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tv   Action News  ABC  July 1, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and with matt o'donnell, tamala >> ♪ >> good morning it's 6 o'clock on this tuesday, first day in the month of july. tam is off. nydia han joins us and we have news you didn't see last night. >> the hunt is on for the gunman who shot and killed a man in delaware. >> an attempt to beat the heat proved deadly for a teen in philadelphia. >> oppressively high temperatures and humidity return to the forecast. and accuweather is tracking the chance for thunderstorms. >> david with details on that. karen rogers with an unusually busy morning on the roads. good morning. >> good morning, everybody, not too bad so far. we've got some sun up over the horizon. some of you with a bit of cloud cover overhead. satellite reinforcing that idea right now. and out to the west there's a little bit of rain. looks like it's mainly falling apart. there's a slight chance of a stray thunderstorm later did or tonight but most of you miss out on that. 73 currently in philadelphia, 73 in wilmington, 69 in allentown. it feels a bit muggy
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particularly if you start moving around outside this morning. once that sun gets up over the horizon and starts hitting you it will feel on the humid side. dewpoints are in the mid 60's in the immediate region and closer to 70 across much of south jersey. once you hit 70 you're talking somewhat oppressive humidity. it's definitely out there this morning. 79 by 9 o'clock, 87 today by noon and it is going to be hotter this afternoon than it was yesterday. 91 by 3 o'clock with a high of 92 probably around 4 o'clock this afternoon. clouds and sun. tropical depression number one has been declared as of late last night. that big blob of orange that you see off the coast of miami, florida, and this is expected to become tropical storm arthur later today and then make a move up the coast and potentially become a hurricane as it passes us by late in the week. but will it be close enough to do any major effect on us for the fourth of july? we'll have details on that coming up from accuweather. karen, what are roads looking like early? >> emergency repairs on a roadway that will impact a lot of people this morning. conshohocken state road is
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shut down and the action cam was on the scene and you can see crews out there have set everything out, shut down conshohocken state road here lower merion route 23, it's closed between manayunk road and rockhill road at least until 3 o'clock this afternoon. so closed through your morning commute. you can stick to woodbine avenue or the schuylkill as your alternate. of course a lot of people like the use conshohocken state road instead of the schuylkill so you might expect some extra delays this morning on the schuylkill. but as we go outside live you could see not yet, it's looking pretty good. this is the schuylkill at gladwyne. westbound traffic here headed towards conshohocken. no major delay. good shot of the roads. no weather problems. they're clear. they're dry but yet we've got a land full of things going on and university city chestnut street is closed. this is a water main break closed between 38th and 37th. you could stick to market street. also the fifth street vehicle tunnel under the ben franklin bridge, the tunnel under the ben is closed until tomorrow afternoon. they're doing some maintenance on that so a few issues going on here. in plymouth township montgomery county we've got a pothole on chem what road at
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germantown pike. you want to watch for that one, matt. >> thank you karen. a venture into the tacony creek in philadelphia turned tragic. the rushing water was just too much for one teenager. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live in juniata park with reaction. katherine. >> reporter: matt, police were called out elsewhere in the city yesterday urging teens not to swim in rivers and creeks when it gets hot out because tragedies like this happen all too often. that's what happened here yesterday. this road leads down to the tacony creek and police were called out here around 5:45 last evening. police spoke to teenagers, witnesses who said a 15-year-old boy was swimming in the tacony flee creek under the bridge at fishers lane here in june yacht today. he went under. he did not resurface. first responders jumped in the creek where it's about 8 feet deep much police and fire department paramedics were able to pull his body out. he was completely unconscious. medics worked on him but he was pronounced dead just before 6:15 last evening. police say there are a lot of
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hidden hazards that make area creeks and rivers dangerous for swimming. >> there's a lot of rocks. there's a lot of debris. there's a lot of trash. there's tree trunks that have fallen down and you can't see because the the water is so murky so you're in this water and you can hit your head, you can get caught on something. >> reporter: and it's going to be another hot one outer here today, so police are urging people to use different alternatives than swimming in creeks and rivers when they're trying to cool off. we're live in juniata, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thank you katherine. ought all new at 6 o'clock, two people are credited with saving a young swimmer from drowning in berks county. police say a park ranger pulled a two-year-old boy from blue marsh lake over the weekend a off duty nurse was there and able to perform cpr. the boy was at a family picnic and somehow wandered off. thankfully he will be okay. >> we are tracking several new stories from the overnight including shooting
