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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  August 5, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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the news. >> a nice woman, i am in shock right now. >> tom fogarty lives across the street. >> always says hello and hi to the baby. >> she was nice with a smile on her face. i can't believe that this happened. >> reporter: police sources tell "action news" that a cemetery worker found the body this morning at home and convent avenue. neighbors identified the woman as 46-year-old connie mcclain murray. >> i never was scared to walk out here by myself but i guess anywhere now you have to be careful at first sources tell "action news" that there were no obvious signs of trauma to the body and now the body is turned over to homicide detectives, the family says she had asthma but declined to speak on camera. >> we don't know what we have other than a suspicious death. >> they want people to reach out
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to them if they saw murray at any point last night as they try to piece through this puzzle and determine if there was any foul play involved. can you reach the police at 215-616-tips. >> we'll hear more from the commission under coming up. chaka fattah jr. was released on his own recognizance for charges of stealing money. the action cam was there as fattah showed up in court, he is accused of using loans to pay off expenses, including $30,000 in gambling debts. he is the son of congressman chaka fattah, and he says he is looking forward to clearing his name in court. vernon odom will have more in a live report coming up tonight at
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5:00. an alleged burglar is in the hop after being shot while committing the crime in delaware. police say it's the homeowner that shot him when he was caught red handed. chad pradelli is live in stanton where it all happened early this morning. >> reporter: i guess the message is burglar beware, watch where you lay your head. a man broke into this home behind me, the homeowner found him and that burglar got shot the female homeowner and her adult son shown here with investigators made the discovery at 6:00 a.m., the man was sleeping in the upstairs bathroom of their house in west point pike. >> the male suspect woke up and there was a physical confrontation between the female homeowner and her son and the subject. >> police say that the woman pulled out a gun and shot the
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man in the lower body. he fled on food and it spawned a search by land and air and they found him a short time yesterday. >> all better for her, someone is going to break in my house, i would want to do the same thing. protect yourself, do what you are going to do. >> i heard that people were breaking in and taking stuff and partying in the place. >> police confirm the house has been broken into several times, and that the mother and son were not living in the house as they arenovated it. police are conducting interviewed and have not determined if it was justified. >> i can understand why she would have a gun. >> and moments ago delaware state police identified the suspect, he is 21-year-old gregory alexander, he is
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homeless and will face burglary charges. as for the pistol packing homeowner, she legal possessed and could carry that firearm. i'm chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news.." >> chad thank you. an american general is dead and 15 other soldiered were wounded today in afghanistan, the man believed to be an afghan soldier opened fire at a military academy, he was dressed in an afghan uniform and began shooting at a group of international troops at a base near kabul. a german brigadier general was also injured. >> we have made tremendous progress in defeating al qaeda operations and leadership in afghanistan, and progress winding down u.s. involvement in that conflict, this shooting is of course a painful reminder of
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the sacrifice our men and women in uniform make every day for this country. >> a u.s. official telling abc news that the victim was a to star general, making him the highest rafrking official to be killed in the afghanistan war. >> thank you. we have breaking news out of new york city, to times square now where two double decker buses sightseeing buses collided at the tcs booth in times square and brought down a light pole into the plaza, it's quite a scene and they are trying to work on this accident, a witness says that the tour bus was speeding down seventh avenue and had to grab her daughter out of the way, and seventh avenue is closed from 42nd street. and there are people that suffered minor injuries, we don't know more about the extent
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of their injuries. we'll keep you update the on this breaking story from new york city. and flyers got news about one of their stars, jaime apody is live now in the "action news" sports center. we just heard from gm ron hextall on this. >> he is being treated for blood clots in his lower right leg and both lungs and receiving treatment in his home country of finland, scary stuff for sure. teeman, had blood clots diagnosed at the hospital but hextall says there is a chance that he will not be back at all. >> as an organization we have to look at our options and see what we can make happen here. i am saying i would be surprised
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if he is at training camp. >> he played in 77 games for the expires last year and missed time during the playoffs because of a clot in his foot and returned to play against the pengu penguins, much more on this story as we get it. a fan favorite and legendry defense man in the nfl. we'll have more coming up at 5:00. jaime apody, channel 6 "action news." >> it's time now for a check of the accuweather forecast, a beautiful warm day out there. >> humid out and cecily tynan is inside for adam joseph. >> dog days of summer are back, a few cool days in a row and now it's back in typical august weather, up and down the eastern seaboard temperatures in the upper 80s to low 90s and also plenty of sunshine out there today. but stormtracker 6 live double scan showing that i am tracking a system, this is a cold front
