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tv   Action News Weekend  ABC  August 9, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> good morning, 6:00 a.m. on this saturday, august 9. here's some of the stories we're following on "action news." police in wilmington look for systems after a man is gunned down overnight. a philadelphia pool is closed to swimmers after three kids receive and electrical shock, and our spectacular summer trend continues with more sunshine from the jersey shore to the lehigh valley. meteorologist chris sowers joins us with a look at the accuweather forecast. it's sort of making a return, took a vacation for a couple of weekends. >> reporter: now it's back. this is as close to san diego
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weather as you're ever going to see around here, it's spectacular. let's go outside we're down in cape may, this is the plates to be this afternoon. we have a few high, thin clouds overhead that will push off the coast. later this afternoon we're expecting a sunny day on the beach and numbers in the upper 70s. down the shore, the numbers are in the 60s. it's funny how the ocean works, because right now the jersey shore is the warmest in the delaware valley. later this afternoon, it will be the coolest. the beach front communities mimic what's going on in the ocean. if ocean temperatures are in the 60s, air temperatures are in the 60s. if they are in the 067s, air temperatures will be in the 70s. inland they are down in the 50s, 66 on the boardwalk. ocean city, 66. a light breeze out of the southwest at 5 miles per hour.
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ocean temperature off cape may, 77. air temperature, 70. there will be a light chop, waves expected to be one to two feet. high pressure across upstate new york will force all this activity to the south. we'll not have to worry about showers or much in the way of cloud cover tomorrow. if you have tee time, mostly sunny skies, 77 degrees by 10:00 a.m., 3:00 p.m., a comfortable 85. eva? >> thanks, chris. new this morning, a shooting leaves a man dead in wilmington and the suspect is still on the loose. this happened around 12:30 near the intersection of 13th and claymont street. police say someone was shot several times. he was rushed to christiana hospital where he was pronounced, police are trying to figure out who shot him and why. a center city pool has been closed while investigators try to figure out what caused three children to receive an electric
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shock while swimming. it happened at the o'connor pool at 26th and south. an electric current ran through the pool and sent three kids to the hospital. all are in stable condition. this woman's daughter told her what happened. >> one of the young kids he went to step out to grab the ladder to step out the pool and that's when he got shocked. his sister dame over to help him and the current went through her. >> our lifeguards acted immediately, they observed the young people in the pool, immediately went over and were able to pull them out after the power was shut off. there was a worker at the pool fixing the motor, it's not clear if that contributed to the incident. the pool will remain closed until whatever caused the shock is fixed. the reward to catch the person who strangled a woman in
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pennypack park has gone to $50,000. connie murray a 46-year-old married mother of two was found dead in the park early tuesday, investigators combed the woods at the rec center looking for additional clues, they were hopeful they would find her cell phone, but that did not turn up. a small memorial for connie grows, as well as prayers that her killer will be found. the camera at the wells fargo bank picked up a picture of a man who robbed the bank. he wore keys around his nick. if you know him call police. now the latest from the middle east where israel and
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hamas resumed attacks in gaza overnight. hamas launched several rockets into israel. the israeli military responded hitting 20 targets. the fighting comes after the clams of a 3-day truce aimed at ending the conflict. it dealt a blow to egyptian-led efforts to secure a cease-fire. >> u.s.a. human rights are again side. >> reporter: a number of demonstrators gathered outside the office of chris kunes calling for the end to the violence in gaza. more than 1900 people have died since the latest conflict began last month. the world health organization has i should -- issued a rare warning for the deadly eb outbreak.
