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tv   Action News  ABC  August 4, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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♪ "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with rick williams, sarah bloomquist, and meteorologist david murphy. >> good afternoon.
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in the news, details as the police reveal who they are looking for in the stray bullet deaths of a 3 year old child. hundreds trapped base of mudslides and flooding out west. and heart break in fich fichl -- philadelphia, the family being laid to left. >> funerals for mooterrence moo thomas reed and keisha williams struck and killed on friday. >> the funeral going on right now. the church is full. the viewing happened earlier from 8:00 to 10:00 and people coming by all morning long whether they knew the family or not. they wanted the family to know how much support was behind them. a solemn profession of family
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members at the seventh day advent church this morning, three children laid to rest, lives cut short after an s.u.v. struck them in tioga as they sold fruit and water for the church. >> it would be my children. i tried to be there for the family. show love and comfort and let them know they are not alone. >> the program describes a little of their live. 15 year old read and went to high school. and his brother, jo jo loved riding his bike. >> it is so sad they were so young. just trying to go god's work. >> city officials, the mayor, sheriff and others paying respects. the mother is critically injured and still in the hospital. a statement read in part, there
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are so many questions we have no answers to. our tears seem to never end. our hearts are completely broken. we lost three of our children. their laughs, their smiles, their voices are gone. >> the family and the mother, she is going to need everybody's love to get through this. and everybody's prayers. my heart goes out to her. >> and the family has thanked charles barkley, the nba legend and former 76ers heard about the case and offered to pay for the funeral for the three children. it is going on right now and they will be laid to rest this afternoon in delaware county. katherine scott, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. we invite up to read more about the services on and find out more about the crash that took the children's lives. and a slide show of tributes and memories at new information this noon on the suspect that the
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philadelphia police are searching for in connection with the deadly shooting of a 3 year old in grays ferry. police sources say a murder warrant has been issued for brandon ruffin they believe he is the gunman. four shot on etting street late friday night. 3 year old tynirah borum was hit in the chest by a spray bullet, she died. the police say it happened when two men got in an argument and one pulled out a gun and fired. alleged accomplice charged with murder over the weekend and more on "action news" beginning at 4:00. a bail hearing set for this afternoon for the philadelphia police officers who are charged with corruption while on the job. federal prosecutors charge the six philadelphia narcotics officer last week using force and threats to rob, kidnap and abuse drug dealers. commissioner charles ramsey says it is one of the worst he has
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seen. and working on a settlement between septa and two unions. at a hearing this afternoon in washington, hearing jump dates from the two sides on whether progress has been made in the contract talks. the dispute centers on train for pay engineers. and recommended last night that they get wage increases similar to other unions and it led to a one day fight in june. and residence in two towns are waiting for roads to be cleared after mud and debris from thunderstorms caused the mountain mudslides. 2500 people stranded by the heavy mud. crews are working to remove the mud and rocks that are several feet deep on some roads. one person was killed when a car was swept off a road by flooding. meanwhile, northern california is reeling from the devastating
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wildfires. dry, windy conditions are hampering he have forwards to bring the wildfire under control near chico. more than 3,000 people have now been evacuated. back here at home the rain from the weekend just a memory now. the sunshine returned to the delaware and lehigh valley. and a look down at the shore, folks enjoying fun in the sun in cape may this afternoon, why not? burning off the morning fog making up for this weekend's rain. and meteorologist melissa magee is in for david murphy and joins us. >> thank you. some sun and clouds moving in, breaks of sunshine the name of the game the rest of the afternoon. the temperatures are reaching from where they were over the weekend. yesterday's high temperature 77. in philadelphia already up to 79 degrees. trenton 81. in the poconos 70. april long the coach beach haven