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that stretches all wait from new england through western pennsylvania near the western great lakes and this is headed our way, this is pushing in tomorrow, it's a possibility that we could see a few isolated storms and mainly well up to the north and future tracker show philadelphia is clear and a cluster of storms that likely will be passing through the poconos and not out of the question that there would be an isolated one and back into the sunshine earlier tomorrow afternoon before we have another round of storms moving in tomorrow afternoon. if are you heading though to bethlehem for musikfest, the moody blues tonight 8:30 warm and humid with an isolated thundershowers, we'll talk more coming up in the accuweather forecast. >> thank you cecily. today on "action news" we are giving you the chance to take your concerns about your own neighborhood right to philadelphia's top cop, we are hosting a web chat with charles
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ramsey and sara bloomquist is live with the commissioner right now and she is in the call for action center. hi sara. >> that is right, we are here with police commissioner charles ramsey and all of his deputy commission unders they are on answering all of your crime related questions about crime prevention, this is national night out, an even dedicated to crime prevention and building the relationship between law enforcement and the community. that is what this is about tonight. there are a lot of high-profile cases in the news, unfortunately involving children and corruption indictment involving philadelphia police officers, commissioner ramsey is typing away answering your questions already. commissioner what kind of questions are you seeing from our viewers, what can you offer them. >> it's a variety of questions, a lot to do with recruiting and the most recent corruption scandal.
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so we are just getting started i'm sure we'll get a lot of questions. >> national night out is about building the relationships with the community. >> first tuesday every august, tonight of course we'll have events taking place across the city and one thing we wanted to do tonight is this web chat. that is another way of reaching out to the public. >> thank you commission under. the commissioner and the deputies will be here throughout the evening, log on to and submit your questions right now. >> thank you sara. still ahead here today, the second american affected with ebola returns to american soil and we have an update on their condition. and what taylor swift did fo
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diagnosed with ebola virus is arriving at atlanta hospital for treatment. this is nancy writebol being wheeled in emory hospital today. family was planning her funeral and now they are she is showing signs of improvement. she and dr. kent brantly contracted the virus in liberia. the nasdaq down 31 points and the s&p slid almost 19 points. targets rough year just got worse and it's all because of the data breach around the holidays, the retailer lowered its second quarter profit yesterday, they said they would bring in less money because they offered so many discounts to bring in shoppers after the breach and addressing the
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security issues cost $140 million. and they hired a ceo from outside of the company in hopes of turning things around. now time for the traffic report today. lets go to autumn marisa. >> we are looking at the schuylkill expressway, the westbound lanes past the blue route and an accident involving the red suv and the white truck, we had a disabled vehicle partially blocking the right hand lane that caused the accident. we have police and penndot on the scene. taking a look at the speeds in the region, the schuylkill expressway slow in both directions whether from the vine to the blue route, it's 30 mines to do that commute. and slow is 95 slow going from the vine street expressway as you make your way up to cotman, here we are at cotman avenue and 95, the delays are starting to
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increase as the afternoon goes on. the first delay is conshohocken at elm street, and middletown township, near media, route 352 and baron road we have an doesn't as well. we have trolley delays on routes 11, 13 and 34 and 36 to keep in mind. moving along tonight. keep an eye on broad street, because of the phillies games and katy perry. >> thank you autumn. septa is expanding its weekend service now. they started running the broad street and frankfurt lines overnight starting in june, that was suppose to run through labor day weekend but septa officials say they want to see how the program does if the fall and college is back in session and they have extending the service until november 2nd. ridership has expanded on most
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weekends over the summer. the ebola outbreak is hitting closer to home with patients now arriving in the u.s. for treatment. sharrie williams is now in the newsroom with more on that. >> reporter: hi shirleen, the concern about ebola has local hospitals thinking about what steps they would take if a patient were to come in wtd disease. at cooper university hospital in camden, they have the ability to turn patient rooms into isolation rooms and are equipped to handing a patient with the disease spread in the air or by contact. coming up at 5:00, one doctor tells us how the rooms work and we talk to an expert about the ebola outbreak and ali gorman will have that in health check. >> so many questions about that, thank you. up next a new study ranks public schools across america and one state in our region came in at number one.
