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tv   Action News  ABC  July 14, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> good morning, everyone, 6:00 a.m., monday, july 14, we're following breaking noose. >> crews work through the night trying to pinpoint the source of a mysterious odor that prompted the evacuation of a montgomery county neighborhood. >> new this morning, the armed robber who threatened a clerk with a knife. >> storm tracker 6 live is tracking stormy weather for the next several days. >> carnal is in for
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karen is in for david, pel sell sell -- matt pellman has traffic. >> reporter: we're watching dry conditions in philadelphia, we're looking at the showers heading toward the i-95 corridor. in dover, delaware we have a cell that's starting to develop and cape may, south of atlantic city, as well. showers and thunderstorms developing, but these will become more plentiful later today. that's why the national weather service has a flash-flood watch in effect not just today, but through tomorrow, as well. starts at noon and lasts through tomorrow evening. we could see one to three inches of rain with the storms as they move through. the temperature, 75. feeling sticky. le in the low 70s in the lehigh valley. 70 in trenton. beach haven and 68 degrees on the boardwalk in ac. the our high today, a hot and humid 91 degrees.
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we'll see sunshine, 9:00 a.m., 81. him noon, 86. a shower or thunderstorm at any point. i think especially from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. that's when we see the storms develop. 91 by 3:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m., you're in the upper 80 with a chance of the storms. we'll show you the storm on future tracker 6. >> reporter: 3 to 6:00 p.m., that's not what i want to hear, karen rogers. the early part of the commute, weather wise we're looking at damp conditions in delco along the blue route. we're watching a crash in the northbound lanes in the route 1 meade i can't bypass. police and penndot are there helping the lady out she has a flat tire and the side of her car is scraped up. we're watching the situation, but traffic gets by without too much of a problem. you'll have more of an issue getting by in whitpain township. there's a water main break at
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lafayette way, stay on 202 dekalb pike to get around that water main break. parksberg, chester county, a downed pole. it's taking time to clear that out. route 10 north of chapel avenue. i-95 southbound starting to slow by girard avenue with speeds in the 30s. here's the speeds approaching work zone at cottman avenue, southbound go the tail lights. a gathering crowd but not bad yet. a crash at 518 canal road. lacey township we have a a overturned vehicle crash southbound on the garden state parkway taking out two lanes there. >> a family's home was destroyed by fire in wilmington, i don't have
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overnight. this is 300 block of porter street. the fire started at 5:00 a.m. flames damaged the neighboring home. no injuries have been reported. also breaking right now, mysterious fumes lead authorities to evacuate a montgomery county neighborhood. "action news" reporter, katherine scott is there in skip pack township to update the investigation. katherine. >> reporter: matt it's quiet a lot of crews left the scene earlier, they will be back again this morning because there's further testing to be done, they don't know what the chemical is. around 100 homes in the development skip pack township were evacuated last night emergency shelter was set up at the elementary school nearby. let's go to video from earlier this morning. you can see the epa carrying out samples they collected. they are being taken to the lab and more testing will be done today. the township said there were high readings of a volatile organic compound in several homes that appears to be coming from the sump pumps.
