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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  September 10, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm EDT

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is cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> our objective is clear. we will degrade and ultimately destroy isil. >> developing now, taking a stand. president obama tonight lays out his plan to take down the terror group known as isis. good evening be i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. it is a major change in strategy for the united states from the white house tonight president obama said the u.s. will expand the military's role to include airstrikes in syria. but he made it clear he will not put any american combat troops on the ground. the goal, the president said, is to eradicate the sunni militant group known as isis. it's taken over parts of iraq and syria. the group is responsible for the beheading frankford -- of two american journalists. >> i've made it clear that we will hunt down terrorists who
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threaten our country wherever they are. i will not hesitate to take action against isil in syria as well as iraq. this is a core principal of my presidency. if you threaten america, will you find no safe haven. we will send an additional 475 service members to iraq. as i've said before, these american forces will not have a combat mission. we will not get dragged into another ground in iraq but they are needed to support iraqi and kurdish forces with training intelligence and equipment. >> stay with "eyewitness news" for the very latest on the president's plan to combat isis. we will have more coming up tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00 on cbs3. and of course you can always get the latest on our web site at any time, >> also develop tonight the nfl says it is looking into an associated press report that a law enforcement official sent a video of ray rice punching his then fiancée to the league
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several months ago. tonight we spoke with the philadelphia based reporter who broke that story. you'll hear from him in a moment. the ap says that it heard a voicemail message that came from an nfl phone number. the person who left that message confirmed that the league had received the video back on april 9th. all of this contradicts what the nfl commissioner roger goodell told cbs news nora o'donnell yesterday. goodell said the league never received the tape. rob mottie is the reporter who heard the voicemail. >> the voicemail is from an unidentified woman saying that she received the video, thanking the law enforcement official for sending it and telling him he's right, it's terrible. >> still the law enforcement official could not confirm if anyone at the nfl had actually watched this video. well, tonight the nfl released a statement saying "we had no knowledge of this. we are not aware of anyone in our office who possessed or saw the video before it was
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made public on monday. the league goes on to say we will look into it ." our coverage continues online. you can find the latest any time at >> a quiet night around the region but it's not going stay that way for long. "eyewitness news" at spruce street harbor park on penn's landing, people just enjoying a great night to be outside. but meteorologist kathy orr is tracking some changes tonight. kathy. >> on storm scan3 we are watching showers and thunderstorms march eastward and any time you see this comma shape in precipitation, that means there is a very strong area of low pressure, and that is the case tonight. so, all of this is moving eastward and as it does move east, that means showers and thunderstorms during the day tomorrow. so here's the time lapse looking into the future. tonight no issues, rain in buffalo new york and cleveland. by tomorrow morning we're seeing some spotty showers
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here and there well to the west so just cloudy skies. it's mainly between about 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. we begin to see things firing up. about 5, 6 o'clock in the evening you can see some of these showers and storms through the philadelphia area and then they continue toward the jersey shore and move off shore during the late night hours. now, here's a look at what we expect. we expect some scattered showers and storms with very heavy downpours over the course of the evening. during the evening rush, between 4:00 and 8:00 p.m., some gusty winds, some heavy downpours and frequent lightning associated with these storms. right now it doesn't appear that they will be severe but we'll keep an eye on that. coming up we'll talk about one more hot day in the forecast, a major cooldown and then weekends showers, there will be a better day to be outside. i'll have that later in the broadcast with the seven day. for now jess, back to you. >> kathy thanks. two children are in critical condition tonight. they were hit by a pickup truck while crossing the street in northeast philadelphia. diana rocco talked to witnesses who sprang into action to help those injured
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children. >> reporter: two young children struck in the northeast while crossing the street. a 10-year-old girl and her seven-year-old brother were crossing academy road on their way home from school wednesday when a driver trying to beat oncoming traffic making a left-hand turn hit them in the crosswalk. >> she hit the kids. they flew. they was under the truck and the tire wind up coming down and it went on the little boy's legs. >> reporter: eyewitnesses left their cars in the middle of the road and ran to the kids. >> and the little girl was talking, she was more concerned about her mom. she was more concerned about her brother, making sure he was all right. she kept asking me why he was crying. >> i ran to the little boy and tried to keep his head still but his eyes were closed and he was just screaming i want to get up, i want to get up. >> reporter: police say the 20-year-old driver in this 2003 dodge pickup stopped immediately and waited for police. >> at this time it appears that the 20-year-old female was not violating any laws. she does not appear impaired. she remained on the.
