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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  December 3, 2014 7:00am-8:01am EST

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good morning, everyone, thank for joining us. we are to go breaking news from montgomery county. a four alarm fire tears through a local business and this was the scene earlier, shortly after 4:30 a.m., in the 900 block of montgomery avenue, new right now fire fighters remained on the scene, and you can see that fast signs store sign there suffered extensive damage. fire officials say poor conditions hampered their effort to put those raging flames out. >> we got here started our attack, we eventually pulled out and went to the exterior attack due to the conditions deteriorating quickly there was a water main break which didn't help us so we had to find some more water. >> chief told us no one was injured in the fire and if you are going to be driving in this area have of montgomery avenue, it remains closed between old gulf road and iona
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avenue, vittoria will have detours in that section of the town coming up in traffic in a bit. good morning, it is wednesday, december 3rd i'm ukee washington. aim nicole brewer. and let's check out traffic, and keeping an eye on things this morning. it is in the the best day but better to day then yesterday, right lady. >> agreed. we can expect to see certainly milder air building in here but it is cold enough i would say have your heavy coat ready to go. we have a light rain falling here on the sky deck and i'm kicking myself for not having brought umbrella out. it is hard to hold more than two things. lets take a look at storm scan. it is mainly just light rain. what you will notice difference from yesterday is you don't have have different colors mixing in here. strictly green and trickly rain showers. you'll be flicking rain showers wins or twice but with the saturated air mass we have poor visibility. located especially in the pocono region but watch for that low lying cloud cover.
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at least around philadelphia and mess of the vicinity. those conditions definitely got better with time. we are at 40 degrees in philadelphia at the the air port anyway. thirty-four even in mount pocono. that is the coldest spot in the pack here and even there, it is too warm for anything but just a few rain showers. that is again what you'll find here around the region today. nothing major, it will technically be milder but it is a chilly rain shower that is coming through here right now so you still need to bundle up but not as harsh as yesterday, vittoria. >> good news is as katie was mentioning weather isn't as harsh but even with slick spots in the road it is still causing major problems for all of us commuters out there lets start first with look at 63 and this is woodhaven road. it is difficult to see but a very serious situation occurring on the southbound side of i-95 or ramps to southbound i-95 rather. it is an accident situation and vehicle went off in the embankment. because it is so slick out there you do have have to be mindful of these turns. regardless thinks causing a delay so trying to get to the
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southbound side of i-95 from woodhaven would be a bit of the problem. traveling on the schuylkill press way we are seeing delays, that is eastbound delay trying to get in the city but within your western suburbs we are traveling 18 miles an hour, ten on i-95 heading southbound into center city and that fire location that was ukee that was talking about earlier is still closing montgomery avenue with old gulf road, lancaster avenue is your best alternate. nothing major for mass transit and in major delays at the airport, ukee. in an exclusive "eyewitness news" story we're hearing from the roommate and cousin of the missing west chester university student shane montgomery. >> "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live in manayunk where the search is in its seventh day, justin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. in just a few hours the search to find shane montgomery will begin again at a nearby church. as you mentioned we did speak exclusively to his cousin and roommate who were working with the fbi and police to help find shane. they are indeed among last people to see him.
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seven days and still no sign of 21 year-old shane montgomery, the west chester university senior still missing after a night out in manayunk on the day before thanksgiving. his last stop kildares irish pub. >> he was in a good mood, we hit a couple bars and we weren't like too, he was not knee breaked or anything. >> reporter: his cousin tim whitman was last to see him. shane's parents hoping someone with a lead comes along. >> people just don't vanish. people, there has to be somebody out there that saw something. >> reporter: shane's roommate ryan says he is doing anything he can to help find his friend. >> yesterday i went back with the fbi and we searched every nook and cranny of my apartment. >> reporter: over the past seven days there have been several search efforts from volunteers on foot to police combing the manayunk canal. the fbi is now on the case, too calling shane's
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disappearance mysterious. >> what really makes this a mysterious disappearance, you know, from our perspective is that we don't have any information at all that leads us to believe that there is any reason to believe shane would voluntarily disappear. >> reporter: this morning this case is presumed criminal until proven otherwise. at 11:00 o'clock this morning at saint john baptist catholic church volunteers will gather and go out to pass out flyers with shane's face on them. this evening at 6:00pn at west chester university there will be a vigil held in shane's honor on campus and reward for information in this case has new you grown, to 31,000 you dollars. we are live from manayunk, i'm justin finch for "eyewitness news" at cw filly justin, crews are waiting for daylight to resume search for a man who fell in the cristina river. three crew members fell in the frigid water near port of wilmington last night when that he barge collapsed. two men were rescued but 25
