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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  July 11, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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found dead in a philadelphia hotels. a housekeeper found matt bendik's body in a room in hotel monaco in old question, the boyfriend of becca tobin. no sign of foul play and no drugs in the room. more on that in a live report at 5:00. it is friday and a nice, warm summer day out there. the first look at the accuweather forecast. >> a nice weekend. adam joseph with details. >> finally good news around here. we had a very active week and right now the sun is shining and a few cumulus clouds and temperatures. and 82 in millville, 84 in allentown. and the sea breeze going to work this afternoon, only in the mid 70s at the shore. satellite and radar, the wet weather from yesterday now off the coast. south and east of boston with a
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front and high pressure coming in from northern new england. and suppressing the cloud cover and bringing in more comfortable air with lower humidity. so this evening for friday night, looking good at 7:00, 86 degrees. 83 at 8:00. 80 at 9:00. and back into the upper 70s at 10:00. and here is the weekend outlook. saturday warm and not as humid, with temperatures in the upper 80s. and we take in the upper 80s on sunday, but it turns very muggy. heat ind -- indices in the 90s for monday. and when we come back we talk about the full accuweather forecast. and getting more active next week. and more coming up. >> enjoy the weekend. if your headed out for the weekend take accuweather with you if you go. and download the stormtracker app for smart phone or be an
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app apple stores. and lebron james going home it talking to sports illustrated and why he took his talents to where it started. he left the cleveland cavaliers for miami four years ago and they burned his jerseys in outrage. and today, celebration and excitement for a team not seeing a sports championship since 1964. >> when his statue is erected where will it hold the most weight? when it is erected in moiami it is not the same as in cleveland. >> and the word "home" in big letters. a lot of excitement in northeast ohio, unlike four years ago when james left during a tv special,
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today's decision a little different. and jeff skversky has more on how lebron explained his choice, i'm home. >> that is right. you heard correctly, lebron james is going back to cleveland. that is right. the team he started his career with the first seven years. the team he burned, of course, when he left for miami four years ago. they have kissed and made up. how the decision went down for lebron james in an essay to "sports illustrated" kwk i look to the other teams and i wasn't going to leave miami for any where except cleveland. the more time passed it felt right this is what makes me happy. in northeast ohio nothing is given, everybody is earned, you work for what you get. i'm coming home. >> something said about being able to go home.
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and the fact that he is able to go home means a great deal. so, you know, a lot of us would have made the same decision under those circumstances. >> do you think in the back of his mind the last four years is weighing on him in the sense that maybe i won championships in miami but it is bothering me where i let my fans back home in my hometown down. >> it may have played a role. but he has two rings. if he had not gone to miami and succeeded it would be unfinished business. >> lebron james, there he is in the cleveland cavaliers jersey spending the first seven years of his career in cleveland. down the street from akron, ohio they went nuts and burned his jersey when announced he was leaving for miami four years ago. and the cavaliers owner back then sent a nasty letter about lebron james. they, of course, buried the hatchet and worked if out. they talked face-to-face.
