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tv   Action News  ABC  August 20, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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morning america." have a great wednesday. >> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorogist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning developments on wednesday,ugust 20th. protests turned tense overnight. we'll have the latest from ferguson with more on what's expected to happen today. >> new detail of the brutal execution of an american urnalist and the video is too graphic to show. >> it's game day in williamsport for the taney drags a philadelphia has reason to be more than just a little excited. everybody is focused on this team and this game. >> absolutely.
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>> good morning, it's 4:30. i'm tamala edwards. along with sharrie williams. matt has the day off and let's find out about accuweather with david murphy. good morning. >> good morning everybody. we have a little bit of cloud cover out there mixing with some stars and we're going to go partly cloudy for this morning. as we go through the day, there will be periods of sunshine and then back to more clouds. it looks like this rain probably holds off to the west until later on tonight and that little league game out in central pennsylvania a little iffy with the thunderstorm in the neighborhood. not necessarily a washout out there, though. 73 degrees in philadelphia right now. 72 in wilmington. 69 in allentown. these numbers are up a little bit over where we were the last couple of mornings at this time. we're at 72 in sea isle city. and as you head out the door tonight or this morning it's going to be partly cloudy and fairly comfortable. 6:00 a.m. temperature of 70 and probably up to about 72 by 8 o'clock this morning. as we roll through the day on the another warm one, 85 degrees by 3 o'clock. that is your high today. and 81 by 6:00 like yesterday
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a tad humid and kind of a 50-50 slight between clouds and sun overall. when i come back we'll have a forecast for williamsport and the little league wod series tonight as well as the rest of your accuweather 7-day forecast. looksike there could be shers around tomorrow guys. that's coming up. >> thank you david. another tense night on the streets of ferguson, missouri. protesters again squared off against police and the national guard just hou after several peaceful prests. abc's tahman bradley is there with more on what' schuled to happen today. >> reporter: overnight authorities in ferguson againchp a lower profile hiding tactical units but peaceful demonstrations got out of hand. >> you need to return to the area. >> reporter: officers drew their guns and made arrests. >> the agitators, the criminals embedded themselves and hid behind media. they began throwing bottles. they threw urine on officers and that's what caused
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officers to take action and begin to make arrests. >> reporter: and outside ferguson yesterday afternoon there was this angry demonstration after another police shooting. >> no justice, no peace. >> reporter: officers in saint louis shot and killed a 23-year-old black man they say was coming at them waving a knife. >> officer safety is the number one issue so if you are the family of a police officer and somebody approaches you within 3 feet with a knife i think you have the right to defend yourself. eric holder travels to ferguson to meet with community leaders and check into the investigation of the police shooting of michael brown. local officers interviewed the officer who shot and killed brown darren wilson and a grand jury will likely start hearing evidence today. officer wilson's good friend who asked we conceal his identity is now speaking out. >> darren is a good person and people have just immediately jumped to label him as a cold-blooded murderer and
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jumped to label him as a person that he is. >> reporter: it's not clear how long it will take to determine whether wilson will be chargeed. >> we are constantly updating with the latest developments from ferguson. you can read about the autopsy of michael brown and see pictures of the intense confrontations between protesters and police. >> now to another developing story, this one happening overseas. isis terrorists have behead an american journalist. the killing of james foley was captured on video and released on the internet. foley was captured by sunni militants two years ago while on as ninety northern syria. isis said he was beheaded because of president obama's airstrikes against isis. isis says it has anoth american journalist steven sutlauff and warns he could be killed if airstrikes don't
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stop. stay tuned for live reports at 7:00 a.m. right after "action news." >> a shootout between philadelphia police and an armed gunman leaves the suspect dead an veteran cop nursing ahead wound. officer steven korpalski is out of the hospital after a very close call. a bullet grazed the left side of his head the moment he stepped out of h police vehicle at torresdale and mcgee in tacony. officers returne fire killing twenty nine-year-old david ellis of frankford. meanwhile police officers build bridges with neighbors in upper darby. michael chitwood handed out thousands of cups of water ice. they -- organizers say forming relationships make bette communities and cuts down on crime. >> if yoget connected with the communityou solve problems and you also solve crime. they have ownership of this communities.