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year-old emmanuel gateling remains missing this morning. well, new this morning philadelphia policer looking for would the man who robbed this mt. airy wawa convenient store. police say a woman in her 30's may have been high when she pulled out a handgun and robbed the store at germantown avenue anal even's lane. we're told she got a hundred dollars. >> i-95 has reopened after ups tractor trailer jackknifed on the girard point bridge. it happen in the northbound lanes between exits 13 and 17, shortly after midnight. there is no word why the trailer jackknifed. in one was hurt. new allegations spelled out in the civil suit against bill cosby and this time the allege victim was sexually assaulted as a minor 40 years ago. don champion reports. >> reporter: new lawsuit begins bill cosby was filed in los angeles county superior court. in it judy huth claims the comedian sexually abused her in 1974 at plate boy mansion when she was just 15 years
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old. the woman says on the night in question cosby served her and a 16 year-old friend alcohol. the the suit claims cosby then told the girls he had a surprise for them and took them to the play would i mansion in los angeles. cosby allegedly told the girls to lie about their age and said they were 19. hut h says at the a mansion she was directed by cosby to a bathroom within a bedroom suite and when she emerge she found cosby sitting on the bed where she was molested. cosby still refuses to talk about the recent wave of sexual misconduct accusation as begins him. >> there is in response. >> reporter: in recent weeks more than a dozen women have raised allegations, no criminal charges have ever been filed against the comedian but did settle a 2005 civil lawsuit that claimed he drug and sexually assaulted a woman in his home. on monday cosby resign from the board of trustees from his alma matter temple university. so far his attorney has moth commented on the new lawsuit. don champion for "eyewitness
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news" at cw philly. well, take a look at this, you might think this man is unchange his bike. but if you look closer he is actually unscrewing bolts of the pole and taking it off with him. the theft was caught on tape on poplar street in northern liberties on november 25th. matthew wertz said he is one of the many cyclist in that neighborhood who had recently reported this bike swipe to 30 police. >> he is good at it. it is what he does for a living. fit is not cemented, solid pole in the ground and can be taken part at all, don't go anywhere near it. >> anyone with any information about the bike theft is asked to call police. happening today, philadelphia's city council will hold a hearing on the growing problem in the city, we're talking about bed bugs. infestations can cost homeowners thousands of dollars to treat especially in row homes where the bugs can ease liz move from one home to the next. councilman mark says he has evidence bed bugs have adapted and more resistant to
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pesticides. also today a heroic delaware county teenager will be honored for pulling a philadelphia police officer out of this burning car. seventeen year-old volunteer fire fighter joe chambers and another man helped rescue officer mark kensee last month after his car burst into flames. the delaware county council will recognize chambers today for his heroism. your time 7:09. a sure sign that the holiday season is coming to the fail area annual city hall tree lighting ceremony is tonight, at 6:00 o'clock. we will have it live on "eyewitness news", holiday tree is back at city hall this year after a few years over at love park because of construction. well, drought stricken california gets some much needed rain but it creates a whole new set of troubles leaving behind plenty of have damage. we will show it to you. we will have more on this record rainfall on the west coast, plus this. a hearing on capitol hill today looks into dangerous air bags linked to several deaths, i'm susan mcginnes in
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washington. coming up why the manufacturer refuses to expand a recall. and then, three delaware churches catch fire all in just a few hours of one another, and authorities say it was in accident, we will have the very latest on the investigation, we will be righ
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now, those parishes are left trying to, before the holidays. fire marshall says crews first responded to this fire scene at healing hands church, in kent county, around 2:00 a.m. tuesday. new with that fire raged on fire struck again about 4 miles away at manship chapel. crews quickly put these flames out just as a third fire hit laws mennonite church around 5:30. one pastor says he will turn to faith for guidance. >> we need a place now, for sunday morning services and
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right new we don't have have one. but, we are depending on god and we know god is a provider. >> two of those fires caused extensive damage to the churches. investigators say that the three fire scenes shared what they call common denominator. happening today a japanese auto maker must answer to congress after it ignored an overnight deadline. an executive takata heads to washington to testify before a congressional panel. correspondent susan mcginnes has more from washington. midnight deadline for to cota a to expand a recall of the defective air bags nationwide has now passed with no move by the company. the u.s. government is demanding that the japanese auto parts maker take recall nationwide after the air bags were found to explode, sending metal pieces flying through vehicles. >> i know i went through living hell. >> reporter: this with man of minnesota was injured when the to cota a air bags in the bmw she was riding in exploded last year.
