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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  August 6, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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was also in pennypack park but they were not close to each other and there is nothing that says one is related to the other. >> at this point police have no suspects, they are urging women and others in that area to be careful and police continue to comb pennypack park and the surrounding areas for any clues that could lead to this killer. i'm live at police headquarters, chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." now to more breaking news, officers from several different agencies are in german town now. they have not said what they are looking for, but philadelphia police got the call to help u.s. marshals in the area, chopper 6 hd was over head as they searched an area. and we also have breaking news out of philadelphia's tioga-nicetown neighborhood.
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where a grenade was founds. emergency responders just told us in the last few seconds that that grenade was not live, but still as a precaution there were evacuations in that area. it turns out that there is money on the way for the philadelphia school district. and despite the $265 million advance from governor corbett, the crisis looms large. vernon odom is live with more on the big announcement. >> reporter: it's always a very complicated story this time of year. but there is still loose ends to be tied up in the days ahead before the opening of philadelphia public schools next month. >> as usual when the governor comes to town, there were protests outside of his philadelphia office for funding for schools.
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he is advancing the school district $265 million that will allow schools to open on time in september. this is not new funding but early dispersement of funds that philadelphia would get through the year. >> while it helps to open the doors on time, revenue from a cigarette tax will provide funding that will last all year long. >> they are calling on the republican controlled general assembly to go to harrisburg and approve a cigarette tax that will generate more than $80 million for the schools. superintendant william hite says it's not enough. and he and the governor want the cigarette money pronto. >> we are are thrilled with the advancements and thrilled with the certification, it does not resolve the $81 million budget
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gap. that requires additional revenue and a lot of that comes from the cigarette tax. there is still work to be done. >> they are highlighting the impact of the imitation of the cigarette tax. >> mayor nutter was front and center. >> without the cigarette tax, philadelphia cannot provide the level of services we provided in the last school year. >> jerry jordan called the cash advance by governor corbett, a positive step forward but ignored the call for the union to serve up give backs and money saving concessions. live in city hall, vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. police in delaware county are looking for the driver that crashed into a business and then sped off.
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chopper 6 hd was over the scene just moments after this happened. police say that the driver hit the sneaker outlet on darby and then took off. this story out of our delaware newsroom, police say that a man stole a car in wilmington and hit several parked cars as he tried to get away. chopper 6 hd was over the scene this morning, and police noticed the vehicle before the crash and they arrested the driver and several other people were hurt and police have not told us if these injuries are serious. here at the big board, today the deadly ebola virus continues to spread and the world health organization says there are 102 new cases in week alone, including a nurse that treated an infected american patient in nigeria. they have evacuated volunteers from the area. and in the meantime, nancy
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writebol, is receiving her first full day of care in atlanta. she traveled here and the pilot spoke exclusively to abc news, that during the flight, she was kept in a portable and disposable containment pod. >> because of all the procedures and training, i have no concerns that i would acquire the disease or pass it on to a family member or anyone else i encounter back here at home. >> abc news obtained this video shot from the cockpit of that plane, can you see the containment and a health care worker wearing protective clothing looking after the patient. writebol is in the same wing where her colleague, dr. kent brantly is also being treated.
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police are trying to track down a convenience store over the weekend but it took him more than one time to do it. he walked into the store on torresdale and flashed a knife and demanded cash, but the clerk did not open the register and the man took off. the man walked then into wawa and showed the knife and got away with money from that register. >> police are asking for anybody with information to give them a call. now it's time for a dreary, accuweather forecast. spots of blue out there, melissa magee is in for adam joseph live at the big board today. >> reporter: hi brian and shirleen. we had clouds to get the day started and pockets of sunshine are returning in areas in the delaware and lehigh valley. it's quiet for philadelphia, the 95 corridor and areas to the north and west. we'll go tighter for areas south
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and east. down in south jersey we have spotty showers, there are showers in burlington and southern ocean county, that is the case for the rest of the early evening hours. lets talk temperatures, we are hitting 82 in allentown and reading 81 and along the 95 credit dor, temperatures and see i'll see 79 degrees. if are you heading up north to the lehigh valley where musikfest is going on, steely dan will take the stage, and a light northerly wind and water temperature is 72. coming up we'll look at the accuweather forecast and when the less humid air arrives. >> thank you. mel is. >> a north philadelphia family is out of their home after an early morning fire. the action cam was on north 17th
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street, that is where crews say the fire started at 1:00 this morning. family members could only watch for the street. fortunately they all got out safely and the red cross is helping them with a place to stay. >> still ahead there are happy people and we'll introduce you to the newest edition to the "action news" family. and more on the general killed in afghanistan, we learned he has a pennsylvania connection. celebrate blinds to go's 60th anniversary sale. buy one get 50% off one. because you know what they say: 60 is the new 50. they also say your're only as young as you feel. we feel great. how about those blinds of yours? blinds to go blinds for life.
