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tv   Action News  ABC  August 1, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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♪ "action news." delaware valley's leading news program with rick williams, sarah bloomquist, and meteorologist david murphy. >> good afternoon.
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sarah is off. in the news, the philadelphia bomb squad blows up a device in spring garden. and they plan to let the good times rock 'n roll in the delaware valley. two conflicts between suspects and police. the first around 1:00 a.m. this morning in a home in the 900 block in philadelphia. after investigators say an armed intruder opened fire forcing an officer to take him down. "action news" reporter vernon odom joins us live with the very latest. vernon? >> hello, rick. all is quiet, unbelievably quiet and peaceful along the roosevelt boulevard, contrast after what erupted after midnight. a lucky police officer within inches of being killed. when the sun came up the victims, a man and wife, escort
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back home after horror, two thugs were waiting after midnight and forced their way in, triggering the alarm. when the cops arrived one answered the door saying he was was all right and didn't believe it. >> and he winked and said it was ok. >> and they took shots and the officer returned fire, killing the suspect. >> it was a greater job. the officer was very alert. like i said from the beginning he asked for identification. knew something was up when the female nodded to him. >> and the second at large this hour despite the k-9s tracking hip. the police were seen pulling away the vehicle they believe the two suspects drove and planned to use for the getaway. no innocents injured but several
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bullets twenty into the house next door, home to a woman and two children. and neighbors this of in this normally quiet neighborhood were shocked. >> i was watching tv and i heard -- it sounded like six shots, but i am not sure. and there was like rapid, boom, boom, boom. and i thought that is not the tv. i looked out the window and the street was full of police. >> that second gunman remains at large at this hour. the police are looking for him very hard at midday. the police have not yet given a description of the man they are seeking. vernon odom, channel 6 news." >> thank you. a second deadly police shooting around 8:00 this morning on new freedom road in winslow township, camden county. and going to nora muchanic with more on the still-developing story. nora? >> hi there rick. we have very few details.
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the camden county will only confirm a police-involved shooting resulted in the death of a local man. it happened down this driveway, the property on berlin new freedom road. police presence working the scene. and pictures short earlier this morning, it happened about 8:30 this morning on this property across from the golden nugget tavern in winslow. circumstances are unclear, but police focused around the trailer, and the neighbors tell us that they retired race horses. a conflict occurred and police opened hire hitting the man police call danny. told he loves on the property with his mother. the man was struck in the torso and head and air lifted and died. and they are handling the investigation and have the area
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roped off and technicians working the scene all morning. the prosecutor's office says it will be hours before they are ready to release details of what happened. one man dead after a police-involved shooting in winslow township. that's the latest, back to you. >> thank you. philadelphia police blew up a suspicious device behind a women's shelter this morning in spring garden frp the scene as chopper 6 through over pearl street after 10:30 a.m. focussing the efforts on a device in the back alley. they cleared the scene around 11:00, no word on what it was or who put it there. a driver reportingly who struck and killed a pedestrian tested for dui, the crash happening on academy road. a man in his 20s pronounced dead at the scene. the driver of the s.u.v. stopped
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nearby. so far no charges fired. a security device doing its job in an attempted bank robbery. arresting stephen dunfee yesterday afternoon. he was trapped in the lobby when they activated a man trap on the interior and the exterior doors of the business shutdown immediately. the latest cease fire in gaza ended almost as soon as it started. fighting broke out this morning less than two hours after the start of a 72-hour cease-fire announced by thes united states and u.n. the apparent capture of an israeli soldier provoked the bombing. at least 40 palestinians killed and two soldiers as well. and benjamin netanyahu told secretary of state john kerry that israel will take all necessary steps for those who call for on you destruction and perpetrate terrorism against our citizens. a hospital in atlanta preparing to treat the first
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ebola patient every in the u.s. one of two americans infected is flown to emory university hospital. two are fighting for their lives and a total of 700 people died since the outbreak break break and others. and police have had to block off highways and a back up lasting for miles during the morning commute. our weather in for changes since pawing is -- since august is here. and looking for humidity and rain. not a lot of sunshine to end the workweek and may see pop-up storms. what does the weekend look like? david murphy live at the big board with the latest from accuweather. >> stormtracker live double scan
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as we get into the afternoon is showing a bit of precipitation arriving, most to the south and southern delaware and clipping the southern edge of cape may county. seeing in the last 15 minutes or so a little cell of heavier precipitation popping up in southern gloucester county, also some in central atlantic county. and there is also a cell now opening up along the border of northeast philadelphia in montgomery county and another cell right here that looks to be north along the pennsylvania and new jersey border of the delaware river, probably north of new hope. every now and then something popping up and another cell creeping up in southern berks county. an indication of things to come. futuretracker 6, by 2:00 this afternoon the model persistent with shower activity. there could be a spotty thunderstorm. however, all morning into now the late morning and early
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afternoon model runs there is a suggestion that these things start to die down a little bit getting into the evening and later this evening things look a little bit better for us. temperatures right now are pretty warm in advance of the rain. 80 in philadelphia. 78 in allentown, 82 reading. 79 in wilmington, 74 in sea isle city. feeling more humidity than yesterday. going for a high evenly a couple of degrees above where we are right now. 82 degrees with the thick clouds blocking out most of the sun, that is below the average of 87. and 67 the overnight low, fairly much in the rain of what we expect. and musikfest, and it is a free concert a replacement for zz topp. mostly cloudy tonight. ment shower chance is very, very small. if you are interested in a free concert in bethlehem, i would give it a shot.
