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tv   Action News  ABC  August 7, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> good morning, it is 6:00 a.m. on this thursday, august. we're following a breaking news story. >> a woman is murdered in delaware county and police say her husband is on the run with their two children. we'll have more in a live report. >> developing right now, a massive fire damages three homes in south jersey overnight we have that video. >> hawaii is bracing for its first are major storm in two decades, and another one right behind it. >> we have no trouble with our accuweather, david murphy couldn't wait to get outside to tell you about it. >> reporter: the video we showed from hawaii, repliended me of --
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reminded me of people getting ready for snow around here. we had sprinkles and showers that popped through yesterday, that's gone down to the south and sun is getting ready to pop over the horizon. 67 degrees in philadelphia. 58 in in alen town. 64 in wilmington, 63 in trenton. 70 by 8:00 a.m., mostly clear and comfortable conditions as we build through the morning. as we go through the day it stays bright and it does get warm, 73 degrees by 9:00 a.m., 79, almost 80 by lunchtime. 83 at 3:00 p.m., 84 around 3:30 or 4:00. we'll have the musikfest forecast and the phillies forecast for tonight and in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast we'll see how long we can keep the stretch going,
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okay, karen? >> reporter: let's look at the roads looking outside, this is university city the schuylkill expressway at university avenue. it's a bumpy ride, you can see they did some paving here, but the milling work is creating a rough ride in some spots. i-95 southbound traffic heading toward center city, building volume southbound approaching cottman and girard, 14 minutes each way, no problems there. we had an earlier accident that brought down a pole and wires we're dealing with the downed wires causing a problem in lower sole -- salford township in montgomery county. harleysville pike is dealing with that, peco is on the scene and they are trying to fix it. the construction on the northeast extension northbound is clear, if you're coming in this morning from turningerville or deptford -- turnersville, or
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deptford, no problems on 42 at creek road. >> a a manhunt is underway for a delaware county husband who police say murdered his wife and took off with two young children. katherine scott is live on the scene and more with the search. >> reporter: matt we've got an update from police, they have identified the children as robert and christopher belajonsa. they have notified police in delaware, new jersey, and new york. the father has ties to new york. on the scene this remains closed off as authorities are awaiting a search warrant to get into the apartment on abbey terrace in drexel hill. police have released the picture of the man they are looking for. keith belajonas, got into a gray
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path finder with a license plate, jdh7477. the woman's body was in the apartment appeared to have multiple stab wounds and shot in the head. one of the occupants in the apartment said he came down the stairs with two boys who appeared to be 4 and 6 years old. they have been identified as christopher and robert. >> one of the children states is mommy dead, and out the door they go. >> reporter: more information on the vehicle, belajonsa. pennsylvania taggings, 7477 # police have not gotten any hits on it yet. he is considered armed and dangerous with ties to new york. there's no word if they have been called to this address in
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the past. they say he has no record in delaware, but they are investigating. arena this is early in the investigation. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thank you for all those details. >> we'll check back in with you shortly. now to another developing story, a two-alarm fire consumed three homes in south jersey last night. the fire broke out at spruce and douglas street in camden. the fire crews tell us two of the homes were occupied, nobody was hurt, it took two hours to get the fire under control and there's no word on exactly what sparked the fire. new this morning, gunfire erupted in the hunting park section of the city overnight. the action cam was at the 4500 block of north 4th street after 11:00 p.m. someone opened fire hitting one man in the stomach. a number of cars in the area were riddled with bullets. the search is on for the shooter who took off from the crime scene. the victim is in stable
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condition. happening today, 9 body of two star major general harold green will arrive at the dover air force base. green is highest ranking u.s. officer to be killed in combat since the vietnam war. investigators are trying to determine how a killer was able to be to open fire on green. it happened at a bathroom at a military compound at kabul on tuesday. >> another fine for another bank related to mortgage practices that led to the financial crisis. maribel abeer is live at the nasdaq in time square. >> reporter: stocks ended slightly higher as investors looked for signs of stability after the recent selloff. bank of america and the justice department are close to a settlement for a mortgage secures fraud. the bank agreed to pay