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the initial home and adjacent home residents were told to go to the hospital as a precaution. the haz/mat, dep and epa are working on this. a strong or door was report -- door was reported at a home on north gorski lane. they want home to home and kept getting the readings. >> the township has a good grasp on what needs to be done, they are focused own communicating with the public, have all the necessary agencies here. they have the full support from the secretary of the dep all the way down. there will be additional resources coming in to help with the additional testing that has to be done. . those are the notices posted
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on the doors, it has information for the residents who are told to call to have their readings checked before they return. they don't know what the chemical is, it all remains under investigation, but we are expecting crews back later on. we're live in kip -- skippack township. >> one women is in custody for a double shooting in philadelphia overnight. the action cam was on the scene in the city's point breeze section. the female gunman shot a woman in the shoulder and struck a man in the hand following a argument. both victims are in stable condition. new this morning, a knife-wielding man was robbed a wawa in northeast philadelphia the ten thousand block of knights road. the suspect walked into the store and pulled out a knife and ordered the clerk to empty the cash register. the robber ran off with two hundred dollars, but the clerk was not injured. >> police in the lehigh valley are on the look out for a child
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predator. police say the man tried to lure an 11-year-old boy into his van in emmaus. the driver returned to threaten the boy. the young victim described the man and the vehicle the man was driving with as a white work van marked furniture company in red and black lettering. >> today we'll get more details on a settlement between city group and the justice department stemming from the financial crisis of 2008. maribel abers is live at the nasdaq, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tam, city group will pay $7,000,000,000.209 justice department department. the deal is 3 billion more than the bank offered, but less than 10 billion the government
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wanted. the settlement is expected to be announced today. the ipad could be the potential source of nickel allergy reaction. pediatrician doctors described the case of 11-year-old-year-old 11-year-old-year-old -- 11-year-old boy. characterize are suggesting a metal-free cover for the ipads. today kicks off the first big week of second quarters earnings report. that's the latest in the business news from the nasdaq site. back over to you. >> have a super week, maribel aber. we're looking for strong storms later today, karen. >> reporter: we are, but that doesn't mean we're entirely dry right now. we have storms especially south of the city right now. you can see them as you're heading out in cape may, sea isle city covering that area, as
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well as the storm that's beginning to develop in dover. we've watched these little cell also pop up and move along. you get a different view on our local view storm tracker 6 live double scan you can see the storm in dover, delaware just beginning, as well as stretching into sea riley city and wilmington. we have shower activity heading near philadelphia. let's head outside as sky 6 looks live in hd. lots of clouds up above. you'll see peek also of sunshine here and there, but we're dry in the city. 77 degrees, the dewpoint, 67. the winds out of the west/southwest. not much of a breeze to help you out. satellite and radar shows you we had storms move through in the overnight hours. now you can see showers and storms starting to pop up. we're predominantly dry. this is not the bulk of moisture just yet. but we have more where this is
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coming from. the future tracker 6 showing at 1:00 p.m. we'll see lots of clouds and maybe a shower or two, but later in the afternoon, look what happens at 4:00, 5:00 p.m., you see the line developing. pushing through the area during the evening rush before pushing off the coastline. that's what we're watching today. we could expect severe weather with this. the reason we're watching for these gusty winds. we could see flash flooding there's a flash-flood watch i should for the area, as well. drenching rains, gusty winds that could be damaging and the possibility of hail and lots of lightening as well. if you're heading to the beach it's not going to rain all day long, but you have showers down there right now. and you can see them later this afternoon. watch for the gusty thunderstorms. at noon, 79. 3:00 p.m., 85 degrees coming down from a high of 86 at the shore. it's hotter and more humid in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast for us in philadelphia. 91 for your high today. so it's a hot one. strong storms developing
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especially later this afternoon are right through the evening drive time. tomorrow a few more storms, 87 degrees for your high. wednesday, breezy and cooler, 83 degrees, kind of humid. thursday, refreshing, low humidity, low temperatures, 83 degrees, friday we get a mix it stayses with us for the weekend. le clouds and sun, clouds and sun on friday, chance of a storm, 85. le saturday, early sunshine, more clouds, chance of a storm, 86. sunday, clouds and sun, chance for a storm, 86. while we have a chance for a storm on weekend, nothing like today. >> it's been a stormy summer. >> 6:11, stories you didn't see last night. including a rails -- races. >> if you're going to chester county, you'll see sunshine a little bit of sun glare along
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the 30 bypass approaching route 100 in exton. what you don't see are any major delays. you'll see construction around the region telling you where you don't want to go after the break. >> the world cup sparks violence overseas more on
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>> welcome back, you're taking
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a live look here, do you want shore into cape may. you can see the waves crashing ashore there. 74 degrees, be prepared for this afternoon, as karen tells us we could be in for strong storms. >> that could mess the traffic later, how is the traffic now, matt? >> reporter: i'm not looking forward to the afternoon commute. let's look forward to the morning commute. i know it's tough to get going on a monday, but you got to do. we have easy traffic 422 approaching valley forge national park. 9 to 3:00 p.m. they are scheduled to work on the westbound lanes on the bridge over the schuylkill river. from 9:00 a.m. to 3 coming away from king of prussia heading toward oaks you could see delays on 422. i would like to warn you about these spots you don't want to go
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so you don't get stuck in delays midday. silvan drive is the seen of a water main break this morning. 202 is a better bet. we have a northbound crash obt blue route by the media route 1 bypass. they are working on water mains in delco one along bishop avenue near baltimore avenue. during the midday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. work along mcdade boulevard between knows and jim gardner avenues, route 13 gets you around thoughts restrictions. pipeline work goes through mid august 352 wicker drive. bucks county, something for everybody, right in the heart of doylestown they will be reassure facing main street, working every time except the rush hours, best to avoid main street
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unless you're out and about during rush hours. >> this is new video in from an intense fire from boston massachusetts. a firefighter is rescuing a child. the flames broke out at a home under construction. neighbors were ordered to evacuate. no injuries were reported. investigators are calling the fire suspicious. >> the dramatic end to the world cup had social media buzzing,. >> reporter: good morning monday morning, tech bytes, tweeting the world cup set a twitter record just after the final whistle, 32.1 million tweets were sent during the match. music streaming services are growing in popularity by leaps and bounds. neilson said they jumped 40% compared to last year.
