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tv   Action News 600 PM  ABC  August 5, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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and home avenue. she was identified at connie mcclain murray, police believe she was jogging in the park when she may have been strangled. wendy saltzman is live with more. >> reporter: detectives were out here moments ago, here is what we know so far, the police says this case is turned over to their homicide unit but the detail remains vague, the woman's body was found here at 6:00 a.m. this morning police sources are investigating the possibility of foul play. >> right now we don't know what we have, other than a suspicious death. >> police sources tell "action news" that they believe a woman whose body was found here near pennypack park may have been strangled while jogging. they are looking for clues waiting for the medical
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examiner's report on the cause of murray's death. >> if anyone knows anything or saw her or heard anything should give us a call. >> they last saw her swimming at the winchester swim club yesterday. she was reported missing by her family at 2:00 a.m. friends and neighbors were left startled by the news. >> i am in shock. >> jim fogarty lives across the street. >> she is nice and this is shocking and she always had a smile on her face. >> a cemetery worker found the body this morning. >> anywhere now have you to be careful. >> david has been friends with murray since the sixth grade and has kids and a husband and is well liked by everyone. at first sources tell "action news" there were no obvious signs of trauma to the body, the family tells us that murray has
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asthma but declined to speak to us on camera. >> it's close to home. the police commissioner says that he wants people to reach out to them. as they try to piece together this puzzle and figure out what happened in the minutes and hours leading up to her death. live in philadelphia, i'm wendy saltzman, channel 6 "action news." >> now, a developing story, the situation in afghanistan abc news has confirmed the identity of the american two star general killed today in an apparent insider attack at an afghan military academy, major general, harold green was killed this morning at camp garga a military base west of could kabul. the shooter was believed to be
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dressed as an afghan soldier. the attacker wounded at least 15 others half of them americans, a german brigadier general was among those injured. world news with diane sawyer will have more on the situation next on channel 6. there are big problems for son of philadelphia congressman, chaka fattah, chaka fattah jr. was in court with an indictment accusing him of defrauding the irs out of thousands of dollars. vernon odom is live now. the number that stood out to me was the sides of the fine, if he is found getty, over $13 million. >> that is a big number, chaka fattah jr. is free on bail and he walked out of federal
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courthouse moments ago and says he is an innocent man here being prosecuted by federal prosecutors with political motives. >> chaka fattah surrendered this morning to face charges including bank fraud, bank and tax fraud and using business loans to pay off personal expenses including $30,000 in gambling debts. the indictment is the result of a to and a half year investigation into the congressman's 32-year-old son. >> he spent it on personal expenditures and credit cards and cars and that time of thing. >> i think this entire investigation is politically motivated. i am looking forward to my day in court. this start a process to get resolution in this matter, i haven't done anything wrong. >> prosecutors say he stole
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thousands of dollars from federal funds from the philadelphia school district and jacked up expenses nearly $1 million in federal funds he received for a charter school program for at risk middle schoolers. today fattah was released on his own signature. >> after money goes to my business to my personal account, i can do whatever i want with it, this is america. >> congress fattah was not in court but issued this system, this brings the matter closer to a day when my son can defend himself in court and i am confident that he can clear his name. i love him and stand by him today and every day. >> reporter: jim, during the hearing he told the judge he cannot now afford a lawyer to represent him in this case. he agreed based on today and
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assigned a federal defense attorney. a chester county man faces animal cruelty and drug charges tonight after police say he injected a kitten with heroin, they found james meyers with the animal early in the morning and that the kit and was choked with a rope and they ministered the kitten narcan, and they found needles in his car and the kit and goes up for adoption after it recovers. police in stanton identified the intruder surprised by a mother and son. they found gregory alexander sleeping in a bedroom of their hom on west newport pike, and a struggle happened and the woman shot alexander and he ran and police found him a short time
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later. he will be charged with criminal trespassing and defensive touching. and a blaze decide this family's home on calmly lane in chadds ford last flight. firefighters say they had trouble getting water on the flames because of a lack of i'd hydrants in the area. we have no word yet what sparked the blaze, today is national night out, the crime event, we are hosting policecommissioner, charles ramsey, for a live web chat at website. "action news" reporter sara bloomquist is keeping track of your questions and the commissioner's answers. >> reporter: another successful web chat at commissioner charles ramsey continues to answer our viewer's questions this evening, he is joined by all of his deputy commission unders taking all
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sorts of questions. why is this such a useful tool? >> in today's environment people communicate in a variety of webs whether it's web chat or twitter. this is a way of reaching out and touching people and we appreciate the opportunity to be here. >> does it give you an idea of the certains in the community? >> yes, i read many things whether it's drug dealing or various other types of things and i can make sure we are doing what we ought to be doing to bring relief for people. >> you can follow-up on it? >> yes, i can follow-up on it. >> thank you commissioner, if you did not get a chance to participate, can you log on to and read the comments from the commissioner and his
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deputy commission under -- back to you in the studio -- coming up on "action news" tonight, it wasn't for concert tickets or the latest gadget, what had people camping out on independence mall. well, we hit 90 degrees in philadelphia, the summer warmth is back and it's not sticking around long. i'll explain in the accuweather forecast. day dreaming again?