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$16.5 billion. it will settle for the misleading buyers about mortgage backed securities about the quality of loans. student loans are a burden after graduation, those with significant college loans scored worse decades after they graduated. students borrowing $25,000 or more were less likely to enjoy their work and not financially fit. uber service let's you split your ride with stranger. they match you up with a person who else taking a similar route. your face gets cut in half, and they tell you about a co-rider, so you can start the conversation. >> i hope they like my dog
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barny. >> he is no stranger to us, he is like one of the family. tourists who are preparing for mild weather in hawaii are preparing for a hurricane that could strike, the first in two yesterday. iselle is expected to hit today and julio is expected to hit next. the last hit was in 1992 when hurricane struck kuaii. it's knuckler beautiful around here. >> it's like -- it's been beautiful around here. >> it's like hawaii. >> reporter: and we'll extend that, let's look at storm tracker 6 live double, pretty much good news. we look on sky 6 we're looking
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at pleasant conditions across the region. a little breezier than for been for the last couple of mornings. you can see the camera wiggle a little bit as we look at the adventure aquarium. 64 in i allentown arc 62 in trenton. 69 in sea isle city. the sweep of clouds that came through yesterday with spotty light showers was not much of an issue for most of you. in allentown, a nice one today, mostly sunny from behind the passing front. pleasant high of 81. low humidity and lots of sun. a good one on the beach, ocean temperatures in the mid 70s. 79 by noon, 81 on the beach. there may be rip current left over from bertha. 84 is the high in philadelphia.
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a nice breeze out of the northwest between # to 16 miles per hour -- 8 to 16 miles per hour. whatever you get the wind out of the northwest that tend to be dry air coming down. good for us. 77 by 11:00 a.m., 82 by 2:00 p.m., the high will be 84 degrees probably about 3:30 or 4:00. if you got tickets for phillies you picked a winner. 79 degrees in the first inning. 71 in the 9th inning. musikfest big concert avett, 78, 77 degrees, it's going to be nice. nice tomorrow with the next weather system heading toward the east east coast, but probably passing to the south. here's the hurricanes we talked about, matt mentioned julio will
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miss the islands to the north. iselle will come close to the big island. if you're heading to maui or honolulu, you'll have to watch out over the weekend because the storm will be to the south of those islands that moons you're in line for the strongest forward winds. 84 degrees is the high, sunny and nice, the weekend is looking good, mid 80s, fair amount of sunshine and occasional clouds, next chance of thunderstorms and showers appears to be tuesday that may be the only day in the 7 day where we have to worry about that. >> 6:11. the south jersey woman whose dog may have been poisoned looks like someone is out to ray tack her other pets, as well. >> looks like a human walking around in a costume, it's a
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bear. >> reporter: doesn't look like it. >> reporter: we have a problem on the platt bridge with a disabled pick up truck causing a problem with traffic. now we see the traffic moving better. still an issue in lower salford township. >> the pope has a special message for young people and all the stuff we do on these things. "action news" continues.
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>> 6:14, all systems go at
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philadelphia international airport. 67 degrees on city avenue. >> let's go over to karen rogers animal get the latest in your commute. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, looking live on 422 if you're coming in from pottstown, limerick or collegeville no delays coming in from king of prussia. we have other problems in and around so you have to be careful as you're heading out. we're looking here at old lincoln highway closed between rock hill road and bristol road. this is just came in during the commercial break, so you need to watch for this, a gas main break happening old lincoln highway is closed near rock hill road. we have other issues like this one, we have down wireless in lower salford township, harleysville pike is blocked at crossroad. because of an earlier accident, peco is on the scene, so you have them out. so are fire police they are directing you around it.
