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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  July 3, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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yesterday compared to philadelphia it was 103 and 97, still uncomfortable and 100 in millville and at the shore the sea breeze is going to work cutting the numbers back to the upper 70s to low 80s. the severe thunderstorm warning is in affect for the entire viewing area, any storms that push through could have winds like yesterday, and torrential downpours that could lead to flash flooding and the vivid constant lightning. everything is quiet no matter where you are in our viewing area. the storms are in central pennsylvania, in richmond and washington. it will be sometime before these storms do pass through with a cold front, as they move through, the air is so juiced upright now, a flash flood watch is in affect for tonight, right through friday afternoon for the entire viewing area, where we
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could see between 1 and 3 inches of rain and some of it could come in a short amount of time. we'll talk about arthur coming up and the 4th of july forecast. >> very busy out there. thank you. they are keeping an eye out there on the forecast down at the shore where several towns have postponed the fireworks displ displays, but people on the beach are still celebrating the weekend, amy buckman is live in ocean city and for now a nice beach day. >> a gorgeous day on the beach, we are at 7th street and the boardwalk, the folks are lined up behind me getting their ice-cream after the hard work of laying out in the sun. as we look at the beach plenty of umbrellas still up and folks are out there enjoying the sun and the great sea breeze and folks are not worrying too much about the weather tomorrow or
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later than that. lifeguards were keeping swimmers close to the beach today as arthur down the coast churned up the ocean here in ocean city and no boogie boards were allowed either. >> it's safer without having boards drifting from the crowds. >> lifeguards were getting help from vigilant parents, like this father who held his daughter's hand tightly. >> she is not allowed in further than their belly button. >> you mrs. that? >> yes. >> are you safe and following directions? >> yes. >> there is a threat of storms late tonight and tomorrow. most beach goers are not let the weather ruin their weekend. if it gets crappy, my husband is happy, he will be entertained and we'll eat and drink and be plery. >> if tomorrow is rainy we'll
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stay inside and play games and keep the kids occupied. >> but after that it will be fine? >> not too concerned at all. >> back live looking at the beach, city officials are concerned about the weather tomorrow and here in ocean city they have postponed the fireworks from tomorrow night until saturday, and up the beach in atlantic city, the fireworks scheduled for tomorrow night are moved until sunday. its an extended holiday down at the shore. i'm amy buckman, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. you heard her mention that ocean city has postponed the fireworks, right now at and the 6 abc news app we have a list of local fireworks shows, that is broken down by state and county to find one close to you. we are constantly updating the list. whether you are at the beach or the parkway or at at barbecue, everybody is hoping for good weather this weekend, we should get it but not before
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rain and a slight brush from hurricane arthur. cecily tynan is here with our coverage with more on the forecast. you are getting to know arthur. >> a little too well in fact. arthur became a category one hurricane at 5:00 this morning. it is bringing heavy rain to the outer banks of the carolinas, could get up to 5 inches of rain there, maximum winds are 95 miles per hour. another 6 miles per hour and this will become a category two hurricane and its will made the shift to the northeast, at 13 miles per hour. it's 225 south-southwest of cape hatteras, really no change with the track but we have change with the strength. it looks like when it hits, when it passes several hundred miles offshore, it will be a category 2 hurricane and that means big problems with rip currents and a
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lot of beach areas postponed the fireworks not because of rain but because the surf will be so rough. a lot of the fireworks are shot off from barges and they condition get out with the rough surf, it will be better saturday night. we begin to tap into the moisture from arthur, south and east of philadelphia, 9:00 rain along the coast, some of it could be heavy, but as we head into the afternoon, all the moisture is out of here at 5:00 and perhaps just a few lingering clouds at the coast, and sunshine is back in philadelphia and that means rick, listen to this, it's important, fireworks forecast is spectacular in philadelphia. we are not sbeting, comfortably cool and 77 by 11:00 and the rest of the weekend is looking great. adam will have details on that in the full accuweather forecast. >> looks like i'm wearing shorts tomorrow be ready. be ready.
