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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  December 13, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm EST

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>> from the cbs broadcast send in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> ♪ >> a flag draped coffin, the somber sound of bag pipes, a final farewell to joyce craig, the first female firefighter to die in the line of duty philadelphia's history good evening, i'm natasha brown. thanks for joining us. familiar friends and first responders from around the country gathered in west oak lane to honor a hero. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson was there as the city said goodbye. >> reporter: full honors for a fallen hero. on this december saturday morning, hundreds of people family and friends, officials and dignitaries, firefighters and first responders from across the country came to
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honor one, 11 year philadelphia fire veteran 36 engineered joyce craig. >> when you lose one, it affects everyone because we are family. >> reporter: craig died doing what she believed in, battling a fire to save a life. >> she died a hero so it's a beautiful thing to have known joyce. >> reporter: she lost her life fighting flames in west oak lane early tuesday morning. leaving behind two children and a legacy of care and diligence. >> she always made us feel like family. >> reporter: her funeral service saturday a highlight reel of praises for a woman described as both gentle and nurturing and tough as nails by the people who knew her best. >> i was with joyce the first time she got hurt on the job. >> reporter: out of respect to the family's wishes we stayed outside and listened. her brothers and sisters tears in their eyes watched their commissioner who calls what happened a personal failure
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and a quiet blessing. >> i walk around with this black band on my wrist for the past seven years and you know what it says? everyone goes home. the reality is everyone does go home. and i'll say to you that joyce is home. >> reporter: and in a final moment of triumph mayor michael nutter gave the firefighter what she lived to achieve and died to obtain. >> joyce michelle craig is now posthumously promoted to the rank of lieutenant. >> ♪ >> reporter: and now for weeks to come the mayor declaring 30 days of mourning across the city including and perhaps especially here at a place now lieutenant joyce craig called a home away from home. reporting from philadelphia's engine 64, i'm steve patterson, "eyewitness news" on the cw philly. >> well, the firefighters union has established a memorial fund for lieutenant joyce craig's two children.
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you'll find more information at well, demonstrators in several cities, they took to the streets today to protest the recent deaths of unarmed black men at the hands of police officers. one of the largest demonstrations happened in washington, d.c. thousands of people joined the mothers of michael brown and trayvon martin for a march in the capital. protesters want lawmakers to make reforms to the justice system and a march in new york city is continuing into the night. thousands there also demanding justice for those who have lost their loved ones due to alleged acts of police brutality. they're outraged over the grand jury decision recently not to indict the officers involved in the eric garner and michael brown cases. the protests have been peaceful. turning to our weather tonight it's a cold but dry night at least, warmer temperatures on the way. meteorologist katie fehlinger is joining us in for justin. >> hey, natasha, yes, it is
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dry outside. that was one thing we just couldn't get away from for so much of this past week. it finally did dry out. that nor'easter finally did pull away. it's still helping to usher in a few residual clouds however but thankfully again it is dry outside and we're looking ahead to a milder pattern as time goes on with a few additional degrees getting tacked onto our daytime highs. storm scan3 is quiet. our temperatures have held relatively steady in the mid and upper 30's. as we take you out to live neighborhood network very mod west wind as well so it's very tranquil outside. tomorrow you'll wake up to more sunshine. if you're heading up towards the poconos you're taking a ski weekend or something like that, it does look as though the weather will cooperate for you, certainly with the fresh powder that's out there from the nor'easter passing through but again expecting more sunshine not just for the poconos but for everybody by tomorrow and it appears this pattern will stay tranquil for a few more days before we start to have to worry about a new round of showers and at
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this point we're pegging that to arrive by tuesday. we'll detail that later in the show and have your full eyewitness weather forecast but for now natasha we'll send it back to you. >> thank you katie. a neighbor jumps into action trying to rescue several kids from a burning home in delaware county. sadly enough their grandmother didn't make it out alive. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers has the story from lower chichester. >> reporter: a boom shook the neighborhood just after 7: 30 saturday morning. that fire tour through this lower chichester home. >> a bunch of flames came out and we heard help, help. >> reporter: several people were trapped inside the home including children. a mother and two of her children were in the front yard frantic as their sip lings their father and grandmother were still inside. >> to the top step and all i seen was fire coming out of the bottom steps coming up. >> reporter: nicholas wells lives next door and raced over to help. he heard those trapped inside and broke basement windows to get them out.