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>> i cannot tell you how many adults and kids said thank you to me today. so, it's great. end the day. >> once it got dark everybody it's terrific and safe and, you know, it's a great way to settled in for a viewing of erything is awesome, the lego movie. >> sounds like a great night. >> in just a few hours the taney dragons take the field again in the little league world series in williamsport and back here at home, well, philadelphia is rallying behind the home team in a big way. "action news" reporter katherine scott of course has the pleasure of covering this one for us today. she's live at city hall where mayor michael nutter will hold a pep rally and a viewing party. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, sharrie. it's been so much fun watching these kids. they've been doing such a great job on such a big stage with so many people watching and watch they will tonight when taney faces off against las vegas. both teams are undefeat and it should be a great matchup. a nail-biting victory over texas followed the four-zero win over nashville for the taney dragons their sights are
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set for tonight's game against undefeated las vegas. >> this isike another game. doesn't really bother me. i know they can hit well so i just got to go out there and throw strikes. >> reporter: 13-year-old mo'n davis has become the rst little leaguer to make the national cover of sports illurated. the eigh grader is taking at keeping f heusnhisride is next game. her teammates and opponents are as well. >> probably a of us will be a little bit nervous, you can you know, having many, many people at this game. >> reporter: no nerves tonight. >>ot ry,o. crowd back home cheering. taney gear has been flying off the racks at modell's well wishes have been rollingn from their hometownro athletes. >> a lot of congrats go to them and hopeful they will finish up strong and do well. >> talk about a great experience when you're 12, 13, 11 years old to play in front of 30,000 people. high school baseball is going to be boring for them. >> reporter: the mayor is hosting another pep rally viewing party tonight f e taneyragons he at
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city hall. the pep rally b 6:30and game ti. we're live at city hall, katherine scott, channel 6 "action news." >> we will be cheering them on. katherine thank you. chad pradelli will have live reports from williamsport today as the taney dragons take on las vegas in game three of the little league world series. his reports will begin o afrnoon.>> go dragons.this now les take a turn and te a look at if you le a cold cona extra on a lis upfo you popne os naers he iss 'll be posng informio onur web site this morning. macy's has agreed to pay $650,000 to sete claims of raci pfiling in its store in manhattan now let's take a look at wall fur a seemi
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to point to a hhe open. now it ne lard to keep up with all these car recalls. online service.t has a free tarted overnight so go to to isr ng in.nde theidat automorw?erand ll
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>> summer nsoon storms continue over arizona. look at those clouds. this is new video of an intense storm that moved through the region. some areas saw up a an inch of rain falling in just 15 minutes. heav rains and flash floods have been a problem for the area ove the last few weeks. >> a lot of water there. anwhile our summer in this area has bissy rstummer n t >> is she loving it. >> d't get used t i by next year a the year after nt n behaveitself for the mt part. storm tracker 6 live double sc was catn attern. 'v downpours this summeotasy of thn thunderstorms as we usually get. as te look outside we have pary clou over the ben frandgright now. are. of pend on where y some otars, omfortle eugh t. startut with temperatures in theow 70's across mucof the rion.