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>> oh boy. well, it should be a good night for fireworks it could be damp for independence hall, those events are still on, but one particular change, chad pradelli is live on the ben franklin parkway with the details. >> reporter: hey rick, the philly pop concert will be moved indoors to the kimmel center. a light breeze out here and a lot of guys and gals working on the stage here, the wet weather is moving in like cecily said in the next couple of hours and will continue into the morning, the organizers of wawa welcome america says everything tomorrow is set to go as planned. on stage, the final sound checks are being conducted and behind the scenes, the final details are being ined out with one eye on mother nature.
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the pops concert is moved indoors because strong thunderstorms are expecteded. >> the program begins at 8:00, and if you have a ticket, that ticket is honored and you'll have a seat at the kimmel indoors. >> city leaders had concerns about the main events but so far they don't anticipate problems. they would not disclose contingency plans. >> right now all systems are go and we also have to be aware of wind and right now it's still within the acceptable levels, we are actually all ready and we want everybody to have a good time. >> philadelphia police are getting used to events like this, they say they are prepared. roughly 500,000 people are expected to pack the parkway to see the roots, nicki minaj and others. some officers you'll see and others you won't and that goes
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for the hardware as well. >> we always have cameras, condition tell you where though all are. you know where some of the mobile ones come out. >> if someone has an i'd to come down and disrupt the event, they will have a significant and swift reaction. >> if you come tomorrow, organizers say no coolers, if you bring a bag with belongings, make sure it is a clear bag and it could be checked. again, if you are going to the phillies pop concert it is moved indoors to the kimmel center. i'm live, chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. the new is the place to go for all the details on this year's wawa welcome america, you can see the listings of the daily events and a slideshow of all the performers, it's right there right now on the new and remember 6 abc is your
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home for all the festivities on the 4th of july, the coverage kicks off at 6:00 tomorrow morning as matt and tam host of the celebration of freedom ceremony and then the parade and 7:00 p.m. tomorrow night, cecily, adam and karen and yours truly bring the party on the parkway parked off by fireworks and it should be a spectacular evening. other news, eight families are out of their homes today in heights town, new jersey after a fire broke out at an apartment complex. the action cam went back to powell court and saw the damage today. it started at 8:30 last night in the middle of a storm and the building was struck by lightning, the flames spread quickly and destroyed four units up spares. four downstairs units were also damaged, nobody was seriously hurt. the severe storms caused problems across the region, from fires to flooding.
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here is the aftermath from last night's wild weather. >> my husband heard a loud bang. >> and then came the smoke. neighbors stopped by to see what was left of these apartments in levittown, the red cross is assisting nine residents that can't return home. at 8:20 manufactures were called out and were met with fast flames tearing through the roof and firefighters worked to extinguish the blaze. >> they got it out and then it flared back out. they cut some holes to vent the area. thick storm clouds moved across the area and soon the sky opened up. in manayunk, rain teemed down on main street and on to the unlucky people caught outside woutd an umbrella and lightning flashes in new jersey and in berks county it causes flash flooding and you can see this gas station submerged in
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reading. they are looking to see if lightning was the cause of this fire in edgewood parking on the 200 block of farnham street, flames tearing through the second and third floors and an investigation in montgomery township as a home caught fire as the storm hit. >> there is lightning going off everywhere. >> matthew heard the boom of thunder and ran to his neighbor's home and smoke was already coming through the roof. firefighters were met with fierce flames at 7:00, the damage was heavy and the red cross is assisting the family of four that lived there. >> we have extensive damage on the roof area, the second floor as extensive damage. >> whenever severe weather is moving in you can find out first with the 6 abc storm tracker app if a watch or warning is posted for your area, we'll send you an alert for your smart phone or tablet. the app is free.
