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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  September 17, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm EDT

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>> ♪ >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this
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is cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> talking to police. this man speaks to philadelphia officers tonight as part of the investigation into a center city attack on a same-sex couple. he is one of several people that have been questioned in connection with the case. good evening, i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. officers say many of the people captured on surveillance video just before that attack were identified with the help of social media. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers joins us now live from central detectives with an update on the investigation. matt. >> reporter: chris and jessica, we know several of the persons of interest in this case were questioned throughout the day. the latest one coming here to central detectives just after 8:00 p.m. a person of interest in this case choosing not to speak with "eyewitness news" wednesday night. he walked into central detectives to be questioned about the severe beating of a gay couple in rittenhouse square last thursday.
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his lawyer, brian mcmann, would only say this. >> i'm sure the police will make an announcement. >> reporter: this comes after an assault on these two gay men put one of them in the hospital for three days. the pair says people from this group seen on surveillance video shouted gay slurs as they attacked. this photo circulated on certainly media shows the group eating dinner before the attack. a twitter user helped identify some of the group who had checked in at the restaurant on facebook. >> most of them would have pictures of people from the video with their names tagged. >> reporter: police are still putting a case together and no charges have been filed yet but if they do come down no one involved can be charged with a hate crime. under current law only crimes motivated by race religion or ethnicity can be prosecuted as a hate crime. >> something we can all agree is that no one should be physically attacked because of their sexual orientation. >> reporter: state representative brendan boyle proposed a law in 2009 that
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would add sexual orientation to the hate crime statute. it has never made it out of committee. >> there's no question that if this was called up for a vote tomorrow it would pass and it would pass overwhelmingly. >> reporter: just minutes ago we heard from an official with the catholic archdiocese in philadelphia. he tells us one of the persons somehow connected to this case was working as an assistant basketball coach at archbishop high school. he was not a teach. that official tells us that that person who is connected somehow to this case has been terminated and will no longer be allowed to work after any archdiocesan school. no charges will be filed in this case until they have a clear picture of what happened. matt rivers, "eyewitness news" at 10:00 on the cw philly matt thank you very much. right now a man hunter continues for the suspect who shot two pennsylvania state troopers killing one of them. hundreds of officers are searching for that killer tonight in blooming grove pike
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county, that's about 10 miles from the shooting scene in the town of hally. diana rocco is in the sat center with more. >> chris, that suspect eric frein is believed to be armed with two high powered weapons. police also believe that he may have shaved his head on both sides and is wearing a hairstyle similar to a mohawk. they say tonight he could be anywhere. wednesday the pennsylvania state police released new photos of the alleged cop killer eric frein. >> i want you to know one thing, eric, we are coming for you. >> reporter: for days hundreds of troopers have been searching a heavily wooded terrain in rural pennsylvania after police say the 31-year-old ambushed two troopers friday night killing corporal bryon dixon and seriously injuring another. >> it's a cowardly act. you know, as we said before the troopers did not have a chance. >> reporter: investigators say the son of a retired army major has a longstanding grudge against law enforcement. frein once played a soldier in
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a 2007 german short film and he's a member avenue group that dresses in eastern european military garb and plays war games. there were shell casings in frein's belongings inside his car. he's believed to be armed with an ak-47 an hunting rifle with a scope. in nearby towns schools remain closed. his wanted picture hangs in store front windows and restaurants and many are staying home. >> if he goes after police officers, then he can do anything to anybody. >> you hear everybody talking about it and people are concerned that something is going to happen to them. >> reporter: and the poconos school district has canceled school for tomorrow again. frein has been described by his own father as a marksman who never misses. in the sat center tonight, i'm diana rocco for "eyewitness news" on the cw philly diana
