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tv   Action News  ABC  August 20, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and with matt o'donnell, tamala >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 6:00 a.m. on this wednesday august 20. matt is off, sharrie williams is joining us. developing this morning. >> peaceful demonstrations end in more arrests in ferguson, missouri overnight. we have the latest. >> a peeping tom on the prowl puts residents in one delaware community on edge. >> the taney dragons take a step closer to the little league world series title coming up later today. >> there is nobody more beloved than the kids on that team in this town right now. let's head out to david murphy. he's outside giving you a sense of what to expect of accuweather and karen rogers as your traffic. good morning. >> tam it's a little bit warmer on the terrace than it was the last couple mornings,
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just slightly muggy and we have a deck of clouds that's moved in overhead. as we take look at satellite you can see. that there's obviously some clearing out to the west and overall we'll be back and forth between clouds and sun today. you see that rain out to the west, that won't be an issue for us until later tonight. 71 degrees in philadelphia right now, 71 in wilmington, 66 in allentown. as i mentioned a little bit warmer and starting to feel that humidity build just a bit. as we go through the day, 75 degrees by 9:00, 81 by noon. there's your high at 3 o'clock, 85 degrees this afternoon and then 81 at 6:00 and it will be moderately humid during the day. later tonight some thunderstorms and showers are possible especially in the northern and western suburbs. hey, will that affect the world series out in williamsport pennsylvania tonight? we'll have details on that coming up as well as the phillies afternoon day baseball forecast and the chance of some rain in the seven day. karen, wha look,ine on the roads and rails? >> you can say it, david. all right, they're looking good right now. we're looking live here in southwest philadelphia, i-95 at enterprise avenue.
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you might remember the last time i showed you there were construction crews, the big arrow board. not the case right now. that southbound conruction has cleared and all the lanes there have rpened. on the vine street expreway maybe a little slowing here approaching the schuylkill from the ben franklin parkway to the schuylkill expressway westbound right now t you want to watch heading towards the vine, a little bit of slowing on the vine street expressway but no accidents. looking at the big picture it's kind of been quiet as far as that's concerned. on the blue route, schuylkill and i-95, we do have the traffic lights out and police are directing at the scene 34th street and grays ferry avenue. they're not quite working right so watch for that. phils play today at 1:05. extra congestion there in southhiladelphia. don't want that to surprise you. we had a disabled vehicle in chester county. they've moved it off to the shoulder but it's on the rnpike eastbound approaching downingtown so watch for that at least the construction in that area is now clear as well. tam and sharrie. >> okay, thank you so much karen. ppening today, u.s. attorney general eric holder will be in ferson missouri
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to meet with the fbi and other federal officials vest gay gatinghe deadly police shooting of michael brown. sixth straight night of protests over the shooting were mostly peaceful until abou midnight and that's wn police arrested 47 people who they say threw bottles and a local grand jury could start hearin evidence in this case today to determine if the office darren wilson, should face charges in the 18-year-old'seath. brown'samily said his funeral will be held on monday. stay wit"action news" and 6abc.for t very ferguson, missouri. from you can read abt the autopsy of m oenio b piece tether whatnmontgomeryn te scene around 6:30 last huntingdon pike and spur road in huntingdon valley is where this happened. onto its roof.le died. a person in the other car is said to be in critical condition. a third person snonlife-threati.
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from our delaware news he ae sketch of a peeping tom suspect.esident of the east burn acres community i saw a man matching this description walking along a fence outside her neighr's calle neighbor who then cled police. the woman in the home told instigators that she has observed a man looking into her windows in the pt. if you recognize the person on your screen, you're urged to call new castle county police. >> it is 6:04 and happening today the taney dragons hit the field for their third game of the little league world series but before that, you can get in on the excitement by joining philadelphia mayor michael nutter at a pep rally. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live outside of philadelphia city hall. i think, katherine, when you open your windows tonight you'll just hear it in stereo, everybody watching this game. >> reporter: absolutely. there's a lot of energy surrounding this team. that pep rally begins at 6:30 tonight at city hall
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courtyard. there's a viewing party scheduled for after. it's a big game. their opponents, las vegas, has proven to be a team of strong hitters but the taney dragons say they're ready to go. >> reporter: the taney dragons have taken williamsport by storm. back home they have a huge crowd clearing for them. taney gear has been flying offer the racks at modell's and well wishers have been rolling in from their hometown pro athletes. >> a lot of congrats to them and hopefully they finish up strong and do well. >> i see a mo davis hammering do those boys. good. >> i definitely want a jersey jerseybo so i can represent for phi pitcher monae davis has become the first little leaguer to make the national cover of sports illustrated. she's captured the nation's attention for baseball but says eventually it uld be basketball she sticks with. >> reporter: what do you think that the limit is for mo'ne? >> too as far as i can.
