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tv   Action News  WPVI  August 19, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> hospitals hack. a widespread security breach >> hospitals hack. region at risk. good morning out thrrk it's 5:30 now on this tuesday, august 19th. matt o'donnell is off. sharrie williams is joining us again. let's get right over to meteorologist, david murphy to tell us about this tuesday and karen rogers has your traffic. good morning. >> good morning everybody. and we're a you off to a decent start. it might be more humid outside. you see a few more clouds down south. a couple sprinkles and showers very light pretty much down south by cape may county not a big deal as we look at temperatures, 68 degrees right now in philadelphia and wilmington, just 55 in allentown. second straight morning you're starting in the 50's there. 62 in reading, 60 trenton and 74 at the boardwalk in atlantic city and down the coast in sea isle city. as we head out the door this morning, mainly clear and fairly comfortable, just a little bit muggy. by 6 o'clock 68 and 71 degrees by 8:00 a.m. so, not too bad to start out and in most cases dry outside of southern cape may county. as we roll through the day, 74 by 9:00 80 by noon.
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it is going to be another warm one. your high of 84 hits around three and then we're at 81 by 6 o'clock and again humidity more noticeable than yesterday but in most cases we're going stay dry today. karen we have some rain later on in the accuweather 7-day. details coming up and you've got issues there, don't you. >> that's right. we're talking bo that overnight shooting that tam and sharrie have been speaking of. it's impacting your morning commute. torresdale avenue shut down between distance and hellerman. stick to frankford as your alternate. you can see police blocking off this portion of torresdale avenue. we have portions of ditman street and mcgee blocked off all in this general area so use some caution if you're headed out and stick to the alternates to avoid any delay. walker and levick are good alternates to deal with ditman and mcgee closures right now. let's go over to the roosevelt boulevard. it's looking pretty good at ridge avenue with no delays as you head towards the schuylkill but between ninth and adams avenue we do have milling going on in the inner drive and that's going to be going on until about 6 o'clock so another half hour or so.
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burlington bristol bridge the overnight construction here is cleared. traffic back to normal and taking you into new jersey, this is folsom atlantic county route 322 right near 54 here, we've got restrictions until 6 o'clock because of some construction going on right now, tam. >> thank you, karen. let's get now right back to that breaking news story that we're f a philadelphia officer has been wounded after a confrontation with a suspect. that suspect was shot dead by police. let's go right on over to "action news" reporter katherine scott. she is live outside of einstein hospital where that officer is now being treated. what's the latest, katherine? >> reporter: well, tam, ofcer steven korpalski is in stable condition. he was alert and talking earlier. he's from the 15th district, a 14 year veteran of the force married with a three week old baby. as for the suspect, he was pronounced dead earlier this morning and his gun that he allegedly fired at police was recovered at the scene. you could see it lying on the
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street there. this all happened just before 12:45 this morning. officer car -- korpalski and partner remembered seeing a suspect about a block back. when they spotted him at mcgee and torresdale police say the suspect immediately fired his weapon at the officers. korpalski and three other officers returned fire. korpalski was grazed in the head. one man said he heard the gun shots from about seven blocks away. >> you could tell it was gunfire. that's what made me get up and turn on my scanner and i started listening to it, heard a cop shot and i just came right down. >> reporter: police do have a tentative identification of the suspect but they're awaiting fingerprints. they have not released any names yet. as is protocol when an officer fires a weapon internal
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affairs is investigating and the district attorney will review this case. the police commissioner and the deputy commissioner were here early this morning visiting with officer korpalski. you'll hear from them coming up in the next hour. we are live at einstein hospital, katherine scott, channel 6 "action news." >> okay, katherine, thank you for that live report. ferguson, missouri remains a city under siege this morning. police and protesters clashed again overnight. "action news" reporter erin o'hearn is following this story for us. she's live in our satellite center gathering the very latest information on this unfolding situation. erin. >> sharrie, the area looked more like a war zone overnight and despite the presence of the national guard and strict new protest rules, new violence still occurred in the overnight hours. this is the ninth night of unrest in ferguson since the shooting of unarmed teenager michael brown by a police officer back on august 9th.
