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tv   Action News  ABC  July 27, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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tioga section. >> sunday night i'm walter
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perez, with sarah bloomquist, two persons of interest are being questioned right now by homicide detectives about the deadly carjacking that killed three children. a line of strong storms is moving through the region right now. it's bringing frequent lightning and potential for flooding rain and several hundred customers are without pow area cross the area. meteorologist melissa magee is live at the "action news" big board with the latest from double scan radar. melissa. >> walter we've seen activity move closer to philadelphia as we speak. a lot of moisture tonight has been north and west of that 95 corridor. stormtracker 6 live double scan radar. you can see the activity poconos, allentown, reading, north and west of wilmington south and east of lancaster. we'll go in tighter. we have a severe thunderstorm warning to tell you about mainly for central bucks and central montgomery counties and the warning stays up until 11:30 tonightch the storm system is moving east 25 miles an hour and winds in excess of 60 miles an
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hour and storm capable of producing quarter sized hail. areas affected, perk circumstance doylestown, lansdowne, east norriton and horsham. we'll go in tighter. double scan street lex. this is the cluster we're tracking here. northbound on lansdale to north on i-476 close to green lane quakertown a lot of lightning associated with the cluster of showers and storms. we'll show you more activity south and west of that as we press across areas in chester county and showers moving on off north and east. you can see that from downingtown. to coatsville, chat ham and oxford. we'll talk about severe thunderstorm watch north of philadelphia from the poconos to lancaster county. the biggest concern tonight is damaging winds, isolated large hail and drenching rain. we'll look at what we can expect as we time out the rest of tonight now until midnight. scattered showers and storms overnight and thunder shower
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around. we'll look at future tracker and see if the storms will be around monday. >> thank you, melissa we should mention 4400 customers in mtion county alone without power. >> monitoring that. break is news involving the investigation into friday's deadly carjacking that killed three children in philadelphia's tioga section. >> authority have taken two persons of interest into custody. they're now being questioned by homicide detectives. kenneth moton has the latest from police headquarters. >> that major break came earlier today when one person of interest turned himself into police ws mother and pastor by his side. soon police have the information to go after the second man and we were there. >> it was intense scene 6 and cambria streets north philadelphia sunday nights. u.s. marshals were posted in the door way of this home and had their gurn s drawn behind it looking for a person of str in the carjacking crash that left
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three children dead. u.s. marshals would not give details about the manor what led them here. sources have confirmed another person of interest turned himself in earlier today. friday morning just before noon this was the scene after police say two men carjacked a realtor at gun point before slamming into several people corner of germantown and allegheny avenue. keesha williams and 15-year-old key ara williams and 7-year-old thomas reed and ter reps moore were struck. the mother survived and her kids were killed. it's been an all out serve with a $110,000 reward for information leading to carjackers that took off on foot. police and families of victims have been pleading for the man to turn himself in over someone to differ them up. >> in the long run we'll go to court. you can run but you cannot hide. >> police are not giving details about the two persons of
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interest not charged. that second man captured in north philadelphia, neighbors say he is homeless, and he was living in a shed on that north 6th street property as soon as we have more information we'll pass it on. reporting philadelphia police headquarters, ken, "channel 6 action news."" >> "action news" reporter annie mccormick at the scene of the crash in germantown avenue and west allegheny aevrz tonight. she has more on what residents are saying about the break in the case. >> here in tioga that growing memorial the new spread that two people are now in custody talking to detectives. that news is giving people here hope that detectives are close to solving the case. sunday night cappedles flowed lighting up the growing memorial germantown and allegheny the scene where two carjackers careened into a fruit stand killing three children and critically injuring their mom and sending others to the.
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>> while they wait to find out more details they're praising philadelphia police for work around the clock since the crash friday afternoon. thank you very much to the philadelphia police department, homicide, you're doing your job. >> and to runaway from the scene and leave these people's lives behind you didn't care. you have no remorse. they need to be dealt with to the fullest extent. >> you can see that this memorial continues to grow. even as it is raining, members of the community have made sure that it is covered. they say they want to make sure this memorial stays safe day and night. reporting in tioga, annie mccormick, "channel 6 action news." >> and "action news" was the first to bring you news of this new development on your web site there will be posting the newest information as it becomes available. plus, more photos and videos from the story. so stay with both on air and on-line with updates on the story when they develop sfwle in
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ridley township a little boy is dead killed by his own father. tonight the community is mourning the child's death. 5-year-old cian styles was shot and killed by his father, 26-year-old tyrell styles. styles shot his estranged girlfriend four times and led police on a chase. whether it all ended, he shot himself in the head. shiema washington is hospitalized in critical condition tonight and doesn't yet know her little boy is dead. neighbors and friends paid tribute to little cion by bringing stuffed animals and cappedles to the scene. the accused gunman in the debately shooting in a darby wellness septemberer was arraigned at his hospital bedside today. he is charged with murder. attempted murder and other owe pennsylvania toes he worked into the wellness center on the grounds of mercy fitzgerald hospital thursday afternoon. he allegedly pulled out a gun and shot and killed his caseworker theresa opportunity.
