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tv   Action News  ABC  August 5, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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kind of muggy across the region. a couple changes. first of all it is going to be warm, 78 by 9 o'clock, 83 by noon. your high of 89 probably around 3 o'clock. but as we go through the day we expect the humidity to drop. those dewpoints will go from the mid 60's down to about 60 so just moderately humid late in the day and tonight. there's the slight chance of a spotty pop-up thunderstorm in a couple spots. most don't see that. we have an air quality alert today especially in urban centers along 95 through pennsylvania and down into delaware. that means those of in you sensitive groups should limit your outdoor activity, young kids, senior citizens and those of you with asthma or other respiratory ailments. musikfest tonight, moody blues 8:30 p.m., 78 degrees, just a slight chance of a spotty thunderstorm. hopefully it misses musikfest tonight. karen what are roads looking like. >> i had such a hard time driving with the fog in south jersey. on 95 it's crystal clear so no problems. i-95 in delaware county, we see a car off to the side here but we had some overnight
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construction blocking the two left lanes. it just cleared a minute ago and we're seeing all lanes back opened and looking pretty good on i-95 southbound at 420. let's switch over to the schuylkill expressway equally clear here with no problems with any fog and our lanes are opened so that's your eastbound traffic coming right towards you here on the schuylkill near girard heading towards center city and heading there with no delay or problems this morning. let's look at the big picture. blue route looking good, we talked about the schuylkill and 95. your other majors showing no accidents this morning. we're off to a good start on a tuesday morning. lehigh valley overview 78, 22, all looking good. northeast extension with no problems. later today of course as david mentioned with musikfest you'll expect lots of congestion but nothing just yet, matt. >> thank you karen. a car barrels into a home in camden overnight and the impact leaves the structure in a pile of rubble. katherine scott live at tenth and linden streets. what happened to those in the vehicle and what is happening now. katherine. >> reporter: well, matt, one man and one woman in that car
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crash were taken to the hospital in critical condition. emergency responders were right across the street from that house when it start d to collapse. you can see it's just rubble right now. it's really quieted down here. crews were on the scene throughout the night. demolition crews were called in to take down the remaining structure because it just wasn't stable. take a look at this viewer video from earlier. you can see the banged up car, the damage, to the front and back of that vehicle, the downed patrols and debris spilling into the street from that house. the roof was just slanting down. it was a mess. chopper six was overhead last night soon after this all happened. police and fire crews were surrounding the scene around 11 o'clock last night authorities were called out to the intersection of tenth and linden in camden. the car had lost control and hit the house and then spun out. it took out several light poles. the driver and passenger were trapped inside. rescue crews were in the process of freeing the pair from the car when the house right across the street start d to collapse. the house was being renovated.
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there was no one inside. utility crews were called in to shut off the utilities. other crews were inspecting the damage and they did make sure there was no one else inside the home. and the heavy equipment was brought in for the demolition. no first responders were injured in all of this but again the man and the woman from that initial crash were taken to the hospital in critical condition. we're live in camden, katherine scott, channel 6 "action news." >> thanks, katherine. and new this morning, a delaware county family that is on vacation has no home to return to. fire gutted their house in chadds ford overnight. firefighters had trouble because the flames were already rage willing they arrived and there weren't any fire hydrants nearby. plus the home is on a hill in a wooded area. within an hour the home was gone. no word yet on a cause. >> happening today, the preliminary hearing for the two men charged with killing three people during a west philadelphia grocery store robbery. police say malik sharif scott and abraham mohammed walked
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into arena's grocery store in september of 2011 at 50th and parish streets. they then allegedly gunned down nunez, his wife johanna and her sister lena sanchez before robbing the store. >> developing out of the middle east a brand new ceasefire between israel and hamas. it began at about 1:00 this morning our time and at this point it continues to hold. each side has agreed to lay down their weapons for three days. nearly a month of fighting has killed 1900 palestinians, most of them civilians. 64 israeli soldiers and three israeli civilians have died. israel and hamas are to hold indirect peace talks in egypt during this truce. they will seek a permanent stop to the fighting. hamas wants its borders opened. israel wants hamas disarmed. >> the second american aide worker diagnosed with the ebola virus is now on a plane from west africa that's heading to atlanta. we are learning more now about the medical treatment for her and the american doctor
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battling the disease. nancy writebol is said to be improving after receiving a dose of an experimental drug. the 59-year-old missionary from charlotte was in liberia helping to dee contaminate doctors and got sick. >> she's eating a little bit, able to take in fluid, so, you know, we're cautiously optimistic. >> 33-year-old dr. kent brantly arrived in the u.s. on saturday in a full bio suit. he is also taking that experimental drug. his fever is lower than it was before taking the drug. ebola has already killed more than 900 people in three african countries. only about two of every five patients stricken survive. >> city inspectors are warning some homeowners in southwest philadelphia to make plans to move out. roughly 150 homes in the eastwick section are having structural problems. sherri thomas hired engineers and they told her... >> there is no solution.