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you need blinds. you know it. your neighbours know it. you need blinds. you know it.. don't be that house. do something about it. during blinds to go's 60th anniversary sale going on now. buy one, get a second at half price. blinds to go blinds for life. more details about the attack in afghanistan that killed general howard green, he was a nearby trade and it was his first deployment to a war
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zone. he was suppose to check on the troops, but a man dressed like an afghan soldier fired on the crowd. soldiers returned fire and killed the gunman. >> any form of trust has been fully broken. green was born in new york state and studied in the war torn college. he is the highest ranking military officer killed in a combat zone since vietnam. egyptian mediators are shuttling back and forth with the two groups thank is day two of the cease fire that is expected to last for three days. over 2,000 people have diedthc
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drop was because of the company's decision to stay in america. they were considering moving over seas to reduce the tax bill, they did not think the irs would approve the move so they are staying and they were worried about possible public backlash from a move like that. they are expanding overseas, buying alliance boots. and sprint is hiring a new ceo after not merging with t-mobile. he worked for a miami based distributor, that is owned by soft bank, today's news comes on reports that sprint is calling
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off their merger because of tax issues. we go now to autumn marisa in for matt pellman, hello there autumn. we are starting in lower providence township. this is at trooper road and egypt road. these are the eastbound lanes and the westbound is getting by in both directions, taking a look at the big picture, speeds on the schuylkill expressway slow from the blue route to the vine, the westbound lanes are slower as you make your way through city avenue area. slow going on 95, 23 miles per hour, and the northbound lanes are slower, this is on the big picture, this is 95 as you see southbound and northbound lanes, 27 minutes from the vine street express way up to woodhaven right now. moving along though, plymouth
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township allen wood road is closed at collingswood lane. taking a look at the area bridges everything is looking clear but we have construction on the ben franklin bridge and if you are heading to the phillies bridge, we have three trains leaving fern rock. taking a look at mass transit, all services are on time now with no reported delays and out we go to 42, it's looking clear in both directions down towards 55 in the southbound lanes or up to the walt whitman bridge. >> thank you autumn. work is now underway to bring higher speeds and more reliable service to one of the busy of the amtrak routes in the country. the $450 million improvement project kicked off in mercer county, they are installing new signals between brunswick and trenton. this allows trains to reach
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speeds of 160 miles per hour. they will soon make the same upgraded through the entire northeast corridor. a wife and mom lost an impressive 100 pounds and she was featured in "people" magazine because of it. monica malpass has more. >> they was on the cover of "people" magazine and shared her transformation story. like so many women katie whitman had problems taking the weight off after having children. and now she is living a happier, healthy lifestyle. we'll have how she did it. all of that coming up at 5:00. biel see you then. she is an inspiration. >> sure is. speaking of an inspiration, the "action news" family is growing again, we are announcing
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joyous news for adam joseph, adam and his partner carl are the proud parents of jacob, jacob tipped the scales at 9 pounds 1 ounce and is over 21 inches long, that is a big boy and he is gorgeous, adam says jacob is the new love of our lives and we are on cloud 9. >> he was texting me for 24 hours this week and then he finally came as you know, one of the great things about working here at channel 6, we are good friending on and off the air, we are so pleased to share in adam's joy and besides ourselves to share the joy with you. >> he has waited so long for this, to have his miracle wrapped up in a 9 pound bundle. we are so happy.
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>> and i am excite that my new little twin boys will have a new best friend. >> up next, melissa is back with the call from accuweather. a man gets caught between a train and platform, how dozens of people working to get him free, you can take the new, it changes the layout to fit any device, no matter how small or large your screen, check it out by visiting small or large your screen, check it out by visiting 6a well, not that kind of fresh. on the freshness of our chicken. but i can guarantee the freshness of our chicken because we go beyond what the usda requires... with extra inspections in american family owned farms, refrigerated trucks that deliver daily and everywhere in between. that's what it takes to bring your family a fresh tasting chicken.