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the children safe nicholas helped pull the father through the window. >> there was noplace to touch him. the burns on this man was crazy. his skin was peeling often him. >> reporter: burned while trying to save the children's grandmother neighbors say her name was doris and she died in the fire. >> tragedy, it really was a tragedy. >> reporter: meanwhile neighbors immediately began collecting donations with bags of clothing piling up quickly inside their homes. it's the least they can do they say to a family and a father who did their best to save those who love. >> definitely a hero, definitely. >> well, that was matt rivers reporting. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused that fire. meantime the father and several of his children remain in the hospital recovering. now a firefighter suffered minor injuries battling a row house blaze in north philadelphia. the flames broke out on the 2700 block of west lehigh avenue early this morning. no word on a cause of this fire. the red cross is currently assisting six people who are
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displaced. and some area residents felt the ground shaking this morning. a very small earthquake hit central new jersey at about 7:13 a.m. the u.s. geological survey said it registered 1.9 on the richter scale centered southeast of trenton new jersey. the search for shane montgomery it's now entering its third week. officers with the philadelphia police marine unit, they were back out searching the schuylkill river again today. the west chester university student vanished on thanksgiving morning after leaving kildare's pub on may main street. new surveillance video reportedly shows montgomery walking toward a parking lot near the schuylkill river. police, they're also now investigating a deadly crash along the roosevelt boulevard in juniata park. the driver of a vehicle lost control and struck a tree near luzerne street after 2 o'clock this morning. the vehicle caught fire. the driver was pronounced dead
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at that scene. police have not released the victim's name just yet. and new tonight, the senate reaches an agreement for a final vote on a spending bill to avert a government shutdown. earlier dat senate passed a temporary measure to keep the government operating through wednesday. the $1.1 trillion spending bill provides funds for nearly the entire government through september 30. that's the end of the current budget year. president obama says he will sign the bill once it reaches his desk. and crews began laying the foundation for what will be the tallest skyscraper in philadelphia. construction crews, they poured 400 truckloads of concrete into the ground at 18th and arch in center city today. this foundation for the 59-story innovation and technology center will attach the building's structural support to the bedrock. the foundation is 10 feet thick. >> ♪ the royal family releases christmas photos of prince
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george. we'll show them to you after the break. plus angelina jolie has to miss the premiere of her latest movie, one that she directed. why she had to stay home. and a rare weather event in southern california. take a look. a tornado caught on tape. katie. >> and the very same system that brought that tornado eventually has to cross the country. i'll tell you how it affects us. in the meantime a nice warming trend in the cards. details coming up isn't. >> cowboys arrive for the big game against the eagles. lesley van
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>> got a soiled like us to investigate? e-mail your ideas to i-team at >> a rare sight in california. a tornado, this one swept through los angeles yesterday. it was an ef-0 with about 85 miles an hour winds and it did cause some minor damage. in camarillo springs heavy rains triggered a mudslide. some area highways remain closed. ski resorts in the mountains east of l.a. have a foot of fresh snow. actress angelina jolie says she has chicken pox. she made that announcement in a youtube video. in the video she shows off pink spots on her face and neck. because of her illness she'll have to skip the premiere of
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her newly directed film unbroken. she says "i can't believe it because this film means so much to me." have you taken a close look at today's date. it's 12/13/14. the rare date is giving people a reason to get married. after all it's an easy anniversary. in las vegas the line at the courthouse started outside the building. there won't be another sequential calendar date like this for 20 years when january 2nd 2034 arrives. today was a good day to get that marriage going. seat season greetings from the royal family. prince george will be 17 months old on december 22nd. the shots were taken late last month in a courtyard at london's kensington palace. the streets of philadelphia filled with santas today.
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thousands of them were all over the place. it was the 17th annual of the running of the santas mega festival. an estimated 10,000 costumed santas took part. proceeds benefit the le leukemia foundation holidays are going to the dogs. "eyewitness news" at the santa paws event today. yes, even dogs have a christmas wish list for san today. he's going to be on the naughty list. some of them weren't too sure about sit on santa's lap though but it made for great photos. donations accepted for a local no kill animal shelter. >> so, cute. we love it. let's start things off by taking you to our eyewitness weather watcher network. we are generally still finding temperatures coming in from the weather watcher network within the mid 30's, upper 30's range. we'll take you to a couple more specific ones and start
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things off smack down in the middle with hal he sent in 38 degrees in collingswood new jersey. he had a comment saying the winds have finally died down and that's pretty much the case all around the board and he had an excellent picture that i had to show you, seasons greetings from collingswood, this is the downtown area, a cold night just 12 days before christmas. count down continues. feels like it's flying by this month. 36 degrees the temperature from bud bender he's out in collegeville pa. he's always good for an excellent comment and i love this one, go eagles, go, beat the cow girls i am so with you on that one. we'll go across the delaware and take you towards the shore points. greg sent in 36 degrees from marmora new jersey and he also said clear skies, light wind coming in from the west in upper township, new jersey. and guys if you love watching whether you can be featured in our newscast by becoming a eyewitness weather watcher. head to our web site