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they said that the houses are sinking, they shouldn't have been built and they were built on some kind of silt from the schuylkill. >> now, eastwick was -- want to go back to the video here. you want to read this eva. >> eastwick was part of an urban renewal project that dates back to the 1950's. records show it was once swampy land. for years there have been problems with shifting in their foundations buckling sidewalks and streets. councilman kenyatta johnson and congressman bob brady are pushing for the army corps of engineers to assess the land and determine if residents should make repairs or if those homes should be condemned. >> so, some of us may touch 90 today. >> possibly. i would think urban centers like center city have the best chance. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows us we're dry for your tuesday morning commute. as we take a look outside tranquil conditions out there. some sun breaking out. most of our cloud cover is over south jersey and there's some patchy fog here or there in parts of south jersey as
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well. taking a look at temperatures, we are off to a warm start in philadelphia. 71 degrees is the current temperature in the city and it's a little bit muggy. 63 in allentown, 66 in trenton, 65 in wilmington and 71 in sea isle city this morning. future tracker 6 shows you that any time after about one or 2 o'clock we'll be in the lookout for a couple of very spotty pop-up showers or thunderstorms. most places will not see this but it's something you wants to keep your eyes on if you are out and about doing some work or some play outside today, okay. very spotty stuff but possible. up in allentown, looks like most of the day is just sun and clouds, 88 is the high. it will start out humid and then get a little bit less humid as the day goes on. there's that slight chance of a late storm but few and far between and then at the shore patchy fog in some spots this morning, sun and clouds otherwise, 78 by noon and getting up to a high of 84 on the beach in atlantic city. if you're farther down the coast in cape may county out on that peninsula you may stop in the low 80's. ocean temperatures are in the low 70's which isn't too bad
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today. and in philadelphia a high of 89, sun and clouds. pretty humid right now but getting a little less so as the day goes on and again we're allowing for that spotty afternoon on evening thunderstorm in a couple neighborhoods. 74 by 8 o'clock, 83 by 11 o'clock and by 2 o'clock 88 with a high of 89 around 3 o'clock. we'll be back down to 86 by 5 o'clock with that humidity lowering during the day. if you're head the to the ballpark tonight it's the houston astros now in the american league coming to town. partly cloudy skies tonight, 81 for the first pitch, 75 in the ninth inning, moderately humid, not too bad humidity wise, maybe you just pick up a cool drink and you're in good shape. tropical storm bertha was a hurricane but in the latest posts this morning it has been downgrade d to a tropical storm. it is going to be splitting the difference between the east coast of the united states and bermuda. as it passes by we'll be look at the potential for heavy surf and related rip currents so if you're down the shore both today and tomorrow you
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want to be real careful to only go into the water next to the lifeguard stands listen to those guys if they till get out. your exclusive accuweather 7-day, very warm today, 89 degrees is your forecast high, slight chance of a pop-up thunderstorm later. clouds and sun tomorrow, 84. frontal boundary will be a little closer to us, so there's a better chance of a thunderstorm popping up in the afternoon and evening on wednesday. not necessarily looking at severe weather but you always take cover from those storms. and then we get into a really nice stretch. 84 sunny and nice on thursday. partly sunny friday, 83 and the weekend a louisiana relatively humidity both days, lots of sunshine great for musikfest's final weekend. good for the phillies, the union. lots of stuff going on and it looks like nice weather. by monday afternoon there could be another thunderstorm returning but how often have we said that this summer, weekend is great,. >> ooh la hi la time ends on monday. >> we've will a couple of not so great weekends.
