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tv   Action News  ABC  June 21, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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under caution at road america, at the gardner denver 200. what an interesting day it's been. we had an hour delay because conditions weren't dry enough for slick tires, but not wet enough for rain tires. hornish dominated early. now waiting for pit road to open. and watching conditions on the radar, to see if we'll need to switch tires back to slick.
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got all that? there will be a test later. >> looks like we may be finished with the rain. >> there's still a wet track. i can't see that the track will dry enough that we need to change back. >> i'm with you. i don't think the track will dry enough to take that gamble. i think the call would be to leave the tires on and get fuel, or get new rain tires. >> that's a tough decision, because you don't have any data from any other time telling you how long they last. you would have to take them off to get any idea.
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>> and we're under the yellow as we come to the last ten laps. and history says, a lot of yellow flags late in the race. and a lot of beating and banging and feels get hurt. four after lap 40 last year and in 2007. you know, somebody that deserves a mention, j.j. yeley. running two races this weekend. he's in the number 28 car, and up to 11th position. >> he must have some experience racing in rain. >> must have. he passed a lot of cars after they put the rain tires on.
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so, he's made his way forward. >> his background is dirt racing. done a great job today. a tip of the cap to j.j., who's, once again, in the 11th position. >> and ryan reed, and chris buescher, they've driven themselves up inside the top ten, the eighth and ninth spot. >> chris got a pit row speeding penalty that dropped him earlier. but still doing quite well in today's race. >> and our points leader, regan smith, in almost a survival mode. probably the smartest thing you
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can do. he knew what happened last year, got knocked out of the way. he knew he needed to go up and protect. he just needs to stay on the track. >> we talked about him trying to come back, just get a solid finish. but during the heavy rain, his crew chief told him, we may be able to make it the rest of the way if we're careful with fuel. but the question is, do we want to gamble, being the points leader. so, regan backed off, a comfortable spot. stay where you are, save fuel, get a good finish, and leave here with even a better lead than how we came in. >> well, under these kinds of conditions, they get a whole lot
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better fuel mileage. >> pit road open. some takers, some passers. tagliani and sam hornish jr., staying out. as well as scott and marks. >> well, there really is no history with how those rain tires wear. but putting all four tires, and topping off with sunoco fuel. and a little rain-x. and chase elliott had to pit. no tires, top it off with fuel, get that motor breathing again. >> and wa >> well, interesting that some
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stayed. some didn't. the skies are brightening. >> i like the idea of having fuel, for sure. >> especially if we go overtime. >> yes, what we've seen here in the past. >> and a restart coming on a wet track. >> uh-huh. >> not done yet, the twisted plot of this one for sure. back to road america for the restart. and 10 cinnamon sticks that's 17 bucks worth of food! for $8.99 when you carry out. but ycan believe it, because i'm telling you it's true. and i'm a celebrity!
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get ready for a restart, with what will be ten laps to go in the gardner denver 200 in the nascar nationwide series, at road america, elkhart lake, wisconsin. the umbrellas beginning to be put away in the grand stands. will the the track dry out enough to make it worth getting slick tires for the last dash to the finish?
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that's the debate on the ray di. >> it may or may not rain the rest of the race. we've got to just hang on right here and get as far ahead as we can. if we get a little bit of gap, we'll save up fuel to make it to the end. >> if it dries up, they're not going to be able to make it. i think he's got a handle on it. other than the part that it may or may not rain. he does such a great job calling these races, getting the driver in the best position to try to win this nationwide race. >> sam hornish, in second. >> the call was to stay out.
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how are the tires doing? >> all reports saying the tires look good. but as the track gets dry, it's going to start eating the tires up. we may have to pit here in five or six laps to change tires. we'll watch the lap times and see. >> thanks. >> and the crew chiefs down there, a little bit nervous about this? >> yeah, it's a tough one. you have to know that the slicks, if it's dry enough, you can go make a lot of time. but you have to beat passing cars that are going to stay out there. but it's a big gap. >> here they come to the restart. ten laps to go. tagliani and hornish on the front row. justin marks in that neon yellow
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nose car. really was making good time just before the yellow. working just behind. here we go. >> hornish in the slide. >> inside. >> oh, hang on.
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look at the visibility for the drivers, especially back in the pack. trying to hang on. trevor bayne. >> he's got it. >> 3 car is goi ining now, budd. >> i think he got a little help there. >> he did. regan smith. slipping and sliding around. racing there with justin marks. here's what happened to trevor bayne.
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>> a lot of help. ty dillon, just getting in there way too hard for the conditions. >> off the 6 car. >> brian scott here. i'm sure that tagliani is probably saving a little fuel here. but brian scott, right there on him. good job. >> put a little pressure on the guy, maybe he'll make a mistake. get around the corner just a little bit, then you pounce right when that happens. >> nine laps to go. >> you have to be careful not to
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get too overconfident, too. >> keep doing what you're doing. don't get greedy. >> he can see that trophy coming right out in front of him. >> the rain tires, once it gets dry, they fall off. they try to find times to cool the tires off until they can get them off. >> this won't get dry enough to get slicks on here today. they will have to hunt and find some wet spots. >> pulling away from some hornish by five seconds. >> just so hard to have the
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discipline, when you're that close, not to overdrive. >> jeremy clement is on the track. coming around. and so is trevor bayne. saw a crew member there wave him off. something is broken underneath the hood, going to keep him down. got the radiator there. so, back to the lead. >> he probably learned that, and breaking the tagliani, it's more momentum, keeping that momentum up. you're not charging to corner, but keeping it in high gear most of the time.
