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tv   Action News 530 PM  ABC  July 24, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> two guns retrieved at the scene and one with the perpetrator and one we believe that the doctor may have possessed at this point in time. we believe the doctor certainly from all of our accounts would be acting in self-defense but we are looking at that information as we speak. >> and now "action news" reporter vernon odom who got to the scene shortly after this all unfolded is live with more. >> reporter: good evening, rick it's very easy to describe the scene at this hospital this afternoon. it was an atmosphere of fear, chaos and a massive buildup of police from multiple jurisdictions. police came from multiple delco jurisdictions and there was fear that a second attacker may be loose on this campus. >> a cop came with his guns
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drawn and another two cops came behind him and then she said we are to all get in the back. that is adam williams that came in for x-rays today and he was kautd in the middle of an evacuation, they were rushed through the building. >> they said we have to evacuate because of gunshots on the third floor and they evacuated us all out. >> tried to get all of my patients out of the room and this is just crazy. >> eventually the fear of a second possible attacker here on the campus here were ruled out and immediately things started to ramp down in terms of tension, the police going back to their various jurisdictions and traffic moving through the area. vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you again. we have been following this story as it broke on air an
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online at we set up a slideshow of images from the scene, stay with us for updates on this breaking news store dwri. >> and now the deadly conflict with israel and hamas, women and children were killed in the shelling of a u.n. run shelter run for children in gaza today. they say it happened while staffers were trying to evacuate the civilians from the compound. palestinians claim it was the israeli that attacked but the israelis say it was the other way around. >> the israeli side had all the coordinates including these schools and we spent much of the day, and we tried to get a pause to get the civilians evacuated.
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>> this comes as israel sworn in their new president. >> just as they renewed, a high school graduate from our area, was embarking on a trip of a lifetime. >> looking at the pictures it looks like any other experience, but alex, a recent radnor graduate, is one she will never forget. >> it's a little unsettling to see the smoke clouds above my apartment in metropolitan tel aviv, it's great to see that versus a fire on the ground. alex stayed in what she described as a relatively calm tel aviv most of her time in israel but spent time working with kids north of gaza. she says the children were not allowed to play outside but her group did everything they could
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to help the kids have fun. >> do be able to take their minds off of it and teach them a sport it was pretty awesome. >> alex said she heard more than ten sirens telling them to take cover and each time she texted her parents to tell them not to worry. the unrest was making headlines, alex says she never felt unsafe. safety was not a concern, rockets were shot in tel aviv and there was a little more caution in our every day routine and we needed to know where the bomb shelter was and what to do if we heard the sirens. >> just home, she stays in touch with her friends via text messages to know what was going on but the experience working with the children is one she would do again. >> yes, this is unfortunate, but i'm having the time of my life
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even with all of this. >> eva pilgram, channel 6 "action news." >> we are following the ongoing conflict in gaza at the new, stick with us on air and online as hostilities continue. >> camden county authorities arrested the driver over the weekend and he just kept going. >> authorities say he was the man driving a white van that hit 59-year-old man on north 27th street in camden, he died on tuesday of his injuries, detectives say they spotted the van yesterday and sosa was take and into police custody, he is held on $85,000 bail. from the delaware newsroom, detectives in dover are looking for these two men wanted for attempted murder. authorities say they stabbed a 20 dwrld man during a fight on south new street yesterday. the victim is hospitalized in stable condition. they are asking anybody with
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information on the suspects, to call the number on your screen. a philadelphia woman convicted of killing her own mother will spend the rest of her life behind bars, a judge sentenced her to life in prison without the chance of parole. she shot her mother in the chest during an argument in september of 2007. damon then douses lee with a flammable liquid and set her on fire. the fire broke out in their home on winding way in upper chichester just before 6:30 a.m. the smoke detectors woke the family and the fire marshall thinks it may have been caused by an electrical problem. time for a look at traffic, matt pellman is outside now with a look at traffic. >> people are winding their way home this evening saying is it friday yet?
