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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  August 10, 2014 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight -- racetrack horror. spectators shocked as nascar star tony stewart takes fellow racer kevin ward jr. who had gotten out of his car, killing him, what set off this deadly turn of events and will stewart compete in the huge nascar race today? terror at takeoff. passengers ordered to evacuate by emergency chute. >> when i looked out the left side of the plane, i saw the smoke coming out of the engine. >> could a bird have caused this? prince's pain, prince harry opens up about his horrendous
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sights that he saw in afghanistan, how he plans to use the power of sports to help wounded soldiers rebuild their lives. and butterfly kisses. a boy's hilarious reaction to the monarch who just didn't want to say good-bye. >> it's on my nose. good morning, everybody. we want to get straight to that breaking news overnight. fatal incident involving nascar car driver tony stewart. it happened in upstate new york. spectators horrified as another driver, apparently angry after spinning out, storms on to the track, where stewart hits and kills him. >> we do have team coverage on this developing story, including perspective from espn's lead nascar reporter marty smith. but we begin with abc's linzie janis with more.
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>> reporter: the crash taking place at featured race ahead of the nascar race today. kevin ward, a younger driver is run off the track and crashes into the side wall and then exits his car on foot. you can see him there, pointing, that's when nascar's tony stewart hit and killed him. overnight, officials confirming nascar superstar tony stewart is cooperating with an investigation into a deadly crash on an upstate new york racetrack. stewart was running in a race in canandaigua motorsports dirt track, where kevin ward jr. loses control, crashes into the wall. that's when eyewitnesses says, ward angrily exits his car, on foot, pointing. according to investigators, after another racer swerves to avoid ward, tony stewart's car strikes the young driver. ward was rushed to a nearby emergency room. but this morning, sheriff phil
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povero confirming he has died from his injuries. >> tony stewart was visibly shaken by this incident and has promised his continuing cooperation in this investigation. >> reporter: stewart has not been charged and so far has not withdrawn from a race in nearby watkins glen. nearly a year after breaking his leg, also on a dirt track. analysts says stewart has a reputation for a short temper. in 2013, a heated argument with joey logano turned into a fist pump. after a race he thought logano blocked only him to let driveot by. in 2011, stewart was detained by australian police. with his helmet in a race in sidney. stewart's representative, our thoughts go out to ward's family and friends. they're still attempting to sort
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all of the details. guys, many fans who were there last night, were tweeting they're traumatized by what they saw. >> lot more questions than answers. linzie, thank you. let's get some perspective from the crash from espn's marty smith. good morning, marty. we know that stewart is expected to race in just a few hours at watkins glen, considering the loss of young life, the trauma involved, is this a good idea for him to race? >> i don't think it's my place to answer that question, quite frankly, i think that's up to nascar and local law enforcement who released him because he was so cooperative with them. he's expected to race today. so, if all of those entities feel like he's able to race, then that's fine. now, i will say, he'll have quite a mental challenge ahead of him. as you heard the report there, he's visibly shaken. sheriff povero said, quote, he was extremely upset in giving his statement to police.
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so, it will affect him, i'm sure. but he's supposed to race today. >> marty, you have been covering nascar for decades, could nascar intervene before race time and tell stewart, this isn't a good idea to race today? >> they can, but i don't think they will. because they have nothing to do with this. nascar didn't sanction the race that he was in last night. they're two completely separate entities. stewart does this on his own time. he goes back often to race at the grassroots level. that's what he did last night. he actually told me just a couple weeks back in indianapolis, when i spoke with him about this, that some people like to go to the movies. some people like to go to dinner. i like to go race at short tracks. he's vested as well. in my estimation, nascar doesn't have much of a say here. >> marty, nascar is so dangerous in general, how could something like this change the sport?
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>> again, this isn't a nascar race, so i think the only thing that could possibly happen is the sanctioning body that sanctions those sprint car races might hand down some sort of edict, that says, if you are frustrated, don't get out of your race car and go on the track surface. but this happens all the time in all forms of racing. stewart has done it himself in the past. if anything would change, i would have to say that might be. >> marty smith, thank you for your time. dan? we'll turn now to another story breaking overnight, a emergency for a jetblue plane, after one of the engines caught fire. passengers orred to evacuate down the emergency slide. the flight was heading from puerto rico to new york's kennedy airport. mara is on the story. >> reporter: dan, good morning.