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thank you. a tragic accident in west philadelphia as a child falls out of a window and plunges nine stories to her death. authorities say the eight-year-old was looking at something out her father's apartment window just before she fell. this happened at the fairfax apartments in the 4200 block of locust street. police say the victim's 11-year-old sister may be the only eyewitness to this accident. sources close to the victim say her father is a doting single father of two and that he was a penn graduate student. chopper three over a crash involving a pennsylvania state trooper on interstate 95. this happened in the southbound lanes in tinicum township near the bartram avenue exit. the trooper from belmont barracks was taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. >> well, the nightmare of a season continues for the nfl tonight as more players face charges for domestic violence. today alone the minnesota vikings and the carolina panthers sidelined players for domestic violence cases and now police in phoenix say they have just arrested a player
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for the cardinals. reporter danielle nottingham has more. >> jonathan what's your side. >> reporter: arizona cardinals running back jonathan dwyer is the latest nfl player to face charges of domestic violence. phoenix police arrested him wednesday afternoon and charged him with assaulting a woman in his home causing a fracture and aggravated assault on a child. >> after she was physically assaulted, he had took a shoe and threw it at their 18 month old child. >> he has admitted that these incidents occurred. however he has denied that he has physically assaulted the victim in this particular case. >> reporter: the arrest came just hours after the minnesota vikings explained their reversal on running back adrian peterson. >> we made a mistake. and we needed to get this right. >> reporter: the team benched peterson last sunday after he was indicted for whipping his four year old son with a tree branch. he was slated to play this week but now he's on paid leave, still concerning his
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usual $691,000 a week. the carolina panthers put defensive end greg lady on paid leave wednesday. he was convicted in july of assaulting his ex-girlfriend and threatening her life. nfl commissioner roger goodell is under fire for the league's response to domestic violence. some of that pressure is coming from sponsors. anheuser bush, fed ex, mcdonald's, pepsi and visa have told the league they're watching how it handles these cases. danielle nottingham for "eyewitness news" on the cw philly. >> police are trying to track down a suspect who held up a philadelphia market. he didn't use a gun, though. take a look at this and pay attention over here to these bananas. the suspect comes in grabs a banana. this is on a store on popular street. he stuffs the banana in his pocket and demands money from the cashier. the suspect took off after getting money and cigarettes.
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>> he then gets onto his bike and peels away on that bike. we're asking for the public's help. he's a neighborhood resident. he did put these people in fear as they cannot tell what the item was when he demanded money claiming he had a gun. >> the robbery happened yesterday morning around 9:00. if you recognize the suspect, contact police. >> well, more candidates are joining the race seacock seed philadelphia mayor michael nutter next year. "eyewitness news" has learned that former philadelphia d.a. lynn abraham will run for mayor. although her official announcement has not been made. the democrat tells us she's meeting with advisors and trying to raise funds for the race. attorney ken trujillo became the latest democrat to formally enter the race today. he made his announcement outside of philadelphia school district headquarters. he says that he would abolish the school reform commission. he of course was city solicitor under former mayor john street. earlier this month terry
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gillen is the former director of the philadelphia redevelopment authority. other candidates are expected to join this race by year's end. well, in harrisburg today, lawmakers postponed a vote until monday on the cigarette tax designed to help fund philadelphia schools. lawmakers in the house were to vote on that bill today. there is no official word on why the vote was postponed. this latest piece of legislation, though, does strip out other unrelated provisions which involve local hotel taxes and an expansion of an economic development program for small cities. >> septa is getting nearly $90 million from the federal government to reprayer infrastructure damaged during hurricane sandy. a large portion of the money will be used for flood mitigation as well as signal and power improvements. officials say they'll work to make their current infrastructure resistent to future damage from weather. the largest gift ever in
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the history of drexel law school. tom kline pledged $50 million to that school. the school is now named the thomas r kline school of law. the gift includes the beneficial saving fund society building at 12th and chestnut. what would a redesigned love park look like to you? city officials gathered suggestions from the public today. many wrote their ideas on paper, others drew them out. if you couldn't get over to love park to share your ideas today, don't worry. the city is doing this again on saturday. >> well, a father's punishment gone too far. still to come here on "eyewitness news" a tennessee man is facing charges for what he calls teaching his son a lesson. >> and moments of panic as a stroller rolls to the edge of a railroad platform in australia. kathy. >> we have a cold front that's going to be approaching from the north and west. the full impact not felt tomorrow but on friday. i'll explain that in the forecast coming up. >> and, yes, it may need a little work but this 68 convertible means the world to