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and lebron feels he made mistakes in the process as well and will not hold any grudges as he heads back. trauma with cleveland and miami and the nba. live from the channel 6 sports center i'm jeff skversky. >> thank you. and there was never a real chance that lebron would end up in a sixers uniform but fans in philadelphia still had a lot to say about all of this. >> i wish he was coming to philadelphia. but other than that, i think it's good for cleveland. it's good for basketball. kind of breaks it up a little bit. a little tired of miami being in it every year. >> it is good to go back to cleveland and i would root for him in cleveland. >> you best enjoy it while you can, lebron, in three-point years here come the sixers. >> and we posted a link to his
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full essay. and reaction from others. a south jersey school board member arrested for allegedly attacking ing ing a police offi. they say he got in a fight last night and he threw him to the ground and punch said him in a middle school gym in front of a crowd including the mayor. the third time hudson arrested this year and the second time since he started serving on the school board. overseas, benjamin netanyahu said they will continue in gaza until the rocket attacks stop. one hit a gas station causing an explosion injuring at least one. he says israeli air strikes hit more than 1,000 targets since tuesday killing more than 100
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people. and israel has troops at the border preparing for a possible ground invasion. this latest round of violence leading to passionate reactions in our area. earlier today members of the jewish community rallied for their cause and where the activist are ready to hold one of their own. >> we are outside of the consulate and expecting a demonstration in the next half-hour or so. earlier today there was a solidarity rally across the street. ♪ >> supporters of israel gathered at noon, the message in the stepped up rocket attacks by hamas, israel has the right to defend itself. >> this horrible conflict we are watching now started with the kidnapping and murder of three young teenagers. the palestinians did not condemn
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this, they praised it. children walked around holding up three fingers. they were happy they caught and kidnapped three jews and killed them. >> and as israel has tried to defend itself, the rocket attacks against israel have increased. the palestinians that fired the rockets farther than every before input -- putting 3.5 million israelis at risks. >> and talking about the right for them to respond as long as the land taking in 1967 or refusing to grant the citizenship. >> we are talking about the gaza strip, the west bank, east jerusalem. as long as it is occupying land that doesn't belong to it, people will uprise. people will reject it. and people will fight. >> the conflict between palestinians and israel is long
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running, . >> and picketing outside of the convention center again today to go back to work. dozens rallied for an end to the lockout. the carpenters and teamsteers can no longer work here missing a deadline and four other oun -- unions signed on time. and a recall that has automobiles that could catch fire. and the group that help put good meals on the
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>> as the man accused of killing almost an entire family in texas sits in jail, we're learning ing more about his violent past.
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ron lee haskill arrested wednesday after a three-hour standoff. police say he was trying to find his ex-wife so he went to her sister's house. when the family didn't tell him where she was, he tied them up and shot them execution style. ment police say his rampage would have continued if only his surviving victim, a 15 year old who was shot in the head, had not called 911. >> she absolutely saved the lives of her family members. >> haskill was arrested before assaulting his ex, that was back in 2008. she had a protective order against him until last year. just last week haskill's own mother took out a restraining order against him as well. a massive wildfire in washington state burns out of control tonight, and now firefighters with a new challenge to deal with. a second fire sprung up 40 miles away near yakima, washington.
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the first scored 18,000 acres and forced part of a plan to evacuate. hundreds of firefighters are trying to put out the flames on the ground and in the air, so far the fire is zero percent contained. to business now. stocks close the week on a positive note. all green arrowings across the board. the dow jones up about 28 points the nasdaq up close do 20 and s&p two points and change. and recalling vehicles because of problems with the mirrors. they mixed the problem with the mirrors but now it may be a problem with the wiring. and chrysler knows about three injuries involving the 2011-2014 jeep grand cherokee and dodge durango, and only affects those
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with mirrors fixed with the require recall. and starting the weekend. >> a beautiful friday. and hopefully they have shades and sunscreen on if you have the sun roof open, some in traffic jams out there. and some of them, of course, on the schuylkill expressway. it is friday afternoon. stop and go eastbound 202 into the curve, and backing up again approaching belmont. an accident off to the side blocking the belmont off-ramp, pushed off to the shoulder. and the westbound solid from montgomery to gladwin. and watching a crash on the big picture, a fire in upper darby. and broken down the northbound by cottman taking out a lane of the work zone. and slow north of girard up to the point at cottman avenue.
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an awful accident we showed you from chopper 6 hd in burgton county continuing to close route 206 in both directions between 38 and woodlane road. and stay on smithville road or birmingham road. and 42 this afternoon, busy across the walt whitman bridge down to 295. by the time you reach this point at creek road moving better towards the a.c. expressway. the garden state parkway an early your broken down vehicle is out of the way, it is dissipating there. and on this finally from time to time afternoon, happy friday everybody. if your headed to the shore through vineland, they were reporting heavy traffic through vineland on that and we will check it again in the next half-hour. >> thank you, sir. 13 young athletes who are already champs are headed to
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houston. ages 7 to 17, they will represent team philadelphia in the 2014 transplant games. the action cam caught up with them as they boarded a bus for the airport if he hospital. and each received a life-saving organ or tissue transplant there. and the games has transplant recipients and donors in olympic-style competition. and standing over the trenton central high school may have to be demonth momonthly -- demolished. they are not sure if it is structurally sound. they were hoping continue to corporate it in the building built around it but now are waiting for authority before making a decision about the 82-year-old structure. up next on "action news at 4:00," adam back with the weekend call from accuweather. and a valet parking
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nightmare. the attendant losing control of a $250,000 car. and our appears are free at the apple and google app stores
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>> wow, hate to be the barer of bad news, but believe it or not the first day of school is right around the corner. kids are like wait, isn't it ght summer? and grouped banded together today to make sure some 800 families are prepared at what is called get readifest. eagle's safety and his foundation and fraternity and feed the children distributed truck loads of necessities. families getting food, shoes and winter coats so kids have only one thing to worry about come september, their studies. >> nice to plan ahead.