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-- ebola virus outbreak. it is the longest and largest outbreak on record. it has claimed nearly one thousand lives across the globe. a small town in central pennsylvania is in the middle of a fierce debate after a store owner refused to sell wedding dresses to a lesbian couple. the women tried to schedule an appointment, but were turned down. the issue will go before the town's council on monday, council members will consider whether to propose legislation from prohibiting businesses from refusing to serve gays and lesbians. same-sex marriage is legal in pennsylvania. one of the country's leading resorts is being sued by visitors who said they were abused by overly aggressive
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hotel staff in atlantic city, sharrie williams has the details. >> reporter: atlantic city promotes itself as a place where everyone is welcome. this family from florida said that's not what they found. >> it was miserable. >> reporter: university of pennsylvania student and classical guitar i also sean oaks is -- guitarist, sean oaks is suing. former college basketball player said things were worse for him, after his angry dispute with hotel security at a casino nightclub. >> i'm laying in the pool of my own blood. i thought i was dieing. >> reporter: an abc 20/20 investigation tombs in one casino, harrahs, partly of the giant caesar corporation being sued by unhappy customers. in the case of the benz family,
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security moved in was told he was being evicted because the hotel computer had listed him not as guest, enthough he was staying there for two days. >> they grabbed him and slammed him to the floor. all i could say was get off him he he has a pacemaker. >> his teen daughter is wrestled to the ground and handcuffed, all this comes always atlantic city is struggling to improve it's image and appeal to tourists. the mayor was upset by what he saw. >> eu9 can't be tolerated, it's unacceptable. violence can't be tolerated. >> harrah's employees said the visits were the aggressors. the video raises confess. it's 6:08.
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a discount retailer has returned to south jersey for just in time to back to school shopping. "action news" was in pennsauken last night as foreman mills opened it's grand reopening. they are offering five thousand dollars in vouchers on a first come first serve basis. it will provide 100 new joblessness. >> a problem with power windows that could lead to fire that's led to another recall from general motors. we have the information you need to know. we're getting a look at the damage by a tropical storm that hit hawaii as a second sets its sights on the only l island. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan shows the moisture building to our south and it will make ♪
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>> one storm down one to go for hawaii. tropical storm iselle hit yesterday bringing dangerous and destructive winds to the big island. the high winds hit mauie big flattening warehouse. julio will pass sunday morning, it's a category two hurricane with 100 miles per hour. goalie a one-two punch for them.
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>> reporter: the good news, the big island has faired pretty well, there's been flooding problems with the first one, but it weakened dramatically. the second one will pass 250 miles to the north, maybe that increases the swell a little bit be maybe clouds and showers, they will fair pretty well with the second one, julio will push well to the north. let's go live on sky 6. we'll talk a little weather with the delaware valley. that's the view at the philadelphia international airport. we have mainly clear conditions, a few high, thin clouds overhead right now. we are expecting mostly sunny skies later this afternoon and temperatures will continue to be nice and comfortable, not for or at least for august standards something you wouldn't typically think to see around here. 68 degrees right now in philadelphia. dewpoint, 56. winds are out of the northwest at 6 miles per hour. pressure reading, 30.12 inches. quakertown you're sitting at a very chilly, 55 degrees,
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fleetwood, 57. oxford in chester county, you're sitting at 55. chester, 61. glassboro, 57. hammonton, the same, cinnaminson, 59 degrees, just about everybody with the exception being the jersey shore is sitting in the 50s right. it's all thanks to a cool canadian high pressure system that brought lovely weather to the delaware valley this weekend, just about each and everyday with the exception being i believe it was monday, everyday from that point on it was beautiful out there. as we look at storm tracker 6 live double scan you can see a little bit of moisture buildings to the south, this is where all the activity is, we have a stalled out frontal system with an area of low pressure down here, it will push to the north, and run smack dab into the middle of that high, that high will block all the weather to the south. both today and tomorrow looks nice, even monday, for that matter, that will exit the coast and tuesday and wednesday it
