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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  August 8, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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step out of the pool and when he got initially shocked. and his sister came to help and the current went through her. >> three taken. they are in stable condition. the power is shut off because we don't know exactly what caused this. and the pool will be closed until we find out and figure out exactly what happened here. >> and lni and others are here. and they say four times in the past month some said they felt shocks in the pool, feeling like pins and needle. when we brought it up to park and rec officials it is not something they have been aware of. >> we will continue to follow that, thank you very much. the hunt continues for the person who killed a woman in pennypack park and the reward went up again. this morning the police returned to the area where connie murray
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was found dead tuesday. someone strangled the 46-year-old near the recreation center. an additional $15,000 has now been added to the reward for the information leading to her killer. the total now stands at $51,000. "action news" reporter chad pradelli will have the latest in a report here at 5:00. at the big board, the latest on the situation in iraq. the u.s. military carried out air strikes in the northern part of the country. the target, an extremist group taking control of several major cities there. the pentagon confirmed this morning the u.s. fighter jets dropped 500-pound laser-guided bombs. and this those -- shows the impact on the ground. and also lunched from the ship in the gulf and if american or american's interests were threatened by the extremists,
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and at the same time the u.s. launched a challenging aide mission for those stranded on a mountain. dropping critical supplies for houses of families fleeing the violence. president obama also ordered all u.s. airlines from flying over the area. a cabdriver dead after slamming his car into a war. it happened in the 300 block of cobb creek parkway by spruce street. not sure if the driver lost control or had an million emergency. the police say he was 67 years old but have not told us his name. new surveillance video. two thieves striking a business twice by cutting holes through a ceiling. both time broke in to the
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allegeny market on north 9th. cut a hole and lowered themselves in on both occasions and they stole cash and cigarettes. one of them gave the camera a good look at a tattoo on his arm. if you recognize them call the police. the countdown for the kickoff for the eagles game. they are in chicago to take care of the bear. and team coverage. eva pilgrim talking with fans. and ducis rodgers live in the windiy of city. and don't, our first taste of football. >> we do. we have been without football for a very long time. it has been too long but it changes tonight at 8:00 p.m. on 6abc. thing bears and eagles.
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and the training camp has been ongoing the past two weeks or so. tonight the birds compete against someone else, a pleasant surprise. seven months since they played the last game. they are happy to be back. >> it has been quite some time. getting back out there, the flow of things, getting the play calls from the sideline, the fast tempo. getting back to it. 7 >> of course we want to build off last year, but it is a whole new year. you have to bring all the attitude. >> you can tell the birds are excited, so are we. at 7:30 a special, 2014 philadelphia eagles, great expectations. we have interviews with foils and mccoy.
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and we have the bears and eagles and following that "action news" at 11:00. reporting live from chicago, ducis rodgers. back over to you. >> we all have great expectations, thank you. and eva pilgrim and continuing our live coverage. it may be only the preseason but fans are rearing to go. >> the long wait finally over here in center city. you can see the balloons set up and look what they have inside. they let me hold it. it is a football with all of the signatures, autographs from last year's eagles' team. the football season is owe situationally upon us. >> go eagles. >> e-a-g-l-es. >> football is backs and the fans say it couldn't have gotten here soon enough. >> here all year long waiting on the eagles. >> it has been a long off-season. a lot of good moves and
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pick-ups. hopefully they keep in in the right direction. >> many it is more than just a score. >> it is a time to get together with family and friends and food. it is fun. something to get excited about it. >> every sunday i get together with my father and others. >> and the balloons are out, preseason buzzing. >> getting people excited about the year. >> a big season for the eagles is big business for the bar. >> we get pretty packed. everybody is excited. a nice home atmosphere and fun. >> they have high hopes for this team. >> i have great expectations. >> i have been wearing it every day for like two years when chip kelly took over and i am going
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to leave it on until they win the super bowl. >> and truthly said that some of the other philadelphia teams if they had better seasons maybe they wouldn't be as excited for preseason football bureaucrat -- but they have a lot of hope. >> and before the preseason game head to our web site at with the online exclusive series sports flash and in-depth preview of tonight's game. >> good eagles. >> it is time for a check of the accuweather forecast. >> melissa magee in for adam joseph. >> hi brian and shirleen. gorgeousitcoons out doors thanks to the dominating high pressure and bright blue sky. and sunshine as we close our
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workweek. temperatures, certainly doesn't feel like august. in philadelphia 81. allentown 82. the poconos 74. 79 in sea isle city. and stormtracker live double scan radar, a dome -- domnating ridge of hd. and away from our region the rest of tonight, for that matter the rest of the weekend. stepping out and heading to the park, the phills at home with the mets. the temperatures in the upper 70s. the lower 70s in the ninth inning, mainly clear and call, wind. heading north to musikfest alan jackson will take the stand. clear and comfortable, temperatures in the middle 60s with the temperature for the start of the concert around 71 degrees. it looks like the weather sticking around for the weekend. we look at the numbers in the exclusive accuweather forecast.