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if we have a winter like last winter, they will need them. >> and everybody in here shuttered. >> and speaking of the weather, it will be beautiful. >> and adam joseph is live at the big board. let's enjoy summer while it is here. >> looking at the coats, too early to look at them. we are talking about taking layers off given how warm it is. and 83 in pottstown, 85 kennett square. in delaware and new jersey middle 80s the most part. vineland, bridgeton 82, dover 85. with the wind now coming in more off of the water out of the east temperatures about 75 in surf city down to the boardwalk and for sea isle city. and temperatures pretty average this time of year, but how it feels when you step out the front door it is very comfortable for most as the dewpoints are dropping back into the 50s across the heart of the delaware valley. southern areas pretty
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uncomfortable with dewpoints upper 60s to 70 degrees. you step out in southern areas it is muggy this afternoon. the storms yesterday far off the coast. high pressure in new england. winds of clock-wise and returning the flow in off the ocean, keeping thes oceanside a little on the cool side for tomorrow. and pretty average this time of year. 7:05 first pitch for the phillies in town for a three-game series against the washington nationals. clo cloudy, 86 first pitch. and the forecast for overnight, temperatures pretty cool north and west. 59 in allentown, 60 in reading. we will take the break from the humidity and the cooler temperatures overnight. 62 in millville. so fairly comment for theable. and temperatures back into the middle and per 80s, and normal this time of year.
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the weekend kickoff, 88 is where we top it off with sunshine and low humidity. the shore, sun and cooler. and the poconos, there could be a spray afternoon hour up in the mountains. looking at the 4day at four, sunny and warm, 88 tomorrow. humid on sunday. sunday more uncomfortable feeling like the low 90s. and spotty normal in the afternoon. and monday active with a front approaching and hot and humidity and numerous downpours and storms. and a lingering gusty storm possible on tuesday and cooler 86 greadegrees. when i come back talking about temperatures that aren't typical for july, whether it is warm or hot, stick around. >> thank you. there are growing concerns about a common household item called laundry detergent pods
4:23 pm
that are gaining popularity but can be dangerous to children. and we have that story. >> and shoppers are purchasening the detergent pods at growing rate. they may be convenient but safety experts say they can be tox toxic, so information for your family. and there have been many calls as the children mistake the pack for something they can eat. coming up, we have tips on how to use the pods in your home and keep your family safe. i do and a local 10 year old taking to the road to fight cancer. and that story tonight and more when you join us coming up at 5:00. >> sounds great, thank you. and coming up after the break, we are buzzing. george clooney going head-to-head with a tabloid, not
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the rope ladder. he fell twice. ♪ >> it is time for "the buzz." and george clooney is not accepting an apology from one of the biggest newspapers in the world. we told you earlier this week how britain's daily mail published a story claiming that the mother of his fiancee is opposed to their wedding for religious reasons. the daily mail apologized but he rejected the apology in an op-ed saying that it is a detriment to the readers, knowing it was false and printed it anyway. and congratulations to papa kimmel. jimmy kimmel is a dad again confirms his wife molly and himself welcome a little girl named jane. the couple's first child today. he has an adult son and daughter from a previous marriage, but a papa for the third time,
4:27 pm
congratulations to jimmy kimmel. and more to come, including a look at the weekend weather. plus, a kentucky bank teller looking for work and looking to sue. what she is accused of saying to her customers that got her fired after 24 years on the job. plus, three teenagers earned after 24 years on the job. plus, three teenagers earned arrest after a cat-napping at a after 24 years on the job. plus, three teenagers earned arreif he were a lobbyist...t a if they were political contributors... maybe tom corbett would listen to them, instead of cutting funding for their schools. oil and gas companies gave corbett 1.7 million dollars in political contributions. and he gave them a sweetheart deal on taxes that's costing pennsylvania billions. corbett's mismanagement has caused a huge budget deficit. and his painful education cuts are forcing teacher layoffs and increasing class sizes. now corbett wants to give the oil and gas industry even
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more handouts. and what's he getting from them? corbett's keeping that secret. so pennsylvanians are challenging tom corbett to come clean. release the records of your meetings with donors... that you've been hiding. disclose all the contributions, letters and emails from oil and gas lobbyists who influence you. we've got a right to know who tom corbett's listening to. because it sure isn't us.