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and to business now, a milestone for the dow, it picked up 92 points to close above 17,000 think the nasdaq gained 28 points on the day and the s&p up 11 points and change. investors were responding to another good jobs report and they added 328,000 jobs in june. that is the best stretch since the tech boom in the late 90s. the unemployment rate fell to 6.1%, that is the lowest since september of 2008 and the report shows that wages are growing slower than they did when the economy was healthier. snool a lot of people are headling out to their july 4th plans, time to check the "action news" traffic report for you. >> matt pellman is keeping an eye on the commute tomorrow today and tonight, what is the latest? >> go forth but not so quickly. as you head out on 95 in south
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philadelphia, this is where your stand still begins by the exit at broad street, traffic remains heavy across the bridge headed into new jersey and on to 42, southbound side, we are breaking up a bit and hitting the breaks again heading towards 55 and remains heavy to lower landing road to the a.c. expressway. 42 looking substantially more crrmally. if you are headed to the poconos for the holiday weekend, are you looking at speeds of 15 and 14 miles per hour. heading northeast on the northeast extension near landsdale. we are watching a crash along spring avenue at port washington avenue, a downed tree near warminster and pottstown a crash at 100, northbound side at shoe
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maker road. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report, it feels like a friday on this thursday afternoon. on the garden state parkway, southbound side near the cape may courthouse, speeds of 10 miles per hour. heavy traffic through cape may county at this point. we'll check it again in the next half hour. a philadelphia neighborhood is upset because of a plan for a festive block party was canceled by the city, monica malpass is here with more. >> folks on the 9500 block of north ninth street are disappointed. it's been canceled. it was suppose to be a 4th of july celebration, now it looks like it won't happen, because the city rescinded their approval, coming up at 5:00, we'll hear why officials decided to cancel the festivities, plus,
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this is a disease that affects 44 million people worldwide and why is there only five drugs to treat it. a new report is raising concerns about alzheimer's disease, why doctors say the need for more treatments is urgent. we'll have those stories next on "action news" at 5:00. >> thank you. the patriotic freedom festival is under wind at the camden waterfront. he fired the port side gun on board the battleship new jersey, this celebration of america's birthday includes a fireworks show saturday night along the delaware river and the four-day event wraps up on sunday with special discounts for active duty military and veterans. >> some fireworks are postponed tonight because of weather, lets get the latest from adam joseph
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and accuweather. >> some of them are not canceled because of the weather but the barge out on the atlantic water and the seas are choppy and a lot of it has to do with that side to the story. it's dry and hot and humid and we are watching storms to the west that are moving in, in the next couple of hours in the western suburbs, right now 90 in philadelphia, and 91 in millville and allentown 89 degrees, at the shore, the wind coming in, it's only in the upper 70s on the sand from long beach island to the tip of cape may. the heat index, feels like 103 in millville, and 105 in dover and 97 in philadelphia and still very uncomfortable out, but a step in the right direction from where we were yesterday. but there is enough energy and juice in the atmosphere, where a
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severe thunderstorm watch is in affect until 10:00 tonight. the line of storms is through central pennsylvania and approaching washington and baltimore, moving to the north and oosthuizen and slower to come in and it's not moving directly east, once it pushes in, it's around through much of the night and half of the day tomorrow especially in new jersey. as we look at future tracker at 6:00, that is when is it starts to enter lancaster and the poconos, those could be on the severe side with strong winds and torrential rain and individual lightning, and then by 10:00 still along i-95 as it begins to stall as the front approaches from the west and still relatively dry at the shore but by 2:00 in the morning it starts to dry from the north to west and atlantic city to wildwood. hurricane arthur on the brink of a category 2, picking up steam of 13 miles per hour.