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that flight was scheduled to land here at jfk just after 10:30 last night. but it never even left puerto rico, that's because it was aborted after takeoff when an engine caught fire. in what passengers say sounded like an explosion. new overnight, chaos for passengers aboard jetblue 704 heading to new york. from san juan, puerto rico. >> flight 704 left engine. ready to abort. >> reporter: an engine fire forcing the jet to abort takeoff. 186 passengers and 6 crew members aboard. evacuating the burning aircraft. sliding down inflatable emergency slides. frightening moments for passengers onboard. >> there was a huge bang -- a boom sound on the left side. so, when i looked out the left side of the plane, i saw the smoke coming out of the engine. >> there were chitter-chatter that there was something wrong with the plane.
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think had tom to come back. because of engine problems. >> any time you have a situation where passengers would not safe on the airplane, that's the time for an evacuation. certainly if an engine is burning, that qualifies. >> the engine completely destroyed. passengers stranded overnight. in a statement, jetblue said that it's investigating the cause of the fire and, quote, we're working to re-accommodate customers at this time. according to san juan police, at least three injuries were reported. and while investigators say they don't know the exact cause of the fire yet, they are looking into the possibility that it might have been caused by a bird strike. rebooked passengers will continui continue arriving here this morning. paula? >> thank you, mara. now to the latest on the new american military mission in iraq, president obama refusing to put a time limit on the air strikes targeting isis militants. abc's martha raddatz has the very latest from washington. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning,
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paula. since the president authorized those air strikes, they have been launching them every day relentlessly. overnight, new information emerging about new air strikes against iraqi militants. 11:20 a.m. eastern time, a combination of fighter jets and drones destroy an isis personnel carrier. near sinjar. 20 minutes later, u.s. aircraft strike three more targets. and a follow-up strike destroying another. at 3:00 p.m. eastern, the final target of the day was demolished again. near sinjar. this morning, we're also learning more about the president's struggle with the decision to intervene in iraq, a war he's been opposed to for more than a decade. politically reporting, the president met with his national security advisers three times
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in less than 24 hours this week considering every option. this morning, thousands of iraqis remain trapped on a desert mountain for a week, surrounded by isis fighters, u.s. cargo jets delivering more than 3800 gallons of water and 16,000 meals. >> innocent families are faced with a horrible choice, descend a mountain and be slaughtered or stay and slowly die of thirst. >> reporter: 30,000 people have been able to leave the mountain but there are still tens of thousands still up there. >> all right, martha, thank you. martha hosts abc's "this week" later this morning. her guests will include carter ham, diss kuging america's return to combat operations in iraq. dan? >> paula, thank you. let's go to martha's vineyard now where the president is on vacation with his family.
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abc news chief white house correspondent jon karl is there, doing the tieless look on vacation. some republicans are criticizing the president for hitting the links, while the crisis in iraq, are these optics troubling for the staffers you're talking to? >> their boss is entirely unconcerned about it. he likes to get out and play golf. it was pretty remarkable. he got here and on the golf course in almost record time. we were on the island for about an hour before he hit the course. but, look, this is a criticism that presidents face over the years, the president who played golf more than any other president was woodrow wilson, of course, and he was president during world war i. >> on the left right now, there are many in the president's own party who's worried that he's dragging the country back into
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an unpopular war. how does he reassure these critics? >> well, you know, he agrees with these critics. he didn't want to do this operation. so what he did is he reassures over and over again there will be not any ground troops in iraq. point-blank, that's a promise. but look, dan, this is complicated mission. oddly, we're seeing mission creep beyond just protecting american citizens and dealing with that humanitarian crisis. you're now hearing the president talking about protecting critical infrastructure. this will be a longer operation frankly than even the president wanted. >> thank you, jon karl. lot of other news overnight and for that we turn to ron claiborne. good morning, sir. good morning to you. good morning, everyone.