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>> she was really frantic. she was concerned about the kids. she said i didn't know what to do. i didn't see them. are they okay and i just told her, you know, it's okay, it will be all right, just try and stay calm. >> reporter: eyewitnesses used the little girl it's cell phone to call her mother. both children were taken to saint christopher's hospitals in critical condition. both children are expected to make a full recovery. that 20-year-old driver has been issued a citation but she will not be criminally charged. outside saint christopher's hospital in philadelphia, i'm diana rocco for "eyewitness news" on the cw philly. >> you're looking at exclusive "eyewitness news" video of a train smashing into an suv in west deptford today. this happened earlier at a crossing on crown point road. the train pushed that suv about 60 yards and it ended up on a bordering road. crews were able to rescue the woman inside and amazingly she survived. she was, though, rushed to the
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hospital. >> fire company, they popped the door off and they had her in the ambulance in no time. could have been a whole lot worse, a whole lot worse. that woman was quite fortunate. >> police say the warning devices were fully operational at the time of that accident. >> well, new tonight, new jersey governor chris christie has signed a bill requiring police departments to mount cameras on their new cars or provide officers with wearable cameras. the legislation signed today was introduced by democratic assemblymen paul moriarty. in 2012 he was charged with drunk driving but was later cleared from a camera on the squad car. >> i'm hoping this legislation saves people, both police officers and citizens from being falsely accused of anything. i think that video evidence we're finding out every day is important. >> the legislation provides funding for departments to pay for the cameras by increasing the surcharge on people
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convicted of driving while intoxicated. >> an officer is on the table to get the ball rolling on the sale of revel casino in atlantic city. polo club north offered to buy the revel for $90 million becoming the lead bidder for the property at the september 24th auction. any other interested buyers must now submit their bids by the 23rd. the revel opened in 2012 and cost more than $2 billion to build. it declared bankruptcy twice and shut down for good on september 2nd. thousands of laid off casino workers in atlantic city packed a job fair today. this was held at the atlantic city convention center. 60 employers with as many as 1500 open positions were on hand to meet with job seekers. >> personally i feel optimistic. i feel like if i go out here and do what i'm supposed to do somebody will hire me. it's not that there's not jobs its are you qualified for the jobs. >> more job fares are expected given the high demand that exists. >> philadelphia about to become the largest city in the
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country to decriminalize the use and possession of small amounts of marijuana. mayor michael nutter says he'll sign a bill introduced by city councilman jim kenny. the mayor says he wants to spare young people from getting a criminal record and ruining their lives. under this bill anyone caught with less than an ounce of marijuana will only have to pay a $25 fine. if police catches someone smoking marijuana in public the penalty for that would be a $100 fine or nine hours of community service. well, the stage is set thursday night football debuts on our sister station cbs3 tomorrow night. >> the pittsburgh stealingers take on the ravens in baltimore. eyewitness sports director beasley reece takes us to m and t bank stadium for a look behind the scenes. >> preparation wills go late into the night here in baltimore as cbs prepares for the debut of thursday night football. it takes an army to put something like this together and i spoke to the man in charge. >> basically we're taking the
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super bowl and moving it every week. we got a lot of people. we got a lot of trucks. we got a lot of cameras. we got everything and we have to move it every week. >> and an effort of this magnitude very much like doing a super bowl requires a lot of talent. how about 11 broadcasters on two different sets. you see one behind me. i talked to a couple of pros. >> you're the first game of the week. you set the tone for the rest of the week. all your peers, your adversaries, everything gets an opportunity to watch you perform. it's a wonderful thing, man. i'm excited to be a part of it. >> it's the beginning of the week in terms of it starts week two if you will, so it's the first game. much like monday night, sunday night, it's the only game on, all of america is watching. >> so, you know where to go on thursday nights. tune in at 7:30. that's when the pregame show will start and then it's the pittsburgh steelers visiting
