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tv   Action News  ABC  August 5, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> ♪ >> good morning everyone, it's 6 o'clock on this tuesday, august 5th. tam is off, eva pilgrim joins us. we begin with developing news. >> a wild ride ends when a car slams into a home in camden. the action cam is there as crews look for anyone trapped underneath that rubble. >> all is quiet for now in gaza. israel and hamas agreed to a 72 hour ceasefire overnight. >> philadelphia police say the man accused of gunning down an innocent three year old girl is now behind bars. >> we're tracking your accuweather forecast and traffic with david and karen. good morning. >> pleasant enough out here on the terrace. as you start moving around in the air this morning you will start to feel that humidity. we're still somewhat muggy. take a look at satellite and lot of clear skies over philadelphia but the farther you go down through south jersey the better chance you have of seeing some cloud cover and maybe a little patchy fog this morning, too. we're hoping that burns off but it has been kind of thick in some spots. 64 in millville right now, 69
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in philadelphia, 65 in wilmington, 61 up in allentown and 64 in trenton. up are 60's down the shore in most cases and as we roll through the day it's going to be a warm one. 78 by 9 o'clock, 85 by noon and then your high today is that 89 degrees at 3 o'clock. couple of spots like center city might touch 90 this afternoon and then we're down to 84. humidity will lower as the day goes on and there's just the slight chance of a pop-up thunderstorm. most places stay dry. we have an air quality alert today especially in urban centers along i-95 down into wilmington and up through philadelphia and up toward trenton. unhealthy air for sensitive groups including senior citizens and young kids and those who suffer from asthma. tonight's musikfest show is the moody blues at 8:30, partly cloudy skies moderately humid, 78 degrees probably dry but we'll be looking out for a real spotty thunderstorm. karen rogers what about the roads and rails? what are things looking like. >> we have two problems both on the schuylkill expressway. police and an ambulance arrived on this accident scene on the schuylkill eastbound.
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this is just east of 202. these folks are coming from 202 northbound to the schuylkill eastbound. you can see the flashing lights right here and the car is facing backwards. it slammed into the guardrail here and spun around facing the wrong way. for awhile he had his bumper right in the middle lane here and everyone was swerving around that. you get a better shot of it. schuylkill eastbound were 02 watch for this accident right now. i want to switch over to 30th street, the on-ramp to the westbound schuylkill and that's where we could see this disabled vehicle just blocking the right lane right now. so be careful of this. you can see it's trying to push to the side but not much avenue shoulder there. part of the right lane blocked here and this is the 30th street on-ramp to the schuylkill westbound so two problems there this morning. on the big picture starting to see some slowing just a touch on i-95 southbound about 45 miles an hour and we have been talking with katherine scott live in camden on tenth and linden. we're still seeing restrictions in area due to the overnight building collapse. >> crews have been working all flight to demolish a camden
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house that collapsed last night. it happened when a car smashed right into it. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live at the scene and tenth and linden streets with the very latest. katherine. >> reporter: matt, emergency responders were there responding to that car crash trying to free the victim from that car crash when sudden that home start d to collapse. you can see right now there's not a whole lot left. it's just rubble on that street corner right now. demolition crews were called in to take down the rest of the walls because the structure just wasn't stable. so, it's largely cleaned up at the moment but take a look at this viewer video from earlier. you could see the damage to the front and back of the car, the downed poles, there's debris spilling into the street from that house and you can see the roof just slanting down toward the roadway. chopper 6 was overhead last night soon after this all happened. police and fire crews were surrounding the scene. around 11 o'clock last night authorities were called out to the intersection of tenth and linden in camden and that car
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had lost control, it had hit the house and then spun out. it took down several light poles. the driver and the passenger were trapped and again it was during that rescue operation to get the pair out of the car which at that point was positioned across the street from the house that the house start d to collapse. the house was being renovated. there were no -- there's no one inside at the time, though they did check the premises to be sure. utility crews were called in to shut off the utilities and the heavy equipment was brought in for demolition and now all that's left is a pile of rubble. no first responders were injured but that driver and passenger that were in that initial car crash were taken to the hospital in critical condition. we're live in camden, katherine scott, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you, katherine. developing out of the middle east now, israel and hamas have silenced their weapons for now. both have agreed to a three day ceasefire. the fragile deal has ended nearly a month's worth of fighting. israel has pulled all of its ground troops out of gaza. now the truce was reached through talks in cairo. during the ceasefire, israel