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it happened today at the u.s. mint at independence mall, there was a throng of people waiting to make a special purchase. john rawlins was there. >> reporter: they gather early, who are these people, waiting for the latest apple gadget or concert tickets? >> the focus today on a coin. >> had to be one of the first in line to get a ticket. >> two large companies hired them to buy them. in edition to the $400 pay, they
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fronted the $400 cash to buy the coin. >> the proxies handed over the coins as soon as they walked out of the mint. they will be shipped to the national coins collection. they could skyrocket as collectibles. they are getting $3500 to $4,000 a piece. i'm guessing $5,000 to $6,000. on ebay they are having presales. >> by our calculation, $36,000 worth of coins were for sale today. if they make it to chicago, their value could jump to $2,000
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to $3,000. a summer camp thatcaters to children with disabilities is getting back online. the power when out, and the outage meant no air conditioning or use of the dining hall. variety didn't have the money to replace the $20,000 transformer, well, car and duff saw the need and donated the vital piece of equipment. >> these kids deserve every bit they get here and the fun that they have. and it's a testament to car and duff that they would step up like that. >> crews are working but campers should be able to enjoy the pool tomorrow. don't information get you can take the new with you wherever you go. the new smart design changing the layout to fit any device and your tablets or smart phone no matter how small or large your screen. check it out by visiting
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medical problems for the philadelphia flyers. >> who knows if we ever see kimmo timonen playing hockey again. he is diagnosed with blood clots in both lungs and had pain in his calf and thinks he pulled a muscle. he was advised to go to the hospital and thankfully he did. he will be discharged tomorrow and can't travel for three weeks, the gm ron hextall says there is no word. >> we'll do what we have to do to make the team better. could it end his career? >> i have no idea, i'm not a
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doctor but i know that kimmo is hungry to play and i know he played a couple of years ago when he had it in the playoffs. either way i really don't know. >> we are just a few days away from the eagles preseason game, here is one guy, jordan matthews, continues to move on groove his way through his first camp, everybody is talking about the kid that runs like his hair is on fire. lesean mccoy was asked who impressed him the most. >> that rookie, matthews, is looking real good. there has been a lot of talk about this draft class being deep but i am confident of this one being the best in the class. >> it tells me i have to continue to come out here and put the product on the field because i want my teammates to think that of me. >> look at dick vermeil, like
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chip kelly when from the pac-10 to the birds. >> i'm a fan, an eagles fan, i like to see new coaches and i like to see them do well. i appreciate what is it going on and how they are doing it. the respect that they gained by being so good last year so early will make each opponent tougher this year. >> join us for our "action news" special, great expectations, live from chicago, immediately followed by kickoff eagles and bears at 8:00 p.m., watch the game here on 6 abc. the phils start a seven day home stand with an opponent, the houston astros. the stros are hot and the phillies are not. phillies have not scored a run since the sixth inning friday
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night jim. >> someone in the lineup has to cause a spark and change the scenery back here at home. maybe this is the answer. we are scoring runs better on the road than at hom. maybe it's time to reverse that. >> here is an awesome story, the san antonio spurs hired a new coach, her, yes her, name is becky hammond, she will be the first full-time nba coach on a nba staff and her goal is to be a head coach in the nba one day. that is just great and i wanted to be the first nba player that was a female and obviously that never happened. >> i wanted to be a center-fielder for the phillies but that never happened either. >> thank you jim. cecily tynan has the accuweather forecast when we continue in just a moment.
