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tv   Action News at 1130 P  ABC  August 2, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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>> nba star paul george is recovering tonight after indian apacers forward suffered a nasty injury last night during team usa scrimmage. he runs back and jumped up and foot gets caught between floor and base of basket snapping lower right leg in half and we blurred out the video it's that gruesome. george is in surgery and he will likely miss all season if not more time. sixers center noel coming back from his own injury feels for george. >> my prayers go out to paul george family and the whole indiana pacers' organization. it takes a lot it was tough to see. just coming back from that injury, you know i wish my best for him. >> we caught one noel down the
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shore. he's high fiveing sixers fans at avalon at 16th annual beach batch. everyone is having a lot of fun. all right. arena league, football playoffs tonight ron jaworksi watching the soul play their heart out. dan rodenbaugh 47 yards for the score. take the lead on two point conversion and cleveland one last shot one second to go, game winning field goal and soul booted from the playoffs. 39-37 the final. >> tough finish in cleveland. >> definitely thanks. phillies are on the road and piano man rocked the ballpark in south philadelphia tonight. ♪ >> that's a little pressure from billy joel who performed in front of a packed house at citizens bank park. it's a last stop on tour before
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he heads back to new york to play monthly show at madison square garden. still ahead in next half hour of "action news" staffers at center in california want wild life to stay wild so they disguise themselves as big cats. tonight case
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>> saturday night here's what's happening "action news" 11:30 a body found in delaware burping home and cause of death is not clear. more pictures are coming out of taiwan in the aftermath of pipeline blast that killed dozens and officials are placing the blame. tractor-trailer full of food rolls into south jersey to help neighbors in need summer. first tonight medical history was made as first ever patient with he we'll be landed on u.s. soil. a carefully covered dr. kent brantly managed to walk into an atlanta area wlopt he'll now be treated for the deadly virus. soon he'll be joined by american woman also infected in west africa abc's dan cesler has the latest on what doctors will do
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to save their lives and prevent the spread of the disease. >> if a man you see climbing out of ambulance, dr. kent brantly is the first ebola patient on u.s. soil wearing protective gear to prevent transmission of vicious virus that killed hundreds in west africa over the past few months. for now dr. praptly infected while trying to contain a outbreak in liberia will be treated in special isolation warld emory university hospital in atlanta. >> student is designed to contain or protect against infection above and beyond what's probably needed for ebola. >> dr. brantly's wife talked to her husband today separated by thick glass. the family is concerned. >> i know he was feel a little better. and hopeful for that. >> dr. brantly co-worker at ebola treatment center in liberia is also infected. nancy writebol will arrive in
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the u.s. in several days. in the same medical evacuation plane that flew her colleague home equipped with special isolation tent. ebola virus spreads by contact with contaminated bodily fluids and there's no cure a largeing some here in the u.s. >> i understand public concern this is new up fox for united states we really they we have processes that maintain safety of patient and general public at large. >> still doctors are taking no chances. dan kevler, "abc news," new yo k york. and we will be updating throughout the weekend with latest on his treatment state side and outbreak abroad. >> we have in-depth look of stigma around doctors treating those with the disease. out of the delaware newsroom we're waiting to hear a cause of death after bodily found in a broken home. the bought yeah was discovered
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battling flames cedar avenue belvideer 3:30 this morning and the blaze caused significant damage to the house and autopsy is being done to determine exactly how the victim died and the red cross is helping the family who lives. there. >> investigators in camden have identified the man killed in the shooting late last night. chopper6hd flew over the scene at 7 and clinton streets. 34-year-old christopher mitch sell rushed to cooper hospital where he was pronounced dead. there are reports the victim was shot in the face. no word on the motive yet. officials are still serving for the gunman. >> in salem, new mexico nnl a woman in critical condition tonight after falling out of a third story window. it happened auto round 2:45 in morning in 300 block of east broadway. the victim sake treated at 34e78 orial hospital of salem county. police have not told us her name. they're trying to figure out how this happened. a family remains in mourning after a mother's day shooting claimed life of their be loved son 15 months ago.
