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tv   Action News  ABC  July 17, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> good morning, 6:00 a.m. on this thursday, july 17 we're following breaking news. a couple is found dead inside a philadelphia home. "action news" is live as police try to unravel the mystery into what led to their deaths. >> all new at 6:00 a.m., gunman invade a lehigh valley home and police say a gunman maybe kidnapped. >> do you here that, of course you don't, the rattle of air conditioners may have been
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silenced by the cold weather. >> reporter: 61 in quakertown. 59 in saint davids. 64 in center city. just dropped a degree. 59 in glassboro ascertain hammonton. 67 getting some of these live updates on the hour. 67 at the boardwalk. 62 in woodbine, new jersey, 60 in dover, delaware. yeah, it's kind of cool out here, as you step outside. let's take a look right now, the dewpoint is way down. it feels nice and comfortable, not just today, but into saturday. satellite and radar showing we have partly cloudy skies, we have mostly cloudy skies in parts of south jester and delaware. -- south jersey and delaware. overall it's going to be a nice day, clouds mixing in. at 9:00 a.m., 73 degrees, noon, 79. # p.m., 73 that's the high.
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6:00 p.m., 81. a beautiful day, a cool breeze. >> reporter: i'm thinking el fresco breakfast. >> reporter: if you're treating i'm eating. >> reporter: i-95 we have late running construction, they are in the process of clearing out, but you see the southbound jam we're dealing with in the wake of that work. as you come south past tasker, through this point at the walt whitman bridge. we are bunched up. you may want to think about using the vine westbound or the schuylkill expressway seeb to -- eastbound to the platt bridge. norristown, left lane is out of the commission in both directions on the turnpike. downingtown and modern began town they are blocking the right lane. the big guy, president obama will be in town to talk about
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the 495 closure and his transportation plan. we'll see closures because of his visit. this morning everything is open and looking good on i-95 as you detour around. upper pits grove is route 40, overnight crash there is gone. tam. >> thank you, matt. we're starting with breaking news, investigators are trying to figure out how a couple died in their philadelphia home. we found out they are relate to do a top city official. katherine scott is live on the 2500 block of north spangler street gathering new details now. >> reporter: good morning, tam, family members say they spoke to the couple yesterday, they say there was no sign anything was wrong. their daughter was stopping by the home and discovered this couple unconscious and police call came in, that somebody was screaming. that's how police got here initially. they've identified as ruffus and gladys perry. they have lived here for years.
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their they nephew is deputy city streets commissioner donald carlson. it was around 1:00 a.m. when the report came in of a person screaming. that's when police responded. the couple's 39-year-old daughter found her 66-year-old mother and 79-year-old father on unconscious. the fire department went in with meters but they didn't get any readings of fumes. his awntd was the old -- donald carlson said his aunt was the oldest of 12, the matriarch of the family and was a nurse at hanheman for years. >> they haven't labeled it as a homicide, but details are sketchy. they have been been on this particular block in this particular block for over 40 years, they were a couple that
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bothered no one, both were retired. >> >> reporter: carbon monoxide has been ruled out, occupies will be conducted to determine the cause of death. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> we have new information on our breaking news story from north jersey where a police officer was killed in a traffic accident while on duty. it happened in bergen county. our sister station reports that a tractor-trailer rear ended an unmarked police car that the officer was in killing him. the officer was operating a radar gun at the time. authorities have not identified the officer, but he was a five year veteran of the police force. new this morning, warminster police are asking for your help in identifying this man. these surveillance pictures were taken on monday night on kohll's
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department store. a man was peeking under the dressing room while he she was trying on clothes. he said he was looking for his wife. surveillance video found him wandering around the store for five hours. police are looking for a woman and three men who barged into a home in upper salken township. she held up the man and stole his mercedes benz. a woman was on the second floor of the home during the break in, but she has vanished police are investigating this as a kidnapping. >> maribel aber is live at the nasdaq. >> reporter: gm ceo will testify before a senate subcommittee on why it took so long to recall
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vehicles with a deadly switch i ignition problem. it will be her 4th appearance to explain why the automaker waited a decade to announce a recall. gm is joining other lawmakers -- bmw is calling 1 million of the three series vehicles about one-third are in the u.s. from 2000 to 2006 the problem is with air bags made by the japanese supplier. it's precautionary, and have no reports of problems. the dow posted its 15th record close of the year. futures point to a lower open. the eagles and the phillies made the list of the world's 50 most valuable sports franchises. eagles number 17 with an estimate value of 1.