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it's a rough evening on the roadways, 95 southbound remains congested past street road and cotman avenue, this is the reason an earlier vehicle fire at the work zone at cotman, not much left of the vehicle, the good news is all the activity that is basically just the vehicle is off to the side. all three southbound lanes are open but the delays are huge in both directions, if you are headed out and you normally use 95 think about using frankfurt avenue or roosevelt boulevard. we have delays on 95 and the schuylkill expressway leaving the phils game and a crash approaching the tacony palmyra bridge. and because of all the police activity at mercy fitzgerald hospital in delco, landsdale remains shut down at mcdade boulevard. use 13 church lane as an alternate.
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there is also a crash along 422 westbound side by trooper, still knocking out the right lane, so traffic is jammed solid here as well as you come away from king of prussia. good luck getting home rick and monica. see you tomorrow for friday. >> a tough week. much more to come on "action news" thursday night. a local family whose major appliance kept breaking down was not getting the help they needed from the maker, now nydia han and the "action news" troubleshooters teped in to help. and melissa magee is in stone harbor for this week's down at the shore. hi melissa. >> hi there monica and rick, we are thankful for a nice day after a cloudy start at the shore. we are in stone harbor celebrating the centennial, it's all about, what is up with this funky hat. it's christmas in july, santa claus is here.
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ho, ho, ho. are you guys having a good time? >> yes! >> we'll have more and the shore forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> sounds good. >> plus, jaime apody with the phillies that just wrapped up their series against the giants at citizens bank park.
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the phillies were in action today at citizens bank park finishing up their series again the giants. >> lets go to jaime apody. >> it's big story for the phillies is ryan howard's fall from grace, he was benched today against the giants, and they played a pitcher that he hit the best against in history. and an rbi single put the phils
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up in the fifth, cole hamels dominant allowing one run and they salvaged one game today. winning 2-1. >> he pitched like an ace and when we get him some runs, obviously that is lacked in his outings, but a little run support and where he is at right now allowed him to pitch. he is at the top of his game. >> what an agonizing phillies season it has been, relief comes tomorrow sports fans bus eagles report to training camp. one guy you won't see desean jackson, it's weird to see him in maroon and gold, he took part in his first training camp with the red skins and stayed for extra passes and signed autographs and took pictures we wondser if what went down
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changed him. >> i look at this as a new beginning and i don't get kautd up in things like that. here there are a lot of things going we want to get accomplished. >> weird seeing him as a rival. coach brett brown is going for his family vacation in australia but first he sat don't with me and talked hoops, the first was michael carter williams, after winning rookie of the year, a big name around this team. what will he do for an encore. the coach says he has a lot of waetd on his shoulders. >> with that title a little bit comes the responsibility in a fun way way to help us grow the program, at times he feels the weight of the city a little bit and i don't want to push that too hard but i'll be looking at him to act as a more mattuure
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player. but i'll be looking at we expect major compliances to work properly and last a long time. when one couple's refrigerator broke down they contacted "action news" and nydia han is here to explain this one. >> we rely on our fridge freezers to feed our family, what happens if you have a lemon, one frustrated viewer contacted me for help through "action news" troubleshooters. >> water is about the only thing that diane can keep in her refrigerator, look at the thermometer inside. it's almost 70 degrees, and this isn't the first time that diane's appliance has broken down. >> i'm exhausted, for the last year it has been every four months. >> reporter: diane says when the
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problems began the compliance as only four years old and still under warranty. >> i want the company to give me a machine that works. >> you want something that works. >> yes. "action news" troubleshooter agrees, i took on diane's case to get results. >> diane i see something new in your kitchen. can you show it to us? >> brand new refrigerator. >> yes. and it works, clean, shiny and it works. it will be nice cooking dinner tonight. they called me after you left and they would work with me to resolve the issue. >> finally. >> finally. lg gave diane a full refund to buy a refrigerator of her choice. >> i am thrilled with it and they gave me the option to get
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my money back, you can advocate for us to deal with these companies to put pressure on them to make good and do the right thing. >> now a spokesperson says that lg wants to make sure that diane is happy and they are sad that they lost a customer but pleased diane received a resolution with which she is comfortable. it's a federal lemon law for detective and poorly made products, swra link at you can reach me on our website or email me troubleshoote or call us. they are staffed monday through friday from 11:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. i want to know how i can help you. you. reac