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>> reporter: youon't know what that is. >> yeah. i might -- i might -- baseball might be my third sport or i might -- or soccer might be my third sport but never know. but i kind of want -- i want to go to uconn and be the point guard on the basketbal >> reporter: davis and the rest of the t the attention in stride and are setting their sights for tonight's game. dunn o'undefeated and both teams >> probably all of us will probab nervous, you know, having many, many people at this dame eally. tonight. >> no nerves tomorrow when you take theed. >> reporter: he's a brave kid. and again that pgophia bight were le at city hl, kaer stt, chnel 6 >> aight, kherine, wre doing teloop part here. tod on ctn news" rter cd pradelli is live from wilamsport with
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all the excitement of the little league world series. it is now 6:07 and if you think there's just too many extra fees on your airline tickets you might be right. maribel aber is live at the nasdaq in times scare. she's -- times square. >> reporter: good morning. fliers to alaska hawaii and overseas may be getting overcharged a security fee he is. layovers are viewing the trips to be separate flights and it's a computer problem that the travel industry warned about with the new t.s.a. fee structure. the t.s.a. rejeck antidepressant plea from the industry -- to mcdonald's will sell its mccafe coffee in grocery stores next year. mcdonald's is teaming up with craft to sell a variety of its flavors like french vanilla and hazelnut. the ceo says its chain already sells more coffee than anyone else in the country. encouraging reports on
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housing and consumer prices really drove stocks higher. right now though futures pointing to a lower open. the nfl wants to charge performers to play in its super bowl show. the league has asked potential acts for the next super bowl to make a if this contribution in exchange for the gig. this is according to the wall street journal. the half time show last year it drew in 115 million viewers. the acts under consideration for next year's big game are rihanna, katy perry and cold play. you know what, sharrie and tam, the thing about that gig is even if you don't like football you know who's performing at the half time show. >> true. but i can't imagine anybody paying to do that, especially with the tradition of i'm doing you a favor by being the half time star absolutely. >> the world has turned on its ear today. storm tracker 6 live double scan nothing big in terms of weather this morning and in terms of any problems getting in. as we take a look outside, we've got some cloud cover over the airport and the rest
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of the region right now. there are some breaks that are going to begin to open up and overall we're looking at a sun and clouds mix later on. temperatures currently 71 degrees in philadelphia, 71 in wilmington and as you check out all these numbers note that this is a little bit of a warmer array of temperatures than what we've had the last couple of mornings. we were up in the 50's on monday and tuesday but now just 66 in allentown, 69 in reading, 67 in trenton. 72 on the boardwalk in sea isle city and also up the coast in atlantic city. future tracker 6 showing that you through the day we're going to be back and forth with a mix of clouds and sun. late today and especially in the evening we'll be on the lookout for some showers and thunderstorms that may try and come in toward allentown and reading. i think this is going to be a bigger issue for areas farther out to the west and that includes williamsport, the site of tonight's taney dragons little league world series baseball game. association we'll keep our eyes on that. in a moment i'll talk more about that. up in allentown today, not too bad. sun and clouds a-bit humid, 83 degrees is the forecast high. very similar to yesterday.
