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tv   Action News 500 PM  ABC  August 8, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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shocked. and his sister stepped over to help him and the current went through her. >> and they observed the young people in the pool, immediately went over and pulled them out after the power was shut off. >> there were 12 children in the pool at the time and also workman were fixing a motor on the premise. and it is not clear if that contributed. and a family that swims here has felt something in the current. >> it felt like pins and needle. >> and i thought they were crazy because they weren't hanging on to the ladder. >> it wasn't enough to hurt them. and park officials same they weren't aware of the claims. >> it is the first time we heard there was an incident where there was shocks to those who
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use the pool. >> there is a little water left in the pool. crews are working to drain it. the pool will remain closed until the investigation is complete. >> thank you, annie, $51,000 reward offered on the murder of connie murray. they were looking for more clues in her death. the autopsy reveals that the mother of two was strangled. live ten park with the latest, chad? >> monica, investigators spent much of the day searching the immediate area behind me. they focussed on that area. some of the brush where you see the leaves and branchs have been cut back. they were trying to see if some evidence may have been hidden underneath. i am told by one detective that nothing of significance was found. city park crews cleared the bush
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where the body of can connie murray was found on tuesday morning. a key piece of evidence is murray's cell phone which investigators say it didn't turn up during the search and shut off. and homicide detectives have found surveillance video and continue to review it. >> at one point we see video of her and see is speaking to someone in a vehicle for a couple of seconds and then it pulls off. >> and paying respects to the mother of two strangled monday night after walking in pennypack park. and now of a memorial of flowers grow frnl >> my prayers and thoughts go out to her and her family. i hope they catch this creep. >> so far the murray family is silent. her brother is a plumber with the parking authority and today they along with district 21 they added $15,000 to the reward.
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>> the entire pa family expresses our sympathy to kevin and connie's family at this time. >> the police questioned several people but not suspects at this time. and the police hope to learn more when forensic testing is completed. chad pradelli channel 6 "action news." and a man charged with vehicular homicide. they say he was driving on delsey drive before 1:00 a.m. and he crossed the center line. crashed into a car driven by michael williams. williams killed at the scene and his son and passenger were hurt. they believe he was drinking. video of two thieves striking a business twice by cutting a hole through the
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ceiling. breaking into the albeg albegan -- allegeny market on north 89th. and in each case they smashed the a.t.m. with a sledge hammer stealing cigarettes. and if you recognize the suspects call the police. the count down is over and the eagles are ready to take on the bears. and ducis rodgers live in chicago tonight with a prepare view. hey, ducis. >> hey getting close to the opener. taking on the bears in preseason game one. chip kelly out there on the field. this is the second year of the chip kelly regime. the coaching staff at training
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cramp the last two weeks, it will be good to see what they really have in live action. andments -- the defense was the achilles heel. and telling us what we can expect. >> the list is long. unless it is in the kicker's head we have to set the tone on special teams. that is my mindset and it will trickle down into the offense and defense. whoever is out there, whether it is the offense or defense, three start fast and physical and we will fly around. that's one thing you can expect. >> what else can we expect from the team in 2014? we were discuss that tonight at 7:30 on 6abc. our special 2014, eagles: great expectations. and the again manager will join us on that program. and that takes up up until
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kickoff. and the eagles i'm ducis rodgers back to you. >> see up later, thank you. no reports of serious damage or injuries on the first tropical storm to hit hawaii in 22 years. coming to shore this morning, heavy winds and rain and a strong irstorm baring down on hawaii, hurricane julio. it is expected to weaken and pass north of the island sometime this will weekend. the latest in iraq,ment u.s. launched two more air strikes againstish rack, following another one against the i ice -- isis extremists. >> and terror icing locals for the religious relief. it is in the hub for oil