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you know we count on you to be exactly accurate. you said 89 and it was 90. >> what is one degree between friends. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing most of our area is rain free, but there are a couple of isolated showers cropping up in lehigh and northampton county, one is over easton, a real isolate the downpour, east crossing route 611 right now and most of our area will again be rain free. lets go to where the action cam was in ventnor, where they saw a good amount of sunshine and surf
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is up thanks to tropical storm bertha, we have an elevated risk of rip currents, be careful on the beaches at shore for the next couple of days. taking a look at the highlights, we are back in the summer time warmth and we are tracking bertha, philadelphia hit 90 and most of the region stuck in the 80s and wilmington 88 and millville 86 and sea isle city cooler 79 degrees. bertha is weakening and no threat to lan, this will continue to push out to sea and the dangerous rip currents continue through the day tomorrow and even into thursday. if you are on the beaches, you have to listen to your lifeguards, and not go swimming when they are not present. satellite 6 along with action radar showing a good amount of sunshine today and we have the clouds from bertha well out to
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sea and you can see this line of clouds and showers, this is associated with a cold front that is pressing through tomorrow, and the moisture with it is limited. future tracker showing at 7:30 in the morning, a mixture of clouds and sun and sunshine to the south and east. we will see showers and thunderstorms bubbling up and right now it looks limited, at 4:00 a few more pressing towards the shore at 6:30 and moving out to sea and the weather is approving on thursday, if you are down the shore tomorrow, again be careful with the rip currents, a mixture of clouds and sunshine and late day thunderstorms and by 3:00, 85 degrees, warm and somewhat humid 20e78. the call from accuweather, for tonight we are looking at -- for the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, we are looking at scattered afternoon thunderstorms and not as warm as
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today and on the humid side especially early in the day with a high of 86 degrees, thursday high pressure builds in and this brings us a transition day and clouds give way to sunshine and the humidity will be dropping as we head through the day with a high of 84 degrees, a lot of times we talk about high pressure and it quickly moves out to sea. this is not going to happen and high pressure is sticking around and you get the sinking air. you get beautiful weather, friday an august beauty, 83 and loads of sunshine with low humidity and heading into the weekend, remember that weekend it was cool and cloudy and rain at the shore and this weekend is the opposite. beautiful and plenty of sunshine and low humidity and a nice day and 84 degrees, if you can't get outside on saturday, you got sunday looking very nice with sun and a few more clouds bubbling up and low humidity and 84 degrees, partly sunny and 84
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degrees, tuesday and a mixture of clouds and sun. and the next seven days, you don't have any days in the 90s, we are not looking at a threat of rainfall and the main threat is at the beaches, with the rip currents. finally a dog down on her luck has become the garden state's new jersey girl, penny arrived inny ewing a short time ago. activists thought she deserved more than a kennel, penny is placed with a dachshund loving family. that is the story. abc's world news is next on channel 6 and "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff, shirleen allicot and adam joseph and ducis rogers and please join us for "action news" at 11:00 right
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here on channel 6. for cecily tynan, jaime apody, ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team, we hope you'll join us at 11:00.
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welcome to "world news." tonight, the breaking news, the two tour buses, the double deckers, and the crash in new york's times square, filled with tourists, the chaos, the injured. so many of them pedestrians. we are live on the scene tonight. gunned down, the american two-star general shot and killed during on attack inside a u.s. base in afghanistan. martha raddatz is right here. wiped away, the mudslides and flash floods across several states, the woman trapped in the car and the arrest cure being pulled away there. look at this, the house collapsing in front of our eyes. the air scare, imagine looking out your window and seeing this, fighter jets suddenly escorting your plane, and the stunning moment that led to this.


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