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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  July 13, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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at charles schwab just a few moments ago, five minutes away from world cup tonight, 90 minute recap of this day here, meantime, we will remind you, mls action tonight, best crowds in the beautiful northwest. best rivalries in the mls, seattle and portland comes your way on espn2. and here on abc, the news for most of you moments away. germany's championship, how do you encapsulate what we saw not just today but the entirety, the run of the tournament? >> i think it's not just this tournament, it's almost the last ten years, what they have done. when you go and you look, and you have an honest moment, you say we are good, but we can be better, but we need big bold
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moves, and all of those changes can affect you, and at the end of it, you have that moment, where it's not that it wouldn't be justified. but you want to have that money moment, where you are holding it up. i'm just so happy that a team that had the courage to do that is rewarded, the ultimate reward of raising the world cup. >> santi, for you? >> yes. it's been a long way for germany. this did not start three or four weeks ago. this started ten years ago. this is their prize. sometimes you don't win it, because if palacio scores or higuain scores, it goes the other wave. it doesn't mean they didn't do a fantastic job throughout ten years. that's what argentina has to think about now. we are second. we did a very good tournament. a bunch of experienced players around messi felt but we need to change structure. we need to do what germany has done the last ten years. >> we'll talk more about messi what this means to his legacy on
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world cup tonight coming up on espn2. your team won, your nation won. a lot of players you sweat with, bled with, i give you the last word, michael. >> oh, congratulations, i forgot actually to say congratulations. i mean, it's a development, like both of you said, if i remember 2010, the games against argentina, against england in the knockout stages, unbelievable matches. so this team has a growing process. they deserved what they got today much much more. and two years ago. and they played fantastic football. so this is not a coincidence. this is hard work. they came as one of the favorites. and also not easy. >> world cup tonight on espn2 momentarily. the news next for most of you on abc. for all of us, all the folks behind the scenes thanks for
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sharing the cup with us. good night. >> sunday night, i'm sarah bloomquist along with walter perez. the big story on "action news" tonight is still developing in north philadelphia. >> that's where a car collided
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with a pair of transit bus injuring several people. the force of the crash tipped a bus on its side. it happened at 6th anticipate cambria street. annie mccormick is live at the scene with the latest. >> reporter: and sarah this point the intersection is back open, the scene has cleared up, except for the traffic signal that remains to be laying on the grounds. five people are in the hospital, and one person a driver of a car has been arrested for dui. just after 2:00 p.m. this afternoon police say this cadillac ran a red light at 6th and cambria crash into the septa para transit bulls. >> soon after the police arrested the driver of the car. soon after the neighbors rushed to help the three female
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passengers and drivers inside the bus freeing them of their seat belts. >> a lady had laceration across the forehead. she was bleeding profusely. there were two other women bleeding. >> reporter: the good martians took the people out afraid that the van would erupt in flames. >> he took the old folks out. >> reporter: a pedestrian laid traps under the light -- laid trapped under the light. the crash community center owns the van they were about to put 20 kids on boards to head to camp. luckily, they missed the van. back out here live, the police say the three passengers were taken to temple hospital they suffered cuts to their face and neck and back injuries. always for the driver of the bus
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and the pedestrian that was walking by they were taken to hahnemann, police say everyone is in stable condition and expected to be okay. live in north philadelphia, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. the search continues tonight for the driver who struck a man in newport, delaware early this morning. authorities say the 49-year-old victim was hit by the car as he stood on west newport pike near harding avenue. the driver kept going. the victim was flown to christiana hospital in critical condition. the arrival of humidity brings the potential for isolated thunderstorms across region tonight. melissa magee is live at the "action news" big board with the latest. >> reporter: hi, walter the heat and humidity we had early today will fuel the showers and storms later tonight. the temperatures across the delaware and lehigh valleys were in the upper 80s. the high today 91. you factor in the humidity,
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feels like 94 in the city. heat index in allentown of 91 degrees. the only place you're finding relief is in beach haven down to sea isle city. the southerly winds are in the lower 70s. storm tracker 6 live double scan radar showing you showers and storms breaking out acontrols interior sections -- across the interior sections of the northeast. we have lines from pennsylvania state and the portions of the ohio valley. this will work east ward through the rest of the night. there's slight risk of finding severe weather not for our region, but binghamton and pittsburgh and charleston, west virginia. we'll track the broken line as it works to the south and east. there's a severe thunderstorm watch that has been posted for lancaster county only. the biggest threat is damaging winds and hail and drenching downpours. an isolated thunderstorm is
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likely later on tonight. this will set us up for a stormy pattern back to work monday do tuesday, we'll talk about the details with the full anticipate exclusive accuweather forecast. >> you can keep track with the approaching storms with our storm tracker 6 live app. it gives you live access to watches and warnings posted for your area. download tonight for your smart phone. all the world was watching as germany and argentina failed off in for the world cup in bra. fans gathered in homes and public's with germany defeating argentina 1-0. "action news" reporter, kenneth moten joins us live from south street with reaction from the crowd who watched the match there. hi, kenneth. >> reporter: can you hear them behind me, because i can. the celebration on celebration, south street was a big -- the