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[gunfire] now t-the evening did begin peacefully but quickly deteriorate where'd some members of the crowd reportedly started throwing rocks and molotov cocktails. missouri highway patrol captain ron johnson held somewhat of an emotional press conference overnight confirming two people had been shot. one police officer came under gunfire and fires had been set at a business and an unoccupied residence. johnson said these were not the acts of peaceful protesters but the violent acts of a few criminals who infiltrated the crowd. over the 31 arrests made overnight were people on the streets coming in from new york and california. johnson reiterated that he was not discouraging peaceful protesters but had no tolerance for the ongoing violence. >> we're going to make this neighborhood whole. we are going to make this communities whole and we're going to do it together. and i am not going to let the criminals that have come out here from across this country
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or live in this community to define this neighborhood and define what we're going to do to make it right. >> and johnson continued to defend his police force saying despite the fact that many officers came under heavy attack last night, officers did not fire one bullet. however, some protesters have a very different take on how events escalated overnight and we'll have more of that coming up at 6:00 a.m. sharrie, back to you. >> okay, erin, thank you. meanwhile president obama is calling for a review of local police departments in the wake of the unrest in ferguson. currently departments do receive grants that allow them to obtain heavy artillery from the pentagon but critics are concerned weapons meant for the battlefield do not belong on city streets. >> it's 5:36 and a major medical network breach has exposed sensitive information at several hospitals in our area. community health systems claims that chinese hackers stole perth data on 4.5 million patients. they have names, social
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security numbers, addresses and phone numbers. the attack happened sometime in april and june. hospital officials say anyone who was treated or referred there by a doctor in the past five years is affected. the hospitals in our area include easton chestnut hill hospital pottstown phoenixville brandywine, jennersville regional and salem memorial. taney fever continues across the delaware valley. the dragons are set to play nevada tomorrow at little world series in williamsport of course. pitching sensation mo'ne davis will once again be on the mound. she threw a two hit shutout in the first game against tennessee and now of course making national headlines. speaking with espn she says her life has changed drastically in just a week. 15,000 people are now following her on twitter and celebrities like ellen degeneres and magic johnson are tweeting her. davis says she love sports but baseball isn't really in her future. >> i want to go to uconn and
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be a point guard on the basketball team. that's like my dream and like go in the wnba. >> of course i'm sure all of the big colleges are considering looking for her when she's ready and will be asking for her phone number. davis says she doesn't necessarily like all of this individual attention that she's getting but she's just one player on a team. of course our chad pradelli will be in williamsport tomorrow for the big game. look for his live reports right here on "action news". >> better look for her on uconn. if she puts her mind to it it's going to happen. >> love a kid with a good perspective. we'll have the taney forecast for you coming up tomorrow morning on "action news." your exclusive storm tracker 6 live double scan imagery shows us we're mainly dry across the region. if we go tight in on cape may county, a little shower clipping the tip of the southern peninsula. it's kind of crossing the bay right now. as we take a look outside we have sky 6 at the airport and
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we are looking pretty good with some stars out and the promise of some sunshine coming up a little bit later on. 68 degrees right now in philadelphia. your dewpoint was over 60 and it has now dropped to 57 in philadelphia but it does feel a bit more humid in a lot of parts of the region this morning than it did yesterday, okay. and that's going to be the story today. similar temperatures but higher humidity. winds out of the northeast right now, light at five. satellite and radar showing you how we have some cloud cover the farther south you go through the region. a couple of those little light sprinkles and showers trying to well up from the south but that system is pushing away from us and eventually those showers dry out or pull off the coast. looks like a mix of sun and clouds today across most of the region. in philadelphia, 67 degrees, by 8:00, 74 by 11:00, 82 by 2 o'clock, 84 is your high around 3 o'clock today. and high temperatures across the region all in the 80's. 80 on the nose in atlantic city and cape may. mid 80's from about philadelphia all the way up toward reading and allentown.
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again a-bit more humid today overall a mix of sun and clouds. for the phils tonight, same temperatures i posted for last night's game. the difference is that it's a bit more humid tonight so look for a partly cloudy sky cover, a bit muggy, 79 for the first pitch and 72 in the ninth inning. it's the seattle mariners and the phillies won last night. we'll see if they can do it again. on wednesday we have partly sunny skies, seasonably warm with a high of 85. will it still be humid with the frontal boundary to the west of us and a flood out of the southwest. on thursday we'll be watching this system come through with a couple of showers and thunderstorms and it may still be hanging around with some additional showers on friday morning, okay. your exclusive accuweather 7-day, 84 today, sun and clouds. we got a little bit of a uptick in humidity as we go through the day. tomorrow looks warm and humid, 85. tomorrow there could be a shower or thunderstorm north and west of philadelphia late in the day or at night. not a sure thing but we'll be watching those northern and western suburbs. and then thursday clouds, some sun, 80 degrees is the high and an occasional shower maybe