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new jersey has the top education system of any state in america, according to one study, the personal finance website wallet hub ranked all 50 states and washington, d.c., they weighed dropout rate and math and test scores and safety and children that repeat grades. pennsylvania 10th and delaware 34 and washington, d.c. schools
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ranked last. we may get a break now with the weather. lets go to cecily tynan, it's a little warm out there. >> i think it would be perfect if i were pool side giving the weather forecast. >> very to talk to our managers about that. it's perfect pool weather, temperatures are on the warm side, humidity actually is not that bad but when temperatures are this high, you don't need much humidity to make it uncomfortable. 88 degrees is the temperature and dew point is 60 and that is slightly humid, winds are south south east at 5 miles per hour. this is typical august weather, it is back, currently in wilmington 86 and allentown 86 and millville 83 degrees think cooler at the shore with temperatures in the mid-70s and dew points not remarkably high,
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60 degrees and closer to the ocean, the influence the dew points are higher along the beaches where they are generally in the low 70s. satellite 6 along with action radar showing us we have loads of sunshine here and clouds from tropical storm bertha spitting off the eastern seaboard and the line of clouds and showers working through the great lakes and that is with our next cold front that will be arriving tomorrow. future tracker showing generally tonight we are dry. and 8:00 tomorrow morning, areas south of philadelphia, sunshine north and west and as we head into the afternoon a little piece of energy ride as long the front and that brings us scattered thunderstorms and it doesn't look to be widespread, at 3:00, a few moving into lancaster county and most of this activity is south of philadelphia and dover and millville, it really depends on exactly where the piece of energy sets up and by 8:00,
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clouds with isolated showers, tropical storm bertha, not all that healthy, maximum sustained winds at 60 miles per hour, no threat to land, it's a fish storm, 445 miles north-northwest of bermuda, it continues to head out to sea but the problem though is the threat of dangerous rip currents, the jersey shore, delaware beaches, i can't stress enough do not go swimming without a lifeguard because the rip currents can be dangerous. we have not one but two tropical systems. hurricane iselle, a major hurricane and tropical storm julio, and it looks like iselle will be the third this weekend. 65 in millville and 64 in allentown and tomorrow some
4:23 pm
xatded storms, 86 degrees and thursday though the humidity drops, 84, friday beautiful and 83 and saturday sunny and nice and 84 degrees, can we keep that going through the weekend? we'll have the answer coming up in the full accuweather forecast. we bring in alicia vitarelli because we are buzzing next. >> we'll have that incredibly cute video of taylor swift, and the young fan and the guardians of galaxy director thanks his fans on facebook. oveimported from fourn million pouncontinents every year.n is and many food labels don't even mention where it's from. one way to get a fresher chicken that hasn't crossed an ocean is to look for the label with my name on it. perdue is the only company that has the usda go beyond their standard inspection to verify that all our chickens are raised on farms, right here in the usa. because we believe that's what it takes to bring your family a fresher-tasting chicken. perdue. we believe in a better chicken.
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you and he says he thinks we are doing okay. guardians brought in $94 million. it was produced by disney, the parent company of 6 abc. and this story melting our hearts today, berks county super star, taylor swift, put on a concert for one enthusiastic fan at the hospital. he knows all of the words to her songs, he was happy to sing along too. ♪ get back together. >> perfect. >> 6-year-old jordan nickerson is being treated for leukemia, they played air hockey and dances and sang and played with play doh. and he sang backup and jordan's
4:27 pm
family says that he underwent another rounds of chemotherapy after this moment and that her visit helped to ease his day and there is such a cute part of r this video where she is tuning her guitar and she starts to play and he said you are really good at that. >> they really seemed to enjoy each others company. >> she is so great. thank you alicia. >> still ahead, danger down at the shore, we are down in atlantic city, where lifeguards rescued at least one person, we have details on why. straight ahead. a brutal beating in north philadelphi
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"action news" continues, with meteorologist, adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, shirleen , allicot and brian taff. "action news" continues with details on two local school employees facing charges after one allegedly assaulted a student and the other helped to cover it up. one second she was breaking down, the next she was breaking it down. that was behind this baby's transformation from fussy to fierce. >> cannot miss that. police say she whereas drunk and high, when she slammed into a long island firehouse, but that had nothing to do with the crash. you'll never guess the role one reptile played. >> and now the danger lurking