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perdue. we believe in a better chicken.
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stuffed the bags at lincoln financial field. the largest one day back to school event in the region.
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and lets get the accuweather forecast again shall we? meteorologist melissa magee has the details from the big board. >> hi there brian and shirleen. the frontal boundary we were tracking, there wasn't a whole lot to it. it's pretty quiet and dry in the delaware and lehigh valleys. you can see the progression coming through, it's starting to break up now and the showers are starting to push offshore, it's mainly in areas of southern burlington and southern ocean county, these showers will dissipate and it will be quiet for the rest of tonight. lets talk about temperatures though, with the frontal boundary moving on through, not too bad. philadelphia 77 and trenton 77 and upper 70s in millville and down the coast and into dover, where the front has moved on through, we fine more in the way of sunshine and that is having an impact on the temperatures.
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reading 81 and lancaster 78 degrees. satellite 6 along with action radar showing you that the frontal boundary dipping off to the south and east. the big canadian high pressure moving out across the areas of the great lakes and this will dip to the south tonight and set us up for the end of the latter half of the work week here. we are showing you what this high pressure will do to our dew points. we talk about that, the left of the moisture in the atmosphere. dew points in the 50s, we are talking about a pleasant atmosphere, and that is the case thursday and friday before they rise into the lower 60s and still that is tolerable for the early half of our august month here. we talk about what we can expect here, stormtracker 6 live double scan, giving you app update on the tropics, we have bertha, this is just a remnant low, 650
4:22 pm
miles away from our shore line here, when you talk about the wave heights, close to philadelphia and the jersey shore, we are close to 5 feet and 4 feet towards the center of what was bertha, if you head to the shore, the rip current risk continues to be high and waves 3 to 4 feet and obey the lifeguards and you don't want to swim when the lifeguards get off duty. as we take a look at the exclusive numbers, as we get into the day, it's a beautiful day in the afternoon and a high of 84 and sunshine on friday, 83 and saturday more sunshine and 85 and a high temperature of 85. a really nice end to the latter half of our work week. >> thank you melissa. there was something for everyone, at the senior safety expo in philadelphia today. people could get information about the legal services and health care and emergency contacts and the event organized
4:23 pm
by the police department, it's to keep local seniors protected in the commune, if you missed today you can check it out tomorrow, two locations, and new court land on german town avenue. alicia the buzz is next. >> katy perry is in town for two soldout shows. plays tourist in philly with 200 of her closest friends and f ♪
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the world famous fries you love, plus a shake of three new flavors you add. introducing mcdonald's shakin' flavor fries. and right now you can get a free medium sized shakin' flavor fries at mcdonald's when you purchase any large sandwich thursday august 7th through august 9th. so you better get shakin'.