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one man. we'll tell you why he thought he may never see
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>> a 10 nd father is facing serious charges tonight after he punished his son much police say that the 35-year-old mark hughes forced his teenager to drink alcohol until he passed out. hughes calls it a lesson after he caught the 15-year-old with
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alcohol. officers were called to the home over the weekend. they found the boy unresponsive. >> try to teach the youth don't be drinking, don't be doing drug and here you got a parent contributing to the problem. >> the teenager was air lifted to a hospital. he's oakton night. police say hughes was also drunk and that he began fighting with other people in the house who tried to stop him. he faces charges of child abuse and neglect. a terrifying sight at a train station in mel burn australia. watch as his stroller rolls off the platform and down onto the tracks. according to reports from there, the parents of that toddler were drunk at the time. you can see several people rush to help after it happened. the child did suffer some minor injuries. it's not clear tonight whether charges have been filed. >> a plan's prized possession stolen. now more than four decades after it was first taken he'll soon have an amazing reunion with his classic car. in 1968 this jaguar convertible was swiped outside of 82-year-old ivan schneiders
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manhattan apartment. at the time it was only six months old. he thought he would never see it again. last month the car turned up at the port of los angeles and was identified as stolen. schneider couldn't believe it. >> i couldn't believe it. i'm sitting here now talking to you and i still don't believe it. it's a miracle. i was heartbroken to say the least. never in anybody's lifetime did i think i would see that car. >> how about that? schneider needs to finish up some more paperwork before he gets the car back but then he plans to have it refurbished. authorities are still trying to figure out who stole it. apple hats released ios8, its newest operating system for the iphone, ipad and ipod touch. >> yes. here is the web site that outlines the upgrades that will overhaul the functions and feel of many apple devices. apple says there's a new help app, more photo editing options an way to turn off group sex messages. the iphones will come
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preloaded with ios8. >> beyoncé and jay-z reportedly renewed their plows a commitment ceremony. >> this reportedly took place on the island of corsica where beyoncé celebrated her 33rd birthday this month. a small group of friends and family were there including her daughter. she may be destined to be a giant beltway but right now she's about as tiny as they come. >> take a look at a new female giant panda born monday night at an animal center in china. she weighed in at just three and a half ounces. she and mom are in great condition tonight. it will take about a week but the newborn will start to look a lot more like a panda with black patches forming and hair starting to grow. >> new tonight, great music filled the hyatt at the bellevue in center city. "eyewitness news" at the second annual philly's pop ball. the 65 piece orchestra was led
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by maestro. our own pat ciarrocchi hosted tonight. cbs3 and the cw philly are proud to be media partners of the pops. >> a great evening to be outdoors across the delaware valley. temperatures pretty pleasant out there now and look at some of these high temperatures. in hamilton, new jersey, 78 today, newtown at george school 78. even as we travel to royersford, evans elementary school 76 and deptford at the township high school, 75 degrees. so, a nice warm day after a real cool night last night and another cool night that will be on tap. now, temperatures have been employee average this entire week and they are going to really bottom out on friday. you can see it's well below the average of 78. the reason why is a cold front. that cold front is traveling from canada. not a lot of moisture with it. you can see the cloud cover stretches right through toronto. this moves through tomorrow. could bring a sprinkle south and east of philadelphia.
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a few clouds perhaps. that's just about it. but what's behind this front will be the big story and that will be the cooldown. take a look outside. right now we're looking at temperatures that are basically in the 60's out there and it will continue to get cooler mainly in the 50's and 40's overnight tonight. and as we look ahead, we will see these temperatures falling fast with light winds. in philadelphia right now it is 64 degrees at the airport, 45 in the poconos, 55 in allentown, 57 degrees in reading. throughout the state, same story. some 60's and some 50's. state college 55. 58 in pittsburgh. so you know that that cold is coming. we'll watch this front sneak through thursday. you may not even notice it. maybe a few extra cumulus clouds. temperatures in the 70's. behind that, though, this cool area of high pressure, a strong high moves in. we get a flow off the ocean, an easterly flow and temperatures struggling to reach 70. in the city we'll make it. the suburbs probably only in the 60's. then we'll warm up.