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school starting soon. >> oh, school. >> sorry. the bad word. >> still ahead, the man who led the crusade for gun control has died. we'll take a look back at james brady's life. >> a money mess and flash flooding is causing problems on las vegas roadways. look at that karen. >> gosh, scary scene, right. let's look outside here. it's nice and quiet. this is the boulevard near fox street. southbound traffic headed towards the schuylkill a new accident just coming in. details coming right up. >> there's a new restaurant in canada with a twist. we'll tell you why you don't order. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> 5:42 and some rays of >> ♪ clouds out in center city. hey, it is 5:43. the sun doesn't come up until 6:03 a.m. i hate to tell you this but the days are getting shorter in terms of sunlight. >> let's not talk about that yet. >> let's not. >> eva is bringing up school, matt is stressing how the days are getting shorter. come on people, let's hit the suburban traffic report. we want to start with a new accident in abington montgomery county just coming in to us. jenkintown road near highland avenue. a two vehicle accident. watch for this one just coming in in the past minute. let's show you what it looks like right here. we're looking life and on 202 near 29. that's northbound traffic coming toward you moving pretty nicely there. no big problems there on 202 looking pretty good. this is wait looks like on 42. that's your northbound traffic
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at creek road. a little bit of building volume, not a delay. you can get just a hint of some of the fog as you look at this shot i think, certainly as you look in the distance and that's what everybody is talking about on your commuter traffic. on 55 everyone is complaining about the fog. here on 40 it's the same thing so in upper pittsgrove township route 40, everyone saying particularly difficult to see right there. as we check in with the visibility reports we've improved in millville. in millville it was .0 so we were seeing nothing out there, nearly that in millville and i know i drove in like that as well. looking in cumberland county it's still an issue and in parts of gloucester southern parts of gloucester and camden counties now but even in burlington county you could see the bull's eye, we don't have a reporting site right there but i can tell you from this in burlington county we're looking at fog. if i pulled in it one more time we just got a live update on the air, 1.5 visibility in millville so improving there but spreading with the patchy
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fog in parts of south jersey. eva. >> some stretches of las vegas roads will remain closed today while crews remove the mud caused by flash flooding. an inch of rain fell in las vegas in just an hour yesterday followed by a couple more inches later in the day. two teens had to be rescued when the rushing waters swept them into a wash. the powerful surge of water overturned cars and trapped dozens of other vehicles in flood waters along a couple of major highways. there were no reports of any injuries. >> happening today, services marking the two year anniversary of the deadly shooting at a sikh temple in wisconsin. worshipers gathered at the temple over the weekend fundraise a special prayer service fox5 victims and their families. a white supremacist burst into the temple and killed six worshipers including the temple president back in 2012. the man then killed himself after the shootings. two women who were nearly killed on the tracks by a freight train have been charged with railroad trespassing. it happened last month on a trestle bridge in indiana.
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the women you see there survived by laying flat on the track. the train was -- passed over them by near inches. a conviction could mean a six month jail sentence and a $1,000 fine. >> the man who became the face of the gun control movement in the united states has died. james brady was shot in the head during the attempted assassination of his boss, president ronald reagan. reagan was slot in the chest. brady was one of three others hit byd bullets of the gun of john hinckley june. brady suffered permanent brain damage but devoted the rest of his life fighting gun violence. the law requiring background checks of all gun buyers bears brady's name. he was 73 years old. it will be up to new jersey voters whether to eliminate the constitutional right to bail as a way to keep dangerous suspects locked up until trial. the state assembly unanimously approved the measure put forward by governor chris christie. it now goes on the november
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ballot. meanwhile a separate measure would give judges more leeway in releasing low level suspect whose cannot afford bail. governor christie intends to sign it. >> 5:47 and we are tracking the search for a missing girl out west. >> it started late because the child's parents did not report her missing for a full day. david. >> couple of spots like urban centers, center city, for example, might hit 90 today. officially we're going to go 89 which is right around average. 70 is your low, also right around average. slight chance of a pop-up thunderstorm this afternoon. we'll let you know how you're 89 with your daypart
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>> newest eatery opened with traditional greek flare last night. the brothers have brought their med therien cuisine tote main line. it welcomes patrons once the broken plates were all cleaned up. >> i would love to do that. >> sounds like fun. >> and get away with it. >> you can't do that at home. >> wife wouldn't like that, matt o'donnell. >> we have a new accident. i'm holding my breath a minute ago here. this is the schuylkill eastbound, the ramp to the schuylkill eastbound past 202. you can see that car off to the left an accident where the guy kind of spun out hit the wall. he's facing backward. his bumper was in the middle of road and we were watching near accidents as everyone swerved around it. he kind of darted out and pulled the bumper off the road and it's off to the side. schuylkill eastbound past 202 watch for this accident just in. let's take a look at your overview around the region. the bridges are looking good other than some construction, dave. >> all right, karen, on the big board we have temperatures