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3 billion-dollar. the phillies 975 million. real madrid has the highest value at 3.4 billion. nice to see the phillies home team making money. >> i'm surprised they are so low on the list that we are a large city in the country. >> reporter: and being that they are number one for us. we have a good looking forecast, i think you would say top rated. let's take you outside and show you what it looks like sky 6 going live to philadelphia international where we have partly cloudy skies and temperatures cool out there. 66 degrees at philadelphia international. we dropped a degree. the humidity 53 degrees that's the measure of the humidity in the at. not humid at all. the winds out of the north and the pressure is slowly rising.
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in philadelphia, we have partly cloudy skies. you can see we have cloud cover along the coastline. we're staying dry right now. we can see a good amount of sunshine in philadelphia and areas north and west. 9:00 a.m., 73. noon, 79 degrees staying on the cool side a lot of sunshine. 3:00 p.m., 83 that will be the high for today. 4 degrees below average. 6:00 p.m., 81 degrees coming down from the high. if you're heading to the shore, the ocean is cold, 61 degrees. 11:00 a.m., 78 you'll see the sunshine later on, even though you're starting off with clouds. 3:00 p.m., 81 degrees, a mixture of sun and clouds pleasant at the beach. tomorrow, high pressure moves over head. we get to 85 degrees, a tad warmer than today. high pressure in control giving us lots of sunshine and keeping storms at bay not just today, but the next few days, the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, refreshing today we've
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got low humidity, lots of sunshine and temperatures on the cool side with 83 degrees for your high of course cool once again in the overnight hours, 65 in the city we'll drop to the upper 50s in the suburbs. tomorrow morning a cool start and another beauty, 85 degrees for your high, dry and sunshine. saturday, nice, partly sunny skies, 85. saturday looks dry. it looked like there was a chance of a shower or thunderstorm. now we're dry partly sunny and 86. monday, clouds and sun, 87 degrees, tuesday, 87 warm and humid, chance for a thunderstorm. wednesday, 89 degrees, chance of a thunderstorm. >> 6:10 up next, more stories you didn't see last night including the chaotic conclusion to a wild police pursuit to three bank robbers out west.
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>> amazon takes a page out of the net flex policy for ereaders. >> reporter: we have a crash on northbound lanes of route 1 the super highway. police and a tow truck are on the scene. we'll watch this and see in the delays on i-95 have cleared out after the break. >> the action is about to drop on the tech giant costing the company thousands of jobs, which company that is next in tech
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>> good morning, wilmington, you're taking a live look on our sky 6 camera into downtown, 6:14, 66 degrees, going to get up to 83 degrees. >> matt pellman following this traffic proob people messed up -- problem, people messed up on this roadway. >> reporter: the crash is on the ramp from 13 to the northbound side of route 1 the super highway. involving a vehicle facing sideways, they have the vehicle straightened out. you can get by it's causing a slowing on northbound 13 to 1 toward oxford valley and the
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trenton-morrisville bridge. speeds are slowing i-95 southbound through the work zone toward girard. here's something interest, they have been doing the work around girard avenue. they have pulled up archeological finds, tonight they will be displaying them from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. head out and check that out. on i-95 south philadelphia we have that late-running construction. they are working on the in order of the walt whitman bridge. you can see the rightane squeezing by heading toward center city. southbound evething is cleergd cleared out and you're moving much better. mount laurel is the road to avoid until 7:00 p.m.
