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tv   Action News  ABC  August 8, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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icles. [ corrine ] super poligrip is part of my life now. ♪ "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with rick williams, sarah bloomquist, and meteorologist david murphy. good afternoon. sarah bloomquist is off today. in the news, a deadly accident involving a taxi in philadelphia. what thes police are saying about the crash. and the tropical storm making land in hawaii. he damage from the first mtoy wv news from overseas. the u.s.enewedinvora with new strikes on the militants in the country today. fighter jets dropped d
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bombs on theoup. and we check he eresenobhut e til isisth.the dropped 500- t n a and it y. wl force s .us tta t int suppls, waterdsan,ical
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>> csie wt u.svemeinraen11 gg hhthe ud o be dra w on militar airaq, d stik night heeiit i iityity - asti wileturtoings we.ith usc. hipoceaym lat mn aton ur erore illiams, were ond theonorile a additional cou of murder as
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a result mh keisha williams' death. aaxi driver killed in front of an cobbs parkway. driverufical meency. no o ee hurt. a jogger pennypack park. return tf theri chad pradel it and brings us the latest. >> the reward mey at $50,0. the philadelphia parking ombirease rewndp , p the killer. investigators continue to work around the clock to solvehe strangulation murder of connie muy.rra th were looking for evidence, specically they are cell
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phone.crews were clearing brushg to expose anything that may help catch this killer. f us the 0,000 reward ycuti direcho wped sisec li-timking d to kevin and connie's family at this difficult time. >> we just learned while crews were clearing the brush in pennypack park near where connie murray's bnd swarm sd a local officer. he was rushed to theospital ddi edence a p adarters and are urging the public if they have tips or
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information that may help, they need to report it. live outside of police headquarters, chad pradelli for channel 6 "action ns." the tropical storm making land on hawaii and it is lashing the island with strong winds and heavy rain cutting power to about 33,000 people. and downed trees and some homes damaged. so far no injuries have been reported. it is the first major storm to hit the state in 22 years. and hurricane julio is following in its path. and david, aloha. >> aloha, ck. ating julio to miss the hawaiian islands by quite a bit and the latest has it down to a tropical storm. this storm is impacting the big island right now. as i said the center of it starting to get to the western
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side of the island and beginning to spin off. the next couple of hours, however, still looking at impact with the wind gusts from about 45 up to perhaps 75 or more miles per hour. the strongest winds on the north side of the storm meaning the big island and perhaps parts of hawaii and oahu. and 2-4 inches of rain in some spots and more than that in others. and facts and figures, it capable ashore around 3:00 in the morning, a couple of minutes before that on the big island. the top gusts at volume national park 66 miles per hour although the gusts could go stronger than that. this is the strongest big island landfall, the island of hawaii to the south that has been recorded, records go back to 1950. not the biggest of tropical storm or hurricanes, only a tropical storm, but still pretty big in terms of historical
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perspective and the big i would have hawaii. around here, sunshine and a few clouds at times. a mass of precipitation to the south, it will probably stay south. ahead of that, a nice day at the pool. remember sunscreen. 81 by 1:00 and 83 by 4:00. we have the weekend call for the shore, poconos and philadelphia coming up in the accuweather seven-day, ok? >> ok, we will check back in later, thank you. back here two new jersey men walked away from a plane crash in delaware today. the single-engine plane wound up in someone's yard in wyoming, delaware. they stay the 62-year-old pilot tried to land at jenkins airport after 7:00 a.m. but the airport continued and stopped in a neighborhood. the f.a.a. joined the investigation. the pilot and passenger were not hurt. a man killed and three others hurts in this be accident in washington township new
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jersey, vehicles collided on delsey drive. williams was pronounced dead and his son taken to the medical center. and the driver who crossed the center line is charged with vehicular homicide. he says in the hospital and they believe alcohol may have played a roll in the crash. montgomery county as many as 25 people out of their homes after fire started an apartment complex. and a total of eight apartments were damaged or destroyed. >> flames were real bad. i am testimony yll you what the shouting out like a volcano. >> there was so much smoke we had to stand far away because we were breathing it in. >> one person taken to the hospital to be checked out.
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they were conscious at the time, but still to word on the cause of the blaze. the clock ticking to the eagles' preseason kickoff against the bears tonight. the return of birds' football hours away there is the counton clock. chip kelly and the eagles tonight on 6abc. tune in for preseason special. a mail carrier caught dumping letters into the trash. the response from the u.s. postal service coming up. the lock down at the white house ends with a toddler on time-out. and the f
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>> the ongoing ebola outbreak in west africa prompted the world health organization to declare an international health emergency. the organization will meet next week to discuss whether it is ethical to use experimental treatments to stop the spread. they advise those who had close contact with ebola into the to travel internationally. the outbreak killed at least 961 people.