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will push east into the mid atlantic. first the dew points will go up, you'll see an increase in the humidity and wednesday and thursday afternoon wiewl -- cruel see the showers and clouds increase. i didn't set it in motion, there's later this afternoon, there's tomorrow morning, there's tomorrow afternoon and monday morning and monday afternoon. all we're tracking is a few high, thin clouds over the next 72 hours, the weather pattern is quiet, nice and comfortable. for the poconos, 75 degrees, gorgeous tomorrow, 77 degrees. the jersey shore, ocean temperature are a lot more comfortable, mid 70s now. air temperatures hanging out around 80. sunny and nice today. sun and clouds sunday, 78 degrees, more specifically right there on the sand we'll see the breeze out of the south at 10 to 15 miles per hour, that
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will put the temperatures back a little bit later this afternoon, it will be a light chop wave 2 feels, the risk foreseeing rip currents is on the low side, but uv index is high. apply the sunscreen. philadelphia, very pleasant, 85 degrees, overnight tonight, 60 degrees in the outlying suburbs, 68 for center city. musikfest continues tonight, weers is taking -- wheezer is taking the stage at 7:00 p.m. 76 degrees will be the temperature when they hit the stage. 85 degrees for today. 86 tomorrow, monday looks fantastic, although it will be a little bit more humid, high of 84. le noticeably more humid for tuesday, afternoon thunderstorms developing 82. we're not expecting severe weather at least not at this time, but there could heavy downpours with the system. wednesday, morning rain, 84. eva, look at thursday and
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friday, the middle of august and highs will struggle to get to 80 degrees, this has been a fantastic summer, i'm loving the low temperatures and the low humidity. remember last summer, it was 95 everyday, humidity through the roof. this has been a nice treat. >> we all remember. we also remember the snow. >> reporter: i liked it. [laughter]. >> thanks, chris, i don't know that we all like the snow. don't forget you can get "action news" and accuweather anytime with our 6abc news app. it's free at the apple and google app stores. take with you. the new smart design fits any device you have, whether it's your tablet or smart phone, no matter how large or small that screen. check it out by visiting >> the mural arts program dedicated a new mural on the 1200 block of frankford avenue. the team completed the 29-foot
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you can see the ben franklin bridge there, cars already driving back and forth this morning. gm has announced yet another recall. this could lead to a fire. there's a recall to fix power window switches. park your cars outside until the issue is fixed, because fires can start while cars are unattended. affected models are mainly from the 2006 and 2007 model years chevy trail blazers, gmc envoy and the assault and saab. fie -- fico, the top credit score provider will ignore debts in collections that have been paid off or settled even paid
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>> reporter: welcome back
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everyone, 6:25 saturday morning, you're looking at satellite 6 along with action radar. we have a huge area of high 6 pressure sitting over top of the delaware valley. you noticed that cloud cover across the baltimore and washington, d.c. metro areas. that will stay to the south. this high will continue to push from northwest to southeast. that will ultimately block anything that tries to approach the region from the southwest. boat report, winds out of the southwest at 5 miles per hour, waves less than one foot. high, thin clouds overhead. 60 degrees at gandys beach and fortescue. cape may, 66, wildwood, 63. waves 2 to 3 feet. you, too, are seeing filtered sunshine. delaware bay, one foot, ocean waves, two feet. upper 70s along the mid mid
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80s for fortescue. >> a first season loss for the eagles and disappointing loss for the phillies. jeff skeverski has all your saturday morning sports. >> reporter: slope start to the eagles presoap -- sloppy start to the preseason opener, and nick foles looks nothing like the pro bowl quarterback that led to the team to the playoffs last year. the eagles offense first drive, third and 17. foles throws it into the no man's land. two interceptions last night. he had two all of last year. backup, mark sanchez comes in. matt barclay looked good under center. josh hoff only the kickoff turn,
6:27 am
102-yard kickoff return, but the eagles blow an 11 point lead in the second half. they lose 34-28. the only one able to catch up with hoff is ducis rogers. >> i trusted my blockers, we're going to try to set the tone for the rest of the preseason and get a kickoff return to the house. it makes an impact with the special teams we was able to do that, but we was wasn't able to pull off the victory. >> how about the phillies, they have lost ten of their last 11 home games, a.j. burnett beat up for five runs in 6 innings. phils fall behind 5-0. bases loaded no grand slam, it was a 2-1 double.