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>> a wild bank robbery and high-speed chase ended with three people dead in central california. the violence began whenhree men robbed a bank in stockton. they stole an suv and led officers on a high-speed chase. two of the hostages were thrown out of the vehicle. they are recovering at the hospital. suv came to a stop, officers exchanged gunfire with someone inside the vehicle. all three robbery suspects were shot and the third hostage was found dead inside the suv. no officers were injured. president obama has hit russia with tough, new sanctions over what he allegation -- alleges is russia's attempt to allow weapons and fighters to cross into ukraine. the actions come in coordination with the sanctions imposed by
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the european union. he made the reason for the sanctions clear to president vladimir putin. >> we have tech bytes. >> reporter: ment axe is waiting to fall on microsoft. 1,000 employees may be layed off today. amazon kendall unlimited will cost ten dollars a month. we're getting a look at the super secure black phone that keeps the users anonymous. >> reporter: you're in the silent text app you can send a text to another person with a black phone. you can make that text self-destruct. >> kim kardashian hollywood game app is on its way to
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earning $200 million. >> cabbie drivers in washington state are getting unusual driving lessons. >> we'll tell you where tiger woods stands at the british open right now. >> reporter: let's check 9 almanac, we'll be 4 degrees below normal. normally we would be in the upper 80s. even tonight we'll be at 65, below average. >> you can get "action news" and accuweather anytime with our 6abc news app. it's free at the apple and google app stores.
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>> reporter: i'm nydia han if you have a problem i want to help you. today i'm tackling a problem with the philadelphia parking authority. find out what happens when we trouble shoot for a viewer who keeps getting parking tickets for a car she doesn't own. that's coming up at 5:30 p.m., as we debut "action news" troubleshooting. >> she should wear a cape. >> reporter: watch out for nydia. >> reporter: we have an accident that's clearing on the super highway route 1. 42 buildings northbound volume coming from turnersville, blackwood and deptford heading toward the walt whitman bridge. trains and buses are on time this morning. >> reporter: in fact here's the transit planner if you're going to head up.
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9:00 a.m., 73 degrees, noon, 79 more sunshine. 3:00 p.m., sunshine just some clouds and 83. really a beautiful day. 83 degrees for your high. 6:00 p.m. coming down from that, and 81 degrees. let's take a quick look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. refreshing today with low humidity, lots of sunshine a nice high of 83. tomorrow another beauty high of 85. saturday is still nice, 85 degrees and partly sunny skies, sunday partly sunny, 86. monday, clouds an sun, 87 that's when we introduce a chance for a shower or thunderstorm. >> going on to "healthcheck" now, niacin a b have it minute used tore lowering -- vitamin for lowering cholesterol showed that it may cause diabetes or stomach bleeding. they say it's too risky for routine use.
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>> the british open has begun at royal liver pool in england. he has played two rounds of competitive golf since his back surgery. he is 1 over playing the 9th hole. conditions are mild for the british open. local golfer jim furyk is tide at the top of the leaderboard with 3 under. >> katherine scott gathering new information on a breaking story, katherine. >> reporter: matt a couple is found dead inside a strawberry mansion home. with no obvious signs of trauma police are trying to
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>> hundreds of residents in central washington state are being under to evacuate as a wind-driven wildfire races through nearby timber. the blaze is sending up a to to your of smoke 25,000 feet into the area. officials believe the fire was caused by lightning. crews picked up a lighthouse along the gulf coast and moved it 12 miles. beach erosion was threatening the structure which is the reason it was moved once before in 1918. the 7-ton cast iron to your was
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built on the cape in 1885. it took 7 hours to reach it's new home in port st. joe. taxi charm school drivers are being taught how to be more courteous. they face new competition for companies like uber and lift. they are hoping that the hospitality class being offered at south seattle college will steer them in the right direction. >> a temporary cease-fire in the middle east has been violated already. >> a rising football star has been wrapped into the investigation of a two-year-old murder case in delaware. we'll tell you about the twist in the investigation when
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>> breaking now on "action news," philadelphia police are investigating the discovery of two dead bodies and the couple involved is related to a top city official. >> we're following breaking news in northern new jersey where a police officer was hit and killed by a truck. >> president obama is in delaware to deliver a message about the state roads and bridgeses. >> david murphy is off, and karen rogers has weather and matt pellman has traffic. >> reporter: we have one more alarm clock and we're set to go. we're in the 50s in the suburbs. 57 in manners creek. 58 in oxford. 63 in the city.