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investigations in delaware and south jersey. let's go live to the "action news" big board. erin o'hearn has all the dew new details. erin. >> let's start with an incident that happened in delaware. new castle county police are investigating the shooting of a man last night in the sparrow run townhouses around 10 o'clock there were reports of shots fired in the area. when officers arrived a victim was found with gun shot wounds. he was taken to christiana hospital where he was pronounced dead. no arrests have been made and detectives are trying to determine a motive for the shooting. police are investigating a shooting in pleasantville that happened around 10 o'clock last night near woodlynne and hendrix streets. details are 67 clear at this point but police are focusing on a souvenir the scene. no word on the condition of any victims. police have release add new clue in their search for a sexual assault suspect in camden. this is a sketch of the alleged predator. officers say he forced a woman into his car on the 500 block
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of spruce street last thursday. the suspect was seen in this whiter toyota avalon that you just saw cross your screen. anyone who recognizes the suspect's sketch or that vehicle you saw should contact camden county police immediately. nydia, back to you. >> erin thank you. new on "action news," a cold case is heating up once again in lehigh county. tips have been coming in recently on the disappearance of coopers burg native robin keck. she went miss when did you go she was only 16 years old. investigators marked the 35th anniversary of her disappearance with a reminder to the public that his case remains a active investigation. most recently investigators searched an area in pike county that came up empty handed. >> more on the late of the recall of general motors vehicles. maribel aber has our market watch report live in times square at the nasdaq. hi, maribel. >> reporter: hi, matt. general motors is recalling
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eight and a half million vehicles due to faulty ignition switches. gm has now recalled more than 27 million vehicles this year and is close to setting a record for the most recalls in a year. the latest round of recalls includes gm's chevy malibu, pontiac grand am and some cadillac models. most of the vehicles being recalled were models from there late 1990's and early 2000's. the dow and the s & p 500 switched while the nasdaq edged higher. futures pointing to a higher open and southwest begins its international era today. the airline will fly outside the u.s. for the first time with a morning flight from baltimore washington to aruba. the flight and others throughout the day will mark the first time a southwest operated jet takes passengers outside of the united states. the carrier's subsidiary air tran has been serving locations until now. finally support percent of americans who get vacation time don't take all their days off. on average they leave eight days unused.
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this is according to a study from oxford economics. that works out to 430 million vacation days per year that go unused. that devotion to the workplace doesn't do much good. hr professionals say time off, that only makes you happier and healthier but more productive when you get back. matt and nydia hope you come back a little sunnier, too. >> i'm a firm believer of vacation time. >> david and i took that practice to reality last week. >> are you reenergized. >> i am so happy. >> storm tracker 6 live double scan and what do where he got? nothing going on out there precipitation-wise. we have a mix of clouds and sun over center city on sky 6, nice hd picture there. but it is a little bit on the muggy side. you'll feel that as you step outside. particularly a little later as the sun gets a little higher offer the hordes son. 73 right now in philadelphia, 73 in wilmington. we have slipped to 69 in allentown. 70 in trenton and 72 in sea isle city. looks like a 72 in dover, delaware as well. satellite shows you how
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there's probably a good reason to keep your sunglasses handy if you're headed up and down i-95 in a little while or up the pennsylvania turnpike because it's probably going to be fairly bright with some clouds mixing. you see showers out to the west kind of falling apart. slight chance of a stray thunderstorm later today or this evening but most of you probably don't have to worry about that. 90 is your high up in the lehigh valley even there it's going to be hot and a bit on the humid side as we go through the afternoon. nice day at the shore assuming we don't get any of those stray storms. 79 degrees by noon and by 3 o'clock, 84 degrees, sun mixing with clouds, a sea breeze likely. u.v. index is high of course and water temperature probably in the upper 60's in a lot of spots up and down the coast. and 92 is your high in philadelphia today. sun mixing with clouds. hot and humid. a slight chance of a stray thunderstorm. and it gets warm in a hurry today. by 8 o'clock, 76 but by 11 o'clock we're already in the mid 80's and then 90 by 2 o'clock, 90 by 5 o'clock with in 92-degree high probably around 4 o'clock this afternoon. humid out there, too.