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it's the last weekend of summer and it will feel like it. saturday in the 70's and by sunday in the 80's. one last summer like day on the last day of summer. very appropriate. overnight mainly clear. the low 57 in the city. some 40's and 30's in our suburbs. poconos 43 degrees but on those higher hill tops talking about 30's. allentown reading lancaster in the 40's and 50's to the south and east for now. during the day tomorrow we warm up very quickly with plenty of sunshine, the high temperature 76. on the exclusive eyewitness weather seven-day forecast friday 70 so that's where we bottom out temperature-wise. then it warms up nicely for the weekend. a few showers with another front for monday as fall begins in the evening. tuesday cool. wednesday temperatures staying in the lower 70's. at least we have a quiet weather pattern. that's what we like to see. be sure to wake up with "eyewitness news" in the morning. katie will track tomorrow's weather. the team starts at 4:30 on our sister station cbs3 and then continues right here on the cw beginning at 7:00. >> quiet weather is nice
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weather i think. >> yeah, we can focus on other things like sports. >> exactly. >> like baseball. >> like the late game tonight. >> that is late, my gosh. >> yeah, we'll have a quick check on the game plus we'll tell you about another suspension in the jonathan papelbon situation. you know he made that gesture. and he's back. the eagles preparing for desean jackson. this sunday we'll hear from the pro b
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i know... this third shift is rough... it's just a few more weeks max! what are you doing up? it's late. i just wanted to have breakast wih you.
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>> a division rivalry and the return of desean jackson for eagles fans there's plenty of hype coming into sunday's game with washington. the birds getting back to work with a short week after monday night's wip over the colts. word is jackson will be on the field come game time despite going down with that sprained shoulder last sunday against jacksonville. obviously a lot of history with his old team and he plans to bring his best. >> you know, i'm not here to be buddy buddy. i want to win football games tour this team here so once game time comes, you know, i could careless about anything else. >> we expect for him to have a good game. at least to have a good game, try to. he's a good player, you know, but overall we wip the game, it's the only thing that matters. >> i hope he's healthy.
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i hope he can come in here and play but i know he's going to be hype, i know he is. >> also today linebacker michael kedric set out from practice. if he can't can't go casey manuals or emanuel ocho will get the start. billy davis is confident either player will get the job done. >> they're both very intelligent guys. they understand the defense thoroughly. they're very distinctive between the box. they're good tacklers. they're very similar skill sets. not a whole lot of difference between the three of them. >> exton native and penn charter high school graduate matt ryan will start for the falcons as they host the buccaneers. i need your help. where should i take my live crew for the friday football frenzy. choices are upper merion at plymouth whitemarsh,,
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chichester at radnor or cheltenham at upper dublin. i'll announce the winner to my night. phillies and padres just getting under way a few minutes ago. ben revere already has a hit with his first time at the plate. so far still scoreless in the bottom of the first. cole hamels on the mound for the fightans, up against lefty eric stole. more fallout jo it from jonathan papelbon's obscene gesture. umpire joe west was suspended. the player nor umpire can worky make contact. he was supposed to work tonight's game but he will sit this one out. >> it's hard not to do something. >> give me my space. >> personal space. >> so important. >> personal space. >> so[ male announcer ] automotive innovation starts...
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>> got a story you'd like us to investigate? e-mail your ideas to i-team at >> okay, stay with me on this one. >> okay. >> this is a little icky at first. this green glow could be a lifesaver. you'll find out why. stephanie stahl has a medical break through tonight on cbs3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00. >> wow. >> stay up for that. >> glowing things. >> this is good. >> we want the green glowing thing? >> apparently it's good. >> okay, good. >> okay, as long as we want it. here's a look at the forecast. 76 degrees for thursday. cooler friday and then we warm back unfor the last weekend of summer. fall begins monday and by the first full day of winter -- >> easy. >> fall. it will be cool on tuesday. getting ahead of myself. >> slow your roll. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" on the cw phil
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