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time now for the buzz, you can hear twitter roar as katy perry wrapped up two soldout shows. these were photos of perry in a hoody and a throng of fans hitting the art museum steps, she joked at the show last night
4:26 pm
saying she would not leave without doing the climb. you see her in the crowd even taking selfies, and other people posting picks. who tweeted, i keep my promises philly. she made the run up the steps. >> and katsy shepherd is a mom, she gave birth to a baby boy, her estranged husband, asked the courts for sole custody of the child. we are continuing to follow that one for you today. finally, dinosaur chasing wedding picks are all the rage, this one is off jurassic proportions. this is jeff goldblume says joining the bride and groom here in the center of this picture
4:27 pm
where a t-rex is seen chasing them. he has speefrance running from dinosaurs. if he is at your wedding -- >> apparently it's a thing. >> thank you alicia. still ahead summer may be winding down but the deals are heating up. from grills to swimsuits, we'll brecht down the best and worst things to buy this month. >> plus, mets mistake, what one baseball fan found during a give away, said is the rivalry between new york and philly over? >> it's not. >> and cracking down on cupcakes, one school district says the classroom is no place for the birthday
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"action news" continues with adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, shirleen allicot and brian taff. hello again, 4:30 and "action news" continues with a story that will have you scratching your head. why wikipedia says they can't delete a photo from their website because a monkey owns it. >> oh boy. and one second they were weighting for a ride and the next they were saving a life. you won't want to miss the remarkable moment commuters banded together to lift a train and save a stranger. and what this jaw dropping
4:30 pm
jaws video shows how and why great white sharks attack. lets begin in south jersey, where one woman is pleading for relief and justice. the beloved rottweiler, bella, was poisoned with antifreeze in her own backyard, someone has been pelting that backyard with pigs feet and dog bones all cruel reminders of her loss. john rawlins live with details on this case. >> reporter: the two incidents occurred over the last couple of weeks, there was scraps tossed over a neighbor's fence as well in july. the concern is, could this link back to that april incident. >> hi. >> amanda playing with gracie and cocoa, her dogs, weighing on
4:31 pm
her mind is a couple of distressing incidents. >> i have a puppy and i don't know if they are making me think they will kill her too. >> someone killed bella, she rushed him to the vet. >> he tested him for antifreeze and he tested positive twice. she replaced the original small back fence with a much taller one and that camera caught someone, you can't who tossing in a meaty bone, and then a pigs foot. >> fresh from the butcher, she intercepted both items, she is looking for a lab to test it, is it poisoned or is someone trying to upset her. in the meantime, mantua police are keeping aan eye on the
4:32 pm
situation. >> we have a confirmed poisoning of a pet and taking exception and having additional officers in the area. >> the two incidents caught on tape occurred at 2:00 and 3:00 in the morning, and they will keep an eye and see who is out and about in that time period in that quiet neighborhood. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. we are learning more now about a bizarre accident in montgomery county today. turns out a man was critically injured by his own bmw this morning. the vick testimony was pumping gas at 7:00 this morning, that is when the carver that was in drive at the time started to roll away. the man tried to chase the vehicle and get in the passenger side but it collided with another car first. the man is at the hospital in
4:33 pm
critical condition now. >> police in northeast philadelphia are trying to determine if a burglary at the franklin mills mall was an inside job, this is video from the wal-mart on 1 franklin mills boulevard. you can see a young man with a scarf on his head casually make his way to the store. he goes straight to the cash room and unlocks it with his own key and unloaded cash and other items into his backpack, he run as way using several back hallways and back stairs to escape. police are looking for the gunman that wounded a young man and a teenager in west philadelphia last night. it happened in the 4900 block of fairmount avenue, when officer as rived they found a 24-year-old man bleeding from the arm and a 16-year-old boy with a gunshot wound to the neck, police believe they were
4:34 pm
hit with buck shot from a shotgun and both victims are in the hospital in stable condition. >> as many as 10 people were involved in a shootout in bethlehem, they were trying to break up a fights two miles from the concert venue, one person was shot in the hip and another in the groin. both victims were rushed to lehigh valley hospital where they are listed in stable condition, none of the suspects questioned have been charged. this now from our delaware newsroom, police are searching for two shirtless thieves that targeted a sussex county auction house. police say that the men made off with $4,000 worth of cash and jewelry, anyone that recognizes the men should contact delaware state police. governor tom corbett put his signature on a law encouraging more lessons about the holocaust
4:35 pm
in pennsylvania schools, the signing took place at the jewish federation of greater philadelphia in center city. the law pushes for curriculum for schools across the state. >> 14 young heroes from across the region are being honored for making a difference, the awards at the liberty museum that champion freedom and help for others. the $1,000 grand prize, when to emily, she raised more than $10,000 for bayard taylor elementary. when she heard about the school's impending budget cuts. melissa magee is joining us now and we start out humid and damp. >> things are improving as we go through the afternoon, we have a nice shot to share with you, sky 6 live in hd, you can see the clouds are starting to break and pockets of sunshine there are philadelphia, the temperature is
4:36 pm
not bad 77 degrees and the dew point 65 and the heat index not terrible, 79 degrees, an indication that less humid air will be arriving for the rest of tonight. we see spotty showers and they are mainly south and east of the i-95 corridor and south of philadelphia and north and west for the rest of tonight we stay pretty dry. we'll show you what is ahead, phils are at home and they are playing at around 7:05, first pitch temperature at 80 degrees, once we get into the ninth inning partly cloudy and a northwesterly bin drives in humid and drys out out for the rest of tonight. that sets us up for a nice finish with the accuweather forecast. >> sounds good melissa. now over to alicia at the big board. you know people in philadelphia love their sports from the eagles to the phillies and sixers and flyers, there is
4:37 pm
always a game in town but we have never seen a professional fishing term many. that is changing this week, the bass master elite tournament is coming to the delaware river. >> biggest tournament in the world coming to philly. >> we are introducing a lot of people to bass fishing can. >> this tournament itself will show you how healthy this river has become. mike is quite familiar with the fishery. >> i grew up in philadelphia and new jersey and i fished this river as a kid. fishing in urban environments like philadelphia is just as good. you'll see these guys uncover a hidden gem. experts will compete on a court across the delaware river. >> it's a huge playing field and that is great for a tournament.
