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tv   Action News  ABC  August 6, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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that will drop temperatures for the end of the week. >> david is outside on the lookout for that. karen rogers following traffic. good morning. >> comfortable conditions outer here right now t glancing over toward the east i can see the skies getting brighter. not a lot of cloud cover early. satellite shows you that there will be some additional clouds coming in from the west later and we'll probably go into a clouds and sun mix for a portion of the day. there's also some showers out by pittsburgh. some of that might try and break in later today and maybe into the early evening but it looks like it's few and far between. 70 degrees with humidity behaving itself this morning. a nice cool breeze blowing. 65 degrees in allentown, 64 in allentown and 70 in sea isle city and at the boardwalk in atlantic city. and as we roll through the day it gets warm. 74 by 9:00. by noon 81. 86 is your high today at 3 o'clock and then we're back to 82 by 6 o'clock. again, just a slight chance of a spotty pop-up shower or thunderstorm this afternoon. most of you are dry. and that goes for steely dan at musikfest. the steel stacks main stage
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performer tonight at 8:30 look for partly cloudy skies, very likely dry. a light north wind and 72 as we sit down for the concert tonight or maybe stand up depending on how excited you r we'll have the exclusive accuweather 7-day with mainly good news ahead in that seven-day forecast. >> definitely stand up at the concert. let's go to the roads right now and check the schuylkill expressway. what a good shot. we are clear, we are dry. no weather-related issue, no fog this morning. so, we're off to a good ride. this is the schuylkill near the blue route. eastbound traffic if you're coming from 202 headed towards the curve doing just fine with no delay. as we look at the big picture you see speeds reflecting that, mostly in the 50's at this point on the schuylkill. i-95 still in good shape also but in north physical watch for this fire location. it is under control but crews may still be cause something restrictions there. it's near cumberland street. heading into new jersey we'll take a little 3-d fly of 42. there we go. 55 miles an hour. no problems on 42. the construction has been easing and you have more lanes available for you this morning
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as you head up and over the walt whitman bridge. not seeing any delay at this moment, matt. >> thank you, karen. detectives continue searching for clues in the case of a woman found dead in pennypack park. neighbors are even further on edge now that police wonder if this may be the work of a serial rapist. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live at police headquarters with the latest on the investigation. katherine. >> reporter: matt, still a lot of unanswered questions. her cause of death has not been determined yet but we do know homicide detectives have taken over this case and you could see detectives out yesterday in the area of convent and holme avenues near the crispin recreation center. the body of connie mcclain-murray was found yesterday morning by a woman walking her dog. sources told "action news" it appeared the victim had been strangled and there were signs of a struggle. they're also investigating in she had been sexually assaulted. she had gone out for a walk
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around 9 o'clock monday night. when she didn't return around 11 o'clock her husband and daughter went out looking for her. they filed a missing persons report several hours later. they're hoping someone has information and will come forward. >> if anyone saw her jogging or if anyone knows anything, heard anything, they should give us a call and pass along that information to our investigators. >> reporter: and mcclain-murray's body was found not too far from where some sexual assaults occurred that were connected to the pennypack park rapist. however, this case has not been connected to that yet. it just has a lot of people in that area on edge. we are expecting to learn more today. the medical examiner's report is expected to be released. we're live at police headquarters, katherine scott channel6 "action news. >> thanks, katherine. new this morning a north philadelphia family was able to escape their burning home overnight but they will need to find somewhere else to stay the five broke out around 1 o'clock this morning at a home in the 3,000 block of north 17th street.
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firefighters were able to get it under control quickly but not before the flames did some serious damage. the red cross is helping the family who lived in the home. new on "action news," it's not a crime to deposit checks and withdraw cash except when the checks are worthless. philadelphia police say the woman in these surveillance pictures got away with more than $20,000 by depositing fraudulent checks at susquehanna bank and td bank machines. if you recognize her, police would like a call. >> happening today, philadelphia mayor michael nutter will lobby for a cigarette tax hike at a state senate appropriations hearing at city hall. the mayor says the tax increase is desperately needed to help fund city schools. city councilman kenyatta johnson led a rally in center city yesterday that drew support for the two dollars per pack hike. school officials say if they can't counter on the added revenue by august 15th, they will begin sending out layoff notices to 1300 school employees.