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>> i told my husband i cannot see anything, i'm totally brian. >> reporter: defect has been linked to about five deaths. takata says expanding recall could take resource's way from fixing air bags in high humidity states where the the company believes more explosions are likely. today a house panel will hear from a to cota executive as well as several u.s. auto makers about the need for a nationwide recall. two weeks ago at a senate hearing the same company executive apologized to victims. >> we express our condolences to all those who have suffered in these accidents and to their families. >> reporter: in a statement yesterday takata's ceo outline steps the company will take immediately including forming a panel to investigate its manufacturing processes. federal regulators are exploring their next steps including fines and legal actions. yous an mcginnes for "eyewitness news" on the cw philly. just past 7:13. we will get a check of traffic and weather together but first
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torrential downpours from a pacific storm hit drought stricken will california. take a a look at this authorities warn unstable hill sides can trigger mud slide in ventura county located northwest of los angeles. that threat has forced residents to evacuate their homes and katie, it is pretty bad there but here at homes the rain have moved through, right. >> yes, for the most part and we do still have wet weather that we will be tracking but income like what they are seeing in california. they are dealing with extremes. we have an absolute thely beautiful sunrise right now, on sky cam three we had to show this to you and just so vivid and gorgeous. you can see there is at least within rain drop stuck on the camera lens here in atlantic city but we have other showers to track here in addition to this we are also dealing with some fog. our live neighborhood network camera where buses right on cue drive through the shot here at broad headsville at pleasant valley where we can see headlights and it is all covered in the low lying cloud
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cover at 34 degrees up that way. so it just depend where you start your day what kind of scenario you will walk out to out the front door. the here's some of those showers that i just showed you. while you got sunlight at the shore it is only time before a few showers roll through but that is it. we saw wet weather yesterday courtesy of the warm front lifting out of here. now it is cold front that has credited through. it will knock temperatures back but when it comes to precipitation it doesn't do much. the scattered variety through the day. tomorrow temperatures take a hit but back with high pressure meaning more sunshine and we will get you in the mid 40's, upper 40's by friday and another disturbance is on the move. we will see more clouds then anything but i still cannot rule out completely potential for a shower at that point. we will let you know. showers are around for the poconos as well, today, tomorrow, chilly but overall not i bad day for secures, although, with the wet weather it will be slick on the slopes. we will look forward in the forecast down toward the the philadelphia region and we
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will expect 40's throughout the course of the next few days with sunshine tomorrow, and more clouds, on friday. vittoria. >> thanks very much, katie. good morning, everyone. we are still dealing with a packed rush hour and we are also still dealing with an incident if you are trying to make your way from 63 woodhaven road on to i-95 southbound. so, we are dealing with a very another just accident. a vehicle went off in the embankment. i'll step out of the way slightly so you can see a police officer positioned just behind that incident scene as they are using a tow truck to remove that vehicle out of the shoulder. if you are traveling woodhaven trying to get to southbound i-95 definitely use an alternate, use grant as an alternate and travel further down the boulevard and jump on at harbison a bypass that cottman construction zone. that is what i would do. if you are traveling on 422, we have rush hour delays eastbound out of oaks down to 202. down to 41 is your average on 476 and in regards to speed sensors. sixteen on the schuylkill, heaviest pocket westbound in the city and 11 on i-95.
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further past the northeast continuing south in the city you will get tied up around girard avenue. watch out for that fire location closing montgomery avenue at old gulf road your best alternate is lancaster avenue n major delays for mass transit and things at the the airport are okay, ukee. >> extra eyes are helping philadelphia police in the 22nd district, so officers are now wearing body cameras as part of pilot program. the death of michael brown in ferguson, missouri sparked conversation about the cameras and a push by some to make sure that more police departments use them. "eyewitness news" spoke with the community activist who says many questions in brown's shooting might have been answered if officer darren wilson wore a similar camera. >> all this debate about he grabbed the gun, didn't grab the gun, but, what might have have been solved. >> some septa police officers have been wearing body cameras since last summer. septa officials say their experience with the camera has so far been positive. for the second year in a
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row fitness trackers are proving to be a popular gift this holiday season. >> we will show you some new features this year, but first lets look at what is coming up tonight on the cw philly.