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and hamas plan to hold indirect talks aimed after ending their border conflict. nearly 1900 palestinians have been killed during the fighting, most of them civilians. 67 israelis have been killed. >> the man police say opened fire on a three-year-old girl while she was sitting on a front porch is now behind bars. "action news" reporter erin o'hearn is at the big board with details. >> reporter: eva, police were on the hunt for 22-year-old brandon ruffin and late last night they put him in handcuffs in the 5600 block of lloyd street in germantown. police say he is the trigger man in the etting street shooting that took the life of a toddler and wounded three other people. a community was thrown into a state of shock friday night after learning about the murder of little tynirah borum. she was outside on a porch having her hair braided by a neighbor when police say ruffin opened fire. police caught ruffin's alleged accomplice, douglas woods, almost immediately but have been urging the community to come forward with any
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information about ruffin. police say his intended target was a 24 year old man. relatives mourning the little girl say she was full of life. >> i just miss my niece and i love her so much and i just wish she still was here. >> i just brought her back from north carolina with me. we were there for a movement i just brought her back home and then this happened to her. this is crazy. don't make no sense. >> again, ruffin is behind bars. woods' alleged accomplice is in custody and has been charged with murder three counts of attempted murder aggravated assault and related offenses. eva. >> thanks, erin. hang today crime prevention efforts will take place in neighborhoods all over the country. several neighborhoods and organizations will be marking national night out. this is an annual event observed nationwide to raise awareness about crime and prevention. the program helps neighborhoods across the country promote safety and strengthen relationships with local law enforcement. you can accident police
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commissioner your pressing questions on crime and safety in philadelphia. charles ramsey and his top deputies will be at the 6abc studios to take part in a live web chat. submit your questions now and then join in live on done night from 4:00 to 6:30. >> one of the pillars of the great economic collapse has settled nearly a billion dollars worth of claims that it misled investors into thinking everything is just fine. maribel aber has her market watch report live at the nasdaq in times square. maribel. >> reporter: good morning, matt. first let's talk with stocks. stocks rebounded in a calm trading session as the dow made up some lost ground from last week. futures pointing to a mixed open. aig will pay $960 million to settle a lawsuit over the if this crisis. the settlement covers eight lawsuits that were seeking class action status. the suits accuse the insurance company of misleading investors about its financial condition before the 2008 financial crisis. and home buyers are paying a lot more when it comes time to
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close on their mortgages. closing costs in wisconsin are up 28 percent over a year ago. this is according to bank nationwide costs are up 6% and this jump is due to tighter lending regulations. doggie dates have come to tinder. the popular dating app now features profiles of puppies in need of homes. users who show an interest in a dog are sent a link to the nonprofit that rescued the animal. they are then given information on adopting the pup and volunteering at the nonprofit. hey, matt, it's the dog days of dating. >> it is. thanks so much, maribel. >> can't find a date? just get a dog. >> dogs can be much more loyal. >> storm tracker 6 live double scan what do we got? nothing going on precipitation-wise and as we take a look outside, nice morning. there are some clouds over south jersey, pretty pictures on sky 6 however and a little bit muggy to start out with humidity expecting to lower a
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bit as the day goes on. as we take a look at the current conditions, philadelphia's currents temperature 69 degrees. the dewpoint right now has actually dipped a little bit from where it was an hour or so ago, down to 63 so just a little bit muggy. winds out of the west-southwest at 7 miles per hour, not all that strong. future tracker 6 shows you that up until about noon we've got nothing going on precipitation-wise. as we get later into the afternoon and early evening there's the possibility of a little spotty thunderstorm or shower in a couple of spots. this is not going to be all over the place but it's something you want to look out for just in case one of these spotty cells lapse to hit you but at any given moment the majority of the region is going to be dry. temperatures, well, 74 degrees by 8 o'clock and then getting up to 83 by 11:00 so pretty typical for august. we're going to get warm in a hurry. 88 degrees by 2 o'clock. your high today is 89 at 3 o'clock and then we're back into the mid 80's by 5 o'clock this afternoon. again a spotty thunderstorm here or there. other thing about today is we're starting out a little muggy but i mentioned how that