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the selling on wall street has been fierce lately. international troubles could put stocks in the red again today. maribel aber has our market watch report live on the the nasdaq in new york. >> reporter: fears russia could invade ukraine rattled wall street. the dow has now tumbled 4% from its all time record high set less than a month agoly right now futures point to a lower open. business gets even tougher for target. the retailer says earnings for its last quarter will be below wall street's expectations. the chain blames cautious shopping by consumers and that has led to mark downs. target also said the data breach late last year will cost it $148 million some of which will be covered by insurance. finally stop by a jamba juice today for a free sample of the chain's new healthy juices. the lineup takes sad tan taj of the growing popularity of
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kale and chia seeds. their strong sales sparked new growth at the chain. erin nothing beats those mega mango smoothies. >> and the beets. matt is getting one after work. thanks maribel. the husband of the second american aide worker recently diagnosed with ebola says his wife is weak but showing signs of improvement. nancy writebol is at emory university hospital in atlanta where she's taking an experimental drug. she and her league dr. kent brantly contracted the disease while treating ebola patients at the world health organization and they're today beginning an emergency two day meeting to discuss measures to tackle the ebola virus. the latest outbreak of the disease in africa has killed 887 people. an american general was killed in an ambush in afghanistan. major general harold j. greene was slot to death by a gunman
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dressed as a afghan soldier. greene was the highest ranked officer killed in combat since 1970 during the vietnam war. the shooting happened at a camp west of kabul as gunmen sprayed bullets during a meeting of allied troops. 15 people were included including two afghan generals an german general. the gunman was also killed. "good morning america" will have more on the ebola outbreak and the latest on the american general who was killed coming up at 7:00 a.m. right after "action news." >> david is it going to be nice today? >> yes, it is. >> yeah? >> a little bit on the warm side. no 90's, though. hasn't it been a weird august? >> i can't remember when it's been this way. >> storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you we're dry this morning which is an added bonus. looking out outside things are getting pretty bright. the sun up over the horizon digging through those early coastal clouds. we're look tag fairly bright day. eventually we'll see more clouds sweep in and fairly
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comfortable overall. 70 degrees right now in philadelphia, 75 wilmington, 64 in allentown, 64 in reading, 66 in trenton and a pair of 70's down along the shore this morning in sea isle city and the boardwalk in ac. future tracker 6 showing you how, yeah, there's going to be some clouds later on today mixing with some breaks and there's the slight chance of a little pop-up shower or thunderstorm here or there but it doesn't look like most of you are going to see that. if you do, it probable rolls through pretty quickly. by 8 o'clock tonight future tracker not showing anything at all out there. in allentown we'll allow for a pop-up shower or thunderstorm somewhere up in the vicinity of the lehigh valley but most of are you dry. clouds and sun, 82, a pleasant afternoon high. and down the shore ocean temperatures are in the mid 70's and on the beach 78 at noon and 83 by 3 o'clock. likely dry as you just saw on future tracker 6. of course whenever you're on the beach if you hear a rumble of thunder get avenue the beach. we have an issue down the shore, that's those rip currents because of that tropical storm bertha still well off the coast passing away from us today. the on shore flow from the
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storm is creating large swells that tends to pile the water up on the beach and the only way that water can escape is through thin fast moving narrow channels, that's what we call a rip currents. if you get caught in one of these swim parallel to the beach either north or south and you should pretty quickly get yourself out of trouble. 86 degrees is the high today in philadelphia, sun and clouds. again we'll allow for a spotty thunderstorm basically because we have to but most of are you not going to see that. as we roll through the day, 73 by 8 o'clock, 79 by 8 o'clock and then i don'ter by 2:00, that high of 86 around 3 o'clock and back down into the low 80's by dinnertime. tonight for the phillies 81 degrees partly cloudy skies for the first pitch and then 76 in the ninth inning. humidity not all that bad. should be a pretty pleasant night at the ballpark and hopefully dry. your seven-day forecast going for a high of 86, clouds and sun not very humid and spotty storm but that's it. sunny and nice tomorrow then, 84 and partly sunny on friday, 83. not a bad way to wrap up the work week. and the weekend is looking
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pretty good. sun and clouds on saturday 84. the union are at home as are the phils and then sunday more of a clouds and sun mix, a high of 82 and we will be looking at a system down to the south and west of philadelphia that could produce some rain but at this point it looks like it's going to miss our area. that's just something we're watching and we're mentioning probably dry on sunday, though. mostly sunny on monday, nice and then the next chance of a thunderstorm would likely be tuesday, okay. >> okay. thanks so much, david. >> yup. >> 6:10 now. for the second time this year a nonticketted passenger boards a flight raising questions about security at an airport out west. >> international computer crooks steal more than a billion internet user names and pass words. it could be the biggest hack in history. karen. >> we're on the blue route right here near mid county and you can see the tractor-trailer kind of off to the side but traffic headed to the northeast extension moving okay. we have an accident in this area. i just got off the phone with police in montgomery county they're responding right now. details coming up. >> and one simple question sets off a five-year-old boy
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>> ♪ >> good morning. it is wednesday. you are halfway through work week. it is 6:13 right now and you are looking at that beautiful sun rising near the platt bridge and it's going to be a beautiful day out especially for this time of the summer.