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a rumble of thunder possible through the day on thursday. hopefully we dry out in time for the eagles game at night. we are looking at temperatures falling to the 70's for that thursday night game right here on 6abc but we'll have to allow for a shower there. and then friday 80 degrees, a lingering shower in the morning but that clears out. could get some late day sunshine and the coming weekend looks spectacular, upper 70's, partly sunny skies on saturday and sunday. another great weekend to make plans and get on out there, okay. >> will do. it is now 5:41 and a day on the water takes a disastrous turn when a boat capsizes down south. find out what is next in the search for a missing man. >> firefighters race to rescue residents from a multi alarm apartment blaze in new york city. karen. >> we're looking pretty good right near delaware county, i-95 at four 20's. that's your northbound traffic headed towards the airport. all lanes opened and no issues there. we'll talk construction in the suburban traffic report when we come back. >> ♪ >> thousands of atlantic city casino workers will have the
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chance to look for other job opportunities starting today. details when "action news" continues. >> ♪ these little angels build in softness.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. you're taking a live look here into center city. it is 5:44, 68 degrees out there. david murphy telling us it will be a little stickier today, a little bit more humidity so take along a bottle of water. >> and karen keeping an eye
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out on traffic for us this morning and of course we have this incident happening because of a shooting this morning, karen. >> that's right, and it's impacting your morning commute still at this point. we've got three street closures here in tacony. we're looking live here, torresdale avenue is shut down between distance and hellerman streets. stick to frankford as your alternate. we can see police, the crime scene tape and energy workers on the scene causing the road closure its not the only road closure. ditman street also closed and mcgee closed as well so portions of torresdale ditman and mcgee all closed right now. watch for that in tacony. let's head to our suburban traffic report. if you're waking up in the suburbs we'll slow you what your morning commute looks like. northeast extension northbound between lansdale and quakertown. we still have construction out here blocking a lane, the southbound construction cleared so some better news there. and in cape may county new jersey on the garden state parkway southbound between the great egg tolls and the marmora area the right lane is blocked with construction right there so you still have that construction going on.
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on the parkway, time for your commuter traffic report and staying in new jersey, this is what it looks like on berlin cross keys road right here if you're waking up in camden county, going to head on to the atlantic city expressway, take that to 42. up and over the walt whitman or ben franklin bridge. we're not getting any reports of problems for that morning commute so you're looking pretty good. we really haven't had a lot of accidents out there so far so hopefully the rest of our morning commute will be as quiet. satellite 6 and action radar showing we have dry conditions. the only area we're seeing a little sprinkle you may be geting is in southern delaware and portions of cape may right now. the rest of us the day is dry and looking pretty good but it is feeling more humid with a high of 84. sharrie. >> okay, thank you so much, karen. new this morning, a man in texas is still missing after his shrimping boat capsized yesterday. crews rescued the boater's 19-year-old daughter and three other people. the u.s. coast guard plans to launch a helicopter at day break to help aid in the search. >> the search continues for the third suspect in a brutal
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beating of a ranger in love park. the action cam was there as police brought in two teenagers for questioning yesterday. one of them is 19-year-old curtis tanner. he's the man who admitted to his role in the attack during an interview with "action news." tanner and two others were caught on camera stomping and spitting on the ranger. the ranger was trying to enforce the park's no skateboarding policy. extra police patrolled kelly drive last night 24 hours after a reported assault along the popular jogging route. on sunday night two men allegedly ambushed a couple near the intersection of brewery hill drive and those attackers are still out there. >> happening today the maryland live casino returns to atlantic city for a two-day job fair. it's being hosted at the cher tan convention center and it runs from 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. today. it also happens tomorrow from 8:00 a.m. to 1aa. applicants must be 21 years old to apply. 8,000 casino employees will lose their jobs when the showboat, trump plaza and the
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revel casinos shut down over the next several weeks. >> it's 5:47 and fashionistas go wild over jeans ripped by lions, tigers and bears, oh my. >> yes, interesting story. and then a multi-alarm blaze erupts at a new york city apartment building leaving residents in need of being rescued. david. >> thanks again to awful you tweeting in those vocation photos and a twitter follower reminds us that if you're in orlando or anywhere else in the great u.s. you can bring and get a read on your local weather. showing our orlando and disney world was fine in terms of thunderstorms. speaking of disney, here's were i was last week. that is space mountain and disneyland paris. train actually goes up the roof. it's pretty cool. had a great time in france but it's great to be back. if you've got pictures tweet mara: it's easy to lose your way in a place like this.
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d rohot pthsa ss i ooir rstistond>>ta a a foi o yubdht oh. was tbe f dappe c the sudanese stuas beeed at pagd fod ur models for a number of designers. >> time now is 5:53 and up next, new revelations from the pope about his plan to visit philadelphia. >> and we continue to follow a 6ab suretef tou i dd.romm r 6: >> and we continue to follow a 6ab suretef tou i dd.romm r 6: the morningale an you syone ay,
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yoke aok, anec 9soest o muste weephade relead wedguerdi
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the line of duty. we are live with the very latest on the deadly confrontation with the suspect. >> and we're also keeping an eye on the unrest in ferguson, missouri as the national guard attempts to restore the pea
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