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if you want to ray void the area owe avoid the area altogether, hoffman road. we had problems on the turnpike. it's looking better, we're looking at 65 miles per hour, turnpike westbound near willow grove the construction in the process of clearing had been blocking two lanes. musikfest out in bethlehem, money local street closures continues through the weekend. i melt so many great people. our viewers are the best. they said hello, great to start the day with them, good morning everybody. back to you. >> closing arguments in the murder trial of oscar pistorius, 89 hearing is set for two days and the judge is expected to adjourn the case for for a coupf weeks. he said he killed steenkamp by
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mistake, prosecutors argue he killed her after an argument. >> an old school watch maker is getting into the smart phone business. we have tech bytes. >> reporter: timex is getting into a smart phone, u.s.a. today ed begg got a sneak peek. >> you can upload your running data to the cloud, you can share messages, you can alert people if there's an emergency. >> cost $400 with one year of free data from at&t. it's called pager it's expected to expand to 6 cities soon, prices range from $50 to 300 for a house call. pope francis surging young people not to spend too much time on the internet. while it can improve our lives,
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it should not interact to what's important. those are tech bytes, i'm rina ninen. >> the youtube video of a bear walking on his hind legs has gone viral. >> the controversy of the accuracy of prenatal tests, david. >> reporter: we have day-park forecast coming
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doing this. one respect toes speculates that the bear's right paw is hurt or deformed. >> any ideas. >> reporter: i'm thinking someone's really hairy husband. >> that's a really hairy husband. >> reporter: let's see what's going on route 2 owe 2 at 29. no problems right now. if you're coming up from exton or west chester looking good. septa trolley routes, 10, 11, 34, 36 edged -- ending at 40th and market. >> reporter: most of us in the 60s, 69 in philadelphia. 73 by 9:00 a.m., today will be nice, lots of sun, low humidity, a pleasant breeze, 83 by 3:00 p.m. 84 around 3:30 or 4:00.
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low 80s by 6:00 p.m. great for music fets -- musikfest and anything else you want to do. on the big board, no hint of rain not even out in chicago. happy traveling. >> in "healthcheck" aalert about prein a little tests show -- prein a little -- prenatele tests suggest there's a strong need for follow up screening before patients decide to terminate pregnancy. >> the phillies go for a series sweep before they host the astros. ryan howard hit a two-run double. go ahead, ryan. it's coming down the middle. the phillies win 10-3. you will not see riley cooper in
6:23 am
the eagles first preseason game tomorrow night. the wide receiver has an ankle injury. wide receiver, jeremy maclin said he'll suit up and play for the first time in two years. watch the eagles live from chicago tomorrow knight on 6abc. and kickoff at 8:00 a.m. >> next up, the mummers mull over plans to do an about face on broad street. murder in delaware county, amber alert and manhunt. katherine scott is tracking that story. >> reporter: matt, police say a woman has been killed and her husband took off with two young children we're live in drexel hill coming up
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>> a south jersey woman said she fears whoever poisoned and killed one of other dogs in april is out to get out her other pets. she put up a vinyl wall and added a surveillance camera. it caught someone tossing a meaty bone and pig's foot into the yard. she plans to get the items tested to see if they are poisoned. >> i need to find out if there's anything on them, if somebody is trying to harm my new dog and chihuahua. >> she said she does not understand why someone is out to
6:27 am
get the dogs, thereof not been arrests in connection with the april poisoning. >> the mummer's parade will get a makeover this career. it starts at oregon avenue in south philadelphia. some othersers want the reverse course start with the judging at city hall and march down to oregon avenue. make the event more parade like for the viewers and the mummers. >> 6:27 a criminal with a history of targeting one center city neighborhood has struck again and his latest victim spoke to "action news." hiiiii.