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you may be able to roll up your high def screen that could less that 2 inches in diameter. first price -- prize of a picture taken by a drone of this eagle taken over indonesia. and this taken in the philippines. >> a transit bus involved in a crash in northeast philadelphia. >> reporter: it's warm and sticky, we're heading up to 91. it's a hot one today. we had severe weather to the west. today is our chance to get it. storm tracker 6 live radar, we have a couple of storms along storm tracker 6 live radar, we have a couple of storms along the shore. safety goggles? this breakfast burrito is exploding with flavor. i think you're getting a little carried away.
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>> did we all have a good weekend? >> we did. >> reporter: i'm so glad. now we're going to have a great week, i'm sure of it. let's head outside to bucks county, route 1, the super highway, even it is super near route 13, maple avenue. they were scheduled to begin a detour along 213 the bridge over the neshaminy creek they pushed it back one week until next monday. on 1 heading toward the turnpike it's a problem-free ride. on the turnpike itself approaching willow grove they are trying to wrap up the left lane construction. you're dealing with that. right lane on going construction on the ben franklin bridge no delays just yet. >> reporter: if you're heading out of town let's check the travel forecast. we're dry at philadelphia international no delays, boston, rain, 73. but no delays. chicago, no rain just yet, but expecting storms there, as well. you can see no delays across the
6:22 am
board, they may fill in later today. let's take a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. it's a hot and humid day high of 91 degrees. we have the chance for a storm at any point. later this afternoon into this evening, the storms could be strong to severe. more storms tomorrow and some of them could be as strong, 87 for your high. wednesday we dry out, it's breezy kind of cooler and 83. thursday refreshing with low humidity, high 8 of 83 degrees, breaking that heat. >> looking forward to that. >> a new study shows using spoons giving children to medication can lead to dangerous dosing mistakes. researchers questioned 287 parents on their dosing. almost all gave the wrong dose. most used a kitchen spoon instead of an oral dropper that lists doses in milliliters. >> thousands of people poured
6:23 am
into the street across germany to celebrate the victory. the story, much different in argentina that was on the losing end. 20 police officers and 60 people were injured in buenos aires when vandalled disrupted a peaceful rally that was celebrating argentina's gutsy performance. >> katherine scott is updating a breaking story in montgomery county. what is that smell, katherine? >> reporter: i don't know, matt, that's what they are trying to figure out a strange or --
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>> this morning an parent lightning strike stopped a disney world monorail dead in its tracks. the stranded 120 pearming above the -- passengers above the amusement park. crews tried to get them out, when that didn't work, the fire company moved in. they set up a platform to get the passengers down on the ground. >> investigators in jersey city believe a man who shot and killed a police officer did it to become famous. lawrence campbell snatched a gun away from an armed security guard at a walgreenss. someone called 911 to report a
6:27 am
robbery. officer melvin santiago and his partner responded to the scene. campbell shot santiago at pointblank range. officers opened fire and killed campbell. he was wanted for a previous homicide. le. a driver of a cadillac ran a red light at 6th and came cama street yesterday. police arrested the driver for dui. the bus driver and three passengers and the pedestrian were hospitalized. they are expected to be okay. >> karen rogers has an update on the stormy forecast. >> more on the violent situation in what can i get you?