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dewpoint is already dropping a little bit. it's going to get less humid as the afternoon goes on and will probably feel less humid this afternoon than we did yesterday. yesterday it wasn't terrible. high temperatures across the region pretty similar from allentown down through the i-95 corridor. closer to the shore low to mid 80's and getting less humid as the day goes on as mentioned. phillies tonight not a bad night for baseball, moderatorly humid, partly cloudy skies. houston astros in town for what i believe is the only stop this year. 81 for the first pitch and 75 degrees in the ninth inning. down to the tropics we go. we don't have to go very far down as bertha is now a tropical storm already off the coast of the carolinas. this is going to be passing us by today well off the cost but we are going to have an issue with heavy surf and with rip currents over the next couple of days because of the waves being pushed in by that storm as it comes up the coast. so if you're swimming down in the ocean or you're down the ocean maybe a better idea either not to swim, definitely stay near the lifeguards though and watch for those red
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flags and listen to what those guys are telling you, okay. 89 degrees, very warm out there today. we are looking at a mix of sun and clouds overall then spotty thunderstorm chance exists. and then wednesday clouds and sun, little chance of some showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening and a high of 84. after that nice stuff. thursday sunny, 84, partly sunny on friday, 83. and the coming weekend is a winner. looks like lots of sunshine saturday and sunday with mid 80's, low humidity for the most part and not bad. and then we're back to 85 on monday with a little higher humidity and a thunderstorm, okay. >> okay. thanks, david. 6:11 now. more news you didn't see last night including why long lines wrapped around olde city in the overnight hours. we can tell you these people were hoping to in a way strike gold. >> new research finds where a woman delivers her baby could make a big difference to her own health. >> and we still have this accident out here a-single vehicle spinout. a guy was favoring the wrong way hit the wall.
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off to the side right now. a problem with a disabled vehicle and another accident in montgomery county all coming up next. >> we have viral video showing what happens when children are introduced to typewriters. [laughter] "action news" continues.
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>> ♪ >> hey, people are going places and they're using philadelphia international airport. got some luggage carts moving
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around, some plains taking off. it is a busy tuesday morning at phl. >> let's get a check now of our traffic as people start heading into work and it's getting a little busier. >> it is. we've got this accident in abington out here. watch for it on jenkintown road near highland avenue so look for that accident and i want to take you outside and check on this disabled vehicle. penndot has just arrived on the scene and this is as you're head fred 30th street to the schuylkill westbound and we can see penndot and this disabled vehicle blocking part of the right lane right here so watch for that. penndot just arrived on the scene helping this guy out. you kind of get the sense of looking at this a touch of low clouds in a few spots this morning. to the 30 bypass coming from chester county near 322 that's your eastbound traffic headed towards 202 and doing so with no delay no, problem. roads are clear and dry. and looking good right here. but as we check our visibility reports we get an 81 date on the fog. at one point in millville we were talking about 0-mile visibility. it's now 1.3 miles so still fog in area. not quite as bad as it was
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earlier this morning and looking at another spot it's not in our reporting site but we can see the bull's eye in burlington county new jersey so a couple spots in new jersey are dealing with that. philadelphia international airport 10-mile visibility so that's no problem flying out but i don't know if you can see that just in north philadelphia some areas just to the north of philadelphia dealing with a little fog as well so watch for that as you're headed out the door. that's one of the things affecting you on this morning's commute. eva. >> thanks karen. the detroit man accused of fatally shooting an unarmed woman on his porch will be back on the stand. theodore wafer charged with second degree murder with the death of rainy here in shah mcbride. he said he feared for his life when he heard the teen banging on his door. prosecutors say he could have remained behind his locked door and called flynn 11. major cleanup under way following severe weather that devastate to do southern california communities. rivers of mud streamed through oak glen and forest falls after 4-inches of rain fell in
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just one hour yesterday. one minute is confirmed dead after his car was swept away. at least 31 homes are badly damaged. several destroyed. crews cleared some roads allowing people to leave. >> a trend seems to be unfolding among tech giants for the fall. abc's renna ninan has details. >> reporter: september shaping up to be the month of the fab let. samsung will unveil the galaxy note four with a 5.7-inch display. apple expected to unveil a new iphone with a 4.7-inch screen. comcast making it easier for lower income families to go on line. from now until september 20 families who qualify for the internet essentials program get up to six months of free service. see what happens when you get kids in a room with a typewriter. >> i think you put a piece of paper in there and then you -- or -- i don't know.