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more on musikfest looking ahead to the weekend. the poconos, racing. and the shore forecast coming up in the accuweather seven-day. >> that's our next story, musikfest, thank you very much. rain or shine, concert clouds at musikfest tonight. crews putting the finishing touches on the back stage in bethlehem. hosting a free concert kicking off the 10-day festival in the lehigh valley. 1 million people expected to attend the next week and a half. the line-up of all of the performers on the website at you can also find a link to buy fikts -- tickets and see why you should stop by our 6abc photo booth. i will will be sunday. we would love to give you a picture and say hello. and dairy disaster. the clean-you have crews with a cow with this incredible spill in the midwest. and a retailer known for rush deliveries pays its customers to be more patient
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that story and more when "action news at noon" continues in a
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>> this incredible video showing the moment a catastrophic number of explosions ripped through a city in taiwan. 26 people dead, close to 300 injured. the blast threw people and cars
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3 or four stories into the air. the underground explosions may have resulted from leaking gas building up in sewers. and a suspect confronted a man on a platform around 9:00 a.m. this morning and was shot in the leg. the injury does not appear to be life-threatening. train service not disrupted during the police investigation. talk about a tropic meltdown, roughly 45,000 pounds of dairy products spilled over a highway in indianapolis. they compared the clean-up to an oil spill because it was so slick. the driver admitted that he had fallen asleep. he and his passenger were not injured. house majority leader resigning later this month. the lawmaker said he will step down august 18. he did not say what he will do
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afterwards. the 7-term congress man headed out of office after losing election to the tea party favorite. emergency workers jumped into action to save what they thought was a baby. it was close, but not quite. turns out it was a doll. a woman's 2-year-old granddaughter left it propped up in the car seat of the family's s.u.v. a passerby spotted the doll and called 911. emergency workers arrived and quickly got to work. >> i saw pictures of the doll and it looked real. >> i have 34 years as e.m.s. and probably would have broke it as well. >> the owner of the s.u.v. which the emergency responders would have taken a closer look before shattering the window. but that they were right not to delay, because if it were a real emergency seconds can mean the difference between life and emergency seconds can mean the difference between life and death. do you guys do instant hey, i losreplacement?ard.
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assuming that the lazy consumer is important, too. the "action news" team working on stories for tonight beginning at 4:00. and alicia vitarelli with a preview. happy friday. >> and happy "freebie friday." at 4:00, things 100% off from free coffee every friday in august to a local -- actually a chain book store offering free event to celebrate your favorite disney characters. that and other freebies. and at 4:00, a victim of theft with krieccrime solving i own hands. and an elderly woman missing after crashing her car into a ditch. how she survived for eight days before finally being found. and don't forget, take us with you on the go. if you have not already downloaded the app, you can see us stream live on your smart phone or tablet.
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yourself. and we may need the umbrella? >> especially saturday morning. stormtracker live sdoudouble sc seeing shower shift south of philadelphia and every now and then closer to the city heavier cells. beginning in the last 15, 20 minutes. opening up in lines from the southwest. and starting this up for you so you can see the line of shower activity beginning to build. it might even eventually get some thunder and lightning. and some stuff around dover and smyrna. the afternoon beginning to unfold the way we thought it would. going out to the wider area, and wider shot. and the precipitation closer to philadelphia showing new a second. chopper 6, you can see that chopper right now, showing hazy, low cloud cover developing. it is a humid day in the region and starting to get pretty warm. 80 degrees. dewpoint 69. winds south-southwest 5 miles an
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hour and the air pressure over 30 inches. 80 degrees in philadelphia, 81 trenton, 78 in allentown, 82 and measuring y -- muggy in readin. and wildwood, 75 over the cape may peninsula. futuretracker of shows you going through the rest of the afternoon there is a chance of a spotty shower or even a thunderstorm. some cases like the stuffy just showed you on radar, it could develop into pretty drenchingdown -- drenching down pours. and there is some precipitation around but things get better, until later tonight. and in allentown today a high of 82. mostly cloudy skies and spotty thunderstorm or shower can't be ruled out at times, especially during the afternoon and early evening. and then going down to the shore, and it looks like a mostly cloudy day, 76 the high.
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can't rule route a shower or perhaps thunderstorm at the shore as well. in philadelphia, a high of 82, mostly cloudy, spotty showers at times. overnight tonight, dipping to 67 with evening thunderstorms. and later after midnight in particular, another round ever rain beginning to build in. here it is, futuretracker 1:30 in the morning tonight. watch what happens going into tomorrow morning. lots of heavy downpours beginning to develop. it might be one of the mornings where you get woken up by a rumble of thunder. and then bullish knocking it down with scattered showers. and tomorrow afternoon maybe return ever sunshine with scattered shower. and tomorrow i am at musikfest with tamala edwards. and tomorrow at the all american rejects concert. and spotty showers today. morning rain tomorrow. as you just saw, a pretty good
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chance of the afternoon improving and a spotty shower or thunderstorm there. 79. and humid sunday, cloud some sun, and a spotty pop-up thunderstorm or shower. can't rule out anything strong. and one of the weekends you keep your eyes on the radar at or your smart phone on the 6abc app. and unsettled monday, but dry on tuesday and wednesday. >> have a nice weekend and fun at musikfest. >> i will, thank you. and the chef behind it again, coming up with ice cream sunday in a pop it, to celebrate art and culture. and it is like a souped up rootbeer float. and more david murphy, sarah bloomquist and the entire "action news" team, i'm rick williams. have a nice afternoon and we will see you right here beginning at 4:00. day dreaming again?
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