6:28 am
the phillies get within 1, but they strike out. phils looks like 5-4. earlier in the day, happier moments on the mound at citizens bank park. roy halladay threw out the first pitch, dock in town for an aluminium my weekend. him later -- alumnae weekend. later he watches his former manager, charlie man
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>> relief for iraqi refugees, american military planes drop bundles of food and other splice as they fight -- supplies as they fight back militants. renaming an old hub. the feelings face off with the bears in their first preseason game the birds notch their first loss of the year. >> reporter: i don't come if they lose every game, as long as they win during the regular season. >> that's where it counts. >> reporter: and the weather is where it counts this weekend. let's go live on sky 6, i'll show you what's going on. we've a gorgeous forecast. we are back on track and back on our winning ways. we'll we'll see a dry weekend
6:31 am
this weekend. temperatures at the 6:00 a.m. hour, most locations are in the 50s, i know it looks milder on this map, but a couple of other maps you'll see temperatures in the low to mid 50s. reading, 59. allentown, 57. millville, 57. trenton and wilmington, showing 60. that's amazing for august. a lot of times it's stuffy out there during the month of august. that's why we call it the dog days of august. not this weekend. we have a system out west, frontal system, they will be staying there you will weekend long, we have a blocking high over the delaware valley. 81 degrees by lunchtime, 3:00 p.m., 85. mostly sunny skies a few high, thin clouds overhead. 85 degrees that will be with no humidity. 85 for wilmington, reading, 84.
6:32 am
allentown, 83. trenton, 85. cape may and atlantic city, upper 70s look at that. the today looks good and tomorrow is nice, as well. how much longer will the winning streak continue? i'll have the answer in the seven day when i come right back. >> the united states releases its first airstrikes against the militants. three rounds, the next step getting food and water to the people stranded on a mountain. the extremist campaign of terror took a horrifying twist when they kidnapped hundreds of women. they plan to sell the women or mary them off to islamic fighters. as the situation develops in iraq, we are posting new updates on our website. we invite you to stay with "action news" and for the latest on the military and humanitarian actions being taken in iraq. a vigil was held last night
6:33 am
to remember a 4th victim of the deadly carjacking case and crash in tioga. "action news" was there for this vigil for kiesha william also -- williams who passed away thursday night days after her two young sons and teen daughter were buried. it was two weeks ago yesterday that a stolen suv slammed into the family at a fruit stand, williams and her children were helping a friend raise money for a community garden. that friend survived and thought the mother of five would pull through, as well. >> i expected her to come out, once she woke up from the coma, i was expecting her to come home. i was discussing it with my neighbor. we got torched some way to take care of her. >> reporter: the carjackers are facing a 4th murder charge for
6:34 am
williams death. the suspect for a brutal attack on a center city dog sitter has been arrested an being held on $2 million. kenneth to do is not only charged with that home-invasion robbery on august 25th, but on the same block, a robbery two days before. we caught up with the dog walker that was beaten and sent to the hospital. >> i haven't slept for days. >> reporter: todd was released on a robbery conviction less than a month before this most recent attack. >> a man ripped off a citizens at the atm and it was caught on the atm camera. philadelphia police are looking for this man.
6:35 am
several angles shows him snatching her withdrawal on the 5000 block of frankford avenue. she was treated for shoulder injuries. >> the man accused of opening fire in the wellness center last month is out of the hospital. richard plots faces several charges for the shooting that killed teresa hunt. she was his case worker at mercer fitzgerald hospital. plots was injured when silver pulled out his own weapon and shot him. plots is being held in the delaware county policen. a former middle school teacher has been arrested for having to have an inappropriate relationship with one of his old students. patrick mcguire contacted the girl through social media earlier this year. he taught the victim at memorial middle school.