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to sea isle city 77 degrees, dover in the upper 70s as well. talking about the dewpoint, even though we have pretty comfortable conditions now as far as the temperature is concerned, when you look at the dewpoint the level of moisture in the atmosphere, ranging from 65 to 75 degrees. you will notice the humidity when you step outdoors. not a whole lot going on as we look at satellite 6 along with action radar. pretty quiet, but things will retire as we get into the afternoon hours for some locations. we will talk about what is ahead. staying muggy for us on our monday. we are tracking the threat of some thunderstorms as we get into the middle half of our week week. and also, we'll give you a check on the tropics as we keep a close eye on what is now hurricane bertha. a closer look at that storm and how it will indirectly impact us later this week with the exclusive accuweather forecast. sending it back inside to you. >> thank you. remember, keep track of the forecast by downloading our free
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stormtracker 6 app. access to radar, hourly forecast and weather alerts for your area. a rally held in harrisburg and they are hoping to get needed funding for the school district of philadelphia. public sit scitizens for childrd youth boarded a bus and they are going to the state capital to urge lawmakers to come back from the break and vote on a tax bill for the city. it will result in millions for the cash-strapped direct. >> there are children that will suffer if we don't get the cigarette tax passed. >> if it doesn't come by august 15 schools cannot open on time. sheryl crowe at music fest and tickets are still available. ♪
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>> jason durillo performed and i had a chance to greet the crowd. and there it is, maybe some dance steps? no, we won't. it runs through sunday, a fun night. and the new with the full line-up of performers through august 10. a link on how to buy tickets and finding out who will be at our 6abc booth. today is amy buckman i think. and find out and get more at the new >> we will have to find that video. it doesn't exist? ok. still to come on "action news at noon" a woman rushed to the hospital when a fire breaks out in her only home overnight. and weeks later in toledo they can eat, cook
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>> philadelphia police looking for a suspect who fired ten shots at a couple as they sat inside a car overnight. a 25 year old woman got out of the car after the shooting on the 7100 block in west oak lane
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before 3:00 this morning. the 29 year old man drove off until he crashed into another car. both were taken to einstein hospital. a woman burned after a philadelphia home went up in flames overnight. fire officials believe she may have been a hoarder. they worked to put out the flames before 2:30 this morning. debris visible inside and outside of the home. the 66-year-old woman suffered burns and was taken to temple university hospital in stable condition. a second american with ebola set to fly to america tomorrow wright will receive treatment along side of the doctor who arrived on saturday and is improving. they contracted the deadly ebola virus while treating those with the virus in liberia.
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more than 1400 contracted ebola in that three west african countries. the death toll is up to 826. a temporary cease-fire, israeli troop withdrawal reviewed violence. a seven-hour humanitarian cease-fire. and the residents fled to the street to pick up supplies and check on homes, but the lull was broken after an attack on a bus killing some. 400 ukrainian soldiers crossed into russia. both sides giving conflicting reasons as to why. russian officials say that the soldiers defected and sought safety on the russian side, but utah cranian mie iaiae iaian -- say they ran out of ammunition. and this claiming 1100 lives
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since april. the water woes in toledo appear to be over. the ban leaving 400,000 ohio and michigan residents without water lifted this morning. the toledo mayor collins announced the lake erie water is ago for bathing and cooking. and they warned them cause of toxinses believing the sou
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>> wal-mart wants to make internet shopping more personal. the retailer rolling out a feature allowing the website to show shoppers more products they may like based on previous purchases. and it will be customized based other than where they live and have local weather and events. the personalized website part of a relaunch of the website plan for early next year. if you haven't filled out lately you will like what you see at the pump. gas prices the lowest they have been at the start of august in four years. according to aaa, it went down. in new jersey it is $3.33 a gallon. and delaware drivers paying about $3.42. "healthcheck," research shows diet drinks may cut sugar
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but more likely to give you jitters. it is linked to hyperactivity in children. manufacturers like coca-cola, pepsi and energy drinks are not required to label caffeine levels in products. and parents should be aware a healthier can have more caffeine and affect the child's behavior. people obese working in manufacturing jobs may have less endurance. and may have less strength, comfort and declines in perform pans. and being overweight decreases the way that muscles work, affectses blood flow and oxygen and energy that reaches the muscles. the only way to solve it is through strength training. and working on news stories beginning at 4:00. >> and alicia vitarelli with the preview. how was the weekend? >> it was great.