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>> it is 4:30 and "action news" continues with the latest in our breaking news out of south jersey. chopper 6 hd just over the scene right now. it is a very nasty crash near route 206 near route 38 in southampton township. we are just updating the details. at least one person has been flown to the hospital. four ambulances were brought in to treat other victims. again this happening on route 206. it is shutdown between route 38 and woodlane road. we will bring you more information as soon as it comes into us. but again, we are continuing to update this story right here on "action news" this afternoon. we do have video in just now from upper darby, delaware county. a fire damaged at least one home on the 400 block and the fire started just after 3:00 this afternoon. some of the neighboring homes did sustain smoke damage. we know the red cross is headed to the scene to help those
4:30 pm
affected by that. turning now to central jersey, workers in an animal shelter are breathing a sigh of relief today. the reason, two kittens catnapped by two brazen teenagers bake -- back where they belong. how they were caught. >> this is casino, a tabby kitten along with another kitten were victims of a catnapping at the shelter in princeton. >> the punks come in trying to steal them is it out rangeous. >> it happened last year. out back training a dog, seeing two teenagers go from the building and run into the woods with two kittens in the arms. >> fortunately one of the volunteered pinned him down saying give back the kitten, i know you are trying to steal it. and he made him call his friend
4:31 pm
running through the woods with the other kitten and managed to get both here. arresting three teenagers, the two cat burglars, john moore and cheem cheem charged with burglary and theft. and corey thompson waiting in a get away car turned himself in and he is charged with conspiracy to commit theft. >> as far as the law goes it is a burglary, and they were worth in total $300. >> they hope the judge will sentence them to community service right here. >> they can clean cages and see what it is like to tend to 75 animals in residence. >> and they were glad casino was rescued. >> my heart was broken but i am glad he is back and safe. >> the other kitten was adapted earlier this week.
4:32 pm
casino is still is still available but after the action he may have lost one of his nine liv lives. and a second man dies after shooting. joshua johnson died at the hospital wednesday night, one of three people shot in a home early on tuesday morning. a second man, 24 year old tyrone moss died at the scene. a third man was also hurt. police are still looking for the gunman and have not said why they think it happened. homicide detectives still with many unanswered questions in a deadly beating case. late last night someone carrying a metal object beat a 53-year-old man to death in front of his house or fair hill street. the police are searching for a killer, a motive and trying to figure out what the murder weapon was. a 42-year-old man behind bars for allegedly trying to rape a young women in
4:33 pm
philadelphia's spring garden section. called to 16th and callowhill about 7:00 p.m. for a report of a sexual assault in progress. officers say when they arrived they spotted jason turner pulling the 25 year old victim down the street by the waist. and she was with him for several hours when he assaulted her and now facing charges including attempted rape. and the faces of nine men busted for allegedly trying to pick up prostitutes in philadelphia. and the johns from age 26 to 52 solicited sex from undercover officers last night. all the men are charged with prey patronizing prostitution except for martinez with an additional charge of child endangerment. he was trying to pick up prostitutes when his 5 year old son slept in the back seat. for information on the other suspects download our 6abc news
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app. and there is a slide show with details on the arrests. an investigation underway to determine what caused an explosion at a southers jersey plant this morning. staying outside of the plant in west deptford, officials say three employees in a chemical production area at the time of the last. no one was badly hurt. the facility was cleared and employees let back to work. and believing it was caused by pressure or a chemical reaction. and the police say they caught the man who held up a convenience store, saying 35 year old william robinson waited until the customers left if the sev 7-eleven store. and they arrested him for previously robbing a pizza hut.
