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tv   Action News 600 PM  ABC  July 21, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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his vessel struck the rocks and since then they launched a search in the ocean and the air to find him. and "action news" reporter john rawlins covering the story and he has the latest on the search efforts tonight. john? >> hi, rick. this is an open-ended each this morning. no plans to stand down. it is a recovery operation and extends from the point at my right there the buoy where the trouble started late last night, out to the atlantic ocean off the beaches of ocean city. the man who went missing, 45 year old andrew bittle a celebrated power boat razor -- racer written winning title in the u.s. and britain. and it was believed he was operating a pontoon boat
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throwing them into the water. >> i heard a big thud and then i heard "help help help" screaming and i knew it was somebody in the water. you could just tell. and then he started screaming his friend's name. i hope i get it right, it is a little bit after traumatic night, but it was something like "andy, andy, andy". >> and how he ended up in the water. >> i felt going on my friend's shoulder. >> and workers said they had no comment with the missing plan. late this afternoon the state police using a special sonar unit trolled back and forth near the shore. this is where the bay meets the ocean. the mayor says that currents can be tricky. >> you have the ocean coming from my right, the bay on the left. it is very difficult to navigate this area with the boat. >> so how did a seasoned racer,
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a power boat racer setting records in the past end up in trouble while navigating with a pontoon boat? they are hoping that the survivor will have some anticipateses and they were due to meet with him late this afternoon. live in longport for channel 6 "action news." and philadelphia police arrested gianluca basile >> philadelphia police arrested terry ballard and justen smith for the murder of strawberry mansion murder. gladys perry and rufus perry. both strangered. and ballard and smith face murder charges. and a body discovered about 9:00 this morning between the robinhood bridge and the lehigh parkway. a woman in her 30s and 40's. no obvious signs of trauma.
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the coroner's offers will conduct an autopsy to determine the cause of death. a philadelphia police officer fired a gun once to end a tense situation in fishtown this morning. police called to the reports of an armed man barricaded in a vehicle at the intersection of sepviva and berks street. the call came in about 8:35 this morning. no one was hurt and the man was taken to the hospital for a mental health evaluation. well, big changes tonight at citizens bank park. and phillies fans may notice them right away. metal detectors introduced at the ballpark as part after pilot program to beef up security in baseball stadiums throughout the country. and dann cuellar is live with the full story. dann? >> yes, rick. for some fans it is a whole new ballgame at citizens bank park. if you want to come see a game out here you have to go through medal detectors. for now and the rest of the season, only for the fans entering through the right-field gates.
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welcome to the new world of major league baseball. yes, folks, beginning with tonight's game all baseball fans coming through the right-field gates will have to go through medal detectors. >> after events like the boston marathon happening, it made we, security directors, look inward and say if we need a little help with our security procedures what can we do? this is where major league baseball went and all parks are doing it next year. >> and slowly but surely all sports venues are looking at revving up the security measures. and the phillies citizens bank park installed metal detectors. >> you don't have to take off your belt or shoes. the only thing we ask to you take out of your pockets is a call -- camera, cell phone and keys. put them in a dish and walk through. >> and they are operational throughout the rest of the
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phillies season and next year permanently at all gates. and that is likely to slow down the fans' entry into the ballpark. >> i just walked through. and we're ok. it is for our safety that they are doing it. so i am all for it. >> again for now phillies fans going through the right-field gate have to go through the metal detector. if you are planning on entering here, plan on taking a little longer to get in the ballpark. live at citizens bank park. >> and looking for a pair of men robbing delivery workers of the electric bicycles. the police identified one suspect as william mack. saying mack and a partner using cell phones to place phony take-out orderers getting access to the bikes. saying a dozen happened since march and worth upwards of
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$1500. a former philadelphia police dispatcher pled guilty in a bribery case. arrested in may of revealing confidential information about car accidents in exchange for cash. saying that parsely texts the crash location and vehicle registration to tow truck owners. and she pled guilty. and the owner of the company in hunting park also pled guilty. >> and carpenters protesting outside of the convention center, calling for an end to the lock-out. and last month the company that manages the convention center told "action news" it dropped the workers after the union miss added line for work rules. and four of those that work in the convention center signed the agreement. jury deliberations in the federal trial of former
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philadelphia traffic court judges, five defendants if accused of fixing tickets for friends, family and others. and traffic court appall gi -- abolishes because of the case. and the speed limit raised to 70 miles per hour in the south central part of keystone case. and also heightened controls by the police. and in lancaster county tonight with more. hey, walter. >> that's right, rick. the new speed limit strictly enforced by police as we are told. you can imagine we spoke with commuters, many of whom say it is a great idea, others not so much. the new 70-mile-per-hour speed limit in effect july 23, which is this coming wednesday. if only affects 100 south of
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reading and blue mountain west of harrisburg. and speaking with them at the rest stop, many said what took so long? >> i drove to tennessee and it is 70 most of the way. and i drove across the country many times. only 5 miles an hour, people go 70 anyway. >>i love the idea. in michigan with 70 on the freeway, it should be 70 here. everybody is going 70, you might as well put it to 70. >> people that go a lot lower than that sometimes can be hazardous on the roads. i think it is a matter of being able to handle it and be responsible. >> and the whole country is about 70 miles an hour now. coming from the west coast all the way to the east. it is 70 miles to just about every state. >> there were a few people who say that raising the speed limit any higher than 65 is just asking for trouble. >> when you have an accident going that speed, it's fatal. >> it will encourage them just
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to go faster. they go faster than the speed limit now, and increasing it, they will go even faster. >> probably should keep it around 65 around here, that's my thought. but most people are traveling 80 out there anyway, it is only going to make it legal. but i think making it legal doesn't necessarily make it right. >> once again the new speed i am in effect on wednesday. and also wednesday the turnpike commission holds new conference for other speed changes to the turnpike in the future. and stay with 6abc and for the very latest on that. reporting live from the rest stop on the pennsylvania turnpike, walter perez channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. and still to come on "action news" monday night, it has been a staple on the boardwalk at sea isle city for decades and now this historic carousel up for auction. >> and wawa closing the doors for good. the first-ever location in delaware county. that story coming up. and 70s invaded much of the
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lower 48. cool temperatures last week. you can see the summer heat building again. we let you know when it hits 90 in the accuweather forecast. >> thank you. >> and ducis rodgers with sports and much more when "action news at 6:00" comes right back. (son) oh no...
