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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  August 11, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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three innocent bystanders, one a father with his children in the car. >> three hit with stray bullets, it is senseless. >> arrested leonard hampton charging him with attempted murder and gun crimes he has a long history of arrests and a murder charge of the police say he got into an argument with another man outside of his home and called for reinforcement. they say at least two other men joined him, firing shots at the other man as he ran. he turned into this alley where chalk outlines indicate at least 10 shots fired. the man was shot in both legs but managed to run into this pizza shop at whitaker and wyoming. the police say a 25-year-old man waiting in his car at the light was shot in the head. his wife and two young children were in the car with him. he's in extremely critical condition. two men in another car were both shot in the neck, both were hospitalized in stable
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condition. residents of the neighborhood say it could have been any one of them or their children. >> just really upset that this is going on. because it wasn't happening around here and it surprised me. >> residents of the block scrambled with their children to avoid the bullets. they know longer allow the children to play outside unattended. police are still looking for hampton's alleged accomplices. at least two, maybe a third. >> it is senseless. and another indication that we need the guns pof the street. >> if you saw or hired anything that might lead the police to whoever is involved in the shooting, they want to hear from you right away. live in feltonville, david henry channel 6 "action news." urkavid, thank you.elay acdsndy rem . serayrrrayoe nd noore ecwaed tnv inet
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rt yosee. po thellla n tan h hroheat's a wiy ly.rmeubwi h alh rrnd,lmal hath 6it athfoy>> d il l hnghi> riataneck .t p/0 agat ttoryb to inn am at oinre ee lea f y be a group of parents who found the existing little league too competitive found the taney baseball foundation. the rest is history. some of the college students who now walk as counselors at the summer camp here spent their
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summers playing baseball for taney. >> it made my childhood. some of my best memories are playing the travel league baseball for taney. the inter-muriel was fun but i played travel league with the same guys for four years. >> jesse and his teammates, including david, could not go until they did not get the official little league charter until two years ago. they were rooting hard for the 12 and 13-year-old taney dragons with the win over delaware. >> a great game. it was good to see. all of my friends who don't play watched. they were supporting us. it is good. we were happy that philadelphia is it behind them supporting them. >> it was unbelievable. my family, friends, we all played in that league and it is wonderful seeing them do well. >> the board member, louis, was
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at the game. and despite the pitching phenom, davis, they were on pins and needle until the final double play that clinches the shut-out. >> i think for the families after the initial cheer there was silence, like we are in awe right now. and even the players, talking to them all, they were coupling out we were half in shock. >> and they traveled this morning, but family members who watch the kids have to pay their own way. for taney the double-elimination tournament with a game against nashville, tennessee 3:00 on friday. again over $6700 donation by the phillies will help the parents and families of the taney dragons get up to williamsport to watch the tournament. they could use more help, it is expensive. they are having to take off work and stay in hotel. if you would like to help we will give you a link to help at
4:06 pm i'm amy buckman channel 6 "action news." >> and we have live coverage of the little league world series following them on the road to victory. and look for updates from williamsport on "action news." >> and we talked about all wanting the t-shirt. >> it will a big seller. and what will affect traffic on one of the busiest roads. the rescuers stranded in the middle of a hurricane off the coast of hawaii.
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geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >> the iraqi government nominate add new prime minister and it could lead to more political chaos. the current employment, nouri al-maliki, has no plans to give up power and plans to serve a third term.
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and the u.s. air strikes continue in iraq. and attacking the city of erbil where the american soldiers live. there are also reports that the u.s. is giving weapons to the kurds to help them fight off the islamic militants. the latest cease-fire with israel and hamas holding so far. trucks carrying aide are driving through gaza and people are cleaning up the wreckage. and they are holding meetings and egyptian officials are shuttling back and forth. more that 1900 have died in the region. three people rescued after stranded at sea during a hurricane at hawaii. a chisa to c thstesls si ness,g ight f sweek. an rtlesasdaq
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>>j$5ion,porsitries to become a bigger player. and it put the company's total value about $850 million. the investors say they see buzz feed emerging as a leader. it is the sixth round of fundraising now raising close to $100 million. and you may notice extra traffic on roosevelt boulevard. they started the reservicing. the work on the inside lanes and it is expected to run through late october. crew also be working in the evening and overnight hours, and traffic will be diverted to the outside travel lanes. the more than $5 million project set a result of the state's new transportation plan. speaking of transpour
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layin -- transportation, now the traffic report. >> and we talked about the roosevelt portion, now it looks ok. this portion of route 1, the not-so-super highway in bucks county that is really giving us headaches this afternoon. because of the overturned dump truck accident in the northbound lanes just north of i-95, you can see all of the northbound lanes remind blocked. some stuck traffic getting by now on the shoulder. southbound they have officially reopened. they are letting traffic by on the shoulder. southbound jammed as you approach oxford valley at this point by i-95. checking out the northbound back up towards oxford valley. it is just the stuck traffic. you see northbound at 213 maple avenue they are still forcing all traffic off the northbound of route 1, the super highway on to 213 which will be grid locked and a mess. and the jam starts back of the