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companies. the dramatic impact on the ground after the u.s. fighter jets dropped bombs in iraq. and they were launched from the uss george w. bush to strike the targets they say are threatening human interests. >> we have one of the conventional fights and it is easier for the u.s. military than in the iraq war. >> and families fled to the top of a mountain walking miles to flee from the militants below. and this man left everything behind, no food or water. second of state, john kerry says the acts of violence --
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>> show the warning signs of genocide. >> and a dangerous mission, three carrio jets dropped supplies, water and 8,000 meals ready to eat. and president obama the fourth to order millionaire action in iraq. he came in pledging to end the crisis in the scombar did in 2011. and now he insists that he will not allow the toss get gragd book no another one. >> and there is no plan for troops on the ground. it is a situation that has to be monitored. and h-israel responded with
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attacks after the deadlock. and one bomb near a mosque killing one boy and hurting several children. and more on that on "world news with diane sawyer" at 6:30 after "action news at 6:00." >> time for a check of the traffic report. >> tgif, mat pellman. eastbound into camden, police ticht out of the way. traveling just throw now but the back-up it caused, the earlier police activity is it splilling. when you make into new jersey a couple of things to watch out for. pine hill camden county a crash on branch avenue and aerial road by the wawa. and slowing on the southbound of
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42 as people head down the shore. and 49 we opened, but in new castle a crack along 273 at church man's' road, close to lorenzos. and a crash on he canston near the 35 bypass. it is slow as you pass the shopping complex. the big picture this afternoon, look at the long line of red on the schuylkill expressway. 8 miles per hour. and if your headed in to the phills game, 895 pr -- the 95 ramp will close all weekend. just want to give you a taste much good news. >>you may spoil us. >> no, go for it. >> still ahead doctors seen the
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surge of meat energies by those bit by ticks. >> and a beautiful start to the wasn't. the return of humidity and the next chance of rain. i am let you know when in the ago rack -- accuweather forecast. >> and t
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>> "healthcheck" tonight. the world health organization has declared the ebola outbreak in africa an international public health emergency. taking extraordinary measures to stop its spread. >> and ali gorman at the big board with more. >> officials say this is the worst outbreak in 40 years of tracking the virus. it has killed nearly 1,000 people in four countries in africa. the c.d.c. is sending more to the area including medical specialists and workers trained in disaster relief. members of a local church in philadelphia are also hoping to help. victory harvest fellowship international church has a large liberian population and are collecting supplies to send to liberia like gowns, masks, gloves and sanitizer and are asking for the public's help.
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>> we need all the help we can get to send them there asap because people are dying as i speak to you now. >>the church having a prayer service on sunday. if you would like to join or help we have information on >> also today doctors seeing a surge of people suddenly becoming allergic to red meat due to tick bites. a reaction to a lone star tick, which is in our area. the bug has a type of sugar found in meat but not in humans. in some cases a person's immune system can go overboard reacting to it. and if this happens eating red meat can spark an allergic reaction. and you can end up in the hospital. i personally know someone that that happened to. it is a good reason to avoid ticks.
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check yourself, kids and pets after spending time in the woods. >> good advise, thank you. the jury ne -- journey to becoming a doctor, it is the white coat ceremony for first-year med students. members were presented with white coats that they wear during their education. and family and friends watched with pride as the future doctors too [ male announcer ] just can't seem to escape another sneeze attack?