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they hope a tip from you will finally give them justice. here's rick williams with tonight's crime fightsers report. >> the burke family remembers him as having a big heart. >> if you didn't have anything and he had a bed he would allow you to sleep in the bed if he had a dollar and you needed something to eat he would give you that dollar. her son was excited to give her his mother's day gift and instead of the gift she got the call her son was shot. >> this is what i got. mother's day. >> at about 1:30 a.m. surprised may 12, 2013 police were called to the scene at henry and royden streets in camden there they found a car crashed are to a tree. he was inside shot multiple times. the 24-year-old died at the hospital. >> he drop the young lady off and right after that the detective told me they ambushed
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my sglon police say he was actually shot several problems away and tried drive away but crashed instead. sheray said he was dealing drugs and she's not sure if is that the what led to his death. surveillance cameras were working at the time but mees don't have more. >> you don't have the right to kill. >> citizens crime commission is offering a $1 thoous ward for leading to arrest and the conviction of the person responsible 215-546-tips. and since rayshon's death sheray created an outlet for her grief. >> i started organization call mothers standing for grieving mothers, trying to deal with the loss of their loved ones. >> you can find out more about her organization by going to our web site at for crime fighters i'm rick williams, "channel 6 action news." >> philadelphia police need your help bringing an elderly woman home.
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this is 87-year-old betsy moore of germantown. she was last seen very early this morning at her home on the 400 block of west winonna seat to. moore suffer from dementia, diabetes and requires medication. she's 5' 1" and weighs 90 pounds. call police if you have information on her whereabouts. >> we're hearing from a thief caught on camera stealing from a fedex package left right on someone's front step. brandon nelson admits he stole a pair of 300 diamond earrings in indianapolis. the homeowner posted the video on-line. he has a long criminal record and nor to go from getting out of jail he want to go back. >> i didn't kill anybody. i didn't hurt anybody. >> almost 10,000 people shared the video of his crime in 24 hours making it easy for police to track him down. at least 65 people are dead
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and 200 more hurt after explosion at metals plant in china the blast happened this morning outside of shanghai tore huge holes in wall of building and caused ceiling to collapse. the official news agency is saying police are questioning five of the company's executives. >> investigators in taiwan say a chemical firm is to blame for a series of gas line explosions in. it ai pay. government investigators say the company that owns that pipeline knew about a problem but did not tell anyone. government says it would have evacuated the area if it had had any early warning. >> local families dealing with childhood cancer got help today thanks to alex's lemonade stand. the weston hld a symposium. it gives families a chance to learn about issues related to care. this is the sixth year for the
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event sponsored by the lemon society of philadelphia a group that supports alex's lemonade stand foundation. >> a south jersey church gotta tension after helping neighbors in sicklerville today. partnering with perfecting khurp for hope mobile distribution. tractor-trailer dropped off hundreds of pounds of food turning this parking lot to outdoor grocery store. families were able to go home with everything from eggs to diapers. a philadelphia charter school graduate received a scholarship today from former residents ever the richard allen homes. terea casson will be a freshman at newman university. today she got a $5 0 0 scholarship at lemon hill. over the years this group has given estimated $20,000 to -- in academic scholarships there was a moon bounce and plenty of other fun and games. still to come on "action news" the art world embraces selfie.
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an a museum that wants to put your picture next to other masterpieces and. >> ar sarah, it's mostly cloudy the rest of tonight we're tracking rain showers moving in for sunday. we'll talk about the details with that with the for sunday. we'll talk about the details with that with the fuel and exclusive accuweather
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there's an art to taking a good selfie right. but is a selfie itself art a museum alaska posed that question. they've put out a call for action asking people to send
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picks and become part of the exhibit. it will run through month of august. >> people are impersonating animals in california to rehabilitate the bob cat population. this story now. staffers at the wild life education and rehabilitation morgan hill dress up to minimize human contact. kit epz like fairfield have been abandoned by mothers and can be trained to hunt. it's unique approach gotten a few laughs but costumes seriously laugh. >> of course we had a lot of ridicule and people laughing and comments and everything we pursued and released that first bob cat back where it dpraim and we're proud of our work and we hope to continue with it forever. >> about 40 bob cats have been successfully introduced to the wild using the costume. >> meteorologist melissa magee here now. she probably doesn't know much
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about bob cats we're here to talk about the accuweather forecast. >> don't put the umbrella away. >> things will pop up in the afternoon and we'll show you activity now. double scan radar showing light rain showers now across the coast. south of accuweather and cape may. and also showers moving out of baltimore and these continue to move north ward as you get to the receipts of overnight hours and early tomorrow morning mainly across south jersey and more activity tomorrow afternoon. we'll show you the picture outside the action cam outside earlier tonight gorgeous shot as we give you different per speblingtive of center city and i sky line there. mostly cloudy conditions. temperatures this time of night are cooler than normal thanks to easterly wind and mostly cloudy sky overhead. high today in philadelphia claimed up to just 77 degrees. that is ten shy of normal for this time of year. in philadelphia currently 69.