6:18 am
>> reporter: video going viral produced by the fine brothers for their youtube channel. most of the kids knew what it was by seeing it on television but they preferred modern technology as one putter it, thank god we have ipads. those are your tech bites. i'm renna ninan. >> they're harder to use. >> i posted it on my facebook page if you want to watch the whole thing, have a lot of time on your hands. >> it's a good watch. survey places penn state in the top 10 for party schools. it's not the only local college to make the list. >> disturbing new research indicates hospitals across the country are delivering very different outcomes for pregnant women. david. >> nice numbers out there with everybody in the 60's to start out. we're a little bit on the humid side but things are getting better as we go through the day. it will be warm later on. we'll have your daypart forecast and get you guys to the airport as you're maybe getting out of town on vacation. that's all coming up next. >> on top of the changing weather situation with the new check out storm tracker 6 radar, the hourly and
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>> the list is out on the top 20 college party schools in >> the list is out on the top according to princeton review rankings four of those schools, not really a shocker in our region. lehigh university in bethlehem number six, at number seven penn state university. rounding out the top 20 the university of delaware. top party in the nation is syracuse university in new york state. >> as you said though proves that these schools are all well balanced. >> well balanced. >> teaching you social skills. >> i was waiting for your spin on that. >> ud has really changed since you were there. >> he changed it. >> let's take a look outside on the ben franklin bridge right now. we're looking good. traffic moving in and out of the city. no problem right now. construction eastbound on the ben blocking the right lane. other than that you're good to go. tonight there's going to be lots of congestion.
6:22 am
katy perry at 7:00 phils at 7:05 so take those sports express trains. they run every 10 minutes until 6:48. >> on the big board by 9 o'clock we'll be up to 78 degrees. by noon if you're catching the bus or the el 85 degrees and then this afternoon at 3 o'clock, that is your high, 89. some urban spots like center city could actually touch 90 this afternoon. we'll be back to 84 by 6 o'clock. the humidity should gradually go down as the day goes on. so, a little muggy now, not as bad later on and there's the chance of a pop-up shower or thunderstorm in a couple of neighborhoods this afternoon and this evening but it's real spotty stuff. most don't see it. all green planes on the airport board. and no rain in any of our most frequently traveled destinations. eva. >> thanks, david. a new study find a woman's health during child birth has a lot to do with where she delivers. researchers compared hospitals across the u.s. they found mothers who delivered at low performing facilities suffered twice the major complications for vaginal births. the difference was worse, five fold for moms who had
6:23 am
c-sections. and there's no shores women can rely on to find the best hospitals ahead of time. medical groups are working to change that but it could take three to five years. >> an "action news" crew was driving past the u.s. mint in philadelphia very early this morning and notice add very long line snaking around the building. why were 33 there? we figured it out. they are coin collectors hoping to purchase a new commemorative gold coin which is a revision of the 1964 j.f.k. half dollar and they are willing to pay $1,240, the asking price. each coin contains a three-quarter troy ounce of pure 24 karat gold. the changes reflect suggestions from jacqueline kennedy onassis herself. >> if you're lucky fluff to get a gold one. golds is gold. can't have too much gold, right. >> indeed. the us mints in olde city is
6:24 am
nationwide making the limited
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>> philadelphia police are looking for hall. he's wanted for a murder that took place in the seven hundred block of west montgomery avenue on june 21. the 16 year old boy was killed that night a.m. 20 year old man was shot but survived. there's a $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of hall. several police officers from delaware county are in
6:27 am
florida looking for the ex-boyfriend of the woman who was found dead in her home on sunday. about 200 family and friends of 38-year-old masako griffin stood outside her home on emerson avenue in upper darby last night. her body was found in her second floor bedroom. police say she had been strangled. the single mother had recently graduated from delaware county community college with a nursing degree and was working two jobs to support her family. police are looking for the ex-boyfriend, 38-year-old deschae lowry. they are calling him a person of interest. griffin had a protection from abuse order against lowry. >> it's now 6:27. residents in a philadelphia neighborhood fear their homes are slowly sinking into the ground and some city officials plans to move out. plans to move out. that's coming up at what's up, george? massage chair. my little indulgence.