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meteorologist, adam joseph, we start fresh before changes over the weekend. lets take a look at -- it's the weekend rick. double scan live showing all is quiet after the storms last night. and temperature wise we are
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dropping as the drier air is coming in from the north. mt. pocono 71 and reading at 80 and philadelphia the high so far 83 degrees, and with the northerly wind equally as warm at the shore, upper 70s to at the brink of 80 degrees, the front that passed through is down to the south bringing severe weather near parts of rich monday, virginia, with tornado warnings and all of that stays to the south with the high pressure to the north and west and it wedges down the drier air and the lower humidity and speaking of lower humidity, it sticks around tomorrow with a gorgeous end of the week and 84 degrees with the high pressure over us, as the high slips to the south and east. we get a return flow on the western side of the high, and that means southwesterly winds it turns warmer and more humid with late day clouds and the possibility of a couple of showers before the day ends on
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saturday. but a great place to be when the sun is back and the lower humidity is at the shore, and meteorologist, melissa magee is sitting with friends and the big man is watching you from behind and he bought his entire posse to stone harbor? >> reporter: that is right adam. it's christmas in july, santa claus is here. we have mrs. claus as well and the elves. we are having a lot of fun, addison and casey and emily, we need you to shake this, it's all about christmas. it's a gorgeous day in stone harbor after a cloudy start. we have the shore forecast. great weather as we head into the weekend on friday, sunny and nice with a high temperature of 80 degrees, they are good bell jinglers that is for sure, as we get into the saturday the
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humidity increases with a nice mix of sunshine and clouds and for the start of the weekend on saturday, with a high of 80, on sunday it's partly sunny with a high of 86 and thunderstorms are likely and they are spotty in nature, all in all sunday is a nice beach day and showers and storms come later in the day, and that is it from the shore, you guys having a good time? >> yes! >> we'll have more fun down at the shore, i'll send it back to you. >> hope you haven't been a naughty girl. >> i'm saying to you, you may not get what you want for christmas. >> i think santa claus is coming to town. >> i'm heading home tomorrow to check my list. >> ho, ho, ho. another great place to be the poconos, low humidity and temperatures in the 70s for the next three days, a lot of sun tomorrow and high clouds on saturday and on sunday showers
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and temperatures only at 75 degrees, the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 84, sunny and nice and low humidity tomorrow and a perfect 10 so to speak and clouds build and a shower late in the day and warmer and more humid and 88 degrees and then very humid sunday with afternoon thunderstorms up to 90 and unsettled with a front on monday at 88 degrees but behind the front, i don't know if santa is bringing in the colder air, sunny and pleasant, that sticks around sunday into thursday. between 82 and 84. it's cool to see santa on the beach. i never seen santa so relaxed. it's good everyone. >> time to make the toys. a quick break.
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philadelphia promises to be the center.
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arts soon verse in september. they laid out details for events in and around the city for the fringe festival that starts around the 25 and. one event called 100% philadelphia uses ordinary citizens to show pictures of city and a new restaurant on the waterfront in time for the festival. up next more on the hospital shooting, next at 6:00, we go live to delaware county to hear from investigators and the dozens of people evacuated from the scene. we'll hear the latest from the victims and suspects. for meteorologist,
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan and jim gardner. we begin with breaking news, a kchaotic scene from a delawar county hospital. a man broke out gun fire killing an employee and the doctor himself is hospitalized. i'm monica malpass and the big story is breaking developments in the shooting in darby borr i
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borough. >> we are at a press conference. >> richard plots is the perpetrator. he came in today, a little after 2:00 p.m., with his case worker and her identity is still being withheld but some of her kin has been notified but not all of her kin. he came in with her and went into the doctor's office and at that point, the worker did confirm he heard loud arguing going on and they came in and they actually opened the door and saw him pointing a gun at the doctor, they did not notice the case worker at that point, they shut the door quietly and went immediately to call 911, no shots were fired at that point in time. what they did determine is that a few minutes when by and they


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