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>> i just looked at the sun. >> you're not supposed to look directly at the sun. look at the bridge. >> right over karen right now. >> some would say that's an improvement. >> we've got a new accident just coming in to us right now. i got off the phone with police in montgomery county and they're sending crews out whoever. it was an accident involving a motorcycle that hit the guardrail and it's here on the southbound northeast extension ramp to the westbound pennsylvania turnpike. so, the ramp may be partially blocked right now but they may have to shut it down. so we'll keep an eye out on that one just happening right now. another accident just coming in is in aston delaware county, concorde road at mcdonald boulevard so a couple accidents coming in this morning. let's take a look outside and see what's going on on i-95. it's clear, it's dry. this is your southbound traffic as you head towards center city. we're looking live here near girard. starting to get a little slow from allegheny to girard. we had a huge delay on 95 yesterday. hopeful no accidents coming our way like yesterday. let's take a look at the temperatures right now.
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it's 70 degrees in philadelphia. 64 in allentown. 67 in millville. not a bad start to the day. no weather-related issues this morning. later this afternoon we do have the chance for a spotty thunderstorm but i think many areas just stay dry. it's clouds and sunshine with a high of 86, erin. >> okay, thanks so much, karen. new on "action news," the cause of death is still not known after an autopsy was performed on a nine-year-old boy who was found dead in his home last week. the coroner has now called for further testing. it could be weeks before we know exactly what caused the death of jared. last friday police found the nine year old boy dead on the floor which was covered in his own feces. police say the boy died four days prior to police finding him but the father didn't tell anyone. no one has been charged yet with the boy's death. a report says russian hackers have stolen 1.2 billion user names and pass words. wisconsin based whole security uncovered this breach which may be the biggest theft of internet credentials in
6:16 am
history. the firm told the new york times the cyber crooks stole from more than 420,000 web sites. experts believe the data is being used for spam and junk mail as opposed to being sold for identity theft purposes. >> apple has announced a date for the unveiling of its newest versions of the iphone. abc's renna ninan has this morning's tech bites. good morning to you. it looks like september 9 will be a big day for iphone fans. on high pressure reports claim that's when apple will unveil the next iphone. plenty of rumors are swirling about a larger screen size but exact details remain under wraps. the nfl partnering with microsoft to help teams study their opponents. players and coaches will have access to surface tablets loaded with newly created side line viewing systems. the first time such devices have been allowed during the game. it's not just football players who may want to get their hands on a microsoft surface tablet. the company is offering teachers and college students
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$150 discount on any surface pro three model. the offer runs through september 3rd. and some tech savvy terms among the 5,000 new words added to scrabble's official dictionary. they include texter, hashtag, blog and of course selfie. those are your tech bites. i'm renna ninan. >> of course selfie. >> they're always so behind with these words. >> they really are. the fda says it has reason to push for big changes the way sugar is listed on nutrition labels. >> a five year old boy from easton pa sets youtube on fire department all did he was go on and on about the county fair on tv. >> brian was out last night in national park new jersey taking nice pictures of the sky and the river and the ships and the trees. nice pictures to send in, go ahead especially vacation photos am i love those. maybe that was a vacation photo from national park. who knows. satellite showing you this morning will ends up the way yesterday ended up. fairly bright, clouds coming from the west.
6:18 am
what impact will they have on us. we'll have your daypart forecast coming up next along with your airport call. >> don't forget, you can take the new with you wherever you go. the new smart design changes the layout to fit any device including tablets and your
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take control of your retirement today! ♪ >> no what ritter may be just five years old but it may seem he already has celebrity potential. >> reporter: what did you think about the ride? >> it was great. i've never been on live television before but apparently sometimes i don't watch -- i don't watch the news. because i'm a kid and apparently every time -- apparently grandpa just gives me the remote after he watch the powerball. >> the ride was fine but let me tell you about myself. a live television innervate with the wilkes-barre youngster has become a youtube hit garnering over 2 million hits.