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then tomorrow, we've got some cloud cover building as we head into the afternoon and later on there is the chance of some shower activity, even though the model isn't really stressing this we are looking at the potential for some drenching downpour producing thunderstorms at times in at least a couple of spots tomorrow afternoon and evening and any storms that form tomorrow could be gusty. the humidity tomorrow is going to be really oppressive, too, okay. then we get into thursday beyond all of this and things are still somewhat unsettled with somewhat humid conditions and drenching thunderstorms possible. now, all eyes are on the tropics. tropical depression number one did form down by florida late last night. it's got 35 miles per hour winds right now. all it's got to do is get to 39 to become tropical storm arthur and we think that is going to happen later today. and then the storm looks like it's going to hook to the north and potentially become a category one hurricane as it shoots past us on the fourth of july. now, the most likely scenario is that it follows this red line which is far enough off the coast where the main thing
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we would get out of this is rip currents and maybe a little bit of rain in the morning. we are hoping for some afternoon drying. but it all depends on the track obviously if the storm came closer to this side of that cone it would be a different story. for now hoping for some improvement on the fourth and we're going to continue to watch that for you. seven day from accuweather 92, hot and humid today, 95 tomorrow with oppressive humidity and at times a drenching thunderstorm is possible. take cover from storms on wednesday. thursday warm and muggy, 88. another drenching storm is possible at times and then we're going to say it stays unsettled for friday the fourth of july a better high of 82 degrees. probably lowering humidity. and if we do get some showers or a thunderstorm, it looks most likely that that's in the morning and we're hoping for afternoon drying but of course that's a situation we'll have to keep watching. either way it looks like nice weekend saturday and sunday, lots of sun. >> let's hope those fireworks will be man-made. >> yeah, i hope so. >> thank you, david. >> thanks david. >> 6:11 now. up next more stories you including a look at the devastation left behind by a
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deadly storm that swept through the midwest. >> pillow talk how sleepy passengers are giving one airline a brand new perspective. karen. >> we're looking live at 422. some building volume eastbound maybe but no big problems right here. we've got issues elsewhere, though, route 23 is closed, we've got construction running late, all that coming right up. >> surviving without your smartphone is put to the test. find out how long most americans would last next in tech bites. ready? >> seconds, seconds. >> really. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back on this tuesday. it is 6:15, 73 degrees, the first day of july. we're all looking forward to fourth of july festivities. we are looking live right now -- did i say that -- at cape may, in much. >> yes, indeed. >> it's early. >> a request. traffic news from south jersey. >> a going to say i don't normally take requests from you, matt but flicks i was going to do that anyway. so let's do that traffic report from south jersey because we have a few issues going on. i told you about this construction and it's tannish burlington county new jersey. this is mount laurel. creek road shut down between centerton and masonville road. they've shut down ramps to 295 in this area. so affecting a lot of people if you're driving. the problem they were supposed to wrap up about 15 minutes ago. they now say it's about 7 o'clock they'll be wrapped up. stick to rancocas road as your
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alternate. also in new jersey mount ephraim camden county kings highway right at lincoln avenue, so a lot of people take kings highway but we've got a downed pole from an earlier accident causing a problem on kings highway. stick to browning road to avoid any problem there and yet another big one. this one in lower merion, conshohocken state road shut down route 23, shut down between manayunk road and rockhill road until at least 3 o'clock. they're doing some emergency construction and road repair working on the sewer there so a lot going on right now so what you can do is stick to woodbine avenue or the schuylkill. 50 miles an hour on the schuylkill you know that will not last long. the schuylkill will probably see extra congestion with 23 being shut down today. here we are looking live at i-95. this is at girard. people heading towards center city. kind of heavy at cottman and again at girard. those delays just starting to kick in this morning on i-95. then it's a look at your accuweather forecast. it's hot and humid today. 92 for your high. chance for a thunderstorm later so no weather-related problems early this morning, nydia. >> thanks, karen.