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good morning, everyone. updating breaking news from narberth montgomery county
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there are in reports of injuries in a fire that damage at least two businesses on the 900 block of montgomery avenue. fire broke out 4:30 this morning. there are traffic restrictions in that a area. volunteers will hand out new flyers this morning when necessity resume their search for missing college student shane montgomery. montgomery disappeared early thanksgiving morning. the reward for information on montgomery's disappearance is at $31,000. latest woman to accuse bill cosby of sexual assault says it took place in 1974 when she was 15 years old. cosby a has in the been criminally charged in any of the attacks of which he has been accused. well, lot have of people are using fitness track tours track their health. >> yeah, i have heard about this but did you know what to look for if you are interested in buying one? sumi does helps you pick the right one. >> reporter: counting steps can be a first step in getting into shape, latest fitness trackers go boon meters that hook up with your mart phone. >> interested in mart rate or
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smart notification features it might be worth your while. >> reporter: $130 fit bit charge replaces discontinue force but with one upgrade, caller id. >> it has basic sleep and step clocking, and will get call notifications this does not have heart rate tracking. >> one word to describe the $200 basis peak from intel it is automatic. >> it lasts about a week, you can wear it in the shower, and, analyzing, your heart rate, and data to give you feedback and help you set healthy goals. >> reporter: $200 microsoft bandies a combination fitness band and smart watch. it works with window phones and android an ios. >> it has a variety of smart notifications show you weather, pay for star bucks with the qr code and down load and play work outs, and have heart rate measurements, sleep tracking, ability to sense uv. >> reporter: even kids can get in on the action. $40 water reaction leap frog
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leap band inspires kids to get moving with virtual pets. kids take care of their pets by being active and playing games. parents can set limits on how long their children can play. let's not forget other member of the family $99 whistle activity monitor attach toes their dog's collar and a attraction how much their dog walk, plays and rest. you can keep tabs on your pup when you air part. for more tech gift idea visit c and click on the who will take gift guide. i'm sum i does for "eyewitness news" at cw philly. so many great options out there. we want to remind you while shopping for gifts this holiday season we do want to remind you thaw can help make the holidays even brighter for under privileged children, our joy of sharing campaign is now underway, all you have to do is buy a new unwrapped toy and bring to it one of our drop off locations. we have a full list of locations on our web site at cbs or you can call is at 215-977-joys.
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you can text a donation which is super simple just text the word joy to 41444. >> i love coming in each morning and seeing box of toys starting to grow, eve one. >> wonderful thing. >> such an exciting time of the year. >> no doubt about it. >> it does make a difference. >> salvation army will be over soon to distribute those toys. it the is that time of the year. we are taking a short break. you're watching "eyewitness news" at cw philly. we will be right back. good morning. . progresso! it's ok that your soup tastes like my homemade. it's our slow simmered vegetables and tender white meat chicken. apology accepted. i'm watching you soup people. make it progresso or make it yourself listen to this sweet symphony of flavor. beautiful! gorgeous! here comes the fruitful crescendo! incredible. pillsbury toaster strudel. a masterpiece of taste.
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now with more fruit. hi, good morning , i'm ukee washington. it is hump day. lets get your forecast. good morning. >> good morning, ukee. today will be a more transition day, it is milder then yesterday was because we're not totally out of the woods with the wet weather, in that we have some showers to track but we will notice on radar that we don't have different colors. just green showing up, indicating, of course, it is just rain showers as opposed to sleet or light snow showers. meanwhile we have got a glimmer of sunlight here down towards shore points outside middletown ship high school in cape may courthouse. 41 degrees the current temperature. if any wet weather rolls through which it will in the form of the shower eventually it will be just a rain shower. later today we will hit 54. by tomorrow we are clearing out completely, probably brightest day of the next five
7:27 am
but it is chilliest too with a high of 45 degrees. rain heading our way by saturday, vittoria. >> thanks, katie. we are not looking forward to that rain and won't be looking forward to your rush her commute this morning traveling southbound i-95 a approaching betsy ross bridge we are dealing with an accident compromising two left lanes. in the a good situation, we are dealing with slick spots on the roadway and as you will notice right here a reek will turned in a horizontal position. as northeast down through the vine it is rush hour so expect big delays, ukee. our next update 7:55. up next on cb. this morning women in saudi arabia fighting for their right to drive. for more local news weather traffic and sports we are on the cw philly on these
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good morning, there are new efforts to find shane montgomery as search to find the the missing west chester university student approaches the seventh day. >> "eyewitness news" spoke exclusively with shane's cousin and roommate two of the last people to see shane
7:30 am
before he vanish. justin finch has an update in manayunk right now. justin? >> reporter: yes, good morning, ukee. in just a few hours the search to find shane montgomery is set to resume here in manayunk. as you you mentioned we did speak to his cousin and roommate exclusively and they tell us they are working with the fbi as well as police, telling them anything they want to show about shane and what they know about him because they do know they are among the the last to see him. for now seven days, it has been, all out effort to find shane, we saw police combing manayunk canal as well as volunteers going out on foot, and posting flyers as well. this has been a all hand on deck efforts to find the missing west chester university student who went missing, early thanksgiving morning after a night of bar hopping here in manayunk his last stop was at kildares irish pub, he got there at 2:00 a.m. which happens to be closing time. he was told he had to leave, escorted to the door by staff
7:31 am