4:35 pm
and a carnival ride causing commotion on the turnpike today. over the scene of a 3-car crash in mercer county at 8:00 a.m. this carnival equipment was being towed and it fell into the southbound lanes near mile marker 69. fortunately nobody was hurt, put there were some back ups. it is friday and we are looking forward to the weekend. >> we are starting on the sly slide let's keep this that way. i am going to talk loud. as we look at sky 6 live in philadelphia, the center city sxie line a few clouds above. and the dewpoint is much lower, 55 degrees away from the 70s we saw this week when it was very uncomfortable. that's why the heat index is the same as the air temperature. not much in the way of moisture in the atmosphere. it changes at the shore. the temperature is cool because
4:36 pm
of the wind off the ocean of 66. the dewpoint still in the 60s down there, so it is still a little muggy in southern new jersey and delaware. if you look at the water temperatures, beautiful in the day. 70s right now. delaware city 84 the water temperature. and the cold pocket east of surf sea only around 66 keeping the temperatures cool with an easterly wind at the shore tomorrow. talking about those warm numbers, think call again for this time of year for the weekend, and a very active beginning of next week in the seven-day forecast. >> thank you. and remember, keep track of the accuweather forecast any time downloading the free stormtracker 6 app giving you access to the radar and weather alerts. and remembering the day with new mentors part of the police athletic league coming here to the field on east tioga street.
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how to create a life-size maze, . and getting reading help at an animal shelter. the smarty paws today at the adoption center in media. organizers encouraged kids to strengthen literacy skills by reading out loud to furry customers. and getting a lot of cuddle time and good stories. >> maybe reading about kitty cats. and ahead, free food friday. if you like to eat stick around. getting everything from twinkies chicken filets. and what got this person
4:38 pm
fired after 24 years on the job. if you are uncomfortable leaving your cars with valets. why the employees who totaled this lamborghini not the only one with explaining to do. and the accuweather forecast for the all-important weekend ahead when w
4:39 pm
4:40 pm
>> following a bizarre attack at a strip mall in texas. two other officers with her this week grabbing lunch, and a suspect walked in and without saying a word set himself on fire. he then rushed officer mcswain catching her on fire as well. the video shows her rolling on the ground in front of the nearby store, desperately trying to extinguish the blaze.
4:41 pm
fortunately several bystanders helped, one using his shirt to put it out. she suffered burned to 15% of her body but expected to make a full recovery. a florida man facing charges today for feeding a bear in his orlando area neighborhood. fish and wildlife officials say this photos shows him feeding a small black bear from his hand. it may not have been the first time. the authorities found a regularly-used animal trail leading to his yard, as well as a large amount of bear waste in his yard. charges filed after one of his neighbors was attacked and nearly killed by a bear outside of her home. he deep nice wrongdoing. a passerby stopping by to help someone in new mexico with the scare of his life. what he found under the hood, an
4:42 pm
a python, not shy. >> and i kind of freaked out a bit. >> i bet. and a police officer showed up and held it while waiting for animal control. and they think it went into the engine to get warm. and at the big board with big talkers, a kentucky bank teller out of a job she held for the last 24 years because of the way she greeted customers at her counter. she says she don't understand why her bosses at us bank think there is anything wrong ending the transactions like this. >> i say "have a blessed day" every time. i don't believe there is any better way. >> and some said thanks and some complained. and she was reprimanded saying
4:43 pm
god bless you. and she is suing the bank for exercising her religious freedom. it is summer and to ohio a lot of families enjoying a day at the pool except for a same-sex couple and kids. mediclanie and her partner with three children were denied a pool pass because of the city's ordinance definition of what a "family" is. and the city describes the family as a man, woman and up to three kids. and the of saying she couldn't believe the rule is holding up, especially today. >> i figured they would realize it is an old ordinance and give me permission right away. >> and they discussed changing the words to "two adults "requesting but it is up for review and sadly change also not happen until the end of the summer so the family will have to find somewhere else to do some swimming.