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lee silverman, psych eye trikt was wounded during the hearing. silverman pulled out his own gun and shot plotts. >> in salem, new jersey, two huge barges broke free from a tug and lots of ensuing damage and he injury. it ran around shortly after 11:00 this morning car writing two, 160 foot barges tide to one another they went barreling down the river as local residents just watched. >> my docks are a total loss. they were 70 feet. my boat is a 31 point silverton i don't know until i have it sure vaivd. i was trying to sell it but know i don't know how that will work out now. >> the barges finally came to rest against the say him pepsville bridge which had to be shut down as a result. worker on the barge suffered an arm injury in the chaos. philadelphia coast goord pitched in to pull the barroom as way from the bridge. >> more to come tonight on "action news" a day of fun on popular southern california beach turns tragic for rare
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lightning storm catches dozens of sunbatheers off guard. >> one of the deadliest viruses on the planet with no known cure and tonight we learn three americans have been diagnosed with ebola virus. >> we're tracking severe showers and storms north of the ixts 95 corridor. we'll let you know if it cop continues monday for the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. >>en a great day on the field for slugger ryan howard and scuffle between two eagles players on the second day of scuffle between two eagles players on the second day of training
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>> it is now conflict in middle east. president obama has again spoken topics raily prime minister benia min netanyahu he's growing more concerned about the hugh map teariaian conditions. humanitarian conditions. hamas sent several rock need israel and israel fired gaza city. the now 20 day war killed more than 1,000 palestinians many civilians and israel lost 43 soldiers. state department says new satellite images prove russia is firing rock et cetera into eastern ukraine. it shows the blast marks from points rockets were launched along with crateers where they
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landed. both ramped up fighting near malaysia flight 17 crash. investigators have to postpone their trip because of ongoing violence. >> freak summer lightning storm hit a famous beach in la today killing a young man in the water. eight were rushed dot hospital. those injured were near the waterline on venice breach. those in the water felt the full brunt of lightning strike. they saw a flash of light and boom and next thing they knew injured simply fell to the ground. "good morning america" will have more on the deadly lightning strikes in southern california as well as deadly conflict between israel and hamas. you can watch that following "action news" tomorrow morning. >> in sarasota county florida a man was killed and 9-year-old daughter seriously injured when a small plane landed right on them. right before the crash the pilot reported having problems and wanted to make emergency landing. he d right where the man was walking with his family. >> he knew he could not make it
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back to the airport and was going to try to land on the beach and he did land at the edge of the water on the beach. >> the little girl's mother also was rushed to the hospital. we still don't know if the pilot did not see the family or if he simply lost control. he and his passenger were not hurt. it is one of the deadliest viruses on the face of the earth with no nope cure. three americans contracted the ebola virus. one died. nancy wrightbowl and kent brantley contracted the disease after working with affected patients in sni yearia. liberia.ia >> the va has been rocked by reports of patient's dying while awaiting care and falsification of records. the chairman of the house and
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>> melissa here with accuweather tracking storms moving through right now. >> that's right if you were to divide the viewing area in half a lot of activecy is north and west of the 95 corridor. we'll show you what is going on. stormtracker 6 live double scan radar for philadelphia, trenton, wilmington, scattered activity. a lot of moisture is from the poconos and to areas in chester county. we'll go tight to stormtracker 6 double scan street-level and we got a lot of lightning areas central bucks and central montgomery counties where we have a severe thunderstorm warning up until 11:30 tonight. areas affected, doylestown, lansdale, green lane, willow grove and also norristown. these showers and storms are moving northeast 25 miles an hour with storms and capable of producing quarter sized hail.