which did include one of his cousins. the bar insist on that night that shane had not been over served that he did not appear anywhere drunk. now speaking inclusively to "eyewitness news" shane's roommate and cousin say they have been for day's working with the fbi as well as police to help find shane. >> the fbi needs me i will go down there. philly police need me, i'll go there. i'm assisting in any which way i can. >> yesterday i went back to the fbi and we search every nook and cranny of my apartment. >> reporter: now this is being called a mysterious disappearance as presumed criminal until proven otherwise, and this morning at 11:00 a.m. at saint john the baptist catholic church volunteers will gather and meet there first and then hand out the flyers with shane's name on it, as they as well this evening at 6:00 p.m. at west chester university, there will be a vigil as well in shane's honor. the reward for information for
7:32 am
information in this case new stands for $31,000. we are live from manayunk i'm justin finch for "eyewitness news" at cw philly. >> justin, thank you. a los angeles woman files a lawsuit begins comedian bill cosby claiming she was just 15 when he sexually assaulted her four decades ago. >> suit by juicy huth says cosby took her and her 16 year-old friend to the playboy mansion in 1974. after several drinks she claims cosby forced her to perform a sex act. no word from cosby's lawyer martin singer. he has denied previous accusations or said women raising claims have been discredited. cosby has never been criminally charged in connection to the more than dozen women who claim to have been drugged or sexually assaulted by him. all right. we are coming up at seven credit 33. lets check with katie, how is it going. >> right now we are dealing with a mixed bag of issue. they are not as pronounced as what we saw yesterday when we had ice, sleet, and snow, and certainly some rain showers as
7:33 am
well across the delaware valley. rather now at this point it is more than just scattered variety of rain showers. lets get out there we will show you what is going on storm scan three which is primarily just bringing in the rain showers across mainly maryland, and into new jersey and, of course, central delaware but they are very light showers. you'll have to flick windshield wipers a couple times and that will be it. we will also have some fog issues up towards the poconos region. watch out for that if that is where your travels take you up towards i80 interchange. noticing the difference in the temperatures it is noticeable that it is milder but still chilly. we have gain a surplus here of generally about 5 degrees give or take a few degrees depending on your location. mount pocono is warmest of the panning here but you are still at 34 degrees. you are warming up if any wet weather does roll through later today it will be a rain shower thaw see. 40 degrees at the the airport and route 42 in atlantic city which a marylandes breeze but that too does make it feel like it is chillier whenever
7:34 am
it blows. as the day progresses we cap expect these temperatures to maryland rate in the in mid 50's and we're generally left with some clouds by the time we will hit the early evening and sunnies going down we will see all of this moving out of here completely. we will clear out. even though we will cool down as a result, we're looking at a much quieter weather pattern for the next few days, vittoria. >> i think a lot of folks are waiting for delays to clear out of the way this morning but that is not the case and won't be the case anytime soon traveling on i-95. i-95 we are dealing with an accident situation southbound approaching betsy ross bridge causing major traffic out there. if you are trying to make your way from the northeast down through the vine street expressway it looks like this blocking two left hand lanes. give yourself some more time. as we take a lot at ben franklin bridge i'm shock by this. usually the bend been is a little bit more sicker in regards to traffic but maybe thinks the the bright spot. if you are traveling westbound, coming out of the tolls you are doing okay but i would still say making your way down towards eighth and vine it will be congested.
7:35 am
schuylkill expressway 13 miles an hour. eighteen on the blue route. delays on the westbound side of the pennsylvania turnpike throughout montgomery county and 12 is your average on i-95. on the roosevelt boulevard northbound at ryan avenue we are dealing with a serious accident. traffic is being diverted to the inner drive. traveling throughout the mayfair section in the northeast you do want to be mindful, news delays for mass transit. things at the airport are okay, ukee. gunman opened fire in the delaware county community shooting a dog through the neck. this morning police continue their search for that shooting. investigators say it happened on clinton road in upper darby on tuesday. police tell our todd quinones that this is part of the much bigger problem. >> hi momma. look at how beautiful my baby survived. >> reporter: bullet pierced through the dog's neck and shooter agitated upper darby police. >> the thing that really bothers me is moran that did the shooting could have killed anybody. >> reporter: in this densely populated neighborhood on the 6900 block of clinton street,
7:36 am
someone decided to open fire, shooting deborah felicia no dog malo. >> neck part up through here and came out through her cheek. >> reporter: she used her cell even if to document the the recovery at animal hospital, she said dog got out of her home on friday after her husband accidentally left the back door unlock. mal a was in the back alley when a neighbor heard gunshots at 2:30. police say if someone was concerned about the dog they should have called animal control. >> anything could have happened, you know, you have to be a reallied yot to do something like that. >> reporter: she says she has been much more aggressive since being shot. she's now recovering after surgery and the to 22 month-old rottweiler pit bull mix was bleeding when a neighbor found her and then brought her back home and called police friday afternoon. >> i just want justice. i want to know what happened. >> reporter: police contend it was pure luck in person was shot and killed in the meantime it noise the clear who the shooter may have been
7:37 am
and what may have been his or her motive for opening fire. reporting from upper darby, todd quinones for "eyewitness news" on the cw philly. your time 7:37. lets check business. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange, good morning to you jill. we are hearing sony hacking case is worse than we thought, what do we know. >> that is right, internal sony documents that have employees salaries, social security numbers and other personal data made their way on line. this all appears to be related to last month's sign's tack when five new sony movies were released on line. the fbi is now investigating and also warning other business that is they could be at wrist from being this type of hacking. so a little scary, ukee and nicole. >> that is something. i hear is there a new study out there about left handers abe how much money they will make over the course of a life time compared to right-handers.
