivers died this afternoon surrounded by family and in the thoughts of many around the country t allison harmelin begins or coast to coast coverage. >> reporter: tributes for rivers are pouring in from fans and celebrities after star passed away at the age of 81. roseanne barr tweeted rest in peace goddess. hail, hail a genius has vacated this realm. ellen tweeted
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she spoke about death seriously with her daughter melissa during an episode of their reality show. >> i've had a great life, an amazing life. if i died this morning, nobody would say so young. >> reporter: in a statement melissa rivers said "my mother's great of the joy in life was to make people laugh. although that is difficult to do right now, i know her final wish would be that we return to laughing soon. joan rivers had said she wanted to work "forever." sara silverman spoke for many fans saying my heart is torn in half. she wasn't done. allison harmelin for cbs news on the cw philly joan rivers is being red -- remembered outside her home. inside we have her daughter melissa grandson cooper and other loved ones who were at her side in her if i'm
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moments. her decorator had come in to make the room cozy: fans arriving here say the reasons they are shocked by this death even though she was 81 years old is because rivers had a constant zest for life and an energy that seemed so unstoppable. joan rivers' funeral will be here in new york city at temple emmanuel on sunday. dave carolyn for "eyewitness news" on cw philly. >> fans have been flocking here to joan rivers' star on the hollywood walk of fame. as you can see they have been leaving flowers and notes. she got this star 25 years ago. we've been talking to fans from all different generations. some of them saying her best work was on the stage but most of them referring to the work she does on the red carpet. saying she would tell it like it was and she never made any apologies for that. so joan rivers really being honored here and remembered. people saying she was always able to transform herself to stay relevant. in hollywood, christine lazar, "eyewitness news" on the cw philly did she ever stay
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relevant. joan rivers was admired not only for her sense of humor, it was a unique brand of humor, one that only a few can pull off. >> that's definitely true t diana rocco is live in center city tonight where many including those in the comedy community are remembering that sharp wit. diana. >> reporter: well, jessica, joan rivers said herself that her success came from her ability to say what everybody else was thinking and tonight that is exactly how she's being remembered here. the queen of comedy made her mark with her raspy voice and quick wit. that not only poked fun at celebrities but also at herself. >> she started getting all those face lifts and so she made a lot of jokes about that. >> reporter: at 81 years old joan rivers' career has come to an end. >> she was just like brilliant. so innovative. you could never take that away from her. she had fun and she had a heart of gold. >> reporter: comedian joe piscopo has known joan since
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he played her in drag on saturday night live as the dueling joans. she was on his radio show just last month. >> hysterical. she was great on the radio, great on tv. she was just great all around and it saddens me. >> when you think of joan rivers you don't think of -- at least i don't think of female comic, i think of comic. she was a real pioneer. i mean, really funny lady. >> reporter: outside helium comedy club in center city, comedian brad track man talks about how he opened up for rivers on the standup stage when her opener canceled. >> she was like brad. i said yes. it's a pleasure to meet you. listen, thank you for doing this. no relationship jokes, no jewish jokes and no jokes about clinton. i'm just messing with you. and then i was like wow, man. that was hilarious. we both laughed. >> reporter: and that's what kept audiences laughing for more than 50 years. whether you're a comic or
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someone who has just been entertained by joan rivers for decades, many saying tonight that her legacy will live on in the years and years of entertainment that she's provided. we're live in rittenhouse square, i'm diana rocco for "eyewitness news" on the cw philly. >> no question about it, diana thank you. in her later years the name joan rivers became sin gnome anonymous with fashion. she spent a lot of time on qvc selling her lines of jewelry and clothing. it was a labor of love for her. tonight we spoke with one of her on air partners at qvc jane tracy. >> kindest person you would ever meet. worried about whether you were hungry, tired. she was kind to everybody in this building and she had such compassion. she would know if there was something maybe a little off in your day and i think some people are surprised because she was so scerbic but there was this soft nurturing side
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to joan rivers schenn showed it to everybody. >> jane went on to say during commercial breaks joan always kept her laughing. >> our remembrance of joan rivers continues in just a few minutes and one of the things you'll hear is a great interview she did with our ukee washington where she shared some of her favorite interview questions. >> busing blues in bucks county. parents are fuming tonight over a district's decision to end bus service for after school activities. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers is live for us in bristol township where parents tell us they're worried about the safety of their kids. matt. >> reporter: chris, the decision to cancel the 4:15 and 5:30 late buses here in bristol township for both middle schoolers and high schoolers is putting the squeeze on people in this community both for parents and their students. for some in this band it's the 4:15 bus. for others, it's the 5:30 but now the trumpeters and
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drummers will have to find another way home after school as the late bus service was canceled for this school year. >> i think it stinks. >> reporter: for parents there's a lot of concern. if they're working how do their kids get home and beyond just simple logistics. >> my daughter is in the band and she needed a ride with the buses to get back and forth. she wouldn't be able to be in the gland which makes a lot of difference on their college applications and theirself esteem. >> reporter: plus if they have to walk home on roads without sidewalks. >> possibly get hit by cars. you're having children possibly abducted, you're possibly putting all these children at risks. >> reporter: buses for sports teams will continue to run. the district said in a statement "we had to take a hard look at what could be cut without compromising students learning eliminating these under utilized late run activity buses was clearly a more responsible option than cutting educational programs services or teachers. "for some parents the explanation wasn't good enough. >> i know funding is hard. it's hard for everybody.