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it scrapes cape hatteras and then hooks a right to sea about 300 miles off of our shore. we won't feel the wind but we'll get rain and rough surf. here is future tracker at 10:00, dry to the west and the rain for any of the festivities for the morning for new jersey and southern delaware but by the evening, everything wraps up and pulls out. the july 4th forecast, a quick return to sun in the mid-afternoon hours, at the shore a rainy day and late breaks in the evening, at 78 and looking good in the poconos, a lot of sun, and clouds and 72. >> your four day at 4:00, beyond the 4th of july, a spectacular weekend, sunny and breezy and nice, low humidity and highs in the 80s, we crank up the heat and humidity come monday at 84 degrees, looking good as you get
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into the weekend and for many of the fest visits, tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow night it looks good as we dry out. >> thank you adam. you know when you wake up tomorrow, start your holiday with the "action news" morning team, they have the party on the beach, the party on the parkway and the barbecue in your own backyard. >> coming up more on the fallout from the scandal at the va, and an app that pays you cash for buying products in the store. >> and a brand new edition from our "action news" family, we'll introduce you to brian taff's brand new bundles of joy. and you can get accuweather any time with the 6 abc news app, they are free with the apple and google app stores.
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a man wanted for questioning after his mother was found dead in her freedser. they found his mother dead in the freezer on tuesday, it was on north street in feltonville. they are waiting for the body to
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thaw to figure out how she dpied. >> john pierce has retired. after an independent report that his office downplayed complaints about how hospitals handled patients. he is the second high-profile va official to leave his position since the scandal broke. people were stocking up on fresh fruits and vegetables at the market on witherspoon street. most of the markets are open on thursday through the fall. >> and we are buzzing next, lindsay lohan having a little bit of a tiff with the law.
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time now for the buzz, actress lindsay lohan is involved in a law suit this time of here own accord. she is suing the makers of grand theft auto, because they stole her likeness for the game. grand theft auto five also features the cameo by the hotel chateau marmont where lohan leaved in 2012. the stars of the popular romantic film, disliked each other so much, ryan gosling tried to get rachel macadams get kicked off the set, but clearly that didn't happen, they made it look good and in love rick. >> that is acting.
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>> good acting. >> still ahead, from thunderstorms to a tropical storm, the live team coverage of this active weather continues as "action news" at 4:00 continues, plus, half flat, half platform, 100% dangerous. would you wear these? would you wear these? i wouldnpeople are stuck in very old habits i wouldn't. of using toothpaste to clean a denture. but dentures are very different to real teeth. they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can grow and multiply. polident is specifically designed to clean dentures daily. its unique micro-clean formula kills 99.99% of odor causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains, cleaning in a better way than brushing with toothpaste. that's why dentists recommend polident. [ male announcer ] polident. cleaner, fresher, brighter every day.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, shirleen allicot, and brian taff. >> good afternoon again, it's 4:30 and "action news" continues with a surprising headline out of california, why one clinic is organizing to give away free weed. >> and spending cash to get cash? amy buckman says it's real, the app that has paid shoppers over $8 million over the past two years. and the taff tots. the names to what the viewers want to know. we are uncles and aunts again. >> hurricane arthur is moving up from the south and a line of thunderstorms are moving in from the west. they are not necessarily related but are both about to impact our area. we'll get to arthur in a minute
4:30 pm