7:38 am
is what the deal. >> reporter: leftes are more creative, they are more sought after for sports teams but they may not be better at business. a new harvard study finds leftes will earn 12 percent less over the course of their life time then people that are right-handed. according to the daily mail, data suggest left-handed children are more likely to have learning issues. interesting, 12 percent over the course of the life time, that adds up. >> it does. >> you said earlier jill, tell that to president obama, paul mccart any, katie fehlinger. >> exception toss every rule. >> a lot of successful left handed folks. >> so true. >> i hate those kinds of studies. more money tips and fur from money, head to our web site at cbs cbs news says that montgomery county native is the the leading candidate to be the nation's next secretary of defense. ashton carter is a former pentagon official who grew up in nominated. if nominated and confirmed
7:39 am
carter would replace chuck hage hole resigned last week. carter graduated from abington high school in 19 p-2 and induct in the district hall of fame in 1989. >> i found the 1972 graduation program. he was one of the five class speakers whiz is quite an accomplishment. it means that students at that time were impressed with his work. >> carter served as deputy defense secretary from 2011 to 2013. he is a physics and served as pentagon's chief of technology and weapons buying. how about that. well, a diet that could helplp you fight off illness and extend your life. >> we will tell you what it is in this morning's healthwatch. plus this... >> reporter: representatives from the nfl and other major sports leagues testified about domestic violence. i'm mark albert on capitol hill will with how the ray rice case could help lead to and the winner of this year's superstar... (coughs) coughing can really be disruptive. with a record breaking fifty million votes, your superstar is... that's why there's delsym.
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in your healthwatch this morning the key to looking younger could be in your diet. a study in the british american journal says following a mediterranean diet for instance can reduce signs of aging. the diet filled with fresh fruits, veggies, olive oil and healthy proteins can also lead to health benefits like lower risk on have heart disease. when it comes tour health it is in the only what you eat but when you eat that can make a difference. new study from the institute the in california recommend eating only during an eight to 12 hour period during the day, research are say eating a specific times like led to weight looks in mice and could help doctors understand what causes obesity. so fruits, veggies and not eating too much is the new method. >> yes. >> 7:43. lets toss it over to katie. >> we will check with our weather watcher network first and foremost and check in on temperatures first here where we're businesscally right
7:43 am
around 40 degrees in most spots. cooler in some spots. but that is the general number that we're hovering around right now. we will take you out to a couple observations starting things off here in somerdale, new jersey where fire marshall joey sent in, 41 degrees in the last 20 minutes or so. he did have light rain at the time, dreary gray morning in somerdale is comment there. very true there. we have a lot of fray skies across the region right now. hal, just a few minutes to the north here collinswood, number 40 degrees over last half an hour. he has been seeing some rain. we will take within more move it further inland here 42 degrees send in from budd bender and he sent that in ten minutes ago. he only has clouds at this point, but again, it depend where you are. he said he had rain earlier, that has since stopped and it is kind of conferrable at least by comparison to what we saw yesterday which was very, very chilly day and certainly a very dreary one tracking all that nasty weather.