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>> happening now on "action news," it is an unsettled start to the week. storm tracker 6 live double scan will be tracking gusty thunderstorms. >> a strange odor forces families from their homes in montgomery county. we're live as crews try to figure out what it is. >> hundreds of workers brace for pink slips today, as another atlantic city casino perhaps to close. him. >> good morning, everybody, david is off, karen is here, matt pellman is watching the roads. >> reporter: good morning, it's sticky out here and we're watching for the chance of strong storms developing. storm tracker 6 live double scan radar, you can see we have light showers pushing through. in cape may, we're seeing thunderstorms pushing off the coast right now. let's look at the national weather service posted this flash-flood watch it starts at
6:31 am
noon today. it lasts through tuesday evening and that's because any of these storms that develop could produce heavy downpours, we could see as much as 1 to 3 inches of rain in a short amount of time. it's 75 degrees, we're holding there, it's muggy in the low 70s in the lehigh valley. 70 in trenton. 74 in millville. 57 in dover where you had a storm that moved through already. here's the planner for the day, 9:00 a.m., 81 degrees, lots of clouds and today sunshine. noon, 86. we could see a shower or thunderstorm at any point. they will be plentiful later today. 3:00 p.m., the storms starting to develop. 91 is the high. 6:00 p.m., 87 with storms around. we're not out of the woods come tomorrow. details on the storms i'll show you future tracker 6 trying to plan the day. it's going to be a wet one. skies look okay, but we've got a couple of dark clouds on the traffic front. a couple of issues, karen rogers
6:32 am
none on 42. maybe just a little bit of extra shore traffic coming northbound toward 295. we see it is busy already, but we're not delayed just yet. here's the storm clouds hanging over 295 in mount laurel. northbound side approaching 273 there's a crash taking out the right lane. in ocean county we have an overturned vehicle crash southbound approaching waretown taking out a couple of lanes there. we want to return to our good buddy ben, as we look closely they have not changed the zipper wall around. we have two lanes getting by, 3 lanes coming into the city. we're used to have four lanes, it's just three this morning, so you could see delays, maybe better off on the betsy or the walt instead of the ben. delco, route 1 media bypass, northbound crash is gone.
6:33 am
traffic is moving good in both directions between the schuylkill expressway and i-95. >> breaking right now, an vehicles goes on into the chemical discovered in montgomery that caused a neighborhood to have evacuate. katherine scott is live on the scene in skip pack township. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam, authorities are trying to figure out what the chemical is. they took samples to the labs, crews will be back on scene today even though it's quite right now. that won't be the case throughout the day. 100 homes were evacuated due to the mysterious odor and an emergency shelter was set up at a nearby school. emergency crews and investigators are expected back on the scene. county response team and dep and epa are working to identify the source. there were high readings of a volatile organic compound in
6:34 am
several homes. a strong odor was reported around 5:45 in a house on north gorski lane. the skippack fire company responded and the meters went into alarm and they got readings in 100 homes. >> our neighborhood had a 3-point something. we had to open the windows and evacuate and stay outside until further notice. >> this is notice that was posted on each of the doors here telling residents to call the township in order to set up a meeting so somebody can come and take readings in their home today. as for any illness or injuries, none reported. the fire department said several families did go to the hospital as a precaution they were in the initial home and adjacent home. they wanted to make sure everything was okay, because they had been in the home the
6:35 am
entire day. they drove themselves to the hospital and got some blood tests taken to see if they could she had light on what's happening here. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> happening today, pink slips are expected to go out to more than 1,000 employees at trump plaza casino in atlantic city. trump entertainment resort says it expects to close the casino by september 16 due to are a steep decline in revenue. 2458d be the 4th -- that would be the 4th casino to fold this year. costing the area 8,000 jobs. >> i am an employee of the casino, i've been here 20 years, i've seen a lot of changes. >> atlantic city is obviously going to have to do something to revitalize itself and not be so reliant on gaming and gambling. >> representatives of the casino workers union are expected to comment sometime today. >> in the middle east thousands of palestinians are responding
6:36 am