4:44 pm
if you like to take culinary changes, maybe doritos offering, doritos roulette in canada. and getting quite the taste bud shock, 75% of the bag filled with the negative nacho cheese you are used to, but 25% are what they call insanely spicy. step right up and take your chance, you are may or may not get burned. no word on whether they will be here in the united states. >> have a glass of water just in case. and a look at the roads and matt pellman with the update on the commute. >> and doritos has new ones, freaky stuff going on in the halls of doritos for sure. and our good-bye to ben, a
4:45 pm
popular guy on ben franklin parkway. and we are still watching the bad crash in southampton, burlington county closing down 206 between 38 and ru woodlane road. and showing you the debris over the roadway. may on smithville road to the west or birmingham road to the east to get around the continued blockage. the big picture, restriction in upper darby because of fire construction. and a crash on the end of belmont to the eastbound schuylkill and in general a bunch of slow spots all over i-75. and 95 definitely slow. the northbound side check it out. we shall starting to pick up the pace by allegeny, the disabled vehicle by cottman is gone but slow go from the vine to the work zone at cottman. and crash at old york and
4:46 pm
one at canterbury road. and an earlier transformer fire, and the crew are on the scene. and if your headed up to the poconos, watch out for a broken down vehicle on northeast extension of the lehigh tunnel giving us restrictions there. >> thanks. and looking live at cape may, new jersey. folks enjoying this beautiful friday afternoon and kicking off what should be a spectacular weekend there. and meteorologist adam weekend there. and meteorologist adam joseph with all of the details people are stuck in very old habits of using toothpaste to clean a denture. but dentures are very different to real teeth. they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can grow and multiply. polident is specifically designed to clean dentures daily. its unique micro-clean formula kills 99.99% of odor causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains, cleaning in a better way than brushing with toothpaste. that's why dentists recommend polident.
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[ male announcer ] polident. cleaner, fresher, brighter every day.
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>> well, if you ever hesitated to leave your car with the valet at a fancy restaurant or hotel this may be a little hard to watch. watch what happened when a man in india leave a white lamborghini with the so-called
4:49 pm
parker. apparently not ready for its horsepower. he not only hit the cars in front of him while trying to pull out of the luxury hotel, he ended up slamming right into a concrete wall. the valet is not the only one in trouble for ruining the half million dollar lamb berg bergen -- lamborghini, he apparently borrowed the car that night. >> they are probably not friends anymore. if you like perfect weather -- >> i will show off right now and give you a pretty nice weekend. and double scan live, most of the area now is quiet and dry. we have low humidity. you look at the radar saying yes, nothing is going on. however, look at the n and the e in vineland. a little something under the e, it is a shower that bubbled up.
4:50 pm
heading into millville along 47. some folks heading to the shore may bump into a little bit of wet roadways but no lightning strikes. it is the only downpour in the entire region that weld up. and trenton 85 degrees. 84 allentown, 87 wilmington. at the shore, easterly wind and cooler with temperatures there only in the mid 70s. the front off the coast where the most active weather was yesterday. now over the open waters of the atlantic. and also the humid air pushing south as high pressure is coming in from new england. that is supplying not only the sunshine, but the low humidity. and we stay there for saturday. it is a weekend beauty. wind coming in more out of the east-southeast. 88 degrees. it is very warm. a touch humid but something we can take around here before the humidity spikes again sunday. sunday morning at 10:00 on futuretracker, sun and clouds but the higher humidity sunday afternoon with the front approaching way to the north and
4:51 pm
west by 4:00 in the afternoon could spark a downpour or thunderstorm, especially lehigh valley to the poconos while the rest of the region really the majority of the delaware valley sunday dry as well. 66 the ocean temperature. if you are at the shore tomorrow sun and wind coming off the water at 78 degrees. the same sunday, sun and clouds. high temperature of 78. in the poconos looking pretty nice. low humidity. throughout the day tomorrow could be astray afternoon thunderstorm but not bad, 78. sunday humid with numerous downpours and thunderstorms by the afternoon and temperature topping off only at 76 degrees. thes exclusive accuweather forecast sunny and warm. and the humidity strikes sunday could bring a spotty storms. far northwestern areas 89. and monday, downpours and thunderstorms, and hot and humid and 90 degrees. and lingering gusty thunderstorms on tuesday of 86 degrees. that is all in response to a