7:44 am
lets take a look out to one more neighborhood in kutztown area middle school. we are seeing gray skies. we will see, imperfection on the camera lens but lone rain drop skewing our focus. 34 degrees outside at that particular observation site. here's what is going on. yesterday we had a warm front through the delaware valley that has now been off to the north moving far away, bringing precipitation witt. then we have cold front back here and also triggering any additional showers that we have seen here today but even though it is a cold front we don't have the cold air catching up. and, wet weather moves out. it is strictly a rain producing system that is just on showers left over. better day then yesterday. tomorrow even better, chillier but we will see full sunshine and bring we will see a system approach with more clouds, maybe a shower saturday which looks most rainy of the next five, vittoria. >> thanks very much, katie. traffic is raining on your
7:45 am
parade. heading out of the north east we will big old problem. let me just break down what we are seeing here. i will step out of the way to get the full idea. toward farthest right side of the screen is southbound side of i-95. what we are looking at the here would be the ramp from the betsy ross bridge to continue on the southbound side of i-95. we are dealing with the very serious accident, a vehicle is compromising the horizontal position right at the median here and traffic is moving around it but it is blocking left-hand lane. we have a strong delay on the southbound side of i-95 anyway due to rush hour and speaking of rush hour look at the schuylkill expressway around city avenue. traveling in either direction it is a in fun zone. it is in the only around this portion here but it is also further, west in towards your western suburbs and further east around center city. basically, almost the entire schuylkill expressway. 15 miles per hour is your average on 76, nine on i-95, 15 traveling the the blue route and expect delays on the westbound side of the turnpike
7:46 am
and eastbound on 422. if you are traveling in the northeast north bound at boulevard at ryan after new we have an accident and traffic diverted to the inner drive, ukee. thanks, variety tore y a 15 year-old girl struck by a car in the north east. this information just coming in. this is new video at ryan and the boulevard. this happened i'm told in the out are north bound lanes of the boulevard. the girl was rushed to the hospital with a head injury as well as leg injuries. this is having an impact on the morning commute as well in this area. right now all north bound lanes are being diverted we're told to the inner lanes just in case in that area. vittoria will stay on top of this and bring you more information as our morning broadcast continues, nicole. ukee, adrian peterson's appeal hearing resumes tomorrow in new york. proceedings began yesterday with the vikings running back seeking reap inn statement after roger good kill suspended him for violating the league's personal conduct
7:47 am
policy. pete are son pleated no contest for hitting his, four year-old son with the thin tree branch. leaders from all four major sports leagues go to capitol hill to testify about the domestic violence in professional sports. correspondent mark albert tells us the senate hearing focused on whether the leagues are doing enough to deter violent acts and pun ish those who commit domestic violence. >> reporter: top executives from the nfl, nba, nhl and major league baseball faced questions about what they are doing to stop domestic violence. >> provingal sports with very few exceptions have done little to hold those who commit this crime accountable. >> reporter: this video of former baltimore ravens player ray rice put spotlight on domestic violence. >> as a father of two doubt are, i found graphic security camera footage of running back ray rice of his then fiance to be sickening. >> reporter: former nfl player troy vincent now works for the league and said it was initially too lenient on rice.
7:48 am
for him the issue is personal. >> domestic violence was a way in my lifing growing up. i relate to the 20 million victims, survivors of domestic violence. >> reporter: all four leagues say they are changing policies including education for players. >> major league baseball is a social institution. as our national past time has an obligation to set a positive example. >> reporter: this is president of the national network toned domestic violence. >> these high profile cases mean more people are coming forward and more bad news that we don't have resource toes observe all of them. >> reporter: her group is pushing congress to quadruple funding to the family violence and prevention services act. on capitol hill mark albert for "eyewitness news" at cw philly. national domestic violence hot line say call volume doubled in the days following the release of the ray rice video. three months later it is still nearly 50 percent higher then before. ukee.
7:49 am
in sports, sixers play t wolves in minnesota tonight f they lose they will tie record for most losses through open an nba season. their record is belonging to the new jersey nets, it belongs to the new jersey nets. they lost 18 straight in the tart of the 2009/2010 season. t wolves are four and 12. lets get this one tonight fellas. rough night for flyers even though they went ahead one to nothing in the first period in san jose. sean couturier made it one to nothing but fly guys offense stalled after. that the sharks tied it up in the second period and won it with just 11 seconds left in regulation. two-one the final score. flyers will try again back in the winning column later tonight in anaheim. some football now eagles will play another possible statement game when they host defending super bowl champions at lincoln financial field sunday afternoon. birds are a game ahead of the seattle seahawks in the nfc standings. this is a big one. seattle's defense is the best in the nfl on paper, and it is
7:50 am
led by out spoken stand out cornerback richard sherman. quarterback mark sanchez for our side says it will be a test, for the up tempo eagles offense. >> i mean guys all over the the field. both corners are playing really well. obviously their safeties are two of the best in the league. one of the best secondaries we will play. those guys are good bay the d line goodies and d line is good because secondary goodies and then the backers, just flying around and make their own play. i mean we will have our handful. >> a lot of you know the deal this game could impact the playoffs. eagles, packers and cardinals have the same nine-three record and dangerous seahawks lurking right behind, just one game back. nicole. >> we're in the scared, ukee. >> don't be scared. >> no we're not. rolling stones are saying good bye to one of their band mates and a film that hasn't hit theaters is winning award. we will have those stories, up
7:51 am
okay buddy, what's your favorite kind of cheerios? honey nut. but... chocolate is my other favorite... but apple cinnamon is my favorite too... and fruity... oh yeah, and frosted! okay, but...what's you're most favorite of all? hmm... the kind i have with you. me too.