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turnpike not far from business 1 and through 213. and the much better bet this afternoon through bucks county is i-95, speeds in the mid 50. avoid rou route 1. and the phillies game is over, e t0.omo nearowuough btup r.m,u.ennninnd mornes wou
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time now for pack ago. good day to head back into the for pack ago. >> yeah, changes coming for tomorrow though. melissa magee live at the big board. hi. >> hi there, brian and shirleen. hopefully we were able to squeeze out another day because changes are coming on tuesday. the picture outside, sky 6 live , at landing, the delaware river. comfortable with the temperlp ou ow>>fortle l an of otcity int .noa iihy ,ecatart wepinoso othmo
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>> it is time for "the buzz." dwyane "the rock" johnson posted a scary, almost deadly moment on twitter yesterday. this incredible photo. the picture of two mangled cars after a crash. he writes my cou y a dru dr he#choicesmatter. >> numeened inua.nk d sidnd couo hismo froount os 1ne owtw c is tch i rica.c y can
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o a hico 2lrn t sti ear daarit thintrl county high schol marching band already hard at work on the upcoming school year. "action news" at the unionville high school as the marching band and color guard began its step-by-step layout of the program. the marchi ining band always delights the crowds. p facation to beg on >.ahead, row, difre lopluskes you donaak newat
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every mont mr. johnson gorugstore anis renew supported by the pennsylvania, like prescription drug programs, we all benefit. learn more at the pennsylvania lottery benefits older pennsylvanians every day. an australian couple at the suogate scndal speaking out the first and wendy acc abandning a baby boy whenthey discoveredhownyndre rning t jsia m had tgt.n a emotional
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interview they at times struggled to explain their actions and david there sce acowed that he is a convicted sex offender cm agast young girls tat he says both s.>ar of apps ask have access to people say those shedding 5% of th weight have better blood pressure and physical health factors but more likely to be depressed. experts areot sure why but may loss upteels alistic ioa o g toeceasvoluner colgentst diffel
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al.ection from hip-hop to heavy thhbikend aret quhr he tebbs. .softtu tnghepind weed hhiou nead la.bahu tlokamcwthed nd somikeer ze a
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-nde es r, r ar ,ing- sm begin with that line because they were huge fans of "the wizard tenttoefu she was. and she was buried in a white dress, and red ruby slippers. >> a woman with a sense of humor, you love that. and a check of the roads right now. >> and matt pellman in the traffic center with an update. >> we wish we could click our heels this afternoon and get out of this mesuc icownhebe overturk
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thng se north tradowy are them come up here to 95. still a parking lot near business 1 northbound tothi point at 95. southbound, you also have a big old jam past route 13 through this point at 95 where just the shoulder is sweeping by. you really need to think alternates to route 1. and you can stick with business 1. i don't think i would do that, it will be congested. 95 the way to go through bucks county this afternoon. getting word of a serious accident in center city underground with a frankfort line that struck a person near 22nd and market. polute therop otning 5 a shulgttle buses instead. and a parking lot north of
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>> the accuweather forecast with only changes coming. >> yeah. we've had a nice stretch of weather. it is coming to an end tuesday and wednesday. but after that, we're in for a nice treat for august. we'll show you what's going on. the action cam outside earlier today. in fairmount park, and we could see some of our friends there, that's why, are enjoying some time on the water. we have really comfortable conditions outside with low humidity overhead. as we look at the accuweather live line-up, we show you stormtracker double scan rail railed -- radar not a lot to see
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now. talking about the trend later this week. the high pressure staying in control, but that will change getting into tuesday and especially wednesday morning. this has been a nice stretch for august which started out on starred over the weekend with a high temperature of 82. yet we climbed up to 86, which is actually normal for thus time of year. so far in philadelphia we had an unofficial high of 85 degrees. temperatures either at average or slightly below. and that below-average be trend you are going to notice that as we show up the seven-day in a little bit. outside this afternoon, nice in the poconos. 78 degrees. allentown 83. 78 along the coast sea isle city to beach haven. and we have quiet conditions still. a few high, thin clouds are move d-atlanti on-- ar onere to o nd
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ang tha e ry low forms along el esday t erave you covering. futuretracker showing up points to the west, showers around, not surprised if we have rumbles of thunder. and it is cloudy, any time have you a southeasterly wind you can't rule out a shower popping up at some point. the secondary piece of energy forms, we have rain developing, some of which could be heavy at time. and showing you midweek 8:00 a.m. we have heavy rain that will slowly transition out of our region with dryness expected late in the day wednesday. we can find 1-2 inches of rain on wait and localized flooding an another big concern. and the accuweather forecast is showing cloudy tomorrow and
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pockets of heavy rain. high 78. and slightly unsettled midweek high of 83. and thursday less humidity, high of 80 degrees. sunny, low humidity. it stays that way.'drfor '
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