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>> ♪ >> an out of control car slams into a house in camden and the impact left the abandoned building in ruins. >> a charred shell is all that remains of a home in delaware county. find out what hampered firefighters efforts overnight. >> the second american infected with ebola is expected to arrive in the u.s. today and an experimental treatment could help save her life. >> good morning, it's 6:30 on this tuesday august 5th. >> good morning everyone. tam is off. eva pilgrim joins us. dave and karen are traffic and weather. >> a few clouds over in south jersey and some fog but let's take a look at satellite and see if we're seeing improvement there. does look like we are especially close to the delaware river. some clouds still over farther points south in delaware and south jersey this morning. 69 degrees in philadelphia, 61 in allentown. still a little bit muggy as you look at these numbers, so a bit on the humid side this morning. and as we roll through the day it is going to be a warm one. 78 degrees by 9:00, 83 by noon and then 89 is your high at 3
6:31 am
o'clock this afternoon with a couple of your ban centers like center city possibly hitting 90 briefly. we'll be back down to 84 by 6:00 and as the day goes on, there's a likelihood that the humidity will continue to kind of drop off a little bit. we have an air quality alert today. unhealthy air for sensitive groups like seniors and young kids and those who suffer from asthma. then the musikfest concert tonight the moody blues, partly cloudy, moderately humid. about 78 for the show. slight chance of a spotty thunderstorm today and tonight but hopefully it misses the fairgrounds. when i step inside we'll have dropping humidity over the next couple days all they between now and then a little better chance of a thunderstorm tomorrow. lot of stuff to talk about coming up, karen. >> all right, dave. let's hit the roads right now. we've got our latest problem, a disabled vehicle, this is i-95 southbound at street road and here's penndot on the scene. looks like they have a vehicle on the back of their truck right there and you can see it's mostly off to the side at this point but very close to that left lane so just be careful on i-95 southbound at street road. our other problem this morning
6:32 am
is on the schuylkill expressway as we switch our cameras live. we'll check out the schuylkill and this is as you're coming from 202 to the schuylkill eastbound. you can see it's off to the side. it was a single vehicle accident where the guy hit the wall is that facing the wrong way out there. for awhile he had a bumper right in the middle of the lane but they pushed that off to the side. you can see the debris on the side of the road. the main lanes looking okay on the schuylkill eastbound near 202. on the big picture we also had a disabled vehicle, it's been a little busy with available vehicles lately on the ramp from 30th street to the schuylkill westbound. that has cleared. starting to see you can see this little area of yellow, i-95 southbound about 23 miles an hour near the betsy ross bridge so that building volume kicking in. katherine scott has been live in camden, still an issue on tenth and linden with that accident cause something restrictions, matt. >> we'll talk more about that. thanks so much karen. a car barreled into a home in camden overnight and the impact left a structure in a pile of rubble. "action news" reporter katherine scott live there at tenth and linden streets with what happened to those in the vehicle and what's happening now.
6:33 am
katherine. >> reporter: matt, one man and one woman who were in that initial car crash were taken to the hospital with critical injuries. as for the emergency responders they were across the street when suddenly this home started to collapse and you can see right now there's not a whole lot left. there's just a pile of rubble where that house once stood. demolition crews were called in to take down the remaining structure overnight. and you can see it's largely cleaned up now but take a look at this viewer video. you could see the banged up car front end damage, there's damage to the back. there were downed poles in the street, debris spilling into the road from the house. the roof is slandering down from that house. chopper 6 was overhead last night soon after this all happened. police and fire crews were surrounding the scene around 11 o'clock last night. authorities were called out to the intersection of tenth and linden in camden. that car had lost control, it hit the house, spun out and took down several light poles. the driver and the passenger were trapped inside that vehicle. rescue crews were in the
6:34 am