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new this morning a man has been killed in iowa after powerful winds knocked down the industrial building he was working in. the structure at internet technologies collapsed during yesterday's storm in lynn county trank the victim under the debris. he was pronounced dead at the scene. severe weather ripped across much of iowa yesterday causing damage to several properties and extensive flooding as well. >> 6abc will be live tweeting during today's u.s. world cup match. abc's renna ninan has more on the game's social media impact in tech bites. >> reporter: good morning to you. in today's tech bites twitter says 389,000 tweets were sent in the minute after brazil's win over chile. british airways using cutting edge technology to monitor emotions. the blanket turns red or blue depend organize flyer's move.
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the first phone designed specifically to protect privacy is now on its way. the super secure black phone began shipping yesterday. it sells for 629 bucks. a new study shows just how important americans think their smartphone is. 14 percent said they wouldn't last 24 hours without their phones. nine 1% -- place place nine 1% say it's just as important as i'm renna ninan. >> researchers release the latest extensive study on the safety of childhood vaccines. david. >> all right, guys, off to a warm and muggy start. our high today is going to be nine well buffer the average high of 86. the same goes for our muggy overnight low of 75. we'll get you through your day hour by hour coming up next to let you know how we get to that 92 and we're get
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>> families really let it go at philadelphia's franklin square last night. at philadelphia's franklin outdoor screen as part of the wawa welcome america festivities. the fun continues this morning at 10:00. organizers will distribute free books to the first 200 children attending a go 4th and learn about fitness event. takes place at the smith memorial playground in fairmount park once again 10:00 a.m. head to for all details on this year's wawa welcome america festival. you can see day by day listings of the events. details about the largest free concert in america on july 4th plus a slide show of all the performers. >> so fun. >> how come the winter went by so slowly and the summer is going byes already fourth of july. >> let's take a look outside right now and show you the ben franklin bridge in center city. construction blocking the right lane eastbound but there's four lanes westbound so you're moving okay. don't forget the fifth street tunnel under the ben is closed until tomorrow afternoon for
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some maintenance and everything just went very dark out there. burlington bristol bridge is clear. tacony you're in the clear. walt whitman bridge construction and commodore barry construction. dave. >> 79 degrees by 9 o'clock, 87 today by noon so it gets warm in a hurry. another good did you to get colors done early. by 3 o'clock 91 and your high today is going to be 92 at about 4 o'clock. the afternoon looks fairly humid and definitely on the hot side. just a slight chance of a stray thunderstorm popping up. on the airport board, we've had green airplanes all morning long. that continues and now that rain out in chicago appears to have lifted so no big expected delays out there if you're headed to the airport but it's always a. >> idea to call down there ahead time or check online just to be sure. nydia. >> thank you david. the latest analysis of childhood vaccines confirms they are generally safe. researchers found there still is no evidence the measles mumps vaccine causes autism.
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the assessment mirrors a 2011 report on vaccine safety. the report found vaccines can cause certain side effects but serious once are rare. >> philadelphia school officials await an important >> as we led to the break here is your world cup update. >> ♪
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>> a health how long fire in pennsauken new jersey has injured one person. chopper 6 was over the single family home a little after 6:00 last night. house is along the 2800 block of powell avenue. it took crews about a half hour to get the blaze under control. the injured person was alert when put in an ambulance. investigators are looking for the cause. >> republicans who control the pennsylvania legislature passed a $29 billion budget beating the midnight deadline. the vote was 108 to 95. minority democrats lashed outta' lack of a tax on the natural gas industry. governor corbett says he would not sign the budget immediately though because it does not deal with pension reform. he gave no indication when or if he would sign. the philadelphia school district has a new budget but it will be left with $93 million shortfall if it
6:27 am