6:31 am
usually we make it down to 70 for the overnight low. 61 in browns mills new jersey. 59 in hammonton, 60 in dover, delaware. satellite and radar showing while we have a good amount of sunshine in philadelphia we have low clouds that are trying to head off off the coastline if you're in south jersey or southern delaware you have a bit more cloud cover. we'll see sunshine through the day today so no worries with that. 9:00 a.m., 73. mostly sunny skies, noon, 79. 3:00 p.m., 83 degrees that's the high for today drop down at 6:00 p.m. to 81 degrees, a beautiful day today. how long can we keep it coming, details in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, you know it can't last forever, not allowed to last. >> reporter: already, sounds good, if you were out you wouldn't be out there standing on the terrace enjoying the beautiful morning. thank goodness you're not off.
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i-95 we had late running construction crews have cleared out from all lanes in both directions, everything is reopened and the traffic is moving better. on top of the walt whitman bridge heading into new jersey, eastbound traffic is moving slowly through that work zone heading into camden county. elsewhere on i-95 it's a slow go on the southbound side from the betsy ross bridge into girard, speeds have developed in the 20s and 30s on the schuylkill expressway. let's check out our good buddy ben the ben franklin bridge. three lanes available heading westbound into center city that will cause delays as the morning progresses. use the walt instead if you're coming into pennsylvania or the betsy ross bridge westbound would be another option. lower moreland a car ran into a guardrail near philmont avenue. a good spot to avoid. we're watching this crash in falls township, bucks county along the northbound side of
6:33 am
route 1 at route 13. everything is reopened along 1 and looking good so far on this thursday morning. >> let's begin with breaking news. a house and wife were found dead in a home in strawberry mansion section overnight. "action news" has learned that the couple is relate to do a top city official. katherine scott is live at the scene where detectives are trying to figure out this out. katherine. >> reporter: that's right, matt, there are a lot of unknowns. the police are trying to figure out the couple is gladys and r up if. fus -- ruffus perry. their nephew is donald carlson. police remain on the scene as the investigation is underway. investigators are trying to determine how they died. there were no obvious signs of trauma or forced entry.
6:34 am
the home is located on north spangler street. before 1:00 a.m. police responded to the home for the report of a person screaming. it was their only child who found them unconscious. they were pronounced on the scene. the fire department went in with meters, but they didn't get any reading of fumes. the family said carbon monoxide has been ruled out.ifcu se at. no obviously cause of death no signs of trauma. although they were pronounced on the scene, the cause of death is unknown at this time. >> and back here live where officers are posted on the scoon. the family said they -- scene, the family said they spoke to
6:35 am
the couple yesterday, the daughter was stopping by when she found them. this is being called a suspicious death at this point. this has not been ruled a homicide. we're told that autopsy will be conducted so they can determine the cause of death. live in strawberry mansion, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> we have brand new information and video from a scene in north jersey. police identified the police officer who was struck and kill boy a truck. 32-year-old christopher gadell. he was using a radar gun in an unmarked police cruiser when a tractor-trailer swerved on the shoulder and rear ended the police car crushing it into a retaining wall. the police officer was killed on impact. he was a member of the u.s. marine corps. a football standout from delaware is under arrest for
6:36 am
witness intimidation in his hometown of wilmington. police say it was in order to protect his friend who was awaiting trial in the murder case. smallwood is about to enter his second year at west virginia, he is being held in a jail in that state awaiting abdomin -- an extradition hearing. a cease-fire between israel and hamas has been broken. a senior israeli official said the countries will likely carry out a ground invasion of gaza and considering a long term reoccupation of the coastal
6:37 am
territory. probe has called for to agree to a permanent cease-fire. >> we have been heart broken by the violence, especially with the deaths of the innocent civilians in gaza. >> more than 200 palestinians have been killed since the fighting began. israel reported one death. >> president obama takes his pitch for better roads and bridges to delaware. mr. obama will use the on going repairs for the 495 bridge as a platform for improving infrastructure nationwide. without a reviewl of -- renewalf the program projects will cut. >> we've dipped into the 50s. >> reporter: upper 50s in the suburbs an 60s in the city.