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coming up today at 4:00, no separation between church and plate at one north carolina restaurant. what you need to do to get a discount. coming up in big talkers. a lot of talk about this one. not the thrill they were looking for, the rollercoaster mishap that had riders walking down a 230-foot incline at a central jersey amusement park. and a brave mood brings out bullies. why a mothered 5 had to defend her stretch marks to thousands of strangers on facebook. it all begins at 4:00. don't forget, take us with you on the go. if you have not downloaded the 6abc app catch it streaming live on your smart known or tablet. i know you had fun this weekend at musikfest. >> it was a ball. it was a blast. a lot of fun. >> he had fun. >> it was a long day. it was fun. accuweather com
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>> topping our people scene the ghostbusters franchise may get a reboot. sony approached the director on the film but no negotiations took place. and to steam it up, he is said to want an all-female cast for ghostbusters. >> we like that idea. >> that would be great, fun to watch. and the accuweather forecast, a mucky monday. >> that is right. we have some conditions that are favorable, perhaps you are having a great hair day, when you walk outside it won't be the case. [laughter]
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showing you it is pretty quiet now across the delaware and lehigh valley, no issue with precipitation. and showing up the picture outside on this monday afternoon. we are looking up at the sky. in fact, that's the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul on this monday. a bright blue sky but now the sun playing a game of peek-a-boo and clouds and sun dominate the rest of the afternoon. in philadelphia coming in at 79 degrees. some good news in the temperature department, this time yesterday temperatures were well below average. average is 87 and the high in the city yesterday just 77 degrees. 2 degrees above it now. trenton 81. and along the coast in beach haven 77. dover 79. pretty quiet now from the northeast down across the mid-atlantic region. last night we did have some showers and storms moving across interior sections, it is staying
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dry now. but if could refire as we get into the average hours. i think most locations, however, should stay dry. futuretracker 6 has you covered going throughout time. 2:00 in the afternoon we have mostly sunny skies with a few clouds popping up. as you get the heating of the day and a frontal boundary close to our region, there could be a pop-shower and thunderstorm. and staying pretty dry. if you are traveling north to musikfe musikfest sheryl crow will take the stage. and start of the concert aren't 75 degrees. the tropics, we are keeping a close eye on a tropical storm and a hurricane right now, a cork one hurricane winds 81 miles per hour. and as it continues its forward movement it moves to the north
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and throughout time it curves to the northeast getting late into tuesday and wednesday. staying off the east coastline. one thing to keep in mind if you travel down the shore getting into late tuesday and wednesday, there is an issue with high surmuch and moderate risk for rip currents. something to keep in mind as we track hurricane bertha staying away from the eastern seaboard and offshore. the exclusive accuweather forecast, today, sunshine and clouds. not a major concern with the pop-up showers. high temperature 86 degrees. staying humid tuesday, high temperature of 89 degrees. again, astray thunderstorm likely. most spots should stay dry until we get into wednesday when a frontal boundary moves through. showers and storms more numerous midwe midweek. and staying in the lower 80s getting into next weekend. and average for us about 87 and the temperatures this week are not bad for august. pretty good.
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>> thanks. and finally this noon, you heard of a diamond in the rough, right? a woman watching the wgc bridgestone final round yet and sergio garcia hit a shot, going wild and hit the setting out of this woman's ring. and the diamond was temporarily lost in the report. and he asked for her information so he could replace the ring. >> that turned out well. >> yeah, i think it was a cubic ksh >> and for the entire "action news" team i'm sarah bloomquist. have a great afternoon. ♪
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>> yeah! whoo! what up, baby? what's up? what's up? what's up? what's up? what's up, y'all? what's happening? sup, buddy? >> hey, good to see you. >> step right over there. [cheers and applause] yes! hello, and welcome to millionaire. in the house with me today is a contestant with a somewhat modest goal for himself: to make enough money so that he can buy his favorite fruit all year round. i mean, even when it's out of season and more expensive. from new york city, show some love for jesse fuchs. what up, jesse? >> hi there. >> what's up, man? that's a-- jesse, you just want to be able to get blueberries when--


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