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hi. sorry, we're closed. what? i need help with my deposit. the bank has rules. it's really quick. i can't hear you. i promise, i'm gonna be really quick. i don't under...i can't hear you through the glass. i'! you'll be quick. that's what you just said? yes. i'm sorry, i can't hear you. we're closed. you know what? okay, that's... hey...sir? i just...okay. [ male announcer ] it's time to bank human again. that's why td bank has the longest hours and even stays open an extra ten minutes for when you run late. td bank. america's most convenient bank. >> >> breaking right now a woman is found stabbed and shot to
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death in her delaware county home. police are on the hunt for her husband and two small children. >> a somber ceremony waits for a two star general at a dover air force base after about as attacked and killed in afghanistan. >> a woman talks about her brutal encounter while set sitting in center city. and police know who her attacker is. >> let's get weather and traffic with dave and karen rogers good morning. >> reporter: we have cloud cover that spilled through yesterday along with a passing front down to the south. temperature are comfortable. in most spots it's not all that humid, might be a tad on the humid side down south closer to the coast. that will change as we go through the day. a light breeze blowing. warm this afternoon, high today,
6:31 am
84. cool drinks are necessary, lots of sun and low humidity and light breeze it will be a comfortable day across the region. musikfest looks good, 74 degrees for the 7:00 p.m., ave the. t brothers concert, you couldn't ask for -- avett brothers concert you couldn't ask for better. >> reporter: i-95 southbound a disabled vehicle partially blocking a right lane. this was where we had a disability tractor-trailer. we're jammed from the betsy ross bridge to girard, i-95 southbound part of the right lane blocked at girard avenue. i have more information on the gas main break in feasterville, lincoln highway is closed between rock hill road and bristol road. crews are repairing the gas main break that's causing is a
6:32 am
problem. we have an accident in lower salford. it happened earlier, stick to most ofman road to avoid any problems there, tam. >> we're beginning with breaking news, there's a manhunt underway for a delaware county man. police say that he shot and stabbed his wife to death sces on the run with -- and he is now on the run with her young sons. an amber alert has gone out for the boys. katherine scott is live at the scene in drexel hill with the latest details. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam, the children have been identified as robert and christopher belajonsa, police are looking to get a picture of the children as they search for the man and two children. police have suited up, they have entered the home on abbey terrace, as they begin to look at the crime scene. police have released a picture of the man, keith belajonas,
6:33 am
6 feet tall, got into a gray path finder with a pennsylvania license plate, jdh-7477. the body of a woman in her 30s was stabbed and shot in the head. a neighbor saw the husband come down the stairs with the kids ages 4 and 6, police say one of the children asked is mommy dead. he loaded them into the gray paght finder and took -- path finder and took off. >> i hope he took the children somewhere where them be safe. they are innocent of everything. they happen to be there when this tragedy happened, but, again, the thing that bothers me he has a gun, at least one gun, probably two. >> reporter: and once again, the vehicle police are looking for,
6:34 am
the one they have issued in the amber alert is a gray nissan path finder with the pennsylvania license plate jdh-7477. now, back here live with the crime scene unit from upper darby police have entered the premises. police say belajonas did not have a prior record in pennsylvania, but he has arrests in new york. he has ties in new york, police are looking for there. we're live in drexel hill, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thank you for all that information posted at the body of two-star u.s. general who was killed in afghanistan on tuesday is expected to arrive at dover air force base later this morning. harold green is the highest ranking officer killed in combat since 1970. an average soldier who was being
6:35 am
trained by the u.s. military killed green near kabul. he opened fire organ green from a bathroom. is a people were injured before the afghanistan soldier was shot and killed. >> israel has agreed to extend a cease-fire for another 48 hours. the current cease-fire was said to expire at 1:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. prime minister netanyahu said the country regrets civilian deaths in gaza, but maintains the military assault on the teart was justified. -- territory was justified. an estimated 1 million people are without sufficient water and electricity. >> police say a murder of a woman in pennypack park may not be a random act. police say the occupies shows -- the autopsy shows no sign of sexual assault and little sign of a struggle. >> there was not much of a sign of a struggle.