4:30 pm
down at the shore. >> hurricane bertha is downgraded to a tropical storm, and will not hit the shore drektsly. at least one person was rescued after getting caught in a bertha rip current today. nora muchanic is live with details on that. >> reporter: hi there bertha is bringing rough surf to the shore today sx take a look behind me, you can see that the big waves are there behind me and the lifeguards won't let you go in more than waist high and for people we talked to today that is enough. >> i'm a good swimmer but let me tell you something you have to respect the ocean. i won't go further than my knees, the rip tides just pulls you out. >> it's water is refreshing but it's a challenge for most people to stay standing, that is how rough it is. >> it's hard to keep been and when a wave comes it takes you
4:31 pm
all the way out to the beach. >> you get knocked around a little bit. >> it's rough, you condition go out past your knees, they rescued someone here about 15 minutes ago. >> that would be gigi and her brother who were helped to shore by lifeguards. they got into trouble when she felt he was going too far and she tried to get him in. >> the waves would push you out and it was hard to maintain balance. >> parents are on alert watching their kids in the water. >> the only way to do it, you have no other choice, even the lifeguards are in the water. >> patrolling constantly, the lifeguards were watching the swimmers and only went in waist high, this is the same beach that a woman drown in a rip
4:32 pm
tide, she was found facedown 50 yards offshore. the head of the beach patrol says these rip tides will continue as bertha moves offshore. >> that means more force on the beaches and that pulls people out faster. >> reporter: and back live now, we talked with several people today that were caught in rip currents, and they say it happens in the matter of seconds, don't fight it go with it and when it releases you swim diagonally to the shore. it's rough for the next couple of days with bertha moving off the coast, lifeguards say be careful swim up to your waist and where lifeguards are on duty. we are live on the beach in atlantic city, i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. the big question here is how long will these dangerous rip concerns stick around. cecily tynan is live now at the big board with an answer on that
4:33 pm
and cecily? >> the rip currents are a factor right through tomorrow. they will begin to ease on thursday, the reason why we have tropical storm bertha, like i have been saying for the past several days, it's not a healthy storm, the center is right around here and you can see its movement, it is moving away from the eastern seaboard, this is no threat to land, the problem though is it is creating the large swells and rip concerns, wave heights at the center of bertha, around 17 feet and around the coast getting clipped by 5 foot waves, when this happens, it piles the water on shore, you get all the force of the water heading right into the beach and then it has to go some place. then you get the rip currents, pulling the water out quickly. and like nora says when you gets caught in one think of it like a treadmill. don't fight it you have to jump
4:34 pm
off. if you get caught in the rip current, let it pull you out. and then swim parallel to shore and then feel it ease, and don't fight it, because that is what will tire you out. and that could be deadly. we'll talk about what is heading our way in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you. and you can stay on top of the conditions at the shore with the new in addition you can fine storm tracker radar and the hourly and seven-day forecast and the latest video from our "action news" meteorologists. and check out the collection of weather related photos and videos. a chester county man is facing animal cruelty charges for allegedly giving heroin to a kitten, they caught james myers in the act of giving it's animal heroin and they say he choked it with a rope, they call it a
4:35 pm
singularly deprafed act and they found it on the ground with several teeth knocked out. they gave the kitten narcan, the kitten was immediately revived and is now recovering. >> police need your help finding three suspects that attacked a woman on her doorstep in an effort to steal her iphone, the surveillance video shows the men approaching the woman on july 27th, she was attacked as she arrived home at 11:30 at night on the 1500 block of north 18th street in philadelphia, one man has numerous tattoos on both of his arms and they ran off after failing to get her iphone, the woman was treated for injuries to her face. >> a man and woman are still in critical condition after their car slam nood an abandoned house in camden, new jersey, last night. camden county police say it took
4:36 pm