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but there has to be some way of finding funding. >> reporter: and the school board here in bristol township will meet on monday night and this issue will likely be discussed. we do expect to see a lot of parents and students in attendance at that meeting. we're live in bristol township tonight, matt rivers, "eyewitness news" at 10:00 on the cw philly matt thank you very much. hashtag whoops, delaware governor jack markell's office apologizing today for tweeting out a provocative picture of a woman. now, this picture of an education events is what the governor's staff intended to tweet but this is the picture that went out instead. that is a model named darzia wearing a leather choker and flashing a peace sign. governor markel's office apologized saying that the auto generated link for that picture was inadvertently altered while the tweet was being edited. as for the model she has something to say about this. she describes herself as an underground visual artist and
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said in a statement "i do not personally know anyone from the governor's staff. of course i apologize if anyone is offended because the image was taken out of context. she says there is nothing deceptive or secretive that transpired, but i feel people may be digging for a deeper story. >> thousands of fast food workers all across the nation walked off the job today. they are demanding higher wages and union representation. protesters filled the streets in cities like los angeles, boston, new york city and right here in philadelphia. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhury with why the issue is about more than just money. >> reporter: dozens of fast food workers took to the streets to send a message. >> no worker in the richest country on earth should have to live in poverty wages.
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>> reporter: they're demanding a minimum wage increase to $15 an hour for workers of all fast food restaurants. it's part of a national grassroots movement called five for 15. the minimum wage is $7.25 and many say that isn't enough. >> they need food on the table, clothes on their back. it's hard. >> reporter: research she'd today works three jobs and only makes $11,000 a year. she says it's nearly impossible to support a family with her pages. >> take care my daughter, food on the table, clothes on her back, make sure she has everything she needs and don't have to ask anybody for anything. >> reporter: the workers starter on broad street and girard and ended at the mcdonald's on broad street and arch favoring city hall. the company put out a statement saying "we believe any minimum wage increase should be implemented over time so that the impact of owners of small and medium sized businesses like the ones who own and operate the majority of our restaurants is
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manageable. >> we deserve it. we work hard. it takes a crew, it takes a team. >> reporter: the workers say they're doing their best to make an honest living. >> try to stay out of the streets and get my money the right way. it's hard. >> reporter: the rally ended with several arrests made but the protesters say it's worth it to get their message across. syma chowdhury "eyewitness news" on the cw philly. >> well, tonight world leaders are trying to find a solution to the crisis in ukraine. nato representatives have now gathered in wales. meantime the white house is preparing more sanctions against moscow for its actions in eastern ukraine. president obama and others sat down with the ukrainian president petro poroshenko looking to put an end to the conflict with russia. >> russian troops and russian tanks are attacking the ukrainian forces and while talking about peace, russia has not made one single step to make peace possible.
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>> ukraine's president said that peace and stability will only come if russia with draws its troops and the border is closed. >> still on the way at 10:00 the new center city attraction that's the talk of the town tonight. >> plus remembering the wit of joan rivers through the eyes of david letterman and our own ukee washington. kathy. >> the heat will continue to build, the september sizzle rolls on but that will set off some showers and some thunderstorms. we'll time those out coming up as "eyewitness news"
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>> we are remembering the life and career of joan rivers tonight. the 81-year-old comedy legends died this afternoon surrounded by family at a new york hospital. >> we also look back at a conversation she had with our own ukee washington. during that she gave us a peek into her comedic mind. >> how many times do you go into a neighborhood you see one of those big houses and you go who are these people? how did they get so rich. >> uh-huh. >> i stop cars which i have been doing today, a big limo goes by. i say who is that, how did they get so rich so i ask them. >> she's one of a kind. cbs late show host david letterman is saluting joan rivers on his program tonight. she appeared with dave many times her final appearance coming in july. well, during tonight's taping,
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letterman said "here's a woman, a real pioneer for other women looking for careers in stand up comedy and talk about guts. she would come out here and sit in this chair and say some things that were unbelievable, just where you would have to swallow pretty hard. but it was hilarious. the force of her comedy, dave said, was overpowering. well, you can see more of david letterman's tribute tonight on the late show. it airs on cbs3 right after "eyewitness news" at 11:00. and our coverage of the death of joan rivers continues at 11:00 on cbs3. we'll take a look at her tragic connection to the city of philadelphia. >> it took two years and a lot of money. the weight is now over. dillworth park on the west side of city hall is now open to the public. "eyewitness news" anchor pat ciarrocchi shows us around. >> this is your park, dillworth park. congratulations. >> philadelphia mayor michael nutter couldn't hide his enthusiasm.