6:36 am
her family contacted police who arrange the a meeting officers swept in and arrested mcgwier who is being held on $100,000. a propeller plane skited across the street and ended up in someone's yard. it happened in kent county, the pilot and the passenger are okay. the birds kicked off their preseason opener with a loss on 6abc. >> goes back again, again pressure, fires, this time it's intercepted. >> meryl reese calling the first preseason game. the starters looked sluggish with too many turnovers and
6:37 am
penalties. the highlight of the game, though was eagles rookie josh huff102-yard kickoff return. he played for chip kelly at oregon, he talked to our ducis rogers after the game. >> >> reporter: the fact that you were a former running back did that help up in the return game. >> most definitely, i always try to fight for the extra yards. being in the nfl to have to be smart about the licks you take, especially if you want to last long in the league. >> the bears rally for a 34-28 win. the eagles play the patriots on 6abc on friday night. 0th street station is being renamed by president obama. 30th street station will be called william h.gray, iii,
6:38 am
30th street station in memory of the revered politician. the change is not without critics who wonder if the decision was railroaded through congress. >> reporter: it was the late congressman who secured millions of dollars in the 80s and 90s to renovate the station. it was congressman fattah who praised him as a proponent of amtrak, but as a trail blazer the nursery african manner to chair the budget committee and to serve as majority whip. he pushed for sanctions against south salve -- south africa during apartheid era. it is getting mixed reviews from the public. >> i would love 30th street
6:39 am
station i would prefer it to stay as 30th street station. >> i remember bill gray he did a lot for the city. >> reporter: you like the idea? >> yes i do. >> i think it would be a great idea. >> reporter: but for some, the new name is a mouth full, they would prefer the name stay the way it is. it's been 30th street station for all these years, i think it should stay 30th street station. >> because philadelphia is so historic, he should -- we should keep it the away it is. i like the fact that our city has so money old historic monuments, they should not do it. >> reporter: do what? >> change the name. >> reporter: they should keep it the way it is? >> yes, dpts not -- if it is not broken don't fix it. >> reporter: if i was a betting man i would say people will still call it 30th street
6:40 am
station, but there will be markers that will with the name of congressman gray to remember what he did for the city. >> a florida family is dealing with a slithering infestation in their home, meteorologist chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, "action news" saturday morning continues.
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>> let's get a check of our fabulous weather forecast we're back to winning.check of our >> reporter: yes we are in a big way. we'll get you started with looking at battleship new jersey. we have beautiful breeze, 57 degrees right now in allentown. 59 in reading. 57 in lancaster. i've seen some locations as low as 52 or 53. it's outrageously cool for the month of august. dover, 62. sea isle city sitting at 68 degrees. no problems with the dewpoints as long as they stay under 60 degrees it's nice and comfortable out there and everybody is hanging out in the mid 50s we're doing okay. satellite and radar show cloud cover is off to our south.
6:44 am
that will be making its way into the region later next week. there we go, always the high pressure that's -- as the high pressure that's bringing us the nice weather right now is working out to sea. the weather from the ohio and tennessee valleys will get in as we start the new work week. storm tracker 6 live double scan you get into the southern virginia and virginia beach that's where all the moisture is this morning, that system will creep north over the next couple of days it will run into that high, it will stay nice and dry arn the delaware -- around the e valley, beaches hanging out in the upper 80s, poconos outstanding, 76 degrees, mostly sunny skies low humidity levels, do it all over again tomorrow, it continues to be comfortable and pleasant, 77 degrees will be the forecasted high.
6:45 am
jersey, shore, ocean water, 75 degrees, a few high, thin clouds, sunny and nice, high of 79. later on in the day, the numbers begin to pull back as the winds take over out of the south, sun and clouds and 78 degrees, quick look at the sea breeze, later this afternoon, by 4:00 p.m. mid 80s in the city, trenton, 83. philadelphia, 84. up 74 in atlantic city, 77 in wildwood, dover, you're seeing a bay breeze and 77. philadelphia, sun and clouds, pleasant, 85 our normal is 86. so we are pretty much on par. wind out of the west/northwest at 4 to 8 miles per hour. we'll reach the 85-degree temperature by 3:00 p.m. the numbers will pull down slightly, but it will be a beautiful day. phillies game number two against the mets. mainly clear and pleasant, 80 degrees by the first pitch, by the 9th inning, be
6:46 am
75 degrees, the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 86 degrees we'll call it slightly humid for sunday, only because the weather has been fantastic over the last couple of days. monday, 84 degrees. humid, afternoon thunderstorms, tuesday, 82 degrees, they could produce heavy downpours, we're anticipating severe weather, but we could see drenching downpours and maybe a good wind. morning rain possible wednesday, otherwise clouds breaking for sun, 84. thursday looks fantastic, friday, splenld i -- splendid here's the last thing you want to see inside your house, snakes and i am talking lots of them. a a couple in florida said they are unwilling share their house
6:47 am
with 50. the snakes move in, they are small, but you saw the one. the couple who rents the home said the management company is less than helpful. the landlord's advise, let the snakes run their good job! k sparber, you're up. alright, let's do it! (boy) my hands are sweaty. that bell isn't going to ring itself! you've got this! ahh! oh no! i can't, i can't.