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cleanup is happening. some of my friends right here. soccer fans as far as the eye could see on south street. it was world cup fever across the city as germany took on argentina in the final. >> what do you think about argentina being in the world cup final. >> they are basically at home field. >> i thought germany would come in and be stronger than they are right now. i'm surprised at how balanced the teams are playing. >> reporter: thousands cheered and cringed and were captivated by the game. the world cup comes around every four years, fans say this felt differently. >> it has to do with the internal we have soccer bars in philly, everybody is into the culture. >> pleasant of german and argentine jersey on the back of
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these soccer lovers. >> we have the best goalie in the world right now. else amazing, i can't wait to watch more. >> i don't think anyone expected them to make it as far as they did. i think we showed a lot heart. >> reporter: when it came down to the goal by germany that won it all, pure excitement on south street at this massive party of mostly germany fans. those tears are real. >> reporter: , of course, things were real here, a lot of fans said they are expecting a stronger u.s. team in four years, they feel the support will spill over to the local soccer team, the philadelphia union, where my friends go. kenneth moten channel 6 "action news." >> the party continues somewhere else. thank you, kenneth. >> much more to come t
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northern gaza is homes to 100,000 people. , of course, many families in the delaware have families in the middle east. we spoke to this couple who is serving in the military. sheshetheir son is a combat med. if israeli moves ground troops into gaza, it's his job that concerns them the most. >> we are concerned we have a son on the front line he is a combat medic that means he'll be actively involved. that's very scary for me. >> the rothchilds have installed apps on their phone to find out why missiles are fired. they say their friends and family have changed their habits, but mostly tried to go about their daily business. >> authorities in north jersey say a man who murdered a rookie jersey city police officer
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allegedly did it to become fame outs. investigators say 27-year-old lawrence campbell snatched a gun away from an armed security guard. someone called 911 reporting a robbery in progress. jersey city's mayor said campbell was not to rob anyone, he was there to kill. >> lawrence campbell approached a vehicle that was in the parking lot at the walgreens apologized for his conduct inside the walgreens and told that witness that to watch the news later he would be famous. >> authorities say campbell shot santiago at pointblank range. officer that officers shot and killed campb
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>> it was an all star send off for chase utley at citizens bank park. he was presented with his national league jersey for the two day all star game. this is his 6th trip to the midsummer classic. only mike schmidt had more all star appearances. >> phillies rollercoaster is going down a little bit. >> reporter: they need a break. disappointing, ugly, the phillies starting the show heading into the all star break. the final game before the all star break a midsummer cluster
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against the nationals first inning. jason werth. kyle kendrick is the worst pitcher in baseball. the nats score 4 more. phils fall behind 7-0. nats not done in the 9th. 7rbis the last two game also. chase utley's look says it all. they may look completely different at 2 1/2 weeks at the trade deadline. paplebon and bird are among the names that came up in trade talks. cole hamels said else -- he is not worrying about it. >> i am playing for the fans, i want to continue them. but at the same time i have a routine to perform.
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i have to be accountable for what i do. when it gets into that stage or that area. i kind of stick to my routine a little bit more, focus on being as accountable as i possibly can. >> the sun is setting on this season, in fact in rio tonight for the world cup final, germany argentina,s they played 112 minutes without a goal. in the 47th minute, argentina couldn't do it. 113th minute, germany got it. the world champs for the 4th time. only brazil has one more. they are tied second with italy. >> life goes on. >> the accuweather forecast co
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>> after a super steamy day, melissa tracking storms. >> reporter: that's right, sarah, walter the humidity will fuel the showers and storms as
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well. storm tracker 6 live scan radar. we are tracking a broken line of showers and storms it's a series of cold front that will work through the even of the region as we get into the start of workweek. we'll talk about what to expect tomorrow, the heat continues on monday, stormy tomorrow into tuesday, we'll show you the heat on the way, future tracker 6 showing you 3:00 p.m. temperatures along the i-95 corridor climbing into the 90s. with the heat and the humidity will fuel the showers and storms. in fact for tomorrow, the storm prediction center has placed much of the region in the risk of finding severe weather. the biggest threat lincoln damaging winds and hail and drenching downpours. the high in philadelphia, 91 degrees, when you factor in the humidity, fellows like temperatures are in the -- feels like the temperatures are in the lower 90s.
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dover, 86 degrees, sea isle up to beach haven this is where you're finding relief with the afternoon sea breeze kicking in. a southerly wind flow, temperatures are pleasant in the lower 70s. satellite and radar be this is the fbi we're tracking right now -- frontal boundry we're tracking right now, down across new england and the ohio valley. it will work east ward tonight. we'll track the precipitation for you. there's a series of frontal boundry that's moving across the great lakes that will move in our direction monday into tuesday. future tracker 6 has you covered, 10:30 you can see the showers and storms firing up from the poconos and approaching the i-95 corridor they will continue on and off as we go into the overnight hours. 6:00 a.m., we're going to be dry for the commute it will be mostly cloudy and that humidity is sticking around and then we watch another batch of moisture
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that moves in 2:00 p.m. with the secondary front that moves on through, these will continue on and off until we get into 6:30 tomorrow. it is unsettled monday and tuesday, we are calling for drenching rain, gusty winds the possibility of hail and where you get one of those thunderstorms that sits for an extended period of time there could be an issue with flash flooding. it will start to dry out as we get into the middle half of the workweek. here's the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. the watch out for the storms tomorrow, high temperature, 91 degrees, it stays unsettled on tuesday, high of 85. morning shower on wednesday, sun, 82. it looks better as we get into thursday, 82. >> america's funnyiest home videos is next. "action news" returns at 11:00 p.m. "action news" returns at 11:00 p.people are stuck in very old habits
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