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we begin with outrage in a neighborhood outside st. louis, missouri, where police fatally shot an unarmed black teenager. the police officer pulled up next to the teen, 18-year-old michael brown, this was saturday afternoon, the two exchanged words which led to an altercation. the officer than allegedly fatally shot brown. some of the neighbors shouting "kill the police." they're calling for the fbi to investigate. in california, a violent collision between a fire truck rushing to an emergency call, and a car, the impact sent the fire engine rolling down the street. all are expected to survive. and check this video out, nasa is revealing this video of a test of a flying saucer-like spacecraft. it was simulated how it would land heavier vehicles on other planets and possibly send
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humans to mars. engineers are calling it a success. and johnny football makes his long-awaited nfl debut. in a preseason game. the cleveland browns' rookie quarterback was sent into the game on saturday against the detroit lions. manziel completed 7 of 11 passes for 63 yards, not bad. and also ran for 6 times for 27 yards. pretty good. but the lions won, paula's team, 13-12. and a couple walking on the beach in carlsbad, california, they found an unexpected treasure in the sand, a gopro camera, the camera was still rolling when it was lost in the ocean. you're seeing the footage. you see a surfer passing overhead and several swimmers passing by. and finally, baby watch is on at the zoo in greenville, south carolina, the giraffe is
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due to deliver a calf any moment now. you can watch it live, autumn is the name of the giraffe, more than 1 million people have been keeping an eye on the giraffe camera. this just in -- no, not yet. >> not yet? >> that's what every pregnant mom wants, someone watching the delive delivery. >> birth control in watching someone else having a baby. >> there really is. >> especially a giraffe. >> it's different. >> and i imagine it's quite >> too much. >> 1 million viewers, ron. all right. >> i'll keep you posted. >> thank you, ron. prince harry describing in graphic detail the suffering of those wounded in war. in an article out just this morning, the royal writing passionate about the positive impact that sports can have on these heroes on the battlefield and lama hasan has more from london.
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hi, lama. >> reporter: good morning to you, paula. it's always known that prince harry loves being a soldier and one of the lads in the military. but for the first time he's speaking out about being on the front lines and the gruesome images he witnessed during his tour of duty. this morning, prince harry opening up in a rare article in the sunday times. describing the horror of war. in the article, harry said, loss of life is as tragic and devastating as it gets, but to see young lads wrapped in plastic and missing limbs was something that i never prepared myself for. >> prince harry was a proper soldier, right on the front line, his experiences were really raw. he was quite up close to serious injuries. he could have injured, possibly killed, himself. >> reporter: the prince writing, i saw horrendous things, deaths of local people from roadside bombs, coalition forces lying on the battlefield, constant ferrying of injured personnel to
8:17 am
the hospital. harry says this motivated him to give back to those selfless service members through sports. launching the invictus games to take place in november. telling the bbc injured service members will participate in the paralympics tournament. >> to give them a chance to come out and inspire others around them to competing is absolutely incredible. >> reporter: prince harry dedicating countless hours to the cause and facing his own challenges while launching the games. trekking across anartica. and raising awareness at a volleyball match all in an effort to turn the sacrifice of others into cures of wounds for others. the prince is taking action and
8:18 am
taking up the invictus games, showcasing men and women from 14 countries wounded by war taking place right here in london next month. by the way, invictus means unconquered. so quite a fitting name for these games. dan? >> lama, thank you. it was almost 35 years ago that the first humans walked on the moon, and tonight, the next best option for people who want to take selfies in the night sky, a supermoon will be available in the sky tonight and sara got some moon-gazing advice from an actual astronaut. >> there's an astronaut coming to my apartment. he's soon the moon upclose two times. there's a sort of constellation prize in the supermoon. and we've got a big one coming tonight. get ready to be moonstruck. because it's supermoon sunday. tonight's spectacle is part of a supermoon trio. that's been stealing the spotlight this summer. >> it's right there.
8:19 am
>> reporter: and it's the closest look that you'll get at the moon all year, that is unless you have had chance to see it from space. >> like the supermoon is at its closest and it's also full. it appears 30% brighter and 14% larger. >> reporter: in other words -- it's like when jim carrey las sews the moon closer in "bruce almighty." but in this case check out this supermoon setting behind the statue of liberty. and this one hovering over the capital dome. >> go out and enjoy it. look up at the heavens. if you can moon lower on the horizon, it looks bigger.
8:20 am
>> reporter: and during my conversation with astro mike, a stroke of genius. #selfiemoon. i came up with a scientific spin on another phenomenon, the selfie. another good reason to be over the moon. if you miss tonight's supermoon, the third of this trio will appear on september 9th. don't forget to tweet us. your selfie moon pics at "good morning america." >> sara branding expert. >> selfie moon. >> reason number one of 79. >> we'll do a group photo tonight. julie durda from our miami affiliate. >> sara, congratulations on being the number one selfiemoon strike. let me tell you, a lot of people across the nation are going to have good viewing conditions. the northeast, fantastic.