process of freeing the pair from the car when that house right across the street start d to collapse. the house was being renovated. there were no one inside at the time of that collapse. utility crews were called in to shut off utilities. other crews were inspecting the damage and they wanted to make sure there was no one inside the home and the heavy equipment was brought in for demolition and this morning all that remains is rubble. no first responders were injured but the man and that woman from the initial crash were taken to the hospital in critical condition. we're live in camden, katherine scott, channel 6 "action news." >> thanks for that story, katherine. and new this morning a delaware county family that is on vacation has no home to return to. fire gutted their house on camly lane in chadds ford overnight. firefighters had trouble because the flames were already rage when did you go they arrived and there weren't any fire hydrants nearby plus the home is on a hill in a wooded area. within an hour the home was gone. no word yet on a cause. >> happening today, the
6:35 am
preliminary hearing for the two men charged with killing three people during a west philadelphia grocery store robbery. police say malik sharif scott and abraham mohammed walked into lorena's grocery store in september 2011 at 50th and pierce streets. they then allegedly cut down three people before robbing the store. >> a brands new ceasefire between israel and hamas began at about 1:00 this morning our time and it continues to hold. each side has agreed to lay down their weapons for three days. nearly a month of fighting has killed 1900 palestinians, most of them civilians. 64 israeli soldiers and three israeli civilians died. israel and hamas holding indirect peace talks in egypt during this truce. they'll seek a permanent stop to the fighting. hamas wants its borders opened, israel wants hamas disarmed. >> the second american aide worker diagnosed with the ebola virus is now on a plane
6:36 am
from west africa heading to atlanta. we are learning more about the medical treatment for her and an american doctor battling the disease. nancy writebol is said to be improving after receiving a dose of an experimental drug. the 59-year-old missionary from charlotte was in liberia helping to dee contaminate doctors when she got sick. >> she's eating a little bit, able to take in fluid, so, you know, we're cautiously optimistic. >> 33-year-old dr. kent brantly arrived in the u.s. on saturday in a full bio suit. he is also taking the experimental drug. his fever is lower than it was before taking the drug. ebola has already killed almost 900 people in three african countries. only about two of every five patients stricken survive. >> city inspectors are warning some homeowners in southwest philadelphia to make plans to move out. roughly 150 homes in the eastwick section are having structural problems. sherri thomas hired engineers
6:37 am
and they told her -- >> there is no solution. they said that the houses are sinking, they shouldn't have been built and they were built on some kind of silt from the schuylkill. >> eastwick was part of an urban renewal project that dates back to the 1950's. historical records show it was once swampy land. for years there have been problems of shifting foundationing, buckling sidewalks and streets. councilman kenyatta johnson who you just saw and congressman bob brady are pushing for the army corps of engineers to as sells the land and determine if residents should make repairs or if the homes should be condemned. >> mild stretch of summer, maybe 90's today, though. >> maybe, might touch 90 in some urban spots like center city. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you we're dry this morning which is nice. as we look outside lots of sun building across the region. there you see it. and some of those clouds that were previously over south jersey are beginning to break up a little. we have had some dense fog down towards millville and other parts of south jersey this morning and there might still ablittle bit of that
6:38 am
burning off so be careful of that just in case. 69 degrees right now in philadelphia. so, it is a mild start. and little bit muggy out there, too. 61 degrees in allentown, 65 in wilmington, 65 in trenton and 70 in both sea isle city and up the coast in atlantic city. future tracker 6 shows that you it will be fairly bright start today. and then in the afternoon some clouds will start to mix in and we may see a couple pop-up showers or thunderstorms. obviously as i roll this forward it's not everywhere all at once but there's the chance of something popping at least brief in a couple of spots. so, if you hear thunder take cover, not expecting any severe weather around but some spotty stuff possible. up in allentown 88 degrees. we'll call for a possible late storm but i am putting that question mark on there just because it's so few and far between. hopefully it misses musikfest. i would say there's a good chance it does. 84 degrees is your high today on the beach in atlantic city. the farther south you go toward cape may and the peninsula, maybe the low 80's. and ocean temperatures in the low 70's although remember we do have rip currents down the shore because of bertha.