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and at the shore, we're looking good in the water with temperatures in the mid to upper 70's. 76 on the beach at noon and 80 degrees is your high at 3 o'clock. that sun and clouds mix allowing enough sunshine in to require sunscreen again today and of course it is a little bit humid. and in philadelphia, 85 is your high. sun and clouds, a bit on the humid side. very similar to yesterday. the one difference i can point to is that the winds won't be quite as strong as they were but really a repeat and then we've got that chance of a showerr a thunderstorm later tonight out in the northern and western areas. your high today is going to be . we'll probably hit that right about there at 3 o and even by o'clock this morning we'll be close to 80, so those numbers climb quickly. day baseball at citizens bank park today, seattle mariners wrapping it up with the phillies. it's the rubber match. 82 degrees for the first pitch, 84 in the ninth inning a bit on the humid side at the ballpark. tonight out in williamsport, here we go, the taney dragons little league world series tonight at 7:30. they are going to play under mostly cloudy skies and the issue is thunderstorms. there will be the chance of
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some scattered storms and that could delay or hinder the progssf th game but it really just depends on where they happen to set up. 74 is the game time temperature. hopefully they get that one in. tomorrow in the morning we may have a couple of showers to show you but it's looking like most of the action is going to be late in the day and the evening. and most of the models are suggesting that the showers tomorrow are mainly in the northern and western areas. we'll all have to look out for them but that is where the best chance of shower activity appears to be tomorrow. 85 is today's high, a bit humid. and occur inclusive accuweather 7-day any rain holds off until tonight. possible showers off and on tomorrow especially north and west. 82 is the high andhen most cloudy on friday with a high of 78 and a couple of lingering showers there. weekend still looking pretty good. we mig have a few more clouds on saturday than sun. and then partly sunny on sunday but upper 70's really nice weather and upper 70's close to 80 on monday and tuesday and probably wednesday as well. so a-nice stretch of weather coming back after the next couple of slightly choppy days. >> good to hear that. next up and new at 6:00 a.m.,
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torrential rains trigger deadly landslide overseas. we have brand new video of the aftermath. karen. >> looking live on the schuylkill expressway. this is westbound at the blue route. we've got a disabled vehicle here on the right shoulder but penn just pulled up as well. you can kind of see the flashing lights. we'll check i-95 coming up next. >> karen thank you. amazon has some competition when it comes to same day delivery. that's coming up next in tech bites. >> ♪
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wants tip travin bett ecwith no fi there is a line of showers and thunderstorms moving through places like colbu ohio, and in towards pittsburgh so if you have connecting flights from that area of the country maybe cleveland, too, possible delay but nothing big showing up in our most commonly traveled destinations. tam and shaie. >>y,y
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missouri. we're watching the efforts to keep the calm overnight. >> new at 6:30, a man reblonsible adside storyon draixwa aeague igo m osharrie williams is joig us. let's go right over to david murphy to look at your accuweather and karen rogers has traffic. good morning. >> little warmer the kyrrace blue thisatellite anathere are t tre am seeing more patches of breaks out to the west followed by some rain. that rain until later tonight and probably only in the northern and
6:19 am
western she a night the wet side,east71 in wi6 's going to forest flls aft back and'lhara and the threat of bo t neck of theods in theccuwer >> we'll heck out your morning h that's eastbound trafficar the e et le vehi t bar we hadm laty. loxpss n see tryretty heavy 9tet ap but they alsonuce. 6 cleared that. made quick work that of accident. things moving a little better there. 25 miles an hour on i-95 southbound so past the betsy ross bridge to this point at girard. an accident i told you about in blue bell has cleared as well so we had a few problems that are trying to work their
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way out already. dekalb pike and blue bell road. let's take one more live look. we're on the ben franklinanesne. last time they did that it caused huge delays westbound. even at 10 o'clock this morning it spilled outonto 676. expecting big delays starting around 10:00 a.m. tam and sharrie. >> thank you karen. developing overnight police are searching for a hee stos the limo driver was not hurt. >> attorney general eric holder travels to ferguson, missouri, later today to meet with the fbi and other federal officials investigating the deadly police shooting of michael brown. last night crowds crashed again over the shooting of the unarmed 18-year-old. >> t agitators, the. biminals embedded themselves ichat's whobegin to make arr ary
6:21 am
start heari d ehouldface chan bu jonantisel nearly two years ago while on assignment in northern syria. isis said they killed him because of president obama's airstrikes in iraq. isis warns another american journalist, steven sutloff could also be killed if the airstrikes don't stop. "good morning america" will be updating the situation in both the middle east and in ferguson, missouri. that's coming up at 7:00 a.m. right after "action news." >> it's 6:34 and a highway hero has come forward to talk about his lifesaving efforts in berks county. joaquin martinez helped pull a young girl to safety when a guardrail sliced through a car in muhlenberg township. >> the it missed her by inch and a half both of them. i thought the driver was decapitated. >> look at that. the car ended up crashing after another driver sideswiped the vehicle on monday. the young girl, her