8:21 am
mostly clear skies. the nation's midsection also looking good with clear skies and the west looking good as well. i have to tell you, though, we saw some severe weather yesterday. the last 24 hours was rough for the great plains. as we go to video, we received over 100 reports of severe weather from south dakota down toward kansas. that video showed flooding. a garbage can was taken away in all of that rain. it was a very rough day for their saturday. sunday, looking much better. let's go to the southeast where we're dealing heavy rain and storms yet again today. flooding a big concern on the coast and the carolinas, in through georgia. anywhere between 2 inches to 3 inches of rain. this flooding stretches up toward the tennessee valley. better conditions for the southwest. good morning, everyone, i'm meteorologist
8:22 am
chris sowers with this accuweather update. we have bright blue skies and sunshine and comfortable humidity levels. 88 today, 86 tomorrow, and we cool it off into tuesday, there could heavy drenching downpours, 80 degrees, wednesday, 78 for fluls, -- thursday, friday, coo, 79. >> paula, we all have to take our selfies tonight with that supermoon. >> thank you, julie. >> paula's worried that we're going to get the wrong kind of moon picture. >> paula faris? >> sorry about that. coming up on "good morning america" -- we have new details on a deadly teenage love triangle. a young man accused of killing his best friend over a girl. how two hunters say they found the body. and just when you thought it was safe to go into the water, shark week is back. the search for an aggressive
8:23 am
great white known as the colussus. and surf's up, matt damon hangs then on vacation, the impressive pictures up ahead in pop news. >> i wonder who picked that story, sara haines. >> maybe, sara. you read the labels on the foods you eat - but do you know what's in your skincare? neutrogena naturals. a line of nutrient-rich skincare with pure, naturally derived ingredients, carefully chosen and clinically proven to cleanse, purify and moisturize... and you'll never find any harsh chemical sulfates, parabens or unnecessary additives. healthy skin-starts from within. neutrogena naturals. learn more at ♪
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8:28 am
strangled. let's get a check of the weather, meteorologist chris sowers has the latest from accuweather. >> reporter: "good morning america" to you, eva. we have another nice one coming up. mostly sunny skies, slight increase in humidity, 88 degrees will be the forecasted high. 86 tomorrow, and much cooler for the rest of the week. 80 degrees tuesday, with showers and thunderstorms late in the afternoon and at night, 78, thursday, friday's high, 79 degrees, eva. >> thanks, chris. that's it for "action news," we'll be back in a half-hour. i'm eva pilgrim. stay tuned for more "good i'm eva pilgrim. stay tuned for more "good morning america." what's up, george? massage chair. my little indulgence. dunkin' french vanilla swirl, my little indulgence. indulge in the sweeter, creamier taste of dunkin's new french vanilla and hazelnut swirl coffees and lattes -- try one today! don't disguise bad odors. ♪
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on a southern-style biscuit. grab one for $2.99 today. america runs on dunkin'. ♪ ♪ do you guys have any idea what this is? >> it looks like a slinky. >> ding, ding. the human slinky. >> it's pretty mesmerizing. >> it's going viral, no surprise. >> that is a real person. >> that is a real person, real arms, ron. >> remember having slinkies as a child? >> yes. good morning, america.
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>> coming up later in the show, a much more menacing creature than a human slinky, diving deep in search of colussus. they go on the hunt for a famously aggressive megashark. it's fascinating story. but first, the young man accused of knocking off a romantic rival, we're seeing new shots of the grisly crime scene. he was desperate enough to kill just to get his ex-girlfriend back. abc's bazi kanani has more. >> i told my brother in law, you know, i smell something. and it's close. >> reporter: two florida hunters tell jurors about the moment they stumbled upon the body of 18-year-old christian aguilar the college freshman allegedly murdered three weeks earlier by his former classmate pedro bravo. >> that's when we stumbled
8:32 am
across the body. >> reporter: police say the day after the murder, bravo himself reported aguilar missing. on the stand, campus police telling the court that bravo admitted to an argument, later saying it was a physical fight. according to investigators it was bravo's changing story that led to his arrest. accused of aguilar's murder, even before the body was discovered, allegedly part of a plot to get his ex-girlfriend, erika friman back. the three students graduating from the same high school just months earlier. police then searching bravo's truck finding bloodstains, a cracked windshield and scrapes on the ceiling. prosecutors say all signs of aguilar's violent struggle, as bravo allegedly strangled him with a belt in the suv. suggesting officers didn't keep detailed record. >> if you could say there was sloppy police work, you hope that the jury goes back there, if he didn't do right, what else did the police get wrong.