to leaflets dropped by israeli planes. they are fleeing. israel planes have been bombing sites in northern gaza. the attacks have killed 16 people. the palestinians say many are women and children. prime minister netanyahu argues back that hamas is to blame for those deaths. >> because we fails a very, very -- we face a very, very brutal terrorist enemy. here's the difference between us, we're using missile defense to protect our civilians. they are using their civilians to protect their missels that's the difference. >> hamas has launched the thousand missels and have 8,000 stockpiled. >> a delaware county politician is expected to plead guilty to theft and forgery charges. james bryant is accused of
6:37 am
stealing $3 million from his former employee. he served as collingdale councilman and ran for a judge position. the u.s. house rules committee will consider a move on wednesday to sue president obama over the affordable care act. the hearing could lead to house vote on tuesday. the president has called this a republican stunt. testimony in the bridgegate probe continues on thursday. new jersey lawmakers will hear from another aid from the christy admiration about the -- administration about the closing of the george washington bridge. governor christie is in by with- iowa. >> let's turn to karen with storm tracker 6 live. >> reporter: let's take a look at storm tracker 6 live double scan, philadelphia is dry, just
6:38 am
a sprinkle coming our way. let's go in closer with our street-level view with this live, double scan radar. we've seen heavy rain showers that pushed through the coastline south of atlantic city, basically that's exiting just a couple of sprinkles left around otherwise. it's light showers heading near philadelphia moving through wilmington right now. most of the these storms come later today. let's head outside, lots of clouds up above, but sunshine breaking through, too, we look live on sky of. as we look at the center city skyline in hd. 75 degrees the current temperature, it's warm and sticky, the dewpoint 67. anything above 60 you feel the humidity. the wind are light out of the west/southwest pumping up the moist and humid air mass. satellite and radar showing we have storms moving through overnight. we're not be lieuing at a
6:39 am
strong -- looking at a strong line of storms to our north and west. this will develop. we're watching it on future tracker 6. this is 1:30 p.m. not much, maybe a shower at any point. look at 5:30, you see this line of storms developing with a frontal boundary. we can see them along the i-95 at # p.m. and pushing off the coastline. we're not out of the woods after that. it's tomorrow that we expect storms with this. today we're under a slight risk for severe weather. we'll see a chance of gusty downpours, as well. we have flash flooding is possible. we have a flash-flood watch in effect today and tomorrow. drenching rain with any one of these storms. we have gusty winds and the potential for hail. it's not going to rain all day, down the shore we're seeing storms moving off the coastline. the line 6 storm comes west to
6:40 am
east. i think it will be late in the day you get the storms. humid 79. 3:00 p.m., 85 degrees, just be careful and have the app on your phone. that's storm tracker 6 live app to hem you out. it's hot today, 91 for the high. hot and sticky. the strong storms developing late this afternoon into the evening hours during the drive time later today. tomorrow more storms, i was looking at this i think the best chance of these would be late in the day, also. wednesday, breezy and cooler, 83. kind of refreshing on thursday, 83 degrees, partly sunny skies, low humidity, friday, saturday and sunday, each day we have clouds and sun mix. eacheach day shower or thundersm chance. not like today. keep ran eye on that one. >> philadelphia community college the main campus on
6:41 am
spring garden will be closed until noon dealing with peco issue. other satellite campuses will be opening on time. new easy task the remnants of a capsized cruise ship is being removed two years after the disaster. >> surfers out west pay tribue to a lifeguard lost at sea. >> reporter: building volume on the southbound side near the ben franklin bridge. >> a hollywood hoax sparks an internet frenzy people upset, details coming up on "action news."
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>> 6:44 taking a look he at the waterfront in wilmington, delaware. 74 degrees on city avenue. hot and humid, getting up to 91. look out for drenching strong thunderstorms. >> it is that time of the morning where volume builds and it looks like there's a slow down behind you, matt. >> reporter: yes it has built on the schuylkill expressway in the normal slow spot. westbound by city avenue we're stacked up by belmont. it's normal stuff we're cruised every single day. last week we saw people on vacation, so volume was lighter than normal. at this point the delays on the schuylkill expressway are in full force. happening on i-95, your slow down southbound from bridge to girard. speeds in the 20s.