6:21 am
noah's grandfather says the five-year-old is looking forward to kindergarten or maybe college in the fall. >> tv. >> with a broadcast. >> love it. >> he's good. >> let's take you to the maps right here. we have more details on this accident in delaware county. police are telling me they shut down concorde road because there are injuries associated with this accident here so they're responding to the scene right now. it's closed at mcdonald boulevard so if you're in this area of aston stick to 452 as your alternate. concorde road is now shut down. i want to take you outside and show you what it looks like here. this is the boulevard near broad street. northbound traffic on your left moving okay but that sunshine, david, it's going to be a problem for your morning commute i think. >> little bit of sun glare out there. maybe you want sunglasses as you're waiting for the el and the bus as well. 74 degrees by 9 o'clock. by noon, 81 and by 3 o'clock, 86. that is your high. winds today are going to be fairly light, maybe seven to 14 miles per hour. and while there is the chance of a very spotty thunderstorm
6:22 am
this afternoon and this evening, it's very spotty and the vast majority of the region will not see that. any delays showing up on the big board at the airport. ? doesn't look like it. all green airplanes and no hint of rain in our most commonly destinations. erin and matt. >> thanks, david. a proposal from the fda would change nutrition labels so they say exactly how much added sugar is in the foods you eat. current labels simply list total sugar not telling you how much is natural and how much is added. many doctors blame added sugars like high fructose corn syrup and sucrose for the obesity and diabetes epidemic. >> ryan howard may be having a horrible season with the phillies but last night he was a hero as his bat ended a game that had already lasted more than five hours. the phillies and the astros were locked in a one-one draw in the 15th inning. there was howard at the plate singling in the winning run. the phillies walked off the field with a two to one win. the two teams will play each other again tonight. >> time now is 6:22. up next, how a woman managed
6:23 am
to fly between two cities without a ticket. >> katherine scott is updating the investigation into the discovery of a woman's body in pennypack park. katherine. >> reporter: that's right, matt, homicide detectives are investigating after a woman's body is found in northeast philadelphia. we're live at police expecting to hear from investigators today coming up
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>> ♪ >> beautiful shot of the sun here on sky 6. it's 6:25 wednesday morning. came up officially at 6:04 a will be setting at 8:09, 14 hours and five minutes of sunshine today. new on "action news," the two victims of an unusual otter attack in washington state are back home and recovering. one tough to see here. hundreds of stitches to her face, head and body. lelani grove helped pull the otter off of her grandson as it attacked her while swim in the pilchuck river. officials say otter attacks on humans are rare but when it does happen they're usually protecting their young. >> new this morning a woman with a history of trying to sneak onto airplanes has done it again. but this time it worked. marilyn hartman got through a check point without a ticket. she boarded a plane and flew to los angeles. southwest airlines attendants realized the mistake when they took ahead count on the plane.
6:27 am
hartman has tried to get past airport security six times before this most recent incident: and this is the first time she actually made it on into the air. surveillance cameras caught two culprits pulling off a smash and grab burglary in southern california. you can see the two suspects wearing ski masks as they smash into a display case inside the manhattan beach jewelry store. police are also looking for two other people. they were in the get away van which was found abandoned. the van had been reported stolen the day before. >> 6:27 now. a slow moving landslide suddenly accelerates out west smashing into a house and prompting an entire "action news" will be right back. >> ♪ i'm m-a-r-y and i have copd.