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that aren't too bad in the northern and western suburbs. a lot of low 60's actually. 60's in quakertown, 66 in warrington but 61 in saint davids, 61 in votesville. little closer to 70 in places like chester and in center city. across the river in south jersey 65 in vineland, 65 in hammonton. i will point out that in through this portion of south jersey around vineland and maybe a bit down the shore there has been some patchy fog that's developed and in some cases it's pretty thick so be careful of that this morning as you're driving in, all right. and if you're running errands today not too bad of a day, 78 and pretty muggy by 9 o'clock, 85 by noon. the humidity is going to drop off a little bit during the afternoon. we will see a high of 89 and there's just a slight chance of an afternoon pop-up shower or thunderstorm but most neighborhoods aren't going to see that. that's real spotty stuff today, okay, eva. >> thanks, david. >> police in washington state are looking for a six year old girl who was missing for an entire day before her parents reported her missing to police. the parents of denise wright have agreed to take lie
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detector tests and allow officers to search their trailer home. yesterday welfare workers removed two other children from the home. neighbors say they saw the little girl passing by on a daily basis. >> don't even know where to begin to look for that 'cause she's all over the park and no supervision, just young child all alone all by herself out here all the time. >> denise's father says he let her roam freely because it was summer is. about 80 police officers k-9s and volunteers have searched the area in and around trail are park. >> happening today, the beginning of a trial for the day care provider charged with leaving five children alone inside a car in philadelphia. 39-year-old karen thompson is accused of leaving the kids in an suv outside the shop rite on aramingo avenue on july 2nd. the air conditioner was running but police say the children were unattended when they were supposed to be in thompson's care. one of the children was just six months old. all five children were released to their parents.
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>> time now is 5:52. coming up, the new eatery that's helping to teach curious diners about the challenges people who are hearing impaired face daily. >> why dozens of people have been standing in this line or sitting which is wrapped around a building in olde city. all night. >> stay on top of the changing weather situation with the new visit for storm tracker 6 radar, both the hourly and seven-day good job!
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>> the fire marshal confirms a buildup of propane gas led to this deadly food truck explosion last month in philadelphia's hunting park section. investigators could not determine what ignited the blast, whether it was a stove burner, a warmer or the pilot light. they also don't know why the propane leaked. a mother and her daughter were both killed. two other victims are still being treated more than a month later. nine others have been released from the hospital. a recent poll of garden state residents found that most oppose casinos opening outside of atlantic city. the fairleigh dickinson poll shows 50 percent oppose the idea while 42 percent support the idea. researchers found residents were slightly more upbeat if gambling were to open at the meadowlands specifically in north jersey but there was not widespread support. south jersey lawmakers warn new gambling developments in other areas of the state would devastate atlantic city's economy. >> new restaurant in canada
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economy. you don't have to speak to place your order and many of the staff are hearing impaired. the art on the walls gives you a crash course in sign language and each table also has flip charts to teach you signs. the owner can hear and sign and he hopes his business will be a first step to changing experiences for those hearing impaired in all work places. >> it's a neat idea. >> 5:57 now. and a popular hookup app is more interested in puppy love these days. it now features profiles of pups in need of new homes. >> plus, an out of control car was no match for this house. live report from the scene of jersey when "action news" everybody's excited about the back to school
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and
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with matt o'donnell, tamala >> ♪ >> good morning everyone, it's 6 o'clock on this tuesday, august 5th. tam is off, eva pilgrim joins us. we begin with developing news. >> a wild ride ends when a car slams into a home in camden. the action cam is there as crews look for anyone trapped underneath that rubble. >> all is quiet for now in gaza. israel and hamas agreed to a 72 hour ceasefire overnight. >> philadelphia police say the man accused of gunning down an innocent three year old girl is now behind bars. >> we're tracking your accuweather forecast and traffic with david and karen. good morning. >> pleasant enough out here on the terrace. as you start moving around in the air this morning you will start to feel that humidity. we're still somewhat muggy. take a look at satellite and lot of clear skies over philadelphia but the farther you go down through south jersey the better chance you have of seeing some cloud cover and maybe a little patchy fog this morning, too. we're hoping that burns off but it has been kind of thick in some spots. 64 in millville right


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