does not find new funding. the school reform commission unanimously approved the $2.6 billion spending plan for the school year starting in september. the src opted not to approve a doomsday budget last month that would have included layoffs. the state senate is expected to hold a final vote on a bill today that would allow philadelphia to raise its cigarette tax. revenues from the hike would go to aid schools. >> 6:27. meteorologist, david murphy has a hot and humid forecast. that's next. >> "action news" reporter katherine scott has the story of a local teen's costly decision to cool off. katherine. >> reporter: matt, another warning from police about not swimming in area rivers and drowns in the tacony creek. weaver lie w
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>> happening now on "action news," accuweather is tracking a tropical depression near florida that could dampen some of our fourth of july festivities. >> developing now. israel takes action when three jewish teens are found dead. we're monitoring the very serious situation unfolding right now. >> rising temperatures tempt swimmers to take deadly risks. officials send an urgent warning about the wrong way the beat the heat. good morning everyone, 6:30 on this tuesday. tam is off. nydia han joins us. let's go trite david and karen. good morning. >> feeling a bit muggy on the terrace this morning. we have a fair amount of cloud cover much like yesterday that has filtered in. some of you seeing some sun. satellite showing you, though, that out to the west there are some breaks and overall we expect a clouds and sun mix. that shower activity falling apart to the west might try and streak east with just a stray thunderstorm later today. most of you will miss that. 73 right in you as you step outside in philadelphia. warm and as i mentioned a bit on the muggy side. and dewpoints are up in in the mid 60's in the immediate region and up in the 70's
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degree zone down south and that's where we start the get to borderline oppressive humidity. so, it definitely is stickier today. and it's going to be hotter. 79 degrees by 9 o'clock, 87 by noon and by 3 o'clock we'll be up to 91 with that high of nine were probably hitting around 3:30 or 4 o'clock before we slip back to 88 degrees by 6 o'clock. overnight in case you missed it we did see our first tropical depression of the year declared. we talked about how this was probably going to happen on yesterday's broadcast and it's now off of florida. only has a few miles per hour to build in wind before it becomes a tropical storm and we expect that to happen later today. its name will be arthur and it is after that on its way up the coast potentially becoming a hurricane as it passes by us. but will it be close enough to have any kind of an impact on our fourth of july weather? we'll have details on that coming up. karen, what about traffic early on? >> well, we had a disabled van right here on the blue route northbound at chemical road with penndot on the scene. they just drove away so things are looking better now on the blue route. in plymouth township a pothole
6:32 am
on chemical road at germantown pike. watch for a large pothole there. the action cameo on the scene. a problem in lower merion, conshohocken state road is shut down, route 23 shutdown for emergency construction at least until 3 o'clock this afternoon. closed between manayunk road and rockhill road. they're doing emergency sewer and road repairs. you can use woodbine avenue or the schuylkill as your alternate if you want. of course you'll expect extra congestion there on the stalk right now. on the maps we're showing about 42 miles per hour heading eastbound on the schuylkill. seeing a little bit of that slowing eastbound and westbound. the big delays haven't kicked in just yet. in mount ephraim camden county construction. it's a downed pole from an earlier accident. they're out there working on kings highway at lincoln avenue. you might want to stick to browning road to avoid the problem there. in mount laurel burlington county construction was supposed to wrap up at 6 o'clock. it now looks like 7 o'clock. watch for this one. stick to rancocas road as your
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alternate matt. >> thank you karen. an attempt to cool off turned deadly for a teen in philadelphia. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live in juniata park with more on this cautionary tale. katherine. >> reporter: matt, police are calling this an accidental drowning and they say they're not entirely sure what caused this 15-year-old boy to drown in the tacony creek. but they are urging people not to swim in area creeks and rivers when it gets hot out like it's going to be today because there are a lot of hidden hazards. police were called out here around 5:45 last evening for a report of a teenager who had went underneath the surface of the tacony creek. it happened at fishers lane, the bridge under fishers lane. police spoke to teenagers, witnesses who said the boy was swimming in the creek under the bridge, went under, he did not resurface. first responders jumped in and it was about 8 feet deep there. police and fire department paramedics were able to pull his body out but he was completely unconscious. medics worked on him for awhile but he was pronounced