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and breo helps reduce symptom flare-ups that last several days and require oral steroids, antibiotics, or hospital stay. breo is not for asthma. breo contains a type of medicine that increases risk of death in people with asthma. it is not known if this risk is increased in copd. breo won't replace rescue inhalers for sudden copd symptoms and should not be used more than once a day. breo may increase your risk of pneumonia, thrush, osteoporosis, and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking breo. ask your doctor about b-r-e-o for copd. first prescription free at >> homicide detectives comb a philadelphia park where a
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woman was found dead and the investigation points to foul play. >> bullets fly on a philadelphia street overnight wounding two people including a teenager. >> accuweather is tracking the chance for afternoon showers and thunderstorms. >> good morning, it is 6:30 on this wednesday, august 6th. >> tam is awesome erin o'hearn joins us. let's go to david and karen for weather and traffic. >> refreshing on the terrace we've got the sun up, doesn't feel all that warm just yet though and kind of a refreshing breeze every now and then. take a look at satellite. we have the sun coming off the ocean. there are thicker clouds to the west that will begin to share the skies with the sun later on. you saw a couple showers. that's a slight possibility today. 70 degrees in philadelphia right now with the sun up over the horizon feeling comfortable. 65 in wilmington and upper 60 down the shore. it is going to be warm. 74 by 9 o'clock but up to 81 by noon and a high of 86 around 3 o'clock before we drop back to about 82 by 6:00. you'll notice i am posting the possibility of a shower or a
6:31 am
thunderstorm through the afternoon and early evening but it really does look very spotty and most of you probably won't have to worry about that. just react if you do see one. steely dan is the big main stage steel stacks performer at musikfest in bethlehem tonight. the main show at 8:30. light north wind when steely dan takes the stage, really nice evening up in bethlehem and elsewhere across the region. karen hope it's a nice morning on the roads. >> it's not bad but we have new problems coming in. we're starting with mass transit. signal problems suspending the paoli-thorndale dale line in both directions between thorndale and malvern. watch for this just coming in to us right now signal problems causing a problem. also here we've got problem with a motorcycle accident here. it's on the ramp from the southbound northeast extension to the westbound pennsylvania turnpike and police tell me that the motorcycle just slammed into the ramp wall there so this one is partially blocking traffic and we also have a downed tree here in lehigh county.
6:32 am
police just told me they had to shut down prouder valley road and that's atwood lawn road. they've got this downed tree in upper milford township causing a problem so a closure. as we go outside live on i-95 no accidents this morning on i-95 but some examined jammed up traffic. this is your southbound traffic and you can see it's starting to get a little busy from allegheny to girard. so far only a 19 minute ride from woodhaven to the vine and the tacony palmyra bridge scheduled to go up at 7 o'clock this morning so might want to watch for that traffic is going to be stopped, matt. >> will do. thanks karen. let's begin with the investigation into the suspicious death of a philadelphia woman. her body was found in pennypack park in northeast philadelphia. the medical examiner is expected to release his report today. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live at police headquarters with the full story. katherine. >> reporter: matt, that medical examiner's report, the hope is it's going to shed more light on this case. the cause of death has not been determined but we do know homicide detectives have taken over this investigation and you could see homicide detectives yesterday in
6:33 am
pennypack park they were around convent and holme avenues near the crispin recreation center conducting interviews. they were searching for evidence. the body of 46-year-old connie mcclain-murray would you found around 6 o'clock yesterday morning by a woman walking her dog. sources told "action news" it appeared the victim had been strangled and there were signs of a struggle and they're also investigating if she had been sexually assaulted. mcclain-murray had gone out to exercise around 9 o'clock on monday night when she didn't return around 11:00 p.m., her husband and daughter went out looking for her. they filed a missing persons report several hours later. people who knew the victim are devastated. >> i just talked to her on facebook maybe a couple weeks ago about all of us from the class getting glowing she always had a smile on her face. i can't believe that this happened. >> reporter: and so far police have not been able to locate the victim's cell phone. if you have any information about this case, you are urged to call homicide detectives.