but first adam joseph with more on the local storms. >> we have two pieces of information and not nearly as cute as the taff boys. double scan live, the storms are still way to the west of lancaster county and still another hour or so before they enter the western suburbs, shows there is a line from western pennsylvania into western maryland and western parts of virginia, within this line of storms we see between 2000 and 3,000 lightning strikes. much like last night, the storms that pass through torrential rain and individual lightning and also some gustsy winds with some of the storms. the key times notice northwestern sub you ares west of philadelphia, along i-95 for wilmington and trenton between
4:31 pm
7:00 and 9:00 and southern new jersey and delaware between 9:00 and 10:00. in edition to the storms they are fueled by the heat, our first heat wave of the summer. 96 yesterday and 90 today so far. three consecutive days of 90 make it an official heat wave. this is the first official heat wave this late in the summer in seven years. the shore is much cooler feeling in the upper 90s to low 100s. we'll talk about hurricane arthur and what it means for the shore in the accuweather forecast. turning now to the first named tropical system of the season, this is hurricane arthur from space, the storm, a category one is making its way up the coast and possibly strengthening to a category 2
4:32 pm
overnight. melissa magee is live in wildwood with more on the holiday weekend concern, and some folks that may be feeling concern and some don't care. how are you. >> reporter: that is probably a mixed bag today rick, as you mentioned it's all about safety first, we are tracking hurricane arthur and as it parallels the east coast, it stays offshore into the atlantic. it does so, but it's a big concern for swimmers as we head into the upcoming weekend, wildwood beach patrol was out in full force, 20 lifeguards on duty and 20 lifeguard stands, with those rescues, the bulk of them are related to rip tides, three rescues take place earlier today and of course as you beat the heat and humidity, people are venturing out into the sand and water, be prepared for the
4:33 pm
upcoming event for rip currents. as we get closer to the holiday weekend, there is concern as arthur gets close to the shore line with rip currents, earlier today in wildwood, we have red flags posted and they give swimmers an indication of strong surf or high surf. with me now live is steve stocks, the chief with the wildwood beach patrol, tell us chief if there is early warning signs for swimmers in the event that there is a rip current. >> sure, swim when the lifeguards are on duty, when they are on duty, they practice preventative lifeguarding. >> if you get caught what should one do? >> number one for that is stay calm and relaxed, don't fight the current, you become fatigued
4:34 pm
and that is a dangerous situation. be swim where a lifeguard is on duty. >> they are here for 7.5 hours of guarded beaches a day, and if you swim where the lifeguards are they will keep you safe. >> chief thank you. >> you're welcome. >> as we get close to the holiday weekend with the high surf and rip current on the way, its a good reminder, as the chief mentioned. swim parallel to the shore and not fight the current, you want to fight what is pulling you in and also swim diagonal back to the shore when you get out of that rip current. we'll have more on the safety measures you can do when we get close to the holiday weekend. live in wildwood, melissa magee, channel 6 "action news." >> all right melissa thank you. of course stay on top of
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arthur's impact with the 6 abc news app, we will post important information as it getses closer and can you find the latest from accuweather and storm tracker 6 and the app is free for the apple and android devices. prices at the pump remain at a six-year high, the national average is $3.67 we pay $3.79. $3.54 in new jersey. "action news" reporter vernon odom is live in king of prussia with holiday travelers reactions to these rising prices. it hurts to fill up out there. >> here on the busiest travel holiday of the season, most drivers appear to be tolerating the high price of petrol and
4:36 pm
hitting the road. by the millions they are taking to the roads this holiday season, including here on the pennsylvania turnpike. motorists are determined to get away with their family for the weekend. >> i am enjoying summer vacation with my family. >> you'll pay the gas prices no matter what? >> yes, sometimes i'm bothered but i spend money for family trip, it doesn't matter. >> what about these gas prices being high? >> pretty high. >> we got to go we got to use it. >> the oil barrens have a scapegoat to blame for the highest prices in six years. >> all the turmoil in iraq has driven the prices up. most of what we pay at the pump is from the price of crude oil and it's a commodity and it's traded on the market, if investors are concerned about