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>> all right. >> with a ribbon cutting complete with dignitaries who contributed money and support, dillworth park opened to the public. >> i think something needed to be done here just 'cause there's no reason really to come down here, you know. like now it's a place where people can gather. you got some things to do. >> ♪ >> a little culture set a festive mood for opening day encouraging a playful experience for children at a street level fountain controlled by computers. in the winter this space will become a eserine. the plaza has always been a crossroads. now with the cafe the park should encourage visitors to sit awhile. >> it's right outside of work and it doesn't look like work. it looks fun, inviting. >> dillworth park cost $55 million to build with the southwest corner still under construction. this is where lawns and trees will eventually rise. but underneath all of it, a new subway station. >> you can travel underground to the regional rails still and to some of the subways.
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>> with a renovation of septa's city hall station a transit hub with access to the market and broad street lines. the hope is that philadelphia city hall becomes a magnet for the hope is that philadelphia come. it did take two years and $55 million but now the trance formation is nearly complete. reporting from dillworth park, pat ciarrocchi, "eyewitness news" on the cw philly. >> it is a comfortable night to the shore looking live through our atlantic city cam here where there's bright lights and temperatures that will be warming up again tomorrow. this is a september sizzle of sorts but it's not going to last all that long. on storm scan3 we do have a mainly clear sky, some clouds to the south and well to the west but fair weather high pressure is keeping it dry at least for now. temperatures still in the 70's throughout the i-95 corridor. millville a little cooler, 69, the same in the poconos. reading checking in at 76. 73 in wildwood. as that high slides off the
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coast we will be seeing some warmer conditions moving in friday with highs approaching 90's degrees, the humidity builds and there's even a chance of a scattered shower or a thunderstorm especially toward tomorrow evening. it's also with this front. this front moves through on saturday. that brings us another chance of showers and storms, a better chance and temperatures will be at their peak in the lower 90's. after this, we have some drier cooler air behind that front and that will be moving in by sunday. it will be much more comfortable, little bit breezy but temperatures getting back to more of a september feel. when you have that heat and humidity, though, the next couple of days, it will be feeling more oppressive, at least for friday and for saturday. then by sunday in the wake of the front the humidity goes way down and it will feel pleasant around the delaware valley. now, as we take a look at the timing of these storms, for your friday, waking up to a mix of sun and some clouds. during the afternoon, a line begins to form but by 7 o'clock, it look like it goes
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through the lehigh valley and then moves its way toward philadelphia, may break up a bit with a scattered shower or two tomorrow evening. a better chance once again saturday afternoon and saturday evening. if you have any outdoor plans please be aware of there. overnight partly cloudy and warm, the low 70. during the day on friday, mainly rain free with heat and humidity, the high near 90. a scattered afternoon shower or evening thunderstorm is possible. and as we head toward the weekend, we're looking forward to the eagles game. kickoff at 1 o'clock sunday. by then, it should be sunny. northerly winds at about 10 and the temperature 77. now, that is good football weather. on the exclusive eyewitness weather seven-day forecast, we'll go 90 saturday, sunday 79. monday 79 and then staying around 80 degrees through most of the rest of next week. the average high being 82 for this time of year. that's a look at the seven-day forecast. we'll be back with beasley and sports right after
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>> just three days until the eagles season gets under way. they are heavily favorite against jacksonville and the game that you'll see over on cbs3. the birds at the novacare complex today working on the game plan. shady mccoy coming off one of the best seasons in history. he led the league in rushing and yards from scrimmage. addition of darren sproles should lighten the load. shady with a 366 touches last
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year. >> the guys around me especially with sproles in there mixing it up with screens and runs, and definitely passes, and then with maclin getting back healthy so we have so many different weapons. i don't think it's necessary for me to have that many carries. i'm sure it will be games we'll need. >> we'll get you ready for the season opener on our sister station cbs3. i'll be live from the linc along with lesley van arsdale for sunday kickoff at 11:30. eagles take on jacksonville at 1:00 p.m. once again on cbs3. now to college football penn state hosts akron in the home opener for the nittany lions. last weekend the knits took on central florida over in ireland. took a last second field goal to give james franklin his first win as the penn state head coach. he says there's a lot of room for improvement. >> again the most important thing is we found a way to win
10:25 pm
we were able to get points. we were five for five in scoring in the red zone. we got to do a better job of scoring touchdowns to maximize our opportunities. >> eagles will be joined by the flyers. training camp starts on september 19th for the orange and black at the flyers skate zone. the regular season october 8th in boston. phillies are back in action tomorrow in washington against the nationals and ben revere will continue his quest to win the national league batting title. right now he's on top with a .314 average. phils have 23 games left to play. ben is looking to become the team's first batting champ since hall of famer richie that's amazing. >> that's something, yeah. >> would be a bright spot in an otherwise dim season.
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>> ♪ >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" on the cw philly. >> for kathy, beasley and all of us here, i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. have a good night. we'll see you at 11:00 on cbs3.
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