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grandfather and another woman inside the car were not seriously hurt. >> spot in the u.s. championship game is on the line for the taney dragons today and their star player who has hit the cou whepporterse rallying for the tea ly. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, sharrie. it's been so much fun watching all of these kids. they've done such a great job on such a big stage with so many people watching and watch they will again tonight as taney takes on las vegas, two undefeated teams going head to head. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: a nail-biting victory over texas followed the four-zero win over nashville. for the taney dragons their sights are set for tonight's game against undefeated las vegas. >> just like another game. doesn't really bother me. i know they can hit well so i just got to go out there and throw strikes. >> reporter: 13-year-old mo'ne davis has become the first little leaguer to make the national cover of sports illustrated. the eighth grader is taking all the attention in stride
6:23 am
and is keeping her focus on this next game. her teammates and opponents are as well. >> probably all of us will be probably a little bit nervous, you know, having many, many people at this game. >> reporter: no nerves tonight? >> not really, no. >> reporter: no nerves tomorrow when you take the field? >> can't be nervous. >> reporter: and these kids certainly have a wide support base including a huge crowd back home cheering. taney gear has been flying offer the rac mell's and well wishes have been rolling in from their hometown pro athletes. >> a lot of congrats go to them and hopefully they finish up strong and do well. >> dude talk about a great experience when you're 12, 13 years old to play in front of 30,000, 40,000 people. high school baseball is going to be boring to them. >> reporter: and the mayor is hosting another pep rally and viewing party tonight at city hall. that pep rally begins in city hall courtyard at 6:30. game time is an hour later at 7:30. go taney. we're live at city hall, katherine scott channel6 "action news. >> go taney. we'll be saying that all day. and our chad pradelli picks up the coverage of taney live
6:24 am
from williamsport later today on "action news." so, of course we will be watching and waiting when they take the field. >> so, if you want to go out to a viewing party that may be outdoors or you're wondering about the weather for the game, what you,, what can you tell us. >> pick an indoor spot and you've got to problems at all. storm tracker 6 live double scan nothing showing precipitation-wise this morning. as we take a look outside we have beautiful pictures of that sun breaking through the clouds. i was outside a minute ago saying if you get out there and want to take a look over to the east it's looking pretty cool. now you don't have to go outside because we're showing it to you on sky 6. let's take a look at your temperature. it's a little bit warmer across the region today than it was this time last couple of mornings. we're already at 71 in philadelphia. note thousand dewpoint is above that 60-degree threshold for humid air so a little bit sticky. winds are light out of the east-southeast at 3 miles per hour. future tracker 6 shows that you today we're going to be in
6:25 am
and out cloud cover. at times it will be a little bit more like sun and clouds, other times clouds and sun and then later on in the evening hours and the 6 o'clock view we'll be on the lookout for showers and thunderstorms potentially building in from the west. they may or may a possibility that farther out to the north and west of philadelphia and williamsport we have a scattered shower or a thunderstorm coming through and we'll just have to watch radar tonight and see if it's close enough to williamsport to hinder the action out there. 72 degrees at 8 o'clock, 79 today in philadelphia at 11 o'clock so getting pretty warm in a hurry. by 2 o'clock 84 and your high today of 85 probably around 3 o'clock before we dip back to 82 degrees by 5 o'clock. high temperatures across the region pretty similar from north to south, 83 in allentown, a tick high intertrenton and reading. there's those 85's in the i-95 corridor and only about 80 in atlantic city and cape play. a bit humid a mix of clouds and sun today. for the phillies it's day baseball as they wrap up there series where it mariners.
6:26 am
staying in the low to mid 80's during the game today at citizens bank park. and here we go to williamsport tonight. looks like it's going to be mostly cloudy out in northern central pennsylvania. 7:30 game time, there is the chance of some thunderstorms in the area. it's lard to say right now whether or not they'll be close enough to delay the action out there but it's something that they'll be watching in williamsport. 74 degrees around 7:30 so comfortable for the start of that game, maybe a little bit muggy. and then tomorrow we've got future tracker 6 showing you perhaps a couple of showers early in the morning but the bigger action is later in the afternoon and evening and most of the models seem to want to concentrate tomorrow's showers mainly to the north and west of philadelphia. we'll keep our eyes on radar tomorrow and see if that's the way things work out. your excuse exclusive accuweather 7-day 85 a-bit humid today. possible showers at times tomorrow, 82 degrees. everybody should keep their eyes on radar tomorrow. storm tracker 6 app is great on your smartphone if you're out and about but northern and western areas probably see it the worst. mostly cloudy on friday, 78 and a couple of spotty showers there as well. still looks pretty good for the weekend, though. we're adding a couple more
6:27 am
clouds to saturday's forecast but 78, clouds and sun, still not bad. partly sunny, 78 on sunday and looking good as we begin next week's work week, okay. thank you,. >> thanks, david. >> 6:40 following a developing story in the midwest. police surrounded two armed men who have been holding children as parts of a hostage party throughout the night. >> the mother of a teen beating victim shares an important message with supporters of her son. karen. >> newhtcc i-95 past the vine street expressway. it's a multi vehicle accident involving a truck, a van and three cars. it had been blocking all lanes just a little bit squeezing by right now southbound. details coming right up. >> that's going to be a snarl. thank you, karen. fashion statement is taking its place in history. that story a little later on "action news." >> ♪