down numerous light poles just after 11:00. the impact caused the house to chance and what was left standing is now demolished. investigators are trying to determine what led up to the crash. >> two employees of a berks county school for kids are charged now for assaulting a student and covering it up. both work at the paramount academy in reading, they charge therapist and teacher with assault. they are accused of grabbing the 17-year-old student and slamming him against the store several times after he asked to sharpen a pencil and it continues in a hallway and was caught on a surveillance camera in the hallway. philadelphia police are asking for the public's help to find a dementia patient that disappeared from a local hop yesterday. officials say that 72-year-old william newhouse disappeared yesterday, he is described at
4:37 pm
6'2" and 242 pounds, last seen in a blue shirt and blue pants and dark slippers and he should bewaring a hospital bracelet now, if you have information on where he might be call northwest detectives. philadelphia has a big skelton in its closet. a 6500-year-old skeleton, thanks to the museums plans to digitize the collection, he is believed to be from southern iraq and scientists hope that the analysis will reveal more about the diet and stresses and ancestral origins. >> very cool. time to go to the call to action center, we are giving you a chance to talk to philadelphia's top cops. >> commissioner ramsey is taking
4:38 pm
your questions live, and sara bloomquist is live now with some of the answers. >> reporter: that is right, we are here with the commissioner and his deputy commission unders he is answering our questions, crime related questions at commissioner we are getting questions about the big stories of the last week, the indictment of six former narcotic officers for racketeering and shaking down drug dealers. >> how is it possibility that they could have done the things they were accused of and the immediate supervisor are in the dark. >> there was a bits of lax supervision by some and looking into that now and address that issue and make sure we have tight supervision throughout that unit and ever in the department for that matter, so we don't allow these kindses of things to take place. >> commissioner ramsey again
4:39 pm
answering your questions, log on and ask specific things that are bothering you in your neighborhood and ask what philadelphia are doing to address the issues, again log on to we'll be here throughout the news kastd this evening. >> back to you. >> thank you sara. >> cool opportunity for sure. still ahead, what do drugs, drinking and snakes have in common, they all played a role in a bizarre crash in long island. >> and why and where this dramatic rescue took place may surprise you. >> later from pop star to baby whisperer. the fussiest of little ones in the most amazing way. meteorologist, cecily tynan back with the full accuweather forecast when "action news" at 4:00 continues on a tuesday afternoon. ♪
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get out! get out! >> just incredible, the moments leading to a heart stopping water rescue in the middle of a nevada desert. a group of nevada air men rushed to save a woman yesterday, one rescuers narrowly needed rescuing himself when he slipsed under the water. everyone made it out just fine. >> a woman that slammed into the fire station last night was drunk and high. but that was not the reason she crashed. she had a python wrapped around her neck. the 22-year-old stole the snake from a pet store without taking into account the affinity for squeezing prey. however the alleged reptile thief is facing charges including larceny and dui. here at the big board, blow dry bars are popping up
4:43 pm
everywhere. you usually see women populating the chairs for perfect quaffs and now guys are vying for a spot under the dryer tlks to a phenomenon called a boardroom blow dried. men are getting their hair tweaked more than ever for a big meeting. industry experts say that the film, the wolf of wall street could be sending men to emulate the sharp shooting style of jordan belford. and a viral video that is too cute and pretty darn clever, one mom has figured out how to stop a baby from crying. [ crying ] ♪ from tears to instant cheer excitement, this little cutie
4:44 pm
raises the roof when she hears her jam, perfectly on the beat, she bops and smiles and exudes joy, roughly 550,000 people have watched this on youtube, i think i watched it 550,000 times and katy perry loving this video so much, she tweeted last night while she was here in philadelphia, available for baby sitting, all she wants is $10 an hour and four oreos. you can watch the video on i keep playing it over and over. >> that is how react when i hear that too. >> raising roof. >> autumn marisa is in for matt pellman in the traffic center. >> hi, that was awesome. this line of cars are trying to make their way to katy perry now and it's slow for them. they have an accident on the right hand shoulder around the
4:45 pm
walt whitman bridge, we'll keep an eye on this before the phillies game and the concert this evening. moving over the big picture and speeds on the schuylkill expressway, not much better at 18 miles per hour. slow going from the vine to the blue route, keep in mind we have the accidents approaching gulph mills in the westbound lanes. north cover entry township at 422 hanover street, keep this in mind, and this is route 52 and anthony wayne drive, an accident there and you down in newark delaware at harmony drive this is involving a motorcycle. and delays on trolley, 11, 13, 34 and 36, those have all resumed to normal times. and looking at the sports express strains leaving fern rock for the phillies game and katy perry. back to you shirleen.
