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tv   Action News  ABC  August 17, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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orbuopr g siy halug t nthic oce let trs, midair. wells fargo bank is for the i sienl. a spokes -- sign, ason are frage condition. if some of the letters way up there are not safe to lift off as is. what is plan b? among the possibility lifting -- leaving them and lifting them later. what will happen when the letters come down, a new sign? the bank person explained it it was decided that the letters have to come down the plan not to replace but let the 1930s
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vintage building and its bell tower built by the wannamakers return to it's pre1930 style. >> sluggers from south jersey bring home their own world series title. we'll introduce you to them. >> reporter: we have showers around today, and the showers have moved out. we have clear conditions tonight. we're tracking an unsettled pattern back to work this weekend. we'll let unin the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> jeff skeverski has phillies he and eagles in sports
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>> a head-on collision in delaware injured five people in the 3900 block of thompson bridge road. the impact of the crash can you
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said one of the cars to flip over. two people were critically injured. everybody was taken to christiana hospital for treatment. police are working to figure out who caused the crash. an amtrak worker had to be rescued from high atop a tower after falling i ill. it happened at tyson avenue and keystone in the city's taconyy section. workers were replacing stolen copper wire. 100 feet up the man got sick. he was hung on for a half-hour when crews rescued him. the worker was taken to the hospital in stable condition. today was the first day of a week long advent for kids in schwenksville camper also get a look at what it's like to be a state trooper. him there's classes in law and what it takes to be a trooper.
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a graduation ceremony on board the battleship museum, 15 young people were honored by the sea can cadets. it gives teens an chance to experience what it's like to be a member of the navy and the coast guard. the better living center held it's 9th book bag good -- give away today. it gives stude body.
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>> time for a check of sports, jeff skeverski is here, we're talking about the taney dragons. >> everybody is stalking about the taney dragons. evenment first lady tweeting about the taney dragons these little leaguer also are
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superstitious. mo'ne davis keeps pocket change in her back pocket when she is on the mound. when the taney dragons take to the field, game one will start on the mound today, mo'ne davis isn't he willable to pitch. are you feeling any pressure to live up to what davis did the other day. >> the littl league wldri go te wi at 3:00 p.m. lay if weaeiro ainking foot
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injury. hereand most o cam it felt great backinpasses from nickerlay se, ing in withetng i nee a be benet go h rave back out gd, g footfo the best s in n threat if history. has a backup. have the eagles b thinkingt tra? >> that's not something we're ta abo. s leaguery, v confident inckit
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av tav play in games i'm aiguy you better he two quarterbacks in unlessk. after alaegen embas nasting no tim be knocking in a today. here you go, they have been beaten around a little bit. chase utley has been red hot at with 2 outs in the single toigb 7th. former villanova footbal star and cape may native matt ga cel h geuust19 merw
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nty ctout b-once-de pta rs. anpsmps that od hoity. asthm known es for d mst ureda i ctout b-once-de pta rs. >> a woman from detroit said
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she is happy to be alive after reports she had quote, risen from the dead. jenna davis said her vehicle was surrounded by flash flooding. she said she was rescued by a mystery man and the good samaritan carried her on his shoulders and carried her to a restaurant when she blacked out. the report was that she died. she is amused by the story. >> it couldain, then it happened and the sun came out. >> reporter: it did rain north of the city, the clouds broke and it turned out to be a brilliant afternoon. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you we have no issues with precipitation. the action cam was outside today getting a nice shot in the city. you can see a lot of folks in the park enjoying a comfortable afternoon, once again with low
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humidity this time for the year. no complaints. it will stay that way for monday before we track changes tuesday and beyond. the highlights today, definitely warmer f the second half of the weekend. the big question as we g into tuesday and wednesday, where will the low pressure go, we'll talkbout tha er bhy average.s of average f t time of yr, average is 85 degrees, now as we get into tuesdaynd wednesday storm tracker 6 live double scan radar is showing you there's an area of low pressure that's moving across areas of kentucky and tennessee. the question will be as the storm system works eastward where will the heavy amount of precipitation set up across the region. look at the numbers, in the poconos, 68 degrees, philadelphia, 82. le 79 for trenton and allentown, sea isle, 81 and 81 in dover and the boardwalk. we cleared out nicely after that cold front that moved through
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earlier this morning. we have a a couple of showers north and west of town. cold front flips to the south. we have clear skies across the mid atlantic region. you look up to the west, we're tracking this disturbance an area of low pressure coming out of the ohio valley this will work east ward and up along this frontal boundary that we're tracking. this will be the weather maker as we get into tuesday and wednesday. here's the set up for you on monday. 's a quiet start, a mellow monday. high pressure to the north the front islose to the region and it stalls o anagto the south. nonetheless we'll have a mixture of sunshinend clouds. as we get io tuesday we'll be tracking the area of low pressure riding up along the front. it's kind of the tale of two locations. ifou're north and west of the boundary it lle dry and cloudy. if youe south o the frontal boundary we're tracking showers. earlier in the week me of the
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could find soaking rain across the regio now they are takinghe area of low pressure farther to the south. temperature, 83 degree keep in mind in south jersey, we saw five t ten inches of rainfall, anymore precipitation on top of thatan exacerbate the issue there. the call from accuweather tonight, partly cloudy, seasonable we drop down to 56 in allentown anil 65 in philadelphia, and 66 in pe may. here's the exclusive auweather seven-day foreca, sunshine and clds tomorrow, no issues with the high temperature of 84egrees, tuesday, some showers around mainly south of thy, h t tpeoes lef of 83. findipatteek, high temperate 81 degrees, a thunrsrm is liky as the eagles are at home, if their fore ntdayswehra pop-
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