6:34 am
dead just before 6:15 last evening and police say dangers lurk in these creeks for swimmers. >> you're in this water and you can hit your head, you can get caught on something and there's still always a little bit of a current that could pull you under. so, it's totally different than a swimming pool where the water is calm, you could see the bottom. >> reporter: and even before this happened yesterday, police were out in pennypack park urging teens and kids there not to swim in creeks when it gets hot out like it's going to be today. they say look for other alternatives to cool off. live in juniata park, katherine scott, channel 6 "action news." >> let's hope people hear the message. thank you katherine. an overnight shooting sends one person to the hospital in new jersey. the action cam was there as police searched the scene for evidence in bridgeton cumberland county. detectives focused their attention outside a home at south and fremont avenues. it's still unclear who shot the victim or why. the investigation continues. tension is mounting in the
6:35 am
middle east since the discovery of three dead israeli teens who were kidnapped more than two weeks ago. "action news" reporter erin o'hearn is lie in the satellite center with the very late e erin. >> good morning, nid y israel has carried out more than 30 strikes on terror targets in the gaza strip as retaliation for the disappearances and deaths of those three teenagers. israel has unequivocally blamed hamas and there are signs that there is going to be significant escalation of israeli operations in gaza. the bodies of the three teenagers were found northwest of hebron. an ambulance and military escort brought the bodies of the three israeli teenagers to their homes last night. the three boys were liking and then kidnapped 18 days ago. last night in tel aviv israelis held a candlelight vigil. the teens' death has sparked international outrage and it israel has vowed to make hamas pay for the killings. >> we have a very responsible
6:36 am
and serious leadership in jerusalem and they will make the decisions they have to make in order to send a very strong message to hamas that this action is unacceptable and to take the action they deem necessary in order to protected and defend our population. your government would do the same thing, any government would do the same thing. >> the fbi is also investigating 'cause one of the teens who was killed was an israeli-american. he moved to israel from brooklyn when he was 16. i'm live in the satellite center erin o'hearn channel6 "action news. >> thank you erin. from our new jersey news room new jersey governor chris christie signed a budget for the state's new fiscal year which begins today. the spending plan totals $32.5 billion. before putting his name on the budget christie vetoed two tax hikes and cut back on the state's contribution to the public employee pension fund. team u.s.a. plays belgium in the world cup this morning and our -- this afternoon i should say and our big offensive weapon jozy at store will be available for the first time since he injured
6:37 am
his hamstring in the first world cup game. college jurgen klinsmann says he doesn't know how much altidore will be able to play. the team is weaker on offense without him. klinsmann voiced concerns about the referees in the plane. the coach is concerned he has bias against the u.s. team in part because the u.s. knocked algeria out of the 2010 world cup. the belgian coach says klinsmann is just making excuses before the match even starts. espn will air the game this afternoon at 4 o'clock. philadelphia union forward sebastian le toux will take part in a live web chat at during nor'easter and match. join him and tweet us your world cup pictures and tell us where you're watching the game. use the hashtag 6abc world cup. >> i love all the talk before the match even begins. so exciting. >> i know. le toux has been hot for the union, too. storm tracker 6 live double scan we've got nothing going on precipitation-wise.
6:38 am
as we look outside we have sun mixing with clouds. you can see a little band of cloud cover has taken up a pretty good firm position over the ben franklin bridge right now. and some rays of sunshine getting through. 73 degrees right now in philadelphia and it does feel muggy with that dewpoint at 65. some neighborhoods actually have a higher dewpoint and that's high enough to indicate some fairly muggy air. winds out of the south-southwest at 6 miles per hour so not much wind out there. satellite shows that you mix of clouds and some sun that will be breaking through over the next couple of hours. out to the west some showers falling apart. there's a slight chance of a stray thunderstorm this afternoon, this evening but most of you aren't going the see that. temperatures today 76 degrees by 8:00 a.m. maybe you get out there early to do your exercise, walk the dog or maybe get your errands done. by 11:00 we're up in the mid 80's and by 2 o'clock getting into the 90's. your high today 92 probably around 4 o'clock this afternoon. high temperatures across-the-board are looking petite tea.