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poconos 64. wilmington and dover 70. sea sea isle city 69. same at boardwalk. we have a little activity now moving out of north carolina and out of virginia. this creams north wart. some moisture moving closer to washington d.c. and closer to areas south of philadelphia. as you wake up early tomorrow morning you focus attention off to west. there's an area of low pressure coming out of ohio valley and this moisture continues to work its way east ward sunday afternoon. so future tracker 6 has you covered. 6:00 in the morning mostly cloudy. you notice showers down across accuweather. millville, wildwood, west ward to dover. as we get to 9:00 tomorrow morning you can see mostly cloudy. pockets of sunshine coming out, looks to be mostly cloudy day. as we get to 6:00 in the evening, however, tomorrow this is when you need wet weather
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close you to once again. we're tracking west that works east ward. spotty downpours likely tomorrow afternoon. ocean temperature down the shore. tomorrow, 69 degrees. not best looking beach di with high temperature of 77. cloudy, showers around. up north of the shore north of the city there's a big race taking place nascar weekend going on up in the poconos mostly clear, cloudy i should say with afternoon thunderstorm, 9 a.m. 67 and 73 the number at 1:00 in the afternoon and here's the sdlusive accuweather 7-day forecast humid tomorrow stay that way. thunder showers are likely and pot jury in nature high temperature 81. monday, mostly dry. tuesday, sunny app warmer, 89. wednesday some sunshine high of 6. frontal bountdry moving on through. thunderstorm likely by then. in wake of that front on thursday turning less humid with high of 83. on friday, sun and clouds, high
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of 84. some sunshine as we goat next is it a high temperature 8. our stretch of dry weather over the weekend sar ar coming to end this time. >> thank you. a high school robotics team showed up some creations in upper darby today sellers library hosted open house and students got a chance to showcase robots they built including one to shoot a basketball and another remote controlled using a smart phone. >> the application what they learned applying to world to solve problems really comes down to science and math the team is good forgetting kids to connect those things what they learn in school to how it is used in the world. >> the contraptions were all bument as part of competition. students are offered a specific
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>> disaster in d.c.. yup, that pretty much sums it up that sums up late two day for phillies didn't mack a trade for the trade deadline and cliff lee down with another injury and tonight frustration boils over. second inning phils starter aj burnett got getting outside corner to randone. later he hits a three-run home homerer. burnett blows up. next foych jason weather yells now that's outside. the umpire throws him out. ryan sapberg gets tossed too.
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things get heated. woo, look at this. allowing six runs two innings and is setback to aaa. phillies lose 11-0. ugly in d.c. >> eagles had first defense at stopping past. they tried to fix that through draft and free agency. safety malcolm jenkins is much needed addition and corner kerry williams is trying to establish defense here and they're getting under keep you of their own guys. couple fight and williams admits it's only time before he get into it with someone as well. >> just have not gotten into a scrum yet, maybe it's coming maybe it is not. it depends. it depends on another guy. it's life in the national football league deal with. it don't bring it back to the
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locker room. kiss, make up, be friend and go about the next day. >> fight kiss all right eagles opening preseason friday 6abc and check out the pregame show 7:30 with great expectations followed by kickoff eagles and bears at 8 next friday on channel 6. >> sixers fans waiting to see the first round pickner lynns noel. there's still a lot of attention centered around the sixers center. sixers fans down the shore today in avalon for annual beach investigate. tony along with noel on sixers on happened to take go graphs and taking pictures. he addresses the crowd to how he's developed after the summer league. >> just knowing i have what i have, what i need to do is get back on the court and work on my game. that's it. i have confidence and being capable of being dominant player
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open the court. >> he should be a beast down low for brett brown and sixers. sarah, back to you. >> all right. jeff. thank you. typely kinds tonight wereen up kurnled to get their hands dirtyy all in the name of science at the franklin institute. >> four, three, two, one [ hol [ hollering ]. >> families were invited to explore the explosive few as experiments at this year's mess fest. over the top demonstrations attract a big audience that get a less don't on how materials react to each other. bubble foam to bubbles you can stand in, kids learn while they laughed. >> cassill next here on channel 6. now for melissa magee, jeff skversky, and the entire "action news" team, i'm sarah skversky, and the entire "action news" team, i'm sarah bloomquist, have a great
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