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we will send it back inside to you both. >> thank you very much. still ahead, another recall for general motors. can't says that drivers have to take immediate action because of this one. plus, one powerful storm causes damage as it hits hawaii. the biggest punch could be from the second storm [ gecko ] what a lovely night in philadelphia.
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>> one man is dead after a head-on collision early this morning in washington township, gloucester county. and police think the driver who caused it was drunk. they say a car crossed over the center line of delsey drive before 1:00 a.m. and hit another car. the driver of the second car, 26 year old michael williams, died at the scene. his passenger and 4-year-old son were both injured and are at cooper medical center in camden. they say that the driver who caused the crash is facing a list of charges, including vehicular homicide.
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he is expected to be released from cooper and brought to jail on $150,000 bail. the fighting has resumed in gaza today after a three-day cease-fire between israel and hamas came to an end. militants fired rockets on israel. and israel responded with a series of air strikes including one killing a 10-year-old boy and injured others near a mosque. and israel says it will not negotiate under fire. residents and those vacationing in hawaii are waiting for the next blast of weather. a soaking overnight from tropical storm iselle bringing heavy rain, strong surf and winds knocking over trees and power to some 25,000 people. iselle was downgraded to tropical storm status just before making landfall. but next up is hurricane julio
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that is supposed to miss hawaii but could make a bad situation worse. stocks closed the week with a big rally. dow up more than 185 points. the nasdaq gained 36. the s&p rose 22. general motors issued yet another recall. this one involves a fire risk in s.u.v.s. the recall affects 189,000 vehicles in the u.s., mostly made in 2006 and 2007. g.m. says the power window switches can catch fire. the company says the problem is so serious they are telling owners not to park inside of a garage. the cars will be out there for awhile. replacement parts not ready until october at the earliest. we have a list of affected vehicles at august maybe the best month of the year to buy a car according to a report from true car research. showing this month historically has the lowest average sale
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price around $30,000. prices drop because they are trying to move out old inventory making room for new models. and they point out the first two days of any month are always a good time to buy. and a check of the traffic report today. >> and going live to matt pellman in the traffic center. hi there, matt. >> it is not a good time to drive, at least on the ben franklin bridge. the right lane blocked because of police activity, most trying to use the left lane. a few rogue drivers trying to use the right lane, but they will be pushed out of it soon. we are jammed out of center city towards camden. the westbound towards eighth and vine a little sluggish on the down side if your headed down 95 on the southbound past broad street a disabled vehicle to the side. very slow on the schuylkill expressway, just 7 miles an hour eastbound line girard.
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and a crash by ardmore toyota along 30 on chatham road. and a crash on exston route 100 by the ramps. a couple much vehicles involved and a spill. traffic getting by both ways, but a slow-go. if you use 49 to get down the shore to pennsville you will not be able to do it this afternoon. broadway shutdown, and auburn road or 45 as possible aster anytimes. grabbing the ipad, eastbound stopped on the shoulder, no big deal. we have do have vehicle fire on the garden state parkway. and we will check it again in the next half-hour. >> happy friday to you, too. and a warning today for meat eaters. a tick could make you allergic to your favorite beef.