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still with a very wet racetrack. >> look at the sun now, shining down on the racetrack. >> i'm going to agree, the track isn't going to dry enough to get slicks back on. but you need to keep the tires you do have underneath you on until the finish. and fuel, too. >> well, the key, it's going to take more power and use more fuel -- last two drivers with their first career win. >> it's just incrementally
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quicker. that's what -- try to get a good handle on how much fuel they're using. >> sadler is on pit lane. swatted down pretty well. >> made a pit stop to make adjustments, have enough fuel to finish. the last couple of weeks, just hasn't had it go his way. >> one car wide, justin marks. overshot turn five. >> he was having a really good day. did well on turn four just
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before that. >> how crazy has this been? >> had the sunglasses on this morning. it was sunny and overcast. now it's been cloudy and overcast and rainy for most of the race, now, the sun is shining again. sam hornish is off. >> he's looking to end up with a really good day, chase elliott. maybe a pit stop to get the grass off, but he's back in the top five. >> you get that going -- yup.
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just continue on. >> see the shadows now. >> trevor bayne, with a heavily damaged now. >> talk to us about what ultimately put you out? >> well, coming back, a terrible day, we were looking for some points today, but ended up on the wrong side. out of turn six, threw us inside. and i don't know, if we just hit a wet patch. it was so slick, neither of us were used to driving in the rain. sent us in the mud, couldn't get
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stopped. and not exactly what we wanted here, but we need to be better at this week in, week out. >> thank you, trevor. >> he's right about one thing. started in the back, and raced his way into the top five. but the race turned around after weather conditions went foul. he's knocked out for the second straight week. there's first to second. tagliani to scott. a great drive today for brian. >> just a couple of seconds between these top two. 11 seconds back. >> just looking how much quicker he turns.
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>> i think these leaders are being really careful. >> here's brendan. he stopped at lap 39 to get fuel. >> i just don't think -- >> sam hornish has led the most laps in this one, and will end up leading the most tracks in this one. 25 of the 43, but is now in fourth position. chase elliott, also one of the drivers with enough fuel to go to the finish.
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so, really, the outstanding questions, do the top two have the gas to go to the finish? will we see a caution flag that will change the complexion? and does brendan have enough to make it interesting? what a day it will be if brendan recovers. he's been off-track three different times in this race. regan smith is on the pit lane with six laps to go. >> spun around, cams in re in r tenth. they have to clean the grill,
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the engine would not have lasted. getting too hot too fast. >> all that grass on the grill, it wasn't there when we restarted. unfortunate for them once again. >> so, tagliani leads. we heard just before the restart about where they stood. here's the latest from the 22. >> the tires in the wet, short shift when you can. easy on power down. four seconds back. four seconds back. >> and trying to do everything he can to save fuel. the issue, whether or not he has enough. >> what about brian scott's fuel situation? >> the short answer is, they
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don't know. and they were going to pour the horsepower on those long straightaways. doing that, they gave up fuel. that's not good news. he has to hang on, thinks he has enough. but given the pace, with the rain tires, they just don't know. >> really, nobody does. >> it's a huge gamble for the team, but it's one that may pay off for them. if they do make this work, they've got themselves back in to a championship battle, possibly. >> save me some fuel, please.
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>> brendan gaughan can keep four, he's on fire. >> recent history says, we're going to have a caution, and a late string to the finish. 8 of the last 10. there are those other two. drying racetrack. dwindling fuel supply, dwindling lead. gaughan can see scott now. >> yeah, for sure. i think he's going to get to that second spot. if he doesn't get overaggressive. >> the hardest thing for a driver is to do just not more than what you're capable of right now. >> and the big loser in this,
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with the rain and all that, sam hornish. he had a good handle on the dry racetrack. >> 25 of the 45 laps, he led. lost the lead after the restart when they put the rain tires on. and hasn't been out in front ever since. it's a 50-lap race. here's the numbers. >> hard to predict that window. all the unknowns we've been talking about. >> yup. they're just going to find out. >> and it's got to be hard for
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this group. they're here to win the race. >> and talking about tag, the great variety of cars he's raced this year. in the last month, an indy car, a nascar canadian tire series car up in canada. and behind the wheel of a sports car. just testing it in indianapolis on thursday. and now, behind the wheel of a nationwide series car. talk about versatility, but with speed and pace and competitiv competitiveness. >> different venues, and different race cars. >> brendan gaughan is on. >> really, nothing that brian
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can do now. just let it go. >> so, the lead that was ten seconds from tagliani to gaughan, is now five seconds. with four laps to go. >> whether dry or wet, he's been fast. but four laps to go, you have to keep that in perspective when it's a four-mile racetrack. >> the last lap, he was three seconds quicker than tagliani in the lap. >> he's getting there. he will. >> but you can't make a mistake.
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got to find water to cool the rain tires out on the course. and what is the fuel situation on the race leader? >> brendan could take advantage of something, but he had to be in second to do that. he did that job. >> i think he's fast enough to catch him now. you can't count on the 22 making a mistake. >> basically, those three. everybody behind brian scott is two far back.
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coming up the hill, three laps to go. >> save me all you can. four-second gap with three laps to go. save me some fuel here. >> so, that's the drama. >> i don't think he can catch us. save fuel when you can and we be fine. >> he's doing all the information passing he can to his driver, alex tagliani. >> and the numbers, that last one, that speed he just told him, if it runs out, it's going to get really interesting on that last lap.


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