4:37 pm
the supply the price goes up. >> swallow hard and filler up. >> a lot cheaper than canada. >> really? >> a lot cheaper. >> east lawn for the fireworks and then i tour the white house on saturday. >> these are the high evident prices on independence day in six years. >> yes, they sure are. >> it's not stopping you. they are staying put for this holiday weekend. >> we plan to go to long wood gardens it's too pricey. the word is dig deep in your pocket for the pricey gas prices. and indeed drive carefully, vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> vernon thank you. meantime, authorities are looking into three suspicious fires within the past three weeks, the most resenone broke out in a vake an home on
4:38 pm
wynnewood road, investigators are looking to see if it's connected to the blazes outs side of a community center on union ferry road last month. police in philadelphia are trying to identify three men behind a robbery at the billy blues bar in juniata park, the victim was playing pool at the establishment yesterday when he was struck over the head with a pool ball and punched in the face, the suspect took the man's cash and cell phone before they ran out of the bar, if you recognize them call philadelphia police. we are learning more about a tractor trailer accident that snarled traffic on the pennsylvania turnpike this morning. it turns out the truck was carrying 80,000 pounds of mushroom soil, when it flip, the crash happened on the westbound exit at the interchange at 11:00 this morning. crews closed the ramp to right the truck and they are working
4:39 pm
to clean up the soil that spilled over the bank, they expect to have both lanes reopen soon. still ahead, get paid to shop. it's true. the app you need to make it happen. i'm on this one. >> hopefully my wife is not listening, and what is behind one japanese man's public melt down. >> and double the darling from their names to the reason they were born to be "action news" fans, we'll share the adorable details about brian taff's gorgeous new twin boys. and adam joseph is back with accuweather when "action news" continues in just a mo
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imagine a place where free marijuana is a requirement. that is close to reality in berkeley, california, pot dispensary will be required to put aside marijuana for the low income patients that can't afford it. it must be the same quality for those that can afford it. it's expected to get final approval next week. here at the big board with the big talkers, it's one of the hottest trends, they are called
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flat form, half platform and half flat. and doctors say they are flat out dangerous. these are everest platform sandal.gerous. setting you back $79, and this pair from jeffrey campbell, they are $179, and whether you can walk in them you may need stilt training. the elevation combined with inflexibility. doesn't allow the food to move in a flexible way. they may look comfortable, be careful they could be dangerous. >> especially if you fall in the water. thank you. there is that old saying you shouldn't cry over spilt milk, the internet is milking this video of a politician in japan. he makes a tearful apology -- take a look. >> ha, ha, ha. it is real. the politician who is accused of
4:44 pm
misusing public funds gives a three hour news conference to explain what he did and why. but he created a viral video. >> i don't know if hollywood is watching but -- >> that guy is very upset. very sorry. all right. try to hold back your tears we may be looking at traffic troubles. matt try not to cry but break it to us generally. we react to the traffic that way sometimes. i told you today was rough, it's going to be extra heavy as people head out for the holiday, that is what we are seeing, we are moving here on 42, a crowded situation starting back on the pennsylvania side of the river across the walt whitman bridge on the southbound side of 452 and we are hitting the brakes on lower landing road. now a crash on the a.c.
4:45 pm
expressway, if there is any good news, it's in the westbound direction, not the eastbound direction. but it's blocking two lanes at the service plaza. in hammonton, north of second road, past the 54 fitness is another accident scene, headed into new jersey by the connecter bridge, look for a broken down vehicle, at the neshaminy mall take it easy in that area. here in jamison, a tree leaning and wires near rushlin road stay there to get around the neshaminy golf course. there is no shortage of traffic in either direction, 40 minutes any way. ideally that is a 14 minute drive, stacking to the blue route northbound, to the poconos. heading somewhere this long holiday weekend.