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their bitter rivals the baltimore ravens. i'm beasley reece from baltimore. >> while you're watching the game on our sister station cbs3 tomorrow, stay connected to us on twitter. you can sends us your thoughts using its hashtag cbs3 tnf and we might read them aloud on "eyewitness news." >> still to come tonight, clashes on the streets of ferguson, missouri, once again. still to come here, why protesters and police were back in the streets in missouri. >> and tomorrow marks 13 years since the september 11th attacks. tonight we're hearing from one of the heroes from that fateful day. kathy. >> tracking showers and storms on storm scan3. this will be moving through tomorrow with terrible timing, just in time for the evening rush. behind it, another big story for the weekend. we'll have that coming up with the seven day. >> and google is sending a warning to millions of its users tonight. three on your side with some important information you
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>> police and protesters clash again tonight in ferguson, missouri and at least 20 people were arrested. chanting crowds gathered on an overpass there hoping to block an interstate. police showed up the. it didn't take long. >> tomorrow is september 11th and a ceremony will be held at the garden reflection in lower
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makefield to mark the anniversary. a former new york city police officer who responded to the twin towers will be honored at that ceremony. he lost his son that day and now calls bucks county home. tonight, he talked with "eyewitness news" reporter natasha brown. >> ifyou don't believe it sometimes. >> reporter: his recollection of 9/11 is as vive -- vivid on this day. >> we thought it was a train coming. it was unusual because it was a big train station hub but it wasn't the train. it was the building coming down i got thrown down. i said to myself just go to sleep. i have to say it was the most i've told people because it's so true and so important, it was the most peaceful feeling i've ever had. arnie a retired officer and first responder on and in 11 came out of the rubble dazed but grateful to be alive.
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his 2727 year old son keith was still trying to save lives in the north tower when it collapsed nearly 30 minutes later. >> there was so much confusion down there, people were wandering around am i said he might be in shock, he might be in a hospital. i wasn't able to communicate his name to anyone. >> reporter: months later arnie returned to ground zero to help make the grisly recovery. >> we found him on christmas eve which to us was his most favorite holiday so he came o'home on christmas eve. >> reporter: arnie roma will deliver the key note address at this year's 9/11 memorial service in lower makefield pennsylvania, his son's name dotting the seemingly endless wall of names of those who lost their lives. >> it's something that we can't forget. can't forget it. >> reporter: the service here at the garden of reflection will not only honor the thousands who perished on
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9/11 but also those first responders who made the ultimate sacrifice trying to save so many lives. in lower makefield, pennsylvania, natasha brown, "eyewitness news" on the cw philly. >> three on your side tonight with important information bore g mail users. the company is responding after reports millions of g mail user names and pass words have been posted online by hackers. google says there's no evidence their systems were compromised but they are working to secure any leaked accounts. they added that only 2% of the posted pass words would have actually worked anyway. google is also advising users to change their pass words. >> it is a pleasant night across the delaware valley with some clouds obscuring even the moonlit skies. we're looking at the back pay. you can see here of atlantic city a lot going on tonight no matter where you are and it's going to be very different over the next couple days weather-wise. take a look at storm scan3. we do have a strong storm, an
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area of low pressure that is just to the west of toronto, it's going to be moving towards the northeast and swing this cold front through the region. that cold front associated with it, some showers and thunderstorms, some severe weather in there. by the time it moves toward the delaware valley, it will be tomorrow afternoon with some showers and some strong thunderstorms. right now in the city, it's 69 after temperatures in the lower 80's today. cooling off quickly. the poconos 64. 65 in millville and atlantic city 65, 68 in wildwood. you can see temperatures pretty much the same through state college, little bit milder cleveland and pittsburgh. we'll see a warm up and a major cool down. ahead of this front going to squeeze in humid air up the coast. really feeling like summer with heat and humidity then summer time storms as this front moves through late in the afternoon into the early evening. the problem is we'll have the storms during the evening rush. that is going the make eight little slow out there and could be dangerous so if that rain is coming down really