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can you fix it, dad? yeah, i can fix that. (dad) i wanted a car that could handle anything. i fixed it! (dad) that's why i got a subaru legacy. (vo) symmetrical all-wheel drive plus 36 mpg. i gotta break more toys. (vo) introducing the all-new subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. >> a piece of jersey shore history about to go on the auction box. the carousel one of 150 still left in the united states. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic with the story from
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ocean county. >> a true icon of the jersey shore. ot rganisndt was b rolla t bythwu 50ofomacrossy, t only about 150ethunooth it isbulous. >> we used to come here a the woo painted. time and we came down for a special trip just to see it. >> looking to moderze and expan carousel. har b forsalaybothat whyopg iuw granddaughter rides allus. it is really fancy.
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l sho and i don't want you want to let thesehings get away.ns h to man us. and soy htgs.ertorm s some tings destroyed andost, it is the one last item. >> and t areanizing a there is nouyer ole,iwinoranne girets mcde avenue in ridleys ors.any's locio osing to make way for a larger store. at mcdade and route 20, consuction to start next spring. from the delawareews room the department of defense wants to unload 32 mobile fie tc a au. th are in new castle. and they include mal storage,
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aces back>> and hopully it wil a od thing condering the record atcitizens back as well, his f disabled and htch tonight a the nts.jami doel against giants. as been out sin m1mt much mia since th.ff l ton thin, ndab aself tonight.sandberg says lee's pnce on the mnd regar the team that desperately needs it. >> chomping at the bit to be back pitching, that's what he loves to do. i think he is anxious to get out there and perform and do well. that's cliff lee.
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for him to take the mound, i am sure that he wilotally he canexcited aboutat. >> how long will h co datit are rumored to the and it is clear the phillies are going to doome unloa it has to g deadline. distctras for bu sandberg says they handling it well. >> that's what i havseen, the focus on the gamet hand. d guys performing. so that's i e pavd e job lmes uot of humru happens. they are smart enough to know that. >> and carlos ruiz shoulbe back before the end of the week antday they designated tony gwynn, jr. for assignment. >> and to football, the eagles' training camp around the corner,
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meaning it starts this week. players report friday with the first practice saturday. and getting more excited, the preseason opener in chicago is two weeks from friday. talking about the defense, michael kendrick feels with the year of the defense under the belt, the birds will be even better. >> it is our second year. going into the next phase. the first year is the first go-around. and this year we know our calls and the chemistry there more so this year. i am looking forward to and i think it will be a great year. and the defense looking forward to it as well. and the football is back to save ufrom the phillies. >> and don't forget, get "action news" sports and accuweather any time. the news apps are free at the apple and google app stores.
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lk lun he ar gd. ,llsipitatnd t actoy a loref to burthe imes the51 andd tth temperatures fm mibok.rlften ttt lo iladelphia down from tigh of 86 to 83
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and trenton 82. all temperatures way bel king tatellite and radar, clouds doubles up north and west, and high clouds trying to scream up from the south. you see the thicker cuds in the virginias and the carolinas, the humidity not only higher for the air temperature, and tomorrow t muggies return. and the southwesterly wind pumpinon the western side, high of 89, feeling closer to low 90s in much of the area. it turns tropical if not oppressive wednesday. bere the front arrivals, 93 degrees. heat indices near 100. and very late in the afternoon and evening as the front progresses through, it will touch often some downpours and a few thunderstorms. that would be on the strong side. at thehore pretty decent day. more humid but temperatures remain in mid to upper 70s.
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it stops thereecause of the wind coming off the water. and much like today with the stronger sea breeze the waters could be a little rough at times. very high u.v. iex and water temperature at 71. speaking of the ocean and water, weo have a cluster of thunderstorms which is now tropical storm depression number two. wind sustained 35 miles per hour. it is moving to the west and eventually to the northwest, heading towar the leeward islands, windward islands and lesser utilities. and thi should not gain momentum or speed and will in fact start to fall apart heading towards the caribbean. and good news as the season pretty quiet. and tonight muggy 65 to 69 for the overnight low. the exculusive forecast, muggy tomorrow, 89. one dayhere everybody gets
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into the lower 90s.nd hu dooshorh e0. and thursday, a rndmaylethingrtt creep bk day at re it turnsnsed a h j degrees. getting littl ho around here uma it has been low humidiy beautiful a nights. atin aarssdonatindhe fair wasmp plenty of barnyd fun. thetry's music bameereform thi
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>>ddiane sawyer hl with brian , en allicot, adaand ducis dgers. and join us fews :00" r forrdn enews" trickeng il 1 1:00. that putsky.
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as new e closes inn russ andhe g long burnihe h >> youre, howg ch p into the a this monday u wouldt. before yd
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it's so good to start
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