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7:53 am
it is time to honor the best of the best in movies, this year, and the rolling stones say good bye to one of their own. >> plus netflix premiers new series based on mar co polo all that and more in eye on entertainment. fourteen count indictment which just pushed a little too far. >> reporter: 2014 is a a great year for the film of most violent year and it hasn't even opened yet. the crime drama set in 1981 new york city, was named best film by the national board of review. the oscar isaac also tied for best actor for his role in the film. he shares honor with michael keaton forbidder man. julie a and moore won best actress for her part in still
7:54 am
alice and client eastwood one best director for american snipper. honors will be handed out in january. stars of the new netflix series mar co polo found the red carpet for the premiere last night in new york. the series is set in 13th century china and featured famous explorer. it is a very ambitious task and the skill, like last time i saw it was the last dance. >> reporter: mar co polo premiers december 12th. and a rolling stones are mourning long time member of their road family. sachs even if player bobby keys toured with the stones for more than 45 years, and can be heard on the studio classic brown sugar. keith passed away tuesday, he was 70 years old. that is your eye on entertainment, yous an marquez for cbs news, los angeles. our time 7:54. elf on the shelf come back to visit your family this year. check out my man phil, that is
7:55 am
our cbs-3 elf. >> so sneaky he is on board, the traffic center with vittoria, on top of the bus, lets do this. >> he threw you under the the bus last year. >> yes. >> oh, man. >> we want to see your elf, and what he is up to we are getting lots of great pictures in the the news room. the here's a few on your screen. will folks having some fun. >> indeed. >> elf selfie. >> huge hit. >> yes, you can see why. pose he had to twitter, facebook or instagram and use cbs-3
7:56 am
good morning, i'm nicole brewer. we will toss it the right over to katie and some improvement today right, katie. >> at least a little will bit. we can thank our lucky stars we are in the dealing with any ice out there today. temperatures will moderate up. we will get above average with our temperatures today but on storm scan three there are still some signs of life as i like to date and you've got mainly just green showing up out there. so an indication that the air is mild enough to produce just rain showers, but you'll see them lingering around through the afternoon, 54 degrees is our expect high and then later tonight we will clear out under clear skies or cool down a bit more too dropping down to 37 degrees. we will rebound in the mid 40's but full sunshine. nice trade off. saturday looks like it will be a rainy day so good excuse to
7:57 am
make indoor activity plans, vittoria. >> thanks very much, katie. heading outside we will look at your rush hour chew whether it is not great. let me break down is what happening. i-95 southbound is your delay heading out of the northeast down through vine street expressway. what we are looking at here is betsy ross off ramp to southbound i-95 where we are dealing with an accident, blocking the left-hand lane and then really an adding so much traffic all right, on to a major roadway, give yourself more time an hour and a half, nicole. >> up next on cbs this morning, behind the scenes of vittoria secretet super models. more local news weather and traffic on the cw philly.
7:58 am
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powers them with america's fastest, most reliable internet with speedmatch. uploads as fast as downloads. so take the hint. get all these premium movie channels, speedmatch, and $400 back. go to and get this bundle with unbeatable value today. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v a 15 year-old girl struck on the boulevard. we are looking live at the scene this happened just a short time ago at ryan avenue which is just south of rhawn street. "eyewitness news" has learned that the pickup truck that hit the the girl did stop, the girl was rush to the hospital, with a head injury as well as
8:00 am
leg injuries. police have diverted all northbound traffic to the inner lanes while they are investigation continues. also breaking news in montgomery county a four alarm fire tears through a local business this was the scene earlier shortly after 4:30 this morning in the 900 block of montgomery avenue. you can see that fast signs store suffered extensive damage. we're told no one was injured. fire officials say poor conditions hampered their efforts to put those raging flames out. >> we got here, started our attack, we eventually had to pull everyone out and exterior attack, due to the conditions that were deteriorating quickly and there was a water main break in the area and further out to try to find some more water. >> fire crews remained on the scene, if you are in the air, please be aware, montgomery avenue is still closed between old gulf road and i ona avenue. we will check detours with vittoria and traffic in a little bit. our other top


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