6:36 am
there was minor bruising, but not blunt-force trauma. >> marie left her home for a power walk, shortly after that a car pulled up and she stopped to talk to the person inside. her body ended up in a dark corner of the park. she had her cell phone with her, but it was turned off and is missing. >> police are looking for the 47-year-old man who they say attacked and robbed a woman who was dog sitting at a center city home. police identified the suspect as kenneth todd who attacked the woman in the home along the 1400 block of pine street. this 46-year-old victim showed "action news" how she survived the vicious attack. >> i remember he came in and grabbed me by the throat and i remember not being able to
6:37 am
breathe. >> she was so badly beaten she had to be taken to jefferson university hospital. detectives say todd is a transient none for committing robbery and assaults in center city. if you know where's call police. >> happening today, a judge will reconsider the bail granted to four philadelphia narcotics officers accused of stealing from drug suspects. prosecutors are appealing the house. investigators say they stole more than half a million dollars in cash and three kilograms of coke over the years. defense lawyers argue that the testimony is built on the testimony of drug dealers and ex-officer. the bass masters tourment kicks off this afternoon. they are coming to fish for bass on the delaware river.
6:38 am
the weigh in takes place at the great plaza at penns landing every afternoon. the tournament starts today and runs through sunday. >> fishing for bass is the bomb. >> in this kind of weather. >> reporter: great week for fishing and doing anything else else you want to do outside. storm tracker 6 live double scan we're starting out the day if fine shape. take a look on sky 6. there's the sunshine up over the horizon, there's the delaware river it's going to be a nice one today. take a look as we have 67 degrees in philadelphia. your dewpoint is 53, nice and low, so not all that humid, winds out of the north at 6, they have been stronger than that at times, they will average 8 to 16 miles per hour this afternoon. there's the cloud cover sinking away to the south. we have high pressure building in behind the frontal boundary
6:39 am
that brought us showers yesterday and man, is today going to be nice. as we roll through it, 70 by 8:00, 77 by 11:00. the high of 84 around 3,000,000,030. 83 degrees by 5:00 p.m. 81 in allentown, low 80s down the shore in most cases and the mid 80s in the i-95 corridor. if you're planning to go to the phillies, man, did you pick a good one. the weather will be delightful. clear skies, the stars coming out during the game, 79 degrees by the first pitch followed by a 9th inning temperature of 72 degrees that's nice. tomorrow, we have a system coming out of the west, looks like the track will take us to the south portion of the mid atlantic states, we'll get sunshine tomorrow and for the weekend as the low is passing by. looms it is far enough south to
6:40 am
give us clouds. out in hawaii, julio is a hurricane 2. iselle will come in as category one hurricane. that storm is coming through tomorrow. 23u6 -- if you have travel plans to honor lieu or maui check with the airline because that storm will be close enough to put wind and rain in on places like how window. 84 degrees today, and beautiful around here, tomorrow, a repeat. we'll load the dvd and hit replay. great for the musikfest, matt o'donnell will be up there saturday night looking at wheezer it will be a great night
6:41 am
for that. tuesday, there could a shower or thunderstorm, but musikfest is over and phillies are out of town. >> cdc ramps up it's response as another evacuates it's first ebola virus patient to europe. >> you'll see a sayer scary encounter with another woman's pet monkey. >> reporter: i-95 southbound woodhaven to the vine, it's a 33 so brian at citizens said
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people doing that commute right now, 6:43, 67 degrees, getting up to 84 you're in for another lovely day.67 degrees, getting >> let's go for a ride, karen rogers. >> reporter: you can actually move in some spots. traffic changes at every minute. this is i-95 southbound at girard, it's a 32 minute ride that was created from bridge to girard. i-95 southbound all lanes back open. the disabled vehicle pulled out a second ago as matt and tam were talking, but a slow go right there. here's the slow speeds on i-95 leading up to the disabled vehicle at 10 miles per hour. jammed from bridge to girard. 21 on the schuylkill expressway. slow in both directions as you look from the boulevard to belmont on the schuylkill expressway. we've got an update for you on the gas main break that's causing a problem.