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and monica malpass to explain this one. >> doctors across the nation are seeing a surge in meat allergies. and folks bitten by a certain kind of tick called the lone star tick you may infer they are found in the south and eastern half of the united states. it is growing as the tick sped to other parts of the county. what is in the bug that causes the meet aerg. we have that more and more on "action news at 5:00" in a bit. see you then. up next, melissa with the weekend call on the weather. and the finish to the big patch-up in new york today. >> and take the with you where you go. and changing the layout to fit any device including your tab
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>> check out the latest colorful addition to the frankford stekz section. and the new mural painting the lotus diamond, it is beautiful. they are planning lots of new projects over the next several years. >> it is beautiful. also beautiful -- >> outside. >> the accuweather forecast. >> we have gorgeous conditions outdoors. it looks like our weekend is looking spectacular as well with plenty of sunshine to enjoy. we look at southwest sections of chester county. if you see haze in the sky, that's all because of some cloud cover and some smoke that we're getting all the ways from area in canada.
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a fire going on across the northwestern territory of canada. and some of the smoke and haze as you are seeing is drift across areas giving a milky condition to the sky. nonetheless, plenty of sun to enjoy for the rest of friday getting into the weekend. temperatures outside reflecting the sunshine having the impact. pottstown 80, slatington 77. and center city 83. and chester the lower 80s. really nice conditions for the month of august. well below average. >> as we look at the temperatures, perhaps you are planning to be outdoors later on tonight. we have the barbecue forecast covered for you. a few clouds on the way, a beautiful evening. 5:00, temperature around 82. 8:00 in the middle to upper 70s, pleasant and comfortable
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outdoors. the big picture, satellite 6 and actions radar, pretty quiet. a ridge of high pressure north of toronto. getting into the weekend it will move to the east. ahead of the high moving off to the east you can see a lot of moisture down across areas to our south and west. because this ridge of high pressure stays in control it will help to suppress a lot of the moisture and cloud cover well away from our region. as the high drifts eastward getting into the latter half of ourle weekend, you will notice a southerly influence. meaning the dewpoint temperatures come up. that is the level of moisture in the atmosphere. comfortable tomorrow, but saturday and sunday p-into next week in the lower 60s. a bit of a difference. tropical storm he is he is makes landfall, 60-mile-an-hour winds near hawaii near 3:00 a.m. hawaii central time.
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it was the strongest landfall on the big island since records began back in 1950. and you look at the track of iselle, south of the islands and then tracking hurricane julio as well. and the the call the rest tonight, moon lit sky. and the exclusive 4day at four showing you getting into the weekend on saturday, tie everyone 85, slightly humid, not bad sunday. and lower 80s monday. humid with a thunderstorm likely getting into late tuesday. not bad getting into the second weekend of august. >> thank you. a badge of honor and symbol of great responsibility. today hundreds were dawning it the first time. school of medicine holding the
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white coat ceremony. they represented with the coat that they will wear throughout their medical education. family and friends formed temple to witness the proud moment. >> an credible moment. we are buzzing next. darrin
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>> time for "the buzz." "the view" changing for good. monday, shepard and mccarthy are saying goodbye. shepard seven years with the school and including gospel singers and others with a special song dedicated to her. no announcement on who will rejoin whoopee gold and rosy
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o'donnell. an actor, singer, and now derek hough an author. "taking the lead: lessons from a life in motion." and we chatted with him about putting his life to work. the 29 year old stayed his life was not always easy and hopes sharing will help others grow and find peace and confidence. >> it is the moments where you see things happening to you. and you are down or heart broken or led down. those are the moments that present themselves to you to sort of become a better person and to grow. >> the book is out now called "taking the lead." and he says he is also inspired by the para-olympian. and his responsibility with her shaped his investigation with overcoming obstacles. >> and becoming a young mogul
4:27 pm
himself. ahead, a senior citizen targeted as she withdraws cash from an area a.t.m. video thes police want you to see. and sideswiping a bus and crashing in florida. when led up to the crash has them buzzing. should come ads have a marketing label? one father