8:33 am
>> reporter: for "good morning america," bazi kanani, abc news, washington. more news overnight. as always, we turn to ron delay -- claiborne. hi, everybody. good morning, everyone. in the news, images coming out this morning of a horrible racetrack accident, police say nascar driver tony stewart struck and killed another sprint car driver after the victim crashed his own car, and got out in the middle of the track. it happened saturday night in upstate new york, stewart hasn't been charged and he plans to race later today. the u.s. launching another round of air strikes in iraq, a combination of fighter jets and drones. along with several other targets in the north part of that country. president obama said that he's not putting a time line on how long the bombing campaign will last. a google street view will
8:34 am
have to take one more pass at a road in little rock, arkansas. crashing into another vehicle, the driver of the street view car is being cited by police for careless prohibitive driving. the driver went down the wrong way on a one-way street. and finally, some ducklings stuck between a quack and a hard place. between a quack and a hard place. >> it's too early for that. >> it is. three of the guys were rescued with ease. but the fourth guy gave rescuers a bit more trouble. and we have an update on that pregnant giraffe about to give birth at the zoo in south carolina -- not yet. but soon, i promise. >> i'm just imagining how large that giraffe wants to be. i don't even want to think about. having birth three children. >> thanks for pointing that out, paula faris. >> i'm sorry about that. please save was the forecast or anything, really. well, i have good news we're going to change the topic to
8:35 am
going to change the topic to beautiful, bright, sunshine-y day in the northeast. feeling more like fall than summer. temperatures into the upper 80s. across the northeast. we'll take you to a live shot of what it looks like -- just absolutely gorgeous right now. sandy hook, new jersey, beautiful. you can clear skies. the winds are calm. the water looks gorgeous. i wanted to show you warm temperatures across the northeast -- comfortable though at times, because normally we would be seeing temperatures in the 90s. water temperatures, it's a great day to head out and enjoy the beach. get out in the waters. now, let's head to the northwest, a big concern again, fire watches again in effect. hot conditions across northern portions of california. hot, dry, not good. now we're going to see, as we watch hurricane julio moves toward the west-northwest, this isn't going to be a threat for the hawaiian islands.
8:36 am
it will continue to weaken as it moves just north of the hawaiian islands. not a direct threat. >> reporter: good morning, everyone, i'm meteorologist chris sowers with this accuweather update. no worries out there. this morning we're seeing sunshine and nice temperature for this time of year. 88 degrees this afternoon. 86 for monday, and we are well belo >> this weather report is brought to you by bp. >> thank you, julie. coming up here on "good morning america" -- the search for the megashark. named colussus. lurking in the deep. the amazing things that divers did to try to get this shark's attention. plus, a young boy's priceless reaction when he gets up close and personal with a butterfly, ahead in pop news. >> what a cute kid. produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology.
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♪ that music is decades old, it still scares me. ahead of "good morning america's" shark week, we bring you the story of the two-year-old hunt for a megagreat shark, in order to lure him out of the
8:41 am
deep, divers use some crazy contraptions. >> the search documented in detail, filled with tense moments and close encounters, not to mention, nerves of steel. for 23 years, jeff kurr and chris fallows have braved shark-infested waters pursuing one of the world's deadliest predators in the name of science. now, they're on a quest to find this 14-foot-long, 3,000-pound great white shark. >> i first met colussus back in 2011, at that iconic scene that has been seen around the world. colussus had left his favorite hunting ground. no one knew where he went. >> reporter: these waters are filled with great white. to find colussus, they rely on a brand-new clue. following this lead, kurr and his team of experts began to
8:42 am
employ terrifying tactic after terrifying tactic. the duo invents and test cutting-edge new devices. the shark stalkers traveled from south africa to new zealand, only to find even larger sharks. with fallows coming dangerously close to a gang of great whites. but at the end of the day, kurr says that he would do anything to help protect these deadly, but noble creatures. >> we have a lot of fun with shark week, but it's about promoting shark awareness. >> so the shark, the jaws music. but a little bit of great white 411, it's the largest population in 20 years. i'm never stepping in the ocean. >> i'm fascinating by sharks.