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is a. >> looking live a penns landing, the sun is out, 6:49, 66 degrees outside. new at the box office this weekend, heros on the half she will, a tornado thriller. matt o'donnell has a look at what hollywood has to offer. >> leonardo. , teenage mutan ninja turtles
6:50 am
of a fell join the others to save new york city from the shredder, they have an iron grip on everything, from the police to the politicians. the turtle also must work with april o'neill and her wise cracking camera man. into the storm is a disaster film that depicts the onslaught of rarve amging tornados -- ravaging tornados. >> this storm will flatten this building in seconds. >> reporter: an unprecedented onslaught of the most serious twitters tore apart the town of
6:51 am
silvertown, texas. the entire town is at the mercy of the deadly cyclones with storm trackers predicting the worst is yet to come. the 100-foot journey is based on the novel of the same name. what's this flavor that fighting against the chicken. >> i added spices for flavor. >> this recipe is 200 years old. >> because madam maybe 200 years is long enough. >> oscar winning actress helen mirren stars in the drama comedy, as a celebrated restaurant other than.
6:52 am
an indian family moves in and opens a restaurant. >> if your food is anything like your music, i suggest you turn it down. >> that's it for what's in the ms. harris: camden students face a lot of challenges but they meet them with determination and drive. chanelle: teachers like ms. harris made me feel like i'm part of a team. not just on the basketball court. but in the classroom. ms. harris: chanelle is not just a star athlete. she is a star student. chanelle: i headed to clemson university where i can combine my love of sports and learning- and maybe even win a championship. ms. harris: i wouldn't bet against her. or any of my students reaching for their dreams.
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who's more excited about back to school savings at staples? the moms? or the dads? with guaranteed low prices on colored pencils, it's definitely the dads. staples. make more happen for less. >> reporter: welcome back everyone, 6:54, time for the traveling forecast. if you're flying out of philadelphia international. we have a huge area of high pressure in control. every now and then you'll see this moisture down here try to to make a run toward the delaware valley, but the high plants it's grounds and forces everything to the south. watch what happens when i set it in motion. it pushes everything to the south. the high is right there,
6:55 am
everything that approaches from the southwest it will push to the southeast. that means the weather stays nice and comfortable. at least in the short term. while we're nice and quiet here, the weather is active across the ohio and tennessee valleys. philadelphia is quiet, boston and chicago is quiet. there's activity in "atlantis" and chicago. newark, jfk, newark, laguardia all on time, temperatures in the upper 60s. >> an eye-catching light fixture can be good for any dining room, but it can be costly, knock it off can get you the same look without the budget price. >> reporter: stylish light fixtures can be pricey, but there are tons of way to use everyday items. look how easy we create a high
6:56 am
end looking fixture for under 50 bucks. >> we'll make a light fixture. to do it we'll use planters. >> we like it for the metal. what i did, i picked up a really inexpensive light picture, we're going to wire that down through, it will add the lighting we want and be the perfect pop inside. >> reporter: to add an upscale vibe we're adding metalic spray paint and drilling a hole in it for wire to go through. it's kind of a modern orb. you need craft wires for stability purposes. there's going to be three of those. that's great. i love it. we cut the excess craft wire and
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added two bolts and wired the fixture to the existing electrical box in the ceiling. a similar light at a high end boutique could cost 2 pun dollars. we made ours for -- $200. we made our for 42 bucks. that's incredible. tune into knock it off on the live well network. >> smoky the bear turns 70 today. he enters his golden years by burning up twitter, but his message is fire prevention through personal response incident has stayed the same. smoke wherey the bear was created in 1944. he has 300 facebook friends and 24 house twitter followers, his
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>> good morning, it is 6:00 a.m., saturday, august 9. police in wilmington look for suspects after a man is gunned down overnight. a philadelphia pool is closed to swimmers after three kids receive an electrical shock. our spectacular summer trend continues with more sunshine. check it out, sky6 live hd looking live at the sun in cape may, new jersey. everyone is seeing it. although, right now the shore is the warmest spot. >> reporter: they will lead the pack for a while, as the sun continues to climb everybody will catch up and eventually the sea breeze kicks in and the shore cools down later on. in the meantime let's get you outside and show you the view at the philadelphia international airport. we don't have any problems out there today. it sul


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