6:39 am
in the lehigh valley a slot at 90. 91 in wedding, 90 in trenton, 92 in wilmington. a little better down the shore, low to mid 80's next to that moderating influence of the ocean. tomorrow we've got some sun early, clouds building as day goes on. in the afternoon we'll be on the lookout for showers. even though you don't see a lot of it on the model i'm going to warn you that tomorrow afternoon we could see some isolated but gusty drenching thunderstorms and if you hear thunder tomorrow take cover indoors on the lower floors just in case. thursday also a little bit unsettled. tropical depression number one, the first of the season has been named overnight. it's still a tropical depression right now off the coast of miami and pushing towards the bahamas. looks like this will do a u-turn before it hooks towards the north over the next 24 hours. maximum sustained winds are 35 right now but if it hits 39 it becomes tropical storm arthur and we expect that to happen later today. it may not be do. the latest computer projections have this creeping up the coast and eventually turning into a category one hurricane before it really starts to shoot past us in a hurry during the day on friday
6:40 am
but the most likely scenario is this track along this red line which is well off our coast and in this case we might get a little bit of rain pushing up close to philadelphia in the morning but after about one or 2 o'clock it just shoots back. i think the biggest issue potentially for us will be rip currents down the shore and that would be friday, maybe saturday as well depending on the move of this storm. all of the spaghetti plot models have this offer the the coast and we thing it's going to be minimal impact mainly in the morning in terms of rain. 92 is today's high, hot and humid, a stray storm around. tomorrow humid oppressively so with a high of 95 so the humidity is real high tomorrow, the temperature is high, heat index is probably over a hundred and if we get any thunderstorms on a wednesday they could be gusty drenchers. then warm and muggy on thursday, back to 88 but a couple more drenching thunderstorms possible. friday we're going to say it stays unsettled for now. a high of 82 degrees. probably lowering humidity in the afternoon. best chance of rain would be in the morning. for now anyway it's looking
6:41 am
pretty good for fireworks at night and we might dry out in the afternoon in time for some of your barbecues. i think there will be a few of those around, at least planned. saturday and sunday do whatever you want. lots of sunshine really nice both days. >> anything? >> sure. [laughter] >> anything, matt. >> okay. >> thanks. >> thank you david. more overnight updates are still ahead including a new break in the cold case of the missing british child madeline mccann. >> and some local hockey sharp shooters get a proper homecoming after a job well done overseas. karen. >> scanning our cameras and found this disabled trash truck i-95 right at the girard point bridge southbound so watch for that it's kind of off to the right shoulder and a new accident near the shore causing a major highway to be closed and this is just coming details when "action news" comes right back.
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>> ♪ >> time to wake up everyone. it is 6:44. >> time to wake up everyone. center city. little peco power for your tuesday morning. >> karen rogers looking at a problem in new jersey. >> yeah, an accident that just came in right now. it's right on the garden state parkway and it's blocking all lanes of the garden state parkway. this is a big one. southbound the parkway blocked approaching the atlantic city service area so watch for this accident. you can use route nine as one of your alternates right now so the garden state parkway southbound all lanes shut down with this accident. in lower merion we've got route 23 shut down, conshohocken state road. they closed it because of emergency road work that they're doing. they're doing some sewer
6:45 am
repair and road work here. it's closed between manayunk road and rockhill road. you can take some of the local detours in the area, manayunk road, bryn mawr avenue, rockhill road, or you could stick to woodbine or the schuylkill but and that's not always great idea. usually you want to get 23 to avoid the and right now speeds really slowing down on the schuylkill, 10 miles an hour specifically westbound from past the boulevard to past belmont so look for a slow go coming in. let's take a live look here and you can really see that traffic. this is the schuylkill at belmont here. that's your westbound traffic headed towards gladwyne. really jammed from the boulevard to gladwyne and we saw it's going only about 10 miles per hour so that's what it looks like in person. let's go back to the maps and check out big picturely we talked about the slow speeds on the schuylkill. 95 only traveling about 22 miles an hour here from allegheny to girard. also a few other issues. in university city we've got this water main break closing chestnut street near 38. stick to market street as your alternate because of that
6:46 am
water main break and the fifth street tunnel is closed under the ben franklin bridge. you got to watch for that until tomorrow afternoon. they're doing some maintenance there. there's been a bunch of issues out there including this one in new jersey. a downed pole from an earlier accident right on kings highway so that's a busy area in mount ephraim camden county. it's not blocked but it is at lincoln avenue that you'll be dealing with the crews on the scene so stick to browning road just the avoid any delays right there. no big weather related problems. 73 degrees right now in philadelphia but it's going to be hot. it's going to be humid. we're dry for the morning commute, maybe a stray shower later on tonight, 92 for your high today, nydia. >> karen thank you. happening today portuguese police are expected to question their first person of interest in the madeline mccann case. it's been seven years since the british girl vanished during a vacation with her family. investigators reopened mccann's case last year citing new leads. up to eight people may be questioned in the coming days. so far no charges have been filed. >> the phillies return to play the giants at citizens bank