4:43 am
t in philadelphia we're looking at 73 degrees rht now. your dewpoint 64, a bit above that 60-degree threshold for humid air so ist' bit icky. winds are calm. with this sorll starts to get up over the horizon y arlyommute for most ock 6 swse'l back and forth between well. eveninge to watch out for the norer and western bu potential popn.undstorms an swer to in a minute we'll tal abouttern. es tonight with the taney drgo and we'll see how that mit affect the game. 72 deg in philadelphia at 8 o'clock, 7at 11 o'clock, your high 85 we'll hit that arou 3 o'c afrnoon a by 5ck 82. kind o a betenud sll humide. sid high tempereo nallentown, 84 int
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ttit ienseithile heat rig the coastis usually the cas the phillies wrap urseries whle mariners w byebt citize bank pak its a:05 game. ou andun, warm humid, 82 for the firstitch and 84 in theinth inning so obolvinksimpoan oeecsarinoth srmround. ourse sreme cautiont the atle sl t allds on what'sar later on of spo ow thiystes t gleough. weac tig82 dre er chancof showersorgiom rnrobablolsrywhere al t ahough. northern wte su ib s in yo exe clusaccuwetomorrowthe'hanctr
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of ta, n the ra t west get most of t in tomorro a the rest ofus don'l see h that plays out. mostly cloudy on and a couf scad reweenstl lking g clouds sunny ses.for more me on sundayy beaufuweekend ahead andt los like that nice patte continues into monday and tuesday, okay. okay, lover it. thankou, david. >>eah. >> we're flowing another developing story. negotiors in the chicago suburb o harvey illinois are a home tolease the lasheir hostages.e n initially holdndwo adultsouofhechdr released. the hostage son beganday afterpo spect then ran to ali woundingw nearby where thebarrics. >> p franceomment
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othe tragic deatof rela just a minutes ago tpontiff beny .eneraliencican s takin place just after theeadly prosaddenedeath of nephew's sae wife a tir two children. condition at this hour.whoving l ker isming up o taking actio t proct prect their rights.e in an detail wio news" back. 't forget, yalways takehe newabm and what thatu're using.check is
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>> welcome back. let's take a live look here at some of your traffic spots. look at those arrows. that's the story. e a nuer overnight construction zones are giving us restriction on 95 southbound blocking the rit you'll need to stay left off tt bridge and head towards the airport. there's restrictions on the
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route0. university city. the schuylkill at university avenue, traffic moving along nicely on the schuylkill with no overnight construction.but ns are no at 34th and grays ferry avenue. police are on the scene but this could cause some delays to spill back onto the schuylkill. david. >> flight tracker this morning, tam, on the big board shows that you say we are approaching the 1300 mark in terms of the number of arthritis in the u.s. were is s lwers and storms pusg you haveinne flight in pittsburgh this morning or if you're headed tout places like cleveland or columbus maybe some delays there. there's also a little choppy weather off in the northern states. not a lot of big ticket , what nebraskaand south dakotaa bit of an issue. the east coast isn't going to see these thunderstorms until tonight. during the day you should be okay. atlanta looks fine. generally humid and somewhat choppy weather down in the southern states from texas
4:51 am
over towards the gulf coast but no significant severe weather expected anywhere across the country today. west coast looks good as well. today's high 85 degrees, clouds and sun and still a bit humid. tam and sharrie. >> all right, thank you david. happening today, pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane will discuss the state's latest efforts to n rndable discussion this morninare provii in phoenixvillaffey and other lrs will be olonnghe eyal childivision and otherforcs discussion with a news she'll us strict employee was bnging chk point at philadelationarresy amit tosedlyd loadederhandbag. carry a. >> and time:53. all new in the nexofet peepi
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targeting homes in new delawar >> how l save your marriage. >> a little boy in a lig strik
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deandrlcaays he was sitoung his howothghtning strde h motain georgiantone hi mom saystravel t ground and ns. off tunately he did notuf here on "actn sks in protests.ters is square f city to say tgn group. srted after the would m a labor nypd start add campaign tha
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publicized that tipping characta between characters and tour whotip after taking feeorw's the 50 to $70 d that they make is less thanimum wage for if want to livehours. happily ever surets of peoplewe. that's newreport from some r the data states that less than a third of the couples who had less than 50 guest at their weddings reported a higher marital quality.centage of quale with a bigger event. experts say trust trumps everything else for a lasting marriage. >> big day for the dugger family. dat stars of the tlc's 19 kids and counting will make an exclusive announcement on good
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morning america. 19-year-old jessica dugger announced he and her fiancéethen grandchildren. >> then may want more. >> they may want more. 4:5 wes h ho officers. creek.ood ogt, laware vae
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nghe bigee a mix clo b of a bret to be in forewhatumyo can see sm the wes es
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