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♪ for the third time general motors recalling five makes of s.u.v.s. g.m. says the power window switch problem could result in a fire. telling some s.u.v. owners to park outside until they ever fixed. the recall mainly 2006 and 2007 model the chevy trailblazer, the envoy, the ra and others. and dealers trying to move out inventory, and it could be
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big savings. they found that august one of the best months to buy a vehicle. they often lower the prices to get rid of the old vehicles to make room for new ones. and another tip, the first two days of the month a good time to buy a car. the change in the works to keep member bills from weighing down your credit score. making changes. if the only report is medical the score can go up by 25 points. the agency will start to ignore those paid off and settled. >> more ahead on "action news" tonight. looking outside to sky 6 hd. a nice night on penns landing. and cecily tynan with a nice accuweather forecast for the weekend wh
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>> time for accuweather at the "action news" big board. if you ever wonder what cecily's backyard looks like -- >> here it is, here it is. that is a lot of lawn to mow, too. busy every day this is actually a view taking a look sky 6 over northwestern chester county near honey brook. the sky not as blue as yesterday. a milky white fire because of fires in canada. the smoke is up in the atmosphere creating high
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cloudiness. nice, trenton 81. millville 79. the boardwalk 79 degrees and wilmington currently 82 degrees. satellite 6 along with action radar showing rain not far away from us. low pressure over the tennessee valley creating rain as close to us as west virginia and virginia. what is going on, strong high pressure over toronto. this is forcing all of the moisture just off to the east. we will see a little bit in the form of clouds from this, but the rain should fly to the south. what this will do is open the door for somewhat up-tick in humidity. dewpoints tomorrow comfortable, 56 degrees. heading into sunday and really the rest of the week the dewpoints in the low to mid 60s. that's not oppressive, but you will notice an increase in the mugginess as we head through the weekend and early next week. radar showing a cell did move ashore, about 40 miles south of
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hilo this morning. ashore as a tropical storm. and the summit recording a wind gust of 91 miles per hour. it is now a tropical storm. it will be pacing south of the area moving west. and see the heavy rain to the east of the mountains? this is what is known as the rain shadow effect. the winward side heavy rain. up to 14 inches in some part. the leeward side not getting the rain. near kona, less than an inch of rain. this will continue to move west as a tropical storm. and julio still looks like it will be passing north of the island chain. but the cell with the winds 60 miles per hour. tropical storm, the strongest tropical storm make left field since records began in 1950. and julio should be missing
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that is good news. a gorgeous friday night. comfortable, 57 degrees in allentown, 65 in philadelphia. 58 in millville. the 5day at five shows tomorrow a nice day. 85 degrees. on sunday, a little more humid, 86. and then muggy 84. and tuesday, 82. and wednesday, morning rain and high of 84 degrees. and then we clear things out, so the weekend looking really nice. >> thank you so much. it is summer, but some deserving kids got school supplies to get them ready for fall. st. christopher's hospital for special needs patients came to the lighthouse field for a back to school carnival. 1,000 backpacks full of things they need. pencils, notebooks, rumors and more. a fun way to help the community. more to come on "action news at 5:00" the postal service
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defending employees after a carrier was caught trashing bills, letters and checks in dumpster. and who were roughed up by security. we have the video. and they are ok after a plane lands in someone's yard
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♪ "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, jamie apody, rick williams and monica malpass.ogist adam joseph, jamie >> hello again. here's what is happening on "action news" tonight. tropical storm iselle makes landfall in hawaii, wind and power problems. a new jersey teacher arrested for allegedly trying to start a relationship with one of his former middle school students. and this dance troupe actually trying to inspire young men to show emotion through the written to inspire young iselle may have been downgraded to a tropical storm but she is still packing quite a punch for the big i would have hawaii. heavy rains and powerful winds are pummelling the aloha state. the first named storm to hit hawaii in two decades. they don't have to wait that
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long for the next one unfortunately. and joining us live from los angeles with the latest on the damage and the other storm headed for hawaii. >> rick, state officials in hawaii wrapped up a news conference a short time ago. they are still concerned about flash flooding and the powerful winds. high winds, soaking rain and strong surf as tropical storm iselle made landfall this morning. explosions as downed power lines showered sparks in the darkness, leaving nearly 25,000 homes without powers. and downed trees blocked roads for drivers. the forecast, say tropical storm iselle and approaching hurricane julio are the biggest storms since 1992. >> we continue to watch julio. while that is probably north of the big island we can't guarantee it. >> traveller


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