6:39 am
i'll talk more about that in a moment. 89 is today's high in philadelphia with sun and clouds and that spotty thunderstorm in a couple of spots here or there. temperatures are going to climb out of the 70's at 8:00 up to the low 80's by 11 o'clock, 88 by 2 o'clock and our high of 89 probably around 3 o'clock this afternoon. then we're back down into the mid 80's by 5 o'clock. it's a little muggy now. humidity will dip during the day so it will feel more comfortable late in the day and for the phillies moderately humid. 81 degrees for the first pitch. phils at home against houston. 75 degrees in the ninth inning and hopefully we can get a win tonight. here's bertha off the coast today. tropical storm by the way. it dropped in intensity overnighter. it is going to be well off the coast but close enough to bring us those rip currents and heavy surf. not only today but those waves will probably still be coming in tomorrow so be careful where you swim. only do it near the lifeguards and listen to them if they tell you it's not safe and you got to get out, okay. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast going for a high of 89 today, very warm a
6:40 am
slight chance of a spotty storm this afternoon and this evening but most of you miss that. clouds and sun tomorrow, 84 and we'll have a little better chance of a thunderstorm during the afternoon and evening tomorrow. after a front gets through it gets nice. thursday sunny and nice, 84 the high there. partly sunny on friday, 83. and the weekend is looking good, lots of sun, mid 80's both saturday and sunday. got a lot of stuff going on. got the union at home and jack mcinerney is back with montreal. phillies at home. musikfest wrapping up. look like a great weekend for all that of. >> good. >> good to hear. incredibly intense downpours start flash flooding out west leaving drivers stranded. >> the nation is mourning the loss of a man who turned his near fatal gun shot bound to to -- into a crusade for gun control. >> traffic from the betsy ross bridge to girard and sun glare in some spots today. new accident coming in to us in bucks county. details up next.
6:41 am
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6:44 am
accident. two cars there off to the side, route 1 southbound the super highway right here in bucks county. we want to switch over here to 422 and see what it looks like. not looking bad just yet. this is your eastbound traffic right here. we can see it starting to get pretty slow between trooper and 23 but i wouldn't say a terrible delay just yet on 422. we have some sunshine out there and there will be some sun glare as well in spots this morning. let's bring in the maps right now and talk about some of the other issues. we're going to take a little fly right here of route 42 and we're looking at speeds at about 45 miles an hour at times as you head even 30 miles an hour as you head up and over into philadelphia so watch for some slowing in the normal spots on 422. the visibility reports have been showing in south jersey in particular issues with fog. we started off at 0-mile visibility in millville its three now but look at what's happened there along the coastline. we've really dropped significantly. .3 at atlantic city airport and wildwood, so look for that fog in south jersey. 10-mile visibility at
6:45 am
philadelphia international airport so some patchy fog in spots but no problem for sure at philadelphia international airport, eva. >> thanks, karen. stretches of some las vegas roads will remain closed today while crews remove the mud caused by flash flooding. an inch of rain fell on las vegas in just an hour yesterday followed by a couple of more inches later in the day. two teens had to be rescued when the rushing waters swept them into a wash. the powerful surge of water overturned cars and trapped dozens of other vehicles in flood waters along a couple of major highways. there were no reports of injuries. >> happening today, services marking the two year anniversary of the deadly shooting at a sikh temple in wisconsin. worshipers gathered at the temple over the weekend for a special prayer service for the victims and their families. a white supremacist burst into the simple -- temple if 2012. the man killed himself right after the shootings. two women who were nearly killed on the tracks by a freight train have been charged with railroad trespassing. it happened last month on a
6:46 am
trestle bridge in indiana. the women survived by laying flat on the track. the train was recorded the near tragedy passed over them by mere inches. a conviction on the charges could mean a six month jail sentence and a $1,000 fine. >> the man who became the face of the gun control movement in the united states has died. james brady was shot in the head during the attempted assassination his boss, president ronald reagan. reagan was slot in the chest. brady was one of three others hit by bullets from john hinckley jr. brady devoted the rest of his life to fighting gun violence. the law requiring background brady's name. brady was 73 years so brian at citizens said
6:47 am
6:48 am
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6:49 am
>> would you like some good traffic news for a change. >> yeah. >> let's check out the schuylkill expressway which is normally jam packed here westbound near city avenue. not looking too bad. we'll take it, right? not looking too bad. minute ride from the vine to the blue route. you'll get packed later, it's just not packed right now. mass transit looking okay as well. go ahead and take the sports express trains, dave, because you have katy perry and the phils tonight, 7:00 and 7:05. sports express trains start running at 6:08. >> singing and baseball all that good stuff. 62 degrees in fleetwood. 61 in coatesville. a lost comfortable numbers in the northern and western suburbs although it is a little on the muggy side. upper 60's closer to the