4:46 pm
>> more "action news" at 4:00,
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4:48 pm
meteorologist, adam joseph now, there is a lot going on and not just fireworks celebrations. >> it's dry and low humidity, but a bump in the road tonight and tomorrow. as we look at double scan live, we are awaiting a line of severe
4:49 pm
thunderstorms. that will approach in the next hour and i-95 between the 7:00 and 9:00 hour. 97 in philadelphia, down from 103 and 100 in wilmington and 93 in the lehigh valley, it feels like only 75 in beach haven, 80 degrees in sea isle city, a nice beach day down there, feeling cooler with the wind off the atlanticic, is it stretches to new york state and pushes south of central pennsylvania along the eastern part of the appalachian mountains and as far east as washington with a severe thunderstorm watch in our area, until 10:00. as we time the storms on future tracker between lancaster and reading and the western fringe of the lehigh valley, wilmington
4:50 pm
trenton area at 8:00 tonight. and then it pushes to the east and it will be along the jersey shore here not only late tonight but through tomorrow morning at 8:00 and as the front approaches from the west, and interacts with some moisture from hurricane arthur, at 11:00 tomorrow morning it is wet through much of new jersey and the shore. drier north and west for morning parades and then at 3:00, the rain exits the shore and the clouded linger and the sun reappears in the western suburbs, we improve the 4th of july forecast as we move from the west to the east. hurricane arthur, a classic hurricane on the verge of becoming a category 2, it will make landfall, more than likely somewhere at the outer banks of north carolina. with speeds of 13 miles per
4:51 pm
hour, winds sustained at 15 miles per hour. any minute right now. it is 225 miles southwest of cape hatteras, and passes to the east as category 2, and as can you see the cone of uncertainty way offshore. we are not expecting winds but the rough surf. winds between 20 and 30 miles per hour, that is under a tropical storm category, waves show 6 to 8 feet, a high surf dwidsry is in play even for saturday with the dangerous rip currents. melissa magee is live right now in wildwood, the sun is shining and it will change quickly tonight. >> we have changes on the way and we have the shore forecast for you for friday, we are tracking the moisture and it looks like the rain is around for early half of the afternoon and late day breaks of sun with
4:52 pm
a high of 78, and the weekend looks great, beautiful on sunday with a high temperature of 81 degree, we are fighting the breeze but it will improve as the holiday weekend goes on. >> enjoy the free air conditioning as we bake inland. tomorrow morning rain from west to east ending as late sun returns and saturday breezy and nice and low humidity and 84 and warmer sunday and low humidity and 87 and hot and humid on monday 87. before we go to the break, we are over the moon with joy to formerly introduce you to the newest members of the "action news" family, big smiles around here, meet brady donovan and
4:53 pm
sawyer patrick, the sons of brian and laura taff. they arrived weighing 4 pounds 11 ounces. and his brother weighed 5 pounds 4 ounces. one twin for each half hour of "action news" at 4:00, both boys born during our newscast. he says it's the best pieces of news he has ever delivered. truly part of a "action news" legacy, they met right here in our newsroom. the one with the eyes open looks identical to brian, and he just finished feeding them for the first time because i
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a bought it has a free mobile app that pays consumers real money, cash for buying products in the store. >> ceo brian leach says shoppers that go to his app before going to the store, our viewers earn $5 every time they use our app, here is how it works -- >> you unlock savings by taking a few seconds to learn about products, you may read a recipe or fact or answer a poll question, you buy the products and take a picture of your receipt, we send you cash. users have been paid nearly $8 million since it started a year ago. and you can charge it back through social networking. >> they become members of your
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team and based on what your team earns, you get extra bonuses crash. best of all, you'll fine cash back offers on all sorts of items are you probably already buying. these are staple items, 25 cents back on milk, bread and eggs. its available for iphone and android, and once you start saving yourself, you can start the social networking thing and help your friends save money as well. >> that is it for "action news" at 4:00. wo3o3
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. the holiday weekend is almost here, everyone is watching hurricane arthur. this is the scene in north carolina today, where the storm has triggered strong winds and rain. back here the focus is on the ocean waves, arthur will likely cause ocean surf as well as rip currents. the big story is concern over hurricane arthur, even before the storm arrives here, there is the threat of severe weather
5:00 pm
from a different system moving into our region tonight. >> looking outside from sky 6 hd overlooking center city, a sweltering day above 90 degrees that means we are officially in a heat wave. >> meteorologist cecily tynan, and adam joseph have the latest from accuweather, lets begin with cecily with the latest. >> reporter: hi monica, the cold front that will eventually put hurricane arthur out to sea will bring us stormy weather, stormtracker 6 live double scan, showing the storms are west of our region, a line from baltimore to harrisburg to the west. you can see the solid band of storm, 3,000 lightning strikes, this is all pushing to the east, we have severe thunderstorm watches to the west across our entire viewin a


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