4:38 pm
each round is capped with a weigh in at the great plaza at pens landing. the pro with the highest cumulative weight wins $100,000. >> good one! >> all these years later to be able to come back, as a professional for a top prize of $100,000 it doesn't get better than that. >> delaware special baby. >> he is excited about that catch. the tournament stretches from cape may and runs through august 10th, and you can watch from the banks or your on boat. >> cool stuff thank you. this one has phillies fans smiling and that was not the reaction of confused mets fans, this is the toy truck given away to ticket holders at the mets game. notice anything, the mets promotion prominently featured a phillies logo, the fan tweeted
4:39 pm
out the picture of the mets mixup. the storied rivalry has not ended with this mets logo love, it was a mistake and a sweet one at that. >> i feel sorry for whoever is in charge of marketing and pr. a collectors item today. >> that is why. still ahead, want it deleted ask the monkey. the bizarre copyright controversy involving wikipedia. dozens of strangered came together to save a man caught between the train and the tracks. and meteorologist melissa magee is back with the full accuweather forecast. when "action news" comes back on an improving wednesday afternoon. [ gecko ] what a lovely night in philadelphia.
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[cheering]ight.ouncer ] geico. fifteen minutes last week we hosted. this week the kids invited us to their place. we got this delicious kfc meal and 2 extra sides for free. for free! sorry i was late. i had a little trouble with the rope ladder. he fell twice. ♪ police have charged one the tour bus drivers in yesterday's double decker crash in times square, william dalenbetter was
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behind the wheel of a greyhound bus before swipeling the rear of another bus. it sent a light pole down and 14 fem were hurt and all are expected to be okay. investigators are trying to determine if the driver was using prescription pills or some other type of drug. now to a truly remarkable rescue at a train platform in australia. a rush hour crowd parked on to a train before it departs. this man gets stuck, his foot caught between the train and the platform, as soon as people realized what happened, they lined up alongside the train to push it. so the man could free his foot, he brushed himself off and made the next train. here at the big board, the
4:43 pm
big talker, women often take great care picking shoes for a party or perhaps a date. one company has social media on its heeled over the latest ad campaign for the perfect pair for what some call controversial occasions like starter husband. for those on the prowl for mr. right or mr. right now. and a perfect pair of flip-flops for the anticipatory walk of shame. the senior vice president for marketing addressed the buzz, saying her gut tells her it's not offensive. tell us what you think. a cupcake crack down is causing a stir across the country as the sweet tweets are becoming
4:44 pm
uninvited guests at birthday parties. a school in the northwest is the latest to make a cupcake ban. some call the move fascists, that their kids are being punished to protect the waistline of others. some parents are all for it. the school in washington wants kids to seafood not be a reward or punishment. and finally perhaps it's the best monkey selfie ever, perfectly framed by the primate whose smile is right on point. a fight over the photos, no monkey business, they refuse to take down the photos, because the monkey pressed the shutter button so this furry guy owns the copyright, he was in
4:45 pm
indonesia in 2011, trying to get the perfect image of the crested black mackaku. he got the shot himself and later claims that wikipedia used the images without his permission and he wants to get paid for them. but i bet if this monkey knew he could collect he would get in on the copyright action. >> it belongs to the person that takes the picture? well the person that owns the camera wants the catch. >> i haven't looked that good in a picture ever. lets get a check of the roads right now. autumn marisa in the "action news" traffic center with an update. >> you can't make this stuff up really. taking a look at 95 right now, it's picture perfect. an accident at the walt whitman bridge, same scenario as yesterday, a fire truck and the
4:46 pm
ambulance is pulling out and a second ambulance is there as well as police on the scene, hopefully they are getting ready to clear it out of way. further south down at ridley park, a dump truck taking out the right hand lane, taking a look at the big picture, speeds on the schuylkill expressway still in the teens rights now, a 40 minute commute to go from the vine street express way out to the blue route, 30 minutes to go the eastbound lanes and closer to the city from the vine, a nice, slow line of cars there. taking you 15 minutes to do that commute. as you make your way across the schuylkill expressway up to broad street, it's slow going there. taking a look at lower providence township. we have a water main break, westbound lanes are getting by now and we'll keep an eye on this and keep you updated.