4:52 pm
strong jet stream and what we call a trauf. and stormy tuesday and turning cooler. and up see the cooler air and the upper levels 18,000 feet with cooler air invading from the north and west. temperatures will drop here on wednesday and thursday as well as friday. a true july treat with extremely low humidity, highs 80 to 84 degrees. that is a nice break from the heat and humidity. >> hard too believe it is july. >> bring it on, i like it. it is "freebie friday," but it is also free food friday. you may want to grab a pen
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
>> all right it is "freebie friday," but it is also free food friday. up >> you know we love this every
4:55 pm
year. cow appreciation day at chick-fil-a restaurants. where the costume and get a free dinner meal, the same for kids. cow appreciation deal, it is moving fast. and 7-eleven, it is free slurpee today. and tomorrow free big gulp day. and sunday free m&m, free cookies monday and twinkies on tuesday. and if you download the app get the offers an additional eight days. and you can text 7-eleven to get the deals to remain longer and we will show you how to do that on >> and fun on tap at the oval, the 26th street and parkway, karaoke for kids, music and meet and greets, and free food and gaves on tap. -- games on tap.
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and next friday the 18th a huge pizza party going on as well. and tons of free activities and a link for all of it on our website as well. if you have a dog, bring the furry one to chestnut hill for the first dog days of summer, noon to 4:00 if activities for human and their dogs on germantown and highland avenue. and also a yappy hour with free treats. and the details as well on our website. free admission happening now, actually happening tomorrow at the brandywine river museum of art. guests celebrating the day of andrew wyatt's birth with free admission. that and more than freebies on and a hispanic happening on penns landing and free cakes tomorrow. and the details on all of the freebies at >> i am stuffed just thinking about it. that's it for "action news at 4:00."
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i'm monica malpass and here is coming up on 5:00." >> thank you. up next at 5:00, following a developing story in south hampton, new jersey, a serious crash sending several to the hospital. and the boyfriend of a hollywood actress instead inside of a hotels. and the details of the death investigation next. i do and a warning about the detergent pods growing in
4:58 pm
if he were a lobbyist... if they were political contributors... maybe tom corbett would listen to them, instead of cutting funding for their schools. oil and gas companies gave corbett 1.7 million dollars in political contributions. and he gave them a sweetheart deal on taxes that's costing pennsylvania billions. corbett's mismanagement has caused a huge budget deficit. and his painful education cuts are forcing teacher layoffs and increasing class sizes. now corbett wants to give the oil and gas industry even more handouts. and what's he getting from them? corbett's keeping that secret. so pennsylvanians are challenging tom corbett to come clean. release the records of your meetings with donors... that you've been hiding. disclose all the contributions, letters and emails from oil and gas lobbyists who influence you. we've got a right to know who tom corbett's listening to.
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because it sure isn't us. "action news." we begin with a developing story out of burlington county, new jersey where a serious crash sent multiple people to the hospital and briefly shutdown part of route 206 in to the southampton. friday night rick is off, and the big story on "action news" is the multiple vehicle accident on route 206. and annie mccormick live near the scene with the details. hi, annie. >> that's right, multiple people taken to the hospital, including an infant. look behind me as the crews work
5:00 pm
to pick up the debris. beginning with one van on the scene, and another vehicle right there. and i am told that's the vehicle the infant was in. and over here you see what is left of a camper. look at all of the debris. told that the camper was towed by an s.u.v. in total one infant flown to cooper hospital and an adult taken by ambulance to cooper hospital and eight people were also transported to the hospital. and those eight people we arehold told from non-life threatening injuries. this video taken by chopper 6 hd, this accident happened just after 3:00 this afternoon on 2006 near route 38 between 38 and woodlane road. we are told two work advance involved in the crash, and also by the work advance, the s.u.v. towing a camper also involved. and you can also see the vehicle was involved. we are told that the vehicle again carrying the infant. and there


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