4:46 pm
>> thank you autumn. a couple of surfers picked up an adorable hitchhiker off the coast of england. check out this go provo of a baby seal crashing the surf session climbing on to their boards, the pup spent an entire hour with their new friends and following the surfers to shore. and they contacted the wildlife officials when back on shore, in case the little guy needs help, they
4:47 pm
4:48 pm
meteorologist, cecily tynan, a time when no news is good news. nothing going on and it's on the warm side, but it's august. stormtracker 6 live double scan show that right now we have dry conditions out there. not out of the question, we could get an isolate the pop-up
4:49 pm
shower or thundershower in the poconos or the lehigh valley. but most areas are rain free, the heat is back, currently in philadelphia it's 88 degrees and allentown 86 and millville 83 and trenton 87 and even on the beaches right now it's warm, the boardwalk 86 and sea isle city 84 and the ocean temperature is 75 degrees. satellite 6 along with action radar show we are in between systems, this is moving in tomorrow and you can see the cloud cover thanks to tropical storm bertha, out to sea and it will cause problems with rip currents for the next day and a half. future tracker showing at 9:00 tonight. we have isolated thunderstorms far north of philadelphia and areas of clouds here and there, heading into the day tomorrow, by 2:00 this front has moved through dry, lots of clouds and a little bit of a piece of
4:50 pm
energy along the front, the question is where does this energy go? future tracker showing this dives down to the south, that means the focus of thunderstorms would be south of philadelphia, philadelphia north won't get anything at all. i'll have an update at 11:00 it's still up in the air and nothing more than a few stray showers on wednesday. the front will not have a lot of moisture but will cause a change in the air mass, the humidity drops through the day on thursday, 84 in philadelphia and perhaps a few showers north of our region and then this high pressure takes control and this brings us really beautiful weather right through the end of the week and through the weekend. lots of sunshine and low humidity and temperatures a few degrees below average for this time of year. big problem at the shore though, the moderate risk of rip concerns, that continues through tomorrow and into thursday, on the beaches a mixture of clouds
4:51 pm
and sunshine and afternoon thunderstorms are possible and at 11:00, 80 and by 3:00, 85 degrees, the uv index is high, put on the sunscreen and reapply every to hours. the call from accuweather warm and muggy and the far north and west suburbs, 64 to 70 and the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, tomorrow scattered afternoon showers again, not everyone will be getting them. 86 degrees and then thursday, lowering humidity and morning clouds give way to sunshine and 84 degrees, friday the high pressure takes over and august beauty, 83 we keep it here on saturday, 84, and sunday a few more clouds tossed in and 83 and tuesday a mixture of clouds and sunshine with a high of 84 degrees, all in all the forecast looking really nice, tomorrow afternoon not everyone will see the storms, very scattered. >> an august beauty in the offing.
4:52 pm
>> we are saving. >> it's almost back to school time. i feel crazy talking about it, we are talking about saving on
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discount on them, by going to >> all right alicia, finally at 4:00, we introduce you to a little boy with a bright future in broadcasting, watch what happened when a reporter from our sister station in scranton tried to interview him at the county fair. >> i never been on live television before, but i really sometimes i don't watch the news because i'm a kid and apparently grab pa just gives me the remote to watch the power ball. >> ha, ha, ha. >> he says apparently a lot. that is noah ritter known around the world for his love of a certain word apparently he said it eight times. it has racked up thousands of views and you can watch the whole thing on our website at
4:57 pm >> i don't watch the news because i'm a kid. he wants to be a pal yen old gift. >> he should be a reporter. that will do it for "action news" at 4:00, for shirleen allicot, alicia vitarelli, cecily tynan and adam joseph i'm apparently brian taff. shirleen and i along with ad
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. developing right now, after a two year investigation, chaka fattah jr. was indicted on federal charges, most of them fraud charges and facing millions in fines and jail time. it is tuesday night and monica malpass is off and sharrie williams is joining us, tonight the federal case of the son against congressman chaka fattah's son. >> vernon odom is here now with more. >> reporter: good evening. we expect chaka fattah jr. to be released on bail within the next few minutes after spending the
5:00 pm
day locked up here in the federal courthouse. the judge released him on his own recognizance tonight. fattah denies wrongdoing. only "action news" was there as chaka fattah jr. surrendered to the fbi this morning to face mults pel charges including bank fraud and bank charges and stealing money from city schools and using business loans to pay off personal expenses including gambling debts. this is the result of a two-year investigation into the investigation into the congressman's son. >> he told the banks he was a successful businessman and gave them the financial information over the earnings he had including at one point an entirely fictitious income tax to give him loans. >> i earned every dollar le


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