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6:31 am
van, three cars all involved with this accident. as you look a little closer you can see this guy has spun out facing the wrong way and sideways ramming into the median wall there as well as this truck so just a messy accident. it had been blocking all lanes and we're looking live right now as they're starting to allow some traffic through as they're kind of pushing this accident blocking just maybe the left lane right now. so, we're seeing a couple lanes get by but this is already jammed on i-95 since it was blocking all lanes. this is southbound. you want to expect this delay past the betsy ross bridge to girard looking live on i-95 southbound. we'll keep that right here and bring in the big picture and here we're seeing some slow speeds on i-95 resulting from that, about 20 miles an hour southbound at girard. the schuylkill about 18 miles an hour westbound past the boulevard to past belmont. don't forget the traffic lights are out. this has been a problem here grays ferry avenue and 34th street and police are on hand and they're directing traffic around the scene but that's going cause an extra jam up as well. a new accident came in a
6:32 am
second ago right here. this is newtown bucks county and it's blocking the road richboro road and fur drive. the accident is blocking that intersection so you want to watch for that one. let's bring back our camera window here and we're checking out a differ scene. this is this is chester county 30 bypass at 322. heavy traffic from eastbound past 340 to 113 but the big accident this morning is on i-95 southbound. was blocking all lanes as you head toward the walt whitman bridge past the vine street expressway but they are allowing some traffic through. get back to you tam and sharrie. >> okay, karen, thank you. time now 6:45 this morning. developing right now, a tense police standoff continues in a suburb of chicago where two children are among the hostages. swat teams in harvey illinois have had two men surrounded since yesterday afternoon following an exchange of gunfire with the suspects. two officers were wounded but are expected to be okay. at one point, six children and two adults were held hostage. so far four of the young
6:33 am
victims have been released and are said to be in good condition this morning. new on "action news," a mother is speaking out about a videotaped attack on her son who has been diagnosed with autism. 16-year-old aaron hill can be heard crying as someone pulls the teen's hair and punches him and it's all on video. f-year-old andrew wheeler is amil receiros mo son's supporters to remain positive. >> ignorance does not deserve de bullying. >> the justice for aaron facebook page has already receed >> pope francis has held his first general audience at the vatican following the tragic deaths of three of his relatives. the audience took place just a day after that car accident in argentina. vatican officials say pope francis is profoundly saddened by the deaths of his nephew's wife and their two children. the pope's nephew was driving
6:34 am
the car. he's now in critical condition. >> 6:47 this morning. up next, call it an insta scam. details on how thieves are targeting young people on a popular app. david. >> if you're planning on headed out to the playground with the kids try the morning 77 degrees, little muggy clouds and sun. later today 85 degrees. that's definitely cool drink weather. we'll have your daypart forecast and a
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i'm tom wolf, i'll be a governor who stands up for the middle class for a change. . >> let's get the latest on this multi vehicle accident. on i-95 this is past the vine street expressway southbound traffic right here, you see we have more emergency workers on the scene and penndotowrrow boa. this is different than what we saw just a few minutes ago. looks like fire crews have arrived. this accident had been blocking all lanes. then they were allowing a couple lanes through. now just the right shoulder kind of squeezing by on i-95 southbound jamming from the betsy ross bridge to at this point past the vine, a multi vehicle accident involving a truck, a van, three cars. it is a mess, david murphy. >> my goodness. on the big board we've got slightly warmer temperatures this morning than what we had the last couple of mornings. no more 50's out in the northern and western suburbs although a lot of mid to upper 60's. pottstown at 67. 66 in saint davids. 69 in center city and 64 degrees up in quakertown. re dning.
6:38 am
m tnds this a 75 degrees by 9 o'clock. by noon we'll be into the low 80's and then our high today intense heat-wise. is tha 3 y preview of "good morning america." >> we'll check in with our friend dan harris. we've ornig aveast. thshw the mu the wordgm obe tf anands of the terror group isis.ith much more on this developing story. then another developing story the massive flooding and dramatic rescues in the southwest raging waters from monsoon season rain trapping people in their homes and in their cars -- ginger zee is tracking all of it. what you need to know to avoid being a victim. a fashion school graduate now
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>> here are your t the city of philadph host a pep rally at city hall eam tonight inr the taneythe drl the little league world series playoffs. first little leaguer to end up on cover of
6:42 am
sports illustr we couldn't be prouder. is our big accident of morninge scene. fire trucks, ambulance,, pacifio outhbot the vine d bee., d the right shoulder squeezing by. t for "action ..ud smi t's news." we'll see you back here in 30 with are weather, traffic and breaking news. nesd♪ he jeffsio group. fed the delaware state line hey pal? you ready?
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