6:45 am
extra slowing on the ben franklin bridge this morning, 3 lanes are available coming into center city. we're used to have four lanes because they have two eastbound lanes blocked for the on going construction. i think you may be better off on the betsy or the walt, the ben not the way to go this morning. a water main break whitpain township lafayette way near erbs mill road. skip pack a couple of issues, katherine has been talking about the miss -- mysterious odor at gorski lane. route 10 is blocked north of chapel avenue. old wilmington road is a possible alternate. let's check in with 202,
6:46 am
thinks look different for southbound drivers approaching 29. you were moving here on friday. now you're movie -- moving on to the new concrete. we're getting to the last stretch. construction. the the whole project will be done by the fall. >> a hit-and-run driver search continues for a man whrofts struck on newport -- who was struck on newport pike. police are, woulding on a description -- are working on a description of the car. >> hundreds of surfers paddled into the pacific to honor ben carlson who was swept away during a attempt to rescue a swimmer. crews off the coast of italy are preparing for the
6:47 am
biggest salvage operation of its kind in history. this is video of the ship taken this morning. air will be pumped into the crews ship to raise it one deck at a time until it's able to float. it will take four days to tow the wreck. the effort comes 2 1/2 years after the ship sunk killing 32 people on board. >> "good morning america" has a world wild exclusive, an interview with malala as she tries to get the
6:48 am
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man: i see the steam rising off the cup, 'cause you know it's a fresh pot. man: one cup a day for sure. two if need be. and it's usually "need be." dunkin' -- your place for coffee. >> we are about to give a hand off to "good morning america." >> dan harris is joining us with a look at what's coming on after "action news." >> reporter: hey guys, we're ready for the handoff great to be with you on this busy monday morning. strange weather will make it feel like september from the dakotas to the mid mississippi valley into the great lakes. ginger zee is here with the unseasonable cold air moving in. israeli airstrikes into gaza day 7. a ground offensive could be next. we're live from gaza city and jerusalem with the latest. plus, the desperate search torched the 200 school girls
6:51 am
kidnapped by the terror group in nigeria. now the most famous young woman malala is in the country to help secure their release. and amy robach is there. and we'll talk about the world cup and cameron diaz is in the studio to talk about her latest movie. robin saw it and said she enjoyed it. >> reporter: as you come toward broad street the fender bender is cleared out, we're jammed heading toward 76. mount laurel, the crash has cleared and the delay has thinned out as well by 73. in ocean county the overturned vehicle crash on the garden state parkway southbound a
6:52 am
couple of lanes out of commission there. >> reporter: all the lanes are dry, just imagine what it will be like when we have heavy storms through the evening rush. we have showers moving through philadelphia and dover. the heavier storms that we saw off the coastline are pushing off the coast of cape may right now. let's take a look at the current temperatures. 67 in quakertown, 69 in warrington. 74 in chester. it's sticky, too. 74 in hammonton, 74 in woodbine 74 in dover. the high today is 91. 9:00 a.m., 81. lots of clouds and sunshine, noon, 865 shower or thunderstorm at any point. i think the best time for the showers and thunderstorms start at 3:00 p.m. and last until 6:00 p.m. him we'll continue to see them until they push off the coast, tam. >> thank you, karen. don't worry it's just a hoax, piper is coming back to tv. fans. net flicks hit orange is the new
6:53 am
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>> top stories at 6:56 it is unclear what created a mysterious odor that led to an evactuation in skippack, montgomery county. officials are calling it a volatile organic compound. crews will test each home before allowing residents to return. pink slips are expected to go out to 1,000 workers at trump plaza. it would be the 4th resort closure in ac this year. >> reporter: busy traffic on 422 from oaks to 23. him route 10 is closed because of a crash and downed pole. stick with old wilmington road. >> reporter: a flash-flood watch goes into effect at noon today and last until tomorrow evening. we're at a slight risk for severe weather. we could see a shower or thunderstorm at any point. they will be around this afternoon and evening. today's high, 91 degrees, you
6:57 am
can see how the temperatures will unfold. it's going to be hot and humid. >> it's a great day to download the storm tracker 6 live app. we'll see you in 30 minutes for weather traffic and news updates. for matt, matt, karen, david, i'm tam. have a great monday! what can i get you?
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good morning, america. happening now. 80 million on watch as severe weather sweeps across the country. trucks overturned on interstate. families rescued from high waters. lightning barely misses this woman. the storm strands passengers on the monorail in disney world. breaking overnight. a new weapon in the middle east crisis. thousands leafing their homes in gaza. many taking refuge in classrooms, amid new warnings about a ground invasion. gotze! >> a wild finish to the world cup. germany stuns argentina in overtime. meet soccer's new hero, supermario. and this


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