10:16 pm to sign up there as well. as we take you outside to storm scan3 we'll give you a sense of what's to come down the road here and generally we end up with a few more clouds. notice where they've been coming from. pretty much out of the north to the south and when you zoom out a little bit you'll see there's a little hint of some rotation. the nor'easter is long gone at this point but it's leaving behind the aftermath basically impacts of that lingering cloud cover for our area so it's been basically an entire week of some kind of impact from that system but they continue to taper. the impact, that is. and as we move into tomorrow i expect you'll see a lot more sunshine. now, it is just smooth sailing clear as a belle basically east of the rockies but if you look closely, still find something snow and certainly still finding some rain in the mountainous terrain across the rocky mountain range and eventually that storm system, this is the same one that affected california, washington state and oregon. it will eventually move our
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way and i'll give you a senses of what that's going to mean for our area in he could s looking ahead to tomorrow and monday, temperatures are going to ever so slightly climb with each passing day into the mid and upper 40's for tomorrow and monday with high pressure on our side and locked in place and keeping control. and with that high situated where it will be, it actually will in a sense help to steer that storm system i just showed you off to the north. so, looking ahead to monday, generally again quiet as can be can, nice clear sky. then we get into tuesday and the brunt that of storm is actually going to bypass us well off to the northwest so i think you'll see some wet weather but it's probably just some rain showers. so, it does not appear as though this next system is going to have any capability of producing much of anything in the way of frozen precipitation. it's mainly going to be a rain event for us and kind of a modest rain event at that. let's take you out to the live neighborhood network where it is quiet as can be at pleasant valley high school. 37 degrees for us, a very
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light wind as well out of the northwest. it is still a cold wind direction but that wind isn't blowing all that strongly so what you see is basically what you get. it's currently only 40 degrees right now outside at philadelphia international airport. we're generally in the mid 30's across-the-board. bottoming out by another five or 6 degrees in philadelphia tonight. just some clouds left over, it is still tranquil we take you to 34 officially for that overnight low. i think clouds break towards dawn. you can expect to see more of that sunshine once the sun does come up and a seasonable chill to go along with it. normally we top off about 45 degrees or so. let's get right to it. you got your eagles planner. we'll breakdown every segment of the day for you, not just kickoff. expecting to generally hover around the free degree mark. eyewitness weather seven-day forecast isn't bad. remember normal high is about 45 so we're ever so slightly above that average here for
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the better part of the next seven days. by tuesday, expecting some of those rain showers to move in and then thursday and friday we will bottom out once again but it's only a few degrees below the average, so if we're going to cool down it could be a lot worse. >> as long as i see that little sun there. >> you are happy to see that. >> thank you so much. sun will be shining on the game tomorrow. >> little game tomorrow, birds and boys part two a busy day at the center. flyers looking to win back to back games for the first time in over a month. sixers playing memphis loo
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>> the flyers trying to win back to back games for the first time since early november taking on the carolina hurricanes. first period sean couture ray lights the large right there. that's his seventh goal of the season. flyers one-nothing lead. later on brayden schenn with a pass to wayne simmonds whose slapshot finds the back of the net. second period rookie scott lout ton scoring that first nhl goal. the flyers won five to one. we have less than 24 hours between the rematch between
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the eagles and cowboys at the linc. here are the cowboys arriving at the team hotel. the eagles took of them on thanksgiving, 33 to 10. quarterback mark sanchez says the birds need to clean up a few things or the result will not be the same this time. >> like to be a little better in the red zone and i think if we put those couple things together and then continue to finish strong i think we'll have a good outcome but it's going to take a lot of work this week and the team we're playing this week is going to be a lot better than the team we played on thanksgiving. >> you do not want to miss sunday kickoff tomorrow at 11:30. join me and sports director beasley reece along with panel of experts and cbs3 special contributor lesean mccoy as we get you ready for eagles-cowboys tomorrow over on our sister station cbs3. the sixers trying for their first win at home against the grizzlies. fourth quarter of the game, sixers up big, pass to robert
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covington, big shot, 3-pointer is good. sixers have an 18-point lead with 10 minutes left. final minute of the game lead down to six mike conley's three ball. could they hold on. here we go last play regulation. conley with the ballly three points. beats the buzzer. that ties the game right now in overtime sixers trail 116 to 111. to college hoops lasalle beat drexel 65 to 55. explorers led by leon roberts with 16 points. damien lee scored 19 points for the dragons. villanova hosting sam houston state in the sfc quarterfinals. john robertson and the wildcats do it all quarterback could not play because of a concussion so chris peloni got the start. 7:20 left scores from the one and that will give villanova a 31 to 27 lead. 34 seconds left villanova needs this 51-yard field goal.
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that's not going to happen. cats season couples to an end. sam houston state led by casey easterly advance to the semifinals with a victory. >> the winner of the 2014 heisman memorial trophy is marcus mariota of the university of oregon. >> he received twice as many points as second place finisher melvin gordon. the record breaking running back from wisconsin, the other finalist was alabama receiver amari cooper third. to pop warner super bowl the north philly aztecs against florida, the quarterback going on a fumble recovery to give the philadelphians a seven-six lead at the half. they lost 24 to seven but congratulations on a great season. in the midget finals the northwest raiders the champs. the team from west oak lane beat new britain connecticut 26 to six to take home that
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championship. way to go guys. high school football state championship saint joe's prep and pine richland. prep holding on for a one point lead. 1:58 left. 47 yards for the score. saint joe's prep winds their 47 yards for the score. saint joe's prep winds their seconds s
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>> well, celebrate the holidays with our joy of sharing campaign. buy a new unwrapped toy and bring it to our drop off locate. for a list of those location go to or call 215-977-joys. or you can text a donation. text joy to 41444. thanks for watching us on the cw philly. for indicate lee, lesley, i'm natasha brown. for indicate lee, lesley, i'm natasha brown. we'll see you at 11:00
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