6:38 am
storm tracker 6 live double scan we're dry. staying dry today. let's go outside and we'll start the day off right with a center city skyline, a beautiful skyline, you can see the blue skies back there. we have a few clouds here or there. a few more clouds in southern new jersey and delaware. 53 degrees, no humidity out there today. the winds out of the north a cool breeze at 5 miles per hour. the pressure is rising. 60 in allentown, 58 in lancaster. 60 in millville. it's off to a bit of a cool start. normally in the overnight hours we get to 70. satellite and radar, showing that stubborn front we dealt with a pushing off the coastline. low clouds in parts of south jersey and delaware. if you're along the coastline you'll get sunshine later on. you'll see that looking at the radar. as we look wider, high pressure is moving in, not a lot going
6:39 am
on, we'll set cells up for a dry couple of days. mostly sunny skies, low humidity, high of 83. 8:00 a.m. k 72 degrees, 11:00 a.m., 78. 2:00 p.m., 73 we'll reach our high and 5378, coming down from that -- at 5:00 p.m., coming down from that, at 81 degrees. at the shore, 9:00 a.m., sunshine and pleasant. 3:00 p.m., 81, looking good at the shore. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, it's a good one, refreshing, lowering humidity, cooler than average. tomorrow, we start off cool again with the suburbs in the upper 50s and the city 65. high of 85. a gorgeous day. saturday, 85 degrees for the high. sunday, partly sunny, 86.
6:40 am
it looked earlier we might see a disturbance on sunday, but now we'll stay dry, partly sunny, 86. monday, clouds and sun, chance of shower or thunderstorm. 87 degrees and more humid. wednesday, warm and humid, 89 degrees, if you miss that summer heat and humidity it's coming at the end of the search day, if not there's something for everybody in the seven day. >> it's a grab bag. 6:40, smoke and flames fill a city street when an aircraft coming crashing down. >> from the eyes of the first responder, see more from the eyes of a police officer when a young life hangs in the balance. >> reporter: the pennsylvania turnpike there's a new crash we'll talk about it after the break. >> after the break a beauty queen in delaware fights for her
6:41 am
title. we'll tell you what the former miss delaware plans to do that's up next.
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>> 6:43, final a day you don't have to go to the beach to get cooler weather, because it will be cooler for all of us, 67 degrees right now. getting up to 83 today with low humidity. >> but you have to deal with traffic slow downs that's what's going on with matt pellman.
6:44 am
>> reporter: you say beautiful morning, i say sun glare, that's the glass is half empty. spoil sport that's right. eastbound side approaching downtown route 100 there's a bat crash blocking the roadway. you want to avoid the eastbound side of 76 the pennsylvania turnpike. coming out of the morgantown stay on 23 over to 100. use 322 to the south or the 0 bypass eastbound toward 202. ful pennsylvania turnpike eastbound to be avoided at the moment because of the new accident. we have a motorcycle crash on 422 eastbound pottstown, you can see what the crash on the ramp is doing to speeds in the main lanes 15 miles per hour as everyone slows down to watch the activity associated with the accident. lower moreland a vehicle into a guardrail near pine rail.
6:45 am
let's see how things are going on the schuylkill expressway as we look live by belmont, normal morning on the schuylkill expressway. tail lights heading westbound. we'll have lots of closures later today once president obama arrives at new castle county airport at 1:15. likely they will send a motorcade up route 13. he'll leave the area at 3:15 more closures then. >> thank you matt. developing right now over seas south koreanople were killed int chop crash. flames and smoke shot out of the helicopter when it crashed. police are trying to determine if any civilians are among the dead. >> ew from our delaware newsroom a beay queen whoos
6:46 am
her crown is taking the pageant organizers to court. the former miss delaware has disqualified for being too old. longacre is seeking money and the right to compete. the passage website says contestants must be between 17 and 24 years old. longacre will be 25 in october. a police officer wearing a department issue body camera recorded the rescue of a toddler in ohio. he and the young victim's aunt performed cpr the 2-year-old boy nearly drown after falling into a pool. he did regain consciousness and is doing well in the hospital. temperatures are below
6:47 am
average this morning, some of the cooler spots the upper 50s. the dewpoints are low, too, it's nice and comfortable, staying that way through saturday. details in the forecast coming up next. you can get "action news" and accuweather anytime with our 6abc news app. it's free at the apple and google app stores.