8:43 am
i kind of love them. >> you do? >> i like them behind glass or on tv. >> scary. >> well, you can catch the start of discovery channel's shark week with more "air jaws:fins of fury." tonight at 8:00 a.m. it's also shark week on "good morning america." check it out tomorrow morning. dan, why didn't you join ginger on this excursion? >> my wife disapproved. shockingly ginger loved it. she loved it. she's been talking to me about it for weeks. coming up here -- we're gathering around the campfire to celebrate national s'mores day. we might violate some fire codes. s'mores day. life begins at 5:01, and when to choose our battles.
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♪ as i said before, i mean it, the whole show is a run-up to this. it all leads up to sara haines. >> now matt damon, who knew he was a bit of a daredevil in real life, check out his tubular moves while on vacation in puerto rico. >> very good. >> i was impressed. also sporting some facial scrub. matt chatted with fellow beach surfers. missing from the picture was matt's wife and three young kids. his next action will be a scifi movie that comes out in november. it's nice to know that your hero can do that in real life. d dan's not impressed. >> i like that.
8:49 am
>> i was going to say you can't grow facial hair, but -- >> it ends up looking like teen wolf. >> i can imagine that. this next one, dan, is for you. hopefully, with fear giveness. turns out, a popular jiggle is getting a makeover. call it a real meow-mix. ♪ ♪ meow, meow, >> yeah. >> i mean, way to make the meow mix hip. this electronic dance music. it's only the first of more versions to come. it's kind of cat-chy! really overdoing the puns this morning. now for a science lesson a little boy from minnesota will never forget. his parents were teaching him and his brother about butterflies.
8:50 am
but then the unexpected happen. >> being attacked by a butterfly. >> it's on my nose. >> oh, i mean, seriously cutest thing, when the butterfly first lands. i think we have a shot of that. can we see that again? >> so cute. >> a little bit of fear and terror. what a great reaction. thank you for that. today is national s'mores day. light up "good morning america" low-tech campfire and break out graham crackers. get ready for the goody goodness. in case anyone is watching from corporate, this is not an actual fire. we have a few fun facts for you. an average of 2.1 million s'mores are consumed each day of summer. do you know how much chocolate
8:51 am
that is? 100,00 pounds. >> that's 60 tons. >> out of 90 million marshmallows, half of those are toasted over a campfire. unlike our you are fake one. >> lots of facts about s'mores i never knew. >> do you want some more, dan? >> as these guys eat, we'll turn to a commercial break. we'll be back in just a second with more "good morning america." >> are you saving them? really? >> yeah. get my e-mail? [ man ] . so, what'd you think of the house? did you see the school rating? oh, you're right. hey, babe, i got to go. bye, daddy. have a good day at school, okay? ♪ [ man ] but what about when my parents visit? okay. just love this one. it's next to a park. [ man ] i love it. i love it, too. here's your new house. ♪ daddy! [ male announcer ] you're not just looking for a house.
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>> we should thanks to the prop department. thank you, everybody, for watching. congratulations again for paula for her inaugural weekend. see you later. see you later. >> good morning, i'm eva pilgrim along with alicia vitarelli. coming up on "action news" sunday morning. new information this morning on the investigation of a woman found strangled in pennypack park last week. a high-ranking police officer in philadelphia goes on a rant about potential layoffs at a graduation ceremony. >> the humidity increases over the next couple of days, the
8:57 am
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>> it is 9:00 a.m. sunday august 10, nydia is off, alicia vitarelli joins us. >> in the news we have new information on the investigation killed while out for a walk in pennypack park. >> the search continues this morning for a gunman after four people were shot, three of them innocent victims in feltonville, overnight. >> the eagles return to where it all started. they hold their final public practice today at franklin field. meteorologist chris sowers here with a look at the
9:00 am
accuweather forecast. it's a gorgeous sunday if you loved yesterday you're in for a treat. >> reporter: that's right we have a repeat performance, let's get you outside and show you what's going on. it's a nice morning around the delaware valley. we're seeing sunshine and bright, blue skies. temperatures climbing into the 70s. 75 at the airport. most locations are in the # -- 70s. millville, 75. 74 in sea isle. on the boardwalk in atlantic city. 71 in the poconos trenton 67. ocean temperatures, 75. the satellite and radar composite showing the same exact thing as we saw yesterday. it's a whole lot of nothing. the area under nest these area of high pressure sinks, so it's hard to get cloud cover when you have sinking air. warm and high of 88 degrees. there will be a sligh