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there's another cluster i want to show you to the south of that region across areas in chester county here. we have showers and storms firing up from malvern, exton, even down into west chester as well. expect this moisture to continue during the overnight hours. we'll show you the picture outside. because we have a live shot this show you. sky6 live in hd looking at the center city sky line on this sunday. we have a mostly cloudy sky. today the sky is starting to lighten up with lightning strikes across the region. as we look at the accuweather live lineup a flash flood warning to tell you about as well. flash flood warnings is for areas in southern berks county, chester county, even montgomery county and the warning will stay up until 1:45 in the morning, reading, honeybrook. pottstown, west chester included in that some shots in this warning location could find anywhere from 3 to 4" of rain when this is all said and done. temperatures tonight, warm,
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humid, that humidity adding to the stabilizing the atmosphere and fire up the showers and storms. 68 and reading where you have the thunderstorms moving on in and rain cooled air. allentown 7. philadelphia 79. along the coast from beach haven down toa sea isle city temperatures in the lower 70s. here's satellite 6 and action radar cloudy for philadelphia. moisture along the 95 corridor and areas north and west. this will lift on off north and east. what we're tracking is area of low pressure with trailing cold front that will move through overnight tonight and into monday. we got you covered with future tracker 6 as we go throughout the overnight hours. 2:00 234 the morning you notice scattering of activity. during the over night hours we lose threat of severe weather with leftover showers and popup shundz thunder shower. 6:00 in the morning, mostly cloudy. mostly dry. philadelphia areas south and east. as i advance this 1:00 tomorrow afternoon there could be a popup thunder shower around t does not
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look to be on the severe side. in fact the cold front that moves through late monday night will help to set us up for lower humidity second half of the workweek here. we'll talk about what is ahead wrist of tonight. drenching showers and storms, gusty wind and hail, leftover rain overnight and popup shower monday. here's your exclusive forecast. tie temperature 85. thunder shower around. decreasing humidity monday night to tuesday. looking fantastic. lower humidity, high temperature 81. sunny and pleasant own wednesday with high of 84. on thursday, sunshine and clouds, 85. we're still below average for late july. then august first on friday, still nice with high of 85 degrees. and shower likely as we get to next weekend. watching out for those showers tonight guys. >> i can't believe it's august. >> exactly. >> flying by. >> every time we have a good way to cool down here in a puddle of mudd. dozens of folks did that here warminster park annual down and
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dirty obstacle race. they attempted to complete a course with running, climbing, swimming and mudd. those that took part said it's a hiiiii.
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>> took a while to get there it was not easy. ryan howard had a good day. >> he believes he's an every day player and looks that way today. this has not been the best week for one ryan howard. highest paid player was benched three games and everyone is speculating whether or not he is washed up. howard, silence is the nay sayers. very first inning today, very first pitch. howard out of here. two-run homer off arizona lefty. first homer at home in 8 weeks. good thing ryan o started him. phils take a 2-0 lead. >> bottom of the 2.
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howard what a play to get the runner at second. what year is this. we pick it up in the 6th. tied at two. marlin bird, pops up to end upping. no he doesn't. here comes howard around third play at the plate. he's out. no he's not. phils challenge it. it's overruled. he's ruled safe and catcher did not get howard a path to the plate. phillies take the lead and the game. first win on a sunday in ten weeks. howard what was this week like? >> what's the last week? want to trade places? want to see what it's like? no, you don't. no, you don't. there's a lot of outside stuff and lot of outside people who have their own opinions and stuff like that. you don't walk in my shoes you don't know what it is like. this is what happens. this is where we are. we get paid a lot of money to play here this and that and we're under a magnifying class and whatnot. yeah, it's tough.
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you have all this stuff going around and this and that and whatever you turn the other cheek. try to stay positive. i'll trade with you for one day. one day. i'll strike out a lot. howard mad as manager. hear what she says how ryne sanberg handles thing later in the show. >> can't week for -- wait for week one and neither contact eagles, fired up for day two of training camp today. lesean mccoy and trent cole got in a fight after cole got too physical on a play and mccoy ended up on the grounds. now lesean does not seem upset. >> it's about touching me too much i'm trying to let him know it's okay if you can not cover me it's okay. we're battling that's all. we'll go in the locker room and talk it out, joke it out, it was nothing. >> and they're buddies again, maclin calls mccoy the best running back in the game. as far as receiver he's not
11:28 pm
trying to fill the void by one of the best white out. maclin tore acl right leg a year ago today. feels great after missing last year. >> obviously that excitement offense brings i want to be a part of it. personally, you know, being last year of my contract i want to go out there and get that long term security. i had a lot going on last season unfortunately things did not work out. the way the world works you overcome things like that and i'm blessed to be in a position i'm in now. >> eagles put on pads and hit foam for the first time when they practice at the linc open to the public. here what nick foles
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