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"action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, shirleen with allicot and brian taff. to words sake how awesome "freebie friday" is. bacon rockets. and a tiny trespasser leading to a big scare. how a pint-sized intruder led to a lockdown at the white house. what the agency is saying about that today. later, some call it reasonable, others call it flat out racist. inside of the new neighborhood map app that some say is nothing more than a way for the privileged to avoid the poor. beginning with an update to a story uniting a community in sorrow. two weeks ago today the young lives of 7 year old terrence moore, 9-year-old thomas reed and 15 year old keiearra williams all cut short. the siblings mode down by
4:30 pm
carjacking suspects while selling fruit for their church. and today we learn that keisha williams joined her children succumbing to her injuries last night. vernon odom talked to the only person to survive that awful accident and he is live in tioga with the story. hi, vernon. >> hi, brian. as this make-shift shrine at germantown and alley -- allegeny is refreshed and grow, it has taken a fourth innocent life, all snuffed out by evil. changing the dressing on the severe injury sustained in the injury two weeks ago. she was praying that keisha williams the mother of the three children killed pat the corner would survive her injuries from that awful day. she got the word last night the
4:31 pm
mother had passed away at temple university. >> i expected her when she woke up from the coma, opened her i'ves i expected her to come home. i said we have to find some way to take care of her. >> the d.a. charged the alleged carjackers jonathan rosa and cornelius crawford with a fourth count of murder and related offenses. already charged if the deaths of the three children. the stolen s.u.v. jumped the car at high speed and hit the victims selling truth on the corner. and still shaken and grieving in the wake of her near-death experience. >> i don't know, god had a purpose for me. he took those children home, it is going to be too much to handle. >> and now the tioga community has to plan another funeral, this one for keisha williams.
4:32 pm
the tonight a vigil for keisha williams scheduled for this very same corner. no word yet on when tune central service also take place. live in tioga, vernon odom, channel 6 an"action news." >> a 3-year-old girl who fell victim to gun violence in grays ferry laid to rest. one of four people shot along the 1500 block of etting treat last friday. the child who was outside having her hair braided by a neighborhood later died of her injuries. they caught the alleged gunman, brandon ruffin, on monday night. and his accomplice, douglas woods, was captured after the shooting. the gunman at a shooting rampage is behind cars. 49 year old richard plotts was
4:33 pm
released yesterday. he walked on to the hospital july 24 and shot his psychiatric case worker, teresa hunt, to death. and silverman was also wounded. and he will be charged with a number much charges including homicide. sending out a reminder to be careful when taking out hope at an a.t.m. a man lingering under an older woman and he lunges at her and they are asking for your help in identifying them. a liquor store that once sold a winning power ball .
4:34 pm
>> it has been robbed multiple times. s and the police are vil investigating both of the cases. transportation officials in the lehigh valley trying to figure out why a train jumped the tracks this afternoon. chopper 6 over the scene in bethlehem and you see the two rail cars off the tracks. a fence was damaged, fortunately no one hurt. the red cross helping five montgomery county families burned out of their apartments. alcell phone recorded flames out of the apartment on west lincoln drive. the fire sparked in one of the units in the upper dublin complex before 2:00 a.m. was quickly spread to eight others. >> flames were real bad.
4:35 pm
they were shooting outing from the side and up. it is like a volcano. >> i couldn't feel the heat, but there was so much smoke we had to stand far away because we were breathing in it. >> one person taken to the hospital to be checked out. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. something to celebrate. a local little league teechl -- team one step closer. they won and play again now on sunday night on espn2 if they win that game they play in the little league world ke kerr -- series. the other two teams are toms river and delaware who will square off against each fore today. and we will keep you posted. some new jersey moms took their work to trenton. and the children use climate-theme toys to pass along
4:36 pm
the message. ufrj -- urging them to clean it up and prevent climate change. and the temperatures are actually below for this time of year. we are not complaining. >> not one bit. >> showing you will the picture outside, 81 degrees. if you are catching flights in and out of philadelphia, dewpoint 53, nice and dry this some of year. not much of a heat index in the middle of the summer season. where do you want to be? down the shore today in cape may looking at that sky 6 shot. temperature 79 degrees. a lot of folks were umbrellas enjoying a comfortable friday afternoon. dupe >> close to atlantic city in the middle 70s.