6:47 am
park on july 21st and if you plan to go you'll notice an extra layer of security. the phillies will starter a pilot security screening program. fans entering the bank through the right field gate will be required to pass through a metal detector before tickets are scanned. the phillies plan to screen never fan with metal detectors next season. major league baseball mandated new increased measures. a handful of players picked up a bronze medal in the world street hockey championship. the very tired players flew back from europe and arrived in mount lateral new jersey. six of the players are from camden county. they included in the world ball hockey championship. they earned the bronze medal by beating canada. >> 6:47. severe storms slammed the midwest. "good morning america" has the behind. a live "gma" preview is up
6:48 am
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6:51 am
soak unfortunately so many this weekend. ginger has the very latest. and then oscar pistorius trial, this morning the defense is questioning the credibility of the so-called ear witnesses who heard screams coming from the blade runner's home the night he shot his girlfriend. we are live from south africa. and then a glacier slide gone wrong. two men fell during a grace cher hike in utah their friend captured it all on go pro. we'll have details in this "gma" exclusive. you might have heard the big day is here for team u.s.a. we're just hours away from the huge knockout game against belgium and the americans are getting a big boost. live from brazil with more on that all coming up next on "good morning america," guys. >> lucky gig for paula. thanks amy. >> indeed. brazil is a beautiful country. >> a couple accidents coming in to us. the action cam headed to the scene. mayfair, tyson avenue and rowland avenue. an accident involving three
6:52 am
vehicles. we're hearing someone injured on the scene at this point. stick to princeton avenue and sackett street instead of tyson avenue with a multi vehicle accident coming in to us right now. on the boulevard northbound at oxford circle a new accident here in the outer drive. meanwhile mass transit is on time, dave. >> karen i have been asking for vacation and sunrise photos from facebook followers am i got both from lisa in surf city new jersey. there's a recent sunrise shot very pretty lease see. you're probably seeing some sun up over the horizon down the jersey shore although we have clouds over philadelphia. looks like we're mainly dry today but humid and temperatures are going to be on the hot side during the afternoon. by
6:53 am
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>> top stories now. police in delaware are looking for the killer who gunned down a man outside the sparrow run townhomes in newark. when officers arrived late last they found the victim on the ground with several gun shot wounds. he died at the hospital. a teen drowned while swimming in the tacony creek. police are warning people to stay out of the creeks where
6:56 am
debris and under water currents can make swimming dangerous and deadly. give us a shout during today's world cup match between the u.s. and belgium. philadelphia union sebastian le toux will take part in a live web chat on during the game at 4:00 p.m. tweet us pictures were you're watching the game by using the tweet us pictures were you're >> we've got a problem in lower merion. conshohocken state road route 23 shut down, they're doing some emergency road work here between manayunk road and rockhill road. stick to woodbine avenue or the schuylkill. but you saw those slow speeds on the schuylkill we've got an accident here mostly off to the side on the schuylkill westbound here near gladwyne so you could see we're jammed from approaching the boulevard to past gladwyne with that accident off the side, dave. >> hot and fairly humid today. 79 degrees by 9 o'clock. we're in the low 70's right now by the way. 87 by noon. your high of 92 around 4 o'clock and of course all eyes are down around florida where tropical depression has formed overnight and is expected to become tropical storm arthur later today and then it moves
6:57 am
north hopefully staying mainly off the coast by the time it gets here on friday but we're whatting that. >> fingers crossed. >> colorful graphics there. >> yeah, how about that. >> really updated. scored some goals. >> he's been scoring a lot. >> "good morning america" is next. for nydia, tam -- dave, i'm mat i'm j-a-n-e and i have copd.
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good morning, america. >> i believe that we will win. >> go big or go home. team usa, facing its biggest challenge yet. can they beat belgium? >> i believe that we will win. >> no ties. no second chances. it all comes down to this, as one of america's best returns to the field. >> i believe that we will win. >> our world cup hopes are now on the line, just hours from now. dangerous storms light up the skies across the midwest. sheets of torrential rain blinding drivers. powerful winds flipping semis. power lines on fire. >> look out. oh, my god. >> this out-of-control tarp causing injuries. teens sucked into storm drains. and the east coast on alert for its first tropical storm. also this morning, c


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