6:34 am
we're live at police headquarters, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thanks katherine. new this morning a teen and a man have been shot on a west philadelphia street. chopper 6 hd was over the scene late last night the 4900 block of fairmount avenue. when police arrived a little after 10:50 they found a 16-year-old boy an 24-year-old man lying on the sidewalk. investigators say they had each been shot several times. >> based on ballistic evidence we know that at least five shots were fired from a semi-automatic weapon. we found three shell casing actually right inside the front door where the 24-year-old male resides. >> the victims are in the hospital in stable condition. so far police have not found a motive for the shootings. the delaware state police want you to give them a call if you recognize these men. investigators say they broke into wilson's auction house at about 11:30 on monday night. the business is on the 10,000 block of dupont highway near
6:35 am
lincoln delaware. police say the burglary suspects managed to open the safe and steal some jewelry and about $4,000 in cash. >> and happening today, the preliminary hearing for two men charged with murdering an elderly couple in their philadelphia home. police say the victims were strangled inside their strawberry mansion house last month after trying to stop robbers in the act. the defendants, 26-year-old terry ballard and 19-year-old justen smith, they both face murder and robbery charges. investigators say ballard was a friend of the victims, 79-year-old rufus perry and his 66 year old wife gladys perry. the couple had hired both men to do odd jobs. also happening today, governor jack markell is expected to sign a bill requiring anyone convicted of dui in delaware to install an interlock device in their cars. the ignition interlock is like a breathalyzer requiring the driver to breathe into the device before the car can be started and if the driver has
6:36 am
been drinking, the car will not start. >> as people head out the door this morning they can expect to be pretty comfortable out, right. >> oh, yeah, nice cool breeze blowing and so far the sun is pretty low on the horizon so it doesn't feel all that warm. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you there's no precipitation out there this morning. as we take a look at sky 6 things are getting bright at the airport and elsewhere around the region and we're a you have to a really good start this morning, feeling comfortable and not all that humid. 70 degrees right now philadelphia your dewpoint is at viefn 59 which is just below what we would consider to be humid air. winds out of the north-northwest at 8 miles per hour. satellite and radar showing up on future tracker 6 now and by plan to it will probably be a little bit clowder and then we'll be on the located for a couple pop-up stray showers or thunderstorms and when i say stray i mean stray. these don't look like they'll be widespread. in the evening they may fall off the table entire technological. as we go through the day accuweather says it will be a warm one.
6:37 am
73 degrees by 8 o'clock, 79 by 11 o'clock so getting up close to 80 in a hurry today and then 84 at 2 o'clock and 86 is your high probably around 3:00 or 3:30 before we sync back to 83. posting the chance avenue spotty pop-up thunderstorm. 82 degrees in allentown, 84 in trenton. low 80's down in atlantic city and cape may. and again that spotty storm chance but for most of us just a mix of sun and clouds. niles night for baseball at citizens bank park. phillies trying to beat the astros for the second straight night. partly cloudy, likely dry, 81 for the first pitch and 66 in the ninth inning. now we do have an issue down the shore because tropical storm bertha is still taking that track well off the coast and past us but close enough to push those waves in on the shore and when you get those waves coming in, piles water up on the beach and then that water escapes in the form of rip currents so again like yesterday, if you're down the shore you want to be careful of rip currents.
6:38 am
only swim near the lifeguards and listen to what they say. of course if you do get caught in a rip current swim parallel to the beach north or south and that will get you out of that narrow rip current. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, we're going for a high of 86 today. it will be warm, not all that humid and only a slight chance of a spotty thunderstorm later today. sunny and nice tomorrow, a high of 84. partly sunny and nice on friday, 83. and for the weekend, sun mixing with a few clouds on saturday, 84. looks great for the union home game at night against montreal and the phillies at home at citizens bank park on saturday night and then sunday a mix of clouds and sun, 82. sunday, we will be keeping our eye out for a system down to the south and west of us that will be producing rain in places like virginia. at this point it looks like it's too far away from us to bring us rain but something we're watching for sunday. monday looks dry. a thunderstorm possibly reemerging by tuesday. >> thanks, david. >> thanks, david. >> 6:38. rattled residents in utah watch helplessly as a looming disaster unfolds before their eyes.
6:39 am
>> search is upon or a group of men who attacked a philadelphia woman at her front door. karen. >> schuylkill starting to slow that's your westbound traffic. not jammed solid but slow from the boulevard to belmont. we'll take a look at 422 coming up. >> plus veterinarians save a cat from a heroin overdose. we'll explain when "action news" good job!
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6:42 am
somewhat cloudy but pleasantly clear center city philadelphia. >> matt was talking to me, karen. wake up. it's time. finally. >> wake up, come on, erin. all right, we've got problems here in delaware county. it's an accident here concorde road is shut down at mcdonald boulevard. you want to stick to 452 as your alternate. police say there were injuries on the scene so they're out there helping people and shut down concorde road. watch for that in delaware county. as we look at the big picture, starting to slow up in spots on the schuylkill expressway. i showed you earlier the slow traffic westbound past the boulevard about 32. but you could see the eastbound traffic slow from the blue route to around the curve at this point. as you look near the vine it's about 42 miles an hour, just a touch slow there. i-95 starting to get pretty slow, though, at 38 miles an hour near cottman and you're traveling about 23 miles an hour near the betsy ross bridge. we earlier had a fire location in north philadelphia and that has cleared so no problem right there, looking pretty good currently.