4:37 pm
and near the bay, 78 degrees. and comfortable ocean temperatures and comfort building conditions getting into the rest of the weekend. we will talk temperatures again as we look at the accuweather forecast. >> all right >> >> thank you. >> stay on top of the changing weather situation with dweb 6abc.cwe -- visit for our collections photos and videos. and the many baby bloom turning into an explosion. we introduce up to the latest. jolie is the new daughter of our 4k p.m. editor, gary. and capable in after 8:00 this morning, 21 inches long and 8
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pounds 6 ounces. jolie borns big brother zach who was excited to have a big sister >> one saw some family. >> so cute. still ahead from iced coffeeing to bacon and beaches. the edition of "freebie friday" up next. and the punishment fitting the crime. how secret service agents decided to deal with a pint-sized includerr white house. >> and way will be back with 9
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>> a coca-cola truck driver says a bee is to blame for a wild accident that sent several people to the hospital. surveillance video shows him side sweep a city bus and slam into a store.
4:41 pm
five people including several on thes bus hurt, but none seriously. the store damaged so badly it had to be demolished. and the driver lost control after a bee flew into his cab and started stinging him. and this may give you the chill. the groundbreaking nolg that can bring your nightmares to life. and the zombies created and brought into your room. and some are using it for halloween. calling it the holy grail for virtual technology. >> you can have your friends in the room for p with you for most of the experience and then turn into a zombie and attack you. >> people put the headset on for the nightmare machine you have no idea what you are in for. >> what you can do with it is whatever. >> the same company developed headset technology for medical
4:42 pm
training much they are now launching a kick-starter campaign to support the high-tech haunted house. a plane landing to a naked intruder, bizarre security intruders. what sent the secret service into lockdown mode last night might take what cake. a 2-year-old somehow slipped away from his parent's grip growing through the middle gates into the lawn of the tth time-out and sent on his way with his parents. to wait u o of that he got a the family, perhaps for the best, has not been identified. here at the big board with the big talkers, and the big eyebrow raising over an up in a.p. helping people avoid what is called sketchy neighborhoods. sketch factor take input from
4:43 pm
people and rates safety. and the shortest root though bypass the "bad" neighborhoods entirely. some are outraged saying it targets the poor minority neighborhoods. and the creators, who are both white, says it is not about race and simply safety. a father much two taking on touched up ads calling it public safety. and the marketing executive started an online petition to stop the photoshopping creating unrealistic beauty. and asking dove to come out about the photos of which are real and what is touched up. >> i don't know what dove does. the point is we don't nope what is real now. >> dove is yet to sign on to the
4:44 pm
petition saying they made a commitment not to distort images to create that unrealistic beauty. a giuy pretending to be a ghost, they fined him. he was drunk when he played ghoul near mourners at a grave site, throwing himself backwards and going whooo. pleading guilty and strapped with a fine, roughly $60. and that's the guy. a real guy playing a ghost. >> it is just a couple months away from halloween. couldn't he wait? >> blame it on the alcohol. we wish the delays with more visible, saying pooff and they
4:45 pm
would vanish. and the southbound 42 a crawl, all wait down to 534 heading to the a.c. expressway. north of here a crash southbound 130 didn't help us out. slow down the shore. if you travel through pennsville you couldn't use route by broadway. a crash is blocking the lanes between lighthouse road and stick with 45 depending on where you are coming from and heading. down the shore on the garden state parkway a vehicle fire slowing it there. and not bad on the ben frankling bridge. we still have police activity ahead. and the eastbound of the ben not
4:46 pm
where you want to go. maybe the eastbound of betsy or walt whitman instead. and we will check it again coming up in the 5:00 hour. >> hopefully will you have better news for us. >> i will work on it. pandas have an up in-found friend in metta world peace. the former nba star going to china, joining what new team and changing his name yet again. from now on world peace, born ron artest, will be referred to as the panda's friend. signing a contract with the blue whales and they hope to be home to the pandas. >> does it take it on the back of the jersey? >> i guess so.