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hard where you are with these scattered strong storms you may have to slow down or pull off the road for a few minutes. temperature on friday will be in the 70's with a northerly breeze very quiet and then another storm quickly comes our way with another chance of showers on saturday so it's really every other day we will be seeing a chance of showers and storms t here's a look at how it will be feeling over the next couple days. steamy and sticky for thursday. after that front much more comfortable as far as the humidity is concerned. then we'll see a major cooldown. it stays warm at least through tomorrow and then by the beginning of next week that jet stream dips down and we're going to be seeing temperatures only in the 70's and it will stay like that for awhile, could be for good and then downward from there. overnight partly cloudy and muggy, the low 68. look for some showers and storms tomorrow afternoon between 4:00 and 8:00 p.m. targeting the i-95 corridor right around 6 o'clock. the high temperature thursday going for 86 but on the exclusive eyewitness weather
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seven-day forecast and shorecast, friday skies clear. saturday they cloud up again with some afternoon showers. now, sunday looking good. mid 70's. but then again we see a chance of a shower back in the forecast by tuesday and then wednesday it's pleasant again with temps in the 70's. a fairly quiet pattern for the month of september as long as we keep the tropics quiet, we're halfway through the tropical season of the atlantic hurricane season and so far so good. >> let's stay on that track, right. >> uh-huh. >> all right, kathy, thanks. >> rob ellis with us now and the phillies and the playoffs, that's not an association i've made so much this year. >> not in about three years. >> been awhile. >> trying to keep hope alive against the pirates tonight. as david bowie just said
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>> ♪ >> phillies enter tonight's game with the pirates 10 games under .500, seven out of the last wild card spot with 18 games to play. you're saying there's a chance jerome williams delivers a two run rbi single. williams third hit since 2005. top of the fifth, andrew mccutcheon skulled this one to
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deep center field, ben revere has no shot. watch off the wall, goes to right, mccutcheon can absolutely fly. they'll send him from third. trying for the inside the park home run. chase utley's relay not in time. standing up, you don't see that very often. game tied at three. two batters later russell martin hammers a solo shot to deep left center field into the seats. they take a four-three lead. dom brown left the game with a bruised shoulder. fill wool go on to lose this one, six to three. oftentimes in sports health luck and good fortune play as big a role as heart and skill. none of the eagles five offensive line men missed a start last season, that's a rare feat in the nfl. one game into this season and they're down three offensive line men, two to injury, one to suspension. evan mathis on the ri. barbre done for the season. here's eagles offensive
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coordinator pat shurmur on the state of his line. >> our culture is hey we've got injuries right now in group and the new guy's got to step up and play and we're excited about making that happen. you know, i think when you go through it and look at it there's a lot of confidence that can be gained from david and andrew going in there and playing the bulk of the game and helping us win a football game, you know, and i think that's what we're trying do. >> week two of the nfl continues tomorrow night on our sister station cbs3, it's thursday night football. the baltimore ravens host the pittsburgh steelers. pregame show starts at 7:30 followed by kickoff at 8:00. also week two of friday football frenzy. download the audio road show app and click on our spot poll to pick the game of the week. o hundreds truman at cardinal o'hara, washington township at cherokee and ridley at garnet valley. we'll announce the winner tomorrow night at 11:00. >> fired up for there thursday
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>> young survivors of breast cancer gathered tonight to share stories and talk about the future. >> "eyewitness news" at the four season hotel for this events organized by susan g. komen philadelphia. it was a path of healthcare experts there to talk about topics critical to these young survivors. i was also very proud to take part in tonight's event. a lot of great information and it's amazing what those women have been through and how they carry on. >> great to have someone to lean on and share a story. >> absolutely. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" on the cw philly. >> for kathy, rob and all of us here, i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. have good night. we'll see you at 11:00 on cbs3. >> ♪
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