6:43 am
let's take you outside and show you what it looks like on 422. we're near trooper, that's your eastbound traffic. not jammed solid. a little tap of the brakes as you head towards 23 but you can see the road conditions are fine. no weather related worries early on today. you'll see some sun glare out there but no complaints about sunshine. 70 degrees right now in philadelphia. feeling fairly comfortable its a warm day today with clouds and sun and a high of 86 and no big weather problems. spotty thunderstorm around but that's going to be a big impact for your evening commute, either. it's just a chance for it, matt. >> thanks karen. new this morning the driver of a double decker tour bus has been connected in connection with a crash that injured 14 people in times square. they say the bus driver struck another double decker bus parked near the busy tkts broadway ticket booth yesterday. witnesses say the gray line tour bus rolled into the intersection at a high speed. the impact knocked a lam post into a crowd. none of the injuries are
6:44 am
expected to be life-threatening. a utah neighborhood has been evacuated over fear that is a landslide that already destroyed a home and damaged others could get worse. that's video of one home collapsing in north salt lake yesterday. officials say the area has been unstable for the past few days because of heavy rain but some people in the area blame developers digging above the homes. officials say the damage to the homes in the area could reach several million dollars. >> the body of a missing oregon woman has been found near a remote road. jennifer huston was last seen on july 24th when her husbands said she left to run errands. she was caught on surveillance video outside a credit union, a gas station and inside a drugstore near her home. a property owner found huston's suv and called police. police found her body a short distance away. they say there are no signs of foul play. >> a north philadelphia woman is recovering from a vicious attack on her front doorstep. it was captured on surveillance video and we have it. it happened along the 1500
6:45 am
block of north 18th street late last month. the woman was just about to open her front door when those three men came up behind her and started hitting her. she told police she thinks they were after her cell phone. after beating the woman for more than a minute the men gave up. if you somehow recognize the men in this surveillance video detectives want to hi from you. and police have charged a pleasantville, new jersey, man with strangling this woman and stuffing her body in a suitcase. a hunter discovered the remains of 30 year old tara rogers-alicea behind the shore mall in egg harbor township seven months ago. an investigation involving the fbi led officials to 27-year-old steven stahl worth yesterday. he is charged with first degree murder and is being held on $2 million bail. >> a chester county man faces animal cruelty and drug charges after police say he injected a kitten with heroin. west white land police found james myers with the animal early sunday morning. police say the kitten had also
6:46 am
been choked with a rope. a vet revived the kitten with narcan a heroin antidote. police say they found heroin and hypodermic needles inside myers' car. the kitten will go up for adoption after it recovers. >> time is now 6:46. a u.s. military officer has been ambushed. a highly decorated two star general shot dead overseas. "good morning america" has a live preview next. david. >> how about the pacific ocean today? we've got tropical storm julio, hurricane iselle. on these if you have vacation plans in the hawaiian islands. as we take a look after our forecast no hurricanes, pretty nice weather. i'll be back with your daypart forecast. >> stay on top of the changing weather situation with the new visit for storm tracker 6 radar, the accuweather forecast and the latest video from our "action news" meteorologists. we'll be right back. >> ♪
6:47 am
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6:49 am
>> 6:49 time for a preview of "good morning america." >> amy robach joining us live from the "gma" studios in times square with a life look. hi, amy. >> reporter: hay, hey, matt, good morning. good morning erin. great to see you both this morning. coming up next on "gma" we're talk about big trouble in the pacific. double hurricanes headed towards hawaii. schools are being closed as flash flooding high winds and dangerous surf are headed their way.
6:50 am
ginger zee is tracking it all for us. then this morning we're learning more about that devastating attack on a military academy in afghanistan leaving eight americans injured and killing a two star general. abc's martha raddatz has latest on that story. a morning rush hour nightmare just as this train is about to pull out of the station a man gets his foot caught between the rail and the platform. we will have details on this dramatic video. look at all of those good samaritans jumping in to help. we have a very special guest this morning. five-year-old noah ritter from pottstown was asked by a reporter about an amusement ride at a county fair. we are live with the kid new anchor going. he has all the moves do you. i cannot wait to talk to him. he is adorable. >> we've been showing people this morning amy, just make sure you have like an hour's worth of time for the program. he won't stop. >> he'll talk. >> reporter: i don't think he knows the time cues. >> good luck with that amy.