4:47 pm
and out side pat penns landing. and melissa magee with the seven-day forecast including the
4:48 pm
4:49 pm
>> meteorologist melissa magee along now, as far as the summer days go they don't come much better than this. >> this is really nice and unusual for august. usually 90s on the board, but it doesn't look like that into the weekend, too. and outside, the action cam outside, down in atlantic city to see the back bays there as we look at some of the casinos there in atlantic city. and you can see the boats in the foreground. comfortable conditions whether you are inland or at the shore. it looks like comfortable trend will continue for the start of the weekend. as we look at the accuweather live line-up, stormtracker 6 live double scan radar, not a lot to share with you as far as
4:50 pm
the weather conditions dry thanks to a dominating ridge of high pressure. it is about the temperatures and the below-average temperatures. average this year is 86, and we are at 81 in the city. the poconos 74. allentown 82. along the coast, beach haven to sea isle city, temperatures are comfortably in the upper 70s. 81 in dover. satellite 6 along with action radar, we have quiet conditions from the northeast down across the mid-atlantic region because of what is north of toronto here. widening pout the picture you see the high pressure in place across our region will help to suppress all of this moisture you see across areas in the ohio and tennessee river valleys. this will stay well away from our region as we get into the weekend. the only thing you might notice is high, thin clouds getting into the second half of the weekend. as we get into the afternoon hours for saturday, temperatures along the 95 corridor easily in
4:51 pm
the lower 80s. we stay pleasant in the lower 80s. and later on tomorrow night, if your heading to the p.p.l. park, the kick starts at 7:00 p.m. partly cloudy, low humidity for the start of the game 80 degrees. 74 once we get into the 90th anyone. talking ahead what is on futuretracker 6, uppers, and lower 80s reading down to lancaster. the call from accuweather if you are traveling down the shore. the ocean temperature middle 70s as you head inland it is sunny and nice. tomorrow, high of 79. and 78 for sunday. sunshine and a few high, thin clouds around.
4:52 pm
no complaints tomorrow. high pressure is in control. slightly humid but tolerable. the next shot of finding the wet weather is only on tuesday. tuesday afternoon with a high temperature of 82. and wednesday, maybe some morning rain, in at 84. a good stretch on the way and just in time for the weekend. >> love it. >> that's all we care about, thank you. "freebie friday" coming up next. >> bacon.
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♪ >> it is time to save with 6abc. a delicious kind of "freebie friday" and we start with strips of sizzling goodness. starting now it is the second annual baconfest happening at the oval on the parkway as part
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offering a kitten shower with games, prizes and tasty goods. and he hope to send as many kittens homes as possible. all the freebies and bacon and free coffee. while you are at how to get free play-dohhing and other things. an action-packed bacon-packed "freebie friday." >> good stuff. that will do it for "action news at 4:00." for shirleen allicot, alicia vitarelli, melissa magee and adam joseph, i'm brian taff. we are back tonight on phl 17. >> and rick williams and monica malpass with a look ahead. coming up next, members of a local church dock what they can to help with the ebola outbreak. ali gorman tells bus that coming
4:57 pm
up. >> and sued by alleged abuse. and one of the reasons it is the best t
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♪ "action news." delaware valley's leading news program with jamie apody,
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meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> friday night. the big story on "action news" is a developing one out of center city. three children shocked at a public pool. >> annie is live with the latest. what can you tell us here? >> monica, three children were transported. we are told that they are in stable condition. all three children under the age of 13. but at this hour the cause of the current still remains under investigation. after 1:00 p.m. medics rushed to the pool. this woman's daughter explained what she saw. >> one of the young kids went to step out, grabbed the ladder to step out of the pool and that's twh he -- when he initially got shocked. and his sister stepped over to
5:00 pm
help him and the current went through her. >> and they observed the young people in the pool, immediately went over and pulled them out after the power was shut off. >> there were 12 children in the pool at the time and also workman were fixing a motor on the premise. and it is not clear if that contributed. and a family that swims here has felt something in the current. >> it felt like pins and needle. >> and i thought they were crazy because they weren't hanging on to the ladder. >> it wasn't enough to hurt them. and park officials same they weren't aware of the claims. >> it is the first time we heard there was an incident where there was s


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