6:50 am
delaware river. 64 in glassboro and vineland. 69 degrees in woodbine and a pair of seven's there on the shore. looks like we're mainly in the low to mid 60's in the state of delaware this morning. if you're running errands not a bad day for that. 78 degrees by 9 o'clock, pretty warm by noon, 85. humidity will drop off a little bit as the day goes on but it's still going to be a warm one this afternoon with a high of 89 degrees at 3 o'clock. some urban centers like center city might touch 90. there's also the slight chance of a spotty thunderstorm this afternoon but most of you won't see that. it's very, very spotty stuff today. eva and matt. >> all right, thanks, david. time now for a preview of "good morning america." >> "gma"'s amy robach is standing by live with a preview of what is coming up. good morning, amy. >> reporter: hey, good morning, matt, good morning, eva. great to be with you both this morning. coming up next on "good morning america" we're talking about the heavy rains in florida, flooding roads and stopping cars, more than a dozen raging wildfires burning out west. from coast to coast ginger is tracking it all for us this
6:51 am
morning and then there are growing fears about ebola in america. one patient in new york put in isolation and tested for the deadly virus as the plane carrying the second infected american will arrive this morning. the big question conversation an experimental drug be the cure for this deadly virus? we're live from emory university hospital with the latest on that story. plus, the former ohio state marching band director is breaking his silence this morning. he's defending himself against charges of a sexualized culture among members that led to his ultimate firing. we're going to have much more on that story. and then oprah and steven spielberg back together again. we're going to hear from them about their new movie the hundred foot journey all coming up next on "good morning america" matt and eva. back to you. >> thanks amy. one of the most loveable actors in hollywood assigned to that to play a loveable character. bill murray will be the voice of baloo.
6:52 am
he joins a lifters like scar '93 net johansen. the movie is that scheduled to release october 29th, 2,015th you can learn how to become a worldwide celebrity by beyoncé's father. math through -- matthew knowles is teaching a class at a community college. he says he'll share his boot camp. the class will set students
6:53 am
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>> ♪ >> top stories at 6:55. a man an woman are in critical condition after their car slammed into a abandoned house this is video of a chadds ford fire. so we'll talk about that right now. a delaware county family that is on vacation has no home to return to. a raging fire leveled their home on camly lane in chadds ford overnight. no word yet on what started it put up the next video. go ahead. philadelphia police arrested 22-year-old brandon rough nine a germantown home late last night. they say he was the one who fired the shot on a grays ferry street back on friday in killed three year old tynirah borum.
6:56 am
coin collectors lined up and camp you had out at the u.s. mint in olde city overnight hoping to purchase a new commemorative gold coin which is a revision of the 1964 j.f.k. half dollar. the asking price $1,240. each coin contains a three-quarter troy ounce of pure 24 karat gold. >> commute hasn't been so bad. a few accidents, a couple disabled vehicle. nothing major. i want to show you one of the accidents on the schuylkill expressway east of 202. we still have the flashing lights. police are there. it's all off to the side so your lane is back opened. there was debris all over the highway but they cleared that up. lanes are opened and you're moving okay on the schuylkill expressway eastbound right now. and dave, otherwise your morning commute not too bad just yet. >> little bit sun glare around the i-95 corridor. 78 degrees by 9:00 right now we're actually in the upper 60's in a lot of spots but we'll zoom up in a hurry. by noon 83. by 3 o'clock that's your high, 89 degrees and 84 by 6 o'clock. couple things about the day. your humidity is going to gradually lower as the day
6:57 am
goes on so that's good. but at the same time later this afternoon and this evening there is the chance of a very spotty pop-up shower or thunderstorm, okay, so look out for that. >> we'll keep you overred on our top stories and breaking stories throughout the day on our 6abc news app. i'm matt o'donnell. "gma" is next. don't go away and we'll see you in about 25 minutes.
6:58 am
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good morning, america. flash flooding turns roadways into wild rapids trapping drivers in water. >> get out! get out. hurry. >> dramatic rescues caught on tape. cars swept away in las vegas. heroes racing in to help. an airport overrun by it as this heads for hawaii. the second american infected with ebola arrives in atlanta this morning. new details on the experimental drug helping both patients right now. hospitals on high alert. a patient put in isolation in new york city as fear spreads. ♪ the fired director of the ohio state university marching band breaks his silence this morning. the man behind these jaw-dropping routines speaks out on the


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