6:51 am
>> the next maury. >> you know what -- [laughter] >> all right, let's take you out to the tacony palmyra bridge. start off your day up for a bridge opening we can see it live almost back down so traffic is about to move in just one more click. 'cause we're watching the tacony palmyra bridge its a northbound ship though so anticipate that. we could be affected by this in the burlington bristol bridge in about 45 minutes or so. a new accident in new jersey in browns mills. watch for route 70 at spring lake boulevard that one just coming in, dave. >> 70 degrees right now in philadelphia, karen. good numbers on the big board. 64 in allentown, 67 in trenton, 65 in wilmington and almost 70 in both sea isle and a c. a nice breeze blowing around, the can't just coming up over the horizon. a really nice morning around there. if you have errands to run at 9 o'clock it's still going to be g your high is 86 at 3 o'clock and i'm posting the chance of a thunderstorm later today but we're talking a really small chance of just a couple of spotty storms.
6:52 am
most of you are not going to have to worry about that. winds about seven to 14 miles per hour. pretty nice overall for august in philadelphia, erin. >> okay, thanks, david. victoria beckham is selling off more than 600 clothing items that even includes pieces of her spice girls wardrobe. the five day sale starts on august 20'sth. beckham teams with the out proceeds benefits the charity mothers to mothers. sherri shepherd picked to play the wicked stepmother in the broadway production of cinder left lane half the view cohost will star opposite keke palmer shepherd will send seven years on the view
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6:55 am
>> top stories at 6:55. an early morning house fire in north philadelphia left a family homeless. everyone inside home on north 17th street was able to get out safely. the red cross is finding temporary shelter. the philadelphia medical examiner's office is expected to release the autopsy report today on the body of 46-year-old connie mcclain-murray. it was found yesterday morning in pennypack park. sources tell "action news" she appeared to have been strangled. mayor michael nutter will make a pitch today once again for a cigarette tax hike for philadelphia. he will make his case during a
6:56 am
state senate appropriations committee hearing at city hall. the mayor says the money is needed to prevent mass layoffs in the city's public schools. >> we've had a handful of traffic problems this morning but we're starting with issues with mass transit. the paoli-thorndale dale line suspended at this point they're having signal problems. between thorndale and malvern in both directions paoli-thorndale dale is suspended and watch for this accident involving a motorcycle. it slammed into the guardrail southbound northeast extension to the westbound pennsylvania. it's partially blocking traffic out there right now, dave. >> all right, karen, it's a beautiful morning out there with temperatures in the low 70's with 9 o'clock still at 74 arc little bit of a breeze, humidity not bad. looks like we'll have sun mix wind gust clouds today with a high of 86. i'm posting the possibility of a spotty thunderstorm after about 3 o'clock on into the early evening but most of you are not going to see that and a great night in bethlehem tonight for steely dan at steel stacks. good weather all around, hm. >> i know somebody that's going to be up there today. >> i'll be there all afternoon
6:57 am
meeting and greeting everybody and trying out the food. >> and if it gets warm the 6abc tent has air conditioning. >> i know. >> i'll be up there saturday so that's good news for me. for karen rogers, david murphy i'm matt o'donnell. "gma" is next. we're back in 25. >> ♪ >> "action news" is brought to you in part by the jeff d'ambrosio auto group destination downingtown minutes from king of prussia and the delaware state line featuring chrysler dodge jeep and the delaware state line featuring chrysler dodge jeep ram mitsubishi fiat and what's up, george? massage chair. my little indulgence. dunkin' french vanilla swirl, my little indulgence. indulge in the sweeter, creamier taste of dunkin's new french vanilla and hazelnut swirl coffees and lattes -- try one today!
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on a southern-style biscuit. grab one for $2.99 today. america runs on dunkin'. good morning, america. developing now, double trouble in the pacific. two hurricanes back-to-back on a path for hawaii. the big island on storm watch right now. schools closing. residents stocking up. the heavy rain expected to spark major mudslides. times square madness. you can hear those double-decker buses collide. brand-new video just after the massive crash shows that traffic light slamming down. more than a dozen injured. we learn overnight one of the drivers arrested charged with driving while impaired. was he on drugs behind the wheel? trapped at the door. dramatic video. the man stuck between the train and platform. his leg lodged in a two-inch gap and you won't believe what happens neck. how passengers literally lift the chain. the human chain to the r