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the calm in gaza came to an end this morning even before a temperature of -- temporary cease-fire was to start. and one air is strike killed a 10-year-old boy and wounded others near a mosque. and the talks stalled after the up in round of attack and israel says they will not negotiate while under fire. and a flume of smoke in texas, a scrap yard torched discarded cars. at least a dozen cars were destroyed before they stopped the spread yesterday. no one hurt, but the smoke could be seen for miles. instead of going mailbox to mailbox a coast i can'ti-- a po carrier caught dumping letters in a mail. >> people missing on bills and letters, anything that is
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important and necessary you are missing out on because they ever doing stuff like that. it is crazy. >> the postal service issued a statement this is unacceptable behavior that does not reflect the efforts of the thousands of dedicated carriers in our work force. in washington, an unlikely intruder prompted a lockdown at the white house last night. secret service agents scrambled after a toddler slipped through the slats in the north gate. after the scare the boy was turned over to his parents. instead of questioning, he was given a time-out. the family was not identified and appears the toddler will not be charged. take the up in with you where you go. the smart design changes the layout to fit any device including tablets and your smart phone, no matter how large or small your screen. check it out by visiting small your screen. check it out by visiting any time, anywher pehabits of cleaning theirld dentures with toothpaste, and dentures are very different than real teeth.
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♪ >> general motors has a warning for nearly 200,000 drivers today. the company issued another recall for some older-model s.u.v.s to fix power window switches that may catch fire. the warning impacts 189,000 vehicles made in 2006 and 2007 including the trail blazer, enjoy and rainier. and they are telling them to park outside until the issue is fixed. because fires can start while vehicles are unattended
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apparently. the parts needed for the repairs will not be ready until october. the nation's top credit score provider making changes to the way that it calculate your fore. fico will start to ignore debt already paid off or settled. if you paid a bill after you went to a collector anticipat c will not way down your score, and also for medical bills. and "healthcheck," today motivation to work on your cooking skills. that's right. people who dine out wind up eating 200 extra calories per day compared to when they cook at home. they also take in more saturated fat, sugar and salt. and scientists believe the typical american consumption an extra 24,000 calories each year just by dining at restaurants. that's equivalent to six or seven pounds every year. well some doctors are warning this noon against the
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>> well, apparently you haven't seen the last of the "apparently" kid. his favorite word inspired a clothing line. he first had fame at the interview at the wayne county fair. now folks in the community are selling limited edition t-shirts saying "apparently" where it all began. each goes for $7 and proceeds donated to the shriner's hospital. and double scan right now shows this, no rain out there
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and you see drbristol, p.a., noa big wake. it is bright out there and that way in most of the region. the temperature 79 in philadelphia. dewpoint at 52, not humid. winds out of the north 13 miles per hour right now. in general it won't be quite as breezy as yesterday, still a little air kicking around. 78 in wilmington, mid 70s in allentown. and just 75 on the peninsula of cape may county near wildwood. satellite and radar shows threw is some clouds cover to the south. may see a streak coming over every now and then, and may occasionally feel hazy, some firefighters may bring us smoke. gray stuff up high. the precipitation is to the south this weekend. if you are plans to be in d.c. it may be a little wet. if you are thinking that it
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misses up. we keep our eyes on it over the weekend. mostly sunny in allentown, 82 degrees, low humidity, that's good. in philadelphia high of 84. sunny and pleasant. occasionally clouds streaking through. winds between 6-12 miles per hour. tonight the winds even lighter and the temperature dips to 65. mainly clear, comfortable with low humidity tonight. if your headed to the ballpark another great night. the mets in town, the phillies swept the asomugtrastros. and the same story up the pike in bethlehem at musikfest, alan jackson the main former at 8:30. expecting temperature of 72, may get into the upper 60s getting towards the end of the concert, so prepare if your headed to the poconos the next several days, 77 and nice today. and mid to upper 70s saturday and sunday.
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very nice weekend to spend in the mountains. and down the shore, 70s in the water. 80 today with spectacular sunshine mixing with occasionally cloud cover later today. saturday and sunday going partly sunny, but the farther south you go along the coast the more cloud cover you may run into because of the southern system, ok. hopefully areas like cape may county and delaware stay dry. if you saw something, maybe a sprinkle or shower popping up, we i ahead of that system. and accuweather high of 84, no complaints and nice tonight. and sun and clouds saturday and sunday. mid 80s, great for the union soccer game in chester and two phillies game. and the final game against the mets. and tuesday, a pop-up thunderstorm and a frontal boundary pushes in. might be a shower around in the afternoon or evening as well and periods of rain may linger into wednesday, too. we'll fine-tune that as we head through the weekend. and you keep watching the forecast.
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overall it is looking like good weather. >> it sure looks like great weather. have a nice weekend. >> you, too. and the "action news" team working on stories, including flee -- "freebie friday." and what a driver said lead up to the crash has people buzzing today. should ads come with a warning label? one father of two stays photostop pics contribute be to a health crisis. that and more coming up at 4:00. that will do it for us on "action news at noon." more meteorologist david murphy, sarah bloomquist the entire "action news" team i'm rick williams. have a nice afternoon. get out and enjoy it we'll see you here beginning at 4:00. ♪
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>> yeah! [cheers and applause] what up? what up? what's up? what's up? what's up? what's up? what's up, baby? >> hey. >> welcome back, man. yeah. [cheers and applause] yeah! hello, and welcome to millionaire. today's returning contestant is an actor who is no stranger to the spotlight, but he says there's no role that could have prepared him for the pressure he's feeling here today. from new york city, show some love for joe chisholm. what up, joe? [cheers and applause] i mean, you play it cool, joe. i mean, that's the thing about you-- >> you got to play it cool, man. >> you play it cool, man. >> [laughs] >> i mean, here you are, man. you know, you're 3 questions away from being out of round 1.
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