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>> 6:49 we're ten minutes from saying good morning to "good morninamerica." >> because we know her personally we can say good morning t amy robach right.
6:50 am
so morning. >> reporter:ood morning, mat and t, so greato be withou this mor. "m.a.,"re b overnight, gier t latestcolohingto cop. neth mning, a califor rbe esnsh takinges and leing policen a wild thpeed c ree people were kle uding one the hostages. a diver missing inhe bahamas. we'll have more on t frantic sear after a failed rescue mission. robin roberts takes us e oked beautiful as always.pis,
6:51 am
>> we' allamiar with getting s tkete y the speeding ticket if you travel the platt bridge. you used to travel 45 miles per hour yesterday, they changed the speeds to 35 miles per hour. watch it as you travel on the platt bridge. a bad crash in chester county on turnpike blocking the roadway. >> reporter: trains they are looking good on time this morning. >> reporter: satellite and radar showing us the clouds that were covering south jersey and delaware trying to push off the coastline. if you're waking up at the beach. it's cloudy, the rest of us seeing sunshine.9:00 a.m., 73 w. noon, 79, so still a touch cool. we're on the dry side all day
6:52 am
today. no problems with the weather. bright sunshine. 3:00 p.m., 83 degrees, below average and low humidity, feeling nice. 6:00 p.m., 81. if you're flying out of the town, all along the east coast, the front is off theoastline. no delays right now. if you'relying out to the southwestern par the states we have heavy storms. >> it's about a good year for danica mckellen. she is engaged, she confirmed the news via instagram. she is the second trip down the aisle .
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>> here your top stories, autopsy will be conducted to try to determine the cause of death for a husband and wife whose bodies were found in their strawberry mansion home. the older couple was related to a deputy streets commissioner, donald carlton. a no matter north jersey pe officer was struck and killed by a truck a truck diver ran into the unmarked police car this morning. the officer's name has not been
6:56 am
released. president obama will be in delaware to inspect the 495 bridge. he will call on congress to renew the highway trust fund which is set to expire next month. >> reporter: we have a crash involving vehicle on the pennsylvania turnpike. we have a broken down truck on 42 slowing traffic. >> reporter: 59 in quakertown and 63 in chester. 62 in browns mills. 59 in camden and 60 in dover, delaware. so we're below average. heading up to 83. we're staying bright and sunny. low humidity, 9:00 a.m., 73. 6:00 p.m., coming down from a high, 81. for everyone here, matt pellman, karen rogers, tamala edwards, david murphy, i'm matt
6:57 am
o'donnell. "g.m.a." is next! safety goggles? this breakfast burrito is exploding with flavor. i think you're getting a little carried away. morning, guys. try dunkin's southwest steak breakfast burrito with steak and fire-roasted vegetables. enjoy huge flavor for $2.99 today.
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while stopping at dunkin' donuts, so now i'm sitting in the bed of my truck, sipping a latte and smiling. #mydunkin" get any small hot or iced latte for just 99 cents from 2 to 6 p.m. share your story. #mydunkin good morning, america. new this morning, flash flooding emergency. torrential rains turn restaurants into rivers.
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police car for evacuations, roads give way as dry conditions spark new wildfires out west. dozens burning at this hour. hundreds forced from their homes. [ sirens] and breaking overnight, fatal shootout. three suspected bank robbers taking hostages leading police on a deadly chase. bullets flying everywhere. a hostage killed in the bloody standoff. new this morning, what caused this massive hole in the ground to suddenly open up? it's 260 feet wide. scientists headed to investigate at this hour. conspiracy theories growing right now. ♪ it feels good to be strong >> and sports. strongest night, robin right there celebrating this year's most


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