6:45 am
they have just reopened old lincoln highway between rock hill and bristol roads it's closed due to the gas main break. we have harleysville pike blocked we have an accident out here, they have cleared the accident that brought down a pole and wires. it's blocked at crossroad. if you want to stick to neshaminy boulevard that's a good alternate. we have the problem on the turnpike westbound at willow grove, 63 miles per hour. a quick look at the temperatures, 67 degrees, comfortable out there right now, a beautiful day ahead we've got mostly sunny skies, high of 84, matt. >> thank you, karen. federal health officials have issued their highest alert about the ebola crisis, level 1 evactuation. the cdc alerts means increase staff and resources will be diverted to the crowd break. spain sent a medically equipped jet to bring home a spanish
6:46 am
priest who tested positive for the ebola virus. 932 people have died from ebola virus since march. vladimir putin has band agricultural products from america. he band produce from europe has been banned. a trip to the pizza shop took a bad turn. a woman was outside a restaurant where a monkey darted into the parking lot. she caught the monkey and was trying to give it back to the owner when it bit her in the arm. the owner did not have special permits to own exotic pets, she
6:47 am
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6:50 am
hurricane that heading to the big island in two decades. a woman who went out jogging strangled to death in a park in a quiet neighborhood. philadelphia police are hunting for a brutal killer, but have no suspects so far. new this morning, take a look at this bear on its hind legs touring a new jersey neighborhood. that looks like a man in a bear suit to me. >> we're confused by this, but i can't stop watching it oddly. and kate and william will be making a big announcement, we have the scoop on their royal revelation coming up next on "good morning america." >> a baby? >> i don't know if it's a baby matt. >> reporter: i still like the bear story. >> reporter: we like the bear story. let's take you outside and check
6:51 am
out the 30 bypass, because we're jammed up, david brought all the sunshine, it's not doing us any good. eastbound traffic is jammed from 340 to 113 it's a slow go this morning. in new jersey, not too bad on 42 northbound creek road turnersville, blackwood or deptford it's a 20 minute ride from the ac expressway to the walt whitman bridge. >> reporter: we have a breeze blowing around, refreshing, humidity low across southeastern pennsylvania. the farther south you go toward the shore it's warmer and humid, but that drier air is in the process of coming down through the delaware valley and winding up at the shore later, so everybody will feel comfortable as we go through the day. warm, but nice, sunshine, noon, 73, high high of 84 around 3:30w 80s by 6:00 p.m.
6:52 am
low humidity and nice out there today, tam. >> actor robert redford is suing new york state. new york state is taxing redford $1.6 million on 89 sale of sun distance, he said he paid taxes on the revenue in utah. he is asking for judgment that said he does not owe the money also to cover attorneys fees and costs. j. k.rolling sent a hand written note to shooting survivor, a gunman killed her parents and siblings in houston, at the memorial, she said happiness can found
6:53 am
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6:56 am
new jersey leveled three homes. firefighters say two 69 houses were occupied, everybody got out safely. investigators are looking for are a cause. the body of major general harold green is checked to arrive at dover air force base later this morning. an afghanistan soldier who was being trained by the u.s. military killed green near kabul. >> reporter: when a vehicle breaks down it's bad for you, when it breaks down southbound at girard it's bad for. in lower salford township, watch for this downed pole from an earlier accident causing a problem, harleysville pike is blocked at crossroad. >> reporter: it's a beautiful start, we'll be in the 70s up until noon, after that it's the low to the mid 80s, high of 84 probably around 3:30 this afternoon. lowering humidity during the day it feels comfortable out there, and maybe a light breeze at
6:57 am
times adding to the comfort. nice at musikfest tonight, too. >> reporter: i had the nicest time there. >> i'll meet some nice people this weekend. see you later! >> day dreaming again?
6:58 am
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good morning, america. breaking now, state of emergency. hurricane iselle on a path to slam hawaii in a direct hit. crews preparing now for 90-mile-an-hour winds. up to a foot of rain filling up sandbags to protect against a powerful storm surge. ginger is tracking the latest. new this morning, drone down crashing into one of america's most popular tourist destinations. the famous hot springs at yellowstone national park and more drones there buzzing buffalo and tourists. is drone nation out of control? breaking overnight, tubing tragedy. four teenage girls out on the water in one of america's richest towns, two tangled in their boat's motor. one girl killed. another severely injured. police now revealing what really caused the dent. ♪ with my rhythm caught on camera.


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