4:47 pm
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lets talk weather. melissa. >> it's a nice afternoon for the rest of us, brian and shirleen, it looks nice into thursday as well. we'll show you what is going on outside. underneath the ben franklin bridge there, there are a lot of clouds in the picture but things are clearing up in much of the delaware and lehigh valley, the only spot we find more is areas south and east of the city. lets talk about the accuweather live lineup, we look at accuweather live lineup. spotty showers across areas of south jersey, are dissipating and moving to the east. the temperatures are telling the story, north and west of the city, allentown 82 and lower 80s in reading and more sunshine returning in the wake of the frontal boundary, wilmington 78 and 77 in the city and 70s in
4:51 pm
beach haven to sea isle city. here is satellite 6 along with action radar, here is the frontal boundary moving on through, we are staying dry for the rest of tonight. these showers stay to the south of us for the rest of the evening as well. high pressure is situated for areas in the canada region, i should say, this should dip to the south, the setup for thursday, lower humidity thanks to this dominant high pressure, 84 degrees and no complaints for this time of year. average for us is 86, and we are below that with lower humidity on thursday. on friday, wall-to-wall sunshine and pleasant and high pressure is getting closer to our region. the high temperature on friday, only in at 83 degrees, it helps to suppress the moisture you see for the rest of our weekend. if you are traveling down the shore, we have a high risk for rip currents, you will want to
4:52 pm
pay attention to the lifeguards and not swim when they are off duty. no sea breeze, 79 at 11:00 a.m. and 83 at 3:00 in the afternoon. we take you westward, the eastern pacific here, hawaii concerns, two hurricanes we are tracking here iselle and julio, it's rare to have two hurricanes setting up to hit locations close to hawaii here. something to watch if you have travel plans over to the island as we get into the upcoming weekend here. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, showing you on thursday, it's bright and pleasant and beautiful and a high temperature to 84 and sflin on friday in at 83 degrees and saturday longing good with sunshine overhead and temperature 85 and 80s on sunday with a few thin, high clouds around and monday we are okay at 84, partly sunny on tuesday and a high of 83, it looks to be
4:53 pm
late tuesday into wednesday. comfortable conditions as well guys.
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4:57 pm
looking to try to open the door and try to bolt. this goes on for two hours, and some how mom is able to remain accident. that is for you brian. >> i hope that is not my future. for shirleen allicot, alicia vitarelli and one happy dad, adam joseph, i'm brian taff. >> here is melissa magee and rick williams. monica has experienced that. >> still experiencing it, it is your future. sorry. >> we are trying to find the video of monica. >> coming up next on "action news" at 5:00, we are live at the philadelphia zoo. >> meteorologist, cecily tynan, is there at this week's outdoor adventure. >> we are talking about animals with natural protection and danny is holding a giant african millepied, these can grow an average of a foot long and they
4:58 pm
have 263 feet. it has a calcium exo skeleton and it provides protection. i will be feeding the giant tortoises much bigger, later from the philadelphia saturday. >> sounds good. that is a lot of feet. two feet. >> i have socks on. that and much more coming up n on "action news" at 5:00.
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boy, time goes fast. and so will this sale. blinds to go blinds for life. "action news" delaware valleys leading news program, with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass.y, meteorologist, >> we begin with breaking news from washington, awaiting a briefing from president obama at any moment. we'll go live to the state department where president obama is expected to talk to the media and we'll bring the president's address and we'll stream it live at meantime, a 62-year-old man is accused of having ties to a terrorist group with links to al qaeda, he was taken into custody by the fbi and appeared in federal court this


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